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In Link Bulletin (10 March, 2014) Issue No: 02/2014


Dear Parents / Guardians The term is drawing to an end. It has been an exciting term for the students. The entire cohort of the P6 students has been given the opportunity to go on a cultural immersion trip to Malacca. 3 classes have completed the trip while the other 3 classes are scheduled to go on the trip from 10 – 12 March. 1.

Meet Parent Session (Term 1) Date & Day



14 March, Friday

Meet Parents Session P1 – P5 A separate notification had been sent earlier for parents to indicate the preferred time slot.

P6 students will report to school from 7.30 – 12.15 pm for lessons. P1 – P5 students will have no school. Instead, parents who have indicated their preferred time slots may upon confirmation from the teachers get the student to attend the session. We believe that a tripartite exercise between student, parent and teacher does enable clarifications between student, parent and teacher as it allows the feedback channel to be open and transparent.

School holiday from 15 to 23 March. Students will return to school on 24 March, Mon. 2.

Details of the upcoming Community Sports Festival

The Community Sports Festival will be held at Anchorvale Community Club on 16 March from 8.00 am to 11.00 am. The school would like to encourage parents to take the opportunity to engage in the Sports Festival as part of family bonding as well as enabling the children to participate in hands on activities that would be fun and engaging. Parents intending to spend the morning with family members may purchase the tickets from the CC.


3. Haze Readiness With the unpredictability of the Haze situation, the school would like to appeal to parents to ensure that children with asthma should have their medication with them (for example inhalers). We have also purchased purifiers to house those asthmatic students in air conditioned rooms should the situation worsen. We have also connected with the nearby GP clinic should the need for assistance arise. 4. Updates of contact information of Student and Parents Please do update your child’s form teacher immediately if there are any changes in contact information, i.e. mailing address, email address or contact number. In case of any emergency or school closure, we will be able to inform you in advance. 5. Student Travel during the March school holidays Parents’ assistance is sought in ensuring that students reporting to school are well. Students returning from holiday abroad and have flu like symptoms are to see a doctor. 6. MOE ExCEL Fest 2014 (12 Apr 2014, Suntec Singapore Hall 401-402) MOE ExCEL Fest is an annual event that celebrates innovative practices in schools and allows parents and members of the public to find out more about the latest developments in our education landscape. MOE ExCEL Fest 2014 will be open to the public on 12 April 2014 (Saturday) at Suntec Singapore Hall 401-402. The theme for MOE ExCEL Fest 2014, Valuing Every Child, Learning for Life, turns the spotlight on our Student-Centric and Values-Driven education that offers Breadth, Depth and Length for the holistic development of our children. We would like to invite you to attend the Exhibitions, Seminars and Sharing Sessions to learn more about what schools do and what parents can do to support their children’s learning. What’s in store for you? • • • • •

The MOE Pavilion that captures the Singapore education journey through the eyes of our children and the latest developments in our education system. Over 65 schools will showcase and share how they cater innovatively to the different ways a child learns. Fellow parents and experienced educators sharing on how to select the right school for your child and helping to prepare your child for Primary one. Practitioners and renowned speakers sharing useful tips to nurture healthy parent-child relationships and on digital parenting in the 21st century. MOE Master Teachers sharing on the latest strategies in the teaching and learning of English Language, Mother Tongue Languages, Science, Mathematics and the Humanities.

Registration is required for Seminars and Sharing Sessions Seminars and Sharing Sessions on 12 April 2014 are now open for registration! As seats are limited, registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis. Sign up now at! 7. P1 School Smart Card (SSC) We are expecting Transit Link Pte Ltd to deliver the School Smart Cards of Primary One (1) students by 21 Mar 2014. For students who had their photos taken during the reshoot or had submitted hardcopy or softcopy photos, their SSCs will be printed in the supplementary issue. They will only be ready by the 1st week of Apr 2014.


To start using the SSC for concessionary travel, students are required to activate the card at the TransitLink Ticket Office/TransitLink Concession Card Replacement Office/Passenger Services Centre located in the MRT Stations/Bus Interchanges by toping-up the value for the card. The minimum top-up value is $5. Please check the photo and details printed on the card upon receipt of your SSC. Kindly inform the school’s General Office immediately for any discrepancy. 8. Floor ball and Basketball North Zone Primary School Sports Council Tournaments Both the Senior and Junior Basketball Teams had emerged as 4th position in the North Zone Primary School Sports Council Tournaments. Our Senior Floorball Boys has also been doing very well in the Nationals and have moved on to the semifinals. The students showed not only their tenacity to strive for excellence but importantly displayed the Olympic values of Respect, Friendship and Excellence. I would like to thank parents for believing in your children and for being a friend in supporting them attain their dreams through encouragement and for being their support. We will continue to work in partnership to help them strive for excellence and in building their confidence. 9. Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) – Pri 1 Life Skills Programme On 6th and 7th March, CCE department conducted the Pri 1 Life Skills Programme. This year, the focus is on inculcating RESPONSIBILITY - caring for self and others. Every P1 pupil was given the opportunity to go through an hour of hands-on session to learn the 3 life skills that we have identified as important for the level. These skills are: (a) tying own shoelaces, (b) folding and organising own laundry and (c) packing of schoolbag. The program was successfully carried out with the help of 10 parent volunteers. We would like to appeal to parents to continue to provide opportunities for your children to practice what they have learnt in school, by using the follow-up materials that we have provided for you. 10. School Library Opening hours during the 1 week school break The school Library will be open from 9.00 am – 12.00 noon. Students may report to school to read books during the week and work in the school Library. However, all students will only be allowed entry if they report in school uniform or PE attire and school shoes. This is to be strictly adhered to. 11. Subject Based Banding (SBB) briefing for P4 Parents on 15 Mar 2014 @ 9.00 am We will be conducting a briefing on SBB for P4 parents on the various subject combinations that will be available for their children in P5. A separate notification will be sent to P4 parents by Tuesday, 11 Mar 2014. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at MOE ExCEL Fest 2014!

_________________ Mrs Dhillon A. Singh Principal


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