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Banking locally is banking better. Banking close to home has its advantages.

12 MONTH CD 1.75% APY

For 10 years we’ve been doing what no other community bank in Arizona has done, and it’s getting noticed by being voted No. 1 Community Bank, a Top 200 Healthiest Bank, and a 5-Star Superior Rated Bank.

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Banking locally with Pinnacle is about more than keeping your money close to home. We make the process easier and more enjoyable. Our local ownership provides highly personalized service and quicker decision making. And when you’re on the go, our 24/7 mobile and online banking is always there for you.

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Creating an exceptional experience!

Scottsdale 480.609.0055


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NEW LOCATION IN DEER VALLEY NOW OPEN 22601 N. 19th Avenue, Suite 120 | Phoenix, AZ 85027

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MAY SPECIALS! Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): • PRP with Microneedling Face, Neck, and Chest for only - $289 Package deal for only - $830 (includes 3-PRP Microneedling Treatments) PRP Hair Regeneration Program - $1000/treatment or Buy 3 and get 1 FREE package (Includes 4 bottle of Nutrafol Hair Supplements with each treatment) Nutrafol: 20 pure, potent natural ingredients with 15 US patents, one honestly effective formula!

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Leslie Predmore, NMD 34406 N. 27th Drive, Suite 128, Bldg 4 • Phoenix, AZ 85085 • 480-750-1905

Schedule Online at or call 480-750-1905 MAY 2018

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Shelley Sakala, Realtor


t h e s a ka l a g ro u p. c o m Joshua Heape, Sales Manager Mortgage Loan Originator | NMLS #259201 HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc. O: 604-384-2339 | C: 602-330-6446 HomeBridge Financial Services Inc. 2225 W. Whispering Wind Drive Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85085 Corporate NMLS #6521. Arizona Mortgage Banker License 922458.

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The Roadrunner Saloon presents Barta’s Mudbugs and Bull Bash featuring live music, bull riding, a cornhole tourney, crawfish boil, and more. 5 p.m. $5 cover. Roadrunner Saloon, 47801 N. Black Canyon Hwy., New River.


Discover your inner geek at the Phoenix Comic Fest. Celebrating fandom and pop culture, the event focuses on comic book creators, anime voice actors, movie and television actors, and exclusive trailers. Check website for times and pricing. Phoenix Convention Center, 100 N. 3rd St., Phoenix.


The Cave Creek Balloon Festival brings a kaleidoscope of glowing colors and entertainment to the North Valley. Hot air balloons, live music, food and drink, and a grand fireworks show will delight attendees. 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. $10 to $20. Rancho Manana Golf Course, 5734 E. Rancho Manana Blvd., Cave Creek.


The Daisy Mountain Veterans, with support from the Anthem Community Council, will host a Memorial Day Ceremony at the Anthem Veterans Memorial. Special speakers and music will be featured, as well as a POW/ MIA ceremony. Roses will be placed on the pavers of those commemorated at the AVM who were killed in action. The playing of “Taps” will conclude the ceremony. 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. Free. Anthem Veterans Memorial, 41703 N. Gavilan Peak Pkwy., Phoenix.

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Seizure Local judge Gerald A. Williams discusses the Arizona Supreme Court changes to how evidence can be collected in DUI cases.

FOR NEARLY FIVE decades, Arizona law has allowed the police to obtain a blood sample from a DUI suspect who is unconscious. On March 9, 2017, the Arizona Supreme Court changed the law in this area. Some background is required. The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from unreasonably searching and seizing people and their property. A blood draw is often considered to be a search for Fourth Amendment purposes. In the context of a DUI investigation, unless the suspect expressly consents, law enforcement agents can usually only obtain blood samples from a DUI suspect: (1) when they have a warrant, (2) under Arizona’s implied consent law; or (3) under the medical blood draw exception in A.R.S. § 28-1388(E).

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In State v. Havatone, the defendant allegedly drove his SUV into an oncoming vehicle on Route 66 near Kingman. After the collision, the driver of the other vehicle apparently saw the defendant get out of the SUV and lie down behind it. When highway patrol troopers arrived, the defendant confirmed that he was driving the SUV. After he was airlifted to a hospital in Las Vegas, and without getting a warrant, a trooper contacted law enforcement officials in Las Vegas and requested they obtain a blood sample. The defendant was unconscious when his blood was drawn. It came back with a BAC of .212. The Arizona Supreme Court started its analysis by first looking at a U.S. Supreme Court case from 2013 called Missouri v. McNeely. It held that in DUI investigations, the mere fact that someone’s blood alcohol

content will dissipate over time is not, by itself, enough to justify obtaining a blood

JUDGE GERALD A. WILLIAMS The justice of the peace for the North Valley Justice Court. The court’s jurisdiction includes Anthem and Desert Hills.

What Does The Fourth Amendment Protect? The Fourth Amendment reads in full, “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Nearly every word has been the subject of litigation. This single sentence is the foundation for the requirements for search warrants, for stop-and-frisk actions, for wiretaps, and for most privacy law. It’s the first line of defense that people have against unreasonable searches and seizures from the government. A search is an intrusion by a government official into an area where someone has a reasonable expectation of privacy. However, there are several exceptions to the requirement to obtain a search warrant. One is police officers are allowed to make a warrantless search if they are in hot pursuit of a fleeing felon. A seizure is the exercise of control by a government official over a person or over property. An arrest is an obvious example of a seizure.

sample without a warrant. Our state supreme court went on to hold Arizona’s informed consent statute partially unconstitutional. More specifically, it held that law enforcement agents can only obtain blood samples from unconscious suspects under Arizona’s informed consent law if some type of case specific exigent circumstance is present. An exigent circumstance involves an emergency when the police have probable cause but insufficient time to get a warrant. The defendant’s felony convictions were reversed. The case was sent back to the trial court to determine whether Arizona or Nevada law applies. If a good faith exception to the search warrant requirement does not apply to this case, then the defendant would be entitled to a new trial; but the prosecution would not be able to offer the results of the blood test as evidence. In the future, police officers may be much more likely to request a search warrant in DUI cases before having a driver’s blood tested without consent. If every case is to be judged on case specific facts, then it may be difficult for an officer to know whether the failure to get a warrant will result in the evidence being suppressed.

Have a law topic you’d like Judge Gerald A. Williams to tackle in his monthly column? Let us know what it is at MAY 2018

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Our Fourth Annual 85085 Cutest Pet Contest yielded a robust field of contestants. Now, it’s up to you to pick the pet that’ll get the star treatment, including a professional photo shoot, a spot on an upcoming cover, along with a feature story, and cool prizes.

As a reminder, we encourage everyone to keep this community contest lighthearted and fun. This isn’t a presidential race, so please keep negativity and mud slinging out of this local contest—don’t forget, we’re all neighbors! We want to celebrate the area’s pets by showcasing their cute faces to the public, not incite local unrest. SOMETHING TO KEEP IN MIND: The animal contestants are ultimately all winners because they have homes with loving owners. Considering that so many domesticated animals end up in shelters—or worse, living on the streets, neglected, becoming victims of cruelty, or dead—the simple fact is that any pet lucky enough to have a caring home comes out ahead, regardless of winning a cute pet contest or not.













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Bear & Bella

Minnie & Jordan


Princess Gizmo


HERE’S HOW TO VOTE Like us on • Starting on May 1, 2018, click on the 85085 Cutest Pet Contest 2018 Photo Album • Scroll to the photo of your favorite pet • Click the Like icon as your vote • The pet with the most Likes through May 15, 2018, will be selected as the winner.

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fresh | SCHOOLS


Students with top 1 percent ACT scores honored by DVUSD Governing Board. The Deer Valley Unified School District Governing Board recently recognized students who earned the highest scores when they took the ACT last spring. Deer Valley provides the funding for every DVUSD junior to take the ACT exam on the same school day each year in an ongoing commitment to help students improve their college and career readiness. Additionally, the ACT will provide data for the district and the schools to use in evaluating the effectiveness of curriculum and programs in preparing students for college and careers. The students that the governing board honored earned a score of 34 or better. Out of the class of 2017, more than two million American students took the ACT. The average composite score was 21; a score in the top 25 percent or about 24 points is considered a good score. To score a 34 or better on the ACT, means that student is in the 99th percentile—the top 1 percent of test takers across the nation. Congratulations to the following students from Boulder Creek High School: Alexander Johnson, Courtland Kaye, and Zachary Radu; from Deer Valley High School: Hannah Kirsch and Jane Londono; from Mountain Ridge High School: Hope Kirby, Tyler Limkemann, and Allison Price; from Sandra Day O’Connor High School: Tyson Collier, Amaya Lim, and Nikita Nerkar.

Norterra Canyon and Sonoran Foothills are among “A” rated schools. When the Arizona Department of Education released A through F letter grades, 85 percent of DVUSD schools received an A (Excellent) or B (Highly Performing) letter grade. ADE uses a number of factors to determine letter grades. For K-8 schools, proficiency on AzMERIT is weighted at 30 percent, growth on AzMERIT is weighted at 50 percent. Proficiency and growth on the AZELLA (AZ English Language Learner Assessment) as well as the school’s acceleration and readiness are each weighted at 10 percent. Those calculations led ADE to award 13 DVUSD schools with an “A” rating. Congratulations to the following “A” rated schools: Arrowhead Elementary, Constitution Elementary, Copper Creek Elementary, Desert Sage Elementary, Diamond Canyon School, Highland Lakes School, Legend Springs Elementary, Norterra Canyon School, Sonoran Foothills School, Sunset Ridge School, Terramar School, Village Meadows Elementary, and West Wing School.


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Sean: “Me, Josh, and a bunch of other people got put in a band together. And then all the other kids left, and it was just me and Josh.” Josh: “We decided to keep going, but we needed a drummer.” Sean: “So, I was at Circle K one day getting a Kool Aid, and I happened to see Deven’s sister. I was like, ‘Hey, your brother plays drums, doesn’t he?’ And I gave her my number to give to Deven. He didn’t want to at first, but for some reason he showed up to practice, and we’ve just been playing since then.”

Photos co

urtesy of

Divided M


But each of their musical endeavors started much earlier. Josh says, “When I was 13 months old, I was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, which is a spinal and nervous system cancer. So, when I was younger I couldn’t play sports or anything like that because I just wasn’t physically able to do it. And one day I saw Jack Black on TV, and I wanted to play guitar, so that’s what I started doing instead of sports.” Sean’s older sister was a guitar player, and gave him her Fender Stratocaster for Christmas when he was 10. He didn’t really pick it up until two years later, but still plays on the same guitar today. Now he says, “My parents are supportive because music is the only thing I’ve ever put any effort into, and they see that I’m passionate about it.” Deven’s interest in music started with a video game: “One of my friends got Rock Band for his PlayStation 3. Once I started playing the drums, I went and talked to my dad and said, ‘Hey, I kinda of like this and want to take some lessons.’” The guys cite Five Seconds of Summer, A Day to Remember, and Silverstein as influences, but have a breadth of musical tastes that range from rap to hard core metal. Divided Minds’ thrashy pop/punk sound—with a little Brendon Urie/Panic at the Disco-esque edge to Sean’s vocals—has an upbeat high-energy alternative rock vibe. The aforementioned “Norterra Parkway,” is a nostalgic take on growing up in the area. Josh, a senior at Barry Goldwater High School, explains, “When I was growing up, all my friends lived in those neighborhoods around the parks. We’d stop at each park and it’d be super fun just hanging out, all the girls were beautiful, and that’s really what this song was inspired by.” “I was very young when I wrote the songs for Mood Swings and our last EP—easily 14 to 16 years old. All of my problems were girls, friends, family. So that’s what I wrote about. Now things are a little weirder and crazier, so the music reflects that.” Sean adds, “I think the themes between this EP and the last one haven’t really changed, to be honest, but the delivery has matured greatly. It’s a more poetic style, and the songs are definitely more well written.” Deven credits Divided Minds’ maturing sound to a greater understanding of the recording process. “There are roadblocks that come with being younger and being a new band in the studio. As we grew up and matured, we learned more and we could wrap our head around it better. Now, some of those roadblocks are gone, and that leaves room for a lot more creativity.” Divided Minds has done the Arizona circuit—Marquis Theater, Joe’s Grotto, The Nile Theater, Wasted Grain, Oktoberfest at Tempe Town Lake—and plans to hit the road for a regional and national tour later this year. They’ll be playing May 12 at the GROM and Mini Bike Show at Go AZ Motorcycles in Scottsdale. You can keep up with the band at, and download Mood Swings on Spotify, iTunes, or Google Play. The music video “Don’t Get Too Close” can be found on YouTube.

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We believe that prevention is the very best medicine and want all pets to live happy, healthy lives. That’s why we want to offer you customized tools that you need to help your pet live a long and happy life. We are a full service veterinary hospital with all we need to diagnose and treat your pet and support you when unfortunate circumstances arise. Come and meet us and experience the difference.

$25 OFF

A NEW CLIENT EXAM When you mention the ad


When you mention the ad

2750 W. Dove Valley Rd, Suite 150, Phoenix, AZ 85085

(623) 594-7466 •


For information regarding business directory placement, call (623) 299-4965 Ext. 1 or email for more details.

AC & Heating

2 AZ PERFECT COMFORT 26 W. Lone Cactus Dr. #400 Phoenix, AZ 85027 (602) 789-3000

2 WEST COAST PLUMBING & AIR 23309 N. 17th Dr., #118 Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 582-1117


2 ARCHERY CLUB 1115 W. Deer Valley Rd., #1 Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 266-4647

Auto License & Title Services

Automotive 2 ALL COUNTY COLLISION 1920 W. Deer Valley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 582-2787

2 AMERICAN MOTORSPORTS 21630 N. 9th Ave. #108 Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 236-3628

2 ANTHEM AUTOMOTIVE 701 W. Deer Valley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85027

Commercial & Residential Glass Repair

2 COYOTE GLASS 1745 W. Deer Valley Rd., #106 Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 587-4816

Electrical Services

2 HAYDEN ELECTRIC 940 W. Melina Lane Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 434-0608

Graphic Design


2 DA VALLEY GRILL 2040 W. Deer Valley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85087 (602) 904-6356

2 DE GRAFFICS 1515 W. Deer Valley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 869-6720

Kitchen & Bath

2 DCR TITLE 701 W. Deer Valley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 850027 (623) 879-0341

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2 PORK ON A FORK 1515 W. Deer Valley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 434-1794

2 AVONTI KITCHEN & BATH 941 W. Deer Valley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85027 (602) 997-7330

Land Surveying & Mapping Services

2 GEOMATICS CONSULTING GROUP 1745 W. Deer Valley Rd., #118 Phoenix, AZ 85087 (623) 580-0921

Marble & Granite

2 ACCENT MARBLE & GRANITE 21609 N. 12th Ave., #800-900 Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 582-1501

Printing Services

2 GORDON GRAPHICS, INC. 21640 N. 14th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 582-0099


2 AIRPARK PAK-N-SHIP 1855 W. Deer Valley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85027 Phone: (623) 516-8882

Solar Energy

2 HARMON SOLAR 945 W. Deer Valley Rd., #100 Phoenix, AZ 850027 (800) 281-3189

Veterinarian 2 INTEGRATIVE VET MED CENTER 615 W. Deer Valley Rd., #114 Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 594-2127

Web & Hosting Services 2 DEER VALLEY DATA 1515 W. Deer Valley Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 434-5294



• Check amps on comp. & motors • Check Freon level • Check all wire connections


• Check disconnect box

2 GRAPHTECH GROUP 1515 W. Deer Valley Rd. #A106 Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 581-9333

2 VERN LEWIS WELDING SUPPLY, INC. 1745 W Deer Valley Rd Phoenix, AZ 85027 (623) 738-0341




(480) 595-0938

Expires June 30, 2018


Specialties include: All makes and models, service and repair, installations

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Heart Word Box

Heart boxes are an easy find at any craft store. However, we found ours at the dollar store. You can paint the box or leave as is. Next, using markers, write words on the box that describe your mom or other special person in your life. I saw my daughter making this, but it was still a surprise to see what words she used to describe me: good cook, funny, caring, motherly, happy, creative, silly, loving, awesome, perfect, fun-loving, animal lover, and artistic were some of the words she selected. It was a heartwarming gesture. You can print words in various fonts off your computer as well, if you don’t want to use markers or paint.

Flower Pens Chore Sticks

Chore sticks are creative and simple presents kids can make and create on their own. I gave my girls craft Popsicle sticks with butterfly stickers and a Sharpie. They came up with simple things they could do as a Mother’s Day gift like putting away the groceries, sorting laundry, or cleaning the kitchen. I can’t wait to pull the sticks out when I want to cash in on these selfless acts they offered to me.

34 || || MAY 2018

Flower pens are another easy way to make a gift that can be used all year long. Start with simple ink pens without the caps and silk flowers of your choice. We cut the flowers from the stems with wire cutters. Next, use floral tape to wrap the flower to the pens starting at the top and wrapping your way down the pen. After you make as many pens as you desire, place the pens in a flowerpot or glass vase with beans to hold them up. Special words of encouragement can also be attached to each flower. Wishing all the moms in the area a very happy Mother’s Day!

Look who’s new in the neighborhood. To better serve your financial needs, the OneAZ Credit Union Happy Valley branch is now open, at the intersection of 19th Avenue and Happy Valley. Stop by to see this innovative new branch and meet the team of local financial professionals who are ready to assist you with all your personal and business banking needs. 1.844.663.2928 |

Brenda Bauer Branch Manager 602.644.4451

H o m e | Au to | Pe r s o n a l | B u s i n e s s

Federally insured by NCUA Equal Housing Lender. NMLS 607456. For membership eligibility, visit

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home | FAMILY

DAVID BOWEN Married for over 20 years, David is the father of three girls. He has a local radio program and pastors Standing Stones Community Church and Standing Stones Christian Academy.

The American Soldier

Pastor David Bowen reflects on the sacrifices made by the people who died while serving in the armed forces. MY DAUGHTER, Abbey, loves to sing. In fact, all my girls do. However, Abbey doesn’t like the idea of singing in public. That wouldn’t be an issue except for the fact that our church has a children’s drama/ choir program and she wants to participate in that. The group has weekly practice and performances in May and December. It’s the performance part that’s kept Abbey away. To help her break through her fear, I gave her the choice this spring to join the choir and sing with her friends or stay home with me and learn history while her sisters go to choir practice. It was her choice— choir with her sisters and friends or history lessons with dad. To my amazement she chose choir! I was hoping she would jump at the opportunity to learn more history. History helps us understand where we

36 || || MAY 2018

came from and who we are. I’m amazed at how many adults who don’t know which came first, the Civil War or the American Revolution. As I tell my kids, it’s important to remember those who helped us get to where we are and those who protect the freedoms we so deeply enjoy. This month of May concludes with Memorial Day. It frustrates me when people only see Memorial Day as a three-day weekend and the start of summer. It is so much more than that. The Civil War created a need to design a method to identify those soldiers who lost their lives on the battlefield. That’s how the military dog tag came into existence. It was 1863 on a battlefield in Virginia where General George Meade’s troops wrote their names and their unit on a paper tag and pinned it to their uni-

form. By 1913, 50 years later, the military made identification tags mandatory. What information is on a military dog tag? Originally it contained the soldier’s name, rank, serial number, unit, and religious preference. During the time of the Vietnam War, the soldier’s social security number replaced the serial number. How many soldiers entered the battlefield but never came back? How many parents, spouses, and children received a piece of metal engraved with their loved one’s name, rank, unit, social security number, and religious preference? How many families felt the pain of knowing that metal dog tag was all that came home? In May of 1868, General John A. Logan called for a nationwide day of remembrance with the purpose of decorating the graves of soldiers who died defending our amazing country. Because of that purpose, Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day. In 1971, Congress established the last Monday in May as the day to remember the American Soldier and made that day a federal holiday. It’s a day to remember; it’s not just the start of summer. It’s a day to reflect and to show gratitude, not just a time to plan a threeday getaway. The American soldier—let’s do our best to realize the cost they and their families pay to wear the uniform of the United States. Let’s recognize and honor the dedication involved in protecting this land. Let’s celebrate Memorial Day the way it was designed to be recognized. Find a military veteran and say thank you!

food | COOK

TIPS 1 Gold Medal is your best choice of flour.

Fish Sticks

Freezer-friendly and kid-approved, try this simple dish. THIS FLAVORFUL recipe will make you happy. The secret behind these fish sticks is the dill. Light and flaky, it’s a mouthwatering meal that you can have on the table in a flash.

38 || || MAY 2018

1 You can double this recipe. 1 Never pour olive oil in the middle of a hot pan. It has a lower smoking point and will catch fire.

LEANN JORDAN Leann Jordan (formerly Grunwald) is a local children’s culinary instructor, food writer, and the face behind What’s Cooking?...with Mama J.

1 Pour olive oil around sides of the pan. If you see wild smoke, immediately lift pan from stove. 1 I recommend cast-iron for all proteins.

food | DINE





Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and good food at this local watering hole.


40 || || MAY 2018

Lakeside Bar and Grill (623) 566-1470 9980 W. Happy Valley Rd., Peoria


item; we selected the coleslaw. The pastrami is lean and full of flavor and a taste winner. The sandwich is a hearty handful and I recommend using two hands to pick it up. The chicken Caesar wrap ($9.49) is also tasty. Quite simply, it’s a chicken Caesar salad wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla. We subbed out our side for the whiskey battered onion rings for an additional .99. It’s a good thing because the onion rings are crunchy and flavorful. Meanwhile, the chicken pieces are plentiful and there’s just the right amount of Parmesan and Caesar dressing inside the wrap. I feel this wrap is a good option for people who want a sandwich, but are also trying to eat a little better—minus the onion rings. It’s also a good alternative to a straight-up salad. There are also a number of specialties on the menu that are interesting like the Cajun chicken alfredo ($13.99) and smoked pork loin ($12.99), along with south of the border options like burritos, fajitas, and street tacos for variety. Also of note, Lakeside offers solid happy hour specials daily from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. until close. Enjoy domestic and classic bottles for $2.75, house wines by the glass for $4.50 and $1.50 off bait and tackle starters. They also offer a beef and brew special that includes a Lakeside burger,



NEAR LAKE PLEASANT, there’s a beachthemed restaurant called Lakeside Bar and Grill that’s serving up a comforting mix of Mexican, Italian, and American favorites, along with a few surprises. Everything here is laid-back—the atmosphere, the theme, and the staff. Yet, while the staff may be laid-back in attitude, you’d never know it based on the quick and friendly service. We arrived during lunch hour and the place was in full swing. The good news: there’s ample seating inside, as well as on the pet friendly outdoor patio that’s equipped with misters. There’re also a few party tables available for large groups and 20-plus flat screen televisions. The menu is extensive and varied. In keeping with the lakeside theme, there are a number of options loosely categorized by nautical themes. We ordered the loaded potato boats ($8.49) as a starter from the bait and tackle section of the menu. These hand sliced potato skins each have a somewhat uniform look, but it’s obvious they’re cut in-house. The potato slices are thick and topped with melted Monterey Jack cheese and smoked bacon bits. They’re typically served with diced green onions, but we excluded that from our order. You also get a hearty scoop of sour cream on the side. Each bite actually felt like biting into an individual loaded baked potato with the cheese perfectly melted and the bacon and potato mixed in with every mouthwatering bite. We then ordered the hot pastrami ($10.99). As the name suggests, it’s a heated sandwich on toasted rye bread. The rye bread is piled high with thinly sliced pastrami and melted Swiss cheese paired with thousand island dressing. The sandwiches and wraps come with a choice of a side



French fries, and a domestic or classic pint for $10.29 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. If you’re finished with a day on the lake, swing into Lakeside Bar and Grill or maybe head in just to feel like you were out on the lake. Either way you will find good food and a place to be mellow.

ANDREW LEACH A local Realtor who loves dining out. Arizona's been the home of this New Jersey native for over 20 years.

better | BEAUTY

Hot Topics What women need to about their bodies. By Elizabeth Hausman

THERE’RE MANY things that women go through that are often not discussed simply because women are too embarrassed to talk about them. To make it worse, when they do get up the nerve to bring these issues up, the response they often get is, “You’re just hormonal.” They’re simply dismissed without being given the opportunity to learn about the options that are now available to them. There’re recent developments in the world of feminine wellness and rejuvenation that many women don’t even know

42 || || MAY 2018

exist. The fact of the matter is, women no longer have to suffer embarrassment and can actually feel empowered as they go through the aging process. The hot topics on most women’s minds as they age include urinary incontinence, decreased energy levels, increase in stress, mood-swings, personal relationship, and sexual dysfunction issues. Research has shown that 30 to 40 percent of middle aged women suffer from urinary incontinence and up to 60 percent of all women experience either sexual dysfunction or dissatis-

faction. The craziest news of all is that it’s estimated of these women who suffer, only 14 percent of them will talk to their medical providers about it. But thanks to advanced technology and recent developments, there are now options that can quickly and painlessly alleviate these problems. With the advent of these options hopefully more women will feel empowered enough to get up the courage to talk about and seek treatment for their symptoms. Some of these treatments include vaginal rejuvenation, the PRP feminine rejuvena-

tion shot (also known as the “O-Shot”), and bio-identical hormone therapy. Let’s take a closer look at these options:

VAGINAL REJUVENATION: A great option for non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is a treatment called ThermiVa. ThermiVa is a treatment for women who want to reclaim what childbirth or aging may have taken away. ThermiVa uses a small wand that emits radiofrequency energy and heat to stimulate collagen and encourage rejuvenation of both the internal and external vaginal tissues. ThermiVa is performed in three treatments spaced over the period of three months with annual maintenance treatments required. ThermiVa addresses problems with laxity, dryness, leaky bladders, mild to moderate incontinence, orgasmic dysfunction, painful intercourse, and thinning vaginal tissues. According to (A website where consumers share their personal stories and rate their clinical outcomes), ThermiVa has a 95 percent “worth it” patient satisfaction rating.

THE PRP FEMININE REJUVENATION SHOT (AKA THE O-SHOT): This “shot” is actually an injection of platelet rich plasma or PRP derived from the client’s own blood sample. A client’s blood is drawn and spun in a special PRP approved centrifuge that separates or isolates the platelets from other blood cells. The extracted platelets contain the body’s primary source of growth factors. By means of concentrating the growth factors and injecting them into the clitoris an inflammatory and natural healing response is triggered, activating the body to regenerate healthy tissue growth in the area of injection and thus rejuvenating and restoring function in those tissues. This process also increases blood flow to the area, promoting vascularization, which results in an increase in stimulation and thus enables women to improve their overall sexual health. The Feminine Rejuvenation Shot is a simple 20-minute in-office procedure that can result in dramatic and long lasting results. Women report a significant improvement in stimulation, sensitiv-

ity, arousal, and drive. As an added benefit, many women have also reported an improvement with incontinence issues. This “shot” has been seen on television shows such as The Doctors, Dr. OZ, and The View and in Cosmopolitan and Harper’s magazines.

THERMI-O: This is a combination of both the ThermiVa treatment and the “O-Shot.” It’s a great option in order to get the “best of both worlds” and increase overall clinical results by combining both treatment options.

BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE THERAPY: The term “bio-identical hormone” is defined as “compounds that have exactly the same chemical and molecular structure as hormones that are produced in the human body.” Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is also known as BHRT and is now a widely available treatment option that is growing in popularity, especially in women over the age of 35 who feel “run down.” Hormone production in women gradually increases during puberty, reaching its peak during the 20s and early 30s. Production of hormones and hormone levels start to decline in the mid-30s to early 40s and without the use of hormone therapy, hormone levels will remain lower for the remainder of a woman’s life. This drop in hormones is natural and unavoidable in many ways, but the use of BHRT can help control how rapidly or smoothly this change happens. During the years leading up to menopause and through the “transition” a woman’s body produces less hormones, which may lead to symptoms such as night sweats, vaginal dryness, lack of libido, fatigue, weight gain, and thinning bones. BHRT treatments can be used to help overcome or alleviate these symptoms. With the advent of these and other treatments, it’s now possible for women to take control of their feminine health and prevent the aging process from impacting their overall quality of life. There’s no need to suffer—a simple and effective solution could be a phone call away.



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