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Welcome to our very first issue of It’s a

As you flip through these pages, we share

Good Day… This magazine is an exten-

suggested menu items for different occa-

sion of our existing Party Platter brochure,

sions. And we hope you will enjoy the sto-

and includes additional sections to com-

ries featured inside – all with this theme in

plement our catering menu. The title is a

mind. You will also find a complete listing

simple phrase, but one we hope will res-

of the catering options we offer along with

onate with you. We intentionally left the

our locations. And, always remember that It’s a Good

have purpose and relevance.

Day to nurture and nourish each other.

For our premier issue, we decided the


theme needed to support how we will all

Edna Ching

move forward as family, as friends and as a community. That directed us towards food and the comforting connections it creates. We landed on the theme, “to nurture and nourish each other.” It expresses what we all need to give and receive during this time of recovery: support, encouragement


Take a Break. And a Tasty Snack


Finding Comfort in a Meal


title open ended. As we all are constantly facing change, we want each new issue to

Always a Good Day for Brunch

The Lighter Side of Cuisine 10 The Perfect, Local Pair


Fresh from the Field to You


It’s Healthy. It’s Handy. It’s Nori.


Marketing Manager

and sustenance.

Our Catering Menu 18 Store Directory


Order & Pickup Schedule 24

Magazine Staff Team


Edna Ching, Marketing Manager

Mark Imada, Merchandising Manager

Camille Wong, Creative Strategist

Debbie Lee Soon, Senior Category Manager

Karen Hui, Marketing Coordinator

Annika Streng, Category Manager

Alexander Bautista, Category Manager 3

Ohana Spicy Ahi Inari Add a kick to your brunch menu with inari topped with Spicy Ahi Poke. Page 18

Always a Good Day for Brunch Brunch is a fun and connective event – a time when we slow things down to enjoy each and every moment. It’s an occasion meant to nurture and nourish each other through food and lighthearted conversation. And “brunching” doesn’t always have to fall on a Sunday – any day is a good day to brunch!

Deluxe Sushi Platter Ready-to-eat bite size pieces of local sushi favorites. Page 18

Mini French Pastry Assortment Round off the occasion with sweet indulgence. These French-inspired pastries are petites, so you can enjoy more than one! Available on Oahu only.

Ohana Breakfast Scramble Bento Eggs are essential to any brunch menu. This sharing size bento contains a medley of eggs, potatoes, assorted breakfast meats and cheese. Page 21

Ohana Chicken + Fried Saimin Fried saimin is always a winner

Ohana Shrimp + Pork Hash

and adding slices of teriyaki

Savory combination of our original pork

chicken puts it over the top.

hash and shrimp & pork hash. Don’t forget

Page 20

the other popular combo when serving... soy sauce and Chinese hot mustard! Page 19



Ohana Shoyu Tuna Maki Locally-inspired sushi with shoyu tuna, egg, cucumber and carrots. Page 19

Take a Break. And a Tasty Snack.

Spam® Musubi Platter Half-size Spam® Musubi leaves room in your belly for other delectable bites. Page 19

Every day we have lists to complete whether it be for work, grocery shopping or home improvements. Squeezing in a break from time to time can be a challenge, but necessary. Treat yourself to some indulgent bites to help you get through the day.

14” Pepperoni Pizza The classic couch companion made to order just for you. Available at select stores. Page 20

Mochi Donut Assortment On trend now, but this will be a timeless indulgence. Black Sesame, Chocolate, Green Tea or Strawberry – enjoy it one mochi donut morsel at a time! Available on Oahu only. 6

Oriental Chicken Bites Platter Karaage or Mochiko chicken? Why choose when you can have both? And having them boneless is the way to go. Page 19 7

Finding Comfort in a Meal After a long day at work, school, or taking care of kids and family, a

Ohana Creamy Chicken Alfredo

good meal with loved ones can be a huge comfort to come back to. Fill your bellies with these warm and full flavored dishes, while sharing how your day went with those you call family.

Grilled chicken breast in a rich and creamy Alfredo sauce over spaghetti. Mushrooms are added to bring an earthiness to this dish. Page 21

Ohana Local Style Pork + Peas Also known as Pork Guisantes, this is a traditional, Filipino hearty stew with pork, green peas and red bell peppers cooked in a tomato sauce. Page 21

Mini Muffin Assortment Not too sweet and something for everyone. Perfect size for a snack any time of day. Available on Oahu only.

Ohana Kalua Pork + Cabbage A welcoming, local favorite at any dinner table. Ohana Cheesy Beef Macaroni A dinnertime classic that is simple yet satisfying. Page 21 8

And don’t forget the steamed rice! Page 21


The Lighter Side of Cuisine From time to time, we look to lighter fare to attain balance and nourishment. We need food that will provide us with the energy to move forward; and options that will help us power through the day without weighing us down.

Nori Roll Platter Utensils not required for these individually-wrapped nori rolls. Nori is in its own pocket until ready to roll to preserve its crispiness. Page 18

Grand Sushi Platter A large assortment of sushi with pickled ginger can be quite the centerpiece at the table. Page 18 Ohana Somen Salad A colorful variety of delicious toppings draws the eye to this refreshing dish paired with a house-made somen dressing. Page 20

Nanding’s Ube Spanish Rolls

Ohana Chicken Caesar Salad

An Ube Spanish Roll paired with tea or

This salad is a familiar one that’s not too light,

coffee is an uber snack combo for any

not too heavy, but just right. Page 20

time of day. Available on Oahu only. 10


Any day is a good day for the savory combination of smoky meat paired with tender cuts of vegetables. Kalua pork and cabbage certainly delivers on both marks. While it is often eaten as a side dish, nothing is more comforting than a hefty serving of kalua pork and cabbage over two scoops of hot rice. Traditionally, scratch-made kalua pork and cabbage requires time and patience. The pork needs to be cooked low and slow to attain the ultimate juicy, easy to pull apart meat. If time is not on your side, fortunately, there are more convenient alternatives. Our very own Senior Category Manager of

The Perfect, Local Pair

Fresh Foods, Debbie Lee Soon, introduced a Kalua Pork and Cabbage Bento in 2017 and it continues to be available today. She believes the popularity of this bento is because it is familiar and brings comfort. This year, Debbie has added a larger “ohana” size kalua pork and cabbage to our catering menu. 7-Eleven Hawaii uses May’s branded kalua pork for our kalua pork and cabbage. We aim to support local in any way we can whether it be with brands like May’s or with farmers. In fact, our Kalua Pork and Cabbage is topped with chopped green onions f rom Waianae Farms. Kalua pork and cabbage is just one of many nourishing local dishes that 7-Eleven






menu items are locally inspired with our customers in mind. We have even worked with culinary students to develop home-style recipes that have resonated with customers. By Edna Ching 12 12

“The pork needs to be cooked low and slow to attain the ultimate juicy, easy to pull apart meat. If time is not on your side, fortunately, there are more convenient alternatives.” 13

FRESH from the FIELD to YOU By Edna Ching

“Rice fields not only nourishes people, but also wildlife.”

- Debbie Lee Soon

Most of 7-Eleven Hawaii’s fresh food

What generally goes into the rice produc-

items are developed in conjunction with

tion process – from seed to delivery?

our partner, Warabeya, USA. That means

Farmers start seeding their fields in

Senior Category Manager of Fresh Foods,

May with harvesting in late September.

Debbie Lee Soon, is very intimate with all

We usually get our first bags of the new

aspects of the development process. Her

crop in October. This delicious, freshly

responsibilities include observing market

milled rice was on the field just a few

trends, sourcing sustainable packaging

weeks before – and this year’s harvest

and negotiating costs. But one of her most

looks promising.

important jobs is ingredient sourcing. After harvesting, how do farmers preRice is a vital staple in Hawaii. And that’s

serve the rice f ields?

apparent in many of our f resh food

After harvest, the irrigation is turned back

offerings – musubi, sushi and bento. To

on. The flooded fields become a wildlife

fulf ill customers’ demands for those

refuge for animals like ducks and geese.

items, Warabeya, USA prepares 2 mil-

Rice fields not only nourish people, but

lion pounds of rice each year. I recently

also wildlife.

connected with Debbie to learn how 7-Eleven Hawaii gets one of the most

Any innovations that we can look

essential ingredients - rice.

forward to? Warabeya, USA is in the process of building a multi-million dollar facility

There are so many varieties of rice, how

on Oahu with a rice cooking line. State-

do you select the variety that works best?

of-the-art equipment has been import-


ed from Japan which will improve the




rice which is the most preferred in Hawaii.

cooking of our rice.

We’ve tried brown rice, hapa rice and multigrain rice in the past, but more favor white.

Any interesting parts of your recent California rice f ield visit that you would

What is your criteria when choosing a

like to share?

rice supplier?

As I was riding in the harvesting rig with a

It’s important to check potential suppliers

farmer, he told me that between growing

ourselves and learn their methods. The

seasons, they often go on family vacations

rice mill we select needs to meet our

to Hawaii. Imagine, Hawaii takes care of

specifications and provide us with a con-

farmers on the mainland, too!

sistent, substantial supply. Rice quality is affected by how the grains are seeded, grown, milled, stored, shipped and handled. Our supplier does a great job on all fronts. 14


It’s Healthy. It’s Handy.

IT’S NORI. By Edna Ching

Because nori growth is heavily reliant on the environment, its quality can vary. Location, water temperature, currents and

Nori, or seaweed, is more than just a

mineral content all have an effect. 7-Elev-

means of holding rice together. Senior

en Hawaii’s suppliers are always searching

Category Manager of Fresh Foods, Debbie

for the best quality at the best price. We

Lee Soon believes that “every ingredient

look for nori that has a good color, even

contributes to a good eating experience”

thickness and minimal irregularities. The

and that includes nori. She adds that nori

best nori has a natural sweetness and

is a 100% sustainable crop – it gets all of its

“melts in your mouth.”

nutrients from the ocean. On a recent trip to California, Debbie was There are a variety of reasons why you

able to taste nori from Japan, Korea and

should consider eating more nori. It has

China. She recollects a discernible differ-

a high iodine content which is essential

ence in color, taste and thickness when

for healthy living. It also contains copper,

comparing them. And it goes without say-

iron, magnesium, manganese, phospho-

ing that fresh is best. That’s why smaller

rus, potassium, selenium, zinc and is full of

quantities are brought in more frequent-

vitamins. Surprisingly, nori can contain up

ly to make sure musubi and sushi are

to 10 times more calcium than milk!

wrapped with the freshest nori possible.

“We look for nori that has a good color, even thickness and minimal irregularities. The best nori has a natural sweetness and ‘melts in your mouth.’” 16








Grand Sushi Platter (82 PCS)

Volcano Sushi Platter

Ohana Shoyu Tuna Maki

Spam® Musubi Platter

– Serves 14 - 16

(45 PCS) – Serves 10 - 12

(16 PCS) – Serves 4 - 6

(22 PCS) – Serves 10 - 12

(22) Inside-Out Seafood Salad Maki,

(17) Inside-Out Seafood Salad Maki,

$12.99 | 170 CAL PER SERVING

(22) Cut Spam® Musubi, Takuan

(20) Shoyu Tuna Maki, (15) Takuan

(11) Takuan Hosomaki, (11) Cucumber

Hosomaki, (15) Cucumber Hosomaki,

Hosomaki, (6) Spicy Ahi Inari, Spicy

(10) Inari Cone Sushi, Pickled Ginger

$42.99 | 260 CAL PER SERVING


$28.99 | 270 CAL PER SERVING

Ahi on Sushi Rice, Furikake

$32.99 | 240 CAL PER SERVING




Deluxe Sushi Platter (34 PCS)

Nori Roll Platter (11 PCS)

Oriental Chicken Bites Platter

Ohana Oriental Chicken Bites

– Serves 10 - 12

– Serves 6 - 8

(46 PCS) – Serves 10 - 12

(16 PCS) – Serves 4 - 6

(20) Shoyu Tuna Maki, (8) Inside-Out

(4) Spicy Ahi Nori Roll, (4) Shoyu

(23) Karaage Chicken, (23) Mochiko

(8) Karaage Chicken, (8) Mochiko

Seafood Salad Maki, (6) Inari Cone

Tuna Nori Roll, (3) California Nori Roll,

Chicken, Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce

Chicken, Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce


Pickled Ginger

$25.99 | 170 CAL PER SERVING

$25.99 | 230 CAL PER SERVING

$39.99 | 170 CAL PER SERVING

$14.99 | 140 CAL PER SERVING

5 Ohana Spicy Ahi Inari




Ohana Shoyu Tuna + Seafood Salad Maki

Ohana Shrimp + Pork Hash

14” Cheese Pizza – 8 Slices

(10 PCS) – Serves 4 - 6

(15 PCS) – Serves 4 - 6

Available at Select Stores

$12.99 | 210 CAL PER SERVING

(16 PCS) – Serves 4 - 6

(9) Pork Hash, (6) Shrimp Pork Hash

$9.99 | 330 CAL PER SERVING

(8) Shoyu Tuna Maki, (8) Inside-Out

$13.99 | 150 CAL PER SERVING

Seafood Salad Maki

$12.99 | 280 CAL PER SERVING Consuming raw seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. 18

2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.







14” Pepperoni Pizza – 8 Slices

Ohana Somen Salad

Ohana Cheesy Beef Macaroni

Available at Select Stores

– Serves 8 - 10

– Serves 4

Ohana Creamy Chicken Alfredo – Serves 4

$9.99 | 340 CAL PER SERVING

Somen Noodles, Romaine Lettuce,

Beef & Tomato Sauce, Macaroni,

Chicken, Mushrooms, Creamy Alfre-

Ham, Egg, Fish Cake, Cucumber,


do Sauce, Spaghetti, Parsley

Green Onion, Somen Dressing

$13.99 | 260 CAL PER SERVING

$14.99 | 330 CAL PER SERVING

$19.99 | 170 CAL PER SERVING






Ohana Chicken Caesar Salad

Local Fried Saimin Platter

Ohana Local-Style Pork + Peas

Ohana Kalua Pork + Cabbage

– Serves 4 - 6

– Serves 10 - 12

– Serves 4

– Serves 4

Romaine Lettuce, Seasoned Chicken

Saimin Noodles, Carrots, Cabbage,

Pork in Tomato Sauce, Green Peas,

Kalua Pork, Cabbage, Green Onions

Breast, Grape Tomatoes, Crouton Pack,

Char Siu Pork, Fish Cake, Egg, Green

Red Bell Peppers

Parmesan Cheese, Caesar Dressing

Onion, Saimin Sauce

$16.99 | 210 CAL PER SERVING

$14.99 | 100 CAL PER SERVING

$26.99 | 200 CAL PER SERVING

$18.99 | 220 CAL PER SERVING




Ohana Local Fried Saimin

Ohana Chicken + Fried Saimin

– Serves 4 - 6

– Serves 4 - 6

Ohana Breakfast Scramble Bento – Serves 4

Saimin Noodles, Carrots, Cabbage,

Saimin Noodles, Teriyaki Chicken,

Scrambled Eggs, Arabiki Sausage,

Char Siu Pork, Fish Cake, Egg,

Carrots, Cabbage, Fish Cake, Egg,

Maple Sausage, Ham, Bacon Bits,

Green Onion

Green Onion

Potato, Jack & Cheddar Cheese,

$11.99 | 140 CAL PER SERVING

$14.99 | 170 CAL PER SERVING

Green Onions, White Rice

Consuming raw seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. 20


$12.99 | 370 CAL PER SERVING 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice, but calorie needs vary. Additional nutrition information available upon request.




83 Kaumana Drive; Hilo, HI 96720

(808) 935-7911


74 West Kawili Street; Hilo, HI 96720

(808) 934-7011


16-499 Old Volcano Road; Keaau, HI 96749

(808) 966-4561


1321 Kilauea Avenue; Hilo, HI 96720

(808) 935-4711


895 Kinoole Street; Hilo, HI 96720

(808) 961-6446


17-351 Volcano Road; Kurtistown, HI 96760

(808) 966-5568


15-2875 Government Road; Pahoa, HI 96778

(808) 965-7711


3-4340 Kuhio Highway; Hanamaulu, HI 96715

(808) 245-2110


2-3687 Kaumualii Highway; Lawai, HI 96765

(808) 332-6474


3-3152 Kuhio Highway; Lihue, HI 96766

(808) 245-9422

111 Alamaha Street; Kahului, HI 96732

(808) 877-4598






STORE PICK UP DATES & TIMES O R D E R BY 8 :00AM ON E DAY PRIOR T O P I CK UP D AT E Pre-payment requested. No refunds or cancellations. All items are kept refrigerated after preparation; reheating instructions included. Selection and prices are subject to change. YOUR PICKUP STORE, DATE AND TIME Ord er Days








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If packaged individual servings are what you are looking for, you can select from a wide range of items that we have in our stores.


snacks and meals like our musubi, sandwiches and bento can be ordered in large quantities. Special pricing may be available for large orders, non-profit organizations and school functions. Large orders need to be placed 3 days in advance. To place an order, please call 808.944.2711. We will be happy to arrange it for you.

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