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french jazzers turned modern.

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Lost Wishes. A fresh french band.

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Fleur Rico talks to Retro about progressive rock and keeping her heritage. 03/04/14


Retro. Arson Games


We have a quick chat with Arson Game’s lead vocalist about the things that matter most to him and 14 how he got to where he is now.

Obsession Wishes

This new, up and coming band are smashing the charts and we here have all the gory details.

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We catch up with one of our top rated bands of 2013, and ask them for their best advice.

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our weekly segment on how Give us you opinions on who you you can improve your life and think are and always will be the love of music. best bands ever to exist.



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Thinking of starting you own band? Well here at Retro we can help you out.


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We give you all the hot news and information you’ll need for this summers festivals.



Opeth’s Fleur Rico T

his new band, with lead singer Fleu Rico, has had the music world up in arms with joy. We manged to get an


interview with the famous, amazingly talented lead singer Fleur Rico. Hi Fleur, are you

looking forward to tonights show? ‘‘Yeah I am. I used to get so nevous! But my stage fright has

completly vanished, for better or for worse. On one level it allows me to look at the audiance and not be dazed or anything. It also gives me less of that twitchy energy when I come out’’

ever go crazy and let How is the new album loose? progressing then?

(Laughs) I wish! unfortunatly theres very little partying in our band. I think we’re all too paranoid to let loose too much. If I went out every How did you ushally night Im sure it would release that ‘twitchy definatly take a toll on my singing voice. energy’, would you

It going really well. My favourite thing to do is create new songs. Opeth’s new album, Night Dreamer, will be release on the 4/3/14, and they will release tour dates shortly.

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