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1450 Terra Nova Boulevard' Telephon (650) 550-7600'

Pacifica, California 94044-3699

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Dorene D. Basuino Principal Matthew Hill VP Administration Gwendolyn 1. Rehling VPGuidance

Terra Nov High School's 7th Annual Car Show Benefit ng the Industrial Arts Department November 2012

Dear Business Owner: It's that time of year again--tinre to prepare for our 7th Annual Car Show and BBQ fundraiser event. This event will be held en Saturday May 18t\ 2013 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Terra Nova High School campus and parking lot, 1450 Terra Nova blvd., Pacifica. Proceeds benefit the Terra Nova Industrial Arts epartment. At this time, we would like to invite you to take part in our event sponsorship program. Our first six years were met with ~eat success thanks to generous sponsorships and donations made by community members like you. We have included the sponsorship programs and benefits on the attached Sponsorship Sigrl-up Sheet. If you would like to be a spon or or make a donation, please complete the attached and make checks payable to Terra Nov Industrial Tech for the amount sponsored. Please mail checks to: Terra f.ova Car Show C/O qial Glass and Window Co. 1704 ralmetto Avenue Pacifica, CA 94044 If you should have questions 0 need additional information, please contact our event chair person, Pete Yoes, at (650) 35~-5380. Deadline for sign up is April 20th 2013. For tax purposes, our Tax LD. numbe is 94-3083772. Thank you for your generosity and support.

Brent Crowley Industrial Tech Department

erra Nova Car Show 2013 Sponsorship Sign-up Sheet SponsorlDonor Name: Mailing Address: Phone Number:


Contact Name: Sponsorship

Programs -::]i-e-n-e-fi-ts-:---------

All sponsorships include: yo Ir name displayed with all sponsors on a shared banner displayed during the car show and for one full year at Terra Nova High School. Your name will also be listed on publication materials uch as newspaper ads and sponsorship listings. Sponsors will be provided an event T-shirt and ~ptional vehicle entry in the car show. During the car show, your name will be announced throu :hout the day as a sponsor. We have several levels of sponsorship to choose from which, in addition to the above benefits, have additional benefits as listJd:


$100 Trophy spons".

Your name will be engraved on one of several award trophies.


$150 Banner Spons1r. Your custom company banner will be placed on the infield fence during the show. Note: Banner to be provided by sponsor-contact (650) 359-5380 for



...:$250 Ti-shirt Sponsor Your advertisement will be printed on the event T-shirts, which are distributed to all car show ~articipants and sponsors. Any remaining event T-shirts are also

held for sale at the car show

]d thereafter.

__ ._$500 Poster Sponsor. (only 4 spaces available). Your name and logo will appear on the posters displayed at various 10 lations to advertise the event. T-shirt sponsor-Your personal advertisement will be large, pr~ted on the event T-shirts. Trophy Sponsor-Your name engraved on one of several award trophies. Your name will also appear on the car show participant J.D. "dashboard" cards. We also welcome donations! y donation is greatly appreciated. Your name will be listed on the publication included in the Fvent "goodie bags" distributed to all car show participants. During the car show, your name will be announced thanking you as a donor. $ Amount. Please make checks payable to Terra Nova Industrial Please mail checks to:

Tech for the amount checked above.

Terra fova Car Show

c/o Dir1 Glass and Window Co. 1704 Palmetto Avenue Pacifica, CA 94044

T-shirt and Poster sponsors: ple:lse enclose a business card for proper presentation on the event T-shirt.

2013 TNCS Sponsorship Letter  

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