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Andres Espinosa Krohne



The defender • is made for the people that worried for the protection and security • is a pepper spray, camara connect to the police and etc

Bracelet cicret • is a bracelet conect with the cellphone where you can call, play, listen music and etc

Movpack • is a backpack combined with a electric skateboard

Dashbon • is a headphone where you can play, listen musica and see videos, movies and etc

Digitsole smart sole • Sneakers that do not let your feet get cold

Seatylock • the bicycle chair becomes the padlock that does not let it get stolen

Playbulb • una lámpara de que cambia de color

Robot keecker • a projector that moves and does not collide with anything

glove zackees • some gloves with LED that warns the drivers where the cyclist is going to turn

Mote • a ring that shows you the notifications you have on your cell phone

Opinion For me the best invention was dashbon since being able to achieve that one can project what is in the cell phone, computer, television and etc. in a headset is something that deserves very merit since this is innovative. while, the one I did not like was seatylock, since turning a padlock seems to me that it is useless since one can buy the chain and also it can be much cheaper, another that seems unnecessary is Digitsole the smart sole and that the need to warm your feet can be achieved with a much cheaper stockings and that are slightly thick to heat and keep the heat in the foot

Glossary Stockings= socks Sneakers= slippers

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