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General Information for 7on7U National Tournaments and Registration 7on7U Passing, Kicking and Linemen Competitions across the Country 7 on 7U Max and Minimum Player per team Passing Tournaments and Linemen/Kicking Competitions Only High School Teams, Players must play on team they are designated to in there school district they reside in 20 players per Passing team Minimum 5 and Max of 20 Linemen per team Max 2 Kickers and Punters per team Amount of Games guaranteed- 7on7U Tournaments Guarantee a minimum of 4 games at every tournament, teams moving on to later rounds play as many as 8 games Officiating- All 7on7U Tournaments have 2 licensed officials managing game Game Time- 40 minute games, running clock/ 2 half’s- 5 minute break for half Entry fee for 7on7 U tournaments- $275 for passing tournaments or $14 per player $75.00 per team for all Linemen and Kicking Competitions $15.00 Per Kicker or Punter

7on7U description of Tournament formats found in each State 7on7U State Qualifying Tournament- 1 to 2 day tournaments that are qualifiers for the 7on7U State Championship- the State Qualifying Tournaments have 12 to 16 High School Teams competing, the top 2 teams gain free entry to the 7on7U State Championship 7on7U National Qualifying Tournament-1 to 2 day tournaments that are qualifiers for the 7on7U National Championship- the National Qualifying Tournaments have 18 to 32 High School Teams competing, the top 4 teams gain free entry to the 7on7U National Championship. 7on7U Standalone Championship Tournaments- 1 to 2 day tournaments that are standalone competitions. At the end of each 7on7U Standalone Tournament a 1st , 2nd and 3rd place team will receive awards and be named winners of that tournament. Open to all Teams

(continued general 7on7U information) 7on7U National Championship- The 7on7U National Championship is a 2 to 3 day Tournament held each year. The Teams participating in the 7on7U National Championship have Qualified to participate in 3 Ways 1. High School Team receives automatic bid to compete based off of previous seasons record and accomplishments 2. Team has participated in an outstanding community or charity outreach program 3. Team has finished in the top 4 of a 7on7U sanctioned State Championship Tournament

7on7U General Information  

Information on 7on7U Tournament format and description of the type of tournaments found on

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