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Huang Yi-Chun

Huang Yi-Chun 黃一峻



Education +886952404639 No. 19, Dongying 5th st., East Dist., Taichung city 401, Taiwan (R.O.C.) Hi, I'm Huang Yi-Chun, and you can call me Jack. I'm now a 21-year-old student who majors in industrial design in NCKU. I regard myself an outgoing person and have great passion for design. To me, the process of discussing ideas and solving problems in our lives are so fascinating that I'm willing to pour all my efforts to do it.

National Dali Senior High 2008 Sep. - 2011 Jun.

National Cheng Kung University 2011 Sep. - 2015

2012 NCKU ID Camp Instructor


2012 NCKU Student Indenpendent Film, B Recording 2013 NCKU ID Camp Leader of acitvity section 2013 NCKU ID Movie Leader 2013 Branding, č??ć&#x;“ Cofounder




Sony Vegas



Product Design Chair Up




Edward Scissorhands





Concept Design Schnappi Baby


The Titan Mouth


Graphic Film


Graphic Design







2013 Seat Facility Design Chair Up




Chair up is a concept seat facility that we design to change people’s mind through the change of height. 9cm 16.5cm


1. A swing-like shape.

2. Steel scale, wood base and sponge cushion.

3. Trapzoidal bottom covered with cream-colored linen.


Scenario When someone is not in a good mood, he or she can link Chair Up on the ceiling with smart phone and it will go down. User sitting on it will be lift up to the hight he or she likes. The change of horizon may refresh his mind, and the interaction with people below is also a special experience.


Design Purpose A seat facility From making people happy to change people’s mind At begining, we discussed about how a chair could make people happy, but that could be too compulsory to be realized. To think from another aspect, making people happy is making people feel upset no more. In this process, the facility may help the user get rid of th bad mood. As a result, we decided to design a seat facility to help the change of mind.

Feel Upest No more

Feel Happy

Chair Up helps the mind changing, and people who feel upset no more could further feel happy.


Ideation When brainstorming about the change of mind, we found that we could feel relief from staying in a higher place. Through the discussion, we infered that when we were in a higher place, we saw more thing than usual and the visual exploration could distract us, and the difference of the sight could be the point of the mood transition.



Reaserch 1. Similar product research

We looked for similar furnitures and found that most products tend to stack up their combination unit to enlarge the scale to be tall, and they all start from the “ground.” Olny few of them are another way to be functioned, from the place “ceiling.” As a result, we would like to experiment our mood changing seat facility in that rare way.

“From the sky to the ground.”


2. Prototype Setting

The most simple form of the seat was like a chandelier, which we operated with a controller. It could lift us up to the height we like.


3. Test

To create a ceiling space, we used “angle iron” to make a light and sturdy structure which was 330 centermeters tall. The manual crane was safe and strong enough to lift stuff more than 100 kilograms up, and it was easy to operate, except for some loud noise. People weared the safety belts would then be lift up by the device to the height of 240 centermeters to make sure if the height really made some change to people’s mind.

4. Results

“Cool!” “Fun!” “A bit scare!”

Most peopleb being lift up felt fresh when they looked down upon others on the ground and said that they did change their mind due to the new horizon. They also said they would come to it for inspirition if they lacked ideas. Staying in a higher place could be a new space inside the studio.




Modeling 1. Scale form

Trapzoidal scale is more comfortable than the rectangle because the upper narrow width enables user’s shoulders to lean on.

2. Seat place

Because the user is up in the air, his thigh on the seat edge will be easily asleep. We made the soft cushion on the whole plate to serve a better feeling. The seat will have to move up and down in the space, so it’s bottom must not be dangerous to other people. The seat plate is chamfered and covered with chshion sponge.

3. Space setting

We set thar the ideal space for Chair Up is casual and free, like a working studio. It can’t be some formal occasions. Several Chair Ups are there, and people can seek for inspiration and a fresh feeling by means of them. When someone is up there, he will not disturb anyone in the space because the ceiling is high enough.


> 325cm


> 200cm


4. Ideal condition

Every Chair up is powered by the electric motor to operaete the crane, and the device should be hidden in the ceiling. User controls Chair Up with his smart phone through wireless connection.




Making Process



2012 Emergency Medical Equipment Design BandaScissor



Brief BandaScissor is a scissor that can help the user easily cut off the bandage on himself with one hand, no matter left or right hand.


Scenario After the wound is properly wrapped with the bandage, user then take up BandaScissor. Tilt a bit of the scissor to let hooks catch the bandage. Tight up the bandage by moving the BandaScissor, and then cut it off easily.

Design Purpose Emergency medical equipment A scissor which can cut off the bandage easily with one hand When people get only one hand and have to cut off the bandage on themselves, they will struggle with the bandage hard to be teared up. They may keep cutting for several times so that the bandage will slowly being seperated. The original process is very annoying and time wasting.


Research 1. Problem

In observing the action of cutting bandage off with “two hands” and “one hand.” I found that two-handed person got one hand to pull the bandage tight, and then used the other hand to slice it down. On the contrary, one-handed person can only cut the bandage without tighting it up. The key point is that the bandage has to be “tight” before it is cut.

2. Solution

To multitask on one hand, the scissor should be able to grab the bandage as it cut. Therefore, something that would hook the bandage coulgd combine with the scissor.


Ideation I �irst wanted to apply blades on the �inegers, so the user could pull the bandage as he cut it off. Then I focused on combining the clamp with the scissor. As I simpli�ied the combination, I eventually get the idea that adding some needles on the scissor blades is a better way to the answer.





1. Adhesive

I used the ab adhesive glue to make a small piece of iron wire adhesive on both sides of the scissor blades, and also made another one with the curved wire to be less dangerous when people touch it. The little sticks did grip the bandage, but another problem popped up. Left-handed user performed better than handed user because two blades’ directions were different.

2. Directionality

The left-handed user could pull the bandage out and “down” to make it tight and cut it off. Meanwhile, the right-handed user had to pull it out and “up”to make it tight, but the position made the user dif�icult to operate the scissor. As a result, I made the small iron wire on the same side of the blades to let the right-handed user pull the bandage out and “down”.

3. Drill

To improve the appearance of the scissor, I tried to drill holes on the blades so that the ab adhesive glue could be hide inide. However, the scissor iron was chamically treated and was too hard to be drill. The result was not perfect at all.


4. Disassemble

I designed to apply cases on the blade instead of drilling them. The cases were made of acrylic and were easy to insert the irion wire. The cases on the blades and the new handles make the scissors more like a whole new product.






Making Process



2012 Toaster Form Design Edward Scissorhands 34


Brief Edward Scissorhands is an uncommonly gentle young man, who happens to have scissors for hands, falls in love with a beautiful adolescent girl. I ananlyzed the characterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s personality and characteristics, and made an exclusive toaster for him.



Though, after some accidents happen, people are afraid of him, and try to exile him. During those days, Edward gets through the feeling of love, hatred, lonely. He �inally realizes that he will never be accepted by others, and goes back to where he was made.


Edward Scissorhands is is an arti�icial man named Edward, an un�inished creation who has scissors for hands. In the begining, he is innocent and naive when he comes to the human society for the �irst time. Then he becomes so popular among the community with his unique appearance and skill.


Analysis 1. Image Board

a. Lonely and innocent. No one is like him, and he is eager to be accepted by other people. b. Dilemma and repressed. He wants to love and to be love, but end up making people hurt.

c. Misunderstand and anger. People judges him by his appearence and seldom trust him. d. Tragedy and sorrow. He still can not live in harmony with human at last, and lost his true love, either.


2. Characteristics

a. Arti�icial elements

Broken, imcomplete, asymmetry, science equipments

b. Body apparel

Gothic, punk clothing, belts and rivets, black

c. Scissorhands

Offensive, wound, sharp blades


Ideation I sketch different kinds of the toaster form based on different characteristics. Ater Discussing with the teacher, I choose some parts that are well transformed form the sketches, combining them together.



Modeling 1. Apparel

The whole shape is like a rectangle wrapped with two straps, which represents the arti�icial body. The leather like texture with rivet and knobs on the side show the details of the apparel.

2. Offensive

Forms of blades stabbing out of the wound are the toater’s spring pressure button, which show his inadvertent offense to other people.

3. Inner Heart

The transparent covering in the front can see through inside of the toaster, which I made is to show Edward’s heart. When the toaster heat, it will turn red, and that is warm and sincere.

4. Blue

Though black is Edward’s main color in his appearence, I regard blue as his best feature, which means his blue feeling to the world, lonely and depressed.




Making Process




Time flies, we dye.


2013 Branding and Market -ing Design č??ć&#x;&#x201C;



Brief We create a new brand called 荏染 at the course of marketing and branding design. To experience all the production �low, we have to handle all the process by ourselves from design to prodution to marketing. 荏染 produces dyeing bags and packets, and is a successful branding. 52


About 荏染 Time flies, we dye.

“Time �lies, we dye.”

荏染 is from the word 荏苒. 荏苒 means time passing; 染 is the word dye, which is a traditional craft being used until now. We combine those two words together and create 荏染, a brand for natureally handmade dyeing design. 54


Craft To know how to dye, we asked the dyeing teacher to teach us, and also got a lot of information about it. In practing, we experimented different kinds of plants for the colors, such as beatle nuts, banyan leaves, common garcinia leaves, purple cabbage and so on. After trials and errors, we could create 4 patterns and 4 colors.


Product Design Being pro�icient in dyeing skill, we began to discuss what product should we make to show its value in a innonative way. Accessory with beautiful patterns is a nice choice. Based on the drawstring bags, we adapted its features and added our patterns on it. Besides, we also made the packet for pencils and small stuff.



Marketing Strategy 1. Facebook Fan Page

Before the market launched, we created the facebook fan page, 荏染. By releasing the making process of dyeing and the bags, 荏苒 would gradually get popularity. As long as products started selling, lots of people could know the new immediately. It’s an easy and convenient way to publicize our brand and products.

2. Psychological Testing

In order to prolong the time that the costumers stay in our stall when they come, we named the four patterns and gave them personalities, which matched the results of psychological testing we found on the internet. Once the costumers take the test, they would spend more time on the stall. Moreover, we can recommend the bags and packets corresponding to the result to promote them.








2013 Lego Mindstorms NXT application Schnappi Baby



Brief Schnappi Baby is the concept design of the intellectual baby stroller, which applies the Lego mindstorms NXT on it. In this way, user could make the baby stroller to run some functions to help solve the carriage problems.


About NXT Lego mindstorms NXT is an assembled robot toy. It is functioned by an operater and has many devices to be applied. After user inputs the code to the operater and open it, the robot user assembles will perform some functions according to the code.

Design Purpose Combinate the Lego mindstorms NXT with baby carriage to show how NXT could help the user with intellectual devices. Parents using baby carriage may face many dif�iculties, and they have to take care of the baby but also the stroller. With the help of the robot, parents could feel great relief.


Functions 1. Swing repeatedly

Parents will be too busy doing other things to accompany the baby. The function will repeatedly move the carriage back and forth to make baby felt being hug and swing.

2. Linked devices

Because Lego is assembled toy brick, we make a mechanism to link the tires and the toy ahead of the baby. When the stroller move, the gear will link the toy and make it move to attract the baby.

3. Sensor toy

There is a sensor device in the NXT robot, so we design a crocodile toy for the kid. The toy ahead of the baby is altinative, and parents could choose what they need. When someone puts his hand in fornt of the crocodile and is detected, it will open its mouth and act like biting people. Baby could have an interactive toy with him.

4. Fuction codes




2013 Expression Design The Titan Mouth 72


The Titan Mouth In expression of wildness and excitement, I design a bottle cap which is based on the popular japanese cartoon ”Attack on Titan.” The hideous face of the cap remind people of the Titan giant. Drinks come out of the giant’s mouth, which looks wild and cool.



Film Advertisment I made a movie to enhance the feeling of wildness and excitement. People who use the Titan Mouth will instantly feel excited and energetic, and then they go wild and do many crazy things.





2013 ID Christmas Prom Trailer SINta Clous


SINta claus prom trailer NCKU ID Christmas prom is one of the most popular activity every year. In 2013, we ID movie team leaders make a trailer to promote the grand prom. According to the topic â&#x20AC;&#x153;SINta clausâ&#x20AC;?, we write a plot about an evil Santa Cloaus trying to kill people on Christmas eve, haunting people with the nightmare instead of the gift.













Graphic Design


CIS Design MonDay Beer

I design a series of CIS design for the beer company, MonDay Beer, which aims the younger customer between 20~30, and emphasizes on the feeling of drinking until drunk.

MonDay M






M day





M Nday 93




DM Design

Poster Design

MonDay Beer will sponsor a beach concert called Spring Scream. I design the DM �lyer to promote the activity according to the image of MonDay Beer.

Base on the slogan, “do not try this at home”, that the extreme game player always appeal to the audience, I design this poster for stopping the Domestic Violence.


Huang Yi-Chun +88652404639

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