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肆 Portfolio YiChun Huang

ABOUT 02 Y-Rec 03-12

A recording and transcription system

Let's Dance 13-22

Interactive game gloves for visual-impaired

Shoes project 23-28

Brown shoes and performance shoeas design

Chair up 29-36

A chair aiming to change mind

Side Projects 37-42

Branding design and leathercraft


"It always seems impossible until it is done." / Basis

/ Activity

/ Software

YiChun Huang | 黃一峻

ID Camp


1992.09.30 | 26 0952404639

July 2012

<B> Student Movie 2012


ID Basketball



/ Education

/ Experience

College for Creative Ctudies | Detroit

College for Creative Ctudies | Exhcange student

NCKU | Tainan

Maker Fair | Presentation

Sep. 2015-Dec. 2015 2011-2016

/ Working experience GBJM | Design assistant Sep. 2017-Jan. 2018


Sep. 2015-Dec. 2015 July 2015

Yodex Design Exhibition | Presentation June 2015

Studio Teun Fleskens | Workshop

Keyshot AutoCAD Sony Vegas

/ Language Chinese | Mother tongue

English | Fluent TOEFL 91 (104.02.01)

Jan. 2015

Miniwiz | Internship July 2014-Sep. 2014


01 03

01 Y-Rec / Concept

Personal assistant has to deal with a lot of demand from whoever is related to the boss. Sometimes people talk too fast or the request comes suddenly, the assistant is unable to memorize them immediately. Moreover, arranging schedule from messy notes is something that costs a great deal of time. The design is a wearable gadget combining with an app, and it will record the conversation and transcribe the data into notes thanks to technology, saving the time for the assistant to focus on more important cases.


Date 2015



Class College for Creative Studies Senior studio Type Wearable gadget UI/ UX


Designer YiChun Huang



/ Scenario

/ System




1. 2. 3. 4.

Voice tracking Record Microphone Bluetooth

The earbud will record the conversation antomatically when it detects the voice that is saved in the database. User doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to spend time writting down the notes during the talk. Also, the deveice can do the same function while answering the phone call. In the end, the file will be sent to the application via bluetooth.


1. 2. 3. 4.

Transcription Synchronization Remote Voice database

The application receives the file from the earphone, and it is able to transcribe the conversation into script. User can edit the content and then synchronize it to his own schedule. Moreover, voice database contains the analysis of the target, whcih makes the earbud able to recognize the voice and start recording.


/ Interface

The app connects with the device via blooth. And it is capable of transcribing the conversation, editing the content and synchronizing the memos to userâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s schedule.

Remote control

Voice detected

General record

Record files

User can press to record during phone call or other conversation.

When clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s voice is in the database and the device recognize the sound, it starts recording.

When clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s voice is not in the database, user can do the recording manually.

User can browse the previous files here.

Play the file

Voice database

Transcription content

Status bar

User can choose to play the record file and edit it.

User can build his own database first. Whenever the device recognize the voice, it records automatically.

The conversation will be transformed into text content. Time or place will be underlined.

The bar shows the recording status.


/ Persona

/ Research Problem


1. Cannot handle a lot of demand at a time, especially urgent and sudden situation.

Agent company




Futuristic Others

Target group Occupassion: Personal assistant

2. Over whelmed info to be memorized and organized as well as the messy schedules.

Age: 25-32 Personality : Well-organized Prudent Sense of fashion trend Tech savvy Job Descriptions: Has to spend most of working time staying beside the client, running between event and company. Attend to the clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs and arrange his schedule, making sure ever ything is according to the timetable.

Simple Agent Company

User preferences Digital Quick adaptor

Analog slow adaptor

Tech savvy




Asthestic references 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Neutral with a bit masculine Geometric shape with mild cur ves Fashion, futuristic Not all black Few retro/ old school details

Iform company of client's schedule, response and other demands

Conference, meetings, new jobs, other demands


Reminder, attend the needs

Apart from work, assistant still has his own personal schedule




/ Solution

/ Reason to believe 1. Voice tracking and detectation

Voice recording

Distinguish the voice Automatically recording

Analysis of the voice is rather easy nowadays. Security institutes have commonly used this technique for the safety issueas. The recognition can be done in a short time and stored in the database.

Digital memo Synchronization -Cloud calender -Mobile schedule

Transcription function

Wearable device -Earphone Conversation -Face to face -Phone call

Edit content

2. Record

The content of the converstion is the most important thing, so there is no need for image or video. Recording skill is already mature and can be applied to any place.

3. Transcription

Siri and Youtube have already embeded similar function for generating subtitles. Through analyzing the voice, the system will match the words from its computer.

/ Form Ideation The initial forms start form some neutral forms such as triangle, circle, and oval. And I add some cur ves and details such as button or microphone to brainstorm the forms.

The circle could be designed as a wheel like button or indicator, which is embeded in the main body.

Two curves make a pointed shape, which looks symmetric and masculine.

The combination of the shapes looks like this, but is a bit too simple to give out a futuristic sense.


/ Sketch


/ Prototype

3D printings of different forms.

Correcting the dimension of earbud's hanger



02 13

02 Let's Dance / Concept

People enjoy a better life thanks to the rapid advance of technology nowadays. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to be improved in the vulnerableâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life. Visually-impaired tend to be excepted from activities due to that most activities require vision, which is the main sensor y stimulation. The more people emphasize on visual stimulation, the less chance those low-visioned could blend in. We want to make a change, lowing the visual element and focus on other sensor instead. Thus create a new game that people with poor vision could involved themselves into. Normal guys who will alos experience a new form of game.


/ Game ” Let’s Dance “ is a duet dancing game that do not require vision to play . When two players hold hands, the game will start immediately. The attendants follow the audio instructon to process. And through the vibration and sound cues, players have to do the corresponding moves to score in each play.

Date 2015 Designer YiChun Huang Ya Ping Shen Iris Chang Exhibion 2015 Yodex Design Exhibition 2015 Maker Fair 2015 Toky Designers Week


/ Gloves The gloves are like computers, containing sensor and speaker. We remove the coverage on fingers to let users feel the sense of safety from bare fingers. Meanwhile, different pattern on the gloves allow the low-visioned to distinguish one from another.


Sensor chip Vibration motor Speaker


/ Mechanism Please refer to the video via QR code for comprehensive understanding

Basic Operation Enter



Player use these 3 postures to control the menu.

Different Challenges

Each challenge is a recomposed song with different level.

Dancing Movements Swing


Turn (both hands)

Turn (single hands)

4 moves match different instruments and vibration cues.

Remixed Melody

3 different instruments play alternatively in the somposition. Players have to distinguish the tone by hearing carefully.


/ Sequence 3 different musical instruments correspond to 4 different dance movements with vibration, when players hear the instrument playing and feel the vibrotactile cues, they should do the corresponding dance.


/ Research

/ Design aim Free from vision Lower visual stimulation and raise others Before After

Visual stimulation

Other stimulation

1. Interaction

Interactive element -Duet game -Cooperation

Through cooperation and challenge, people interact with each other and work together to achieve goals.

Sport element -Body movement -Tactile stimulation

3. Simple movement

Dancing comprises tempo and movements. We have to design some acts for the music.

Interactive platform

Dance game 2. Without vision

Interactive obstacle: 80% of sensor stimulation is received by eyes, which is the reason why visuallyimpaired are hard to blend in.


Other receptor Eyes

Exercise Most of low visioned are unable to work out by themselves, so they seldom exercise. Even if they want to, there is only few choices.

For low visioned -Moving body -Another choice of game -Without visual obstacle For normal people -New sensor experience -Interaction

Sound and sense of touch will be the major points to this game.

4. Fun

Score and level challenge system are important. Players have to perform well enough to move on to the next level. Practice makes perfect.

80% Stimulation reception


/ Prototype

Game making


In order to create a game without visual effect, we have to find other way to give cue to players. Meanwhile, we chose waltz dancing as movement model because of its slow but elegant moves are suitable for beginners.


After the rough idea, we discussed with low-visioned to revise dancing movements to a more suitable version, and also learned their terms of judging the location and the techniques of how we instruct them to do the right posture. The process must be conducted many times to ensure that whoever plays the game will be able to master it soon.


We team up with a infomation engineering student to make a working model. The game is designed to be functioned by the gloves, which contain a chip, a vibration motor and a speaker respectively. Players should wear the loves and hold hands to start the game.

A: Vibration B: Waltz moves C: Cooperation D: Testing

Wires, battery, chip embed with sensors and vibration motor


Logo To attract people to join the game, we design a logo for it based on the concept of “holding my hands and dance!“ Logo is embroidered on the gloves, which enables users to recognize them. Moreover, blue and yellow are the colors that are easy to arouse attention and curiosity.

牽你跳跳 Modeling Glove is the vessel of the chip, motor and sensor. Removed finger coverage ensures the sense of touch from fingers. Padded linling prevents users from uncomfortable feeling caused by the components inside.



03 23

Y 03 Shoes project / Brief

In this project, I want ot present two different types of shoes concepts, including a brown shoes and a performance shoes. The ver y first brown shoes is designed for casual wear, basing on the user and style analysis. And the second one is a solution to the problem, which is a more functional shoes. Both of the shoes are my works at CCS soleology class and they are all rendered by Adobe illustrator.


03-1 Wraps / Concept

Wraps is a a pair of leisure shoes designed with an extra wide and long lace wrapping around the whole shoes. These hi-top sneaker is inspired from the pattern of the mountain boots. With the extra lace, the style could be more varsatile, and the sneaker like sole reduces the bulcky feeling from normal boots. Last, suede upper originated from mocassin gives the shoes a nomadic style.


/ Color plan

Y Date 2015






Designer YiChun Huang Class Soleology Type Brown shoes design AI render


/ Image board

/ Persona Target Group Age: 22-30 Hobby : travel, music, hand craft, nature life, mountains Style: gypsy/ nomadic, multi-layers Preferred shape: mocassin, boots, hi-top sneakers

/ Sketch The holes enable the extra lace to wrap around the ankle and make different styles.

Suede upper and lace for a rough feeling.

Hand dyed linen extra lace adds unique characteristic to the shoes. Extra lace goes through thewhole upper and forms another pattern.


03-2 Func / Concept

Func is an function oriented performance shoes designed for people who always walk around, constantly knee down and stand for a long time. Combining with air max cushion at the rear foot and nike signature free outsole, Func provide the user with sufficeint support wihle standing and the flexible bending performance. Gore-Tex mesh prevents water from going in but still remains breathability

/ Sketch

Mesh upper embeded with Gore-Tex technology. Nike Free slits at forefoot.

Date 2015 Designer YiChun Huang Class Soleology Type Performance shoes design AI render

Larger Air Max midsole and slipfree rubbe routsole at rear foot.


/ Persona

/ Solution 1. Better and comfortable cushion on the rear foot 2. Flexible and bouncing function for the front foot wet

3. Water repellent but breathable 4. Slip resistant outsole

water repellent Sore muscle

Target group Occupation: workers in the traditional market Age: 25-35


Problem 1. Uncomfortable after long standing

Working environment: messy, garbage or leftovers are around the floor, wet Job descriotions: workers have to stand for a long time at the vendor, goes around to retrieve stuff, carr y leavy loading, labor works.

2. Often bending the forefoot while kneeing down flexible

3. Wet in the shoes


4. Slip foot and outsole worn-out easily

/ Mechanism research

/ Image board Lifting, swelling , floating

Air Max midsole

Nike Free slits

Strong bounce effect from Air Max misole strongly supporta user's rear foot.

The Nike Free slit ensure the flexibility of front foot. With Air zoom misole, moving fucntion is greatly strengthened.


04 29

04 Chair Up / Concept Creative studios are the place that designers come up with ideas and put them into practice. People there manage to be inspired by the environment around them. We tr y to make people see things from different perspectives and angles in the studio, so they will get various viewpoints and find some inspiration. Chair Up is a furniture concept designed to demonstrate the idea mentioned above and is built to let others experience the feeling of mind and sight changing.


Date 2014 Designer YiChun Huang Ya Ping Shen Ben Tsui

/ Chair up â&#x20AC;&#x153;Chair upâ&#x20AC;? is a mobile chair that can lift you up in the air controlled by remote. Design for the working space for increasing the interaction between people themselves and between people and the space.

Class Junior studio Type Furniture concept


/ Scenarios

When you are not in a good mood or looking for some inspiration in the studio.

Use the remote to lower the chair.

Wair for the chair coming down from ceiling

Sit on it and make it up.

Have fun up in the air!


/ Ideation & image board

Change mind, inspiration

Move, change position, see different stuff

New indoor experience

Height change

Staying in a higher place makes people see different perspectives of a thing, changes oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mind and stimulates inspiration.


/ Demonstration In order to solidize the concept and make really feel the differenceof staying in a higher place. We built a device that represent the mechanism lifting the chair as well as the chair.


The whole frame is a simulation of one floor height, which is 260cm on average, and it is made out of â&#x20AC;&#x153;angled steelâ&#x20AC;?. The structure can bear up to 200kg and more.


Manual Crane

The manual crane is fixed ont he top of the frame to showcast the lifting system, and it can hold over 100kg weight.

Safety belt

To make sure people feel differently in the high place. We initially adopted the safety belt to safely lift the user up.


/ Design

/ Prototype

The manual crane at the top will be covered by wood boards to pretent that it is the lifting device in the ceiling. And the seat is based on the idea of swing but in a more sturdy and steady property. A person operates the chain to make the seat up and down. Users will be able to see things in a higher perspective and imagine the picture of this design facility in the working studios.



The swing like chair has to undergo many tests on the seat panel and the holding strings to fit user properly.

Buld the seat with wood basem sponge and cloth. Thing iron structure of the seat.


ment and then wrap it with n tubes are for the frame


Side Project


Side Projects / Brief

These projects focus on my ability to create design in a more craft perspective. There are my branding design and personal leather works. The first one showcasts marketing strategy and the designs based on traditional dyeing craft. And the other one presents my skills of leather making, especially bags.


S.P.01 荏染

/ Concept 荏染 is from the word 荏苒, meaning “time passing“; 染 is the word “dye“, which is a traditional craft. We combined those two world together and create 荏染, a brand for naturally handmade dyeing design. We launched a serious of backpacks and pocket bags, designing the original form and combined with dyeing pattern.

Date 2014 Designer YiChun Huang Yachuan Mei Yi Chin Lee Lin Chen Lin Muse Chang Class Design and marketing Type Branding Craft design


/ Design & sketch We made total 4 different and patterns and colors using natural ingredients. Half of the pattern and half of the pure color add some interesting details to the bag. We made the bag a role-up open and fasten with a buckle, making it more leisure style. And the pocket bag is design to be folded and wrap with a leather strap.

/ Process & presentation

Time flies, we dye.


S.P.02 Leathercraft

/ Concept In this project, I want to presnet my ability beside the basic product design skill. After the exchange semester, I was inspired and wanted to experience the accessories design, so I tr y to learn the leathercraft. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the footages of my works so far. Now I am able to make several simple styles of bags, desconstruct the shape, and also solidize some of my ideas. Date 2015-now Designer YiChun Huang Type Personal project Craft



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