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In Link Bulletin (27 Feb 2013) Issue No: 02/2013

Dear Parents /Guardians 1. School dismissal at 1.30 pm on Thursday, 28 February Please note that the whole school will be dismissed at 1.30 pm on 28 Feb (Thurs) as we have a workshop running on that afternoon. Please make arrangements to have your children picked up on time. 2. Updates on the Basketball and Floorball tournaments The Zonal season for Badminton (Junior & Senior Girls), Basketball (Junior & Senior Boys) and the National season for Floorball (Senior Boys) started in the 3rd week of January 2013. Our athletes have been working diligently with their coaches and teachers-in-charge. We are proud to share with you our achievements. Floorball Senior Boys Senior Basketball Boys Junior Basketball Boys Badminton (Senior & Junior Girls)

The team qualified for the Quarter-Finals. They are among the top 8 teams in the whole of Singapore. Both the Senior and Junior Basketball Boys attained 3rd position in the North Zone Basketball Tournaments. They will be representing the North Zone Schools in the Nationals in Term 2. Took part in the North Zone Tournaments and gave off their best. However, did not qualify for the Quarter Finals. We would like to acknowledge their commitment and drive in the competitions.

We thank all the parents of the athletes for their unrelenting support. Our achievements would not have been possible without your support. In the effort to pursue sports excellence, our athletes have shown resilience and confidence. 3. School effort in promoting a walking culture to ensure safety in crowded places and blind corners Students in Primary schools generally have a habit of running and this can be dangerous. Hence, we have been trying to impress on our children the need to walk briskly. We constantly remind students through announcements and have also started getting pupil ambassadors to spread the message to schoolmates. The ambassadors are students who choose to run and get caught. Hence, they are asked to wear the bibs with the message – “Walk. Be Safe”. We would like to make an appeal to all parents to support the school in reminding your children about the danger of running across corridors and in the canteen. When it rains, the grounds are wet and can be slippery. Hence, we need the cooperation of everyone in building a brisk walking culture in our school. Students can run and play on the school field, Parade Ground and Indoor Sports Hall where we have teachers on duty to ensure that they play safely. 4. Packing of school bag on a daily basis We seek the cooperation of parents / guardians in teaching your children to pack their school bag. This creates the opportunity for parents, especially at P1 and P2 levels to monitor habits of children. We notice that many of our students tend to over pack. The Health Promotion Board (HPB) has advised that pupils should be carrying school bag weight between 10% - 15% of body weight. Based on this advice, the bags carried by P1 to P4 pupils should not weigh more than 4 kg. Parents can help children pack school bags according to the daily timetable and day’s needs. Do ensure that children do not carry heavy and unnecessary accessories. If water bottles are carried, pupils should bring empty bottles to fill up at the water coolers in the school. Teachers have encouraged students to keep their bulky Art blocks, exercise books and workbooks in the school lockers. Weighing scales have also been placed in 2 locations to get pupils and staff to conduct periodic checks on the bag weight.


5. Cooperation of parents to instill personal responsibility in children Lately, the number of students forgetting to bring their books, stationery, water bottles and school money is on the rise. We have family members and even grandparents reporting to the General Office to appeal to our staff to deliver items to the students. We seek your support in reinforcing in the children the good habit of packing and checking prior to leaving home. Children made to face the consequences of being forgetful will over time learn and become more responsible. We hope you will support us in this effort. Henceforth, if any items are delivered despite our appeal for cooperation, please note that the items will be left in the office for the pupil to collect as we will not be sending the items to the classes. 6. School Policy on absenteeism for performance assessments and examination (wef 1 March 2013) The following guidelines have been drawn up to provide parents with greater clarity on how the school will follow up for students absent from school for assessments and examinations. REASON FOR ABSENCE Valid reasons: 1. Sick with medical certificate 2. Family emergency with relevant document 3. Any other valid reasons upon approval by the School Leaders

Non- valid reasons: 1. Lacks supportive document 2. Case is not approved by the School Leaders 7

ACTION a) Pupil will sit for the paper within 3 days (inclusive of the date of the paper). b) Pupil is not able to take the exam e.g. long MC (more than 3 days or misses the given time line) a) Pupil sits for test for upon returning to school for exposure purpose.

REMARKS a.1) Pupil will have marks allocated. b.1) Reason to be keyed as VR (Valid Reason). Pupil sits for paper upon returning to school for exposure purpose. Marks will not be awarded.

a.1) Reason to be keyed in as Absent. a.2) Marks will not be awarded.

Individual Conference Session with Parents of P1 – P5, P6 Ace, 6 Bravo and 6 Diligent) Date 15 March (Fri)

Activity Individual Conference Session with Parents There will be no school for all pupils on 15 March. Pupils may report with parents to meet up with form teachers for an individual meeting lasting about 10 – 15 minutes to discuss child’s progress. We will be sending out the notification for parents to indicate the preferred time slot to meet up with teachers.

16 – 24 March

Term 1 school holiday and pupils will report back to school on 25 March. Please ensure that your child is well to report to school.

8 Attached Documents We have attached the following documents for your perusal: a) b)

MOE ExCEL Fest 2013 brochure Students’ Accident Protection Scheme 2013

Thank you. ________________ Mrs Dhillon A. Singh Principal


AGPS News Bulletin Feb 2013  

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