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Community. Competence. Confidence.

Welcome to

Camp Wicosuta


Welcome to Camp Wicosuta! The foundation of everything we do at camp is our 3 C’s: Confidence, Competence and Community! Our goal for every girl is to gain confidence in herself and competence in both activities and life skills, while being a part of a physically and emotionally safe environment. The combined and varied personalities and backgrounds of our campers and counselors creates a truly special camp community. We look forward to learning about your daughter’s interests and

Read more about Corey & Justin and

personality, as well. We hope your family enjoys

meet the rest of our leadership team at

“unpacking” the information we provided in this

brochure and look forward to speaking with you. Warm Wico Wishes,

Careful Cabin Consideration Fueling Our Bodies & Community

We create cabins of girls with similar interests, while mixing returning campers with our first-year campers. A 3:1 ratio of campers to counselors ensures that each child receives the care and attention she needs. By the end of the summer, girls with whom you share the beautiful

We place an emphasis on providing nutritious and appealing

Wico mornings and starry New Hampshire nights end up

food. Assigned tables encourage community building while

feeling like sisters.

discouraging cliques and “saved seats.� The spirit in the Dining Hall is contagious with plenty of singing and cheering! Additional

Tour a Wico cabin at

highlights include theme dinners like funky hat night and crazy sock dinner! Our chef works one-on-one with campers who have specific dietary and/or allergy needs. View sample menus at

Health & Wellness Our health center team, which includes five nurses and a health center assistant, lives on-site. Our health center is open seven days a week, and a nurse is on call 24 hours a day. We partner with a local pediatrician who sees campers on an as-needed basis. Our nurses are sensitive to the physical and emotional well-being of our campers and deliver plenty of TLC! CAMP LIFE

Experts in Welcoming New Campers BIG/LITTLE SISTER PROGRAM We assign each new camper to a returning older camper who acts as a pen pal leading up to camp. Communication during the school year helps first-time campers quickly feel connected to their big sisters and a part of the Wico community!

INTENTIONAL SEATING In order to encourage first-time and returning campers WHY US?

to get to know one another, we assign seats on the

A Complete Experience in 4 Weeks!

camp bus and assign weekly tables in the dining hall. These tools help us reinforce positive friendships while discouraging the formation of cliques.

NEW CAMPERS OF ALL AGES First year campers of all ages, 7-14, quickly feel part of

Campers attend one of our two, complete,

the Wico community! Cabin placement is done from

four-week sessions which means they share

scratch each summer in order to encourage cohesive

the journey – beginning, middle and end –

bunk communities and new friendships at every age.

together. In this way, girls bond over their shared experiences. No one ever feels like they are leaving early or arriving late. Whether


you select the first or second session, your

Weekly campfires are an important part of Wico’s

daughter will receive a complete, traditional

tradition. Our first night opening campfire is a favorite

sleep-away camp experience.

event of the summer. We officially welcome and “induct” new campers by inviting them to light a candle in our “W.”


Programs & Activities A WELL-ROUNDED PROGRAM THAT GROWS! Our program is designed to enable each girl to feel successful and is based on her developmental needs. We emphasize instruction and participation in each activity area and challenge each camper based on her ability level.

EACH DAY IS NEW & DIFFERENT Our schedule is based on an 8-day cycle. Regular program days are designated as A, B or C days. After three days of a regular schedule, campers either participate in a special event day or go on an off-camp trip. This cycle repeats throughout the session. Our elective schedule encourages decision-making and independence, and most importantly, creates a culture where all of our girls participate. Girls choose the

“Wico is special to me because it is my heaven on earth! I get to see all my friends, and get to do things I can’t do at home.”

activities they like, so they can’t wait to get started!

COMPLETING GRADES 1-3 A program that exposes campers to all activities. Campers participate in daily activities with their age group. 5 daily pre-scheduled activity periods, 1


daily free-choice selective

ATHLETICS Archery Basketball

Hip Hop


Overnight Camping


Water Trampoline

Rock Climbing

Select Dance Group


Survival Skills


Field Hockey


Gaga Golf







Culinary Arts

Musical Productions



Digital Photography

Set Design



Drawing & Painting

Vocal Performance


Competitive Swim

General Arts & Crafts


Free Swim




Junior Lifeguarding



Kayaking DANCE & FITNESS Ballet



Pool Sports



Boot Camp

Stand Up

Cardio Fitness Contemporary Dance

Horseback Riding

Ice Skating

Adventure Trips


Circuit Training

SPECIAL EVENTS View special event days at

Swim Instruction

Challenge Course Environmental


View our schedule builder at

TRIP DAY View trip days at



Each camper’s schedule is a mixture of

Camper schedules are individualized based

required and choice-based activities.

on camper choice. Campers participate in

Required activities include swim instruction,

daily activities with girls of similar ages.

tennis and waterfront. The remaining

All daily activities are choice-based.

activities (2-3 per day) are choice-based.


The Foothills of the White Mountains Camp Wicosuta is located on 100 acres of pristine, wooded land on the shores of beautiful Newfound Lake in Hebron, New Hampshire. Our campus features 12 tennis courts, expansive arts studios, a heated swimming pool, a fitness center, a ropes course, a horseback riding ring & stables, athletic fields & courts and much more! Wico is 2 hours from downtown Boston and 5 hours from New York City. Take a photo tour of our campus at

Our Staff Sets Us Apart Wicosuta counselors are highly skilled, well-trained and enthusiastic. Our staff have strong backgrounds in working with children and in their activity areas. Wico staff members are fun, nurturing and caring adults who help create a safe community for the campers. Our staff orientation is designed to train counselors prior to the campers’ arrival. Training continues throughout the summer.



Dates & Enrollment SESSION 1



June 26 – July 21

July 24 – August 18


WHY 4 WEEKS? Wico is long enough to settle in and enjoy all camp has to offer and still have precious time for family vacations, special interests and old-fashioned downtime.

TWO DISTINCT SESSIONS Our campers attend for one session which means they share the journey – beginning, middle and end – together. In this way, girls bond over their shared experiences. No one ever feels like they are leaving early or arriving late. Whether you select the first or second session, your daughter will receive a complete, traditional sleep-away camp experience.



Schedule a Visit We strive to meet each first-time camper before she comes to camp. These visits, whether done on a camp tour, in the home, or virtually are the foundation of our relationship with each family! Go to and complete a camper application.

HOME VISITS We regularly meet families from September to May and appreciate the chance to spend quality time with you in the comfort of your own home. During these visits, we share photos of camp, answer questions, and get to know your daughter. Meeting face-to-face allows us to tailor our time together to meet the needs of your child. We schedule visits on weekdays afterschool or in the early evening.

VIRTUAL VISITS Sometimes, whether due to distance or schedules, it’s challenging to meet in person. In lieu of this, we often “meet” campers and parents over Facetime or Skype. We find these meetings especially effective for families who live overseas or are unavailable to meet in person.

TOURING CAMP Touring camp provides the best opportunity to feel the “Wico spirit”! Tours are led by our key leadership staff. Plan to take a walk around camp, meet with Corey and Justin and observe a slice of a typical camp day! Tours are offered at 10:15 AM and 2:15 PM while activities are in session and typically last 90 minutes.

Please call or email our office to set up your visit.

(800) 846-9426



Wico Explorers: Two-Week Session Wico’s Two-Week Explorer Session is designed for first-time campers currently in Grades 1-4. Although many first-time campers come to Wico for a complete session, a Wico Explorer is a girl who prefers a shorter first-time camp experience.

THE EXPLORER EXPERIENCE • 5 traditional program days, so that girls may try a number of camp activities including swim instruction, waterfront, court and field sports, visual arts, performing arts and outdoor adventure • 2 Special Event Days • 1 day-long off-camp field trip • 3 days of intra-camp competition known as either Wico Challenge Cup or Color War

Visit to learn more (800) 846-9426 |

EXPLORER CABIN LIFE AND TRAVEL • Campers enjoy a 3:1 camper-to-counselor ratio. • Explorer enrollment is limited to one cabin (6-8 girls) in each of our three younger age groups. • We offer transportation to camp (included in tuition) from Boston, NYC, Westchester County, NY, Connecticut, and Boston Logan and Manchester Regional Airports. • Our last day of camp, Visiting/Departure Day, allows parents to enjoy a day of camp prior to taking their daughter home. For those who prefer, we also offer camp transportation home.


Dates & Enrollment SESSION 1



July 8 – July 21

August 5 – August 18


For further information or to enroll, call (800) 846-9426 or email

SUMMER Camp Wicosuta 21 Wicosuta Drive Hebron, NH 03241 Phone: (800) 846-9426 (603) 744-3301 Fax: (603) 216-3339

WINTER Camp Wicosuta 4 New King Street White Plains, NY 10604 Phone: (800) 846-9426 (914) 946-0927 Fax: (603) 216-3339

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