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Special Edition: The Freedom Riders

February 25, 2014 Fighting for Life


An article about the group of Some words that were used during people that fought for their that time and their meaning. Also freedom by showing people that included is the part of speech and black and white people word in a sentence. can work together. [1]

discrimination“. They did exceptional things that impacted the way people thought of segregation. Their route began in Washington D.C and ended in New Orleans.

Fighting for Life A group of people who literally showed others how to live.

Have you ever imagined that you needed to use a different water fountain just because your skin is a different color? Or what if you got harassed in school as a child just because of your race? Black people had to live that way for about 150 years until a group of people decided to make a huge change. This group was made of people of the same belief but look and got treated so different. Their journey was called “The Freedom Ride”.

What did they do? The Riders went around the southern region and made it heard that segregation was wrong and to prove that white and black people can be together. They contributed to ending discrimination in the south. They would have their buses blown up and been attacked by multiple mobs of non believers.

What was the impact they had?

Who were they? The Freedom Riders were a handful of college students- black and white- who took a courageous journey to earn the right for equality. Each person made an impact in their own way. They slept, ate, and hung out together, when people crossed their path they would push through and come out together.They rode buses in the white section and proved that black people don’t have some sort of disease. They always had a (legal) plan but it would push the government just a little bit farther. Even in my resource it says: “During the summer of 1961, Freedom Riders also campaigned against forms of racial

They had a huge impact on the passing of the equality right and they went to high places with famous people such as Martin Luther King Jr. As said the my book “ The Riders built a bridge between the black and white worlds”. Even though many people disagreed with them now I don’t think anyone could stand against them. Not many people would think of the Freedom Riders right when you say segregation but they did play a big part in all of the Civil Rights movement.



Racism Noun

The belief that all members in a race possess different Negro characteristics Noun “...Zwerg excused the man’s An African American Person. behavior as rudeness, not “African Americans (known racism”. then as Negroes) made up White people would talk about nearly half the total”. blacks and it was called That is what the Black People Racism. were called back then. Racism was a big deal in the The White people thought 1970’s. Negroes were weird. passed there were laws of no violence.

Freedom Noun

The right or act to think, act or speak as you want. “Every human has freedom of his or her choice”. Continued on next page -> The blacks wanted freedom so much they were having protests The black people wanted freedom so much.

The Freedom Riders were not the only one to care about equality, Martin Luther King Jr. was a very famous protester. The Beetles were a famous band a the time. Marilyn Monroe was known because she was a very popular actress and known for her beauty.

The Road Map the Freedom Riders Rode


Negro Noun An African American Person. “African Americans (known then as Negroes) made up nearly half the total”. That is what the Black People were called back then. The White people thought Negroes were weird.

Freedom Noun The right or act to think, act or speak as you want. “Every human has freedom of his or her choice”. The blacks wanted freedom so much they were having protests The black people wanted freedom so much.

Racism Noun The belief that all members in a race possess different characteristics “...Zwerg excused the man’s behavior as rudeness, not racism”. White people would talk about blacks and it was called Racism. Racism was a big deal in the 1970’s.

Protests Noun A statement or action expressing dislike in something “People crowded the streets protesting to stop the problem”. Black people would march in the streets and hold up signs.

Black people would crowd the “It was against the law for streets leading protests. black people to assault white people”. Nonviolence It was the law that blacks Noun need to have separate things The act of nonviolence “It all started in February 1960 than whites. The government had very with nonviolent sit-ins at the segregated lunch counters of strict laws Southerners the South”. Because after the law of Noun Segregation passed there A person that lives or has were laws of no violence. lived in the south People would risk their life for “ ‘Every decent Southerner nonviolence deplores violence’ “. Segregation was placed in Multiracial the South. Adj. In the north people would Made up of different races despise the southerners. “Eleven others from around Outcasts the country joined the multiracial group”. Noun Because a community has A person who has been many different races in it. rejected by a society or a Most southern communities social group would have a very multi racial Black kids were treated like mix outcasts just because they are black. Assault Blacks were considered Verb outcasts because they “didn’t To physically attack belong”. “...most segregationists were Black kids were treated like still engaged with their assault outcasts. Standoff in the integrated Greyhound bus”. Noun There would be lots of attacks A conflict between two equally on black people back then. matched opponents It was against the law for a black to assault a white “An overnight standoff at the person. bus station followed”. Blacks and whites were equal Law and they would have fights all Noun The system of rules that the the time. In the alleyways of the city government decides there would be standoffs between blacks and whites. [4]

The government had a huge play in the Segregation Law. A behavior involving physical Congressmen would visit towns and make sure nobody force meaning to hurt, was breaking laws. damage, or kill someone Civil Rights “Their efforts persisted through months of rudeness, Noun threats, violence, delays, and The right that every person jailings”. gets treated equally Blacks would witness “The Freedom Rides were a violence everyday either central part of the Civil Rights being them or a friend. Movement...”. In the 1970’s there was a lot Black people were fighting so of violence. that every person was equal. Black people dreamed of Slavery having Civil Rights. Noun Courage The state of being a slave Back then black people lived Noun their lives in slavery. The ability to do something Before the 1960’s blacks were that frightens you considered slaves and had to The Freedom Riders had lots work for whites. of courage and guts to go on Before the law passed black those buses. people lived their lives in Black people had to have lots slavery. of courage to go and protest Freedom Riders to police. Noun A person who did not agree It took a lot of courage for with segregation in the south black people to stand up for themselves. “...he sat at the front of the

Violence Noun

bus beside Freedom Rider Paul Brooks, a Negro”. Freedom Riders are the people who protested against the white people. The Freedom Riders made a huge impact on the protest against Segregation.

Congressmen Noun A member of the US Congress “...Mann told the congressmen”.

Campaigns Noun/Verb

To work in an organized way to fix something Many black people would attend campaigns to fight. Black people tried to have campaigns to fight against Segregation. Campaigns were held to discuss the problems.

Integrated Adj. Mixture of races or religions


“...and stayed with relatives who lived in an integrated neighborhood of black and white residents”. In a southern community there would be multiple races. The communities were integrated between whites and blacks.

Discrimination Noun The act of treating someone differently than a different group “ ‘I didn’t like racial discrimination’ ”. Many white people treated black people poorly. White people would treat black people very badly.

Equality Noun The state of being equal The only thing that black people wanted was to be equal. Black and white people were not treated equal. Some people just wanted equality.

Prejudice Noun An unfair feeling about a person because of their sex, race, or religion White kids would be prejudice to black kids. White people had bad thoughts about black people. White kids would be prejudice to black kids. .

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