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Regina Tolbert Feb 9, 2012 English IV W3

The Adventures of Fludara Three monstrous creatures were going around killing everything in sight. They touched people with their disease stained hands and killed them instantly. They moved quickly from state to state, and a young man by the name of Fludara would be the cure. Flu had to quickly get on the tail of these wickedfiends. Within his right hand he held the cure to end this insanity.

Prost Battle Just a month ago Flu didn’t have a clue about the power he held within his hand. In that great Sunflower-State, Flu had heard about the monstrous creatures going around the nation killing people. It had not reached them yet and he hoped that it would never reach them. One night after a long football practice Flu was on his way home and he came across a couple lying on the side of road. He quickly pulled over and began to try and help the couple, because they looked as if they were in so much pain. Flu looked around and stated: “Don’t tell me that the Great-Monster has come. I have feared for this day for so long. How will we fight this Unstoppable-being? Does the town know of this invasion? We must fight to protect our families.” The sick man strained to sit up to say: “I have been attacked and consumed by the sickness. Yes it is true my son, Prost has made it here. We must find shelter and protection. No one is great enough to beat this creature. My son, please go and tell the town.” All of a sudden there was a loud noise from the fields. Flu turned around slowly, not too sure that he wanted to see what was coming his way. Prost came upon Flu without hesitation and began to hit him with his mighty hand. Flu couldn’t move because his body had filled with fear.

Prost began to strike Flu one more time. Flu meets him half way with an unknown sense of strength. Prost, shocked by his actions, begins to fight harder. Flu raised his right hand and struck the Creature in the lower right part of his stomach The unstoppable-being fell to his knees and yelped in pain. The-Cure again hit the monster, but now on the back of his neck. Prost hit the ground with a loud and momentous sound. Flu turned around to gather up the couple, but it was too late. He quickly got into his truck and said: “Why must this happen now? What did the people of Kansas do to deserve this? I will go on to fight. I must fight for our country. Someone must protect our men. These Evil-creatures must be stopped at once. I, Fludara, will be the one to stop them all. “ The Cure VS Cervix The cure drove home as fast as possible. He was in fear that something had happened to his grandfather and grandmother. As he pulled into the driveway there was a very uneasy silence outside the house. Flu ran in to find his grandma standing over his grandpa. She began to speak with tears running down her face: “I tried to stop him. The enormous-mortal was too strong for me or my other half. It all happened so quickly. We must go fast grandson. This is no place for us to be. “ With tears in his eyes Flu began to speak: “I will fight for you Grandmother. These wicked beasts will not win. I have killed Prost and I will kill again until till they are all gone. I am The-Cure to these wicked diseases.” Flu heard that Cervix had made her way to The Golden-State He got in his truck and drove as fast as he could. Flu reached California within a day’s length.

Once he hit the border he could already see the damage. Bodies lay dead all over the place. Flu could feel Cervix somewhere nearby. He got out of the truck to await the beasts arrival. The Criminal-fiend had finally made her way to Flu. Flu stood up straight and ready for battle. Cervix tried to come around Flu to surprise him. Flu was ready for the surprise attack. He took his Magnificent-Hand and struck Cervix right in the knee. Cervix was quick to swing, and barley missed the top of Flu’s head. Flu moved quickly to hit the Criminal-fiend in the upper part of her chest. Out of breathe Cervix struggled to hit Flu, because she was getting weak. Flu raised his right hand and powerfully hit Cervix right in the jaw. Cervix fell down to the ground. The Cure stood above her to say: “I have to come to get revenge for my Grandfather and my state. You are nothing but a wicked form, and you deserve nothing but death. I will let all of the people know that you are gone. There will be nothing left to fear after I kill your father.” The Last Stand Flu got in his truck to drive off to Texas. He knew that Malignant was there and he had to get there fast. The Cure knew that this cancerous-breed wouldn’t stop anytime soon. The next day Flu arrives in The Lone-Star State. Just as he had thought, there were again, bodies everywhere. He knew that this would be the hardest battle of them all. As he got out of his truck to feel if Malignant was nearby he saw his Grandfather. He grandfather stood in the distance and said: “My son, do noble work today. We need you to protect this land. Thank you for stepping up and becoming a man so rapidly. I will wait for you on the other side. This battle will be grueling, but you will survive. I love you, and take care.”

Flu was at a loss for words. He was humbled by his Grandfather’s presence. Flu knew that he was equipped for battle. This would be the battle of all battles. Suddenly Flu could hear Malignant coming. Malignant came upon Flu and threw him down to the ground. The Cure slowly got up and tried to get his balance back. Malignant came around him and struck him again in his side. Flu shrieked in pain. Malignant was not giving any slack. He hit Flu over and over. Finally Flu raised his right hand and reached for Malignant’s chest. Flu reached deep inside of Malignant and grabbed his heart. Malignant’s eye grew large with pain. Flu pulled his heart out and awaited the end for the cancerous-breed. Malignant fell down to the ground, and vanished. Flu knew that he was hurt, but he knew that he would be okay. Pain radiated all of his body. The-Cure had done his job, and now he could go back home. Fludara slowly got back into his truck and went back to the Sunflower-state. Never to be the same teenage boy again The-Cure had done the unthinkable. Back Home Once Fludara had made it home there was tremendous joy there. Pink streamers were strung from tree to tree. He had made his people proud. In honor of The Cure, they planned a big walk. The walk would support those that survived and still have the disease.

Battles No More

Flu was able to stop all three monsters with the strength from his hand. He hand done what no one thought could be done. This young man stopped the deadliest disease, Prost, Cervix, and Malignant no longer had any power over the Country.

The Adventures of Fludar  

Three monstrous creatures were going around killing everything in sight. They touched people with their disease stained hands and killed the...

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