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SEVEN DAYS | april 09-16, 2008 | classifieds 59B [click on classifieds]

ADMINISTRATIVE POSITIONS FRANKLIN CENTRAL SU SVD19580 Athletic Dir FRANKLIN WEST SU SVD19599 Dir of Curr, Instr & Assess CHITTENDEN EAST SU SVD19380 Student Activities Coord FRANKLIN NORTHEAST SU SVD19243 Dir of Guid & Couns Svcs SVD18752 Elementary Principal


SVD19978 Social Studies Tchr SVD19354 SPED Instr Assts SVD19873 SPED Tchr SVD19622 V. Boys Ice Hockey Coach ADDISON CENTRAL SU SVD18780 Design and Tech Tchr SVD19450 Elem Classroom Tchr SVD19265 Foreign Lang Latin Tchr SVD19643 Instructional Asst(s) SVD19872 Speech/Lang Path SVD19616 Temp Vocal Music Tchr FRANKLIN CENTRAL SU SVD19224 Gr 7-8 Lang Arts Tchr SVD18792 Classroom Paraprofessional SVD18832 ESL - Bilingual Tutor (Spanish) - Migrant Ed Progr

SVD19973 K-4 Guid Couns, LT Sub Aug 08 - April 09

SVD19875 PT Guid Counselor SVD19884 Pre-K Tchr SVD19967 World Lang Educator CHITTENDEN CENTRAL SU SVD19741 Business Academy Tchr SVD19796 Coaching Positions SVD19890 Computer Tech/User Support Spec SVD19790 Crossing Guard SVD19980 Custodian SVD19802 Gr 5 Tchr SVD19041 Instrumental Music Tchr SVD19838 Interventionist (Children w/ Autism) SVD19857 K-5 World Lang Tchr SVD19635 Parking Lot Attendant SVD19862 Phys Ed/Health & Wellness Tchr SVD19804 Reading Specialist SVD16533 Sub Tchrs, Sub Paras, & Sub Support Staff

SVD19226 K-4 Tchr SVD18706 Open Doors Prog Coord (St. Albans

FRANKLIN NORTHEAST SU BURLINGTON SD SVD18523 Math Tchr City School) SVD19051 Gr 6 Tchr, LT Sub SVD18532 School Psychologist (Antic) SVD18400 Paraeducator SVD19499 Admin Asst SVD19464 Design Visual Commun Prog Instr SVD19659 Paraeducators SVD19418 Design and Illustration SVD19217 Library Media Specialist SVD16962 Paraprofessional Early Child Progs SVD19715 Gr 3 Tchr SVD19600 School Nurse SVD19223 Phys Ed Tchr SVD19885 Elem, Upper Primary SVD19275 Social Studies Tchr SVD19276 Phys Ed Tchr, 0.8 FTE SVD19112 ESL Tchrs SVD19420 Special Educator SVD19972 School Nurse (Antic) SVD19052 Gr 7/8 Math, LT Sub SVD19218 Special Educator SVD19974 Social Studies Tchr SVD19615 Math Tchr, LT Sub SVD19219 Special Educator SVD19971 SPED Tchr (Antic) SVD19373 Paraeducator SVD19281 Special Educator SVD19277 Speech/Lang Path SVD19424 Paraeducator SVD19282 Speech/Lang Path SVD19225 Speech/Lang Path SVD18762 Paraeducator SVD19107 Preschool/SPED Tchr CHITTENDEN SOUTH SU FRANKLIN WEST SU SVD19113 Science Tchr, Physics SVD19003 Intens Needs Spec Educator SVD19403 Foreign Lang Tchr SVD19785 Science/Biology LT Sub SVD19004 K-5 Spec Educator SVD19331 MS Music Tchr SVD19376 Social Studies, 1 Yr SVD19475 Gr 6-8 Social Studies Tchr SVD19630 Preschool Instr Asst International teaching jobs see link on SchoolSpring websiteSpeech/Lang Path (Antic) SVD19490 Social Studies/History SVD19005 SVD19628 Preschool EEE Tchr SVD19714 SPED - Intens Spec Needs SVD18684 Food Service Dir SVD19809 Spec Educator SVD19054 SPED Tchr, LT Sub SVD18984 Food Svc Workers SVD19629 Speech/Lang Tchr SVD19422 Tech Ed SVD18939 High Needs Para SVD19665 Library Asst SPRINGFIELD SD COLCHESTER SD SVD19899 Math Tchr, 0.50 FTE (Antic) SVD18935 Guid Counselor SVD19625 Asst Boys V. Ice Hockey Coach SVD18905 Science Tchr SVD19979 English Tchr INTERNATIONAL JOBS SVD19470 JV Asst Football Coach CHITTENDEN EAST SU See Link on Home Page SVD19471 JV Field Hockey Coach SVD19612 CESU Tech Support Spec SVD19469 JV Girls Soccer Coach SVD19718 Intens Needs SPED SVD19977 Mathematics Tchr SVD19854 Learning Resource Tchr

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Seven Days, April 9, 2008  

Why Natalie Garza Won’t Give Up the Seach for Her Son; Breaking Down the Compost Saga; Youngest House Representative Faces an Old Battle; Ea...

Seven Days, April 9, 2008  

Why Natalie Garza Won’t Give Up the Seach for Her Son; Breaking Down the Compost Saga; Youngest House Representative Faces an Old Battle; Ea...

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