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UERCUS Electrotechnical Training Courses

Training High and Low Voltage In the training High and Low Voltage, you learn to carry the responsibility concerning the proper safety measures and procedures in the business conduct of high and low voltage installations, as well as those concerning the execution of electrotechnical and operating activities on high and low voltage installations. The training facilitates responsible management of electrical installations and work equipment and safely performing electrotechnical work activities.

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standards risks of electricity electricity supply, construction of installations, power systems management of installations competencies and responsibilities liability outsourcing of electrotechnical working activities procedures importing the norm into the organisation determining the frequency of instruction and inspection inspection plan, sampling, inspection, reporting writing work instructions putting installations into service assignments on safe conduct consequences of overloading and shortcircuiting in electrical installations how to act concerning deviations from the normal conduct of business with electrical installations practicing of switching operations through working instructions assessment and creation of a safe working environment

Target Group This training is meant for employees who are responsible for the business conduct and safety in work activities on or near high and low voltage installations, such as responsible experts, business operators or the heads of technical services.

Training duration The training duration is 9 days of which 6 are reserved for theory and 3 for practice.

Training CompEx for Executive Electrotechnical and Instrumentation Personnel In 1994 JTL (UK) initiated CompEx (Competence Explosive) training, which is now a mandatory requirement by the UK authorities. Seen internationally this certificate is increasingly recognized. Starting 2009 Quercus is a licensed training centre to provide CompEx training (modules on gas). In a practical way, all subjects that apply to explosion safety are discussed in this course, and everything is as reasoned in line with the principles of the various methods of protection. The candidate will gain insight and understand of the principles of the methods of protection, so as to be able to ensure the safety in this kind of installation.

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origin of explosions with explanations regarding the most important parameters laws & regulations parameters such as: LEL, relative vapour density, ignition energy, and (smoulder) temperature explanation of such terms as: zone classification, reference gas and temperature group explanation and use of zone drawings zone mapping, areas with compulsory zoning protection from explosions all protection methods combined protection methods earthing in explosion hazardous areas maintenance, repair and inspection

Preparation & Installation of Ex ‘d’, ‘n’, ‘e’ and ‘p’ systems in explosive atmospheres. Maintenance & Inspection of Ex ‘d’, ‘n’, ‘e’ and ‘p’ systems in explosive atmospheres. Preparation & installation of Ex ‘i’ systems in explosive atmospheres. Maintenance & Inspection of Ex ‘i’ systems in explosive atmospheres.

Target Group This training is intended for electrical and instrumentation personnel who work in installations with a potential danger for dust or gas explosion hazards. This training provides practical meaning to the mandatory knowledge required for these technicians according to the Health and Safety Act, ATEX and the NEN EN IEC 60079-17.

Training duration The training duration is 5 days theory and practice, including the exam. Homework assignments and a practice exam are provided with the course.

“Over 40.000 candidates have been successful in obtaining CompEx Certificates of Core Competency.”

UERCUS Quercus Technical Services is an important player in electrical energy technology and provides vocational training, inspections and consultancy for offshore, industry, engineering and consultancy organisations. We emphasize on safety, availability and continuity.

Our services Our services cover the entire life cycle of electrotechnical high and low voltage installations, such as design, construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and dismantling. We also have years of experience with explosion safety standards ATEX, CompEx and IECEx.

Objective Together we want to increase the knowledge and know-how of you and your employees and give you installation compliance throughout the life cycle of your technical assest. This has high performance, availability and safety as a result.

International coverage

Quercus Technical Services B.V. Baileystraat 3, 8013 RV Zwolle, The Netherlands Tel: +31 (0)38 - 452 99 91 email:

We provide our services internationally in countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. In the Netherlands we are established in Zwolle, Den Helder, IJmuiden and Zoetermeer. Those establishments all have unique practical labs, ensuring theory can be applied in practice.

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