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An original puzzle

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Art that Connects Heaven & Earth

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Tucson Music Hall

lkeda Theater

Orpheum Theatre

260 S Church Ave., Tucson, AZ 85701

1 East Main St., Mesa, AZ 85201

203 W Adams St., Phoenix, AZ 85003

Tickets: 800.880.0188


Prices: $80–$165

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Don’t forget, Justin Simons clients get a FREE DONUT from Sweetheart Donuts!

Justin Simons, Agent 3655 W. Anthem Way Anthem, AZ 85086


Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. ®®


Head to the first New River Kiwanis Car Show and Swap Meet. 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Larkyn Memorial Arena, 48606 N. 17th Ave., New River.


The Roadrunner Restaurant and Saloon is featuring Bull Riding and a concert featuring Reeves Brothers Band at an all ages show. Minors have to be out by 12 a.m. Gates open at 5 p.m. $5. Roadrunner Restaurant and Saloon, 47801 N Black Canyon Hwy., New River.


Rally the realm for a fun-filled afternoon of Medieval Madness. Mothers and sons will gather at the roundtable for activities like wizard trivia and knight-themed crafts. Light snacks will be served. For ages 5 to 12. 10 p.m. Pre-registration required. $20 per pair and $12 for individuals. Anthem Community Center, 41130 N. Freedom Way, Anthem. To register, contact Brienne McDowell at (623) 879-3012.


St. Rose Catholic Church will host their annual 5K Run/Walk and Pancake Breakfast (sponsored by Knights of Columbus) to raise funds to support the charitable works of the St. Vincent de Paul Society in Anthem. 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 2825 W. Rose Canyon Circle, Anthem. For more details, contact Ley Borio at (623) 328-9431. FEBRUARY 2018

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On The Record

Judge Gerald A. Williams explains civil depositions. A READER of 85086 Magazine asked some great questions concerning depositions. Specifically, he wanted to know their purpose, who was present, who asked the questions, and what happened if litigants did not cooperate. Although no judge is present, a deposition is an on-the-record witness interview that is used to obtain information that is relevant to a lawsuit. You don’t have to be a party to the lawsuit as either the plaintiff or the defendant in order to be asked questions during a deposition. If you’re a party to the case, the person asking you the questions will be the other side’s lawyer. Depositions are governed in large part by Arizona Rule of Civil Procedure 30 and by Justice Court Rule of Civil Procedure 123. Depositions had been limited to a total of four hours. However, those rules are changing. On Aug. 31, 2017, the Supreme Court of Arizona issued a new set of rules for civil procedure. These new rules become effective on July 1, 2018. The new rules assign different standards depending upon the

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complexity of the case. For example, an automobile accident is probably a comparatively simple case (tier one) because its trial would only take a day or two. In contrast, a multiparty products liability case claiming over $300,000 in damages (tier three) could take much longer. Under the new rules, there are cumulative time limits on depositions. Each side in a tier one case is permitted five total hours of fact witness deposition time. Tier two cases get 15 total hours and tier three cases get 30 total hours. If a party either refuses to appear or refuses to answer questions, the lawyer for the other side will likely seek a court order requiring them to do so by filing a motion to compel. Failure to obey can be treated as contempt of court. Other possible sanctions include being required to pay for the expenses associated with any delay (including the other side’s attorney’s fees) and limiting the evidence that can be offered at trial. Sometimes a deposition can narrow the issues in a case because after both sides have been deposed, it may become clear

that only two or three things are actually be disputed. The information obtained during depositions can also be used as a basis for a motion for summary judgment. A witness can be asked almost anything at a deposition. The rules of evidence don’t apply and it is not a valid objection that the answer to the question would not be admissible at a trial. Information sought during a deposition does not need to be admissible to be discoverable. It just has to have the possibility of leading to something that could be admissible.

JUDGE GERALD A. WILLIAMS The justice of the peace for the North Valley Justice Court. The court’s jurisdiction includes Anthem and Desert Hills.


We are a local market research company here in Phoenix. We need your opinions!! We are currently looking for same gender sibling pairs ages 8-79, same gender twins either identical or fraternal ages 8-79 and men with 2+months growth beard who are willing to shave it off for this study. This study is being held at our client’s office near 19th Avenue and Pinnacle Peak Road. We are interested in your opinions and never sell anything. Please call us at 602-438-2800 and ask for the diversity study or complete this link to see if you qualify: We are always looking for people to join our database. Go to click on “Join Our Database” Your voluntary participation in market research with Fieldwork constitutes an independent contractor relationship not an employment relationship.


Selfless Driven ELLIE CLARK, 17, is not an average high school student. Besides excelling in band and academics, she has an outstanding history of serving the Anthem Community. Her goals and accomplishments have revolved around serving others in every aspect possible. A senior at Boulder Creek High School, Ellie is one of the original residents of Anthem, her mother being one of the first 66 homeowners in the community. At age 4, Ellie won a contest declaring her Anthem’s first “native.” “It is always nice to see the family activities that happen here locally,” says Ellie. She’s done great service to the community that doesn’t go unnoticed at BCHS. Ellie is part of Veterans Heritage Project, a 501c3 organization that is dedicated to recording, telling, and writing the stories of United States veterans. As the president of the North Valley Regional Library/Boulder Creek High School Chapter of VHP, Ellie sets a magnificent example for others in the club. In only two years (the club was founded at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year), Ellie has interviewed nine veterans. Most students in the organization only interview one veteran per year, and Ellie has easily exceeded expectations. Throughout the school year, Ellie explains that students and advisors meet with a veteran to interview him or her, then take several weeks or months to perfect the written version of the story. The finalized story is published in an annual edition of

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those that served this country,” says Ellie. “I have so much respect for their commitment and dedication to citizens of the United States. In turn, I can share their amazing stories with everyone for the future.” Ellie doesn’t stop at just writing the stories. When considering one of the highlights of her service with VHP, she refers to when she was chosen out of hundreds of students to represent the organization at the 2017 Book Signing Ceremony and Reception, an annual April tradition to celebrate the accomplishments of students and honor all of the veterans. Ellie had the privilege to serve as one of the MCs of the event, taking on rk the responsibility of speaking in front Cla e i of a crowd containing hundreds of veterE ll Since You Asked, a book filled with veterans’ stories that is sent to the Library of Congress later in the year, ensuring that the stories are documented forever. Ellie emphasizes that the highlight of working with VHP is having the opportunity to honor numerous veterans by sharing their stories. She says it brings her great joy and credits her newfound knowledge and respect for our nation’s history to the organization. Ellie feels that first-hand history is disappearing, however, her service with VHP is keeping it alive for generations to come. “Working with VHP gives me the opportunity to learn about history from

EMMA SUTTELL Emma Suttell is a high school sophomore at Boulder Creek. You can find more of her work on

ans and their families, all gathered at ASU’s West Campus. Other memorable events that Ellie volunteered in on behalf of VHP include marching in the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade in both 2016 and 2017. She also volunteered at Sanderson Ford’s Driven to Give Fundraiser, an event in November that involved VHP supporters test-driving cars to raise money for the organization. As a club officer since the organization’s foundation, Ellie has led the group of about 14 BCHS students to interview and publish the stories of 24 veterans in 2017. “The only real challenge I faced as president was making sure everyone was staying focused on our task at hand, making sure I delegated the workload when necessary,” she says. “The most rewarding thing will be seeing all of our club members’ stories in the book.” Focused on a future of serving others, including continuing to contribute to VHP, Ellie has a clear path ahead. When asked about her plans for the future, Ellie once again mentions how she plans to help others, not only as a hobby, but as a career. “In the fall, I will be attending the University of Arizona. I aspire to go into the medical field and make a difference in people’s lives,” she says. Possessing nothing other than determination and drive, there is no doubt that Ellie has a bright future ahead of her.

Dr. Khan specializes in coronary, peripheral, venous and structural interventions.

Shakeel O. Khan M.D., FACC

At Phoenix Heart, we give each patient personalized health care so that they can live life to their fullest. • 602-298-7777 41818 N. Venture Dr., Suite 110, Anthem, AZ 85086 5859 W. Talavi Blvd., Suite 100, Glendale, AZ 85306 19251 E. Oasis Dr., Black Canyon City, AZ 85324 140 N. Litchfield Rd., Suite 104, Goodyear, AZ 85338 525 S. Watson Rd., Suite 205, Buckeye, AZ 85326 FEBRUARY 2018

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Join us in



With Tons of Granite! $10 per ton goes to the

Tyler Hallsey Foundation FREE ESTIMATES

Going on from 11/01/17 - 2/28/18

623-363-2882 WWW.GRINGROS.COM

“Our vision is to help make the world a better place where children diagnosed with DIPG and other types of cancer are given hope for a future” FEBRUARY 2018

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ur y! o T da To

Home Sweet Brand New Home!

Assisted Living & Memory Care NOW OPEN!

No buy-in fee • No second person fee Washer and dryer in each apartment Stainless steel appliances Granite countertops

Independent Living, Assisted Living, Transitional Memory Care, Memory Care | (623) 282-3968 | 42015 N. Venture Drive | Anthem, AZ 85086 A SPECTRUM RETIREMENT COMMUNITY

ANT 85086 Mag_Feb 2018


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Anthem’s Amy Pieh carries on a family tradition with Pieh Tool Company. BY BECKY ANTIOCO PHOTOS BY SHANNON FISHER


my Pieh is living proof that there’s no such thing as an overnight success, even when you have a 40-year history in your favor. Her business, Pieh Tool Company, is an overnight success 15 years in the making, the result of circumstance, know-how, and hard work. Her two locations sell blacksmith and farrier tools, offer knife-making and blacksmithing clinics, and carry on a family tradition that goes back to 1960. Amy’s story begins in Wisconsin where her parents, Bill and Bonnie, started a blacksmith company called Centaur Forge, Ltd. She grew up in the business, watching her parents care for their customers like family, striving to provide them with essential, quality products. While she loved the business, as kids are wont to do, she ventured away from home to make her own way in the world. “I was always very proud of my father’s business. But I never thought I’d do it. I joined the military to get out of Wisconsin,” she says. “If my parents came to California—where I was living at the time—for a trade show, I’d go and help, but I thought that’s where it would stay.” Amy was in the United States Air Force, stationed in Sacramento, Calif., doing aircraft inspections. Eventually, she came to specialize in nuclear inspections. “It was really fascinating, but I was getting burnt out from all the travel,” she says. It was around this time, in 2000, that her father passed away. She moved home to help her mother run Centaur Forge, which had been flagging during her father’s illness. About a year later, Amy became vice president of the company, which had begun to turn a profit again. Sadly, her mother passed away in 2001. By now, Amy had fallen in love with the business, but her siblings were ready to move on. On her own, she couldn’t afford to buy Centaur Forge, so she got involved with an organization called SCORE, a volunteer network of business mentors, to put together a business plan to open in a new location. “I wanted to be away from my father’s old company, somewhere where there wasn’t a lot of competition, and also somewhere that I wanted to live,” she explains. While looking for this ideal location, she fell back on her experience with nuclear power, contracting at Palo Verde. On a day off, she decided to visit Sedona, a trip that would put her on the path to opening two successful locations in Arizona. Pieh

28 || || FEBRUARY 2018

Carrying on the family tradition was what motivated me to keep going when it was really tough.

Tool Company opened in Camp Verde in 2003. Amy says, “I picked the location based on research and a gut feeling. I looked into how many blacksmiths and horseshoers were out that way, and found there were quite a few. Phoenix was saturated with farrier suppliers at the time, but there was really nobody up there.” “I didn’t know a soul in the area, “ she recalls. “But, I became good friends with a blacksmith named Gordon Williams. The stored opened in May, and by December we started a blacksmithing school there too.” But, Amy remembers, “The first year was tough. The Department of Transportation closed the road in front of my store for seven months. And I was seven months pregnant. Being a single mom, I had to keep it going.” She was determined to succeed, selling feed, putting in a coffee shop, stocking Western wear—anything to pique curiosity and drive walk-in business. “Carrying on the family tradition was what motivated me to keep going when it was really tough. My father was so respected in the industry—all over the world. And I took that very seriously. When finances got tight, there was no way I wasn’t going to make things right with my father’s suppliers. A lot of them trusted me because of our family, and honoring my parents was a huge driving force for me.” In late 2012, with the business going well, Amy started receiving calls from the Valley telling her that a farrier business in Cave Creek had closed up shop and moved to Scottsdale. They begged her to fill the void. For three months they kept calling, and in January 2013, two of them drove up to introduce themselves and plead their case in person. The Pieh Tool Company carries a wide range Hesitant to take the risk, Amy nonetheless jumped in and opened a store at of blacksmith and farrier tools including Tatum and Dynamite in March 2013. It was a decision she didn’t take lightly. Amy's signature Pieh Legacy line of tools “I was terrified. I remember crying before I signed the lease. I such as leather aprons, Billy tongs, and more. had just turned the corner with the original location, and wasn’t struggling anymore. I thought ‘What am I doing?’” As it turns out, this store was a game changer. She remembers, “Within the first month of being open, our monthly sales were what it took me six years to get to in the other location. And I didn’t even have a sign up yet. Within a year, I bought a house in Anthem.” Choose our winning team of responsible attorneys who really In May, Pieh Tool Company will move to a new location at Cave do care about our clients and fight to ensure victory and justice. Creek Road and Tatum Boulevard. The new store will be 1,000 square feet larger, so Amy will have the space for customer appreciation events, knife-making and blacksmithing clinics and demGeneral Practice onstrations, and, of course, blacksmith and farrier supplies for her Law Firm with loyal customers. Services Including: Seeing the fruits of her success, people often say, “Oh you must have had all this money to start.” Amy says, no. “I’m not one to sit • Estate Planning back and say, I’m this or I’m that, so I can’t. It’s about having con• Business Law fidence and wanting to step forward and do it. I want people, es• Personal Injury pecially women, to know that you can do anything if you put your • Family Law heart into it. But you have to be willing to work hard.” • Probate • Bankruptcy • DUI/Traffic Violations PIEH TOOL 1 PIEH TOOL 2 • And More! 661 E Howards Rd., 28255 N. Tatum Blvd., Suite J, Camp Verde Suite 1, Cave Creek

Your Anthem Law Firm

Here when you need us!

(623) 551-9366

In May, Pieh Tool’s Cave Creek location will be moving to: 29834 N. Cave Creek Rd., Suite 134 Cave Creek

42104 N. Venture Drive, Suite E101, Anthem, AZ 85086 FEBRUARY 2018

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home | CRAFTS



A local wife, mom of two girls, and owner of Shannon Fisher Photography. She taught high school and elementary art before opening her photography business. In her spare time, she is an active volunteer in the community as a Girl Scout leader, school PTSA vice president, and with other organizations in the Valley.


Tie-dye Heart s

Tie-dye coffee filter hearts are an easy way to show your love. Start with some coffee filters and fold them all in half. Draw a heart shape on the folded filter, cut along the line, and open to see the heart shape. Now place the filter heart on a marker safe surface. We used a paper plate. Next, color the heart with marker spots. This is easy for even toddlers to do since they can just scribble all over the heart. After you’re done, drip water on the hearts to make the tie-dye effect. Allow the hearts to dry and then hang as decorations. You can also use them for cards or attach them to a canvas or board with clear glue.

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Love Notes

Love notes or affirmations are a quick and easy craft to show someone you care. Start with colored sticky notes. Write something special on each sticky note. You can write something as simple as, “I love you!” Continue by writing heartfelt words on each sticky note. Place them on a mirror or wall area in the shape of a heart. We used a pad of sticky notes for a small heart. You can even add a new note each day as a countdown to Valentine’s Day. This is sure to make someone feel special.

Heart Garland

Another easy Valentine’s craft that can be used as holiday décor is a heart garland. Use 8-inch by 12-inch standard cardstock in any color of your choice. Cut the paper into half-inch strips. Fold all the strips in half. Next, stack one folded piece to another piece, lines up at the seams and use your stapler to staple the bottom of two strips together. Fold down the strips to a heart shape and continue stapling the bottom of the heart to the next strip until you have the length you want. You can add messages on the sides of the hearts as well. Use a ribbon or string to hang the garland up as a decoration or use as a countdown to a special day.

BUSY. BUSY. BUSY. BUSY. BUSY. Life insurance shouldn’t wait. Even though life is busy, take a moment to reflect on what’s most important. For peace of mind, protect your family with State Farm® life insurance. We put the life back in life insurance.TM



Nanette McClelland-Miller, Agent 39504 N Daisy Mountain Dr. Suite 114 Anthem, AZ 85086 Fry’s Shopping Center; Next to Starbucks! Ph: 623-742-6866 E: FEBRUARY 2018

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B O A R D I N G , G R O O M I N G A N D D AY C A R E

Celebrating 10 years serving Anthem and the North Valley Community (623) 551-5299

42323 N. Vision Way Suite 113, Anthem, AZ 85086


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food | DINE

El Encanto Dos

Local Mexican restaurant offers authentic flavors.

isp a

pp e ti zer

By Andrew Leach


r ec s ee



ji t f fa e Be


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f un


LOOKING FOR A festive locale for an authentic tasting Mexican meal? I recommend going to El Encanto. There are four locations throughout the Valley, one in Cave Creek, one on Carefree Highway just East of Tramonto, one in Fountain Hills, and now one in Scottsdale at the OdySea attraction. Each of El Encanto’s locations offers a unique setting and the same menu. But, please note, while their Desert Hills outpost, aptly titled El Encanto Dos, is quaint, regulars of the Cave Creek location should know only that space offers a scenic duck pond in the courtyard area of the restaurant. Not to worry, the minute you sit down at El Encanto Dos, you’re given fresh tortilla chips and three types of salsa and a carafe of ice water. Each salsa has a unique flavor profile and allows for fun mixing and matching the flavors. The menu is not very large but is packed with a variety of options, including fish and vegetarian choices. We started with the guacamole appetizer ($6.99), which also comes with warm tortilla chips. It’s a large amount that can easily be shared by a party of four. Made fresh daily with avocados, tomatoes, and peppers, it’s mixed with onions and herbs for added flavor. Expect a very creamy guacamole even with the mixed in additions. Full of fresh avocado flavor, it’s a nice addition to pair with the trio of salsas that come standard at each table. We also ordered the cheese crisp/quesadilla appetizer ($4.99) for the table to share. The quesadilla is served open face, so many people consider that more of a cheese crisp. It’s sliced like a pizza, so very easy to share. The restaurant offers options to add on to the cheese crisp, and if you select a protein, they then fold it over into a traditional quesadilla. This does have an added cost involved. The thin tortilla is nice and light and they melt the ideal amount of cheese on top. When mixed with the salsa or guacamole, it takes this dish to another flavor level. We then moved on to entrée orders. The first item we had was the cheese enchiladas plate ($9.99). This is comprised of two cheese enchiladas that for an extra charge you can add meat. You get the choice of red or green chili sauces to put on top. It comes with rice and refried beans too. You can also opt for a small portion ($7.99), which only comes with one enchilada and no side items. Another option is to get the enchiladas Christmas style, as we did. This means you’ll get one with green chili and one with red chili. If you like cheese enchiladas, I highly recommend this version. The mixture of the two chili sauces brings multiple flavor components to each bite. You get a bit of spice from the red chili, a bit of sweet from the green chili, and then creaminess from the cheese inside. The next item we tried was the pollo fundido ($11.99), which is a chicken bur-

Getting to Higher Ground EXPERIENCED, AGGRESSIVE, AUTHORITATIVE An award-winning boutique law firm specializing in Domestic Relations/Criminal Defense Mediation Limited Scope Representation ASK THE LAWYER (free email consultation/pose a question)

39506 N. Daisy Mountain Dr., Ste. 122 Anthem, AZ 85086 (480) 612-3058 • •



Whether you’re buying your first car or your

Whether you’re your first car retirement home, I’mbuying here for you every step of or theyour way. Let’s talkhere aboutfor how I can help. step of the way. retirement home, I’m you every Whether you’re buying your first car or your talkhow today. Let’s talkLet’s about I can help. retirement home, I’m here for you every step of the way.

Let’s talk today.Let’s talk today.

Let’s talk about how I can help.

Kovach Agency KEEP DREAMING.John John Kovach Agency 42407 N Vision42407 WayNSuite 104 Vision Way Suite 10 WE’LL BE THERE. Anthem, AZ 85086 Anthem, AZ 85086

John Kovach Agency KEEP DREAMING. (623) 551-7900(623) 551-7900 WE’LL BE THERE. 42407 N Vision Way Suite 1 Let’s talk today. Anthem, AZ 85086 Let’s talk today. (623) 551-7900 John Kovach Agency 42407 N Vision Way Suite 104 Kovach Agency

Whether you’re buying your first car or your retirement home, I’m here for you every step of the way. Let’s talk about how I can help.

Whether you’re buying your first car or your retirement home, I’m here for you every step of the way. Let’s talk about how I can help.

American Family Mutual Insurance Company, American Family Insurance Company, American Standard Company of Ohio, American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin, 6000 American Parkwa Madison, WI 53783 ©2016 011780 – 4/16

American Family Mutual Insurance Company, American Family Insurance Company, American Standard Insurance N Vision Way Suite 104 Anthem, AZ42407 85086 Company of Ohio, American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin, 6000 American Parkway, Anthem, AZ 85086– 4/16 Madison, WI 53783 ©2016 011780 (623) 551-7900

(623) 551-7900

American Family Mutual Insurance Company, American FamilyFamily Insurance Company, American Standard Insurance AmericanAmerican Family Mutual Insurance Company, American Insurance Company, American Standa Family Mutual InsuranceCompany Company, American Family Insurance Standard Insurance of Ohio, American Standard InsuranceCompany, Company ofAmerican Wisconsin, 6000 American Parkway, WI 53783 ©2016 011780 – 4/16 Company Ohio, American Standard Standard Insurance Madison, Company of Wisconsin, 6000 American Parkway, Company ofofOhio, American Insurance Company of Wisconsin, 6000 American Park Madison, WI 53783 ©2016 011780 – 4/16 Madison, WI 53783 ©2016 011780 – 4/16

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Redeem at Anthem location with this coupon.




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better | BEAUTY

Anti-Aging Dr. Kelly Collins on the benefits of hyaluronic acid and collagen. HYALURONIC ACID and collagen are naturally occurring substances in our bodies that promote youthfulness and encourage our skin to have greater elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is found in every tissue of the body and plays an important role in hydrating the skin and reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also coats the cells and provides lubrication so we appear younger and fresher. Collagen is the major protein in the body and synthesis of collagen depends greatly on the amount of hyaluronic acid in the body. As we approach age 40, the amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen in our bodies declines rapidly. As more and more of my patients seek non-invasive ways to slow down the aging process, it’s important to discuss the many options we have at our disposal to stay as fresh and as youthful as we can.

40 || || FEBRUARY 2018

Here are ways to boost both hyaluronic acid and collagen and keep yourself looking youthful and vibrant. • Find physician-grade skincare products (i.e. creams or serums) that have hyaluronic acid as a key ingredient to penetrate the skin and make a profound difference in the suppleness and plumpness of your skin. I even apply these physician-grade skincare products to my neck, chest, upper arms, and knees with amazing result. • Until about three years ago, I used over-the-counter skincare products, which I thought were adequate in providing anti-aging benefits to my skin. Once I began approaching age 50 though, I realized the power of medical-grade skincare products,

and I now feel younger looking at 50 than I did at age 40. Physician-grade skincare products also don’t contain any fillers, chemicals, and other harmful ingredients like over-the-

DR. KELLY COLLINS Dr. Kelly Collins has been a member of the Premier Wellness team and a provider of care in Anthem since 2015.

SUBURBS. MINIVAN. How’d that happen?

Was there ever a time you said you’d “never” get married or “never” have kids. And then?? Nanette McClelland-Miller, Agent


Fry’s Shopping Center: By Starbucks

better | ASK THE PHARMACIST Probiotics are found in foods such as sauerkraut, tempeh, apple cider vinegar, kefir, and raw cheese. Yogurt is also a great probiotic-rich food. When choosing a yogurt, it should be made from grass fed goats' or sheep’s milk, unpasteurized, and organic. Increasing your weekly intake of these foods can be beneficial to help restore a healthy balance of bacteria within the gut. Probiotics can also be taken in pill, powder, or liquid form and are available for sale at many retailers. What are the benefits of probiotics? Recent studies show that probiotics are effective in the treatment of constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema, dietary allergies, and for the prevention of urinary tract infections. Probiotics have also been shown to support a healthy immune system, mental health, the digestion of foods, and hormone balance and regulation.

Gut Health What you need to know about probiotics. By Christine Lewis and Tara Storjohann QUESTION: “My friend just started taking a probiotic and he says it’s helped reduce his bloating symptoms. I’m leery of taking pills but curious if they’ll help me. Who should take a probiotic and what are the risks?” ANSWER: You raise some interesting questions about probiotic use. My hope is that this brief article will help clarify your questions so that you can make an informed decision on if a probiotic is the right choice for you. What are probiotics? The term probiotics refers to the beneficial or good bacteria that live in the gut. These bacteria are responsible for digestion of food, absorption of nutrients, synthesis of vitamins, and helping to fight infections. The bacteria in the gut outnumber human cells and are important for good health. The natural balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in your gut can be disrupted with poor diet, antibiotic use, excess sugar, toxins, and prescription medications. Additionally, diets with excess carbohydrates and sugar can actually feed the bad bacteria in the gut that can lead to an imbalance. The most common symptoms that occur when the bacteria in the gut become unbalanced include depressed mood, stomach upset, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, food cravings, skin conditions, frequent infections, and nutrient deficiencies.

42 || || FEBRUARY 2018

Should I take probiotics? Probiotics are generally safe to take for most people. It’s advised to check with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement, including probiotics. Probiotics may be especially beneficial for patients that have recently finished a course of antibiotics, are in need of digestive support, desire mood enhancement, or want to help support their immune system. How do I choose a probiotic? Not all probiotics are created equally. Some probiotics available on the market may not be beneficial. A quality probiotic should have at least 30 to 50 billion colony forming units (CFUs) of beneficial bacteria. The acid in the stomach kills many of the beneficial bacteria in the probiotic before it gets to the gut where it needs to be active. It should also have at least 10 different species of beneficial bacteria. This information can be found on the product label. A probiotic should also contain organisms that are normally present in the gut. When choosing a probiotic, it’s recommended to do some research and buy from a reputable brand. The manufacturer’s website may be helpful for this information, along with consumer reports. The FDA doesn't currently require supplements and probiotics to be tested for safety, purity, or potency before they can be sold, so the product may not actually contain what is listed on the label. Since the regulation of these products is minimal when compared to over-the-counter and prescription medications, it’s not usually recommended to buy generic branded probiotics. What is a prebiotic? Prebiotic is the term used to describe the food for the good bacteria. Prebiotics help contribute to a healthy bacteria balance within the gut. When a prebiotic is combined with a probiotic in the same formulation, it’s called a synbiotic. Synbiotics are available in capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids. Are there side effects or risks to taking a probiotic? Probiotics are generally well tolerated. Some people may experience some stomach upset, bloating, or gas when starting a probiotic. This is often a result of an imbalance of bacteria in the gut




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