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Reading plan III TOP 10 IAN SUSA |8b|

Jose Max Leon school

2017 -2018

Brasalet Cicret

gloves zackees

This bracsalet allow you can see your phone in your arm

this gloves allow that car can se you.

Seaty lock

mov pack

this seaty help

this invent allow that you load you bag in a skateboard.

to you block your biciclete

Digitsole Smart Sole it allow to warm you foot and burn calories.

ligth bulb PLAYBULB this artefact allow that you see a light bulb to other color

El Defensor thi artefact allow to help you selfdefense.

Mascara Dashbon this invent allow to hear music and see movies.

robot keecker


it is a invent able to proyect a movie and charge. the lonley

this artefact allow to see your notification and respond this . PAGE 1

Opinion text I think the best invention is the robot keecker, because besides that it helps you to breathe, you can load it alone, it helps you to project your favorite movies. also with this invention you can be the protagonist and the attention of all, while the invention more inutile is that of the lamp, because its only use is to change color a buckle, which I do not see relevant or useful, so no I would recommend it, part is quite expensive for what it does. in conclusion the best invent is the robot and the worst is a lamp that changes color.


Reading plan III  
Reading plan III