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Dim sum - the story Dim Sum – what’s the story? Tiny parcels of glistening pastry, hiding mouthfuls of delicately-flavoured ingredients, Dim Sum are undeniably delicious, super-healthy and great to share. But don’t be fooled by their modern good-looks – these are no new creation dreamt up in a trendy chef’s lab. People have been tucking into Dim Sum since the Tang dynasty cooked them up way back in the 8th century. And now the word’s out in the West where they’re just as well loved. So what’s the secret of their success? Perhaps it’s the fact that you order just as many or as few Dim Sum as you fancy – platefuls if you’re starving or just a handful to go with cocktails. Maybe it’s that each one is its own perfect little mouthful, making them the ideal treat to share with friends. Or is it that they’re pretty as a picture as well as so darned tasty? You’ll be the judge.

Ping Pong – history with a twist It’s no exaggeration to say we’re crazy about Dim Sum. With a choice of soft, hand-made dumplings, fluffy buns and crispy fried rolls, there’s a Dim Sum for everyone. So whether it’s seafood, veggie or meaty dishes, rice or pastries, you’ll find something that’s right up your street. At Ping Pong we made it our mission to give this ancient cuisine a thoroughly modern update. We challenged our Dim Sum chefs to create authentic Chinese dishes with a bang-up-to-date western twist. And the result? Our unique fusion of East meets West that is always evolving and forever Ping Pong. Enjoy!



Can’t tell your hoi sin sauce from your chicken shu mai? No problem – just check out our guide to Dim Sum...

198 pickled

nibbles A seriously tasty selection of Chinese favourites, perfect as appetisers or to enjoy with cocktails.

soup Boasting delicious little wontons or other delicious Chinese ingredients in fragrant broths, our soups are light and tasty.

baked Made from fluffy golden pastry and filled with fresh ingredients, our bite-sized baked puffs are delicious.

263 lemon prawn crackers v with five spice chestnut sauce

AED 11.00 264 maodou v warm steamed edemame beans sprinkled with rocket salt

steamed dumplings

17 spicy hot vegetable in translucent pastry

dumpling v

126 crunchy golden vegetable in yellow turmeric pastry

AED 20.00

dumpling v AED 20.00

AED 20.00

Based on a Chinese staple, these stuffed buns are the fluffiest around.

252 seafood shu mai king prawns & scallops topped with carrot

AED 22.00

sticky rice

07 har gau king prawns & bamboo shoots

AED 21.00

10 scallop & shitake in translucent pastry

AED 20.00

steamed buns

Mouth-watering packages of sticky rice stuffed with tasty fillings and steamed in aromatic lotus leaf wrappers. P.S. Don’t eat the leaf...

fried Another Dim Sum classic, our bite-sized spring rolls are jammed with fresh ingredients & fried until perfectly crispy.

griddled A much firmer dumpling than their steamed counterparts, these delicious mouthfuls are made from wheat flour and griddled until golden.

signature dishes


49 fish & black pepper dumpling served with hoi sin sauce

AED 24.00

34 vegetable wonton soup v in a light broth with shallots and onions

AED 20.00

128 spicy seafood in a light broth

AED 22.00

wonton soup

196 chinese mushroom warming and delicious

soup v

AED 22.00

coconut rice pots (jasmine rice)

212 vegetables & soya in black bean sauce 216 seafood, cabbage in a fish light sauce

beans v

AED 21.00

and leeks

AED 25.00

fried 28 mixed vegetable spring roll v

AED 17.00

served with sweet & sour sauce

AED 20.00

36 crunchy vegetable & tofu served with spicy mango sauce

08 coriander dumpling king prawns in translucent pastry

AED 19.00

27 vietnamese rice paper prawn roll served with fish sauce, lettuce & mint

AED 19.00

32 prawn toast with sesame served with fish sauce

AED 18.00

AED 18.00 284 chicken & lemongrass shu mai chicken tender with a hint of lemongrass and coriander 19 spicy hot chicken in translucent pastry


208 prawn and crab meat in fenix translucent pastry


161 chicken and pineapple dumpling in black sesame seed spotted translucent pastry

coconut rice pots

Chinese people don’t eat desserts like western people. At Ping Pong we can’t live without them – our desserts are a creative blend of western desserts with Asian ingredients & twists. (Chinese also don’t drink cocktails like we do in the West – but try our amazing range with a typical Ping Pong twist!).

AED 20.00

35 seafood wrap king prawns & fish wrapped in cabbage

Inspired by authentic recipes & given a Ping Pong twist, these are some of our favourite dishes – we hope you’ll love them as much as we do.


gridled dumplings

225 spinach & mushroom dumpling v served with spicy mango sauce


14 seafood dumpling king prawns, crab & scallops, in carrot pastry

Healthily steamed until tender, our vegetable dishes are served with flavour-filled sauces for the perfect accompaniment.

197 spicy chilli squid served with spicy mango sauce


26 crispy hoi sin duck spring served with hoi sin sauce

AED 21.00

31 crispy prawn ball served with sweet and sour sauce

AED 25.00

AED 24.00

191 lemon chicken served with fresh salad and lemon juice

AED 23.00

74 crispy aubergine v served with hoi sin sauce

AED 14.00

AED 18.00

82 squid salad served with citrus dressing

AED 19.00

156 crispy asparagus served with sichuan pepper

AED 25.00

spring roll v AED 18.00

AED 21.00

signature dishes

steamed fluffy white buns

sauce platter


a selection of 3 sauces v



chinese chocolate brownie with ice cream v

a sticky treat, packed with mixed chinese nuts

AED 20.00

53 ice cream/sorbet, ask for flavours

24 char sui chicken bun honey-roasted barbecued chicken

AED 23.00

60 mango pudding with coconut milk

3 scoops v

220 chocolate

sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf (2 pcs) rice v


king prawn & scallop sticky rice

baked flaky puff pastry

281 hoi sin vegetable glazed with honey

puff v

02 chicken puff glazed with honey and topped with pineapple 06

duck puff glazed with honey

AED 24.00

AED 6.00


25 vegetable bun v sautéed vegetables with fresh baby corn

38 vegetable sticky with a hint of garlic

AED 8.00

AED 20.00


We’re always striving to make our menus and our restaurants the best they can be. If you’ve got some suggestions, we’d love to hear them. Just speak to one of our staff or let us know via our website.

AED 5.00

06 chive dumpling king prawns & chives

Slow-cooked the traditional way, jasmine and brown rice are steamed to perfection with coconut milk.

Tell us about it

red cabbage and turnip v

& banana spring roll with ice cream v

using valrhona dark chocolate

seasonal specials / dishes

AED 25.00 AED 21.00 AED 17.00

AED 24.00

AED 19.00 AED 22.00

AED 22.00 AED 24.00 AED 24.00

check out our fabulous specials. they are our most mouthwatering creations updated, so try them now or you will never see them again! find these unique creations in the tally sheet next to you or ask our staff, who will tell you everything you need to know about these specials.

please note that all our dishes may contain traces of nuts. v = suitable for vegetarians

It’s all in the mix Wild, wonderful & occasionally a little weird, cocktails go in & out of fashion faster than you can say Singapore Sling. Thankfully, at Ping Pong our crew of expert mixologists are always ready to whip up the latest tipples, as well as your tried-and-tested favourites. So whether you fancy something comfortingly trad... or totally rad, we guarantee it’ll taste heavenly.


Tea what the history?

Rare & gourmet teas

According to legend, tea was first discovered by the chinese emperor and inventor shennong in 2737 bc. It is said that the emperor liked drinking his water boiled, so that is what his servants did. One day, on a trip to a distant region, he and his army stopped to rest. A servant began boiling water for him to drink, and a dead leaf from the wild tea bush fell into the water. It turned into a brownish color, but it was unnoticed and presented to the emperor anyway. The emperor drank it and found it very refreshing, and cha (tea) was born.

Teas’ finest moments.

Teas a-z The way that tea is normally categorised is by type - this refers to the six main production methods which result in green, white, yellow, oolong, black and puerh teas. Teas which are scented with flowers form one further type, these are called scented tea or flower tea (‘hua cha’ in mandarin)

Green tea In order to make green tea, the tea leaves are picked, allowed to dry up, then fired to kill the enzymes in the leaf and prevent oxidation; therefore they are rich of antioxidant. It tastes green and alive offering the experience of drinking the essence of spring.

black tea: keemun gongfu

light lively & clean, with the classic keemun long, toasty finish. high in caffeine, pickled early in april- the earliest picking of black tea in china.

green tea: organic dragon well

lively, garden fresh flavor and liquorices complexity. the most famous green tea in china. good for the heart. low in caffeine.

white tea: organic silver needle

light, delicate, fruity flavours with cucumber & melon. low in caffeine.

Most white teas are produced in Fujian province. Many believe that white tea production is defined by the use of bud (tips) only. This is not the case. The term, white tea, refers to the processing method alone: picking, withering and ambient drying.

Yellow tea Yellow tea is picked and processed in a similar way to green tea – up to the point of final baking. After wok firing the tea is slowly cooked to prevent oxidation over a very gentle heat up to ‘yellow’ The leafs. This removes the grassy flavor found in most green teas; It lacks the vegetal taste of green tea and instead offers a clear, Smooth and cool cup.

Oolong tea The production of oolong tea is complex and its aroma unique. After withering, the leaves are wrapped tightly and tumbled to allow further oxidation and at last fired dry to stop oxidation.

Black tea Black teas are fully oxidized. After withering, oxidation is encouraged through rolling which bruises the leaf and exposes its juices to air. The enzymes in the leaf act as a catalyst for oxidation and the leaf turns from green to vivid red. Firing and sorting follows.

Puerh tea The basic production method of puerh tea involves picking, withering, drying, rolling, firing, fermenting and compression of the tea leaves into ‘cakes’ and careful storage. Similar to wine, this tea improves with age.

Scented teas Any tea can be scented but green tea and a small proportion of black teas are usually used. In the case of a flower scent teas these are made by vast piles of fresh blossoms placed on top of the tea to absorb the aromas overnight. In the morning, after being separated from the flowers, the tea is fired to reduce the moisture and soak up the flavor. Scented teas are velvety and with thrilling aroma.

Herbal infusions Herbal infusions are the product of infusing a herb, flower or dried fruit in boiling water; it is not a tea. They have a fragrant, clean taste and are a delicious, caffeine free drink. Herbal teas broken down into dust do not pass on the flavour that they should. Only a whole leaf herbal infusion will impart such a flavour.

AED 14.00

AED 21.00

AED 14.00

strong, sleek & sharp – just how we know you like them

served with chewy tapioca pearls

strawberry and coconut

AED 16.00

strawberry & vanilla

AED 18.00

lychee and roses

AED 16.00

kalamansi & rose

AED 21.00

virgin margarita

AED 16.00

Lemon qi

strawberry and coconut purée shaken with cranberry juice lychee juices shaken with rose petal syrup and fresh lemon pineapple juice shaken with lemon & our feisty vanilla-chilli sugar

yellow tea: how mountain yellow buds vivid, fresh, floral and perfumed. has a low and fresh impact on the mouth. low in caffeine.


oolong tea: yellow gold oolong

elegant, fresh & summery with a sappy and grassy finish. medium in caffeine.

individually-wrapped tea with an earthy, rich texture & taste. extremely low in caffeine.

scented tea: lychee red black

surprisingly sweet and soft, with lingering, lifted aromas of asian fruits and perfumer’s flowers. baroque, decadent, irresistible. medium in caffeine

jasmine pearls

tiny & precious green tea leaf buds, scented with fresh jasmine flowers. unfurling their petals in your glass, flowering teas are true show girls.

mango tea scented tea

sweet and fruity mango flavours with light spice and peppery notes. high in caffeine.

sencha tea

silky and thick mouth feel with flavours of pea and umani. sweet finish with light hints of rocket and radish. medium in caffeine.

AED 18.00

AED 14.00

AED 34.00

AED 14.00

AED 21.00

AED 15.00

AED 22.00

blackcurrant and hibiscus

all health benefit of hibiscus caffeine free tea with a blast of blackcurrant

cranberry anise & goji berries

served cold, cranberry juice, blended with anise & goji berries

AED 21.00

cucumber & apple

AED 22.00

ginger, carrot & orange

AED 17.00

watermelon & passion fruit

AED 23.00

strawberry purée and a touch of reduced balsamic with non alcoholic champagne fresh cucumber juice and apple with non alcoholic champagne

blackcurrant, hibiscus & apple champagne

all health benefit of hibiscus mixed with apple juice and non alcoholic champagne

AED 17.00

AED 24.00

AED 24.00

lychee & ginger

slices of fresh ginger shaken with lychee juice & jasmine iced tea

AED 17.00 AED 17.00

AED 19.00


AED 19.00

watermelon muddled with jasmine iced tea

AED 18.00

fresh mango juice

AED 18.00

fresh carrot juice

AED 18.00

fresh apple juice

AED 18.00

apple juice

AED 15.00

guava juice

AED 15.00

cranberry juice

AED 15.00

pineapple juice

AED 15.00

lychee juice

AED 15.00

passion fruit

AED 15.00

carbonated drinks

AED 8.00 AED 10.00

flavours: malt, apple & lemon

the island nation of fiji is a cluster of green jewels set in the endless blue of the pacific. fiji water is drawn from an artesian aquifer that lies hundreds of feet below the edges of a primitive rainforest

hildon (available still in 500ml & sparkling in

750ml or 330ml)

hildon natural mineral water comes from beneath the chalk hills of the beautiful hampshire countryside in the south of england. naturally low in sodium & naturally high in calcium

oxygizer (available sparkling in 500ml) oxygizer is high-quality table water* with the following contents: natural mineral water from the sextner dolomites, enriched with pure oxygen

masafi (available still in 500ml) masafi unveils lightest 500ml water bottles 23% less plastic protecting the environment at weight 13g. the source of masafi pure and natural mineral water lies among the foothills of the masafi mountains in the ras al khaimah region

with or without caffeine – however you like it

americano cappucino espresso double espresso café latte macchiato

AED 15.00 AED 17.00 AED 12.00 AED 16.00 AED 21.00 AED 13.00

with or without caffeine – served in martini glasses

espresso & cardamon

AED 21.00

vanilla sidecar

AED 21.00

cardamon and espresso shaken with ice lemon skin, vanilla sugar and espresso shaken with ice

grape & apple

fresh grapes muddled with fresh apple juice & jasmine iced tea

fresh orange juice

Shakerato coffee

long, cool glasses of ice heaven lemongrass muddled with jasmine iced tea

AED 20.00

fresh cardamon and honey shaken with homemade lemonade


Iced teas lemongrass

cardamon honey & lemonade

fiji still (available still in 500ml)

pineapple, coconut & lime

watermelon muddled, shaken with passion fruit

AED 20.00

Water selection

AED 24.00

fresh cucumber and apple juice shaken gently

lemon & vanilla

non alcoholic beers (330ml)

strawberry peach & orange

fresh lime and coconut purée shaken with pineapple juice

AED 18.00

(coke, diet coke, tonic water & ginger ale)

AED 24.00

cucumber & apple champagne

AED 16.00

AED 21.00

strawberry & passion fruit

coconut purée, shaken with lychee juice, lemon and lime leaves

balsamic virgin rossini

AED 15.00

AED 24.00

AED 24.00

Xing hua AED 16.00

AED 23.00

coconut, lychee & lime leaves

fresh ginger and carrot juice shaken with fresh orange juice

AED 15.00

AED 19.00

fabulously – inventive flavor combos, courtesy of our genius mixologist muddled cardamon, shaken with basil seeds, lychee & passion fruit juice

homemade lemonade

Juices and soft drinks


strawberry and peach purée, shaken with fresh orange juice

AED 16.00

fresh mint leaves, fresh ginger, honey and green tea. the perfect aid to digestion.

peach purée, fresh lime shaken with lychee and guave juice

fresh strawberries muddled, passion fruit juice & basil seeds

peppermint tea

mint tea

fresh orange juice, lime, mint & kumquat

ping pong

AED 15.00

beautiful, whole verbena leaves with all the aromatic qualities of a garden in southern france. fresh and vivid with mint-like freshness and pressed lemon zest pungency. no caffeine

kumquat virgin mojito

ping pong’s unique blend of spicy tomato juice

whole camomile flowers

lemon verbena

AED 24.00

wasabi virgin mary

the perfect post-meal brews

insistent, deep, grippy mint flavours with an oily mid-palate, subsiding cleanly towards an intensely perfumed finish. no caffeine

goji berries, mango & mint

peach & lime

Herbal infusions

a base of green tea buds which unfolds flamecoloured lily petals and bursts of orange osmanthus blossoms. floral & fruity. no caffeine.

AED 20.00

fresh mango juice and peppermint leaves with goji berries

kalamansi purée, rose syrup & jasmine iced tea

fresh lemon, vanilla sugar & lemonade

lemongrass & lime

fresh lemongrass, lime & lychee juice

strawberry purée, homemade vanilla sugar & jasmine iced tea

mix it up yourself with: kalamansi, strawberry and peach purée

tall, strong & completely irresistible

puerh tea: vintage cooked puerh

White tea

Bubble teas


Ping Pong Dim Sum  

Ping Pong Dim Sum menu food and drinks

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