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IQRA ONLINE Tuesday February 8th

‫مالكی وحنبلی‬، ‫شافعی‬، ‫اہلسنت والجماعت فقہ حنفی‬

Volume 1, Issue 1

First News Letter of Group Ahl e Sunnah Wal Jumaat Special points of interest:  Group Ahl e Sunnah wal jumaat announcements  New Admins of the Group  New User Themes  12th Rabiulawal special  New articles on different subjects

Alhamdolillah we have finished our 100th article on the issues of faith and Islam recently and in this blessed month of Rabi-ul – awal Sharif .First time our news letter is been made and published online. I am personally very thankful to all users of our group for being there with us and sharing knowledge of the truth . Let me announce our admins first 1.Laiba 2.Amina

May Allah reward us all on the ways of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for having us combine here as an Ummah and giving us a chance to share our thoughts and think with other Muslim brothers and sisters.

‫اہلسنت والجماعت‬


Insha-Allah we will be among those who are on the right path and who does not need any other cast or nation else then Muslim Brotherhood.

3.Ali 4.Bilal Khan 5.Zeeshan

Inside this issue: New administrators 2 Arrival Group

Many congragulations and hope that we will make it more efficient and effective than any other network on social desk.

Regards Admin Laila Hashmi

‫ل یلی ہاشمی‬


12 ‫ربیع االول شریف‬ About Linkvi


Wazaifs of 12th R/ 3 awal shareef. Theme Story



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‫اس مقدس اور پاک مهینے میں جس میں‬

‫اور دنیاوي و دینی ركاوٹوں كو خل كرنے یک‬

‫وامرے مدین آقا صاخب تاج والمعراج‬

‫دعا كر یں ۔ اہلل وم سب كو اسوہ ء خسنہ پر‬

‫صاخبءبراق والعلم خضرت سیدنا دمحم ء‬

‫حلنے كو توفیق عطا فرمائے اور ومیں امیان كے‬

‫مصطفی علیہ التحیہ والثناء ترشیف الئے اس‬

‫پهلے درجے پر رهنے یک توفیق عطا فرمائے آمنی‬

‫دنیائے فاین میں كوشیش كر یں كہ ز یادہ سے‬

‫ثم آمنی‬

‫ز یادہ آة جناب یک شانءرسالت میں درود‬ ‫شر یف كے حتفے پیش كر یں اور اپنی عاقبت‬

New Islamic Theme for Users for specially 12th of Rabiulawal .

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New Administrators

Love the Nature

This is a very joyful moment for me to announce our administration team for the group of i-e Ahl-eSunnah-Wal-Jumaat. Its almost one and a half year now with our relation to this network and our work for our Ummah in proper way and rightful way with manners and politeness . In this Rabi-ul-Awal we are pronouncing our team of active members in the group who spent their time for learning the truth and brotherhood of one Nation that is Ummat –e– Muhammadi ( ‫ )صلی اہلل علیہ وسلم‬. My message to all new admins

and old ones as well is to do hard work and give sometime to the work of Allah whenever you got time from your busy lives. Religion and specially ISLAM is the most beautiful and most merciful religion of the world of polytheists. Its better to give time to our real knowledge which we have left behind from centuries and that’s the reason of our suffering in this world. May Almighty guide us all the right way and beautiful path of ISLAM.

Arrival Section Arrivals Group Freemasonry and its goals by the eyes of videos are given in this group.

Arrival group is one of the best groups working and continuously working on the subject of freemasons and giving us very brief video presentations of the related stuff. This group was made by Brother Zeeshan. Who is also an active member of our group ahl e sunnah wal jumaat and is trying to share with us the different theories and videos

which you may also can find on youtube but here in the Arrivals group you will find it combined. Must have to see it and learn and then spread the truth among our people to wake up to these end times and think once again seriously for the benefit and sake of our own EMAAN.

About Linkvi is the popular name among the growing community of people mostly Pakistani’s and aboard . m a ning social work community

Linkvi provides each and every user a place where one can share his/her thoughts and views through several means like blogs, articles, groups, etc and make it a beautiful place to surf online with knowledge and points of interest .

This is indeed a place where you can easily share , and get many helpful resources regarding your jobs search, reading hobby, music, videos, theories, also you can find beneficiary ebooks related to your subjects freely without any cost. All software reviews available softwares and much much more and completely free of any cost.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

New User Profile Themes ‫جیسےکہ آپسبکو پتہہے کہ‬ ‫ہناریکوشیض رہی ہے کہآپ کی‬ ‫خدمتمیں جس حدتکمنکًہو‬ ‫سکےاسالمیسروسزفریمہیاکریں‬ ‫اسیسلسلے کیایککڑی یوزرز کی‬ ‫پروفائل بھیہے جہاں سےآپاپيی‬ ‫یوزر پروفائل کےلئے ىتىئےڈیزائيز اور‬ ‫تھینزمفتاستعنال کرسکتےہیںاور‬ ‫ىہ ظرو یہ بلکہکوئي بھیسپیصلتھیه‬ ‫کی بھی درخواست کرسکتے‬ ‫ہیں۔اسکےعالوہہنارےمنبرز کی‬ ‫تعاویر جًمیںاسالمی‬ ‫گرافکساوردیگرسوفٹوئیرز‬،‫آرٹ‬ ‫بھی استعنال میں السکتےہیں۔بارہ‬ ‫ربیع االول کیمياسبتسےمیںىے‬

‫ایک اسالمیتھیهڑیزائً کیہےجو‬ ‫کہہر کسیکوفری میسرہےہنارے‬ ‫گروپاہلسيتوالجناعتکے‬ ‫ڑسکصًسیکصًمیںجہاں سےآپکو‬ ‫ىہظرف تھیهاستعنالکرىےکاطریقہ‬ ‫معلووپڑےگابلکہاپيیاسالوسے‬ ‫محبتکااظہاراسالمیتھینزاور وال‬ ‫پیپرزلگا کربھیکرسکیںگے۔امید‬ ‫کرتیہوںکہ میری یہکاوطآپکو‬ ‫پسيد آئے گی۔‬

‫اسالمی تھیم کا عکس‬ ‫۔فری ڈاؤنلوڈ کریں اور‬ ‫استعمال کرکے ثواب‬ ‫حاصل کریں۔‬

‫از‬ ‫لیلیہاشنی‬

Waza’ifs of 12th Rabiulawal Sharif


Assalamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmat-

pletion of the 16 Raka’ah recite the


ullahi wa Barakatuhu

following Durood one thousand





RASULLALLAH Salla Allahu ta’ala

The above Durood when continued


‘alayhi wa Sallam

to be recited daily for 12 days {one


This thread is for all of you to con-

thousand times each day} after

tribute of any duas, wazifas and

Salatul ‘Isha, and then going to

nawafils that you are aware off to

sleep in the state of wudu, the

share with your Brothers and sis-

reciter will Inshaallah Ta’la see the

ters in Islam.

Beloved Rasool Salla Allahu ta’ala

First Rabi ul awwal one should

‘alayhi wa Sallam If any one who recites in the month of Rabi-ul-Awwal one hundred and twenty five thousand times any one of the following 2 Durood will certainly see the beloved Rasool Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallamin a dream InshAllah.

perform 16 Raka’h Nafl , in sections of 2 Raka’ah and intentions of 2 Raka’ah each and in each Raka’ah recite after Surah Al-Fatihah, Surah Ikhlas 3 times and after the com-

May Allah ‘s Blessings upon this day of 12th Rabiulawal and show us the true wisdom and enlightenment of Noor e Elahiya *Jallawashanuhu, and guide us the true way of Uswa-eHassanah . Jazak Allahu Khayra

“‫اللھمہ صلی علی سیدنا محمد‬ ‫وعلی آل سیدنا محمد“ کما صلیت‬ ‫علی سیدنا ابراھیم وعلی آل سیدنا‬ ‫ابراھیم انک حمید“ مجید‬


Http:// A Group dedicated by devoted Muslims for the sake of knowledge and making bridge among users who are online to contribute in the common cause and common faith of ISLAM and Deen e Muhammadi Alayhisalam. Basically belongs to Hanafi School of Fiqa, and welcoming all of our brothers to understand the true meaning of Islamic Brotherhood .We are one Nation One “ummah” without any boundries and sectarian clashes.Join us to share knowledge among each other so that we can better understand other’s point of view will all due respect and appreciation because our cause is just one our One and Only ALLAH (SWT) and His Blessed of the Blessed Prophet Muhammad Alyhisalam.

Islamic Group of Ahl e Sunnah Wal Jumaat Fiqa e Hanafi. Portel address: Ahlesunnahwaljumat/ For Submitting articles : Or admin : Laila

Islamic calligraphical wallpapers and themes can be found there.

Ahle Sunnah wal Jumaat

Wazaif of 12th Rabiulawal Sharif Fasting on the First of Rabi ul

Some acts to be carried out on

Throughout this month reciting

Awwal is also recommended.

12th Rabi ul Awwal Eid Milad Un

of darood shareef in abundance

12th Rabi ul Awwal EID MILAD

Nabi Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa

carries great virtues/sawaab

UN NABI Salla Allahu ta’ala


inshallah. Jazakallah

‘alayhi wa Sallam

* To perform Ghusal

After Zuhar namaaz read the

* Wear New Clothes

follwing nawafils.

* Greet Each other

Offer two rakaat prayer, In first

* Give Charity

Rakaat after surah fateha recite

* Keep Fast

Surah e Kafiroon three times, in

* stay up all night and recite the

second rakaat after surah fateha

Quran/ darood shareef and

recite sura e Ikhlas three times

attend mehfils.


This week special on news channels Widow of man killed by Davis commits suicide

Updated at: 1055 PST, Monday, February 07, 2011

LAHORE: The wife of one of two motorcyclists shot dead by a US government employee last month committed suicide on Sunday due to sheer frustration that she may not get justice in view of the pressure being built to get the American released. The US consular employee, whom Pakistani police identified as Raymond Davis, was arrested on January 27 after shooting dead Mohammad Faheem and Faizan Haider, claiming he acted in self-defence fearing the pair were about to rob him. A third person was knocked down and killed by a vehicle from the US consulate in Lahore that tried to rescue Davis. The American was arrested by the police and a case of double murder was registered against him. "Mohammad Faheem's wife Shumaila on Sunday morning took poisonous pills and she was taken to the Allied Hospital" in Faisalabad city, local police chief Usman Anwar told AFP. Hospital doctor Ali Naqi confirmed the suicide attempt, describing her condition is critical. "We are trying our best but we cannot say anything so far," Naqi told AFP. He quoted Shumaila as saying that she feared Davis could be released without trial. Shumaila told a private TV channel that she was upset over reports that efforts were being made to secure his release. "I was under shock and decided to kill myself," she said. "We want blood for blood," she told the channel. Faheem's brother Mohammad Waseem told AFP that Shumaila, 18, was plunged into a "severe depression" by her husband's death. She took the pills before dawn and was rushed to the hospital early Sunday, he said. Despite strenuous efforts by the doctors, Shumaila's life could not be saved. Heavy contingents of police surrounded the Allied Hospital and evacuated the ward whereas the Elite Force was deployed near the main gate of the hospital to avoid any untoward incident. Earlier, after first aid, Shumaila Kanwal told media persons at the hospital that she took poisonous tablets that are normally used to keep wheat stored at home protected from pests and insects which led her condition to the worst. Shumaila appealed to PML-N's Quaid Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif that justice should be ensured and demanded punishment to Raymond Davis. Fahim's brother said they feared that authorities were trying to protect Raymond Davis and they would not get the justice. He too appealed to high authorities and the government to act against the assassin.

Tuesday Feb 8.2011

NEWS AND REVIEWS National and International News of the Week Selections

LINKVI NEWS Whats going on linkvi and what are the latest updates New information on the topic of freemasonry and the creation of satanic state of the un holy Israel of now a days by Rothschild family has been added in video section where you can see the whole creation of banking empire in film which they didn't want you to see. Available now (Posted by Laila) ====================================================================== New Funny Pictures has been added to the Picture of the Month Section. (contributors : Laiba, Naila, Laila, Zeeshan,Abdullah ktk) ====================================================================== New Interesting online marriage pictures and love stories into “Ali”s Group “Zarorat e Rishta”.Be a part of it (Group by ALI)

====================================================================== A place where you can find reviews about different operating systems and softwares (Moderator: Zeeshan) Join Us Today ==================================================================================================

====================================================================== ======================================================================

‫‪February 2011‬‬ ‫‪Sat‬‬



































‫قل ھو اہلل احد اہلل الصمد لم یلد ولم یولد ولم یكن لہ کفون“احد۔سورہ‬ ‫قل شر یف ۔‪ 30‬واں پارہ ۔القرآن الحكیم ۔‬

Wallpapers A beautiful range of wallpapers has been regularly updated in our forum’s users albums and pictures sections..Where you can find Islamic pictures,Personal albums, funny pictures, news cutouts and clips.Even you can contribute it like or dosnt like it with comments and vote sections.

This is a Sample NewsLetter For the Group Ahl e Sunnah Wal Jumaat . All rights reserved to the Group owner. This is first attempt of making journal online for all users kindly send us your articles ,thoughts,news, poetry whatever you like .You may also can send to our Group Moderators. Such that : Laila , Amina , Laiba, Ali , Zeeshan, Bilal khan Or you can also send them directly to admins . Contacting email: Users outside Team:AHL E SUNNAH WAL JUMAAT

Iqra online (SAMPLE)  


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