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Our brand new Wellness Therapies use Light Touch Massage, making them suitable for cancer patients, those on intensive medication, or during times of stress. Designed to help soothe the mind, body and soul post illness and surgery, help your clients to restore an emotional equilibrium. Find out more: +44 (0)1784 259988 //






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A Century in the Making

As the Company Celebrates 100 Years in Business, REM Draws on its Legacy to Create Innovative Pieces for the 21st Century


or the past 100 years REM and its predecessors have been instrumental in developing products and working environments for the salon industry.

Todays REM is barely recognisable from it’s origins linking back to Eugene Suter in 1918. Through the 20th Century REM evolved from companies specialising solely in Electrical Hairdryers to the company we recognise today producing all manner of products for the Salon, Barber, Beauty and Spa Industry To celebrate its Centenary year REM have designed a unique new range of furniture for release in January 2018. The aptly named Centenary Range brings finesse, quality and contemporary styling to an already established portfolio of products. This range of furniture consisting of a Chair, Mirror Unit, Wash Unit, Nail Bar, Nail Stool, Pedispa, Reception Desk and Waiting Seat is available in over 20 different fabrics and laminate finishes as each piece is carefully crafted to order in their REM factory in Nelson, Lancashire.

As with all REM products consumers are protected by the REM 3 Year Warranty offering peace of mind with every purchase. Since the formation of REM in 1995 the company, based in the Heart of the Pennines, has grown year on year and now employs a skilled workforce of around 90 people. Investment into state of the art technology has enabled REM to become a leading and respected British Manufacturer now selling into a global marketplace and in 2017 their third CNC machine was installed and aptly named Eugene to commemorate their Centenary year. This investment of over 250k alongside the purchase of new Design hardware and software will help carry the company forward in terms of innovation, quality and efficiency in the years to come As an additional service REM have an experienced team of 5 designers specialising in both Interior and Product Design. They can help you plan your dream Salon or Spa offering advice on products, colour and layout to help you get the most out of your budget. Should you wish for something a little different REM Bespoke can work with you to create personalised furniture designed solely for you to promote your corporate image and style.



Berodin Wax UK 211 Woodhouse Lane East, Timperley, Cheshire WA15 6AS 0161 980 5000 or 07871521960

BETTER THAN THE BEST The latest and greatest technology in polymer formulation make this the best wax in the industry. Not only is it gentle on the skin, but it’s also strong at hair removal. It can be applied at low heat, while staying flexible without being as sticky as traditional hard waxes. With our streamlined system, two waxes are all you need: one hard and one soft will handle any skin or hair type. If you’ve got the skills, you can remove hair (all of it!) with one wax pot and two waxes. Our belief is that once you master a system you don’t need multiple waxes and heaters for a single body part. Not only is it a waste of your product budget and space, but it’s a waste of your time: and time, well, it’s money. Berodin doesn’t know if you’re a man or woman. It also doesn’t know what type of hair you have or what colour your skin is; from the lightest and to the darkest skin to the straightest and curliest hair, it doesn’t discriminate. You won’t find a better wax on the market today.






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The uintessence of the phyto-aromatic care

Yon-Ka, your Beauty Salon and Spa partner

Yon-Ka, your Beauty Salon and Spa partner

PioneerPionner in phyto-aromatic since1954. 1954. in phyto-aromaticcare care since The Expertise of personalized skinofcare, the commitment to visible to results. The Expertise personalized skin care, the commitment visible results. An undisputed know-how in more 50 countries. An undisputed know-how featured infeatured more than 50than countries. A partnership grounded on a common vision for quality and performance. A partnership grounded on a common vision for quality and performance. Contact : Yon-Ka Distribution Ltd Unit 4, Stratford Office Village - 14/30 Romford Road - London E15 4BZ Tel: +44(0) 208 519 2804 - -

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SKIN AGEING The skin, like any living organ, is a reflection of our state of health. Healthy skin can however experience some normal disorders or alterations, such as the ageing process. The ageing process is influenced by various internal and external factors: it is the result of natural changes in the body, which are genetically (or biologically) determined, but also to a great extent, external environmental factors (UV, pollution, lifestyle, stress, etc.). As such, global ageing is the outcome of intrinsic ageing and extrinsic ageing. Did you know: Around 80% of ageing is said to be caused by the environment, while 20% is purely biological. Oxidative stress Defence against oxidative stress is an integral part of an antiageing strategy. Indeed, the oxidation phenomenon caused by free radical attacks has strong connections with skin ageing, and it is largely induced by our lifestyles (pollution, stress, diet, smoking, alcohol, UV, etc.). Free radicals cause damage in multiple ways, and affect all the skin structures, on both the cellular and tissue level. The series of chain reactions they trigger are numerous and diverse. Free radicals do have a role to play: they help keep the skin balanced, as long as the internal antioxidant system controls and uses them wisely. However the environment to which our skin is subjected, in addition to natural ageing, creates significant imbalances. Free radicals multiply too quickly and overwhelm the skin’s antioxidant system, which can no longer cope with the influx, and this accelerates the damage caused to the epidermis and dermis. Free radicals are chemical species missing one or more electrons and whose only goal is to recover these missing electrons. They find these missing electrons inside healthy molecules, and this causes damage to them. A domino effect then occurs. Sothys answer: TARGET PROLONGED YOUTH Anti-ageing has become “youth”. Everyone, regardless of their age, expects effectiveness, innovation and relaxation and

want to stay attractive as they age. Today people want to combine beauty with science and nature. It’s in this context that Sothys developed its new youth protocol, for women (and men) who wish to keep their real age to themselves. The new youth solution created by Sothys Advanced Research team is our new active ingredient ßP3. TRICOMPLEX™. This effective combination is the best that nature has to offer: two botanical active ingredients from Saffron flower and Sophora flower mixed together with new generation cutting-edge peptides to protect the skins youth capital at all ages by taking a double action on all signs of ageing. Saffron and Sophora have been in the focus of scientific studies demonstrating their efficacy on: - Optimising traps for free radicals - Stimulating antioxidant defence systems - Stimulating skin regeneration systems They therefore allow the skin, regardless of its age, to positively defend itself against oxidative stress and to prevent subsequent harmful effects. The skins youth capital is perfectly preserved. The peptides in the Sothys ßP3. TRI-COMPLEX™, which are selected by Sothys Advanced Research team for their overall effectiveness on chronological ageing, are comprised of two different matrikines (small messenger peptides). With their restructuring action they limit the appearance of visible chronological ageing and help the skin fight against the visible signs of ageing at any age: wrinkles and slackening of the skin. Sothys answer: THE NEW COMPLETE YOUTH PROGRAMME Sothys offers a complete answer to the universal problem of preserving your youth and beauty for longer. The new Youth Intensive treatment combines ultra-targeted products with expert application methods. Through five key steps and eight specific formulas, the client will experience Sothys effectiveness as well as 1hour 15 minutes of total relaxation for a visibly younger skin. A range of homecare Youth Serums and Youth Creams make sure that the results of the professional treatment last longer and aim to ensure the skins youthful glow is maintained. A serum treats the skin from the inside out, and the cream from the outside in. Each cream contains ßP3. TRI-COMPLEX™ saffron-sophora-peptides to protect the skin daily, as well as a pool of specific active ingredients to target the signs of natural ageing process. For more information and your nearest Sothys salon visit:







0845 604 6510



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Up to 6 years off the skin**!

Extend your clients’ youth with the new Sothys youth protocol.





In the first few months of the year, many people embark upon a detox to atone for the excesses of the festive period. While a shift towards healthier behaviour is doubtless a good thing, there is the sense that annual detoxes are more about assuaging one’s guilt than coveting long-lasting health.


ather than detox once or twice a year (Dry January, Sober October), what if we could gently detox throughout the year? What if our diet and lifestyle were geared towards our bodies continuously getting rid of toxins and waste products, reducing the need for major annual cleanses? This is the primary benefit of following an alkaline diet which takes body pH into account. The Importance of pH Balance for Detoxifying The vast majority of people fail to consider the acid-alkaline balance of the blood, preferring to focus solely on calories in vs. calories out when it comes to diet. However, as far as effective dieting and detoxing is concerned, proper body pH balance is absolutely crucial. An imbalance of acidity and alkalinity can have significant negative effects on the body in the short term, but if not corrected can set the scene for more serious health challenges. A deviation from the proper acid/base balance in the bloodstream can lead to poor oxygen transfer which can contribute to low energy levels, poor immunity and inflammation – which an increasing number of naturopathic doctors believe is the root cause of most modern diseases. The pH of the blood should, in an ideal world, be slightly alkaline: between 7.35 and 7.45. The body is simply unable to properly detoxify if the pH of blood and tissues deviates towards acidity. The problem is, most modern diets are overwhelmingly acid-forming. Thus, although our body works tirelessly to maintain an optimal pH (homeostasis), the overabundance of acid-promoting foods quickly gives rise to excess tissue acid waste and consequently can, if not corrected cause harm. Acid production is a normal part of our metabolic processes and the body has a number of mechanisms to keep the body pH within the narrow band that we are designed to function at. However excess consumption of acid residue foods, combined with high levels of stress and environmental pollution can put significant stress on the body’s buffer systems.


It stands to reason, therefore, that we should make alkaline residue foods a mainstay of our diet. Doing so will promote a balanced internal environment, which will in turn facilitate blood sugar balance, proper cholesterol levels and appropriate electrolyte activity. It will also mean the body doesn’t have to leach important elements such as calcium and magnesium from our bones and muscles to neutralise the excess acidity. The Role of Alkalising Greens The vegetable kingdom (the greener the better) represent the prime source of alkalising foods: kale, alfalfa, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, wheatgrass… The majority of fruits are also alkaline in nature. High pH foods are associated with the natural landscape and life cycle, with minimal human intervention. Acid-forming foods, on the other hand, generally entail some sort of large-scale processing. Examples include meat, wheat, dairy and refined sugar. The ideal ratio is to consume a diet with 80% alkaline residue foods with 20% of acid forming foods. That gives plenty of scope to blend into your diet a few of your favourite acid forming foods (best to avoid sugar) with ample servings of alkaline forming foods. Since acid-forming foods will still constitute 20% of your daily caloric intake, be sure to prioritise those which provide good nutrition. Fatty fish, for instance, is a tremendous source of omega-3 fatty acids which are themselves vital for many body functions and are believed to be important for proper weight management. Reducing the acid load by eating a diet composed largely of green vegetables is perfect for detox purposes. Not only do their dietary antioxidants lower the risk of common diseases (cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune) but they naturally buffer acidity caused by factors other than diet. Alcohol use, chronic stress, antibiotic overuse and excess exposure to chemicals, hormones and toxins can all promote excess acidity in the body. Exposure to toxins can come via the atmosphere, food and even tap water.

Efficient Detoxing Needs Good Water No-one likes the idea of toxins creeping into their tap water. And since detox depends on hydration, drinking water which contains a cocktail of trace contaminants – from hormones and microplastics to heavy metals, pesticides and pharmaceuticals – would seem counterproductive. Although tap water hydrates, it is not the best kind of water we can drink if we want to detox or enjoy optimal health. Using a water filter which gets rid of the nasty elements while also increasing pH is a wise move. The Biocera Alkaline Jug does just that. Using combinations of natural bioceramic minerals, the jug filters out chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants while also improving water structure. And while most traditional filters leave the water acidic, the Alkaline Jug actually elevates the pH – usually from 7.5 (typical tap water pH) to 9.5. Regularly drinking clean alkaline water with its antioxidant effect, is a great way of helping maintain proper body alkaline balance needed for continual detoxification. What about Alkaline Minerals? The body needs a proper balance and a ready supply of electrolytes for many body functions. The prime electrolytes being sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. In addition we benefit from many other minerals some only required in trace amounts. Unfortunately intensive agriculture and food processing has depleted much of our food supply of minerals and consequently we need to ensure we continuously provide the body with an ample supply. Without adequate supplies of minerals we will struggle to maintain optimal health and high energy living. We will also struggle to detoxify properly.

Efficient Detoxing Needs Good Water. No-one likes the idea of toxins creeping into their tap water Don’t Neglect Healthy Fats and Oils You’d be surprised by how many people associate detox with fat loss, and add 2 and 2 to get 5 by eliminating fats from the diet. Detox is not about foregoing dietary fat; it is about enhancing physiological processes by reducing the toxic burden. It is about good nutrition, healthy hydration and keeping the body moving. Do these things right and weight loss will be a happy byproduct. Healthy fats and oils, like leafy greens and alkaline water, are actually supportive of pH balance. Options include coconut oil, MCT oil, flax oil and virgin olive oil. Needless to say, inflammatory processed oils like canola and soybean are best avoided altogether. Fats, such as butter, from grass fed animals can also be helpful. Research published last year also indicates that omega-3 fish oils can tackle damage caused by air pollution, and in particular particles which penetrate through the lungs into many major organs. Adding an omega-3 fish oil into your detox diet will help to combat the harmful effects of toxic air,


delivering a 30-50% reduction in harm from inflammation and oxidative stress. Choose UnoCardio 1000, independently validated as the world’s best fish oil by American body Labdoor. It combines highly pure EPA and DHA fish oils with 1,000 i.u. of vitamin D3. The Importance of Gut Health Healthy gut function is critical to health, and in particular to immunity, since 70-80% of the immune system resides there. When healthy bacteria dominate the digestive tract, your body is better able to expel toxins and pathogens and maintain immune homeostasis. Probiotics help to keep the gut balanced by replenishing healthy microflora which support immune function, metabolise carcinogens and increase nutrient absorption. You can top up your good bacteria by regularly eating fermented foods (sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha) or using a good-quality probiotic supplement. Progurt is a unique choice, as it provides human-derived isolates to better colonise the gastrointestinal tract. It also provides an unprecedented one trillion dose of probiotic bacteria per serving, 30 times that of most supplements. Rebalancing the microbiome is especially important after a course of gut-damaging antibiotics! Specialist Supplements to Help your Detox Sometimes specialist supplements might be required to help the body effectively detoxify. This is not so surprising when you come to think of it; we are, after all, exposed to the greatest toxic load in history. One detox supplement which is perfect for incorporating into a cleansing routine is Zeolite Plus. A combination of zeolites with humic acid, fulvic acid and pure water, it contains over 70 trace minerals to properly nourish the body. Zeolite Plus also has the dual benefit of helping you maintain alkalinity while binding to heavy metals, expediting their removal from the body. pHalo is another specially-formulated supplement for pH balance. Created by doctors who had worked together in the operating theatre, it combines an array of essential minerals and electrolytes in addition to pure aloe vera gel. It is probably one of the most effective pH-specific supplements on the market right now. Lastly, Green Vibrance – particularly helpful if you struggle to chomp your way through all those alkalising veggies! The food supplement from Vibrant Health has been around since 1992, although the formulation has continually evolved. A greens powder packed with dense nutrition, it contains many highly alkalising ingredients including cereal grasses, vegetables, algae and antioxidant-rich fruits. What’s more, there’s room for 25 billion gut-friendly probiotics per serving. Detox Every Day and Feel the Benefits Most detoxes promise a quick fix but fail to address the root problem. By paying close attention to your body pH, you will give your body the nutrients it needs to achieve optimal health. That means efficient digestion, improved immune function, higher energy levels and healthy mood regulation. Rebalancing pH returns the body to a natural state of health, free from the toxic burden it is accustomed to enduring. Start today and you’ll never look back. Roddy MacDonald



erial yoga combines elements of asana with circus-style silks and is said to improve circulation and health, reduce pain and create a fun feeling of flying. Students learn to wrap the fabric around their bodies to hang from their lower backs or their hips and let gravity stretch their bodies in different directions. Spas and salons are catching on fast. An extra well-being feature for your clients.



Villa la Coste, Provence, France


Villa La Coste, Provence, France Anonymity with every luxury at your fingertips Situated halfway between the historic town of Aix en Provence, home of Cezanne, and the famous Luberon Nature Park, Villa La Coste is set in the midst of the Provencal landscape, at the heart of the biodynamic vineyard Château La Coste, an international destination for art, architecture and natural beauty. Sitting high on the hillside of the private domain, the property features 28 Villa Suites, surrounded by gardens, herbs and wild flowers and each opening onto a spacious terrace offering expansive views over the vines and the Luberon valley. The hotel’s contemporary architecture emphasizes local materials and embraces the natural setting. A choice of indoor and outdoor dining venues, extensive gardens with a pool area, as well as a lobby gallery complete the guest experience. Villa Suites ranging from 90 m² to 250 m² express elegant design with an eye for detail. The 28 Villa Suites offer private terraces and panoramic views over the Luberon. Our four categories of Villa Suites offer an uncluttered, zen-like comfort. Easterly facing, they embrace the unique, mesmerizing, natural light, so typical of the climate Villa. Suites are spacious, very private and decorated in a contemporary design which respects Provencal tradition. All restaurants of the domain offer freshly prepared seasonal products from the local Provençal markets and from our organic kitchen garden designed by Louis Benech. The Spa reinvents relaxation in promising you a well-balanced mind and spirit. In a very peaceful atmosphere, our team welcomes you to one of seven treatment rooms designed with care. Exfoliating scrubs and massages using Provencal natural and organic products. Enjoy a private Yoga or Pilates session in the depths of nature. Art & Architecture live in harmony. Artists and architects were invited to visit the Domain and discover the beauty of Provence. In turn, they were encouraged to choose a place in the landscape that spoke directly to them and were given the freedom to create a work that would live there. Walk through the wooded hilltops and the valleys, alongside the olive groves and the vineyards, to discover over 30 works of art and architecture by the contemporary artists invited to participate. Château La Coste also has the pleasure of organizing all year-round cultural events such as temporary exhibitions of international artists, musical concerts and outdoor projections of movies. Wines of Château La Coste Adhering to biodynamic principles, Château La Coste strives to preserve the terroir, protecting its fertility, safeguarding the essence of the soil. In 2009 our wines were given the French organic label “AB” in recognition of the respect shown to the land along with the methods used which are in perfect harmony with nature. Our team will be very happy to offer you a private tour to discover the latest technology in winemaking.





emust not forget the basics, we are what we eat, what we put into our bodies, good or bad will eventually be seen. Antioxidants are substances that protect your cells from the harmful effects of free radicals (found in chemicals, the environment, smoking and the rays from the sun). These free radicals damage your cells and they age you in every way from your heart to your skin. Antioxidants mop up free radicals and can slow down the ageing process in all areas. There are many beauty brands that contain antioxidants. Starting from within is of course always the best way to keep body and mind healthy and slow down the degeneration process. Foods rich in Antioxidants are avocado, dark greens, red, green, yellow and orange peppers, sweet potatoes, dark red, blue and black fruits and tomatoes. Something here for everyone to incorporate into their daily diet.

When skin is dehydrated we feel the dryness of the skin just a little more and our very fine lines seem more obvious. Cleansing is the most important part of the skincare beauty regime and should always should be the first step of your skincare routine. It ensures you are starting off with a clean slate, at any age this is an important part of your beauty and wellbeing. Removing make-up as well as the dirt and oil that can attach to your face throughout the day. Cleaning is the first step. There are many different types of cleansers on offer, ranging from milks, creams, face washes and gels. Creme de la Mer’s cleansing foam is designed with sea algae fibers and white pearl powder, this gently purifies, polishes and energizes skin for a bright, healthy looking complexion. Clarins milk cleanser with Alpine herbs, lifts away make-up and impurities. This combination of St John’s Wort, sweet Almond, Marshmallow and Linden-helps to keep a perfect moisture balance. This cleanser is perfect for the dry skin types, and


will leave clients skin supple and refreshed. To tone or not to tone - toners remove the excess oil and make-up that your cleanser may have missed. Some cleansers have a toner combined. You can always use Witch hazel or Rose water, however if you have cleansed thoroughly and exfoliated then perhaps the toner is not needed, you will already be aware of your clients’ skin type. Toners that are not too harsh on the thirty-something skin - this toner will awaken and revitalise the skin, with its luxurious ingredients of Lavender, St John’s Wort, Eucalyptus, Marigold, Marshmallow and Aloeis- this herbal toner from The Organic Pharmacy not only rehydrates the skin, but also helps combat open pores. From Jica Beauty using ingredients including the exclusive Algo3 complex, AlgoPure complex, Witch Hazel Oil and Sea water-Algologie purifying toner is a lotion free of alcohol. It is perfect for makeup removal, it tightens pores and purifies the epidermis. After using this toner the skin will feel fresh, clear and clean. Lotion Yon-Ka png is a wonderful aromatic healing water. This mist is a must have for re-balancing and getting the skin ready for more moisture. Alcohol free, not only refreshes, tones and sanitizes the skin the energizing effects of this essential oils can be felt throughout the whole body. Exfoliation a very important part of the skincare routine. Not just for cleanliness and keeping pimples at bay. Also to keep our skins looking fresh and bright, but now also recognised for its power in boosting cell turnover. Once or twice a week will show the best results, depending on your skin type. It seems counteractive, however mild exfoliation a few times a week, will keep skin clean and more ready to absorb serums and moisturisers that you apply to hydrate they will be allowed to penetrate to a much deeper level. Little and often rather than overdoing it every now and then with a harsh chemical product, which will damage your skin in the long term. Some very gentle yet very effective exfoliators to try on your clients are the Refining Skin Polish from Espa. A brightening skin exfoliator that will give a deep cleanse, it will revitalise, clear pores, lift impurities, encourage cell renewal and leave skin with an even glow. This exfoliator suits all skin types. Scrubs, but is not too harsh. Monuskin Micro Exfoliant a wonderful comforting natural exfoliant bursting with goodness, and really leaves the skin feeling

Skinade is a skincare drink. Available in 2 formats.150ml ready to drink bottle.15ml concentrated travel sachets (must be diluted in water before drinking). Both formats offer the same efficacy. Both contain 35 calories. Night Success Renewing Mask works during the night to strengthen the skin’s metabolism using Lime Caviar, Pro-Collagestine-Fill and encapsulated vitamins. Provides intensive nourishment, hydration and anti-wrinkle defence.

This comforting 10-minute mask firms, tightens and defines facial contours, helping to restore a youthful vitality to mature skin challenged by natural hormonal changes due to the ageing process. You cannot drink enough water. Keep rehydrated. Always drink before you feel thirsty. Hydrating for skin and detoxing for your body.

It List Skincare

Transform tired, dehydrated complexions overnight and wake to hydrated, smooth and beautifully luminous skin by morning with this rejuvenating treatment. Intensely rich, this 99% natural cream-gel mask is a unique

Creme de la Mer The Regenerating Serum. This multi action serum accomplishes appearance of fine lines and pores are diminished. The formula agrees with all skin types.

Vitamin C Serum: One of the most powerful Vitamin C Serums on the market. Totally natural, with powerful antioxidants, stimulates collagen and promotes skin brightness. A refreshing, moisturising body and hand lotion to condition and revitalise skin. A botanical infusion of stimulating Grapefruit, spicy Ginger and antioxidant Vitamin E blend with the fruitful scent of Orange Peel Oil to promote improved skin health and radiance, leaving skin silkysoft and satin-smooth. Recommended for all skin types.

Perfection Serum L.RAPHAEL: a concentrated serum with exceptional firming action for a visibly plumped and lifted look. Targeted to treat all apparent signs of aging. Helps promote, protect and preserve a significantly younger looking skin.

After being voted as one of the top 5 facials in London, Face Matters now has an accredited professional facial to boost your beauty business. Award winning collagen stimulating products with proven results.


invigorated, polished and with a radiant glow. Around the Thirty something age cell renewal slows down, this can sometimes lead to a very dull complexion, so the obvious benefits of using an exfoliant a few times a week are simply a must in the fight against those little lines, and those little lines staying and getting comfortable, exfoliation keeps them on their toes.

As we age Cell turnover slows down and our skin takes longer to bounce back, especially after a late night and maybe and over indulgence We now get to the use of serums. So if you are already thirty something; and not using an anti-ageing serums then all I can say is -What are you waiting for? Thirties may well be the new twenties, but that does not change the fact that the faint lines and crow’s feet are upon you. Adding a serum to both our morning and evening skincare regime will help skin to look radiant and plump for this age group. Some of the serums I would recommend are Spa Technologies anti-ageing serum this all in one Moisturiser & Primer, high performance skin treatment, designed to repair and rejuvenate skin and to boost cell turnover for smoother, healthier texture. Using ingredients that include Apple stem cells extracted from Malus domestica-this helps skin to regenerate fast. This product can really help to turn back the clock and rebuild your skin. Another super serum to try on your clients is Cellular code from Yon-Ka, this has a silky texture, a delicate scent with exceptional results. A blend of powerful natural ingredients to help the skins natural ability to regenerate itself. Skin is visibly radiant, fresh looking and the tired look will vanish. Another super serum and multi-tasker blended with 6 nourishing oils. Spa Majik Organiks 6 oil super serum, is a one stop beauty shop this serum is not only anti-ageing, but can also be used on face, body, hair, cuticles, lips and on pulse points to help induce sleep and rejuvenate overnight. Katherine Daniels Urban Shield Concentrate is a really super hydrating serum, not only soothing, but also tackles dehydration and open pores. Its ingredients enhances the skins own moisture retention, and improves the skins defence to pollution. We can never over moisturise, and in general most client’s skins when visiting the salon or spa for a facial - are usually dehydrated, it is the single most popular problem. Of course regular facials and good home care are the best way forward. Moisturisers have many different types of benefits, and finding one that suits your skin type is key. There are many moisturisers in the salon and spa market to choose from. Some of my favourites include - Environs Youth Essential A range, is packed with powerful vitamins, antioxidants and peptides, they work together to create a youthful radiant glow. AromaWorks nourish day cream has such a silky non-greasy texture, ingredients include Lavender, Kakadu


& Chamomile all proven to help the resistance to antiageing, and this combination helps in stimulating collagen production. Another cream that feels instantly skin hydrating and luxurious is SBCs Vitamin ACE cream, with a luxurious non-greasy texture, fluffy pink colour, almost good enough to eat a real treat. Your face will radiate the moment it is applied. I cannot forget to give a further mention to the really lovely natural Ayurveda Pura anti-ageing face cream, ingredients include Macadamia Apricot kernel, Kiwi seed oils, essential oils of Neroli, Lemon & Frankincense, Brahmi and Amla herbs, makes for a very powerful balancing combination to give your skin a very youthful look, and it suits all skin types, another product almost good enough to eat. Majic masks and sometimes they really can be. Ranging from an instant quick fix, to an overnight indulgence, with all the majic being done to your skin while you sleep. Or simply a little time out for you and your skin as part of the beauty skincare regime. Masks can achieve so many good results, they can be instrumental in keeping our skin clean and refreshed, excess oil and breakouts can be kept under control. Purifying masks draw excess oil to stop a pore build up. Extra dry skins can be super hydrated. An illuminated mask can help with dark patches and scaring. For every problem there is a solution and there is a mask for everyone. There are just too many majic masks to mention, but here are a few that really have good results and some here for every skin type and every issue. Rose Infinity Triple Effect Mask is a ground breaking in the resistance to age skincare fight. This mask works in the targeting of three key areas of the skin-skin surface-fine lines and cellular turnover. Aromatherapy Associates expert knowledge and use of powerful natural ingredients will give your skin a luminous and radiant after glow. For tired and dehydrated complexion why not go to sleep and wake up more beautiful and rejuvenated skin. From Espa Overnight Hydration Therapy treatment. This natural creme-gel mask is a blend of triple active replenishing plant extracts, marine actives and soothing essential oils that feed your skin with the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals it needs. In need of a quick fix then apply Clarins Super Restorative mask, in 10 minutes this mask containing Mango oil, Shea butter and Pueria Lobata. This mask in 10 minutes will help to strengthen weakened skin and will minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, defines facial contours giving the client a more youthful vitality to the skins texture. Do remember that different skin types will react more positively if the right mask is applied, and it is the expertise of the therapist, that in turn will understand not only the clients skin type, but also the result the client is wanting to achieve long and short term. Another favourite that will give you a quick fix is Dr Haushka’s Rejuvenating mask. It will boost tired looking skin instantly, there is also an element of it helping with scar tissue. Willow Organic Beauty offers a Hydrating Super Mask a truly deeply hydrating gel mask to replenish the skins vital nutrients. A combined essence of the miracle Barbary Fig oil, combined with detoxifying Burdock root, Marigold essence, regenerative Marshmallow root, soothing Rose & revitalising Orange blossom essence to help firm and smooth skins texture. After using skin feels full of moisture with a matt sheen, ready for absolutely any event.

Intensive FOR SPRING



miracle in a bottle. We just love it! You get amazing results with this amazing serum which is packed with organic essential oils, liquid oxygen and marine extracts to heal and protect the skin. Spa Technologies UK spent a lengthy amount of time in researching and developing a serum with incredible healing proprieties which will help repair dry to extremely dry, damaged skin and also be used on normal and oily skin for extra hydration during the night or even the day, without causing any breakouts or leave it oily. To make things even better, the Intensive Night Recovery is vegan certified, contains only natural and organic ingredients and is cruelty free. This blend of marine extracts and aromatic essential oils is enriched with liquid oxygen and formulated in a luxurious buttery consistency. It helps boost cellular metabolism while shielding skin from environmental damage like extreme wind, cold or hot climates. It is ideal to repair dry and irritated skin but also is a great booster for any type of skin, providing protection against the drying effects of HVAC systems which we all have to deal at work, leaving the skin with a silky smooth feel the following morning. The concentration of active ingredients is high and we are really impressed what a difference the liquid oxygen makes. It instantly penetrates surface skin, neutralises carbon dioxide present in cells while optimising skin metabolism to speed up cellular renewal. This is extremely helpful in healing of the skin and it also enables the other active ingredients to penetrate deeper and provide a better result. The algae extracts provide skin with trace elements, the building block of collagen, help defend cellular DNA and reduce inflammation while essential oils help with skin circulation, soothe and calm. Extracts of Nannochoropsis Algae are rich in Omega-7 and Omega-3 fatty acids and Phytosterols which are indicated for itchy skin, psoriasis and eczema, and have healing and restructuring proprieties. The formulation is supported by a stable form of Vitamin C (Tetrahexadecyl Ascorbate) which is 50 times more effective than ascorbic acid. It’s a powerful antioxidant that protects skin cells against external ageing factors and stimulates collagen production and promotes skin brightness. We mentioned that you can use this serum during the day and we love it. Massage a small amount over face and neck until absorbed and then apply your normal cream or primer. This will lock in the healing and hydrating proprieties of the Intensive Night Recovery and will protect your skin against drying and helps prevent the premature ageing of cells. It’s definitely a must-have product, perfect to help your skin make the transition between climates and seasons and keeping it smooth and healthy.




ounded in 1954, Yon-Ka is a French brand that has managed to remain in the family fold. A pioneer in the search for therapeutic plants, Yon-Ka discovers an exceptional synergy: Quintessence Yon-Ka, a real treasure of the brand, consisting of five essential oils (lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme) from the Mediterranean, which is at the heart of most products and protocols. From a small craft business, the brand has become a global brand, distributed on five continents, in over 50 countries and 5,000 spas and salons.

Catherine, Yon-Ka has celebrated its 60 years in 2014, could you focus on the major stages in the history of the brand? Catherine Mühlethaler: It all started in Colombes in 1954 when my parents and my uncle founded Multaler Laboratories and created the Yon-Ka phyto-aromatic products, initially intended for the medical sector. They were pioneers in the field of aromatherapy, and very early on, developed integrated phyto-aromatherapy by adding the totality of the plant’s active ingredients to its essential oil. In 1968, my sister Françoise and myself joined the society in which each will bring its expertise. Françoise, Multaler CEO, is a biochemist, while my background lies in beauty therapy. In 1987, the Spa market is booming in the US; we decide to create our US subsidiary, a risky choice but successful bet for a selective distribution across the territory. In 1999, we set our laboratories in Argenteuil on 8000 m2, a highly sophisticated factory where we formulate, manufacture under filtered air, mastered the production chain from raw material to finished product, not to mention the perfect traceability of our products and advanced control procedures. In 2014 Yon-Ka celebrated its 60th anniversary. To do so in style, Yon-Ka created a Limited edition of the


LOTION, its best-selling product from which a donation of the profit was made to the association “A Roof for our Bees”.

Alexis, tell us more about your latest launches? Alexis Wolkowinski: Yon-Ka has always paid close attention to the specific and often challenging skin care needs of men and women. Always redefining the barriers of the cosmetic world resulting from extensive skin care knowledge and expertise, and recognizing the skin’s mercurial nature, Yon-Ka Paris is committed to formulating cutting-edge products that are based on the latest advances in scientific research and the awe-inspiring discoveries of the plant world. Our latest innovative and successful launch, the anti-aging duo TIME RESIST is combining plant stem cells with an anti inflamm’aging active ingredient in an airless jar to the unprecedented gesture. Our upcoming launch concerns the expansion of the Specifics Collection with the SENSITIVE range, three products specifically designed for hyper-reactive sensitive skin and skin prone to unsightly redness: • SENSITIVE Crème peaux sensibles (sensitive skin cream): a highly specialized formula with a blend of pre- and probiotics and sea mayweed that acts on the key factors responsible for excessive sensitivity. • SENSITIVE Crème anti-rougeurs (anti-redness cream), a formula rich in centella asiatica and mirabilis jalapa (Marvel of Peru) - active ingredients that regulate inflammation and vascular dilation. They visibly reduce capillaries, skin reactiveness and redness - be it sudden or permanent, diffuse or localized. • With its soft and silky texture, and soothing and calming action, SENSITIVE Masque is a must-have product for both sensitive or redness prone skin as it helps to alleviate all feelings of discomfort.

Experiencing luxury

Having the best experience possible. Experience doesn’t just lie with having the most luxurious surroundings, or the biggest space.


ltimately it all comes down to the client experience. The minute they pick up the phone to make the booking until the time they leave. Today’s client is so varied. The mother who has managed to find some time for herself, the teenager with skin problems, the business traveller trying to overcome jetlag, the person who wants to re-capture a more youthful look, the weekend warrior who wants to relieve their sore muscles, the person who is in pursuit of optimum health, the business person in need of stress relief, and of course all the other maintenance treatments essential to our beauty regime. In my opinion the key to every experience lies within 3 main things. Listening to the client - understanding their likes and dislikes. The therapist and the atmosphere to welcome them from the aromas to the products. Having a great therapist with

good hands is not enough. Even more so if they cannot make a connection to the client, who feels they had a good treatment, but nothing special. Making a genuine connection with each client, involves both an energetic and mental commitment. It begins with taking the time to read their form, asking relevant questions that will enhance their experience, but above all genuinely caring that the client has the best possible and most authentic experience. This mindset should be natural, individual and not forced. After all a good nurse has both formal training and a predisposition to want to help people. Without this predisposition even if they receive top marks, they would not be a great nurse. It’s the same with a wonderful therapist. They will have great hands and they will genuinely want to give the best possible experience possible. Combine that with a

beautiful but warm surrounding, exquisite scents to welcome the clients and extraordinary products and you will have a winning formula. It’s worth thinking about ensuring that before each client the therapist and the whole team should have this as their intention. The intention to give the best possible experience to the client. If you think about it, already starting with this intention coupled with genuine care, and beautiful products, ultimately means the clients experience will be enhanced to a higher level. At the beginning of every treatment our therapists spend 5 minutes breathing with the client synchronizing their rhythm with that of the client and ultimately focusing on giving the best treatment. A good therapist becomes a great therapist, a good treatment becomes a great treatment and the client has the best experience possible.

Margo Marrone Founder The Organic Pharmacy






n one of the flower’s earliest uses for beauty, the ancient Greeks and Romans used rose petals to perfume their baths. They highly valued roses and also decorated the floors of their banquet halls with rose petals in distilled forms. Roses have been included in cosmetics, medicines and therapeutic treatments for centuries. Rose essential oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties, making it ideal to topically treat a host of ailments including abrasions, burns and skin conditions. It has also been used to ease sore throats, fever and cough. Rose water has many benefits. You can use rose water to treat acne, add to a tea to calm sore throats, and of course, pour into a bath for a luxurious experience. Beauty products today are also embracing the rose as an exceptional ingredient. Whether listed on today’s organic beauty products as rose water, rose distillate, rose essential oil or rosehip seed oil, these lovely rose essences do far more than just add their light scent to your products. This fragrant flower helps rejuvenate and replenish skin. Naturally antibacterial rose essential oil can help treat acne and acne-prone skin. Combined with its cleansing properties, rose makes an ideal ingredient in face washes and cleansers. While we may think of roses for their iconic deep red colour, rose oils can actually help reduce swollen spots or redness on your skin. Its calming properties can also help sooth rosecea and eczema. The natural oils found in roses help lock moisture into the skin, keeping skin feeling smooth. Rose is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin because the sugars


in its petals create a soothing feeling. Many organic beauty products choose to include rose for its delicate aroma in lieu of artificial fragrances. When used aromatically, rose calms and soothes the mind. In fact, rose petals are a staple in Ayurvedic medicine to detoxify and calm. While this characteristic doesn’t directly add beauty benefits, it sure makes that rose-scented lotion or cream an extra pleasant experience. As a natural astringent, rose helps tighten pores and restore suppleness for a glowy complexion. Unlike conventional alcohol-based toners, rose leaves skin feeling smooth, not dried out. To identify with history’s most famous rose obsessives— Cleopatra, who is said to have bathed in petal-infused milk and soaked the sails of her ship in rose water so that the breeze would surround her with scent; and Empress Joséphine, who made it her life’s work to collect and grow every known variety in her garden at Château de Malmaison in the early 1800s. Recent years have shown the rose being deeply unfashionable. That started to change about 10 years ago, when perfumers began to modernize. Now there’s a rose renaissance happening in skin care, too—driven in part by a widespread embrace of natural ingredients, but also by a new understanding of the flower’s powers and the development of technologies that can bolster its benefit. In the next issue I will be reviewing the latest treatments using this wonderful flower.

Maria Rustigini

Smooth & Lift



& Smooth s Fill Crow Feet

Reduce Puffiness

rk Fade Da Circles

& Brighten Smooth

A rich, luxurious cream that transforms your skin in an instant. The world’s most lavish natural ingredients come together to create an innovative new treatment cream that plumps and firms skin, whilst adding a dazzling glow. £290.00

Pamper your skin and indulge your senses with Tisserand Aromatherapy Hand Creams. In three delightful fragrances: Lavender & White Mint, Neroli & Sandalwood and Rose & Geranium Leaf, the collection brings affordable indulgence to everyone.


Rose Day Cream Light the invigorating powers of the rose to nourish hydrate and protect dry, sensitive skin for a calm, even and balanced complexion - so perfect for all types of skin, breakouts and all.

Weleda wild rose cream body wash. Super hydrating with an earthy, floral scent that is not too overpowering.

Rosewater Cleanser and Toner formulated with cooling Aloe Vera, and soothing Allantoin to calm and restore skins balance. Excellent also for Rosacea and sensitive skin. Cleanses : Tones : Cools and closes pores. An amazing anti-ageing and repairing treatment oil. Repairs and reverses sun damage, reverses premature ageing from the sun. Reduces scarring (surgery, acne). Reduces wrinkles and re-hydrates.

Rose Diamond Eye Cream has been designed to hydrate, brighten, lift and fill the skin around the eye area, including the upper lid, blurring fine lines and wrinkles in one luxurious sweep.

A delicately, sweet, aromatic formula to leave hair strong, balanced and healthy. Free from sodium lauryl, laureth sulphate, parabens and artificial fragrances. Discover the Roots & Wings hair and body-care collection. A silky hydrating cleansing balm and gentle daily skin peel in one Hydration comes from luxurious shea butter and coconut oil powerful but gentle exfoliation to dissolve dead, dull skin cells to reveal even toned skin.


Beauty and Well-Being


Clémence von Mueffling founded Beauty and Well-Being magazine to honor the indivisible relationship between beauty and wellness.


he inherited her instinct for the industries from her mother and grandmother, who were both Beauty Editors at French Vogue. By thirteen, Estée Lauder perfume and Clarins moisturizer already formed a part of her beauty routine. She travelled to summer camp equipped with preventative stretch mark cream and only the finest facial cleansing practices. Now, Clémence breathes beauty wisdom, and after working for Dior, Clarins, and Carolina Herrera, she founded her own online magazine (BWB). Above all else, she understands that as women age, the relationship we have with our bodies changes. She has watched both her mother and grandmother continue to take care of themselves, respecting their femininity with grace and ease. Their lifelong pursuit of beauty inspired Clémence to cast a wider net and curate articles directed at women in all different periods of their life. Budding adults, pregnant mothers, menopausal women, and great grandmothers can all read and learn from BWB. Clémence is known among her friends for her insight and intuition of emerging trends. “BWB was an obvious thing to do,” she says. “It is my way to share my discoveries with all women who want to achieve a healthier life and feel beautiful, but have no time to find all the information. I will be doing the research for them!” In creating her magazine, Clémence hoped to connect to her readers’ lives and interests through monthly themes. BWB teaches that beauty and wellness practices exist in harmony, believing one cannot endure without the other. Every week, she and her team add to their collection of credible experts,

treasured products, and tasty recipes to fit the focus of the month. Popular past themes have included Sleep, Workplace Wellness, and Inspiring women. BWB offers a carefully edited space, one in which every article is a must-read. Here you’ll find the makeup trends that really matter, the products that can make a difference, tips on subjects as varied as nutrition and exercise, as well as recipes, and in-depth features—all delivered with BWB’s trademark light touch. Its readability does not come at the price of credibility – Clémence sources experienced experts from all fields to be the sounding voices of her magazine. From easy to follow editor’s picks, in-depth stories on innovative companies, and interviews with renowned fashion and beauty icons, BWB stays up to date on what the modern woman wants. Past subjects have included Aerin Lauder, Carolina Herrera, Diane von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, and Veronica Beard. Above all, BWB is a champion of natural products and cosmetics. The BWB team, which boasts contributors from New York, Paris, London, and Los Angeles, is committed to the fast-growing industry of natural products. The team members try every product themselves before writing about the ones that actually work. BWB can compete because they filter through the noise, refining their repertoire to only the most effective, triedand-true products and practices. Never tempted by popular trends, BWB is now considered a key reference in the industry, and a sought-out online destination for women of all ages.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?

Q. In what direction do you see the beauty and wellness industry going?

Both my mother and grandmother worked as beauty editors for French Vogue. Being raised by them was definitely an inspiration. They taught me not only how to be feminine, but also how to take care of my skin at a young age and to never leave home without perfume! Today they still inspire me as they age gracefully and still take such great care of themselves.

I always see a bright future when it comes to that industry! Even during tough economic times lipsticks sales have always gone up. It is called the “lipstick effect.” Lipstick, like other products of the beauty and wellness industry, is where people indulge. It’s a less expensive treat that substitutes for a bigger item. I firmly believe that beauty and wellness products are true morale boosters!

Q. In your business - what single quality do you consider to be the most important in keeping ahead of the competition?

Q. If you were to be starting in this industry now, what advice would you give yourself?

Do not let yourself overwhelmed by all the trends. At Beauty and Well-Being our motto is to filter through the noise. We share our expertise of tried and true products as well as advice from leading experts that we interview weekly.

My advice would be to be more active with social media, videos and podcasts. The publishing business is changing at a rapid pace, and online or printed publication need to adapt to offer their readers both the traditional experience of reading an article and the modern options. 33



Looking good

The power of branding Inline London offers clients the facility to brand uniforms with quality embroidery and printing. Branding today is vital to gain an edge on competitors and can make an ordinary garment look extra-ordinary. The company has an in-house facility for logo development and sampling. The process is simple. All a client needs to do is to send through a clear image of their logo and the Inline team will do the rest. There is a choice of hundreds of thread colours and effects. For advice on how to use this service most effectively as well as ideas on how you can reinforce your brand identity, please contact the sales team on 01483 514820


Cavell Thomas started Inline London 25 years ago from her flat in Kensington in London, producing quality uniforms specifically tailored to the Health and Beauty market. She is now Creative Director of the company and remembers one of her first clients being The Spa at Gleneagles, who identified the need for a quality uniform not found in the market in 1993. Gleneagles remains a client to this day and most business is by word of mouth, which is testament to the quality and service offered by Inline London.


e are proud of what we have achieved over the years in terms of building the Inline brand. It is synonymous with quality and style. Clients know that the product will last and are prepared to pay a small premium for longevity over throw-away fashion. Professionals in this market demand good quality uniforms that can withstand the rigours of every day laundering and last the test of time. The only way to achieve this level of performance is by using fabrics that are technically advanced and assembled using expert manufacturing techniques.” The company invests a great deal of time and effort sourcing fabrics that are fit for purpose. The performance crepe fabric is exclusively produced for Inline London and has Pinhole Technology for free air flow and thus maximum comfort. It also has stretch for movement and crease recovery and does not fade. High profile clients who benefit from this fabric include Espa, The Lanesborough Spa, The Grove, One Spa at The Sheraton Grand, The Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Lush cosmetics to name a few. A couple of years ago, Inline London introduced a linen-look fabric, which has become very popular due to its natural appearance and feel after washing. It gets softer and softer with time, does not fade and is a pleasure to work in. Spas such as The Gainsborough Bath Spa, The Royal Crescent Hotel and Spa and The Savoy have chosen this look to complement their spas. Many hotels in Europe such as The Thanos Hotel Group, have adopted this fabric as it performs well in the hotter Mediterranean climate. It has been an exciting and busy couple of years for the team at Inline London due to the large number of bespoke contracts. “We have found that spas are wanting something unusual and unique and we have been able to meet this challenge with styling and fabric that complement the stunning interiors of these projects” says Cavell Thomas. The new spa at Cliveden, Lygon Arms, The Espa Spa at The Mondrian Doha, Ye Olde Bell, Stanely House have all revamped the look of their spa teams and chosen Inline as their preferred supplier. Added to this, is a range of jacquard fabrics newly introduced and available on a bespoke basis. The beauty of this fabric is that it has multiple uses and is suitable for jackets, trims and upholstery. The minimum order quantities are low, which gives scope for smaller design projects. Recently Inline London supplied the Lanesborough Spa with uniforms and went on to make the bed dressings for the massage couches


in crepe, suede and a pebble design jacquard. They applied this same formula to the residential spa at 199 Knightsbridge producing stylish massage couch covers and are currently replacing the furnishings of the loungers and sofas in the pool area with chlorine and fade resistant chenille fabrics. Inline London’s latest project is a new look for the spa team at The Pennyhill Park Spa and South Lodge incorporating the wave design of their logo in the uniforms. “I worked with Darren Dixon when he was based at The Vineyard many years ago and it was a pleasure to hook up again and get involved in such an inspiring project” explains Cavell. “I wanted to create a unique jacquard fabric to reinforce the wave emblem in the Pennyhill Park branding without it being too predictable. We achieved this with a palette of subtle slate colours and a unique neck design for the tunics and dresses in our performance crepe fabric. We are excited to see the end result and for the team to look as amazing as the spas themselves.”

Gorgeous made with a supple, buttery nubuck, with two-foot hugging bands on a sport-luxe style sole, they’re as fashionable as they are practical. A bit of a splurge, but SO worth it! We engineer every pair of FitFlop™ sandals with our amazing, multi-density midsoles. They’re ergonomic, cush, pressure-diffusing and totally ‘wunderbar’ if you’re going to walk a lot! Or if you are on your feet for long periods of time. £75.00



Looking good


WOWS! As one of the UK’s leading workwear providers Grahame Gardner certainly knows its market! Combining more than a century of industry experience with the latest innovations in fabric, design and manufacturing, the Leicester-based organisation has positioned itself at the forefront of helping businesses across a variety of different sectors meet their workwear needs. From traditional uniforms, through to bright and bespoke garments that push the boundaries of uniform and workwear design, Grahame Gardner prides itself on its ability to capture an organisation’s personality and ensure that any team stands out from the crowd. The huge range of garments, extensive colour palettes, design options and inhouse embroidery services are loved by a wide range of health, beauty and fitness industries and sectors including hotels, spas, beauty parlours, hairdressers and much more. Grahame Gardner can also customise uniforms and copy virtually any design or logo directly onto selected garments through state-of-the-art printing techniques, embroidery and monogramming. Other benefits provided include free UK postage and packaging on orders over £99, a selection of brands to choose from, a live chat web facility and a Made-to-Order option – which provides fully-bespoke workwear.



CLÉMENCE VON MUEFFLING Raised by two beauty editors for French Vogue (her mother and grandmother), Clémence proudly continues their legacy in Ageless Beauty, a luxurious, entertaining, unparalleled book to every French beauty secret for all women. Weaving wisdom from all three of her family’s generations with insiders’ tips from top beauty experts, Clémence shares both timeless and age-specific information in three categories— Jeunesse (20-35), Plénitude (35-55), and Maturité (55+). Available June 2018


JENNA LEIGH RAINE ‘In Stitches’ unravels CODES for women in how to manage the most painful situations. Jenna has been through heartache and intense bullying, but now is healing the world with her 7D super powers.


LOU SCHULER Created by Men’s Health advisor and world-renowned fitness writer Lou Schuler, this 12-week pro-gram is packed with workouts designed to help you get leaner, faster, more muscular, and better conditioned than you are right now. And you can get incredible results in just 3 days per week! That’s because The Beginner’s Guide combines a unique mix of mobility, core, and strength training to dramatically improve your base of strength. 38

Grahame Gardner A uniform for everyone. Our collections present an exceptional range of flattering, elegant and stylish workwear solutions ideal for the salon, spa and beauty industry. Designed with comfort and image in mind, our uniforms are synonymous with innovation and quality. Customisable for your salon, our uniforms will keep you looking professional as you help your clients to perfect their own looks.

For more information please contact us or visit our website

0116 255 6326

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rahame Gardner - sophisticated workwear solutions for all hospitality environments. As one of the UK’s leading workwear providers Grahame Gardner certainly knows its market! Combining more than a century of industry experience with the latest innovations in fabric, design and manufacturing, the Leicester-based organisation has positioned itself at the forefront of helping businesses across a variety of different sectors meet their workwear needs. From the more traditional and classic uniforms, through to modern, bright and fully bespoke garments that push the boundaries of uniform and workwear design, Grahame Gardner prides itself on its ability to capture an organisation’s personality and ensure that any team stands out from the crowd and is a true representation of their business and culture. The Grahame Gardner uniform collections for the hospitality industry offer an extensive range of sophisticated workwear of the highest quality and standard. Synonymous with style and innovation our exclusive ranges are ideal for organisations seeking to create a luxurious identity for staff and enhance their brand by providing customisable uniforms throughout the entire property; from management, front of house, concierge and spa staff to housekeeping, kitchen, bar, restaurant and banqueting teams through to your maintenance and gardening staff – we cater for all departments. With a vast range of choice, styles and colours including options for fully customisable garments in their Vitality, Advance and GFORCE Corporate ranges, the Grahame Gardner collections present an exceptional range of flattering and stylish workwear solutions ideal for the Hotel, Spa and Hospitality environments.

Our wide range of styles, extensive colour palettes, design options and in-house embroidery services will help bring your organisations’ professional identity to life through quality, innovative garments that combine style and comfort with practicality and form. We work closely with you to ensure the garments, designs and styles are perfectly suited to your establishment. From initial consultancy to identify your requirements, through to a presentation of options, all with a FREE design service to ensure we work as part of your team to deliver exactly what you need. Gemma Puffer, head of marketing at Grahame Gardner, said: “For more than a century we’ve been helping organisations bring their professional identities to life through quality, innovative workwear that combines style and comfort with practicality and form. As a family business, founded in 1906 with family values at our core, we never compromise on customer service. We truly value the people who choose to purchase our products and we’ll always go the extra mile when it comes to providing the flexibility and quality they deserve. “We offer one of the largest ranges of workwear in the UK, providing garments in a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes, using the latest fabrics and printing technologies to meet any company’s individual requirements. Not only that but our uniforms work for everyone seeking to create a professional identity for staff across an entire organisation. “With our long history of providing uniforms, we ensure every item we offer our customers is made to the highest quality and offers both style and comfort – something that’s vital not only for the wearer during the busy working day, but crucial when it comes to making a great first impression on the customer.”

For more information please contact Grahame Gardner on: 0116 255 6326



to start?

We all know the old sayings like “You are what you eat” or “A healthy body produces a healthy spirit” All very well.


he problem here is that we are all different, live busy or sedentary lives, have different ethnic backgrounds, may have allergies and dislike certain food. Yet – we need to fuel our body to fuel our brain, to get energy to go about our everyday life, to get a good rest at night. Nobody can sleep well with a grumbling stomach. Fasting is ok in moderation and can be beneficial when suffering from certain conditions but most of the time we need at least 3 square meals, probably with 2 snacks added mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The recent 5:2 dietary wave is fine as long as we eat at least 800 kcal of healthy food on the leaner days. Salads, eggs, lean chicken, an apple get you through the day and stick to the limited amount you

allow yourself without feeling fatigued. Should continue with healthy options on the other days when you can eat double the amount in kcal for women and even more for men. Reduce sugar and salt but do not shy away from olive or coconut oil as they provide essential fatty acids such as omega 3, 6 and 9. They help digest certain foods and encourage absorption of Vitamin E (an anti-oxidant). And use butter, too. Better than going for spreads with trans-fats and it tastes so delicious on a piece of fresh sourdough bread. We use our senses when it comes to food – colour catches the eye, smell affects your nostrils and a sizzle or bubble catches your ears. That is all important because all these prepare

the body for digesting food – salivating is the most important and sets off a chain reaction down the line. Play with colours, go for red, orange and green for the lycopene, antioxidants and minerals of tomatoes, broccoli, carrots and sweet potatoes. Add turmeric whenever you can (it is a proven anti-carcinogenic), even saffron and garlic. Use warming spices in colder months, add lemon and lime in warmer months. There is so much more to consider: blood group types, diabetes prevention, strengthening the immune system, seasonal eating, and regional foods – the list is endless and we will go into this sooner or later. One thing is for sure: Use common sense and moderation and eat food according to the seasons in this country.

Kerstin Holman-Schmidt, Chair of


Healing Jenna Leigh-Raine, 49, has a catalogue of talents, including being a psychic medium, musician and model. However, it is her healing that gets people talking. Here, she explains how her 7D remapping has the amazing ability to manage chronic pains from various disorders and cancer


hen you become a psychic medium for many years, your ability rises and develops, and your ‘Chip’ gets upgraded. For me, this upgrade was the ability to heal (7D healing). It wasn’t that long ago when I noticed that I was able to see illnesses by scanning a person’s body whilst they had their back to me. By staring and scanning I was, and am, able to smell, find shadows in colour which I can translate as cancer, tumour, or pain. I am also able to see dietary cure paths and pain relief, mixed by my hand suspended over a patient’s body. This ability to HEAL is one part of being a healer added to mediumship. I can also, via remote viewing, give ‘Absent Healing’ where I locate my clients in my mind, circling them and pull the ailment, feelings and problem - shielding them, protecting them in a veil of light and cloak them in a sheet of colour. By covering them in gold heated healing, and lift, with intense concentration, the bad energy from their physical body. A human body is but a cover. A pretty or unique veil we greet each day, and every single person walking is different, and defined by individual looks. The next step is to exercise the illness or pain with sheer concentration and throw it into the light, or to the soil. After I have removed this earthbound pain with colour bars and by injection therapy (all from my mind, not physical) I then cover them in white/silver or gold sheets, shielding and holding in the healing work (mentally). The patient may experience a sensation of emotions - tears, heat, exhaustion, relief yet ending in Healing. I perform my 7D healing in an exclusive therapy room in Mayfair, London. Wearing my white doctor’s coat, the patient lays on a massage bed in preparation for the therapy. I sit aside on a chair close my eyes and ASK for a white Line Spirit to come close. Then I take the patient’s hands in mine, meditate and ask that my hands will be guided by spirit and navigate me to start Healing therapy. Some patients may need Psychic Surgery, meaning the spirit of a previous surgeon comes in and works through me. My


guide is German. Method: My hands hover over the body to examine, locate the area/s of requiring therapy/surgery. I will also find using my mind the central nerve weakness in the feet and send energy, injection, and bind in gold light. I am working to find cut and remove illness, pain, cancer, tumour, and so on. The patient is in a relaxed consciousness and completely fine. They may feel absolutely nothing, or hurt from instruments as I am cutting out, or using light works, removing these ailments. I will also place the syringe fashion colour rods or bars to override the disease or pain. After many exercises and procedures has done his work, I am towing all the bad diseases I can see in treatment 1 (of 15) over a period of weeks. I throw this Bad to the ground or soil (mentally) and start to tell the body to REMAP. 7D Remapping is a procedure I developed to tell the body to ‘Return’ to its original physical self (form) before illness, not unlike plastic when lit. HUMEtherapy, is a mental method to TUNE the visible human body matter, skin, and bone to its former self before the original onset of illness. I feel that illness is earthbound, so by spirit intervention it’s possible to remove this energy and remap, returning a smile to a patient. I have had many patients in my time but there was one that always caught my attention. He was a much older gentleman who had been riddled with cancer, and I was told he would not last a month. I could smell, as I entered the treatment room, his cancer which is like a crippling odour or dumping bags been left outside too long. I gave him a strong, long course of treatment. That was years ago and he is still alive as I write this. Absent healing can be done by concentration of a client wherever they are on the planet. Using mental visual location and heal by method of either sending light energy or, by placing your mental physical self-there. Moving around the patient and covering them in light, I mentally burn out the area/s of illness. The method to transport myself was something I taught myself back in the eighties. I just found myself about to walk out of my physical self and travel out.

Well-being THIS SEASON’S

FOR YOU products, treatments and new trends

Radiance Firming Facial Oil: a deeply luxurious blend of omega-rich Macadamia and Pumpkin oil with Marine algae to firm and hydrate, giving a fresher, firmer appearance. Try this beautifully fragrant oil. (20% discount with code SPA20 T&C apply) The Natura Bliss by REM. A Pedicure seat with a host of features. With a retractable and removable basin, adjustable footrest and reclining backrest this stylish unit serves for multiple treatments including brows, manicure and pedicure. The Natura Bliss is available in over 20 different laminate and fabric finishes. No plumbing or electricity required - from around ÂŁ1,605 + VAT

Scent Global is a leading wholesale distributor of branded fragrance, gift sets, skincare, nailcare and haircare. We have a wide range of products that may work for your spa or salon. Please feel free to contact us to discuss range and availability.


PLEASURE & CALM AROMATIC WATER. With Orange Blossom water, Calendula and Vanilla extract, this light mist instigates rest and sleep. Its soothing fragrance infuses the atmosphere providing a state of peace, quietness and harmony for the senses. For use on bed linen and body.

IN STITCHES, JENNA LEIGH RAINE. ‘In Stitches’ unravels CODES for women in how to manage the most painful situations. Jenna has been through heartache and intense bullying, but now is healing the world with her 7D super powers.

With luxurious and fashionable fragrance of OUD. A natural and holistic skincare oil, SAMOL Herbal After Shave & Beard Oil smooths, soothes and helps moisturise your face and facial hair.

A comforting, velvety butter, enriched with Lavender essential oil, added extracts of conditioning Water Lily, and moisturising Olive oil blend with nourishing Shea butter to ease dry skin.

OnZen Home Spa is the latest skin care innovation from Japan, now available in the UK to spas, beauty salons and hairdressers. The carbonated shower and bathing tablets naturally ionise the water which opens up the skin’s pores while the neutral pH-value of the CO2 improves blood circulation. OnZen Home Spa can help your customer to reduce stress, naturally moisturises the skin and eases skin irritations.


Ashleigh & Burwood 100% essential oils. Enhance your clients mood with Bedtime, a soothing mix of C.lary sage and Lavender. Ideal to use with the Aroma Scent Hubs

Absolute Collagen won Editor’s Choice for the Beauty Shortlist and is shortlisted for TWO Pure Beauty Global Awards - ‘Best New Male Skin and Body Care Product’ and ‘Best New Anti-Ageing Product’!

5% DISCOUNT once registered & first order placed. Min order £150 (inc. Free UK Delivery)


The flirty extrovert of our Solid Body Tint range, Shimmy Shimmy leaves you with sexy, glowing skin. It’s shaped like a heart and smells rather beautifully of vanilla and lavender, with a hint of herbal clary sage – just the thing to get hearts racing indeed. The skin softening butters help the glitter stick for a very subtle, but ever so effective shimmer, giving your skin a pinky-bronze glow that lights up your skin, (and if you’re lucky, your nights).

Nourishing Coconut body oil. A natural any-ageing moisturiser, easily absorbed and can also be used as a massage oil. Wonderful emollient for dry skin. Also makes for an excellent hair conditioner. 100% organic.

Oxygenating essential ampoules maintain a fresh and rosy complexion. Biotechnological complex with soy extract and vitamin B8 to optimize skin cell function. A course of treatment with 7 ampoules, as often as necessary.

Organic, medicinal kalanchoe extract, a powerful natural hydration activator that boosts the skin’s hyaluronic acid* production. Its beauty bonus? Bi-Phase Serum refines the skin’s texture and smooths its surface. Your quenched skin is fresh, comfortable, radiant, and vibrant.


Sothys Homme Homme Gel Douche Vitalité Corps et Cheveux. This revitalizing hair and body gel cleanser. This 2 in 1 is quick and easy to use. Perfect to use in the shower. Lather your hair and body and then just rinse, could not be easier.

COMPLETE LAUNDRY SOLUTIONS An in-house laundry is not a luxury it’s a necessity Thanks to the wide range of Girbau machinery, having a laundry in your salon/spa is within the reach of any establishment.


ut hotel and spa laundry costs by 25-45% by running your own on-premise laundry. Take 100% control of turnaround times, stocks and quality of finish. Girbau has been working with all types of hotels, spas and leisure facilities for more than 55 years. From large hotel groups to small independent operators, Girbau offer energy efficient, high productivity laundry equipment for the ultimate in-house laundry operation. For a small to mediumsized laundry, a Girbau Towel Laundry may be the best starting point. Our full range of washers, dryers and ironers ensures you have the right equipment for a truly professional finish for all your towels, bath robes, bed linen, table linen and you can even choose to offer a dedicated laundry service for guests. The Girbau Laundry Design Service includes a detailed survey, preparation of 3D technical drawings and installation plans to optimise laundry flows and efficiency. We also understand the importance of responding quickly in the event of a machine breakdown, which is why we operate a 24/7 Service helpline and our own team of dedicated of factory-trained installation and maintenance engineers offering same day/next day response. Girbau’s Complete Laundry Care package offers the latest energy efficient washers, dryers and ironers with a fixed monthly rental that includes all service and maintenance. Service & Maintenance A rapid response maintenance and repair service is essential to minimise downtime and maintain productivity, wherever

Intuitive, automatic machinery means that anybody can operate the laundry. Our mission is peace of mind.

you are running a busy laundry, be it in a care home, hotel, school or elsewhere. No Unexpected Bills With our Complete Laundry Care package there are no repair bills to pay and you are assured of the promptest response from our own team of experienced engineers. Fixed First Time Using our mobile technology we can allocate the nearest available engineer to you immediately after your urgent call. Because the system informs our engineers of the nature of your problem, they turn up at your door with the right parts for a first-time fix. Direct from the Manufacturer We are unique in being the only laundry equipment company in the UK to manufacture, supply, install and service its own equipment.

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Berodin retail Body Wash and Exfoliating Gloves kit, leaves your skin refreshed and perfectly clean, gently exfoliating to prevent ingrown hairs. A perfect daily body wash for before and after waxing services. Pine Essential Oil cleans and conditions whilst Bladderwrack nourishes and prevents dryness.

Harley Tea Tree Strip Wax incorporates the trusted benefits of healing tea tree oil with the perfect balance of refined resins and titanium dioxide to create something truly special. Tea tree oil has been used to treat various skin conditions for many years and is known to soothe sunburn and other burns, making it the perfect companion for waxing products. It’s fast, clean, leaves very little sticky residue.

Outback Organics Bush Balm. This creamy, intensely moisturising lotion quickly reduces redness and calms the skin after hair removal. Aloe vera, allatoin and frankincense extract soothe sore skin, while shea butter and macadamia oil quench and deeply nourish. Our Bush Balm can be used straight after waxing and between appointments to help prevent ingrown hairs and leave the skin soft and hydrated. It is especially suitable for sensitive areas such as the face, underarms and for use after intimate waxing or shaving. Available in 100ml £5.99 250ml £12.50.

Beauty professionals are switching to disposable applicator systems – a more hygienic method with added benefits of being quicker, cleaner & more effective. Australian Bodycare is leading the industry by adopting the Hy-Wax method.


Liz Warom Managing Director Liz Warom is co-owner & co-founder of Temple Spa alongside her husband and business partner Mark. With forty years in the cosmetic industry, her vast experience was instrumental in preparing her for the creation and establishment of their own brand launched in 2000.


native of Suffolk, England, Liz was the youngest and only daughter of four children. As a free spirit and someone who excelled in communication, not so much academia, she bucked the trend for university and married her sweetheart Mark at just seventeen and surprisingly, her parents were hugely supportive. Soon after her marriage, Liz realised that her aspirations to move house, drive a sports car and explore the world were never going to be realised on a dental nurse salary, so she supplemented her income by taking additional jobs working in a fashion boutique on Saturdays and during the evenings as a sales consultant for American brand Jafra Cosmetics. It was in Jafra that Liz launched her career. Being naturally driven & positive, she soon found her feet and became the company’s top consultant & manager, breaking international sales and recruitment records. Her enthusiasm was contagious and she developed a talent for bringing forth others in their abilities using encouragement, belief and humour as her secret weapon, a skill she is still known for some four decades later. By the time she was just 20, Liz had brought over 2000 other consultants into the business, drove a BMW and was indeed travelling the world. After achieving every level of success, she moved on after eight years to try her hand at a very different type of cosmetic discipline. She could never have known how instrumental this would be in years to come in the ultimate creation of her own brand. Working for Europe’s largest cosmetic manufacturer, Liz was appointed Senior Account Manager, in charge of a portfolio of prestigious clients. Working in all aspects of product creation gave her a fantastic opportunity to develop range concepts alongside designers, chemists and manufacturers


as well as buyers and the needs of demanding customers like Marks & Spencer, Selfridges and The Body Shop International; something that would set her in good stead to understand every aspect of cradle-to-grave product management. Her creation and management of The Body Shop Colourings account lead to her ultimately being head-hunted by founder Anita Roddick, when she became Global Brand Manager for the make-up division. Mark later joined the company and together they re-located to The South Downs where they still reside. During their time, they re-launched the Colourings brand taking fledgling sales to £124m in just four years managing the trade in over 50 countries. This enabled them to realise the magic of working together as a team and after several happy and successful years with The Body Shop, they eventually left to pursue a total start-up venture with Virgin, one that would be preparatory for their ultimate dream. Liz & Mark had created a concept for a top to toe cosmetic brand and decided to approach Sir Richard Branson with the idea and a ready-to-go business plan. This fired his imagination and after a two-hour meeting, he decided to launch Virgin Vie with them, where they and their extraordinary team went from conception to launch in just eighteen months, They achieved £10m sales during the first year and after running the company for three years, they decided now was truly time to take their years of experience and give birth to their very own brand. Taking a sabbatical for a year, with six months travelling in The Med region, it provided Mark & Liz with the muchneeded space to conceive Temple Spa. With a strong British provenance, the absolute best, delivered with ‘sophisticated

ease’ was a given. A Mediterranean soul beating through their hearts, love and passion would infuse everything and see them through the most daring adventure of their lives. Using personal seed funding and no external investment, Temple Spa was launched after a three-year intensive development programme. While Mark drove all business elements - financial, legal, supplier & packaging development, Liz was unhindered to be completely creative and she spearheaded the product and brand development, working with laboratories in Switzerland and Suffolk, England liaising with a ‘who’s who’ of artisan herbalists, doctors, derma-scientists and designers. Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, culture, lifestyle and landscape, the products are laden with luscious botanicals, combined with technical edge delivering serious results. Rejecting industry metaphors that build on insecurities, every product has anti-ageing ingredients tucked into each formula, along with patented complexes as well as warm, self-esteem boosting language. Temple Spa is beautifully human; real people, bringing true beauty to real people. The packaging is stylish and the products work, they really do what they say on the jar and the cashmere textures, witty names and exquisite aromas are all an added pleasure. Temple Spa has been the recipient of many awards, most notably the coveted Beauty Bible “best anti-ageing product” with the brands cult product Skin Truffle.

Now, some fifteen years in the market place, Temple Spa is established as a luxury lifestyle brand with exceptional products and experiences that restore skin, body & soul. No longer fledgling, it is becoming known as a niche ‘brand to be found’ in exclusive places such as Harrods, premium spas, boutique hotels, first-class airlines and through a network of close to two thousand independent lifestyle consultants who serve their own clientele through individual consultations or classes in private homes. This spa to go channel, brings Liz right back to her roots of working with primarily women, empowering them to realise their own potential and dreams. She is only too aware of being a role model and mentor, one of the favourite aspects of her work. Mark and Liz are living their dream. The Temple Spa headquarters are based in converted barns within their property just outside Littlehampton and a sizeable warehouse nearby the beach, with international licence partners in the USA and Hong Kong. They bring vision and oversight to an amazing team who are all committed to growing the Temple Spa brand & business and most importantly staying true to their passion and commitment for excellence and integrity. The brand essence is LIVE | BREATHE | LOVE WHO YOU ARE and is truly a metaphor for living life to the full, a mantra that is apparent throughout the people, the products and the mission.

Liz Warom, Founder and Managing Director, Temple Spa



Le Quattro Dame, Rome


Le Quattro Dame, Rome

Le Quattro Dame, this cozy, effortlessly stylish residence in the city center is a perfect hideaway for experiencing the real Rome. Located in the heart of the city in a magnificent historical building, Le Quattro Dame is an ideal place to stay for those who like to sightsee as most of the city’s highlights are within walking distance. The classical features of the residence with high ceilings and wide windows blend in with the modern interior design of the furnishings and lighting to reach a perfect balance between classical elegance and modern comfort. All suites have been recently redecorated at high standards and are fully equipped with a Nespresso corner including electric kettle, mini bar, china and silverware to provide extra comfort. The residence offers six individually styled and spacious suites - three Deluxe rooms, two Junior Suites and one Duplex Apartment with a fully equipped high-tech kitchen. An extraordinary guest experience is guaranteed thanks to the luxurious Flou and Meridiani beds and bed linen, spacious marble and concrete bathrooms with walk in showers and Co. Bigelow amenities. The property’s interiors are filled with designer touches from Catellani & Smith, Kartell, Flou, Meridiani, Agape, Villeroy & Boch or Modulnova. Tailor-made services are available on request: in-room gourmet breakfast delivery, relaxing in-room massage treatments to start or end your day, hand-picked tours and cooking courses will guarantee a full immersion local experience.


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Aromatherapy Associates is delighted to announce the arrival of our new Face Oil Collection. This complete Face Oil wardrobe acts as a ‘first aid kit for skin’ allowing you to experience the remarkable powers of our six different 100% natural blends. This ultimate travel and discovery collection provides daily solutions to your skin’s needs. Each carefully crafted essential oil blend will help to nourish, revitalise, firm, plump, sooth and balance your skin. Each bottle will allow you to treat your skin for up to a week.

Replenishing Face Treatment Oil. A deeply nourishing facial oil that replenishes and protects the skin, strengthens the natural moisture barrier and helps minimise the appearance of fine lines. Neroli, Sandalwood and Patchouli Oils revitalise, while vitamin and omega-rich Avocado, Evening Primrose and Macadamia nourish and soften skin for a smooth, supple finish.


MCT oil has increasingly proven popular as a readily digestible oil that the body uses as an energy source and does not result in weight gain. This oil, which is derived from coconut or palm kernel oil, is a great addition to a balanced weight management programme.


Nourish your weathered skin with Khadi Rose Face and Body Oil. It will regenerate, vitalises and harmonises your skin, whilst balancing the skins moisture levels. £11.90

Pinks Boutique Organic Cuticle Oil. What is the best way to nourish our nails? Cuticle oil and massage!! People don’t realise that there are huge therapeutic benefits to having a manicure, it isn’t just about making the hands looking polished and shiny! They boost blood to the hands via massage which improves circulation, blood flow and healthy nail growth.

Mother & Baby Massage Oil. The perfect massage oil for mothers and babies. Leaves the skin soft, supple and nourished. Calms the mind. Lavender and Chamomile are blended at safe levels with Marigold, Jojoba and Rose Hip in a gentle formula making it suitable for mothers and babies Massage babies and children every night with this soothing oil for a good nights sleep £22.95


Aromatherapy Associates are proud to showcase their new blend of ethically sourced 100% frankincense oil used in De-Stress Frankincense Pure Essential oil, revered for its long lasting relaxing and mind focusing benefits. Celebrated for centuries for its uplifting qualities and traditionally used as an aid to meditation, frankincense acts as a respiratory tonic to induce deeper, slower breathing. Literally meaning ‘true incense’ from the old French ‘franc encens’, this prized oil was once thought to guard against evil spirits and chase away negativity. Today it is the perfect way to create a haven of calm and a point of stillness in an otherwise busy day.

Purity Eye Cleanser, a versatile and highly effective triple action cleanser that leaves eyes, soothed, calmed and cleansed. Containing Pure jojoba oil and gentle essential oils this refreshing oil cleanser removes all traces of makeup and impurities.


Setting yourself up for success 4 things to do before you start your gym training

You’ve made the decision to start training at a gym to improve your health and fitness. Excellent! You want to make sure your hard work leads to results. Here are 4 things you can do before your first gym session to set you up for success.

Decide your objective Clarify in your mind what you want from the outset. To do this, determine why your goal is important to you. Start by asking yourself the 5 why’s - Take the objective that got you started in the first place (i.e. to lose weight). Ask yourself why this matters to you. When you answer that question, repeat the same process four more times. For example: 1. Weight loss matters because my clothes will fit better 2. Better fitting clothes matters because I will have more confidence 3. Having more confidence matters because I will perform better at work 4. Better work performance matters because I will feel happy and fulfilled 5. Feeling happy and fulfilled matters because I will enjoy life more By drilling down past the initial objective into the deeper motivation, you will discover what drives you to train. This will keep you focused when things get challenging. Set a S.M.A.R.T goal A goal without a plan is just a wish - Antoine de SainteExupery

S.M.A.R.T goals are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely

your diary in advance, you will be more inclined to stick to your regime. Make sure the time you commit is realistic and feasible depending on your lifestyle. Committing to five training sessions per week at the start is difficult (unless it’s how you make a living) – start small with a number you can stick to, and build as you go.

Measure your starting point What gets measured gets managed – Lord Kelvin You won’t need too much information as that can be very confusing, but you will need metrics to compare. By measuring yourself at the start and during your training, you will have a more clear and transparent understanding of how effective your training is. You don’t need to measure too many things to assess progress – waist size, hips and weight are a very simple starting point. Make sure you record (with a date) the measurements you take and keep those figures somewhere safe. Next, set repeated reminder 30 days ahead in your phone to repeat the same measurements. This way you can see how your training is changing your body.

Advertise Social media is a very effective way to tell the planet what you are up to – and to hold you accountable for promises that you make. Telling your friends that you are starting a new fitness regime to improve yourself will lead to lots of supportive feedback. This feedback will help you when you have low points in your training, and it will also keep you honest if you are thinking of giving up (not that you ever would!). Shout from the rooftops before you start your program about your goals and how excited you are, and then update your followers as you go along – your fans will respond from all directions. By setting the foundation in advance, you will start your training regime on firm ground - good luck!

To ‘lose weight’ is a wish – to ‘lose 20 pounds by 15 June 2018’ is a target that you can reach and be guided by.

Book your training time as appointments – be realistic Commit to a realistic training schedule and do it in advance: By booking your training as scheduled appointments into


James Staring Fit to Last

Breaking up with SUGAR? Some say that sugar is the worst ingredient in the modern world

Sugar Detox Made Easy is a simple, 3-week cutting-edge program that can help reverse the fat-making, harmful effects of all that hidden sugar that are packing the pounds and inches on your belly. It is not about cutting out all sugar — just the extra sugar your body doesn’t need and you don’t even know that you’re consuming. Flip the switch from tired out to fired up Turn back the clock on aging skin, making it glow again. Cut your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases. Take control for your health by eliminating the unwanted hidden sugar. Your belly fat is a direct result of hidden sugar that’s packed into the healthiest foods and snacks that aren’t even sweet. This sugar goes by dozens of names, so you have no idea you’re eating it. By knowing which ingredients to avoid, you can cut out excess sugar so you’ll lose

weight, have more energy, and even help drop your cholesterol — all without giving up the sweets you love! Sometimes it isn’t even called sugar – it can be labelled as caramel, dextrose, fructose, maple syrup, maltose – in fact there are 61 words that can be used instead of ‘sugar’. So, we need to educate ourselves as too much sugar is bad for our health, our minds as well as our skin. Now we may think about what we are adding to our cups of tea or on top of cereal, however sugar is in more than what you may realise including pasta sauces, bread, ketchup and other foods we would never suspect! In fact sugar is added to a massive 74% of supermarket foods. We all know that sugar is bad for our teeth however it can also overload your liver, is a

Turn back the clock on aging skin, making it glow again. Cut your risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases 59

Are you addicted to SUGAR? Some say that sugar is more addictive than heroin

Flatten a sugar belly and lose weight. Flip the switch from tired out to fired up


leading contributor to obesity in children and adults and causes inflammation in the body as well as adversely affecting our mood. So why is it added to so many products? To make us buy more? Sweeter food is more popular. Sugar cane is healthy, contains lots of minerals and is alkalising to our body. However sugar cane is heavily processed and condensed to give us the sugar we know, use and likely addicted too. It is said that a whopping 10 lbs of sugar cane makes just 1 lb of sugar. Scientists were even reported in the Guardian last year, arguing that sugar is as addictive a cocaine. Sugar is a natural source of carbohydrates which provide us with energy - the problem being if that we are not moving sufficiently sugar provides extra calories that end up being a cause of weight gain.

If we consume too much sugar then we can end up with blood sugar spikes which lead to less energy and cravings - when taken to the extreme excess sugar consumption can lead to insulin problems and diabetes and even metabolic syndrome. It also causes glycation on the skin causing collagen breakdown and can also exacerbate skin conditions like acne and eczema. Fine lines and wrinkles are also increased when consumption is high. Your body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, which raises your insulin levels. High-glycemic foods, sugar and simple carbohydrates, like white bread, pasta, sugary drinks, cause your insulin levels to spike, which leads to a burst of inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation will produce enzymes

Breaking up with SUGAR tips Some say sugar is the hardest addiction to break

that break down collagen and elastin, this can result in sagging skin and wrinkles. This process is known as glycation. This process can also exacerbate skin conditions like acne and rosacea. Plus, the more sugar you eat, the more likely it is you’ll develop insulin resistance, which can manifest as excess hair growth and dark patches on the neck and body.” So the key thing is to do some research and speak with a nutitionalist if you want to change your sugar eating habits. The good old advice of drinking more water is vital here and watch your sugary drinks. Did you know there are around TEN teaspoons of sugar in a can of coke! So lets think about this… the World Health Organisation suggests women should have no more than SIX teaspoons of sugar in a day – that’s breakfast, lunch, snacks,

dinner and your drinks! Try to have sparkling water and add a freshly squeezed lemon or a couple of squeezed oranges with a sprinkling of stevia. It may take a little getting used to however your body will thank you! Do not go cold turkey - wean off sugar over time and you have more likelihood of long term success. Also you could have sugar free mornings or evenings to start with. Although we need to watch out for dried fruits for their high sugar content try eating fresh fruits when you crave something sweet and trying out agave and stevia can also be used to provide a sweet taste. Avoiding processed foods is key. Try making your own pasta sauces. Have plenty of green vegetables and keep your blood sugar levels stable. Look out for ‘unsweetened’ although be aware of sugar free if you want to avoid chemicals.

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Karin Ridgers Director 61

AromaWorks hand lotion. Hydrating, soothing & protecting. Available in Chamomile, Sandalwood & May Chang. 9 X BioActive essential oils, creating luxury. 200ml, also available in 100ml.

Sothys Velvet Hand Cream seals in moisture to soften and protect hands, and strengthens nails with Vitamins A, E, and F. Apply Sothys Velvet Hand Cream often throughout the day to guard against environmental damage.

Nutri-Protect: This ultra-comforting hand cream bursts with benefits when it comes to repairing the driest and most damaged skins. It helps preserve a youthful appearance for hand, and ensures their protection against harsh environmental factors.

It List t e e F & s d n a H

Dead Sea Spa Magik Super Hand Cream helps control damp palms, by decreasing the activity of the sweat glands. Discomfort experienced from eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis can also be reduced when Hand Care Cream is used on a regular basis as it deeply hydrates skin.

Work comfortably while providing excellence in care with the Omega 5. The flexible and long-reach arm (115cm or 45.3”) and the free-motion head hold any position. It also comes with 2 interchangeable, 5” diameter, optical quality glass lenses (3 and 5 diopter).

Pamper your skin and indulge your senses with Tisserand Aromatherapy Hand Creams. In three delightful fragrances: Lavender & White Mint, Neroli & Sandalwood and Rose & Geranium Leaf, the collection brings affordable indulgence to everyone.

LUSH Pink Peppermint. Filled with the same calming, refreshing ingredients which have been sweeping you off your feet for years, including fresh peppermint which boosts the circulation right to your toes!

L’OCCITANE Lavender hand cream. Enriched with shea butter and Lavender essential oil from Haute-Provence to nourish. Lightly scented, with a light smooth texture.

ESPA Rejuvenating Hand Cream deeply hydrating to soften and nourish skin, nails and cuticles while helping to protect from environmental pollution.Shea Butter; Mulberry, Liquorice and Bearberry, Vitamin C-rich Rosehip all for beautifully soft skin.

Ark Intensive Hand & Nail Cream. Using lipids & fatty acids for maximum hydration. The natural ingredients will not only leave your hands feeling velvety but the will smell delicious.



Slimlineâ„¢ LED floor lamp Brighten your world of beauty with Daylight

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aking sure using a mask fits into your routine. Obviously if this is part of a salon treatment, then you as the therapist can recommend and give this advice to your clients. Most people are safe with doing a mask once a week, but people with extremely sensitive skin or ongoing skin problems like eczema and rosacea should check with a dermatologist before applying anything. If you’re client is not trying to fix a specific problem and is just looking for an overall glow, go for hydration. Even if your client does not have big pores, is not trying to detox, they are not inflamed, hydration just gives an overall radiance and glow to the skin and it’s a good thing to get into the habit of doing. As a rough guide for pore reduction, a charcoal mask will reduce pores by drawing out impurities from the skin caused by the pollutants of daily life, like makeup and dirt. Looking to reduce fine lines, a mask with antioxidants, prized for their ability to fight free radicals (aka cells damaged by pollutants). There’s a whole range of antioxidants, most of which will be labeled as such. To soothe dry skin, use a mask containing hyaluronic acid. It’s the active ingredient in many hydrating masks, which can also be spotted by their fruity ingredients. These products are normally applied and left to absorb into the skin without rinsing, and are key for reviving your glow after a flight or late night. Acne can always benefit from a mask containing mud and clay as they naturally draw out sebum. Best applied to the face for around 15 minutes.



mightymasks Hydrating Enzyme Mask gently exfoliates the skin with enzymes extracted from Hibiscus Flower and calms, nourishes and moisturises the skin with organic algae and essential oils to boost collagen production. Transform tired, dehydrated complexions overnight and wake to hydrated, smooth and beautifully luminous skin by morning with this rejuvenating treatment. Intensely rich, this 99% natural cream-gel mask is a unique Tri-Active blend of replenishing plant extracts, restorative marine actives and soothing essential oils that feeds your skin with the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals it needs to look and feel smooth, supple and energised.


Aromatherapy Associates is delighted to announce the launch of new Rose Infinity Triple Effect Mask, the latest addition to the Rose Infinity collection of ground-breaking age defence skincare. This new mask is designed to revitalise skin for a luminous, youthful complexion. Using expert knowledge of powerful natural ingredients and hand-blended essential oils of the highest quality, the Triple Effect Mask works to target three key dimensions of the skin: skin surface, fine lines and cellular turnover

Borghese Active Italian Mud. Natural organic ingredients. This mud will soothe and restore the skins balance. Smoothing fine lines yet cleansing deep.


Kiehl’s Ginger Leaf & Hibiscus Firming Mask. Feel the instant firming effect of our indulgent velvety cream mask. Formulated with Hibiscus, whose flower is known to close during the night to preserve its nectar, our overnight formula delivers smoother-looking skin instantly. With continued use, our hydrating formula with Ginger Leaf works to soften the look of fine lines for a younger-looking complexion.

Eminence Hungarian Mud Herbal Treatment Mask. This world-famous treatment benefits all skin types by detoxifying skin, opening pores, eliminating toxins and increasing circulation. It includes cinnamon to fight off bacteria, ivy for vitamin C, sage to tone and heal, and paprika to stimulate and refresh skin. This powerful mask will restore skins natural balance. Great for scaring and problem skin. You will be amazed at the results.

SOS Pure Face Mask. A clay based face mask formula with organic alpine willow herb that is perfect for oily and combination skin. A purifying mask that leaves skin toned, matte and rebalanced.

Brazened Honey fresh face mask. Wake up your skin with this fresh face mask containing fresh fennel, ginger root, parsley and coriander to detox and stimulate.


Beauty Secrets HEATHER KNIGHT At 26 years old she is now one of the leading inspirational stories who is fast helping to spearhead the recent golden age for successful female sport

WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS ON ORGANIC PRODUCTS? Other than the quality of the product, which really is the most important thing to me.

YOUR BIGGEST BEAUTY NO NO? I would never ever go to bed without first removing my makeup.

HOW DO YOU LIKE TO RELAX AFTER A LONG DAY? A lovely cup of tea on the sofa and then I usually will select something on Netflix (Peaky Blinders

is my vice at the moment!). It’s great to just cut off.

STRANDED ON A DESERT ISLAND ONE MUST HAVE A PRODUCT - WHAT WOULD IT BE? I don’t even need to think about this. Aussie miracle moisture shampoo and conditioner. I have thin hair and hate not washing it every day!

WOULD YOU EVER CONSIDER AESTHETICS ENHANCING SURGERY WHEN YOU GET OLDER? No, it’s not for me! I’ll let nature take its course I think! Ageing naturally gives you an inner beauty.



your Lavender can help keep The sense exam jitters in check. mitive of smell is the most pri linked to of our senses, and it’s brain the of the deepest parts cts, tin ins which govern basis s. memories, and emotion nd to Lavender has been fou uld calm the mind, so it wo ess str e uc red really help to If you d. rio pe during the exam to ht nig at have a few hours deren lav a pamper yourself, try ed low infused bubble bath fol If you’re by luxurious body oil. t to the sprinting from one tes are, pop next with no time to sp o your a fragrance roller ball int fore be ht rig backpack to apply the clock starts.

TEENAGE SPRING Young Epilepsy is the national charity which represents and advocates for more than a million people in the UK. More than 112,000 children and young people have epilepsy, and Young Epilepsy looks after the needs of them in addition to their friends, families and education and healthcare professionals. Whether it’s through research, Connect and Transitions programmes, rehabilitation or public affairs, Young Epilepsy has your back. For more, go to


There is nothing like a good long brisk walk, not only to get the blood flowing, but to clear the cobwebs, shed a few pounds and create that feel good factor. Proven that if this is done on a daily basis it will help you forget all your cares and woes, and that includes exams.

Cupcake fresh face mask Rhassoul mud, which is highly absorbent, works with cocoa powder to draw out all the dirt and impurities and give a deep cleanse. Fresh mint stimulates and tones the skin, whilst linseed and cocoa butter soften and moisturise. Smooth a generous layer of this mask onto your face and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. £6.95

160 g short grain brown rice 400 ml water 1 tbsp rice vinegar 2 sheets sushi nori 1 carrot cut into sticks & steamed 1 small red pepper cut into sticks ½ avocado peeled, destoned & cut into long slices 8 slices pickled ginger 1 tbsp tahini 1 tbsp umeboshi paste ½ tsp wasabi ½ lemon juiced ½ tsp sesame seeds To serve 30 ml tamari Place the rice and water in a pan with a well-fitting lid. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 35 minutes. It should absorb all the liquid; if it dries out add a bit more water. The rice should be soft and slightly sticky. Let it cool. Place a sheet of nori on a sushi mat. Mix the cooked rice with the rice vinegar. Spread half the rice on the nori, leaving a clear 1 cm border on the edge furthest from you. Arrange half the vegetables, ginger slices and avocado along the centre of the sushi, parallel to the border. Mix together the tahini, lemon juice, umeboshi paste and wasabi. Spoon half of the mix evenly over the vegetables. Dry roast the sesame seeds in a pan and sprinkle half over the rice. Picking up the bottom edge of the sushi mat, roll up towards the filling. Keep the vegetables in the middle, and press firmly onto the nori. Wet the last edge of nori and seal the roll, squeezing to get it tight. Repeat with the second sheet. Chill for at least one hour. Cut into slices and serve with a little tamari.

An ideal teenage snack can be made the night before.


TIME A rapidly growing sector


Naturally foaming, this delightful polishing cleanser provides a precise dual exfoliation process: natural acids and micro-spheres. Formulated with natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), this cleanser works to dissolve and soften hardened sebum accumulation, dead skin cells, and impurities. Then a gentle exfoliation with natural walnut shell micro-spheres lifts off debris, reducing clogging and hyperkeratosis that contribute to acne lesion formation. With its plantderived foaming extracts and wonderful citrus essential oil fragrance, Blemished Skin Cleanser delivers antibacterial benefits rendering the complexion free of impurities and completely refreshed with a refined texture. A unique combination of Horse Chestnut, Arnica Montana, and Chamomile flower extracts reduces skin inflammation and calms even the most sensitive, blemished skin types for outstanding cumulative results. Recommended for all pre-teen and teenage blemished skin types. Priced at £21.00 for 120ml


Do you want to complete a walk and raise prostate cancer awareness? Do you want to attend an exclusive afternoon tea and raise mental health awareness? If the answer to either is ‘Yes’, then read on... Prostate walk: Saturday 12th May, from 11.30am at Stamford Bridge, London Mental health tea: Saturday 7th July, from 1pm at Insole Court, Cardiff Enquire:


Never stop dreaming. Dreams do come true

Snails is the world’s first French water soluble and easily washable children’s nail polish – and a new age of safe, simple and sustainable cosmetics that color kids’ worlds and nails, naturally. It’s the only 6 Free product sold in 58 countries worldwide and a 100% European-made: our kids nail polish satisfies the strictest cosmetics laws in the world, Non-toxic: no chemical substances in our natural children’s nail polish, Completely water based: simply wash off with soap and water, Packaged lead-free: only pure Italian glass bottles — custom designed for kids — bear our nail polish and Stain free: forget colorful blemishes on clothes, carpet or floors.





How DO YOU get vitamin D in Winter without taking supplements? Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium and to keep our bones healthy. Fortified almond milk, tofu and mushrooms contain vitamin D. However we can only make it when our sin is exposed to sunlight. 10MCG is recommended per day however this isn’t easy to achieve though diet alone. I personally have just taken a vitamin D test with cerascreen. (which is a reasonable £39) and there are vitamin D sprays available too with some reviewed on VeggieVision TV. It is worth getting checked out so you know your levels and take action from there. And my fun fact is that when we do have some sunny weather I leave my mushrooms in the sunlight for an hour so they absorb more vitamin D!

WHAT IS THE Best single fruit for glowing skin? Well this was a struggle between papaya and avocado as both are super for our skin. I feel that although papaya has a great amount of vitamin C which is essential for our collagen production I finally opted for avocado as they are packed with good fats that moisturise our skin.

Karin Ridgers runs and promotes health and well-being clients. Karin is one of the biggest vegan promoters in the UK, having her own radio show as well as running VeggieVision TV. Karin works with media and celebrities to help them be vegan and is the presenter for VegfestUK.

And when I have an avocado that for whatever reason I don’t want to eat I like to mash it up and leave it on my face while having a super relaxing bath so they will never go to waste. Whizz up a freshly squeezed lemon, apple juice and an avocado for a super breakfast smoothie packed with vitamins and good fat.

What is the Best single fruit for more energy? We need to look at a whole host of factors to boost our energy including less use of mobile phones, getting enough sleep, doing more exercise and keeping our sugar levels stable. Fruit wise bananas spring to mind immediately with their slow releasing carbohydrate content. It really is a super food – with its own handy biodegradable packaging too! We tend to go for organic and fairtrade as they taste better as well as we love fair trade. As well as a handy snack blend up a banana with just about anything for a great smoothie…. It helps make green smoothies taste creamy and hides the bitterness of the greens…. Try blending with water and adding green powders too (from the health food store) as well as protein powder, chia seeds or almonds to keep you fuller for longer. For variation bananas make a super ice-cream as well – just pop in the freezer but remember to peel them first! Then blend!


Gold Key Media Subscriptions provide magazines for businesses at exceptional discounts. To create your own selection or choose one of our pre-selected value packs please visit or call 02074914065.


Specialist Insurance Brokers

Pioneering insurance specifically designed for spa, salon and gym businesses. Offering you one of the widest insurance covers available with competitive premiums to match

Girbau manufactures, installs and services. Giving you operational control. Make savings on towels and robes. Expected savings 25-45% plus on investment.

It List

The Biocera Jug filter uses recent advances in mineral bioceramics to purify and improve the quality of the water being filtered. It is probably the most cost effective way for anyone to be able to drink alkaline antioxidant water.

General Thinking of Training In Permanent Makeup? Train 1 to 1 with Multi-Award Winning Industry Expert. Katy Jobbins at The Permanent Makeup Training Academy. Instantly download the latest course prospectus now. Tel 01444 300157

A moment of well-being for mind and body, silky skin enhanced with natural ingredients intensified with the heat of the massage oil. Clients will leave feeling like they are on a cloud.

Do less, get more, with less time wasted on the phone. Great for no-shows and appointment management.

Double Serum. Powered by 20 powerful anti-ageing plant extracts, Double Serum’s innovative, two-phase system targets all aspects of skin ageing in one complete concentrate.

Vitamin A Skin Science – a scientific guide to healthy skin - is the new in-depth book that reveals the essential ingredients and care techniques that will really keep our skin radiant and youthful at any age. The book is available now priced £29.95.


A Thalgo classic. Micronised Marine Algae makes for the perfect bath additive for an effective detox. Rich in vitamins and minerals.








Q What’s the best way to lose fat – cardio or weights?

A Weights by a mile. Cardio will

help you become fitter, but if you want to lose body fat, weights are the solution. You will build lean muscle mass which burns more calories at rest, leading to a leaner and happier you.


Q There are many permanent


A In such a booming industry

I feel that I shouldn’t have cow’s milk and not sure what else to try.

Trying out the massive range of dairy free milks is a great place to start. They are available in all supermarkets and health food stores. Like all products some you will like more than others. There is soya milk, soya milk light, almond milk, rice milk, hazelnut milk, hemp milk, coconut milk, oat milk and maybe others too. Some work well with cereal, some are great in smoothies and it’s just a case of trying them out and seeing what you prefer. You can even make your own daily free milk!

makeup training companies all offering different courses, where do I start?!

there seems to be a new trainer popping up every week. I have written a 26 page report called “12 Things You MUST Know Before You Invest in Permanent Makeup Training”, which you can get from my website This will be a great place to start.



DETOX Detox internal and external is something not to be ignored. Where to start? Maria Rustigini guides you on getting ready. 77

detoxtoday SANTEVERDE ALOE VERA ALOEPUR JUICE The pure juice of the aloe plant has been treasured for centuries as a natural remedy which improves overall well-being, so what better product could there be for accompanying a detox routine? The certified organic cultivation and hand processing of the fresh aloe ensures a high Aloverose content, aloe vera’s most important agent. By using Aloepur in smoothies or juices, you are ensuring an effective detox both inside and out.

10 DAY DETOX KIT Rejuvenate, nourish and cleanse the entire system with this 10 Day Detox Kit without starvation. The process of detoxification enables your body to rid itself of unwanted toxins and after completing the 10 day detox plan, your body may experience:



A potent and uplifting bath tonic that deeply cleanses, while also helping to tone, clarify and smooth the skin. Rich in minerals and vitamins, stimulating Laminaria Seaweed deeply cleanses while Mandarin and Orange Oils work to nourish and replenish for softer, smoother skin. (ÂŁ30)

Effective body-contouring, moisturizing and detoxifying with a body care product full of essential oils. Full of natural goodness that cares for skin. Energising body oil, with 100% pure plant extracts including Broom, Geranium and Marjoram, helps eliminate toxins to streamline skin and prevent sponginess. Skin is firm and energized. Hazelnut Oil locks in moisture, leaving skin soft, toned and satinysmooth. Aromatic essences deliver an overall feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.



SEAWEED EXFOLIATING SOAP This exfoliating soap has a high concentration of active ingredients to remove all surface accumulations, dead cells and toxic build-up. The small seaweed pieces within the soap exfoliate gently but effectively, activating blood circulation bringing better oxygenation and nourishment to the tissues, therefore helping to smooth the “orange peel” effect. Contains Almond Oil to soothe and moisturise, Shea Butter to nourish and heal plus Lemon and Lime Essential Oils to refine the pores.

DETOX BATH OIL Is a potent and uplifting bath oil to deeply cleanse and clarify. Cypress and Juniper Berry help cleanse and purify, uplifting Grapefruit stimulates the senses, while Sweet Almond Oil deeply nourishes for beautifully soft, supple skin. (£30)

An Organic Cane Sugar body scrub infused with the finest Lemongrass and Mandarin organic essential oils for an uplifting, refreshing full body exfoliation. As the sweet sugar grains dissolve, your skin is left feeling flawless and enriched. From the Pinks Boutique Detox range the sugar scrub is a UK Beauty Award Finalist. This ‘cake mix’ of sticky sweet cane sugar and shea butter leaves skin glowing whilst infused with vitamin A, D and E. It sloughs away dead skin cells and is rich in anti oxidants and vitamins. Our spa professional advice would be to use 1- 2 a week. For best results Remove the scrub with our warm organic muslin or mitts.

ELEMENTAL HERBOLOGY DETOX Bathe your cares away with this herbal infusion. Break down cellulite and start to get rid of the toxins in your body, while you bathe.


SPRING READER OFFER NEW FROM TEMPLE SPA RETREAT THE DISCOVERY COLLECTION Create your own spa wherever you are. Use this collection of products to leave your skin feeling fabulous and your body utterly pampered, all in the comfort of your own space. DRIFT AWAY | 30mL/1fl.oz. BE GONE | 15mL/0.5fl.oz. BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE | 15mL/0.5fl.oz. BECALM | 15mL/0.5fl.oz. TONING ESSENCE | 30mL/1fl.oz. WINDOWS OF THE SOUL | 7mL/0.2fl.oz. BE STILL | 15mL/0.5fl.oz. AAAHHH! | 15mL/0.5fl.oz. REPOSE | 15mL/0.5fl.oz.




Diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma while in college, Ariella tried 14 different cancer treatments before enrolling in a clinical trial for the immunotherapy drug nivolumab (Opdivo®) that has enabled her to continue living her life to the fullest.

“I can’t overstate how lucky I am, to have been in the exact right place, at the exact right time, to get a spot on the clinical trial. The idea that this could change the standard of care for people with cancer makes me so excited.” Discoveries funded by the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) were crucial in making nivolumab �and several other immunotherapies � possible. Established in 1953, CRI is the world’s leading nonprofit dedicated exclusively to saving more lives through the discovery and development of powerful immunotherapies for all types of cancer.

Support our cause today at

Spa Elemental Magazine Spring 2018  

The essential reading companion for the top end salon & spa proprietor.Looking at the latest trends, products and treatments within the heal...

Spa Elemental Magazine Spring 2018  

The essential reading companion for the top end salon & spa proprietor.Looking at the latest trends, products and treatments within the heal...