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The excavation directed by David


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SIRAF port on the southern coast of was an important center for international maritime commerce th th centuries AD, with the origins of goods ranging from east Africa to china and southeast Asia. It went through its great period of expansion xpansion between SASANIAN period ( - ) and its destruction by th

are among the t he most important import ant to t o have been undertaken undert aken on a major early site of the t he eastern east ern Islamic territories t errit ories in the t he th century. The approach was comprehensive, investigating not only the main building and houses but also the subsistence economy of the town, addressing the geomorphology, the water supply and traces of land-use land use as well as retrieving seeds and other material as a part of the environmental study. At an Islamic site this approach was revolutionary, even if standard procedure in the archaeology of other periods. One of the most unusual and instructive tructive studies involved excavation of a funerary site, sit e, rare information informat ion in Islamic archaeology. The The results were remarkable, seeming to t o indicate indicat e the t he persistence of per-Islamic per Islamic burial practices into the Islamic period.

century it had faded away.

Reference: Shawn, I. Jameson, Ja R. .

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