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June 2015

Tubman stories of what kids think.

Harriet Tubman Elementary School

The Tubman Toad Tubman’s School Safety Tubman’s by Phuc Vo

Harriet Tubman Elementary School has a big soccer field and a big playground. A security guard greets people when they leave and come in the school. During school year 2014-15, Tubman was a safe school because students and teachers want it to be safe. Tubman Is Safe Overall, school violence in the United States has decreased over the last 16 years, according to the National Center For Education Statistics. Tubman students in aftercare took a survey. The In this issue School Safety pg 1 Playgrounds pg 1 Fire Safety pg 1 Dress Codes pg 2 Ariana’s Style pg 2 The Avengers pg 2 Volunteer Profiles pg 3 Spongebob! pg 3 War in Afghanistan pg 4 Student Profiles pg 4 Restaurant Reviews pg 5 Book Reviews pg 5 Movie Reviews pg 5 Art pg 5 Opinions & Editorial pg 6 Letter from the Editors pg 6 Editorial Cartoons pg 7 Comics pg 7 Horoscopes pg 7 Advice Column pg 7

results report that 16 students think Tubman is safe. One student said no, and one student wasn’t sure. A lot of people think that school safety is important. Mr. King, Tubman’s security guard, says safety is important “so students can learn.” He also said, “It’s always good to be safe and show respect.” In 1995, roughly 10% of students in the U.S. were victims of playground crimes. By 2011, that number decreased to 5%. School theft and violent school crimes has gone down over the years.

Fire Safety Is Important By Anh Chau

In 2002, 13.5% of people in the United States died in fires. By 2011, the number declined to 11.1%. People are getting safer and safer. Everyone can learn about fire safety. Fires can happen in many kinds of places. First, they could happen in a house, school, or hotel. Also, they could happen when people forget to turn off the kitchen stove. In a Harriet Tubman survey, most of the students think fire safety is important. Only one person thought fire safety was not important. Firefighters use water to stop fire.

Popular Playground By Israel Yohannes

Moms, kids, dads, grandpas, and even friends play tag and hide and seek on the playground. Harriet Tubman Elementary School has two playgrounds now. One is little but the other is big. One playground is for the little kids, and the other is for big kids. People never move the playground because people like it. But they could add stuff to make it better. The playground has a soccer field. There are stairs to climb on and there are some things that spin you around. It has always been there. It is very old and people see it often. In a survey, 20 kids liked Tubman’s playground and 2 kids were uncertain about their feelings. Zero kids hate Tubman’s playground.

Harriet Tubman Elementary School’s playground in Columbia Heights.

June 2015


Harriet Tubman Elementary School

Tubman Elementary: One of the Many Schools with Dress Codes By Khalil Ready

Teachers at Harriet Tubman Elementary School agree that school uniforms are good. In a 2015 survey, some people liked school uniforms and other people didn’t. At

Every student has to wear a uniform. In a 2000 study, about half of U.S. schools had a dress code. In an interview, Tubman teacher Ms. Abraham said, “I like all students to wear uniforms because students Uniforms help focus more in class.” She “students focus said that she wore a uniform more in class,” said when she was in school, but Tubman teacher Ms. she doesn’t now because she is an adult. “Now we have to Abraham. dress up,” she said. Americans spend about Tubman, boys wear yellow shirts and blue or tan pants. $1 billion per year on school uniforms. Girls wear pants and skirts.

Stylists Make Famous People Look Great

Students read in their school uniforms at 826DC.

School Uniform Statistics

- In a 2000 study about half of U.S. schools had dress codes. - At Tubman, boys wear yellow shirts and blue or tan pants. Girls wear pants and skirts. - Americans spend about $1 billion per year on school uniforms.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

By Haylie Escobar

By Ebenezer

Ariana Grande was noticed for her style at the VMA’s in 2013. Her clothes are short dresses. Her shoes look like big hills. Ariana’s stylist is named Brigitte Pilla. A stylist is someone who picks clothes or purses or things like that, as well as custom shoes, jewelry, and makeup. Brigitte Pilla has been the woman behind some of Ariana’s most iconic looks. She chooses clothes that are a little inappropriate for kids to wear, but it makes Ariana look cute. “I don’t think she’s over the top sexy. She’s sexy in her own way because of who she is and because of her music,” Brigitte Pilla said.

On May 1, 2015, Ultron is fighting the Avengers, including Wasp and the Hulk. In the new movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron, there will be a battle for human extinction. Ultron is coming to Earth with millions and trillions of his minions to destroy all humans. The movie premiered in North America on May 1, 2015. People were excited for the new movie because people were tired of watching the first Avengers. During filming in South Africa, people gathered to see the shooting of new movie. Awesome!

Ariana Grande’s stylist is Brigitte Pilla.

A stylist doesn’t have to choose the clothes that Brigitte Pilla does. Other stylists have different ideas, like Taylor Swift’s stylist.

June 2015


Harriet Tubman Elementary School

To the Moon and Back with Pack By The Tubman Toad Journalists

Meet Stanley Woodrow Landfair IV, also known as Pack, who lives on H St NE in Washington, DC and has been on TV. He has two older sisters, Monica and Jennifer. His dad lives in California, where he used to spend his summers, and during the school year he lived in Virginia with his mom. Pack has curly, lightbrown hair, green eyes, and wears a navy shirt with Army shorts that he bought at Goodwill by Costco. He’s 32-years-old. When he was young, he had an American flag mailed to him that was flown over the U.S. Capitol on his birthday. He explains, “It’s the cheapest way to get a really nice flag.” His

favorite color is burnt orange and he wears a ring from the University of Texas, where he went to school. He loved to play baseball and also liked to wrestle and much more! Pack likes all kinds of

“I’d like to be buried on the moon.” music and used to live with musicians. When he was young, he liked to put helium balloons in people’s cars for their birthdays. “I just want to make a living and enjoy myself and have fun,” he says. When asked about other fun things,

Stanley Woodrow Landfair IV, also known as Pack, lives in Washington, DC and is a writer, among other things.

Pack added he would like to go to space and said, “I’d like to be buried on the moon.” He wrote a book about trying to look for a job by driving on his motorcycle around the country. He enjoys watching Seinfeld, a comedy show. His favorite book that he likes to read is Waldo. “I’d like to meet Waldo.”

Meet Belle, Newspaper Club Volunteer By Phuc Vo

Belle was born in Arizona in 1949, and she joined Newspaper Club to help. She has blond hair, a ring, and wears a flannel shir t. She works in Washington D.C. Belle has one daughter and is an American who loves cooking, gardening, houses, and movies. She dislikes crickets because she thinks it is scary when a cricket jumps on you.

The worst thing that ever happened to her was when a horse broke her arm. She was climbing on a horse with a rope and it reared up and then stepped on her hand with metal horseshoes.

Washington Post reporter Ron Charles (standimg, left) visited The Tubman Toad journalists while they learned about writing reviews. He said the newspaper receives more than 100 books every day for reviews.

Movie Facts by Jaylen McCoy

An interesting detail about A Sponge Out of Water is that in its opening weekend the film grossed an estimated 55.4 million dollars. The movie was made in 2015 by Paramount Animation, Nickelodeon movies, and United Plankton Pictures.

June 2015


Harriet Tubman Elementary School

U.S. War in Afghanistan Continues By Bryan Bonilla

The U.S.A. and Afghanistan are involved in the War for Freedom. The war is a civil war in Afghanistan. It’s a war for a democratic government. The battle is hot because there is a deser t. In the desert, U.S. soldiers sometimes get killed from animals like scorpions and vipers! The war is still on but is about to finish; it lasted for 30 years. It lasted about 14 years for the U.S. The Soviet Union, known as Russia today, was also involved. In 1979, they

invaded Afghanistan. The number of American casualties is 2,238 while the casualties of the civilians of Afghanistan is 21,000. Al-Qaeda controls Afghanistan and its leader was Osama Bin Laden. Tom Babington, a Robertson fellow at the University of Maryland and expert on the war, said, “America is fighting two wars today, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. People in Afghanistan want to have freedom and justice like [in] America.”

Babington also said, “Everyone hopes the war will finish soon but no one knows when it will end. President Obama has said that he wants to end the war, but Afghanistan is not safe. So the American military will stay longer.” So the war is a civil war for Afghanistan, and the war will hopefully end soon. The soldiers will come back after the war.

Meet Israel Yohannes, The Tubman Meet Khalil Toad’s Youngest Journalist Ready By Bryan Bonilla

By Anh Chau

then his mom cut He’s shor t, and it off. has bushy hair and big He wants to be teeth...he’s Israel! He a spy, a scientist and a was born in 2008 on detective. His greatest July 14. He has a little fear is rats. brother. His favorite In one of his movie is Spiderman, nightmares, he was his favorite spor t is soccer, and his favorite game chased by a dinosaur and thrown in the water by his evil is Minecraft. When he was three years old cousin, where he drowned! In

Khalil likes the restaurant Olive Garden because they have Italian food. He goes to the restaurant with his dad. His favorite place is Massanutten. His second favorite place is Six Flags, though he would like if there was a 7th flag. Khalil talks quickly and gives a lot of information. Khalil wears glasses.

June 2015


Harriet Tubman Elementary School

The Best Chicken

IHOP Is Delicious

By Haylie Escobar

By Phuc Vo and Bryan Bonilla

Book Review

Two restaurants I like to go to are Pollo Sabroso and Panda Express. I like the chicken in both even though they are very different. At Pollo Sabroso, the chicken is huge and comes with white sauce. It tastes really really good. You could dip your fries in the sauce too. At Panda Express, the chicken there is kind of spicy and orange. Their chicken is the size of a meat ball. I like Pollo Sabroso better because I think it is healthier and delicious.

The restaurant IHOP in Columbia Heights has pancakes, drinks, and more! All the food is tasty and healthy and doesn’t have too much sugar.They have entertainment games that are fun to keep you busy while waiting. There are comfortable spaces to eat, and it is open all day. The restaurant is famous because lots of customers come there. It’s clean and you don’t have to clean your own mess. It’s not expensive. At IHOP it’s only $8.99 for a medium dish and $3.99 for a small dish. People should come because they give you delicious food, and it is cheap.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid is about a boy named Greg Helfly. He tells the story of his life and writes about his family and his brother. The book is funny and has black and white drawings of stick figures wearing clothes. Most of all they are funny! The author is Jeff Kinney. He has sold lots of Diary books. Maybe he is rich. We like the covers because they are different colors and the stick figures are different from other books. We think kids should read these books because they are funny and teach you new words and lessons.

By Anh Chau and Israel Yohannes

Making Art is Easy

Movie Review

By Jose Casarubbias

By Elijah Mesa

I have been an ar tist for five years. I became an ar tist because I like ar t. I do ar t in my house whenever I want to draw pictures. I draw ar t of Minecraft, Power Rangers, holidays, houses, par ties, Angry Birds, Sonic, my family members and video games. When you grow up, you can start to collect ar t. You need to like ar t before you star t to collect ar t. When you

star t to collect ar t, you get what you like. When you finish collecting ar t, you might star t drawing your own pictures, and you keep them safe. When you’re older, you can go to the ar t museum and make your picture into an ar t project and hang it on the wall. People see your ar t project, and they enjoy what you have drawn. Anyone can be an ar tist.

In Big Hero 6, Hiro’s brother makes a robot named “Baymax,” a healthcare companion. Hiro’s brother’s friends are cool. Honeylemon likes carbon dioxide, and Wasabi uses laser gear. Go Go uses magnets and fast wheels as scooters; Fred is just a mascot. Hiro tries to attend his school and wins the science fair. He gets accepted, but the school catches on fire, and his brother dies. I like it because it has great graphics and it has lots of action.

Meet Bryan Bonilla, The Tubman Toad’s Historian By Israel Yohannes

Brian is 11-years-old. His father is from Mexico, but he was born in the U.S.A. He wants to be an engineer when he grows up. He can’t see very

Chinese food, and his favorite far, so he wears glasses. He hates rats and actor is Johnny Depp. doesn’t want to be close to them. His favorite movie is Iron Man. His favorite food is

June 2015

Editorials and Opinions

Harriet Tubman Elementary School

Should Students Wear Uniforms?

The Tubman Toad staff debate the merits of school uniforms.

For School Uniforms

Against School Uniforms

By Maurice

By Anh Chau, Haylie Escobar, Jaylen McCoy, Khalil Ready, Phuc Vo, and Israel Yohannes

All students should be required to wear uniforms because it goes with the school, and it matches the Tubman Toad colors. I also think people should wear uniforms because everyone will know that you are a student at Tubman. Also, you should wear a uniform because you will already know what it is that you are supposed to wear in the morning.

Students should not be required to wear uniforms because people want to choose their clothes, and they might not have many uniforms at home. Also, not everybody likes the uniform colors. The uniforms wear out faster. The schools says what kids should wear, but kids have rights.

Op-Ed: Should People Protest When Angry? By The Tubman Toad Staff

Letter from the Editors Newspapers are really important they are something that you read and tells you what’s going on around you and about stuff happening all over the world. But newspapers are not any kind of paper. They are really impor tant because they tell you all about everything.There are a lot of long words, and they are printed on a big page. They tell you about spor ts, music, and style. They have stories about news, movies, books, restaurants, and comic strips. They have opinions, and facts. Newspapers have lots of fun things for different people. We learned that newspapers are really fun and impor tant. They are impor tant because if you want to be a journalist you have to read newspapers, and look at punctuation and facts.

Bancroft and Tubman soccer players have a game on a spring day after school.

Our newspaper has mini-comics and sometimes it tells people a message. We interviewed people, so we can put it in the newspaper. We shared our facts and opinions, as well. We interviewed Pack, which was fun! It was a privilege to meet new people. It was fun to learn about the horoscopes and learn about editorials. We learned how to show proof and not to lie. We even met the guy who works for the Washington Post writing book reviews. His name is Ron Charles. We appreciate Newspaper Club! Letter by journalists Israel Yohannes, Hailey, Escobar, Jaylen McCoy, Anh Chau, Khalil Ready, Bryan Bonilla, and Phuc Vo.

People should not be allowed to protest and destroy property when they’re angry at police because it could lead to chaos and jail. If they destroy property, they will not have anything more for the future, and if people are inside a building, they could be hurt. If they destroy restaurants, there will be no more places to eat. It makes people upset to see their property destroyed, including stores and restaurants, and people could lose their jobs. It’s important they have jobs because they need to buy food and pay taxes and they can’t lose their resources. It’s not other people’s fault that the rioters are mad. Children might get frightened and their families and friends could get hurt, lost, or arrested. People might not come back to that city because they’re afraid. Afterwards, the community is destroyed and ruined. Students Israel Yohannes, Hailey, Escobar, Jaylen McCoy, Anh Chau, Khalil Ready, Maurice, and Phuc Vo contributed.

June 2015

Editorial Cartoons

Students were asked: Should everyone be required to plant trees in front of their home?

Harriet Tubman Elementary School

Student editorial cartoons about the First Amendment

Anh Chau, “Tinker vs. Des Moines,” a Supreme Cour t case about students’ rights to free speech.

Haylie Escobar

Bryan Bonilla, “Tinker vs. Des Moines”

Khalil Ready

Jaylen McCoy, “Tinker vs. Des Moines”

Jaylen McCoy, “Freedom of the Press”

Jaylen McCoy Letter from 826DC

This year’s Newspaper Club journalists were a hard working and dedicated group. From reading and writing news stories, reviews, op-eds, and creating editorial cartoons and comics, students learned about all aspects of journalism. Most importantly, they learned the structure of a traditional newstory and how to research and write a newstory. Students contributed to all aspects of the paper, too. They selected the name,

What’s 826DC? chosen the nameplate font, advised on layout and story placement, and wrote every word of text in your hands. Along the way, they received advice from experts in the field, including Ron Charles, Book World Editor at the Washington Post, and Jessica Contrera, features writer at the Washington Post. Many thanks to 826DC volunteers Norma Babington, Belle Elving, Jessica Estepa, Pack Lanfair, Talia Rodin, Anne Rosen, and June Sham for supporting students during the year.

826DC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Our services are structured around our understanding that great leaps in learning can happen with one-on-one attention and that strong writing skills are fundamental to future success. Our workshops and programming are provided free to students and teachers in the District of Columbia.

June 2015

The Back Page

Advice Column

Harriet Tubman Elementary School

You’re Eating My Food

Jaylen McCoy

Mailman vs. Mouse

Anh Chau

Dear Mr. Stranger Danger, I have a problem with my Rubik’s cube. I can’t solve it, even though I watched “How To Solve the Rubik’s Cube” video on YouTube. I keep redoing it after I mess up. My strategy is: first, I find the edge cubes and then the corner sides, but it is hard. I need you to help me solve it. Sincerely, Phuc Dear Phuc, You could ask some experts who know how to do it. You should work hard. From, Mr. Stranger Danger Dear Cool K., Tubman’s soccer team keeps losing. How can you help me and the team? In every soccer game, people do not listen to the coach. When the defender gets the ball, they don’t pass it so that causes the other team to take the ball and score. Help! From, Anh Dear Anh, I feel that you can ask people to pass, or get the ball for yourself, or juke the other team. From, Cool K.

Mr. Cool


Dear Bryan, I cry a lot and I don’t know why. How do you stop crying? Why do people cry? Sometimes, I cry when I get mad or sad. From, Khalil Brian Ready Dear Khalil, It’s natural to cry and you have to be strong! So fight on and don’t be embarrassed. Don’t react quickly. We cry because it’s how our mind functions.We cry to heal and be happy again. Yours, Bryan

Horoscopes Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

There are places in your life where you

You are going to fall in love with somebody

will find a doppleganger like you.

or something, and you are going to support it. And you are never going to separate.

Cancer (June 22-July 23)

Dear Mr. Stranger Danger, How do I type faster on the computer? Do I put my hands out or do I swing my hand around? Do I have to wiggle my finger? What should I do? From, Fred Dear Fred, Keep practicing every day until you get used to the keyboard. Every beginner struggles, but they practice until they get it. Sincerely, Mr. Stranger Danger Dear Mr. X, I have a problem with my friend because we are going to different middle schools and we don’t have a way to stay in touch. I met him in 1st grade and he didn’t speak a lot, but now we have a long relationship. From, Joel Dear Joel, Maybe after school, you might hang out and play together. Then, walk home together and have fun. And you could text him or call him. From, Mr. X

Revisit someone from the past because

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb.19)

you might miss them.

Don’t be sad because somebody is going to back you up and make you feel happy.

Leo (July 24-August 23) You should act good and obey your family

Pisces (Feb. 20-March 20)

by controlling yourself. And be calm so

The day will come when you almost drown,

your family won’t be mad.

but after that you have learned something in water and will become a great swimmer.

Virgo (August 24 - Sept. 22) You are going to have a new buddy and

Aries (March 21-April 19)

be famous.

Sometimes you can be small and young. You will have a good life. Sometimes you will go

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

to different places. Maybe you will have a

You have to act good and listen and

whole bunch of cousins. There’s a possible

follow directions in class.

chance of twins, but I don’t have one.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

You will hurt someone’s feelings, but you

Sometimes you need to take a chance and

will make changes after what happens.

try new things.

Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Sometimes things don’t go your way, but sometimes you have more days to do stuff you really want to do.

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