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Watt Avenue Property And Business Improvement District Submitted to the County of Sacramento pursuant to Streets and Highways Code section 36650

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#80WATTSTRONG: The 80 Watt District, a Property Business Improvement District (PBID) was formally created in 2015, after a group of STRONG business and officials decided to create change within the corridor of Sacramento off the I-80 and Watt Avenue. This movement has enabled the progress of increased security and STRONG measures which already have inspired local business growth and improved the economic impact of the area. Our under lying strength comes from local business leaders, and government officials, willing to advance their shared ideas and work together to make a STRONG change, by acting on the security and safety measures while setting up the beautification and place-making projects, going into fruition in the near future. The Strategic Plan of the 80 Watt District shares steps to support this STRONG and determined group of leaders declaring a vision that is committed to making the 80 Watt District a better place to live, work and shop. By partnering with the Sheriff’s Department, Security and Maintenance teams are only a few of the STRONG ways the PBID (Property and Business Improvement District) offers assistance and support to our local business.

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As the Chairman for the 80 Watt District, I take pride in helping implement the goals and objectives of our Board of Directors to continue our ‘STRONG forward movement,’ as we invest, connect and improve

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this business district.

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~ David Kuhnen

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80 WATT DISTRICT In 2015, a coalition of property and business owners formed the Watt Avenue Business Improvement District (PBID) to provide services that specially benefit parcels in the business district of the Watt Avenue corridor. The purpose of the PBID is to provide services and activities through clean, safe and economic enhancements that are above and beyond what the City and County currently provides.

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The 80 Watt District (District) is designed to improve the cleanliness and safety of each individual property within the District, increase building occupancy and encourage new business development and attract ancillary businesses and services for properties within the District. The 80 Watt District includes properties primarily in the unincorporated area of Sacramento County, with a few in the City of Sacramento. The boundary generally includes parcels fronting Longview Drive between Watt Avenue and Roseville Road, parcels fronting the east side of Roseville Road between Interstate 80 and Airbase Drive, properties fronting Watt Avenue between Longview Drive and Roseville Road, and properties located within the area bordered by Watt Avenue, Roseville Road, and Longview Drive. The District includes approximately 175 properties with 114 property owners.

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80 WATT DISTRICT ANNUAL BUDGET 2018 Projections The cost of providing improvements and activities for 2018 is consistent with the Management District Plan. There will be no increase in assessment for 2018/2019.





Maintenance Advocacy & Image Enhancement $48,984.60

Capital Improvements Administration

$222,657.27 $71,250.33


2017 Actuals 2017 expenses were consistent with the Management District Plan. Budgeted and actual 2017 expenses are shown below. Category Security

2017 Budgeted

2017 Actual Received

2017 Actual Spent













Advocacy & Image






Capital Improvements

























Other Funding

The amount of money to be carried over from 2017 is $97,776.32.

In 2017, the 80-Watt District took in $6,843 of non-assessed funds and $21,000 of in-kind services.

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ACTIVITY Since the formation of the 80 Watt District the Watt Avenue corridor continues to flourish! This year, the District continued to welcome new companies, large and small, and created a clean and safe destination for thousands of visitors and patrons. In 2017 we saw vacancy rates plummet by over 65%, leasing rates increased and net absorption more than doubled! A new energy is starting to radiate through the District and we cannot let the opportunity in front of us pass us by. We must continue to harness this energy and create an inviting place for people to invest, live, work and socialize.

The 80 Watt District was thrilled to once again partner with local business owners and residents to host the 2nd annual District luncheon, to sponsor various programs showcasing the history and culture that the Watt Avenue Corridor. In 2018, we look forward to welcoming new businesses and restaurants and providing additional promotional opportunities and exposure to our owners. With new projects coming online, we welcome the excitement and energy that makes up the District!

• Employment increased and

140 new jobs created

• Business licenses total 1,257, up 17% from 2016 • 153 new building permits were pulled • 140 new jobs were created • $1.7M was invested into the District through new construction and tenant improvements

2017 was the most active year to date for the Marketing Committee. Under the direction of the Committee, the District undertook the arduous task of creating a new brand to create a sense of place. The 80 Watt District retained the talent and expertise of the Honey Agency to undergo the process of creating a new logo and website. They used a thoughtful and deep discovery process called “The Hex Method.” The process began by surveying stakeholders, community members and key decisions makers. The Honey Agency team gathered and synthesized all feedback from these surveys and followed up with a foraging workshop which allowed the District to come together and decide where to push further.

The new logo is both simple and modern to tie into the forward momentum and immense growth the District has seen. Additionally, a new website was created offering a one stop shop for information about the District. The new site, 80wattdistrict.com is rich with information that is continuously updated to serve the growing District.

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CLEAN & SAFE The Wells Property Maintenance Services clean and safe team works to make the Watt Avenue corridor an inviting place to visit. 2017 BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR David Kuhnen Recycling Industries VICE CHAIR Jim MacLaughlin Longview Self Storage TREASURER Jason Currier SAFE Credit Union SECRETARY Monica Billiey Essex Reality Management

Maintenance To effectively and consistently maintain clean streets, the 80 Watt District contracts with providers to clean up litter, remove illegal graffiti, bulky items, signs, posters and stickers and provides additional street sweeping services.

2017 Maintenance Statistics


Bags of Trash Collected



Carts Handled

Misc. items


Signs/Posters Removed


Tires Removed

DIRECTORS Vanessa McMarthy-Olmstead The Office of Supervisor Susan Peters Seth Astle The Gun Range Tom Carroll San Juan Unified School District Sunita Nagin Mega Inn


Furnishings Removed


Matresses Removed


Hazardous Items

Security In 2017, Paladin performed 735 business visits, 2,031 officer initiated contacts and responded to 2,259 calls for service, with 273 of these incidents involving multiple officer responses.

Arrests by Paladin:


Daniel Savala The Office of Council Member Allen Warren

Persons Ejected:


EMS/Fire Referrals:


Larisa Shulzhik Walmart

Notices of Agency on File:


Notices of Trespass Issued


Leslie Watson Watson Companies


Graffiti Tags Removed

Officer Initiated 2,031

Law Enforcement Referrals: 91 Call for Service 2,259

The 80 Watt District also contracts with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department to provide off duty deputies that provide flexible security on site throughout the District.

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Backup 273

2018 BOARD PRIORITIES Economic Development & Business Vitality • Maximize and leverage grant funds • Increase the profile of the 80 Watt District to attract new tenants and consumers • Advocate for additional funding for the area • Monitor state and local policies/ bills • Generate interest in properties by placing articles in local media outlets • Work with brokers to identify vacant for sale/rent properties – Create an opportunity to post these properties on the 80Watt website

– Disseminate electronically through the monthly newsletter and on social media

• Develop an action plan and possible sources of funding for beautification of entrances to the District

A new energy is starting to radiate through the District and we cannot let the opportunity in front of us pass us by.

Clean & Safe • Create a policy that defines the parameters of a security service call for property/business owners

• Monitor and request business/property owners have a signed Notice of Agency on file

• Update the previously prepared reference card outlining services available, including contact information, to be distributed to all property owners and posted on the website

• Create and maintain a database of chronic nuisance offenders

• Continuing to partner with the Sheriffs work program • Continue to coordinate with the Sheriff’s department on programs to help curb theft/ prostitution/drug use in the District

• Identify and prioritize outreach to neighboring community associations to discuss how to partner on issues such as homelessness and crime • Implement the Grants to install lighting within the district to deter after hours criminal behavior • Continuing the implementation and improvement of the ‘Adopt-a-Highway program.

• Work with WEAVE on programs aimed to prevent human trafficking

• Disseminate safety tips to owners through mailings/electronic communication

• Installing License Plate Readers (LPR’s), and security lighting for safety throughout the district

• Work with the District Attorney’s Community Prosecution Unit to handle quality of life issues within the District

Marketing & Communications • Create opportunities for special events, including partnering with other organizations to promote the 80 Watt District

• Install banners throughout the District

• Implement monthly electronic newsletters

• Focus on renewal of the PBID and examine expansion of the existing boundaries’

• Social media marketing to improve the connection of the 80 Watt District.

• Create and implement a beautification and place-making campaign throughout the district.

• Plan and host Lunch and Learns

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www.80 wattd istric t.co m

www.80 wattd istric t.co m

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80 Watt District 2017 - Annual Report & Accomplishments  

Enjoy the PBID 'Property Business Improvement District,' showcasing the I 80-Watt Avenue Business Corridor in Sacramento County. We are tru...

80 Watt District 2017 - Annual Report & Accomplishments  

Enjoy the PBID 'Property Business Improvement District,' showcasing the I 80-Watt Avenue Business Corridor in Sacramento County. We are tru...