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Hello, I’m

Samuel Wu I am a student who has great passion in design, and I think that’s the most important part of a designer. I’m now living in Taipei and majoring in industrial design, I’m also really interested in transportation design, currently pursuing summer Internship to broaden my


abilities and increase my working experience.



2016 calligraphy work

Contents re-Design design language Amphisbaena


design language


"Attitude is everything."



design language

I spent five months to do this project, it’s a high integrity project. It was divided into two parts, P1 and P2. I take a brand and trying to find out its design language on P1, so I did a lot of research about it such as making image board, and than we have to do more researches about this company’s users or marketing strategy in order to create a brand new product.

Design elements Structural





Intuition Stable




Image board Image board help me to figure what’s the design language of Black and Decker, and use these features to design a new product



Rectangle.tough line

Visual balance.Color

Sharp line



Sense of touch.Material



Repeat .same shape

Position.Accurate Detail

Analyze Write down the feelings that the brand give me, and find out these elements that make people feel comfortable and structural, and take them as the design language

Concept 1 Structural Comfortable

01 I believe the tools from Black Decker include both comfortable

When designing, I form the shape directionally,

and structural feelings. The aspect of comfortation was adopted

associating Black Decker’s products, which widely

from the form of electrical tools’ handle. and the structural aspect

use lineal methods to create a sense of continuity

was adopted from the machine’s lines, phases and quite an

and streamline.

amount of c angle and r angle.

Sketch & Mockup

Apply rather more smooth lines to show and magnify their details.

Utilise smooth lines and massive objects as

Try to create a sense of flowing with lines

major part.

and try to merge comfortation and structure together.

MODEL 1 I form the shape directionally bacause I don’t want it to be so heavy on visual, and I also enlarge some details to show the Black And Decker’s design.

MODEL 2 In this case, I enlarge the c angle and r angle, which is the most identified detail on Black And Decker. I also make the layer effects on my model, this is another part of its design.

Concept 2 Structural Visual continuity

02 I apply more structural lines with a few elements to create its visual owing.In the aspect of details, I apply Black Decker’s means and present them ondifferent faces.

Sketch & Mockup

Apply a same line winding different faces to show its continuity

Structural object, details added to each face

Try to merge both and add to each product’s detail

MODEL 1 I put at least one detail on each surface, and trying to make connection. This model is combine with structural and visual continuity, I also put a lot of structral elements in it.




Heat gun is a necessary product of electrical tools, and there are also many different kinds of heat gun on the market, but I found out that there are some problems of them. Too heavy, and different angles while using, so I design a new heat gun that people can use it more convient, by the launguage of the Bkack Decker. It’s a brand new Black & Decker heat gun.


Brand direction Black & Decker's objective is to establish itself as the pre-eminent global manufacturer and marketer of power toolsand accessories, hardware and home improvement products, and technology based fastening systems According to my research, we can see that BLACK+DECKER is working hard to be a part of household appliance market

The things I have learned from BLACK+DECKER’s history are that they spare no effort to get into the household appliance market, and they will get the new technology by mergers and acquisitions





The DIY Revolution

Launch A Machine Shop In Baltimore First Plant Opens

Lawn + Garden Revolution

1961 The World's First Cordless Electric Drill



and-Held Cordless Vacuum



Small Household Appliance Division First Global Power Tool Battery Charger

2010 First Motion-Activated Screwdriver


Extra Power or Extra Runtime

USERS FEATURES Strong power storage


Cordless Light Convenient Energetic Household appliance

Product series

Power Tools

Batteries + Accessories

Lawn + Garden

Home Cleaning

Small Appliances


Brand Spirit When Doing the DIY Project, We Can Help You Making High Quality Works, and It’s Better than Other Brands Black and Decker. Powerful Solutions Ideas at work

Keep Working on Satisfied User’s Needs

Brand positioning is unclear Confuse users Brand Positioning BLACK+DECKER has changed their logo four years ago, in order to rebuild their brand positioningand branding image because of the Inconsistent design language among different product series that really confuse users

Soft . lighter . Comfortable Brand new product series


Mockup models

Amphisbaena Conbine two kinds of handle, make it more convinient and more comfortable. User can choose two ways to hold this heat gun, base on, and that is the major part of my design

How it works?


When you have to heat the thing lower than you, for example, on the table, this angle will make you more convinient


I have tried many angles of handle, found out that this is the best way to hold, cause user doesn’t have to curve their wrist, it means that they can use it in more comfortable way , and of course, more longer


I place the buton on the handle where thumb can push it on each side


This can make you more convinient, you will feel less weight of the heat gun because of it




An affordance is a relation between an object or an environment and an organism that, through a collection of stimuli, affords the opportunity for that organism to perform an action. It is very important to observe the design features that can guide users to use this product in the right way.


The bad experience There are many bad experiences when carrying your tray in the fast food restaruant and the bottle fall over, if there’s a way to make the bottle more stable on the tray and also reamain the fluent process when carrying, it will be really useful product

More stable I design a hole on the tray, let people carrying their bottle more stable, cause the bottle will be stucked in the hole, in the same time, users will feel more relieved when the hand touching the bottle

For fast food restaurant It’s for the single person’s tray so it can be smaller and using less space when eatting, and the color of it is depand on the research of the color that make people feel better when eatting, and the most important, it can be collected in the easy way.

Ideation I started to exploring a number of ways to carry the bottle while moving, andalso combine with the tray, and the most important, make it beautiful so thatpeople can feel more comfortable while eatting.

More comfortable to hold the tray by the design of handle

Make it more easy to hold the tray

The most important part of this product, to carry drinks in the safe way, the bottle will stuck into the hole and make it more stable

How to use ?

It’s really easy while using it, just hold the tray and pick it up, and the drink bottle will stuck in the hole

picture while carrying the st-ay


Sketch I always want to become a car designer, and since I started to study in design college, realizing how car design works and what abilities should I prepare, I started to practice my sketching skill, and these are my works .

“Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.�

Thank you

product design portfolio  

This is my 2017 portfolio, I'm really glad to show you all of my works, thanks for watching, enjoy.

product design portfolio  

This is my 2017 portfolio, I'm really glad to show you all of my works, thanks for watching, enjoy.