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PARTICIPANTS Camp Leader: Malcolm Gillies Medical: Roy Adam (i/c) Alasdair Mort Martin O’Neill Jenna Taylor

Eagle Patrol Christopher Davies (PL) David Harvey (APL) John O’Hara Lewis McConnell

Cooks: Frank Parkinson (i/c) Jeff Kerr Douglas Bodie Mark Holdsworth Ken Gray Programme: David Hamilton (i/c) Frank Murray

Quartermaster: James Marshall Finance: Michael Shanks Transport: Frank Murray Patrol Scouter: Robin Carmichael

Owl Patrol Christopher Leitch (PL) Craig Morton (APL) Dean Burrell Owen Hunter Kieran Boult

Panther Patrol Sean Dougan (PL) Michael Love (APL) Gerard McQuade Liam Dornan Paul Blyth

Fraser Smith Iain Oates Iain McHardy Charles Devlin

Ross Lyall Darren Carr Max Munro Andrew Strawbridge David Rutherford

Wolf Patrol Benjamin Miller (PL) Kurtis Peachy (APL) Marvin McPhie Daniel Leitch Amin Hussain

Kestrel Patrol Michael Harkin (PL) Ryan Hughes (APL) Scott Green Kyle Kernachan Harry Mackie

Fox Patrol Andrew Tweedie (PL) Ian Norwood (APL) Scott Murphy Craig Robertson Scott Maguire

Andrew Watson Ross Agnew Grant Duthie Chris Nicholas Douglas Lindsay

Charles Stewart Gordon Jack Ross Warren Luke Macintosh Kevin Henderson

Stephen Paton Amir Ali Robbie Hughes Ruaridh Winstanley Marc Fyfe Kultaran Aulak

Scout Network Party: Malcolm Black (i/c) Martin Burns James Patterson Fiona Burns Torsten Mucha David Strawbridge Kerrie Downes `

Seagull Patrol Alan Rodney (PL) Colin McKenna Chris Davis William Patrick-Clark Andrew Magee

Stag Patrol Iain Smith (PL) Steven Crossan Stuart Devlin Marc Harvie Gary Burns

Geoff Barnes Andrew Ewington Justin Vogts Mark Gilroy William Crouch

INTRODUCTION After Summer Camp 2007 it was agreed that plans be drawn up for an expedition to London in the summer of 2008. This would be a special camp to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Scouting with the Disabled in Glasgow. An initial visit to London by the Scouters in August 2007 selected the campsite – Gilwell Park Activity Centre – the home of Scouting in the UK. After we had confirmed the campsite we began to fundraise to cover the considerable costs of the camp – and set a target of £35,000. After several more visits to London over the next few months, and with all the boys and helpers signed up by Christmas, fundraising continued with increased momentum. Over the course of the next 6 months the programme was organised, all activities at Gilwell and in London were visited to ensure they were suitable, the staff were trained, the menu prepared and the coaches booked. The staff this year were drawn from all over – from Germany, London, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Stirling, Ayr and, of course, Glasgow. A week before camp commenced, three vans, loaded full with tents and equipment set off for Gilwell to begin the big task of constructing what would be our home for a week. Saturday 28th June 2008 arrived and the boys congregated from all over the city and helpers from all over the country at Ashcraig School ready for departure. After loading all our spare wheelchairs, medical requirements and kit for the week, we loaded the coaches and we were off on...

Summer Camp 2008 Gilwell Park, London

This log book has been put together using excerpts from the Patrol Log Books which were completed every day by the Scouts, Explorer Scouts and Network Scouts who attended Summer Camp 2008.

Saturday 28th June – the journey begins! Its raining as we get ready to go. I am glad we are not camping in Glasgow because the weather in London will be much nicer than this. As we all wave good bye to our mums and dads I am getting more excited – yes! – the wait is over, I am finally going to summer camp! I thought it was going to be a really long journey, but we stopped twice: once in Lancaster and once near Birmingham. During the time when we were driving we played games like Battleships (where we were playing against the other coach), bingo, quizzes and we even had a miniature campfire (but not with a real fire). When we started to see signs on the road for “London” we were getting really excited, and after counting down from 30 all the way to the wrong junction, we were finally going towards somewhere called “Chingford” – which the Scouters said was near Gilwell. Then we saw signs for “Gilwell Park” – we have arrived! We went up the long drive and saw some of the activities and a big gateway then we stopped outside “the White House” where we offloaded. Once all our bags were collected we walked to the campsite – some other Scouters had already put up all our tents so all we had to do was break the flag and we could start camp! We finished the night with a big, loud campfire and some hot dogs, then went to bed. I was excited about tomorrow, and I didn’t sleep until 2am!

Sunday 29th June – settling in! We woke early. Someone was playing bagpipes! After breakfast we had our first inspection, my patrol was a bit messy and we lost some points. Then we all went to a Scout’s Own out in the field behind the tents. We sang and the Scouters told us some stories. It was good to take a few minutes to think about the world around us and how Scouts can make a difference by the way we live. After this we went back to our sites and started a treasure hunt around Gilwell. Gilwell is huge! – we couldn’t get round it all in time for our next activity which was making our sites cool with lots of pioneering and gates and posters and flags. Then we went swimming – the swimming pool was freezing, it was like swimming in the arctic! And once we were out and not shivering any more we all made mini rafts out of plastic bottles and other stuff. We even put a flag on ours! Then we were back to the swimming pool (but not to swim this time!) and got to race them against the other Patrols. They gave us water pistols to help, but ours still didn’t really float! It was fun though. After dinner my patrol got to go on the 3G swing which was awesome – it was so high up and the rest of the Patrol had to pull you up higher. Once you let go of the rope you swung backwards and forwards it was so fast and so fun. I loved it. At night we had another campfire which was louder than Saturday’s campfire and we sang my favourite song – Barrowlands! I went to bed and slept really quickly – I was tired already!

Monday 30th June – Badgework Today we did some Badgework bases which we had to learn stuff at. The bases were on things like how to light a fire, what to do in an emergency if you find an almost dead person, how to tie some knots, how to light a gas cooker and how to build a shelter without a tent using just sticks. I learned lots but I don’t want to sleep in the shelter we built because it looked like you would still get wet if it rained! Then we got to go to the tuck shop which was full of nice sweeties and ice creams! When we were at the tuck shop David gave us a special scavenger hunt which meant we had to go around Gilwell finding clues and then bring back things to show to the Scouters. The clues were hard, but it was lots of fun. We even had to make candy-floss from leaves and strawberry yoghurt! Later we played a game which had four rival football teams from London all playing against each other. You had to avoid the referee, the other football teams and be nice to the reporters and paparazzi. I was in Fulham and I lost lots of lives as the Scouters took them off me during the game, and Arsenal won in the end. After dinner we did some more activities, this time my Patrol got to do shooting, where we learned how to use a real gun and shoot at targets in the distance. I wasn’t very good at first, but by the end of the time I got one shot in the middle of the target! It was Mark’s birthday today so we had a special campfire and lots of cake – but we all got to eat his cake which was yummy!

Restaurant Review I recently dined at the 77th Restaurant. This was my first encounter with the legendary chefs, known only as “the cook team”. I was dazzled by the first course of melon which was exquisitely juicy and sensual. This was quickly followed up by the buffet style main course which included the delights of spicy chicken wings, sliced ham, and the camp favourite – garlic bread. The main course went down well, and everyone was full up, but had just enough room for pudding. We were all looking forward to this delightful finish to the meal when it happened..... the custard would have been better suited in a cigarette advert as it was a tad smoky, but all in all a well enjoyed meal. Christopher Leitch Restaurant Critic Owl Patrol

(it should be said this review was for points, so who knows how accurate it is!!)

Tuesday 1st July – The Court of King Henry VIII Someone had to wake me up this morning because I was still sleeping! There were some strange people walking around the campsite, one was wearing a crown and the other looked like a Bishop! When I asked my helper what they were doing he didn’t know. But during breakfast they were introduced as King Henry VIII and his Bishop! It was theme day! King Henry was looking for a wife, and each patrol had to give him someone to choose from. We picked someone to dress up as a wife and gave him lipstick and tied his hair up. He looked like a woman! Then the King had to choose who would be his wife. But before they got married the wife ran away because she heard what the King did to all his other wives! After this another strange man appeared with a big black hat – it was Guy Fawkes! We had to run around Gilwell finding fuses and gunpowder and give it to Guy Fawkes so that we could blow up the grumpy King James in his Parliament, but then we found out that Guy Fawkes was actually a baddie, so we punished him instead by setting fire to him and then soaking him with water! It was lots of fun. Then we had a big lunch and got to write some postcards home. After lunch we had a murder to solve and Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson were at Gilwell to help us with it. We had to go round Gilwell finding clues and interviewing suspects. We thought that we recognised some of the Scouters – but we must have been mistaken! Finally, we worked out who dunnit, and we got to soak the murderer. After a huge banquet for dinner we had an Olympic Games which I won a medal in then we had supper and went to bed. It was a brilliant day!

Wednesday 2nd July – The James Lawrie Shield This morning we went swimming again, it was even colder this time than the last time, so I only stayed in for a few minutes! Then we went to the shop and bought some more tuck. We also went hunting round Gilwell to find some places which were in a photo book of the campsite. After lunch we did a special competition for the James Lawrie Shield. James was a leader at camp last year but he died and now we are having a competition every year where we have to show off our outdoors Scouting skills to win. We were tested on how to light a fire, first aid, pioneering, knots and how to cook our lunch. It was really competitive and the Scouters from other Patrols had to judge how well we were doing. It took us a while to get our fire going because it was raining but we managed to and it was a good fire! The Stag and Seagull Patrols won this year. We had lots of people visiting us today and we had a Burns Supper to show them what we eat in Scotland. Gordon was piping the haggis and Harry said the poem about the haggis which was really good. Then everyone got to say a poem or sing a song and we had lots of haggis, neeps and tatties! Best of all we had irn-bru! After speeches from David, Kully, Fiona and Malcolm we had some ceilidh dancing which was funny to watch the guests learn the dances! Because there weren’t all that many ladies dancing, some of us had to pretend to be girls and even Malcolm and Michael made a couple! It was a really warm day today, and we were all quite tired so we didn’t have a campfire and went straight to bed instead. Well, I suppose it was 11.30pm!

Thursday 3rd July – Hiking! Today was the day hike which I was excited about because I have never been hiking before. We packed up our lunch, put on lots of suncream, checked out the map and compass and headed off on our hike. We had to be careful that we didn’t get lost, so we all had a look at the map and made sure we were going the right way before we left Gilwell. It was quite difficult and some of it was really bumpy, but I enjoyed it. We only got lost a little bit once, and my leader said we meant to go that way anyway, so it was okay. We went through Epping Forrest which is supposed to be haunted and is one of the oldest forests in Britain. It looked really old. The Network had left us in the morning to go into London, they were having a special expedition where they got to stay in B-P House the Scout Hostel in London for two nights and do lots of cool stuff there. The Network went to the science museum and the Bank of England where they saw lots of money! Then they had dinner out and saw some of the sights in London before going back to B-P House. Back at Gilwell, at night we got to do some more activities, this time my Patrol did archery which was really fun, and I got a bull’s-eye twice! It was different archery from the kind we have done before as we got to shoot real arrows. I liked this kind of archery more. At night some Scouts from Chingford came to see us and we had a really big campfire and we sang songs for a long time and I sang so loudly I lost my voice! I couldn’t sleep that night for ages because I was so excited about going to London tomorrow!

Friday 4th July – London Calling! I woke up really early while everyone else in my tent was still asleep, and I couldn’t get back to sleep. When Gordon woke us up with the bagpipes again I was ready. We had breakfast really quickly then got back on our buses for our journey into London! First we went on the London Eye which was amazing! I thought I might be scared of heights, but I didn’t notice how high up I was. I could see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and even the new Wembley stadium. It was over too quickly but other people went on after me. After some lunch we split into patrols and went around some of the attractions – we went to the Parliament, saw Downing Street and the fancy soldiers on the horses at Horse guards Parade and Trafalgar Square which had lots of pigeons! I really liked the flags all the way down Pall Mal towards where the Queen lives. She wasn’t in, so we didn’t ring the door bell. We also did some shopping and I got a big London hat which people said was tacky but I think was really cool. Each Patrol had been given some money to spend on dinner and we spent it on a KFC and a Pizza Hut. We were good at bargaining the price down a bit! Then met up with the others for a tour of London in the coaches. We got to see the Tower of London where one of the leaders said we would go if we didn’t win the points competition – I think he was only joking....! We arrived back at Gilwell really late but in time for a final campfire which was really good fun. We were all happy that night but also sad because it was the last campfire of the camp and we were going home tomorrow. We all stayed up quite late and ate all the rest of our tuck before going to sleep in the tent one last time.

Saturday 5th July – “I don’t want to go home” We got up really early and packed all our things. None of us were looking forward to going home – sorry mum! It felt like we had only just got to Gilwell and we were already leaving. We slept for a lot of the journey and soon it was lunch at Birmingham, then we did some activities until Lancaster where we had fish and chips. When we got to Lancaster Malcolm presented the James Lawrie Shield to the winning Patrols and David told us who had won the points competition.

Roll of Honour 2008 Winner of Patrol Competition: Winner of James Lawrie Shield: Gold Medal in Discus Gold Medal in Sprint Gold Medal in Wellie Throw Gold Medal in Javelin Gold Medal in Hammer Throw

Owl Patrol Stag / Seagull Patrol Colin McKenna Steven Crossan Michael Harkin Dean Burrell Amin Hussain

The last bit of the journey we tried to sing every song we knew the words to and I think the driver thought we were too loud! We arrived back at Ashcraig School and it was dark and raining again – glad to be back in Scotland! It was good to see my mum and dad again but I was sorry to leave my new friends. I would see them all again next year.

Thank you everyone, it was my most favourite summer camp and one of my best holidays ever!


This camp would not have been possible without the generous assistance of: 116th Glasgow Scout Group 13th Lancaster Scout Group 171st Glasgow Scout Group 17th Holborn (Great Ormond Street Hospital) 32nd Glasgow Scout Group Aberdeen Trust AMW Charitable Trust Axis-Shield plc BA London Eye Clyde Regional Scout Council Clydesdale Bank Glasgow City Council Hatts Travel Londsdale District Scout Council Nigel and Caroline Keen St Thomas’ Hospital Tesco plc The Bay Explorer Scout Unit The Laird Group The Leslie Sell Charitable Trust The Wood Group A particular thanks must go to the staff and instructors at Gilwell Park Scout Activity Centre – their help and enthusiasm contributed a great deal to the success of this camp.

2008 (London) Camp Log Book  
2008 (London) Camp Log Book  

The log book from our 2008 Summer Camp to Gilwell Park, London