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CONCEPT Brief 3 - T-Shirt + Packaging OUGD303 FMP

This brief was to create a set of typographic T-shirt designs based around music lyrics and package them in a unique way. The typographic treatment would be different for each of the 5 designs, a design that relates to the artist and the nature of the song it is taken from. The packaging was designed to be taken straight from a musical source and for it to replicate the real thing. By achieving this, it completes the overall product to relate to the subject, in this case music.

The packaging has also been branded to give the overall product real context and give it more of a purpose and realism.

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PRODUCT Brief 3 - T-Shirt + Packaging OUGD303 FMP

The packaging is designed to replicate a 12” vinyl case. To go with the music lyric T-shirt design, the packaging was designed to be music related and give the T-shirt a unique individual piece of packaging to make it a special edition product.

The T-shirt has been folded to the size of a 12” vinyl to fit inside the packaging. Having the cut out from the outer packaging making the T-shirt appear through really finishes off the look to complete the aesthetic of the product.

To accompany the T-shirt a digital print is included to give the product an extra quality of being unique. The print will be of the T-shirt design and be formatted to size of the 12” packaging to continue the vinyl theme.

The front cover design includes halftone photography to balance out the visual style between the hand drawn type of the T-shirt designs.


PRODUCT Brief 3 - T-Shirt + Packaging OUGD303 FMP

The T-shirt has been professionally printed to give this product a more realistic purpose and context. The design was to use bold colours and different forms of hand drawn type that are based from existing typefaces. Having it two colours balances out each other and makes for a bold design.


BRAND Brief 3 - T-Shirt + Packaging OUGD303 FMP

Giving the product a brand makes them all more realistic and makes it a professional brand that could be distributed. Having a brand can take the product to a successful product which is something I would like to see it. ‘Scenario’ is based around the idea of each of the lyrics comes from different genres and all tell different stories.


PROPOSED PRODUCTS Brief 3 - T-Shirt + Packaging OUGD303 FMP

These are the other designs for the different T-shirts and the mock ups. Each design has its own unique typographic treatment that is designed around the music lyric and the nature of the artist.


PROPOSED PRODUCTS Brief 3 - T-Shirt + Packaging OUGD303 FMP

These are the proposed packaging designs for the other T-shirt designs. Each design for the packaging has taken the main colour from the T-shirt design and applied over the halftone. The photographs I have used are to simply portray artist in their simplest form as not to distract from the T-shirt.


ONLINE PROMOTION Brief 3 - T-Shirt + Packaging OUGD303 FMP

To promote the products a website was made. This gives the products an online presence and helps them attract a wider audience for them to be distributed. The website showcases each T-shirt with a digital version of the design and also how it looks like on a T-shirt. It can also act as a shop for people to purchase the T-shirts. The products will come in their own unique packaging with a print of the design.


T-Shirt + Packaging Presentation Boards  

T-Shirt + Packaging Presentation Boards

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