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Graduation Exhibition 2014

Experimental Printmaking

Experimental Printmaking

Experimental Printmaking

Travel with the wave CombiningTechniques 56x76cm 2013

Along the ocean currents CombiningTechniques 55x158cm 2013

Explore Paradise Mixed Media 40x40x30cm 2013


Mysterious biological CombiningTechniques 112.5x145cm 2013

Germination CombiningTechniques 76x56cm 2013

Spread Relief 112.5x72.5cm 2013

Crack Relief 112.5x72.5cm 2013

I am sick CombiningTechniques 56x76cm 2013

I have something to say CombiningTechniques 56x76cm 2013

Are you looking at me CombiningTechniques 56x76cm 2013

Dream watercolor 54x78cm 2013

Four-person group Exhibition 2012

Pick Wild Berry Watercolor 27x156cm 2011

Friends Relief 30x45cm 2012

In The Mirror Relief 45x30cm 2012

Pound Sterling Relief 45x30cm 2012

Mushrooms Relief 45x30cm 2012

Sweet Potatoes Hedgehog Relief 60x45cm 2012

Cell Biology Watercolor 25x25cm 2012

Future life Watercolor 39x54cm 2012

Copy from Jill Barklem’s Brambly Hedge Watercolor 39x27cm 2011


Exhibitions in the university life

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