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SESSION #1 — FREE! Job Fair/Expo (10 a.m.-1 p.m.) SESSION #2 — $10 ($15 DAY OF) Job Fair/Expo (1:30-3:30 p.m.) Keynote + Reception (4-6 p.m.) FREE PARKING: Opposite the Innovation Center on Lakeside Avenue







I love it!

I’ve attended Tech Jam as a job seeker and as an exhibitor on behalf of my employer, VEIC. At my first Tech Jam, I was considering a career change into data analytics. The event gave me a chance to chat with recruiters and professionals in the field. Everyone I met was more than happy to offer advice and encouraged me to apply for jobs once I felt ready. I still remember having some great conversations with people from two companies that I hadn’t even been aware of previously: Greensea and MicroStrain (now Parker LORD). A couple years after my first visit to a Tech Jam — and after taking much of the free advice I got there — I found a position with VEIC that has been more satisfying than I could have expected.

MIKE FINK VEIC energy data analyst




In the years since, I’ve attended on behalf of VEIC. The Tech Jam is a great way to connect with people from all different fields — it’s surprising how often people in very different industries are facing analogous problems in data analytics. This event is a rare opportunity to meet people from a wide range of local companies all under the same roof. I look forward to it every year.


Saturday, October 23 at Hula in Burlington GET TICKETS AT TECHJAMVT.COM


ermont Tech Jam is not just about technology. It’s about relationships — connecting with people who share your interests, goals and challenges. People who want to hire or mentor you. Startup partners. People with whom you might collaborate down the road. That’s why Seven Days decided not to hold the Tech Jam virtually last fall, when COVID-19 made it impossible to host such a large gathering. Seeing boxes on a screen is no substitute for meeting in real life, where conversations can take unexpected, fortuitous turns. Consider Burlington-based Beta Technologies. The electric aviation company got off the ground in 2017, after founder Kyle Clark met United Therapeutics CEO Martine Rothblatt at a presentation in Philadelphia. Rothblatt, who has a home in the Addison County town of Lincoln, promised Clark they’d connect the next time she was in Vermont. That meeting led to Rothblatt committing to

buy planes from Beta, giving Clark the capital and connections he needed to start building an aircraft. Hundreds of companies around the world are racing to develop battery-powered planes, and Beta is among the front-runners. The company is driving economic growth in Vermont by employing hundreds of people — with plans to hire many more. Beta’s recruiters will be at the Tech Jam, hoping to find talented individuals who can help bring the fastgrowing company to the next level. It’s one of more than 45 Vermont employers that will be seeking workers at the event. You’ll find more information about all the exhibitors in this guide. Inside, you’ll also read about this year’s Tech Jam venue — Hula, a new lakeside tech campus in Burlington — as well as this year’s schedule. It’s free to attend the first session, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Come tour the

HULA lakeside tech campus.

The second, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. costs $10 in advance, or $15 on Tech Jam day. It includes admission to our first-ever keynote presentation — an inperson interview with Clark and Rothblatt, moderated by Seven Days reporter Chelsea Edgar, exploring how their partnership began and where it’s headed. POWERED BY:

Bring a face mask in addition to your résumé. The Tech Jam is following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and will require all attendees to mask up while inside Hula buildings. Please do not attend if you’re feeling sick, have symptoms of COVID-19, have recently tested positive or have recently been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. To reduce crowding, this year’s Tech Jam has been split into two buildings and two separate sessions. Exhibitors have been asked to send only vaccinated employees to the event.




Green Means Go

Exhibitors with name tags sporting green stickers are actively recruiting employees. Likewise, attendees can wear green stickers to indicate that they’re looking for a job. Folks with blue stickers are looking for interns. Don’t be shy, say “hi!”



Welcome to Hula From Oven Factory to Hot New Venue


Two and a half years later, Hula speaks for itself. The former factory floor in Building 50 is filled with palm trees, glass-enclosed offices and an abundance of natural light from the energyefficient windows ringing the atrium. And it’s teeming with people: They’re building websites, designing battery-powered aircraft and using artificial intelligence to improve the quality of health care, among other things. The Tech Jam is your chance to visit with them and the other exhibitors — and to reimagine your own future. Or just hang out and enjoy the view.

repare to be wowed at the Tech Jam, and not just by the exhibitors. This year’s venue, Hula, embodies the bold, innovative spirit of the event. Hula occupies the 15-acre lakefront property that formerly housed the Blodgett Oven factory, located off Lakeside Avenue in Burlington’s South End. When he bought it in the summer of 2017 — and the oven factory moved to Essex — entrepreneur Russ Scully had big plans to transform the site. He envisioned an innovation hub, powered by renewable energy, that would attract startups and remote workers, and a venue for conferences and events with views that would show off one of Burlington’s greatest assets: Lake Champlain. In March 2019, Seven Days ran a news story about it headlined, “Can Russ Scully Create a Lakeside Tech Scene?”
















BURLINGTON’S NET ZERO KNOW-HOW Did you know that the City of Burlington uses less electricity today than it did in 1989 — even though the population has grown? In part, that’s because of projects like Hula. The former industrial space is powered entirely by renewable energy. A number of contractors contributed to its energy-efficient design. For example, SunCommon installed its rooftop solar array, one of the largest of its kind in Vermont. The city-owned electric utility also played a critical role. The Burlington Electric Department worked with Hula to create a geothermal ground-source heat pump system that heats and cools the entire campus without using fossil fuels. BED also worked with Hula to help its contractors install energy-efficient ventilation and lighting systems, and to seal the buildings effectively so that they lose as little energy as possible. Burlington property or business owners who want to follow in Hula’s footsteps can contact BED’s Energy Services team at efficiency@burlingtonelectric.com to find out how.

Who’s Who at Hula


These Hula tenants are opening their offices during Tech Jam. You’ll find them in Buildings 50 and 44 on the exhibitor map. Stop by and say hi! l Accessible Web Suite 821/861, accessibleweb.com

A spin-off of Burlington-based web services firm Bytes.co, Accessible Web offers products and services that help clients make their websites accessible to all. Its web developers and testers with various disabilities help clients discover, understand and resolve accessibility issues, as well as achieve compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Its core values include teamwork, innovation, empathy and inclusivity.

l Benchmark Space Systems Suite 110/112, benchmarkspacesystems.com

The number of small satellites in space is growing rapidly, and so is Benchmark Space Systems. Launched in 2017, the Burlington-based company designs propulsion solutions that allow satellites and other types of spacecraft to maneuver in space. Its initial technology was developed through a partnership with the University of Vermont and NASA. Benchmark launched its first propulsion products on a Space X rocket in June. Benchmark is in Building 44.

H l Beta Technologies Suite 890, beta.team

Fast-growing Beta Technologies aims to create an elegant electric aviation solution that enables its customers to move people and cargo around the world safely, cost-effectively and with minimal environmental impact. Beta’s MobileDome flight simulator will be parked at the Tech Jam from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Founder and CEO Kyle Clark and early supporter/first customer Martine Rothblatt close out the event with a keynote presentation at 4 p.m. During Tech Jam, Beta’s office will host members of Vermont’s FIRST robotics community; job seekers can also find Beta recruiters there.

l Biocogniv Suite 810/851, biocogniv.com

Thanks to electronic health records, U.S. hospitals today generate massive amounts of clinical and administrative data. Biocogniv, a startup founded by former National Institutes of Health faculty member and Twitter software engineer Artur Adib, applies real-time artificial intelligence and machine learning to that data to improve the quality and cost of health care. One example:

Biocogniv’s Sepsis Bioalert can predict whether a patient is at high risk of developing sepsis before the costly and life-threatening condition is evident to medical professionals.

Blue Tree Analytics Suite 480, bluetree.io

This data analytics firm helps businesses and organizations improve forecasting, customer targeting and decision making. This year, the company launched

l New Breed Suite 102/103, newbreedrevenue.com

New Breed is a revenue performance management partner for the world’s fastest-growing companies. Founded and headquartered in Vermont, New Breed has grown from a local marketing agency into a full-service growth partner with more than 100 passionate and diverse team members and 150 active clients worldwide. New Breed’s capabilities include inbound marketing, website


Biocogniv’s AI can predict whether a patient is at high risk for sepsis before the lifethreatening condition is evident to medical professionals. a geographic targeting package that allows clients to use customer histories to create geographically refined marketing strategies. Founder Greg Fanslow has been the Vermont Data Scientist of the Year and organizes the 789-member Burlington Data Science Meetup group, the largest of its kind in New England outside of Boston.

Burlington Code Academy Suite 700, burlingtoncodeacademy.com

strategy and design, content creation, search engine optimization, digital advertising, revenue operations, full-stack development, and sales. Its team is always on the lookout for emerging talent. New Breed is in Building 44.

Adult career changers of all backgrounds look to Burlington Code Academy for help. Its part-time and full-time courses emphasize teamwork, career readiness and the value of collaborative learning. BCA has a 91 percent job placement rate for career-seeking graduates and a host of grants and scholarships to help students attend courses. BCA is also interested in creating more relationships with companies seeking entry-level coders and UX designers.

l OhMD

H Mascoma Bank

OVR Technology

Suite 541, mascomabank.com

Mascoma Bank is different by design. As a Certified B Corporation, Mascoma is committed to using business as a force for good. From the health and wellbeing of its employees to its efforts to give back to the communities it serves, Mascoma believes in the power of business to help shape and improve society.

Suite 450, ohmd.com

The future of health care starts with a text message, according to OhMD. Thousands of physicians are replacing phone tag and voice mails with HIPAA-compliant texting and video visits that drastically improve the patient experience. This fast-growing startup is looking to hire people passionate about creating a world in which the health care experience is one of simplicity, access and better outcomes.

should stop by the OVR office to meet the team and experience Olfactory Virtual Reality.

Punchpass Suite 430, punchpass.com

Fitness and yoga studios seeking to post their schedules, sell passes, and track attendance of in-person or online classes turn to Punchpass for help. This small but growing software company, founded in 2013, employs a team of nine who take pride in helping clients manage their small businesses.

l RCxRules Suite 109, rcxrules.com

RCxRules develops technology and automation that improve health care information quality and data accuracy. Accounting for 18 percent of the U.S. GDP, the health care industry is massive and complicated. RCxRules' unique, predictive technology helps its customers better manage health care’s complex regulatory and reimbursement requirements. The company has deep Vermont roots, with many team members having held previous leadership roles at GE Healthcare and IDX Systems Corporation. RCxRules is in Building 44.

l THINKMD Suite 830, thinkmd.org

A social impact company founded by Vermont physicians, THINKMD’s mission is to make clinical intelligence technology universally accessible so that anyone, anywhere can make better health care decisions for themselves and their communities. THINKMD’s platform helps any user identify how sick a person is, what illness they may have and what appropriate next steps to take. The scientifically validated technology, which also addresses the COVID-19 pandemic, uses World Health Organization-compliant guidelines. THINKMD empowers users, health care delivery organizations and governments with acquired data that informs accurate clinical and public health decision making.

Suite 750, ovrtechnology.com

OVR Technology uses the power of smell to make virtual reality more engaging, immersive, emotional and effective. Its advanced olfactory technology was developed by a range of entrepreneurs who have been part of the local community for years. Tech Jam attendees



SCHEDULE What to See and Do

1 2 3 4 5 6 6

TOUR HULA. Take a 20-minute guided group tour of the Hula campus. Tours leave from the registration desk at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 2 and 2:30. TRY TO FLY. What’s it like to pilot Alia, Beta’s battery-powered aircraft? Get behind the controls of Beta’s flight simulator, aka the MobileDome, located in the Airstream trailer parked between Building 44 and Building 50. GET A WHIFF. Try a virtual reality demo

from OVR Technology that looks, sounds and smells like the real thing.


Learn about nonprofit FIRST, which designs robotics programs that motivate young people ages 6 to 18 to pursue STEM education and career opportunities. The secret? A little friendly competition. Visit the Beta Technologies office at Hula during the Tech Jam to connect with some of Vermont’s 40 FIRST robotics teams as a student, coach, mentor or sponsor. New Hampshire has nearly 300 teams, representing all age groups and levels, and has FIRST robotics in practically every school in the state. Time to level up, Vermont.

GRAB A BITE. Two food

trucks — Maudite Poutine and Conscious Eatz — will be selling food near the main entrance outside building #50 starting at 10 a.m.


The best part of the Tech Jam is discovering a new company or organization doing something exciting in your own backyard. So put down your phone and strike up a conversation. The exhibitors want to talk to you.




Flying High With Beta Technologies Founder Kyle Clark and Funder Martine Rothblatt 4-5 P.M., SESSION #2 TICKET REQUIRED. A RECEPTION WILL FOLLOW WITH LIGHT HORS D’OEUVRES AND A CASH BAR South Burlington-based Beta Technologies is trying to do something that’s never been done before: manufacture a fleet of battery-powered aircraft capable of transporting people and cargo. The company is also designing the batterycharging infrastructure to support it. You might have seen Beta’s futuristic-looking plane soaring in the skies above the Champlain Valley. Or maybe you noticed the prototype of its solar-powered charging station sitting on the tarmac at Burlington International Airport, near Beta’s headquarters there. Hundreds of companies around the world are racing to pioneer electric aviation. Why? Because air travel is a significant source of the greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change. And advances in energy storage technology and engine design have finally put a renewable energypowered aircraft within reach. Beta is one of the leaders of the pack. It has attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in investments and orders for planes from customers including United Parcel Service, aka UPS. Vermont native Kyle Clark founded the company in 2017. He’s a pilot, engineer and former hockey pro who had a vision for an electric aircraft that could take off and land like a helicopter, then go the distance like a fixed-wing plane. One of its other competitive advantages? Martine Rothblatt, Beta’s first customer, who now serves as one of the company’s directors. Her backing helped Beta recruit a team that now includes Segway inventor Dean Kamen, Boston Scientific founder John Abele and IBM Fellow emeritus John Cohn. Rothblatt has been blazing trails for decades. A regulatory attorney, she cofounded Sirius Satellite Radio and helped develop the technology that made it possible. In 2013, she was the highest-paid female CEO in the U.S., earning $38 million. She’s also a pioneer in the field of digitizing human consciousness. The ambassador for her efforts in that realm, Vermont-based Terasem Movement Foundation, is a robot, Bina48, created using the downloaded memories of her wife, Bina. In the 1990s, one of the couple’s daughters was diagnosed with pulmonary arterial hypertension, a fatal disease. In an effort


SESSION I: 10 A.M.-1 P.M., FREE SESSION II: 1:30-3:30 P.M. $10 IN ADVANCE; $15 DAY OF


About Martine Rothblatt:


to save her daughter’s life, Rothblatt researched possible treatments and started a biotech firm, United Therapeutics, to pursue them. Today the company sells five FDA-approved medicines that treat the disease; her daughter now works for the company. Still, the only cure is a lung transplant, and there’s a severe shortage of available organs. So United Therapeutics plans to manufacture them. To deliver the organs to recipients in time, the company needs a special kind of aircraft. That’s where Beta comes in. Sounds like science fiction, right? United Therapeutics is closer to its goal than you might think. That’s the takeaway from a July 31 Bloomberg Businessweek article about Rothblatt and her quest: “Pharma CEO Faces Personal Fight for a New Breed of Organ Donors.” The author outlines the challenges and Martine’s extraordinary background as a lawyer and a trans woman who came out in her forties. The story quotes Liana Moussatos, an analyst at an investment firm, who’s been tracking Rothblatt’s work. “Martine is a different kind of person in general,” said Moussatos. “From what I have seen, once she has her mind set on something, she’s going to figure it out.” That’s why we’re excited to conclude the 2021 Vermont Tech Jam with a special keynote presentation featuring Clark and Rothblatt. Seven Days writer Chelsea Edgar will moderate a conversation between these two extraordinary people about how they met, what led them to work together, and how their unique partnership has the potential to change Vermont — and the world. Martine Rothblatt is a visionary thinker with accomplishments across multiple fields. A lawyer and entrepreneur, she founded Sirius Satellite Radio. When her daughter was diagnosed with a rare lung disease, she started a biotech company, United Therapeutics, to work for a cure; it has since developed five FDA-approved medicines and is now working to create manufactured organs that can be used for transplants. A trans woman, Rothblatt is the author of numerous books, including From Transgender to Transhuman: A Manifesto on the Freedom of Form. She and her wife, Bina, cofounded the Vermont-based Terasem Movement Foundation. Rothblatt is also a licensed pilot; she recently received the Meritorious Service to Aviation award from the National Business Aviation Association.

About Kyle Clark:

An aerospace engineer and pilot, Beta Technologies founder and CEO Kyle Clark is a native Vermonter and craftsman. At Beta, he’s part of a team building the most extensive charging infrastructure in the United States, and the world’s most technologically advanced electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. Before founding Beta, Clark cofounded Venture.co, was director of engineering at Dynapower, and was a founding partner and vice president of engineering at iTherm Technologies. And before becoming a serial entrepreneur, he played right wing in the NHL’s Washington Capitals organization and earned a degree in materials science and engineering from Harvard University.

Hundreds of companies around the world are racing to pioneer electric aviation. 2021 VERMONT TECH JAM GUIDE



EXHIBITORS These companies and organizations will be exhibiting during Tech Jam, with tables set up in Hula’s Building 50. Most of them are looking for employees! lASIC North Booth 1, Williston, asicnorth.com

ASIC North was established in 2000 to deliver the highest-quality design services for application-specific integrated circuits. ASIC North works with hightech industry leaders and startups alike, providing comprehensive ASIC design solutions, leading-edge analog design and mask layout services in the world’s most advanced technologies. Its 65 employees are split between ASIC North’s Vermont headquarters and design centers in Arizona and North Carolina. In 2021, ASIC North was recognized as the No. 1 Best Place to Work in Vermont in the small business category by Vermont Business Magazine.

H lBioTek (part of Agilent) Booth 17, Winooski, biotek.com

BioTek, founded in a Charlotte garage in 1968 by University of Vermont professor Norman Alpert, has grown over the last 50 years into a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative life science instrumentation. Its product line includes cell imaging systems, microplate readers, washers, dispensers, automated incubators and stackers. These instruments enable life science research by providing highperformance, cost-effective analysis and quantification of biomolecules, biomolecular interactions, and cellular structure and function. California-based Agilent Technologies, a spin-off of Hewlett-Packard, acquired BioTek in 2019. BioTek’s 300-person Vermont team is now part of Agilent’s more than 16,000 employees worldwide.

lBluehouse Group Booth 22, Burlington, bluehousegroup.com

This digital agency has been offering website design and development, custom web applications, website hosting, and ongoing support for more than 20 years. Its secret sauce? User experience design. Bluehouse Group connects clients with their audience, whether those people are customers, prospects, distributors, partners, members or users. 8


Its staff brings creativity, technology and business smarts to every client relationship.

l Bytes.co Booth 35, Burlington, bytes.co

Bytes.co is a web design, digital marketing and development agency headquartered in Burlington. Its team specializes in platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Analytics. Since its founding in 2010, the company has grown from one person in a basement to a team of 22 across the U.S.

Hl C2 Booth 11, Colchester, competitive.com

Competitive Computing, aka C2, has received Vermont Business Magazine’s Best of Business award for IT service providers two years in a row. This IT consulting firm specializes in 24-7 comprehensive IT support that results in lower overhead, higher productivity and improved security. For 28 years, C2 has been trusted by innovative organizations throughout the U.S., Canada and the EU to deliver transformative technology solutions that drive competitive advantage. Several Vermont Tech Jam exhibitors are among its clients, including Benchmark Space Systems, Inntopia, Liquid Measurement Systems and NRG Systems. C2 was recently acquired by Xerox and is joining its IT services team.

HColdwell Banker Hickok & Boardman Booth 23, Burlington, hickokandboardman.com

Coldwell Banker Hickok & Boardman is a real estate agency serving the Vermont community with offices in Burlington, St. Albans and Vergennes. For more than 60 years, its experienced agents have guided individuals and families to the places they love and call home. The company is thrilled to sponsor this year’s Vermont Tech Jam and to work with attendees purchasing their first home or relocating from another area. Stop by its booth at Tech Jam to “picture yourself living here.”

lCreative MicroSystems Booth 33, Waitsfield, creativemicro.com

Creative Micro is a world leader in ruggedized, outdoor augmented reality display systems that use proprietary holographic Imageguide technology. Founded in 2005 by MIT Media Lab graduates Bill and Julie Parker, the company designs and develops advanced technologies in a 12,000-square-foot research and manufacturing facility. Creative Micro is always looking for creative and talented individuals, and its staff loves to talk tech.


BioTek, now part of Agilent, produces life science instruments used all over the globe. It was founded in a Charlotte garage. HlData Innovations Not attending, Colchester, datainnovations.com

Excellence in patient care starts in the lab, according to Data Innovations. The software company helps clinical labs of every size manage their equipment across multiple disciplines and locations, enabling them to harness innovation and optimize performance so they can focus on patients. Data Innovations has been the industry leader for more than 30 years. Though based in Vermont, it’s a global company serving more than 6,000 hospitals and labs in more than 85 countries. Data Innovations won’t be exhibiting at the Tech Jam, but the company is hiring a system administrator to work out of its Colchester office.

lDealerPolicy Booth 30, Williston, dealerpolicy.com

Five-year-old DealerPolicy is breaking the barriers of InsurTech. Its innovative technology allows car buyers to shop for insurance rates at the dealership and purchase a policy directly with one of its licensed agents. The fast-growing company, started by Vermonters Travis Fitzgerald and Jeff Mongeon, recently

obtained $110 million in investment funding. All of DealerPolicy’s technology is created and supported in-house by its engineering and product teams.

l Dynapower Booth 39, South Burlington, dynapower.com

Since 1963, Dynapower has designed and built power electronics that meet some of the most challenging power conversion demands for Fortune 500 companies, small enterprises, research institutions and government agencies. Dynapower’s 150 employees produce all manner of power electronics in its 150,000-square-foot facility. They find solutions for industries ranging from metal finishing and mining to chemical and steel production. By safely and reliably harnessing renewable energy, they have enabled utilities to turn off coal-fired plants and island nations to uncouple from pollution-causing diesel generators. They also help create clean drinking water, convert trash into energy, generate hydrogen to fuel zero-emission vehicles and sustainable manufacturing and recover and recycle metals from discarded electronics.

l Faraday Booth 43, Burlington, faraday.ai

Faraday helps client teams grow closer to their customers through responsible data and ethical AI. It has rejected web scraping, tracking cookies and other creepy tech since the day it started in 2012. The Faraday Prediction Cloud lets clients easily make and deploy consumer behavior predictions, radically improving targeting, personalization and customer engagement efforts at scale. Faraday is always on the lookout for smart, curious, caring problem solvers.

l Fresh​​Air Sensor Booth 9, Lebanon, N.H., freshairsensor.com

FreshAir offers the only technology available to detect and prevent unauthorized tobacco and marijuana smoking. Its Wi-Fi-enabled detection system is widely deployed in hotels, apartments and other professionally managed properties to sense smoking and certify no-smoking areas. When someone smokes, FreshAir provides an alert and a time-stamped report of the incident, giving scientific proof to enforce a nosmoking policy.

l Generac Power Systems Booth 18, South Burlington, drpower.com

Generac has led the power generation industry since 1959. The company is committed to sustainable, cleaner energy products poised to revolutionize the 21st-century electrical grid. This includes

DR Power in South Burlington and Mean Green Mowers in Ross, Ohio. The teams at DR Power and Mean Green are redefining professional grade outdoor power and chore equipment. Today, as a Generac company, DR offers a wide range of career possibilities. Generac is an innovative and dynamic organization powering a smarter world.

all phases of memory and full custom analog, digital and mixed-signal chip design, verification, and testing. Green Mountain Semiconductor is growing and excited to add more engineers to its team.

l Greensea Booth 16, Richmond, greensea.com

Founded in 2005, this local health care IT company has worked with more than 300 practices, hospitals and health care networks around the country. In February, industry research group KLAS, which interacts with health care professionals and clinicians, named Galen the nation’s top overall IT services firm. The company has also appeared on Modern Healthcare’s list of Best Places to Work for the past nine years and is looking to add to its 120-person team. Galen is headquartered in Hula Building 32 and will have a table among the exhibitors in Building 50.

Greensea is the creator of OPENSEA, an open architecture software platform, and is a world leader in navigation and autonomy technology for marine robotics. Since 2006, the company has successfully delivered more than 1,300 OPENSEA-based systems to the manned and unmanned maritime industry. Greensea directly supports several military programs with products, training and technology development, including explosive ordnance disposal using miniature marine robotics, Special Operations Forces combat diving, and ship hull robotics. Greensea also provides OPENSEA software products and services to manufacturers and developers throughout the marine industry.


l Hack Club

Booth 15, Burlington, generatorvt.com

Booth 7, Shelburne, hackclub.com

Generator is a business incubator, artist studio and classroom focused on the intersection of art, science and technology. In partnership with schools and community-based nonprofits, Generator provides hands-on science, technology, engineering, arts and math education, as well as work-based learning programs, to underserved and historically marginalized youth in an effort to create pipelines to STEAM careers. As a community space, it provides technologically advanced equipment paired with skillbased education for all ages.

Hack Club is the largest network of highly technical teenagers in the world. Run by engineers, the nonprofit inspires, motivates and engages teenagers in using code to build real projects in the real world. Supported by Elon Musk and other tech builders, Hack Clubbers run their own afterschool computer science clubs in their high schools; hang out in Hack Club’s online community; and build

l Galen Healthcare Solutions Booth 8, galenhealthcare.com

H lGlobalFoundries Booth 25, Essex Junction, gf.com

One of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, GlobalFoundries has 14 locations across three continents, including one here in Vermont. Its 15,000 employees work with more than 200 global customers, providing a unique mix of design, development and fabrication services to bring innovative products to market.

lGreen Mountain Semiconductor Booth 10, Burlington, greenmountainsemi.com

Green Mountain Semiconductor is a design services, consulting and IP company founded in 2014 by a group of engineers from some of the leading R&D centers in the industry. Today, its highly skilled staff includes engineers experienced in

WATCH ONLINE Can’t come to

Tech Jam in person? Seven Days staff will be talking with representatives from the following exhibitors and streaming the conversations online via the Seven Days Facebook page: • • • •

11 a.m. 11:30 a.m. Noon 12:30 p.m.

Parker LORD OnLogic Mascoma Bank Liquid Measurement Systems

most demanding of applications for the global energy and chemical industries; 60 percent of operating nuclear stations in North America use Hayward Tyler pumps. Its global workforce of more than 300 employees collaborates across three continents, with facilities in the U.S., England, India and China.

lInaccess Booth 29, Williston, inaccess.com

Inaccess is battling climate change by transforming energy infrastructure with data. Founded in 2000, Inaccess provides monitoring, analytics and controls for solar, wind and battery storage plants, with 24GW of solar assets in management around the world. Its


The oldest company at Tech Jam? Hayward Tyler, founded in 1814 in the UK. In 1908, it developed the world’s first submersible motor. actual projects with partners like GitHub, SpaceX and Dogecoin. Hack Club’s mission is to create a generation of hackers — curious, optimistic and technical young people who love to tinker to solve problems.

l Hayward Tyler Booth 19, Colchester, haywardtyler.com

This advanced engineering and manufacturing company was founded more than two centuries ago in the UK, in 1814. In 1908, it developed the world’s first submersible motor. Today it designs, manufactures and services performance-critical electric motors and pumps to meet the

international team of 170 employees includes a small and growing group in Vermont committed to addressing the climate crisis. Open positions include project manager, SCADA engineer, network engineer, CAD technician, support technician, build technician, supply chain/purchasing agent and administrative assistant.

lInntopia Booth 41, Stowe, inntopia.com

Inntopia builds software that helps resorts and hotels merge data and product inventory from different systems to provide a better booking and marketing experience for their customers.

Founded in 2001, the company now has more than 70 employees and works with hundreds of resorts and hotels across the world, including Vail Resorts, Alterra Mountain Company, Sun Valley, Jay Peak, Palmetto Dunes and POWDR.

l Liquid Measurement Systems Booth 12, Georgia, liquidmeasurement.com

Founded 30 years ago in Vermont, Liquid Measurement Systems works to deliver best-in-industry fuel measurement and management solutions for aerospace and defense applications. LMS designs, develops, certifies and manufactures electromechanical systems and components, each to meet technical requirements unique to the aircraft. Its team of just under 50 employees is agile and responsive — and growing. In 2021, for the eighth time, Vermont Business Magazine included LMS on its list of Best Places to Work in Vermont.

l Macro-Eyes Booth 3, Burlington, macro-eyes.com

This fully remote company with a dedicated desk at Hula builds artificial intelligence technology. Its clients operate in some of the world’s most dynamic and uncertain environments. Macro-Eyes’ AI catalyzes visibility, behavior and forecasting into predictive, resilient infrastrastructure. For example, a leading U.S. heart hospital uses the company’s AI to cut the time that patients wait for care from 55 days to 12, increasing access without adding clinical hours to the day. Macro-Eyes has a rigorously horizontal culture that values diversity of every kind. A significant proportion of its team is devoted to machine learning.






H lMarvell Booth 20, Burlington, marvell.com

Trusted by the world’s leading technology companies for 25 years, Marvell moves, stores, processes and secures the world’s data with semiconductor solutions designed for customers’ current needs and future ambitions. Marvell’s Vermont location is focused on leading-edge 3nm and 5nm custom ASIC development and solutions tailored to U.S. government needs. Driven by rapid growth in these businesses, Marvell is adding talented innovators to its Burlington team.

lNextCapital Booth 27, Burlington, nextcapital.com

Since its launch in 2014, NextCapital has been a top provider of financial accounts services and investor portfolio management solutions. The first company to build an automated 401k finance system, NextCapital places each client’s financial future in their own hands by sharing personalized expert advice and software services built for securing satisfying retirement plans and investments. Its mission is to help everyone retire successfully. Based in Chicago, NextCapital is seeking a lead software engineer for its Vermont satellite office.

lNorthern Digital, Inc. Booth 24, Shelburne, ndigital.com

NDI makes tracking systems that have helped transform image-guided surgery and interventional procedures over the past decade. They work by generating a defined electromagnetic field in which electromagnetic microsensors are tracked. These small sensors can be used in minimally invasive approaches, and can be embedded into medical instruments such as catheters, endoscopes, guidewires and needle tips. Using the sensors’ tracking data, the image-guided surgery system can localize and visualize the instrument as it’s navigated through the body. Smaller sensors allow smaller instruments into hard-to-reach areas, for use during delicate or complex surgical procedures. No line of sight is needed. Sub-millimeter tracking accuracy and precision support reliable — and confident — in vivo instrument navigation.



Hl Norwich University Booth 26, Northfield, norwich.edu

With 35 academic programs on campus and numerous options online, Norwich University educates students in the tradition of university founder captain Alden Partridge. It provides students with the means, motivation, confidence and empathy to address today’s realworld scenarios, through hands-on learning enhanced by a liberal arts foundation of critical thinking. The College of Professional Schools, one of five schools that make up the entire university, covers a unique breadth of technical fields, including business cybersecurity, data science, computing, nursing, architecture and construction, as well as civil, electrical and mechanical engineering. Norwich University’s Applied Research Institute is currently seeking a project manager and a security situation center analyst.

l NPI Technology Management Booth 31, South Burlington, npi.net

NPI Technology Management has provided IT services to organizations and

include smart technologies for a range of wind, solar and meteorological applications. Over 40 percent of employees have been with NRG for 10 years or more — a testament to their passion and dedication to making NRG’s vision a reality, and to their pride in being part of an industry intent on forging a more sustainable path.

HlOnLogic Booth 13, South Burlington, onlogic.com

OnLogic designs and manufactures specialized computers and hardware solutions for companies all over the world. Its computers are designed to work where others would fail. To achieve its vision of being the first choice in industrial computing, OnLogic has built a team of ambitious problem solvers, guided by the company’s core values of being open, fair, innovative and independent. The company has an open office and open salaries, and it strives for fair and transparent decision making.

lOpen Approach Booth 37, Bristol, openapproach.com

This growing, full-service IT support company is a one-stop shop, a roundthe-clock, do-it-until-it’s-right company. As a managed services provider, Open Approach delivers full-spectrum, expe-


Two Vermont companies announced more than $100 million in venture capital investing this year: DealerPolicy and Beta Technologies. Both are exhibiting at Tech Jam. businesses in Vermont and neighboring states for more than 30 years. The company acts as the entire IT department for smaller organizations and comanages key infrastructure for larger organizations. NPI provides everything from voice and security services to end-user, workstation and application support. Its growing team of approximately 15 dedicated professionals provides roundthe-clock support.

l NRG Systems, Inc. Booth 38, Hinesburg, nrgsystems.com

NRG Systems is a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc., a global provider of highly engineered products and solutions to end-markets including the aerospace, electric utility and renewable energy industries. NRG Systems started pioneering products for the wind industry in the early 1980s. As climate challenges became more numerous and complex, it expanded its offerings to

dited solutions with an empathic approach. That means getting to know its clients and crafting customized solutions to meet their needs while also leaving them room to grow. Its staff love being challenged to find innovative solutions to IT problems both tricky and mundane.

lParker LORD Booth 4, Williston, parker.com

MicroStrain is a subsidiary of Parker Hannifin and consistently voted one of the Best Places to Work in Vermont. It develops cutting-edge products used to solve difficult engineering problems and offers the experience of working in a small company atmosphere while enjoying the benefits of a large corporation. MicroStrain is a leading manufacturer of very small, highly accurate sensing systems, including inertial measurement systems, micro-displacement transducers, wireless sensor networks and energy harvesting technologies. MicroStrain

grew out of research performed at the University of Vermont’s orthopedic lab in 1986 and continues to recruit heavily from the local area.

l QGenda Booth 32, South Burlington, qgenda.com

Qgenda creates health care workforce management solutions that allow hospitals to schedule employees, track time and compensation, and offer insights that help reduce costs and increase patient access. Its products are used by 93 percent of academic medical centers and 86 percent of hospitals and health systems around the country. The Atlanta, Ga.-based company believes that investing in employees improves its products and services and makes work-life balance a high priority.

QOR360 Booth 42, Colchester, qor360.com

Dr. Turner Osler, a career academic trauma surgeon at the University of Vermont Medical Center, observed that enforced periods of prolonged, static and unnatural sitting posture damages day-to-day health and shortens one’s lifespan. With a team of furniture designers and bodywork experts, Osler set out to make his vision of a more healthy sitting experience a reality. The result was QOR360. Inspired by traditions of yoga, aikido, Feldenkrais and bodywork, the QOR360 uses proprietary technology to provide a sitting surface that rocks in every direction, allowing the spine to adopt its natural, perfect posture while sitting.

l Red Leaf Software, LLC Booth 28, Colchester, redleafsoft.com

Red Leaf started in 2005 as a dedicated, nimble and personal web consultancy. Over the last 15 years, it has built many successful projects by being transparent and open — and treating clients as a part of the team. Red Leaf’s broad expertise in modern web, mobile, cloud and AI technologies makes it a perfect partner for startups that need help bringing minimum viable products to the market.

l Resonant Link Booth 14, Shelburne, resonant-link.com

Resonant Link is building best-in-class wireless chargers to accelerate electrification in multiple multibillion-dollar markets, such as robotics, material handling and electric vehicles. Its wireless chargers are unmatched in speed, price, weight and size. It has landed leading customers in every sector — including four Fortune 500 companies — to power their mission-critical applications. Its growing team is a mix of PhD engineers;

industry veterans from Tesla, Apple, Motiv and Dynapower; and ex-founders and early stage leaders, all coming together to rethink the charging paradigm.

lRevision Military Booth 6, Essex Junction, revisionmilitary.com

Revision develops and delivers purpose-built eye protection for military and tactical use worldwide. Its 53,000-square-foot facility includes a state-of-the-art manufacturing clean room, which houses North America’s premier lens-molding equipment and coating line. Revision’s team of roughly 140 employees includes many veterans, native Vermonters and New Americans, who assemble 100 percent of Revision eyewear in-house.

lSOOS Booth 2, Winooski, soos.io

SOOS is a software analysis company focused on security and compliance. Its platform works with continuing-integration and continuing-delivery pipelines so developers can find, fix, manage and monitor their open-source vulnerabilities. Founder and chief engineering officer Josh Jennings teamed up with CEO Rich Tarrant and CFO Jerry Tarrant, founders of MyWebGrocer, for this new venture. Jennings and several members of the SOOS leadership team are MWG alums. The company is based at the Champlain Mill and will be hiring for several positions in the next few months.


microsurgery, and biomedicine. It also offers customized, application-specific configurations in the four major brands — Zeiss, Leica, Olympus and Nikon — to suit a lab’s exacting requirements and budget. Founder John Oren is eager to talk with potential employees and clients at Tech Jam.

to these community partners who brought Tech Jam back in 2021!


You can find a job fighting climate change at Tech Jam. Multiple exhibitors are working on renewable energy storage, battery charging and efficiency solutions. HVermont Technology Council Not attending, Burlington, vermonttechnologycouncil.com

The Vermont Technology Council exists to build a strong, vibrant and flexible economy in the state. It creates an ecosystem in which science, technology, innovation, R&D, entrepreneurship, training and talent development for leaders and workers are available to support a prosperous economy and a sustainable environment for all Vermonters.

Booth 36, Winooski, veic.org


A nonprofit organization with 260 employees working from offices in Vermont; Washington, D.C.; and Columbus, Ohio, VEIC is dedicated to generating energy solutions that the world needs. It works with organizations across the energy landscape to create immediate and lasting change. Since 1986, it has partnered with clients around the country navigating complex energy challenges. With expertise in energy efficiency, building and transportation electrification — and new approaches for a clean and flexible grid — VEIC brings solutions to the market.

VIP is the leader in technology for breweries, wineries, distributors, soda bottlers and other companies in the beverage industry. From helping distributors improve their warehouse, delivery and sales operations to empowering suppliers to know where their products are sold, VIP’s innovative software applications are instrumental in helping these businesses succeed. Employee-owned VIP has a 50-year history and has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Vermont for its engaging and employeefocused culture.

lVermont Optechs


Booth 34, Colchester, public.vtinfo.com

HVermont Technology Alliance

Booth 40, Charlotte, scopeshop.com

Booth 21, Burlington, vtta.org

Since 1986, Vermont Optechs has been a trusted and knowledgeable reseller of research-grade optical microscopes to customers in the materials sciences and biomedicine arenas in universities and industries worldwide. It caters to the fields of minerals exploration, climate and environmental science, mineralogy, metallurgy and semiconductors, pharma,

The Vermont Technology Alliance is the only statewide organization focused on Vermont’s tech business sector. Its mission is to support, promote and grow technology jobs and technologydriven businesses and organizations in 2v-VtTechCouncil102021 1 Vermont. Visit the VTTA booth at Tech Jam to learn about job opportunities at member companies.

10/7/21 2:08 PM




SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23 @ HULA 50 Lakeside Ave. (off Pine St.), Burlington Free parking opposite Innovation Center Get tickets and info at techjamvt.com



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Liquid Measurement Systems......... 12 Macro-Eyes....................................... 3 Marvell............................................... 20 Mascoma Bank................................. 541 New Breed........................................ 102/103 Next Capital...................................... 27 Northern Digital, Inc......................... 24 Norwich University............................ 26 NPI Technology Management......... 31 NRG Systems.................................... 38 OhMD................................................ 450 OnLogic............................................. 13 Open Approach............................... 37 OVR Technology.............................. 750 Parker LORD ..................................... 4 Punchpass......................................... 430 QGenda............................................ 32 QOR360............................................ 42 RCxRules........................................... 109 Red Leaf Software............................ 28 Resonant Link................................... 14 Revision Military................................ 6 SOOS................................................. 2 THINKMD........................................... 830 VEIC................................................... 36 VIP...................................................... 34 Vermont Optechs............................. 40 Vermont Technology Alliance......... 21






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