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Welcome to our 1st Issue! Welcome to the first edition of the North Kilworth Newsletter under a new editorial team. We, (Sharon Burke, Belinda Mckee and Vikki O’Hara) know we have big shoes to fill, as Jude and Nick Hardwick did such a great job in organising the Newsletter over the past few years. Our thanks and thoughts are with them both, (see ’Say Hello to’ for more). We are not planning any major changes as the feedback on the News they edited has always been so positive. We want to continue the tradition of giving a voice to the many clubs and groups in the village so that they can let us all know what they are doing and how people can join in. So you will continue to see plenty of space given to familiar names. In addition we

welcome information from any new groups and, of course, adverts. We hope to start a couple of new sections and would like to invite any budding young journalists to get in touch to help us with the ‘Youth Zone’ space. On the theme of village issues, the planning applications to develop at the White Lion pub are now lodged at Harborough District Council, there are only a few weeks left for comments on the application. Do you want to keep a public house in the village? When we sent out emails last month asking for information, we were not sure of the response we would get, but it has been brilliant. Many thanks to all of you who have sent in information and

Another Public House in crisis

especially to Jo Guilfoyle for sorting out the distribution team. Onwards and upwards? Maybe….. Sharon, Belinda and Vikki P.S We are always happy to print your letters, just send them to us at:

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Better Broadband?


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Another Fabulous Kilworth Challenge


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Founding members: (From left) Peter Jones, Matt Allen, Stuart Dainton, Jude Hardwick, Rona Purdum and Andy Wall.

“The community raised the funds through a Big Lottery phone-in competition”

Our village pub - A lost social hub?

Within our community we are very fortunate to have a number of groups doing great things and offering opportunities to get involved. Village Power CIC is just one of the many groups. But we set up because we live in a conservation village and we wanted to do something about keeping it so, and having a sustainable future. Our founding members are all volunteers living in the village. Things we have been involved in: If you have not heard of us just some background on things we have done. The community raised the funds through a Big Lottery phone-in competition for renewable energy and we fitted solar panels to the school, Sports Club and Village Hall. We have given out trees to the community and planted trees with children at St Andrews school. Many of you will also have planted your own tree and have your story to tell on planting a tree on the Millennium Green (with the kind permission of the Millennium Green Trust). We have run an energy rating project and distributed free Wattson Energy monitors and energy efficient light bulbs all to help reduce energy consumption. We have worked with the school and their ECO club, who helped with a short video. You can watch it- Will you make a change – on our home page uk

We have studies into anaerobic digestion energy generation and voltage optimisation with a LEAF grant. We hope to make our latest views and findings known on the viability of the technology very soon. We have looked at projects with a village car club, including electric vehicles; and other projects to create wildflower and herb borders around the village. Whilst these have to date not received support in the community, please do let us know what you think and drop us an e-mail at Things for the future: We have just “lost” the White Lion pub. A succession of temporary landlords, lack of investment from Marston’s brewery and changing social trends towards pubs meant it was doomed. It has also left the buildings looking very “tired” and run down. But look around us in other villages and if you get it right, with good food, atmosphere and welcoming staff, pubs are and can thrive. In North Kilworth we have in the past had exactly that and had great village pubs, being the social hubs of the village. Without a pub, or a regular meeting place open to everyone, it does change the village and will impact on community life. The CIC is looking at what it can do to help and Peter Jones is leading and investigating the options

of whether a community run pub/café/shop could work. The White Lion has been bought and the current owner is going to develop it into dwellings. However, housing without jobs is just not a sustainable option anywhere. At some point you have to create employment, so why not in North Kilworth! We do need to create local work, markets and have local meeting places. The loss of the White Lion as a licensed trading facility and meeting place, with excellent access to markets, seems a great shame to lose. If you do not want just more housing without some sort of community benefit then please do let the Harborough planners and Council know. If you have views, do comment. For information the planning applications for the White Lion went in on 4th October 2013 so you will need to comment soon!!! Planning application numbers – Ref. No: 13/01504/FUL | Ref. No: 13/01500/FUL Allotments: The Parish Council have been progressing the affordable housing project. In October, as part of the project,Village Power CIC was asked to manage the allotments that will eventually be offered to the community.


Allotments will be some time off, until the housing is built, but do look out for more details in the coming months. Particularly as we look to develop a plan and if you would like an allotment do contact us on the details below. Pathway to Kilworth: We are incredibly fortunate to have such a fantastic facility in Kilworth House Hotel and Theatre in our area. Many of us though around the village would like the opportunity to walk there, but to do so along the A 4304 Lutterworth Road is incredibly dangerous! The CIC would therefore like to create a pathway to Kilworth House and we

do have the support of the Parish Council. If Kilworth House and Leicestershire CC are also supportive we will take it on as a project. Neil Logue has kindly volunteered to join us to help take this forward. Local Information: The CIC has some funds and would like to purchase an old telephone box, to refurbish and position in the village, to include local information. Offering a different take and use for one of the iconic boxes and help with the conservation status of the village. Dependent on where sited, it has also been proposed as a potential location for a second

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defibrillator that Tom is sourcing? The CIC will seek views and support with the Parish Council for a location. We do have lots of opportunities to do good things for the village. If you can help us raise funds for local projects when your are shopping on line, we have an “Easy fundraising” route by using - http:// .uk/causes/ villagepowercic/ Contact us - uk

Our heritage - returned & restored for our future

Better Broadband? Things are suddenly looking up. At the beginning of October Leicestershire County Council (LCC) announced proposals for the BT roll out of fast broadband which showed North Kilworth had moved into the green zone, meaning delivery by September 2014. At the same time the Parish Council agreed to fund a feasibility study into the broadband options for the village and the author Davis Lewis reported his findings to an enthusiastic audience of 50+ people in the Village Hall on Friday 18th October. This sounds like good news but what does it all mean? when will it happen? and what will it cost? What does this mean? Leicestershire County Council has now signed a contract with BT to

deliver fast fibre broadband across the County. Fast broadband in this context means at least 12MB/sec, and North Kilworth currently gets between 0.1 and 5MB/sec depending on where you live, so it should be ten times better for most of us. BT Openreach is the company which will be delivering the broadband contract. This is a separate company from BT retail; others include Talk Talk, Sky, Virgin etc. So which ever company you pay for your internet service, the wires are owned and managed by BT Openreach. To get fast broadband to North Kilworth, Openreach will upgrade the Husbands Bosworth telephone exchange and the connection to the BT cabinet in Station Road, from a copper wire to a fast fibre system. There

will still be copper wire from this cabinet to your home and the further away you are from this cabinet, the slower your speed will be. BT Openreach will be visiting the village in due course to explain their plans and estimate likely uptake (they are looking for at least 20% of homes to sign up). It’s important to remember that this is a proposal not a guarantee. There has to be space in the ducts to fit the new fibre in, and the copper wire connections in the village could be problematic.

“Plans show that work is scheduled for September 2014!”

When will this happen? The plans show that work is scheduled for September 2014 but, it is ‘subject to survey’ so if they find a problem it could be later.

Continued on page 4.....

Our telephone exchange will be upgraded


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Better Broadband? Continued...

Sue Otter, working hard to improve broadband speeds in North Kilworth

What will it cost? The cost will depend on the package and the provider you choose just like now.

local investors. The advantage of this system would be a fast fibre connection to each home.

What did the feasibility study show?

What happens next?

David Lewis examined the options for fast fibre broadband in the village and offered an additional suggestion of installing and managing our own broadband network. There would be a capital cost to this in the region of £38,000 which could probably be raised by

We are now in a really positive situation. We are in the County Plan scheduled to get broadband next year and, we have a costed feasibility study which will enable us to discuss options with BT and get the best deal we can. Edward Garnier (our MP)

has offered to speak to a village meeting about our problems with rural services, including broadband and mobile phone signal. A lot of people wrote to him after the Millennium Green BBQ and he has been most helpful in lobbying County hall and BT on our behalf. If you want copies of the Feasibility Study or David Lewis’s slides please contact Sue Otter on:

Another Fabulous Kilworth Challenge!

“The Challenge raised over £50,000.00 for disabled & disadvantaged children!”

The Kilworth Challenge logo

What a fabulous weekend at the end of May! The sun shone, everyone was happy and the Challenge raised over fifty thousand pounds for disabled and disadvantaged children. The amount on the day was £50,420.00 including a generous donation from Kilworth House Hotel and Theatre, and when enhanced by `gift aid` contributions it approached 60,000. This is a really amazing total to come from the 30 teams competing. They came from different parts of the country but the local ones took most of the prizes. The Kilworth Challenge 2013 winning team was a mixed male and female team called `KoggysKoas` comprising Lorna Richmond, Vicky Hipkins, Sam Taylor and Charlie Turner, all local

individuals from the Lutterworth area, a tremendous feat as it is not often that a mixed team succeeds in winning. Second was `Eager Belvoirs III`, Aiden Ellis, Norman Byrd, Tim Grossey and Phil Cooper from North Kilworth, and third was `PMech and the Borg`, another local team, featuring Steve Durrant, Cameron Downey, Jason Long and Peter Batten. The over 40s category was won again by, `The Kilworth Lions`, comprising Adam Herring, John Linnell, Stefan Green and James Ribton. The All Female Team Winner was `Three FazyLookers and a Ginger Shiny Wit` made up of Sarah Fish, Angharad Kearse, Josie Sandercock and Madelaine Clarke, local to North Kilworth. They also won the trophy for raising the most

sponsorship at an amazing £4,624 and had the fastest female yomper in Josie Sandercock. The fastest male yomper was Jacob Kench of `Lutterworth Young Boys`. The teams tackled 37 challenges over the two days, this meant walking and running approximately 30 miles through south Leicestershire. The challenges required physical strength and mental agility as well as all important team work. They featured the obstacle course swinging through the trees, racing in the muddy fields, a canoe race and a variety of word and number puzzles. The biggest challenge of course was to see how much funding they could raise. This bulk of this year`s sponsorship has gone to


Dukes Barn in Derbyshire, Leicestershire Youth, and Over the Wall, three Midland based charities that help disadvantaged and handicapped children. The remainder has been dispersed to local charities and good causes in the Market Harborough area. A special mention was made in the presentations of Colin Clarke, one of the originators of the Kilworth Challenge and who received a MBE in the 2013 Queens New Years Honours list for services to the local community through the Kilworth Challenge…. a much deserved and merited award. The organizers (Colin Clarke, Paul Whitehead, Mike Lawrence, Bruce Phillips, Nick Otter, Duncan Moss, Mick Faulkner and Manfred Morris) would like to express their

appreciation for everyone that had helped, especially the marshals, landowners and the Kilworth House Hotel and Theatre but special thanks goes to the competitors themselves who kept smiling whatever they were doing. The Family Challenge: On Saturday 31st August 2013 it was the turn of the families to have a go at the Challenge. 12 teams fought their way across over 8 miles of countryside and completed 12 challenges. It was a great day for all those competing, the challenges stretched them mentally and physically and the day finished with a BBQ for all concerned. Everyone received a medal and a T shirt for their efforts.

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consisted of a race in karts, 4 man skis, a three dimensional puzzle, a ducking stool, mirror maps, filling a leaky pole, a wheel barrow challenge, sling shots and the compulsory obstacle course involving a lot of mud and water. The winning team was 'Third Time Lucky' comprising Alex, Richard, Ollie Morgan (of Husbands Bosworth), Julian Lander (of Upper Bruntingthorpe), and Edward Sandercock (of South Kilworth). As their team says it was for the third time of trying, so well done to them. Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and the children had the chance of proving that they were better at the challenges than their parents in the main Challenge.

Inspiring the next generation of ‘Challengers’!

“The children had the chance of proving that they were better at the challenges than their parents!”

The challenges



Reflexology Solutions Are the stresses of life taking their toll on your health? Do you feel run down, tired and in need of an escape to unwind? Why not try indulging in a relaxing reflexology treatment? Based in Elmcroft Road, North Kilworth or able to do treatments in your own home (extra charges apply) Free taster sessions available for new clients 1-hour sessions are £22.00 with discounts available on block bookings. If you would like to book or have any queries please contact Emma on 07920 464 555


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From the Canon…. Remembering

Pictured: Canon Brian Davis

“Build a better world, a fairer society, here in this

This is the month for remembering. Remembering loved ones. Remembering those who gave their lives in the two World wars and in many other conflicts. “We will remember them” And each one killed had a family who grieved and we remember their suffering too. And the slaughter and the suffering go on. And we will remember the evil that human beings are capable of when they forget that their opponents are human beings, like them, flesh and blood. So the Nazis were able to do unspeakable things to the Jews and others because they no longer thought of them as human beings.

country and world wide.”

How do we best honour the memory of those who died? Remembering is not enough. I think many of those who turn out for Remembrance Services really think they have done their stuff by just turning up, standing in silence and remembering the dead. But surely as well as remembering we need to resolve: to build a better world, a fairer society, here in this country and world wide. A better world for everyone, so that none need go hungry and where people don’t have to live for ever in refugee camps. There cannot be true peace without justice. And I believe we are all called to be peace makers: in our homes, and families, in our

neighbourhood, wherever we have any influence, working for peace and understanding, among all people everywhere. Its there in the latest version of the Remembrance service where these words come in the ACT OF COMMITMENT, when we commit ourselves to responsible living and faithful service. ‘Will you strive for all that makes for peace? Will you seek to heal the wounds of war? Will you work for a just future for all humanity?’ I wrote this hymn that goes to the tune Slane (Lord of all hopefulness) with all this in mind:

God of the nations, we humbly recall In future issues, we expect to be able to list the dates & times of local church services for your information.

The millions in war time who sacrificed all; And as we remember the grief and the pain, We pray that their dying was not all in vain.

God of our longings, we dream of a time An end to oppression, to hunger and crime; That people and nations together may find A living more hopeful, more caring and kind.

God of compassion, you call us to share The good things you give us with those in despair: The millions who hunger for justice and peace. May caring be active, and hope never cease.

God of the future, now help us to give Our time and commitment that others may live; And always remember the ones who were slain, And pray that their dying was not all in vain.


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Friends of St Andrews: FOSTA We take the opportunity of the arrival of the new Kilworth News to present some of the activities of the Church in the village, and to remind all readers that this building – nearly a thousand years old – exists for the whole community. North Kilworth is part of the Avon Swift Group of ten parishes under the guidance of Rev Chris Oxley, assisted by Rev Emma Davies and Rev Jane Kennedy. As a link between the clergy and the village, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) is responsible for the day to day running of the church; members open and close the building, ensure that the building and its contents are maintained safely and that services take place as advertised. At present there are normally two services each month – an 8.30am Holy Communion on the first Sunday and a Village Communion at 9.30am on the third Sunday.

There are additional services for Harvest, Remembrance and major festivals. A close relationship exists between the church and St Andrew’s school, which the PCC is keen to foster; two of its members are currently Governors at the school. Like many committees it would welcome new members; we are so fortunate in that there is a wealth of talent in this village and it would be great to have new ideas and fresh faces on the PCC. Last year saw the formation of the Friends of St Andrew’s (FOSTA). This embraces a growing group of supporters – churchgoers or not – who wish to help to preserve the beautiful building which has been at the heart of the community for so long and which symbolises much of the essence of village life. FOSTA’s aim is to help to raise money to support the work of

the PCC and to ensure that the building is preserved, and to do so by having fun. Events have been organised which have been enormously successful, not merely financially but socially – Lunch on the Lawn, last year’s Choir Festival and the Harvest Supper. It is clear that there is a great deal of good will towards the church and FOSTA has helped to crystallise and expand this. The money raised goes a good way towards meeting the £25,000 annual cost of keeping the building going. Several events are already in planning for coming months (see diary below) and it is hoped to expand this network of supporters in the future.

St Andrews Church

“Churchgoers or not - help to preserve this beautiful building symbolising the essence of village life.”

The Lords Prayer Four Tuesday evenings, looking together at the prayer Jesus taught us. Week One: Tuesday 19 November - ‘Abba’…. Our Father…. ‘in the heavens’. Week Two: Tuesday 26 November - ‘May your name be made holy’… ‘May your kingdom come’…. ‘May your will be done, on earth as in heaven’ Week Three: Tuesday 3 December - ‘our daily bread’… forgive and forgiving….The time of trial…. ‘deliver us from the evil one’ Week Four: Tuesday 10 December - The Lord’s Prayer in Mark and in John! ‘For yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory’ Chris will be leading the evenings, using material from the wonderful 2006 book on The Lord’s Prayer by Gerald O’Collins, SJ. To be held at 7.30 pm in the parish room in North Kilworth, followed by the simple said service of Compline (Night Prayer) in church at 8.45 pm… finish by 9 pm! Come to both or either!

Cannon Chris Oxley leads the way - All welcome to join


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Our Parish Council: Meeting 24th October A brief summary of the meeting: The plans for the development of the White Lion are available for comment at Harborough District Council. There is a query on the right of way through the pub car park. HDC has said that there is no right of way listed, but this is being investigated further. Emily Keale laid out plans of the cost of running the website. These will be discussed at the next budget meeting. The cost of newsletter printing has

been approved.


The additional costs of weeding rose beds and cutting the grass near the War Memorial in time for Remembrance Day was approved.

Affordable Housing: A new builder has taken over the site called Swan Homes and plans are progressing well.

An enforcement notice to leave has been put on the caravan located in the field at the edge of the village which was once part of Gandy’s Roses. Some of the village roads have recently been repaired, the PC will chase those which have not been done. Please let the PC know of any additional road

The Swinford Wind farm Community Fund is available for charitable groups to apply for funding for projects. Contact the PC for details. The PC is investigating costs of developing a Neighbourhood Plan. Next meeting on 28th November 2013

The Inquisitive Child (Author Unknown) Why are they selling poppies, Mummy? Selling poppies in town today. The poppies, child, are flowers of love. For the men who marched away. But why have they chosen a poppy, Mummy? Why not a beautiful rose? Because my child, men fought and died in the fields where the poppies grow. But why are the poppies so red, Mummy? Why are the poppies so red? Red is the colour of blood, my child. The blood that our soldiers shed. The heart of the poppy is black, Mummy. Why does it have to be black? Black, my child, is the symbol of grief. For the men who never came back. But why, Mummy are you crying so? Your tears are giving you pain. My tears are my fears for you my child. For the world is forgetting again. Remember

Please see Eric Hewes for your poppies and donations


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History Corner Horse thieves apprehended in North Kilworth (as recorded by Northampton Mercury) In 1835 Samuel Dawes and Thomas Steanes were convicted of stealing a horse from Welford. According to the trial transcript Dawes had stolen it on the night of the 18th March and taken it to a hovel near the Shoulder of Mutton in North Kilworth (then a Public House). He persuaded blacksmith Thomas Steanes to shoe it for him but whilst it was being shod they were interrupted by two men (William Bland and William Holditch) who gave chase across the fields. Dawes had been followed to the hovel by Bland who was a servant working for the landlady Charlotte Foster of the Union Anchor Public House.

In their testimony both of the accused men denied the charge and gave accounts of which public houses they were drinking in at the time. Hannah Harday, landlady of the Shoulder of Mutton corroborated that Steanes had been drinking at her house, but the jury gave a guilty verdict against both men. Although there was a recommendation in favour of Steanes, the chairman said he had no alternative but to sentence both men to be transported to Australia for the full term of their natural lives.

pleased to see the brick with ‘HH 1840’ on the front of the Shoulder of Mutton which marks an extension built by the landlady Hannah Harday. A copy of the full transcript is available on request. We would be interested to know of any links to people mentioned. Is there anyone with the same names in their family still living in the village? Where was the Union Anchor Public House?

This story came to light a few years ago when an Australian couple – the Jackes came to the Shoulder of Mutton. Mick Jackes is a descendant of Thomas Steanes and was trying to find out more information about his ancestor. They took lots of photos and were

01455 289 489 9 Devitt Way Broughton Astley

‘Youth Zone’ Mini-Quiz Answers 1. Rain 2. Your age 3. The letter 'e' 4. A snail 5. Nothing

The Shoulder-of-Mutton Washpit Lane North Kilworth


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What’s On: Safari Supper 2014 Safari Supper Saturday 1st March 2014

The North Kilworth Safari Supper is a super opportunity to ‘get to know’ your neighbours or for catching-up with friends!


North Kilworth is off on Safari again, and we hope as many people as possible will put the date in their diaries, and contact either Sarah Holmes (880883, or m) or Julie Fish(880304 or to book their place. Or tear off the slip from the bottom of this page, and post it through Sarah's letter box (Yule Cottage, Church St, opposite the Village Hall) or Julie's letterbox( The Old School, Church St) For anyone who has not

taken part before, it is a really good way to meet other villagers. The evening starts in the Village Hall, where there is a bar, and you find out where you are going for your starter. Then off to enjoy a 3 course meal, each course in a different house. Everyone back to the Village Hall for a coffee at the end of the evening. Not everyone has to cook a course- If it’s your first year, and you would prefer not to cook, we have several places for non-cookers too. Just let us know. Whether replying by phone, email or by form, please let us know which

course you would prefer to host- catering for 8 If you haven’t taken part before you may prefer not to cook this time- let us know if that’s the case. Also please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements. Funds raised go towards the upkeep of the children’s playground on Dag Lane, and the all-weather courts, and tennis and football equipment. We really need final figures by 1st week of January , so we have time to work out the logistics!

Kilworth is off on safari again! It’s a really good way to meet other villagers”

Name: Address: E-mail: Phone: Preferred choice of course to




Second choice of course to host?




Dietary requirements?


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What’s On: Theatre Bookings with Julie Fish As in previous years I have been able to make a corporate village booking for the 2014 summer productions at Kilworth House Theatre, prior to tickets being put on general sale in January. I have provisionally booked 120 tickets in the centre aisle from row F upwards for the 2014 production of 'South Pacific' on Sat 21st June 7.30pm. No payment or firm commitment will be needed until January but I do need to have

provisional numbers by Dec 15th so that tickets can be re-allocated. The same number of tickets for 'Sister Act' have also been reserved on Saturday 6th September. Numbers or payment for this show are needed by March/ April but if you think you may want tickets let me know asap to enable me to reserve more tickets if necessary. Whilst it is not a problem to reserve more, I cannot guarantee

that they will be in the centre aisle. I will therefore allocate the tickets for both shows on a first come first served basis. All Tickets are ÂŁ35 each. If you have expressed an interest I will contact you in the New Year informing you of when I need firm numbers and payment. Please e-mail me asap or before Dec 15th if you require tickets.

Group tickets made available for Sister Act and South Pacific at Kilworth House Theatre

Julie Fish ( )

Recipe of the Month: Squashy Pig Soup Ingredients:


3 medium potatoes 1 large onion 1 garlic clove 1 medium squash 1 litre chicken or vegetable stock 1 pack of fresh pancetta (or good old bacon lardons) Small knob of butter 1 tablespoon fresh chopped sage Salt & pepper to taste

1. Peel, roughly chop and de-seed the squash, peel and roughly chop the onion and potatoes. 2. In a large pan, melt butter and soften the garlic & onions, add potatoes and squash. Cook for approx 5 minutes. Keep stirring. 3. Add the sage & stock. Stir well, place a lid on

the pan and bring to the boil. Then leave to simmer for approx 35minutes. 4. Before serving, dry fry the pancetta/lardons till browned. Drain fat and set aside. 5. Blend the soup to a smooth consistency, stir in half the pig pieces and serve hot with remaining pig sprinkled on top!

Using seasonal produce!


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News From St Andrews Primary School We have had an exciting start to the term. Sixteen new children have Started in our Foundation Stage class and everyone has made a brilliant start. We also welcomed some new members of staff; Mr. Hamilton, Mrs. Dagnall and Mrs. Ellis.

OFSTED: Outstanding

Our oldest children in year 5 and 6 started the new term with a residential trip to Yorkshire. They had the opportunity to try

climbing, abseiling, fencing and many more activities.

We have a new football team and have already played our first match.

There were lots of very tired children and teachers at the end of the week!

At the end of October we will going to church to celebrate Harvest.

In school we are learning about exciting topics such as Space in year 5/6, The Romans in year 3/4 and Ourselves in year 1/2 whilst our youngest children are learning all about the seasons.

YOUTH ZONE!!! “Wanted!” Young person(s) to create the youth zone - in exchange for your time and creativity you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of contributing to a well known monthly publication.

Thanks to guest ‘Youth Zone’ Editor

Ellie Chandler


Some ideas to get you started: games reviews for computer, xbox and Wii. Apps reviews for iPods, iPads etc. Make & do section. Spot the difference pics. Brain trainer/cell blocks and riddles!

The children have created some beautiful autumnal art work and written poems and prayers as well as learning some harvest songs.

Mini-Quiz 1. What comes down but never goes up? 2. What goes up but never comes down? 3. We see it once in every year, twice in a week and never in a day. What is it? 4.What has a foot but no legs? 5. Poor people have it, rich people need it, if you eat it you die. What is it? Answers on page 9

we don’t do bored after the success of the summer/autumn activities for 9-16’s in the village....there is an exciting programme of activities planned between now and Christmas what: when: where: diy wrap bracelet / marshmallow challenge & si-sports : fri 1 nov : 6-8pm : village hall printing with art tracks: fri 8 nov : 6-8pm : village hall drama workshop : sat 16 nov : 11-12am : lutterworth arts centre. Meet at village hall at 10.30, return around 12.20. street dance : fri 22 nov : 7-8pm : lutterworth arts centre. Meet at village hall at 6.30 pm return around 8.20. sewing & si-sports : fri 29 nov : 6-8pm : village hall activity tba : sat 7 dec : village hall christmas disco : fri 13 dec : 6-8pm : village hall contact: Caelia 880599 :


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Say Hello to….. Nick & Jude Hardwick This month sees the re-launch of ‘North Kilworth News’, and the return of ‘Say Hello to...’, which is aimed at prompting people to say “Hello” as they go about their business in the village. This first ‘Say Hello to...’ is a very special article. The last edition of ‘The News’, in December 2012 featured Jude and Nick Hardwick, who retired having edited, managed, and improved ‘The News’ over a four year period. Now we are saying hello to them for a different and very special reason. As many of you will know, Jude has suffered a stroke, and we are kicking off the re-launch of ’North Kilworth News’ with a special request for as many of you as possible to pick up the phone to Nick, and arrange to drop in and say “Hello” to Jude. Visits would mean a great deal to Jude, and indeed to Nick who is her principal carer now that Jude has improved somewhat from the early effects of her stroke on


May 21st. Then, she was rushed to the LRI, followed by a spell in St Lukes, before it was thought appropriate for Jude to be cared for at home. Jude is not now getting regular NHS care, but is still making progress from a stroke that was reckoned to kill 60% of patients suffering such an attack. If you say hello to Jude, you would find that she is capable of moving around the house with a stick, but is unable to have a full conversation with you. She will communicate that she has understood what you are saying, laugh at lots of things, and she is able to tell you whether she agrees or disagrees with you. She’s still Jude! Most importantly, in my experience, she would clearly show you that she is pleased to see you. Quite simply, this is someone in our midst who would appreciate a visit from you. Nick wants people to appreciate that nobody should feel obliged to visit; there is no need to commit to regular visits; there is no need to

devote huge amounts of time to visits. Ten minutes would be much appreciated because Nick realises that you have families to look after, and busy lives to lead. So, whether you are an old friend or a newcomer, please consider ringing Nick on 880432 with a view to saying “Hello Jude.”

Jude & Nick with their beloved dogs

“A visit would mean a great deal to Jude, and indeed to

By, David Brown

Nick who is now her

The North Kilworth News team would like to thank David Brown for writing such a beautiful, heartfelt article.

principle carer”

My name is Robert Stern, and I have recently retired from full time secondary school teaching. I have taught at various levels part time and full time for 35 years. I also practiced law in the USA for 20 years. Besides History, Philosophy, Politics, and Law, my areas of focus include organisation, study habits and study skills, concentration, and good writing and research skills. I enjoy teaching kids how to learn. I can direct my assistance to ages 11-14 (Key Stage 3), ages 15-16 (Key Stage 4 GCSE), certain subjects to ages 16-18 (Key Stage 5 A level), and A.P. and I.B curricula. I live locally, in North Kilworth. I am available to tutor on school sites (with their permission), at a student's home, and even on Skype. I am available on Thursdays and Fridays, day or early evening. My fees are competitive. I can be contacted on, 01858-880486, or 01252-548508.


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North Kilworth Women's Institute November’s meeting of the North Kilworth WI will be on Thursday, 21st November, 7:30pm at the Belgrave Village Hall. Since this is our Annual Meeting and goes under the sub-title of “Faith Supper”, all members are asked to bring some food to share as we celebrate the end of yet another successful year.

North Kilworth Reading Group The next meeting of the N.K.R.G will be on Thursday 28th November, 8.00pm at Timhelou, Lutterworth Road. The book to read is “The Indian Clerk” by David Leavitt. The author explores class in this historical novel about the English Mathematician G. H. Hardy and a poor clerk working in a colonial office in India. Part fact and part fiction this sounds like a fascinating read. New members are always welcome!

St Andrews Church Flower Rota November 2nd 2013: Mrs L. Sanders Advance notice: Decorating for Christmas will take place on December 14th and any volunteers to help with this are very welcome. Please contact Jo Guilfoyle on 880574. Many thanks.

North Kilworth Bowls Club 2013 has proved to be another successful season for North Kilworth Bowls Club. The A Team winning the first division of the Harborough League and the Club also winning the County Unbadged Fours for the second consecutive season, making us the first team to ever do so. Our next Social Evening is the Christmas Raffle and Bingo night on 14th December 2013, 7.30 pm for 8.00 pm. New members are most welcome.


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Belgrave Village Hall During the past year the Village Hall has hosted and supported many activities and events - WEA (Workers Educational Association) , Tots and Toddlers, Talking Textiles, The W.I., Parish Council, Yoga and Meditation, Community Interest Company, Harvest Supper, Choir Festival, Quiz, Lunch Alfresco, Lunch on the Lawn, Safari Supper, Film Night, Activities for Young People, Millennium Green Trustees, Kilworth Challenge, Australian Shepherd Dog Club, District Council Elections, Macmillan Cancer Support, Wedding Reception and increasingly Children's Parties. It is a very wide range of activities for young children to senior citizens. The Trustees manage the hall for your community and we have, with your support, raised in excess of ÂŁ150,000 for the renovation of the hall. Although hiring charges now cover basic maintenance ie. lighting, heating, insurance etc, the extra support given to us by the regular contributions of the 49'ers have helped us immeasurably when we started renovating the hall - many, many thanks. We organise 2 annual fund-raising events, Lunch Alfresco on the first Sunday in September and the Christmas Quiz on the first Saturday in December which, this year, is December the 7th- a date for your diary. Peter Morgan Chairman. The Belgrave Village Hall Trustees

The Millennium Green Trust The Millennium Green is the beautiful parkland area behind the Belgrave Village Hall and is regularly used by many residents of the village. Our children love playing there, our dogs love running there and we love the tranquility it brings us. It is a little treasure to be preserved for all of us. Our Trustees do just that! They are all members of the village who have volunteered their time and efforts in order to maintain, care for and develop the Millennium Green in an ecological and sustainable manner through regular meetings and working groups, ensuring that the essential fundraising requirements are met, as well as the overall physical elements of care for the Millennium Green. Thanks also to all those who take part in the monthly raffle - always room for more! Watch this space for details of any upcoming fundraising events or requests for volunteers for any future working groups!

Kilworth Tots & Toddlers Pre-school children and their carers are welcome to join us every Thursday (Term -time only) in the Belgrave Village Hall From 9:30am till 11am. We aim to host an activity or craft each week to enthuse the children and also provide refreshments. Costs ÂŁ1.50




10am - 2pm




9:30am - 5pm


9:30am - 7pm


9:30am - 5pm


9:30am - 5pm


10am - 5pm



Mrs Sharon Burke

Mrs Vikki O’Hara

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North Kilworth

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North Kilworth Choir Festival This will be the North Kilworth Choir Festival 2013! Our second annual event, showcasing three choirs performing a mixture of choral music.... everything from carols to gospel to pop and classical music! To be held in St.Andrews Church, a building truly designed to glorify the beautiful sound of a

voice. A perfect venue. Refreshments will be available afterwards in the Village Hall. Date: Friday 6th December (always the first Friday in December for the Festival, we intend), starting at 7:30pm. Tickets will have to be strictly limited because of the capacity of the Church....last year was sold out.....and as

we are expecting the same this year, tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Tickets go on sale as from 1st. November, from the following people: Liz Jones 880262 Sarah Holmes 880883 Carolyn Sanders 880769

Dates for Your Diary... Regular Weekly Events:

Saturday 7th - Christmas Quiz, Village Hall

Mondays: Yoga, Sports Club, 7pm, £5

Saturday 14th - Christmas Bingo & Raffle, Bowls Club, 7:30pm for 8pm start.

Wednesdays: Yoga, Village Hall, 7pm, £5 November: Saturday 2nd - Fireworks & Bonfire Celebrations at Kilworth Springs Golf Club Thursday 21st - W.I., Belgrave Village Hall, 7:30pm Thursday 28th - Reading Group, 8pm, Timelou December: Friday 6th - Second Annual Choir Festival at St Andrews Church

2014….. March: Saturday 1st - Safari Supper June: Saturday 21st - ‘South Pacific’ Group Tickets, Kilworth House Theatre September: Saturday 6th - ‘Sister Act’ Group Tickets, Kilworth House Theatre

If you have any dates to add to our diary, please let us know!

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