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IBM Mobile Block Plant

IBM 1000-4 Mobile Block Plant The IBM 1000-4 is a concrete products machine that produces four units (eight inch or 200 mm equivalents) at-a-time. (Please see production chart) The IBM 1000-4 can produce architectural, pavers, landscape and standard concrete masonry products in a wide variety of styles and colors. The IBM 1000 is the perfect concrete product machine for your facility, if you are starting a new concrete product business and want to achieve high production efficiency in a limited space with an economical machine and demand the highest standards or want to add production capacity at a reasonable cost. The IBM 1000-4 can be installed almost anywhere because it requires less floor space than other four-at-a-time machines. This concrete products machine can be set up with either a right or a left side concrete conveyor feeder. Electrical hookups are simplified to make installation easy and economical. Quality Quality is the standard of IBM machinery. Highly skilled staff follows the stringent IBM quality assurance system during the design, manufacture, assembly and testing of the equipment. All IBM equipment is manufactured with precision machinery, insuring consistent quality every time. This attention to detail translates into concrete products machines that produce the world’s most dimensionally precise, aesthetically pleasing concrete masonry units in its class. Versatility The versatility of the IBM 1000-4 makes it a great utility machine. Can be used as the primary or in tandem with other concrete products machine in times of peak demand and then can be changed to produce specialty products. The IBM 1000-4 is engineered for fast and simple mold changes. The machine needs little regulation in normal use and is easy to set-up and adjusts for frequently changing production jobs. Easy Maintenance The design of the IBM 1000-4 hydraulic system simplifies routine maintenance. Valves and other hydraulic components are mounted outside of the concrete products machine for immediate access.


IBM 1000-4 Mobile Block Plant Specifications


Production Rates • Total Cycle Time (in seconds): 30 • Cycles Per Minute: up to 2-3 • Concrete Masonry Units (8” equivalents per minute): 8-10


• Concrete Masonry Units (8” equivalents per hour): 270 • Production area: 650” square (16510 mm square) Note: Optimum production rates depend upon many variables. Actual production may vary from this example. See chart.

Front View

Vibration • 3 hp (1.5 kW) motor Hydraulic Pump Size • 16 gallons (60.5 liters) per minute 7.5 hp (5.59 kW) motor Dimensions/Weight • A. Width: 5’ (1525 mm)

Left Side View

• B. Height: 8’ (2438.4 mm) • C. Length: 11’ (3352.8 mm)


• D. Conveyor feeder length 18’ (5486.4 mm) • Weight: 10,200 lbs ( 4627 kg) • Block Delivery Height: 33” (838.2 mm) • Pallet Size: 33 3/4” x 24” x 5/8” (857.25 mm x 609.6 mm x 15.87 mm) (other pallet sizes available) • Product Height: 14” (355.6 mm) high


Voltages • Control Circuit: 220-240 V., single phase, 60 or 50 Hertz • Motors: 220-240 V., single or 3 phase, 60 or 50 Hertz (other voltages are available)

Top View

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IBM 1000-4 Stationary Hydraulic Block Making Machine Production Chart Size Of Molds: Calculated upon customers request. This machine can run any type of cement block including pavers. IBM 1000-4 Production:

Blocks Per Cycle

8 Hr Day

10 Hr Day

12 Hr Day

400 x 200 x 090mm ( 3.5”)





400 x 200 x 100mm ( 4”)





400 x 200 x 150mm ( 6”)





400 x 200 x 200mm (8”)





400 x 200 x 225mm (9”)





400 x 200 x 250mm (10”)





400 x 200 x 300mm (12”)





Suggested number of operator personnel is 3 to 4. Note: Specifications and machine appearance are subject to change based on product advancement. Production colors may vary. Concrete Hopper Pallet Feeder & Ejector

Block Machine

Concrete Conveyor

Control Stand

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