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Famous wars

February 25, 2014

The Americans are putting up the flag signaling that they have won the war.





“after an unsuccessful attempt to over through the german government in 1923, He became the chancellor of Germany in 1933.”

“world war 2 began after these acts of aggression were met with an official declaration of war or armed resistance.”



This gun is an m1 Thompson and it is one of many sub machine guns that the people who were fighting used as their guns. Over all it was a good gun that is why so many people used it.

Many places to go! So many sights to see! In the War! Imagine that you are in a country that

Bigger countries! Every place the the Germans

you have never been in before. You are not

conquered they killed all of the jews. Hitler

on a vacation though. You are in the middle

was also a Jew but he did not want

of world war 2. World war 2 took place in

anymore to live on this earth. The last place

Poland, Japan, France and many other

that Hitler invaded was Egypt. Egypt had a

places. The germans ďŹ rst invaded Poland.

lot of military power and they called in many

They were not expecting it and they were

other big Countries like the United States.

conquered very quickly.

We all came in and started to kill the Germans.

What Did He Do? Coming to save the The next place that Hitler and his Solders when was France. France was day! Aldof expecting them but they did not know what

Once we all killed everyone we tried to

they had as weapons. When the germans

free all of the jews and everyone was

came they started hilling everyone and

happy. Know one knew why Hitler did such

France s weapons were no match for The

a thing but everyone does not like him. They

germans tanks and cannons.

wished that he never came on thing earth and killed millions of jews and military personal.


Hitler Hitler was the starter of World war 2. People say he is the most gruesome person in the world.


Hitler and the bad things he has done. As most of you readers know Aldof Hitler

commuted suicide on april 30, 1945. His Natzi party broke up and they are scattered around lots of countries. In the war over 50 million soldiers and civilian lives were lost. In Hitler’s army they had to wear uniforms. They had a helmet and their boots that were leather. Their uniforms were brown with red stripes on the side. World war 2 was one of the worst wars. So This is a picture of a gas chamber.

Hitler would grab all of the jews one by one and put them in here. place. The whole world hated Hitler. So he felt They would die because there would quilt and he committed suicide. If hitler was not be toxic gasses that blow out of born then 50 million people would have not lost vents and they would die instantly. They would drag the body out of the their lives. chamber and put the next un lucky jew into the box of Death. many people died money was spent all over the

Are people still scared? After many years and we are now in 2014,

Lots of people are still scared. They think that another person like hitler will come in this world and try to kill all of the jewish people.

Where hitler invaded. Poland, France, and Egypt Were places where Hitler invaded. The order of the maps where easiest to invade then hardest. In Egypt Hitler was stopped and he went into hiding for a long time until he came out and did something horrible.

This diagram is of Hitlers bunker. He would normal have a lot of solders around him and they would not be able able to assassinate him or run up to him and kill him.


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Army #29


an  organized military  force equipped  for fighting  on land.:  "the  two armies  were  in position".

Bomber #12/58


an  aircraft designed  to carry  and  drop bombs.

Boot #18


Bullet #33

Armies  are  a big  group  of people  who fight  for  their rights.

The  U.S army  has won  most  of their  wars.

The dive-­bomber was  the  main attacking aircraft  used during  the Blitzkrieg.

Bombers  are used  to  drop bombs  on cities.

I  saw  a bomber  in  a museum.

a  sturdy  item  of footwear covering  the foot,  the  ankle, and  sometimes the  leg  below the  knee.: "walking  boots".

The  boots were normally Leather  and have  thick soles.

Boots  are common  foot wear.

Boots  are very  thick.


a  projectile  for firing  from  a rifle,  revolver,  or other  small firearm,  typically made  of  metal, cylindrical  and pointed,  and sometimes containing  an explosive..

Bag  for empty cartridge cases.

Bullets  are Longer used  to  shoot bullets  do people. way  more damage.

Cannon #19


a  large,  heavy piece  of  artillery, typically mounted  on wheels, formerly  used  in warfare.

This  Cannon shoots rockets.

Cannons shoot  out cannonballs.

A  relic  of  a cannon  was at  my grandpa’s house.

France #24


a  republic  in western Europe;;  the largest  country

When  France

France  is  the second  place to  get invaded  by

France  is  a country  in Europe.

was  invaded


wholly  in Europe.

by  germany,


General Charles  de Gaulle  went to  britain  and raised  a banner  of free  France.

Grenade #13


a  small  bomb thrown  by  hand or  launched mechanically..

Hand  and stick grenades were  used  by the  German infantry  as they advanced into  enemy territory.

Grenades  are My  grenade lethal  if  they blew  up  in  my explode  next hand. to  you.



a  weapon incorporating  a metal  tube  from which  bullets, shells,  or  other missiles  are propelled  by explosive  force, typically  making a  characteristic loud,  sharp noise..

This  silenced 9-­mm Beretta  pistol was  used  by agents  of  the italian Organizzazio ne  di vigilanza  e repressione del antifascismo

Gun’s  are what  the army’s  used to  kill  each other  and take  over land.


Hitler's)  Hitler's last  speech ever  for  an anniversary  of Nazi  ascension to  power  in Germany.    The speech  -­ broadcasted

In  March 1938,  Hitler took  his troops  into Austria  and declared  an Anschluss  or union, Between  the

Hitler  is  a  well Hitler  was known  jew also  a  jew hater. even  though he  killed  other jews.


Hitler #9


The  gun’s  are an  essential part  of  war.

from  the Reichstag, echoed  from  the ship's  speakers throughout  the Wilhelm Gustloff  as  it made  its  way West

two countries.

Helmet #33


a  hard  or padded protective  hat, various  types  of which  are  worn by  soldiers, police  officers, firefighters, motorcyclists, athletes,  and others..

Protective headgear used  in turrets  and other  combat positions where standard Helmets were  too  big.

Helmets  are a  protective piece  of headgear.

Japanese #40


of  or  relating  to Japan  or  its language, culture,  or people..

The Japanese were  brave warriors.

Japanese  are Japanese  are the  people an  isolated who  helped country. the  jew’s  get out  of  the torture chambers.

Jew #15


a  member  of the  people  and cultural community whose traditional religion  is Judaism  and who  trace  their origins  through the  ancient Hebrew  people of  Israel  to Abraham..

Jew’s  are  the people  who were  killed.

Jew’s  are  the people  who were  killed.

Jew’s  believe in  Abraham.

Natzi #7


Nazism,  or National

Adolf  Hitler adopted  the

some  natzi’s were  forced

Natzi’s  were bad  people.


I  have  a helmet  when i  go  skiing.

Socialism  in full,  is  the ideology  and practice associated  with the  20th-­century German  Nazi Party  and  state as  well  as  other related  far-­right groups

swastika  as  a to  be  in  the symbol  for army. the  Natzi party.

Japan surrendered to  poland  on August  15, 1945.

Poland #60


a  republic  in central  Europe;; the  invasion  of Poland  by Germany  in 1939  started World  War  II.

Plane #12/58


a  flat  surface  on which  a  straight line  joining  any two  points  on  it would  wholly lie.:  "the horizontal plane".

Radar #20


a  system  for detecting  the presence, direction, distance,  and speed  of aircraft,  ships, and  other objects,  by sending  out pulses  of high-­frequency electromagnetic waves  that  are reflected  off  the object  back  to the  source..


Poland  is  the first  country to  get invaded  by the  Germans.

Poland’s population consists  of mostly  jews.

Planes  are Planes  go  by used  to my  house  all transport the  time. troops  to  their camps.

Radar’s  help people  find out  where people  are hiding.

Radars  are electronic devices  that show  where people  are.

I  used  to have  a  radar.

Devin G.