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Event dates: June 25 – July 16, 2012 46 brands promoted 9 prize packages were offered Prize package and sponsor listing can be found at

The Noise Girl blogs have a current combined social media reach of 98,900+ on Facebook, 87,400+ on Twitter, and 10,000+ Pinterest followers. Together the 13 blogs see over 192,000 unique visitors each month and over 347,000 monthly pageviews.

Twitter Mentions of #AroundtheHouse hashtag during event courtesy of

During the Around the House event, received 20,717 pageviews with 2,731 unique visitors. 96% of traffic was from the United States.

Living Room Package 23,554 total entries 675 unique entrants Kitchen Package 29,524 total entries 799 unique entrants

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Mariah, Formula Mom Danielle, Simmworks Family Blog Kerri, The Maven of Social Media Staci, 7 on a Shoestring Sarah, East9thStreet Tiffany, Fabulous Finds Amanda, The Frugal Greenish Mom Janet, Going Crazy!! Wanna Go?? Mickey, A Helicopter Mom Greta, How Was Your Day? Lindsay, Laughing Lindsay Leila, Life as Leels Sarah, Sarah’s Blog of Fun

Dining Room Package 23,879 total entries 684 unique entrants Master Bedroom Package 24,513 total entries 682 unique entrants Master Bathroom Package 23,760 total entries 655 unique entrants Kids/Baby Bedroom Package 21,903 total entries 887 unique entrants Home Office Package 28,928 total entries 836 unique entrants Outdoor Room Package 21,321 total entries 532 unique entrants Laundry Room (Cleaning & Organizing) Package 24,602 total entries 727 unique entrants

These statistics are based on use of the URL only and do not include promotional tweets run from each individual blog. However all sponsors and all prize packages were promoted using both the Noise Girls Twitter account and each individual Twitter account. #AroundTheHouse hashtag 22,738 accounts reached 47,449 impressions Living Room Package 27,109 accounts reached 51,764 impressions Kitchen Package 26,893 accounts reached 43,960 impressions Dining Room Package 26,773 accounts reached 46,674 impressions Master Bedroom Package 28,859 accounts reached 51,717 impressions Master Bathroom Package 24,031 accounts reached 47,545 impressions

We are currently seeking sponsors for our For the Family Event launching September 1, 2012. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us at We are also open to planning a brand specific event. We are happy to work with you to develop an event to meet your needs. Events may include blog review and giveaway campaign with social media promotion, Twitter party, Pinterest party, or Facebook promotion.

Kids/Baby Bedroom Package 24,393 accounts reached 55,991 impressions Home Office Package 20,050 accounts reached 35,481 impressions Outdoor Room Package 25,721 accounts reached 41,956 impressions

Let’s work together to make some noise! Laundry Room (Cleaning & Organizing) Package 35,388 accounts reached 77,909 impressions

Noise Girls Around the House Event  
Noise Girls Around the House Event  

From kitchens and dining rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms, let us do the shopping for you! For this event we will be handpicking wonderful pr...