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VALLEY21 Building the Future

Valley21 is the symbolic connection between the frantic 21st century life and the essence of life in a pastoral community rooted in

pristine undisturbed nature. One can dine international cuisine in Brasov, be amongst the wolves a short while later, at the same time being part of a delicate community that survived centuries of change; that has preserved values that have become extinct elsewhere, through the community of Vama Buzaului.

Valley21 gives a new meaning to luxury, luxury as in living the essence of qualities. Quality fulfills a purpose that feeds essentials of the mind of the body of the soul. Qualities can be a luxury, but qualities are never senseless. Valley21 holds values that people live for. Valley21 is a shared space for a community of likeminded people, where privacy can be found in the dwellings, or community can be sought to share good time or share the common governance over the space, the haven, Valley21. Valley 21 is the symbolic connection between frantic 21st century life and the essence of life in a pastoral community rooted in pristine undisturbed nature.

Building The Future - People Space Coherency

The conception of Valley21 follows the concept of Building The Future, a concept that is very ambitious but at the same time very humble. The 21st century will see an ocean of change and will feel like a millennium. When we close this century we aspire Valley21 to feel contemporary.

Key information LOCATION SURFACE

Vama Buzaului | Romania 68 Ha

OBJECTIVES 60 dwellings 1 hospitality center 1 hotel DESIGNERS Stijlgroep - landscape and urban design WEBSITE

Building The Future - People Space Coherency


Romania and in particular Transylvania is one of the fasted growing touristic destinations in Europe.

The improvement of infrastructure in central Romania, highways, railroads, a new airport for the city of Brasov Ghimbav Airport will further open up the South of Transylvania to national and international tourists leading to greater than 10% annual growth.

Vama Buzトブlui is the responsible Agro Communal Portal to the Carpathian Wildlife


Vama Buzトブlui


VALLEY21 Vama Buzトブlui

Masterplan dwellings in the meadowland

dwellings in the forest

dwellings in the meadowland


Hospitality Center


Building The Future - People Space Coherency Valley21 is pastoral meadow-land, a symbiosis of shepherding and nature since the time of the Dacians, its shape formed by a small river that runs through it. The essence of the Valley is set by it’s slopes and the riverbed. The slopes exist of a variation of forest and pastoral grassland. The space invites for the creation of small ‘neighborhoods’ in the open fields and more individual dwellings between the trees in the forest areas. The hospitality center is the core of the Valley, a small agro touristic constellation of buildings around a multifunctional square, that invites globe-dwellers for a day of indulgence in peace, peace of the soul, peace of the body, peace of the mind. One can have a coffee on a terrace, have a bite to eat, buy local biological food produce, or sit on the terrace, with one’s toes in the river… living the community

Neighborhood and dwelling in the meadowland

dwelling 1 architectural concept

traditional house

a sculpture made with local materials, a reminder of the tradition and nature

glass house

between you and nature an invisible high performance layer


a firmly set on the ground, allows to adapt the house to any slope and to have an extra storage space

Building The Future - People Space Coherency

Dwelling 1 | concept and design

two volumes, infinite possibilities each activity has its space

sleeping and services area

living and dining area

always the best shape

the shape of the two volumes allow movement and therefore perfect adaption to every terrain and view

just by moving, rotating and flipping

the result? Each house looks organically included in its environment, it looks like it has always been there!

Building The Future - People Space Coherency

any size S 86m2

2 bathrooms | 2 bedrooms

M 114m2

2 bathrooms | 2 bedrooms

L 134(+12)m2

2 bathrooms | 2(+1) bedrooms

Dwelling 1 | design

size M

internal section scale 1:100

size M

floor plan scale 1:100

goals: net zero energy

- high energy efficiency - only renewable resources - 0 CO2 emissions

net zero water

- 100% purified discharged waste water - supplied from natural (closed loop) water system

local materials solar panels

Building The Future - People Space Coherency demand minimization


materials smart grid alternatives building form heat pump natural ventilation natural daylight ground cooling orientation fuell cell shading sustainable

heating plant


electrical equipment

demand efficiency

water consuption

solar thermal

solar electric

ventilation plant domotica hydropower

supply renewables

A sustainable design means to find the best compromise between development and use of resources. This requires a holistic and integrated approach that balances the effects of each element integrated with the others. The goal is to build a prosperous future respecting people and the environment.

heat tank additional electric

solar farms SMART GRID

battery hydrogen fuell cells heat pump

closed ground loop for heat gain

high performance casing < 0,11W/m2K

photovoltaic panels

radiant panels

Dwelling view | indoor living space

Building The Future - People Space Coherency

Dwelling 2 | concept and design

Free living in the forest

We are studying two different solutions for the dwellings at the edge of the forest area. The first dwelling is semi-submerged in the terrain, with the south faรงade open to the valley and the roof overgrown with herbs and small plants! The visual impact is as low as possible.

Building The Future - People Space Coherency

Two ways to connect to the landscape

The second solution is composed of two volumes. A basement semi - submerged in the terrain for bedrooms, services and storage. A wooden structure for the daily activities on top. More privacy, more views on the landscape and less footprint.

work in progress

looking forward

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Building the Future

VALLEY21 project  
VALLEY21 project  

Valley21 gives a new meaning to luxury, luxury as in living the essence of qualities. Quality fulfills a purpose that feeds essentials of th...