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part of the body except the player’s hands and arms.The goalie is the only player allowed to touch the ball with the hands and arms and then only while he is located in his own penalty area.

World Cup

The world cup is held every four years and is the biggest single event What is soccer? sporting competition in the world. The world cup is a competition in which 208 countries participate to What is soccer? prove who is the best at Soccer is the worlds most soccer. The 19 FIFA World popular game, played in Cup tournaments have 208 countries and is an been won by eight different olympic sport. There are 4 national teams. Brazil have main parts/events to soccer. The game itself, the A referee is in charge of the won five times, and they are the only team to have equipment, the skills and soccer game. The referee played in every tournament. the world cup calls all of the penalties The other winners are Italy, and decides the ruling on with four titles; Germany, the field. “Two teams Equipment with three wins; Argentina work to push a ball into the and inaugural winners To play soccer on a opposing teams goal using Uruguay, with two; and team you need a few any part of their body England, France, and things; first you need cleats. except their hands” - Ed Spain, with one title each. You need these so that you Grabianowsk i don’t slip on the field. Also Soccer is the most played you need shin guards these Tasks game in the world with 208 help protect your shins so Each position on countries. Also with the that if you get kicked in the the field has a specific set biggest single event sports shins it doesn’t hurt as of tasks that need to be much. Next you need a performed during the game. competition in the world. For those looking to start uniform, this consists of a The defenders task is to their soccer career the best jersey and shorts, and tackle the opponent and way is to just join a team or usually team socks to help obtain the ball from the get a ball and play in the define your team from the opposing team. The backyard. other. midfielders job is to move the ball up the field and The 2002 The Game feed the ball to the strikers, World Cup had an The objective of and the strikers goal is to average worldwide soccer is for a player/team shoot the ball at the goal television audience of to get the ball into the other and score. 314.1 million people team’s goal by using any per game [3]


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Assist: noun A pass that ends in a goal Ball Carrier: noun The player who possesses the ball Breakaway: verb Also called "Fast Break" or "Counterattack"; an attacker quickly moves in behind defenders leaving only the goalie between the attacker and the goal Clear: verb Kicking the ball away from the goal Corner Kick: verb The restart a play when the ball goes out of bounds, the attacking team kicks it inbound from the nearest corner Defensemen: noun Also called "Fullbacks", the players whose main objective is to prevent the other team from scoring. Draw: noun The game ends in a tie Forwards: noun Players positioned ahead of teammates whose main job is to score the goals. Goal: noun

The designated area, between the "goal line", the "goal posts", and the "cross bar", that team players must pass the ball into in order to score points. Goalie: noun Also called a "Goal Keeper"; the player positioned in front of the goal whose job is to defend the goal Handball: verb A player fouls by touching the ball with their hand Hat Trick: noun A player scores three or more goals in one game Header: verb A player strikes the ball in the air with his head Kickoff: verb A player starts or restarts the game by kicking the ball from the "center circle" to a teammate Lead Pass: verb A pass made ahead of a receiver Mark: verb A player guards an opponent one-on-one to keep him from moving toward the goal Midfielders:


noun Players positioned behind the forwards who make passes between the fullbacks and the forwards Offside: verb A player in an offside position receives a pass from an attacker resulting in a foul Pass: verb A play, kick, or strike of the ball with head, chest, or thighs, to a teammate Penalty area: noun Also called "the 18-Yard Box", or simply "the Box"; the 44-yard x18-yard area surrounding the penalty spot (center), and situated alongside the goal line. Penalty: noun A referee call to a player who breaks a rule

Red Card: noun Final card issued a player by the referee removing him from the game, after receiving two yellow cards for misconduct, leaving his team short a player for the remainder of the game

Side Tackle: verb One of the most effective tackles in which a defender moving in the same direction as an attacker tries to redirect the ball using the foot nearest to the attacker, or using a shoulder charge, in order to gain possession of it Sideline: noun Also called "Touchline", the line that runs the length of the field along either side Throw-in: verb A technique for restarting the game when the ball crosses the sideline and goes out of bounds; a select player throws the ball back inbounds from overhead and from behind the sideline using both hands


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