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Home Watch News Letter Bolton South and Bolton West 7th September 2012

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Operation Thor continues across the area targeting our local criminals, particularly those who wish to try their hand at Burglary. The excellent results continue, with a reduction compared to the same period last year.

Safe4Summer Update  The operation has now concluded because of the return to school after the long holidays.  The number of calls received was well down on last year.  The number of offences committed as a result of ASB is well down on last year.  The number of victims of ASB is well down on last year. The great work carried out by local Officers will continue of course but it appears that the penny is finally dropping with “some” and the others are now subject of the ASBO pathway. 

Last month we have continue to focus on Burglary. We have revisited all victims and neighbours to ensure we have learned from the incident and made the community safer. We have had good results from arrests including 3 custodial sentences in the last week alone. We are still delivering Op Thor and the retail partnership in Farnworth town centre continues to grow and will have an official launch at the end of the month. There are 2 new Sgt's starting this month at Farnworth who bring experience and I look forward to working with both officers My last note is please follow us on social media we give updates everyday Thank you for your continued support Inspector Kev Lister.

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Farnworth and Moses Gate Alas one burglary this period, this is good news as it continues to be well down on the number recently, however it still means a family have to go through the trauma of finding and then clearing up afterwards. It occurred on Dixon Green Drive and entry was by forcing one of the windows. This is why we promote the uses of window locks. 3 reports of garden sheds being broken into around Carlton Street overnight last weekend. Also around Carlton Street, we had 2 thefts from m/vehicles, one had the number plates stolen and the other from an insecure van parked on the street. Can we ensure security is up to date and adequate for purpose, and again please ensure your vehicle is locked when not in use. Please don't be afraid to report anything no matter how trivial you may think it is, by ringing 101.

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Farnworth Town Centre and South We have had a spate of theft from vehicles in the Longcausway area, all by smashing windows and removing items left on display including clothing and mobile phones. No burglaries this period which is great news. Obvious advice is please don't leave anything in the car which may be of interest. Also check that your car alarm is working properly.

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Little Lever/Darcy Lever

We have had 4 burglaries over the last 2 weeks, 2 on Williams Street, on the same night 1-2nd Sept via insecure windows. The other two occurred on the Racecourse estate and the occupants had their vehicles taken after the offenders had found the keys after breaking in by smashing rear windows. One vehicle has been recovered nearby but there is still a black Audi A5 outstanding. Please ensure that any house alarms cover the relevant areas particularly if you have recently added an extension or conservatory to the property. Vehicle keys are now the prime target due to increased car security to try and always leave them out of sight.

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Great Lever No burglaries this period which is really good news. We have had 3 theft from vehicles in the Meredith Street area, again only items of low value stolen but the inconvenience of having to replace windows is as upsetting to the victims. Please check what is being left in cars overnight, something which may not be of much value to you is temptation for a thief.

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Harper Green

There have been 2 burglaries in the area, 1 on Watson Road via an insecure window, and 1 on Higher Swan Lane where the offenders have gone to great lengths to disable alarm system and then remove a safe. As usual please ensure doors and windows are locked overnight or you have adequate security in place. If you hear or see anything suspicious then please ring it in using the 101, or if it is emergency dial 999.

Westhoughton North

No burglaries reported this week, great news !. There have been 2 theft from vehicles, 1 where over £700’s worth of power tools stolen from an unlocked van on Captain Lees and number plates taken from a vehicle on Slack Lane. Please advise residents to be vigilant with home and vehicle security. Always ensuring windows and doors are locked on vehicles and in your home. I anyone is offered power tools “cheap” then it's likely they are stolen. So if in doubt always do your utmost to check they belong to the seller.

Westhoughton South

Burglary at the Old Bakery on the 10th August when offenders forced a ground floor window, vehicle keys left around so they also used the occupant car to drive away. Fingerprints and footwear marks found at scene so hopefully they will identify offender. Vehicle recovered nearby. Don't forget advice re forensic evidence, try not to clean window and surfaces before Police arrive, footwear marks are also useful.

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There have been 2 burglaries in the Morris Green area, both via insecure windows overnight. They left by unlocking rear doors with keys left in the lock. Two reports of damage to windows in Longfield Road area, offenders thrown brick at window not sure intentions on both. Please advise residents to be vigilant with home and vehicle security. Always ensuring windows and doors are locked on vehicles and in your home. Also activating any alarms you may have as this can help to deter criminals.

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Horwich North and East

Only 1 burglary this week on Victoria Road, occurred whilst the occupant was away on holiday. Four vehicles broken into around the Ainsworth Ave and Fall Birch area between 17th and 21st, not much stolen but lot of inconvenience for the owners. One theft of lead from a porch on Chiltern Close, so the lead thief is still around. One wheelie bin fire on Claypool Road.

Please ensure residents keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour in your neighbourhood and if you suspect anything then report it to the police on the non emergency police number: 101

Horwich West, South and Blackrod

We have had 2 burglaries this period both into the living quarters of licensed premises, Toll Bar and Poacher. On both occasions entry gained via rear windows and offenders disturbed by the occupants. Both premises are bordered by private dwellings who may have seen someone hanging around during the early hours. The offender at the Poacher was seen wearing a distinctive deer stalker hat !. 3 theft of vehicle around Chorley Road, 2 where owners have left the keys in the ignition unattended.

Again if you see or hear anything or anybody suspicious please report it asap using either 101, or 999.

Smithills North and South

Only 1 burglary this time, on Heaton Road via an unlocked front door, opportunist thief walked in and removed property. Still a good reduction on previous periods. No theft of vehicles but 4 theft from vehicles across the area, with number plates and catalytic convertors being stolen. Please ensure all alarm systems are in working order. If it doesn’t do its job it's not worth having !.

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Heaton and Lostock

One Burglary this period on Chassen Road, access gained by forcing patio doors and vehicle keys taken and then same driven off.

Two theft from vehicles, on both occasions cars left unlocked overnight and property taken. Please advise residents to increase their home and vehicle security.

Bolton Sky Ride. There will be a cycling event, Bolton Sky Ride, on closed roads around Bolton Town Centre and Chorley New Road Sunday the 16th Sept between 10am and 4 pm and is open to all cyclists. Please see Bolton Sky Ride website for details.

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There will be a Homewatch Conference held at The Festival Hall, within the Town Hall, Bolton on the 20th September between 5:30 and 7:30pm. You will be contacted by the local Policing Team in next few weeks about this but please make a note in your diary to attend if possible.

Please feel free to visit any of the places below to discuss any issues you may be having in your area. Your local neighbourhood officers will be there to offer advice and listen to any problems you may be having in your neighbourhood in the following drop in sessions: 

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Bolton Central Contact your neighbourhood policing team for details of your next meeting or at and click on the Neighbourhood tab. Bolton East Contact your neighbourhood policing team for details of your next meeting or at and click on the Neighbourhood tab. Bolton West Contact your neighbourhood policing team for details of your next meeting or at and click on the Neighbourhood tab. Bolton South Contact your neighbourhood policing team for details of your next meeting or at and click on the Neighbourhood tab.

Bolton Home Watch K8 and K9 22nd August to 4th Sept  
Bolton Home Watch K8 and K9 22nd August to 4th Sept