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Partial List of Key Accounts


Meirc Training & Consulting Meirc Training & Consulting is an independent multinational firm with more than 50 years of experience in the fields of management and human resources. Since 1958, we have been successfully providing our clients with business and professional solutions, as well as expertise in the organization, management and development of human resources.


I and many others at SABIC believe that Meirc has made great efforts to achieve customer loyalty through outstanding professionalism and global standards.


Mohammad Al-Baroudi Manager Quality Systems Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

//// Meirc’s Offices

Meirc offers an impressive range of training, consulting and research services. Our experienced multilingual consultants provide these services to a large number of organizations, both private and public. We pride ourselves on our track record and long-standing relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us since we started business. Our training programs have attracted more than 105,000 participants from around 1,100 organizations, and our client base is steadily growing. Meirc has also established itself as a leader in the field of organization and human resources consulting. Our experienced professionals have successfully completed consulting assignments and research studies in these fields for most of the major organizations in the Gulf area.

Since the founding of the firm in 1958, we have served our many national and international clients in the Arab World, Europe, Africa, the USA and the Far East through our head offices in Dubai, as well as our offices or representatives in Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Meirc’s Vision & Mission


//// Meirc’s Vision

We are the leading management training and consulting firm that sets the highest standards of quality and service in the region, aiming at cultivating professional competence and providing effective business and human capital solutions.

//// Meirc’s Mission

Building on 50 years of experience, we continue to be the preferred choice for training and consulting services by:

• Committing to the highest professional standards of quality, operational excellence and integrity

• Relying on full-time, multi-lingual consultants who have

international work experience coupled with in-depth crosscultural and industry-specific knowledge of the region

• Providing innovative and practical solutions to our valued clients, based on best practices and current research

• Fostering partnerships with our clients through market-driven solutions and superior service

• Depending on loyal and hard working personnel who are

competent, highly motivated and committed to their own development

• Utilizing the latest and most effective technology in our pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement

• Maintaining a healthy return on our shareholders’ investment in pursuit of growth, community service and added value to our clients

//// Meirc’s Ownership

Meirc is owned by its current executives and senior consultants. Ownership passes on to the next, younger generations of consultants who will then have the opportunity to lead and manage the firm in the future. This deliberate decision about ownership was made in order to continue to attract, motivate, and retain the very best talent.


Training Services

Meirc’s training programs have been developed and are continually updated, based not only on the latest international management principles and practices, but also on field research, first-hand experience, in-depth knowledge of the region and the specific requirements of organizations.

//// Public Training Programs

Public training programs are open to participants from any organization. These participants have the opportunity to concentrate on their learning away from the job and without the pressures of day-to-day work. Participants also benefit from sharing experiences with people from other organizations and gain a new perspective on common problems. Meirc’s training programs fall into a number of categories:

• Leadership and Management • Interpersonal Skills and Self Development • Communication Skills • Business Writing • Human Resources Management • Training and Development • Customer Service

Overall a great session with superb interaction from all participants. A real enjoyable and educational experience. A true delight to the training arena.

Budy Kubursi Regional Vice President, AIGMEMSA Inc.

• Sales and Marketing • Finance and Accounting • Administration and Secretarial • Public Relations • Quality and Productivity • Materials Management • Contracts and Projects • Maintenance and Safety • Information Technology

Meirc has worked to incorporate our core behaviours into the programs and as a result the training has relevance and the benefit of immediate application.

Bruce Murphy Director of Human Resources Aggreko International

//// In-Company Training Programs

Meirc’s training programs can be offered “in-company” in English or Arabic and are then designed to effectively and economically meet the specific needs of the client. In-company programs benefit the client because they:

• Address issues specifically related to the organization • Include specially designed cases and exercises, which apply to the client’s situation

• Enable the organization to select the proper mix of participants to ensure maximum benefit

• Build team spirit among the program participants • Are cost effective

//// Individualized Training Programs

Individualized Training Programs (ITPs) represent concentrated, practical, one-to-one coaching sessions, with individuals receiving the full-time attention of specialized and experienced consultants. Meirc has conducted many such in-depth training programs, which were specifically designed for individual participants. The subjects covered were based on the particular needs of each participant. The programs usually comprise briefings by Meirc senior consultants, reviews of manuals, reports and other data, as well as supervised exercises and structured discussions. ITPs may last from one week to three months, depending on individual and organizational needs, and may be conducted in English and/or Arabic.

Training Services (cont’d) //// Training Methodology

Meirc relies on a variety of training and facilitation methods and techniques. Used whenever applicable, these methods are aimed at enhancing individual and group interaction while maximizing learning. Some of these methods are:

• • • • • • • • •

Brief presentations by the consultant Group debriefs Individual and team exercises, indoors and outdoors Behavior modeling and role-plays One-to-one and group discussions Case studies, simulations and small projects Video films, video taping and playback Self-analysis questionnaires and learning instruments Individual action plans (to follow up and evaluate training results)

Most training programs are held from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm (lunch included). However, some programs, in particular in-company programs are more intensive with extended hours.

//// Action Plans and Training Follow-up

To ensure the concepts and skills introduced in our programs are duly transferred to the workplace, Meirc is ready to incorporate an “action plan” section at the end of any training program. This section will constitute an integral part of the training and will be completed by the participants before the closing of the program. If requested by the client, Meirc also stands ready to design a followup training session and/or consult with the client to try to expedite the transfer of learning and to deal with any post-training issues which may impact the business.

Meirc’s Vision & Mission


//// Preparation for Certification Exam

In line with our commitment to excellence, Meirc offers a number of training programs preparing professionals for certification exams in areas like management, finance and accounting, human resources and compensation management, sales and marketing, as well as project management.

//// Meirc’s Ownership

The purpose of this service is to recognize professionals with the commitment and dedication to plan their personal training and development in such a way as to achieve certification. The MPC will be awarded to those who, in their respective fields:

• Have attended one of the “Professional Certification” programs offered by Meirc, and

• Have passed, upon completion of the program, the assessment test administered at the end of the program, and

• Have successfully completed the project assigned to them by the Program Leader within the time frame agreed The MPC will attest that a candidate has met the professional standards that Meirc has developed and nurtured over the last 50 years. He or she will receive, in addition to the Attendance Certificate, a special Certificate that will attest his or her credentials as a Certified Professional.

Very interesting program that helps you to know how to play it smart.

Samira Hassan Abdulla Al Ali Head of Operations Planning Section Abu Dhabi Distribution Company

4 “

Meirc consultants were responsive to our emerging needs; they showed constant concern about the project’s well-being and its impact on the Bank.

Suzanne Bacha Senior Manager/Head of Human Resources Bank Audi, Audi Saradar Group

Consulting Services Meirc works with clients to help identify issues and solve problems using a systematic and creative approach. Meirc’s involvement varies with the nature of the situation and the request of the client. In particular, the assignment may range from ad hoc advice on a particular problem or issue, to the design of comprehensive systems for the client as well as the evaluation and revision of existing systems. After meeting with the client and agreeing to the scope of the project, a team of specialized consultants starts working with the client’s staff. Together they collect facts and data, which they then analyze using the latest techniques to identify practical solutions. After agreeing on the solutions, they train the client’s staff, assist in the implementation and help the client achieve long lasting benefits. The range of consulting services is wide and includes:

//// Human Resources Management

• Job Analysis, Descriptions and Evaluation • Personnel Policies and Procedures • Organization and Manpower Planning • Compensation and Benefits • Compensation/Salary Surveys • Competency Frameworks, Models and Dictionaries

//// Performance Management

• Performance Management Systems • Competency-Based Performance Systems • Performance-Based Reward Systems

//// Training and Manpower Development

• Training Needs Analysis • Evaluating Training Effectiveness • Competency Gap Analysis • Audit of the Training and Development Function • Career Development and Succession Planning

//// Stategic Management

• Strategic Planning • Audit of Key Performance Indicators • Management of Change • Performance Measurement and the Balanced Scorecard

//// Organization Management

• Organization Reviews • Structure Development • Process Mapping • Simplification of Work Methods and Procedures

//// Manpower Efficiency

• Assessment of Employee Potential • Productivity, Work Standards and Manpower Levels • Employee Communication Strategies • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Consulting Services (cont’d) //// Improvement Strategies

• Total Quality Management • Audit of Materials Management • Audit of Maintenance Planning • Audit of Project Management

//// Sales and Marketing

• Sales Management Systems • Customer Service Programs • Marketing Strategies • Service Quality Management

//// Corporate Finance and Investment

• Financial Policies and Procedures • Internal Control Systems • Budget Systems and Manuals • Feasibility Studies • Business and Financial Forecasting • Pre-IPO Due Diligence • Financial Restructuring and Sensitivity Analysis

Leadership skills cannot be obtained from just training but guidance from experts; Meirc can offer the types of courses you need for your work or yourself.

Zohoor H. Al-Sabbagh Head of Clinic and Community Health Section Dubai Municipality

• Design of Investment Policies

Research Services


The research carried out by Meirc focuses on studies related to management in the Arab World. Much of our research is conducted with practicing managers and executives whose involvement helps in shaping and supporting particular studies.

Meirc never ceases to exceed my expectations; from organization…to instructors… to training materials. It is always world-class.

Taher Diab Quality Assurance Manager Qatar Petrochemical Company



Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

ASQ (American Society for Quality)

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA Academy)


Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.)

Institute of Administrative Management (IAM)

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Saudi Arabia


Sultanate of Oman




United Arab Emirates


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Oman Refineries And Petrochemicals Company Llc Overseas Technical Service Kish Ltd. (OTS) Zain Yousuf Khalil Almoayyed & Sons Total -DGEP/FEI/GS/CSI Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions & Benefits Fund National Water Company The Executive Council Department of Municipal Authority Affairs General Authority Of Civil Aviation National Unified Procurement Medical Supplies Company PAE - Lockheed Martin Company Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Co. Ltd. Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Co. Al-Khafji Joint Operations Finance House Viva The Syria Trust For Development Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu Oman LNG LLC White Nile Petroleum Operating Co. Ltd. Funet Trading Co ( L . L . C ) Offset Program Bureau Qatar Fertilizer Company Maersk Oil Qatar As Emirates Aluminium Wintershall - Libya Sahara Petrochemical Company Nigeria LNG Limited Saudi Arabian Chevron Inc. Zakum Development Company Maaden Phosphate Company Saudi Aramco Lubricating Oil Ref. Co. Canadian Nexen Petroleum Yemen Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Co. Ruwais Fertilizer Industries Mafraq Hospital Emirates Steel Industries Al Ain Hospital Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company Saudi Arabian Markets & Shell Lub Co Qatar Investment Authority

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