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Reading Plan-Term II. 10 inventions that maybe you didn’t know. Mate0 Lopez Limas. 8b

10 inventions that maybe you didn’t know. Brasalet cicret.

• it's a bracelet. • that when making a movement a mountain appears.

El Defensor.

• it's a guard style. • When you feel intimidated, take out a pepper spray and take a picture of the thief.

Seaty Lock.

• is a bicycle chair. • that when you take it off it becomes a padlock.

Mascara Dashbon.

Digitsole Smart Sole

Mov Pack.

• it's a headphones. • what can you turn them into a little cinema.

• it's a template. • that airs your feet.

• it's a suitcase. • it's a suitcase that turns into a skateboard.

Robot keeecker.


Play bulb candle

golves zackees

• it's a vacuum cleaner. • who watches the house and cleans it and also serves as a player.

• It's a ring • that tells you what time the emails arrive. • they are light bulbs that change color and you can modify it • it costs 50 dollars

• they are gloves. • which are used to use the directional.


my opinion before the video is that my best invention that seemed to me is the bracelet because it looks too technological and also if you get the cellphone at home you can use this bracelet as this is uncelulara and you can connect it with the tull.and the worst invention that seemed to me was mov pack as it seems a waste of money because it weighs heavily the cost is impressive and also in a city like Bogota you could not use it first because the roads They are narrow.

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