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The Christmas Sparkle Issue! Welcome to the Christmas issue of the North Kilworth News. We waited, with some trepidation, for comments on the 1st issue, but so far lots of positive messages (for which many thanks) and we will try to live up to your expectations. Don’t forget that we would like to print any letters you send us please. Next month’s issue will give a local round up of the year, WE NEED YOUR VIEWS! What has been village event that has provided a highlight for you in 2013? We know there are many to choose from, but please email us with your ideas.

develop its plans. We’re sure the village folk can make the most of this opportunity. We will also be promoting local small businesses this month and every month. Are you a part of a small business? We would like to hear from you. Saturday 7th December is Small Business Saturday throughout the UK. A grassroots campaign to encourage people to shop local and support small businesses. We hope to feature articles and adverts on our local businesses in and around North Kilworth. So watch this space!

message of Christmas can easily be forgotten. Whilst there is suffering around the world, including the recent tragedy in the Philippines where millions are struggling to rebuild their lives, perhaps we should reflect on our own good fortunes and give a lot, love a lot and show kindness to our neighbours.

Top of our local news this month is that the White Lion has been listed as an Asset of Community Value for 5 years which will give a breathing space for the CIC to

Whether you love it or dread it, Christmas is such a big event in our annual calendar, with for many its frenzy on shopping and parties, that the underlying

And remember it’s only a few weeks until the winter solstice and then the days start getting longer…..Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Inside this issue: Letters to the Editor & Village Power CIC


Question Time with Sir Edward Garnier


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Clubs & Groups


£1259.00 Raised for Macmillan Nurses!


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Letters to the Editors Dear Editors, As a former joint editor of The News, may I offer our congratulations to the three of you on a superb re-launch in November. You kindly said you had big shoes to fill which was much appreciated by Jude and myself, but it must be said you filled them to overflowing. As Craig RH from Strictly would say it was "FAB-U-LOUS DARLINGS!" The future is clearly bright for our village publication and can I make a plea to villagers to air their feelings in letter form to our new incumbents who I know would appreciate it or contribute in any way you can. On another note, can I thank all of you who have helped with Jude's rehab in the form of visits and socials. Her recovery will be a long process but your kindness is much appreciated by both of us and hopefully this time next year will see her, with the progress she is currently making, back to something of her old self. She is fighting hard which is typical of Jude and keeping me in my place, naturally, which is a positive sign. So to Vikki, Sharon and Belinda, thank you for rescuing The News and we all look forward to being "Kept Informed" for the foreseeable future. Nick Hardwick

What a really great job the Newsletter Team have done resurrecting our monthly community news. A huge thanks and congratulations, because it is a mammoth effort to pull together each month and it is hugely appreciated.

“The Parish Council and the CIC recently met with the owner of the property to hear of his plans for the site as a whole. !”

From the CIC this month there are 2 bits of news. The first is about the pub and the second on an energy use project Pub a social hub The pub has been registered by Harborough District Council as an Asset of Community Interest. This has been done in amazingly quick time and is potentially a great opportunity for the village. The Parish Council and the CIC recently met with the owner of the property to hear of his plans for the site as a whole. Currently there are two applications in for the site; for development of land around the pub and the buildings to the rear. (Planning Ref. No: 13/01504/FUL and Ref. No: 13/01500/FUL). From the owner a decision on planning is due to take place at

Harborough District Council on the 17 December 2013. From discussions with the owner he was very willing to work with the community to help retain a pub, but within his applications he needs access from Green Lane. A Parish Council meeting was held on the 28th November 2013, the discussions/decisions of that meeting will be published in the January issue of North Kilworth News. It is really important that the community does get involved to try to shape the outcome of the development for what is a really important “gateway” for the village and potential community asset.

used in the study were not considered for the households, we will keep you posted on whether the company involved decides to produce a device for the domestic market.

Energy study

If you are shopping on line this year and can help us raise funds for local projects, we have an “Easyfundraising” route by using - http:// .uk/causes/ villagepowercic/

On a completely different topic, last month it was mentioned we did a study with voltage optimisation (which is the controlled reduction in the voltages received by an energy consumer to reduce energy use and power demand.) Within the last month we have been given some further results. The general savings on electricity use achieved was between 8 -11%. Although the units

There has been a great deal happening in the village over the last year and the Parish Council has a new village plan, so there will be plenty again for 2014. We have a great newsletter again to keep everyone informed of all the clubs initiatives and projects going on so please do get involved to help if there is something you are passionate about. Best wishes for the season and a very happy Christmas to everyone!

Contact us uk uk

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Question Time With Sir Edward Garnier Broadband, mobile phone signals (or lack of them), flooding, and village traffic were all covered in a question and answer session with Sir Edward Garnier MP in the Village Hall on Friday 22nd November. There was no shortage of questions from a lively audience and Sir Edward tackled a wide range of issues and promised his support for several. Lesley Bowles, newly elected District Councillor for the Bosworth Ward also attended. Broadband remains a significant issue and the meeting acknowledged Sir Edward’s support for the village campaign. There will be further announcements from BT in the spring and we still hope to be in the first phase of the roll out in September 2014. The poor, even nonexistent mobile phone signal in North Kilworth was the subject of a lively discussion. Why is our signal so poor? And what can be done about it? It’s not just being unable to use the phone, there are implications for the defibrillator and even for the installation of SMART meters which utilise a mobile signal – or they would if there was one! We seem to be in a ‘black spot’ and mobile companies are unlikely to provide us with a mast, but perhaps we can do something ourselves. A village mast on the Church tower was discussed and Church Langton has a mast disguised as a tree – a novel solution worth

further investigation. Flooding and drainage is a long standing problem in several areas of the village but seems to be passed backwards and forwards between different agencies - The Environment Agency and Severn Trent to name just two. The elderly drainage system seems unable to cope with the increased size of the village and it fails entirely in heavy rain resulting in the flooded streets illustrated in the Village Plan (page 29). Sir Edward proposed to arrange an on- site meeting with all the parties concerned – probably in February/ March, and hopefully on a rainy day! The issue of agencies not working effectively together was a theme which cropped up several times. It’s certainly a feature of our problems with speeding traffic. The data collected by the mobile camera over the last two years shows some scarily high speeds (some recorded over 100mph) as well as consistently high average speeds (over 45mph). The Police camera helps but it can’t be there every day and in the meantime small children cross the road to and from school every day – as several people put it, ‘an accident waiting to happen’. Two solutions were discussed, firstly a pedestrian crossing for the A4304 and secondly the possibility of average speed cameras which were felt to be more effective than a single camera. Both ideas will

be pursued with support from Sir Edward who also added that the problem of traffic noise, especially when the A14 traffic is diverted through North Kilworth, should reduce in future as diversions should now be going through Northamptonshire. This should reduce in future as diversions should now be going through Northamptonshire. Why did we lose our telephone box when South Kilworth kept theirs? South Kilworth responded to the consultation and North Kilworth did not it seems!

Sir Edward Garnier: Working to help North Kilworth

“Small children cross the road to and from

The cost of energy raised a lot of questions as did the labyrinthine complexities of the planning system. We have a Village Plan with clearly agreed statements and the CIC taking action on energy issues but all this initiative by the village seems to mean little to developers, or the muddle of agencies dealing with planning. North Kilworth has responded proactively to the call for localism and has clear views and plans for its future but the message to Sir Edward and his Westminster colleagues was that other agencies were not necessarily playing their part. The meeting closed with thanks and Sir Edward offered both a further meeting and his personal support for several of the issues raised. He is now on the circulation list for the Newsletter and will be posting updates so watch this space....

school every day – as several people put it, ‘an accident waiting to happen’.”

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Monthly Lunch Club The neighbouring Hexagon Benefice (North Kilworth, Husbands Bosworth, Theddingworth, etc!) have a very happy and successful Monthly Lunch Club at the Kilworth Springs Golf Club restaurant, South Kilworth Road, North Kilworth. The members

arrange transport for each other. Interest has already been shown in our own benefice doing something similar:

For more details, contact Canon Chris Oxley on 01788 860445 or via oxleycr@btopenworld .com. We don't need a large group to start this up...but it will catch on!

An opportunity to enjoy company over an inexpensive but good lunch once a month.

We could start with even just 4 or 5 people in January, and see how it develops!

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Rural Community Forum: November Meeting The Community Forum brings together a group of rural Leicestershire towns and villages to update them on issues affecting rural communities. This meeting focussed on crime and heard from Sir Clive Loader the recently appointed Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire and the Police and Crime Plan for the County. You can read the full document on Planning-and-Money/ Police-and-crime-plan. The parts of the plan which are probably most relevant for this village concern ‘Making Communities and Neighbourhoods Safer’, through things like reducing burglaries and vehicle crime. There was a discussion of the role and importance of Neighbourhood Watch (does this still exist in North Kilworth?)and street parking, which seems to be a problem everywhere. There is

currently an initiative to tackle antisocial parking in Broughton Astley (do we need one here?). The incidence of burglaries was up a startling 20% on last year, although the Police Sergeant commented that in 75% of the burglaries they had investigated, households had left a door or a gate unlocked. Similarly theft from vehicles was almost always due to leaving valuables in clear sight, mainly things like phones and handbags left on car seats. Most thieves were not locals. A clear message to be careful! The meeting also heard about Emergency Planning in the Harborough District. Two issues were relevant to North Kilworth. Harborough is actually looking for a designated Rest Centre in or close to North Kilworth mainly because of its proximity to the A4304. This would be a place of safety where people could go in case of flooding, or for

instance if the road were to be suddenly closed (as it was a few years ago in the snow trapping people for hours). They are also asking villages to prepare and circulate an emergency plan listing people who are prepared and equipped to help with things like helping remove fallen trees blocking roads, and key holders of buildings which could be available as places of safety (eg the Church, the village hall, the sports club). The Parish Council will be discussing this at its next meeting. The closure of the Lutterworth Police Station was also discussed and has been reported in the local press. It seems likely to happen since people increasingly contact the Police by phone, e-mail or web site and few actually visit the building which ties up valuable staff that could otherwise be out there catching robbers!!

Planning ahead in case of emergency

“Police Sergeant commented: 75% of the burglaries they had investigated, households had left a door or a gate unlocked.”

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From the Canon….. An Unspoilt Canvas The artist has poured all his love and creative energy into producing a masterpiece: the painting perfectly reflects his image and is clearly recognisable as his handiwork.

An Unspoilt Canvas: From Canon Chris Oxley

Buggy Services: Will take place at Gilmorton Church at 9.15am for all pre-school babies, children and parents/ carers on these Thursdays: 28 November 12 December 9 January 23 January 6 February

The canvas then becomes defaced and torn: still recognisably the work of its creator, but ravaged and spoilt. What is the artist to do? In despair does he tear it up and start from scratch on a new masterpiece? Or, in love, does he take in his hands what has been hurt, and put that very same creative energy and love which had first brought the

piece into being, for its tender restoration and renewal? So, when the Eternal Word becomes a human person in Jesus, we can see the Creator at work, restoring the torn and ripped canvas of our humanity. St. Irenaeus, following St. Paul, described Jesus in his humanity as the new Adam, a human being fully alive, in a perfect relationship of love with his heavenly Father… an unspoilt canvas. In the baby in the manger we can see the perfect image of God, the very reflection of His nature. Christmas, what-

ever else it is about, is the beginning of that tender restoration and renewal of our ravaged and torn humanity. This baby, once grown up, will complete the artist’s work of restoration in us: but the nails and the spear will first tear and ravage Him, so that we might be made whole. The Risen Christ still bears the marks of His Passion as he breathes the Creator Spirit upon us for our renewing. The stable leads to the Cross… Christmas takes us onward to Good Friday and Easter Day.

From the Registers Baptism: 20 October, Evelyn Rose Rutherford at Gilmorton Funeral: 27 September, Peter Barton aged 84 years at Gilmorton Confirmation: The following candidates from the Avon Swift Benefice were confirmed by Bishop Tim at St. Mary's Church, Broughton Astley on 2nd October, 2014: Eleanor Partridge from the parish of Gilmorton Robert Sands from the parish of Kimcote cum Walton Max Sillifant from the parish of Gilmorton Hugo Sillifant from the parish of Gilmorton Elizabeth Strong from the parish of Ashby Magna Lucy Strong from the parish of Ashby Magna Rebecca Vernon from the parish of Kimcote cum Walton

All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to: The Revd Canon Chris Oxley, The Rectory, Kilworth Road, Swinford. Telephone: 01788 860445; email Or: The Revd Emma Davies, The Vicarage, 5 Church Lane, Gilmorton. Telephone: 01455 556573; Or: The Revd Jane Kennedy, 17 Cromwell Close, Walcote. Telephone: 01455 554065; Or: For Misterton and Shawell: The Revd Canon Brian Davis, Telephone: 01858 431843; email


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Thanks to guest ‘Youth Zone’ Editors


Are there any budding journalists out there who are inspired to have a go at being the ‘Youth Zone’

Molly O’Neill & Ruby Dainton

A Movie Review of: Life Of Pi

A Movie Review of: Toy Story 2

A young boy has been shipwrecked and orphaned in a bad sea storm and is trying to find land in a small boat. This is an exciting nail biting movie with twists and turns throughout... Watch it to see how a tiger ends up sharing his boat and how he survives it! As this films a PG rating it is probably best suited for little big people and is available on DVD rentals.

Just like Andy we all love our toys but Andy's toys are special, they come alive! Watch this film to see what fun adventures they get up to when he’s not looking. This film is rated as Universal, so can be enjoyed by little ones too and is available on DVD rentals.

editor for a month?

What would you like to see in YOUR ‘Youth Zone’?

Christmas Wordsearch: Holly Santa Pantomime Ivy

Please e-mail us







or talk to Vikki

Tinsel Crackers

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Say Hello to….. Neil & Sharon Burke Say Hello to Neil, and Sharon will get a mention pretty quickly. Sharon is sometimes reluctant to take centre stage, but Neil is quick to point out that during 23 years of married life and 25 years working together Sharon has made an enormous contribution to their business as well as to their family life. Her IT skills and organisational ability will surely help the NK News to develop. Neil and Sharon are both from Bosworth. 20 years ago they moved to ‘Little London’ (alongside the Sports Club) with a few acres of land and stables to house a few horses only two of which are Sharon’s. Their children are Michael (who works in their joinery business), Christopher (who’s studying at Nottingham Trent) and Georgia (who is studying at Rugby College to become a nursery nurse). Their first home was No.1 Western Cottages; they moved to Station Road in 1988 before moving to ‘Little London’. Sharon and Neil have had many memorable parties at Little London. As the house does not have any neighbours they can make as much noise as they want to, especially at BBQ’s in the summer. Saying ‘Hello’ doesn’t guarantee you an invite, but it might help. Hello! Neil started as an apprentice joiner, and they now run NBJ (London) Ltd at the airfield alongside Coventry Gliding Club. The ‘London’ in the title reflects the fact that now

they focus on High End private residential properties in London and the Home Counties. He set up his first business at Welford wharf 30 years ago, and moved to Magna Park (MP) where, over a 10 year period, Sharon helped their business supply joinery to many of the units that were being built at MP. At one stage they employed 30 people. In 1998 their agreement with Gazeley properties ran out and they moved to Elizabethan Way, Lutterworth. Their links with MP continued as they worked for George Davis of Asda who was busy creating the George range. Neil’s first association with North Kilworth was coming to the Youth Club (headed by John Poole) in the early 1970’s. Who could forget? As a respectable ex-Parish Councillor, only now is he prepared to admit to painting the red phone box in Bosworth in a Dr Who Tardis blue - aided and abetted by well known local friends of his! Neil likes to keep fit and spend precious time with the family which has made him a regular Tigers supporter; seen him do 8 coast-to-coast bike rides; 2 London marathons; 1 Great north Run, and raised about £25,000 in 15 Kilworth Challenges to date. His team have won the over 40’s, and next year, in his mid 50’s, he plans to do the Challenge with his two sons as ‘Dad’s and Lads’. Sharon has worked full time in the business, using Google and social

media to help their marketing effort. She acts as book-keeper and general office administrator. Still she finds time to ride and look after her 2 horses plus 3 dogs, and regularly marshals in the Challenge. Sharon looks forward to holidays especially the trips to their holiday home in Menorca. Liz and I have known the Burke’s for a long time, but it was a pleasure to listen to their story of 30 years together. There’s plenty more to tell, so take time out to say ‘Hello’ to Neil and Sharon. David Brown

Neil & Sharon: 23 years of marriage!

“So far, Neil has raised over £25,000.00 in 15 Kilworth Challenges! Look out for Neil in the ‘Dads & Lads team in 2014”

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Recipe of the Month: Hot Christmas Punch

Festive Favorites! Thanks Belinda McKee for this months recipe!

Ingredients: 1 small orange studded with 10-12 cloves Piece of cinnamon, ½ tsp all-spice, 6 cloves, ½ tsp nutmeg 1 bottle red wine (or port) 2+ tbs sugar 1/2pt water Juice of 1 orange (rum/brandy)

How to make it: Roast the orange in a slow oven, approx. ½ - 1 hours.

Add strained spices, roasted orange, orange juice and sweeten to taste.

Mix the spices with the water and boil until reduced by half.

Add rum/brandy for more punch. Enjoy!

Warm the red wine in a pan to no more than 60c (or lose the alcohol).

Please send us your favourite seasonal recipe!

What’s On: Safari Supper 2014 “North Kilworth is off on safari again!

It’s a really good way to meet other

North Kilworth is off on Safari again- contact either Sarah Holmes (880883) or Julie Fish (880304) or emails m or to book your place. For anyone who has not taken part before, it is a


Reflexology Solutions Are the stresses of life taking their toll on your health? Do you feel run down, tired and in need of an escape to unwind? Why not try indulging in a relaxing reflexology treatment? Based in North Kilworth or in your own home (extra charges apply).

Free taster sessions available for new clients 1-hour sessions are £22.00 with discounts available on block bookings. If you would like to book or have any queries please contact Emma on 07920 464 555

really good way to meet other villagers. Enjoy a 3 course meal, each course in a different house. Then everyone back to the Village Hall for a coffee. Please let us know which course you would prefer to host- catering for 8.

If you prefer not to cook this time, and/or you have any special dietary requirements, then let us know too. We really need final figures by 1st week of January, so we have time to work out the logistics!

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The Kilworth Challenge: Enter Your Team! Please keep the dates of 24-25th May 2014 in your diaries The Kilworth Challenge is coming round again already and we are starting to prepare for what we hope will be another highly successful event. The dates for the 2014

Kilworth Challenge have been set, so all you competitors and marshals out there please reserve the weekend of 24th and 25th May 2014 in your diaries. The books are also open for teams to enter and these are starting to fill with over 12 teams

already registered. If you fancy having a go then get your team together and send an expression of interest to Paul Whitehead on The Kilworth Challenge Organising Committee

There is a new Hand Car Wash facility at F.Howkins & Son, Esso Service Station, North Kilworth. Various options are available from a simple wash, wash and dry, wash, dry and polish to a full valet. Payment should be made direct to the operators. Open 7 days a week. As with other village facilities, if you don’t use it you may well lose it! Why not give it a try? Mr & Mrs Howkins

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North Kilworth Sports Club The Sports Club would like to congratulate the North Kilworth News on the presentation and context of Issue No. 1. Issue No.2 gives us the opportunity of publically expressing our appreciation to the Village Power CIC for the Solar Panels on the Club roof. Over the initial two years, the revenue generated will exceed £4,000 with a projected contribution of £1,200 to CIC. The money accrued will be progressively re-invested in the ongoing development of the Sports Club. Future Development: We are all aware of the potential demise of the White Lion as a village pub and note the ongoing efforts of the CIC as to the possibility of establishing a community run ‘pub/café/shop’ we wish them well. At present the Sports Club have development plans to expand the Club facilities for the benefit of not only Club members but for the community as a whole. Given the fact that the Sports Club is owned in its entirety by the Parish and incorporates a function room a fully equipped kitchen plus adequate parking (which is planned for extension), the Sports Club would appreciate and consider any suggestions from the CIC as to what could be incorporated into its future development for the benefit of the community. Christmas Opening: The Sports Club will be open over the entire Christmas break and look forward to seeing you all at some time over the holiday period

Friends of St Andrews: FOSTA At the time of writing, tickets for the Choir Festival are selling fast and we are looking forward to another memorable evening. After the festive period, why not beat the winter gloom and financial woes by coming to a Pauper’s Supper in the Village Hall on Friday 7th February, 7.30pm – a cheap and cheerful two course supper – bring your own wine, etc. Tickets will be available in January and all proceeds will go towards the provision of kitchen and toilet facilities in the church. More details from David/Carolyn Sanders (880769), Liz Jones (880262) or Sarah Holmes (880883)

Our Parish Council As the next Parish Council meeting is not due until 28th November, details of that meeting will not be published until January. This is because the meeting will be held after the ‘print’ deadline for items to be included in the December issue.


SASSA (St Andrew's School Support Association) SASSA (St Andrew's School Support Association) is the parent teacher association of St Andrew's School. SASSA works alongside the school to raise funds that provide additional resources enabling pupils to learn and play. SASSA have recently funded new tables and chairs, reading books and play bark for the playground. The fashion show held on Fri 4 Oct was a great success raising over ÂŁ600 for SASSA. The event was really well attended by village residents. A big THANK YOU to everyone who came, we hope you enjoyed it. On Fri 6 Dec from 3.15pm SASSA are holding a Christmas Fair at the School. There will be stalls, a raffle, mince pies, and cake stall. The big man himself will also be making an appearance. Come along, support your local school and do a bit of Christmas shopping. You can help SASSA raise money when you shop online. Whenever you buy something, participating retailers make a donation to SASSA. Just visit to register and shop with over 2000 well known retailers like Amazon, Argos, Asda, Boden, Boots, Debenhams, eBay, iTunes, John Lewis, M&S, Mothercare, Sainsburys, Tesco, Toys R Us and many more. It won't cost you a penny extra to shop through easyfundraising and you can even save money with special offers and voucher codes. In the last 18 months SASSA has received ÂŁ900 from EasyFundraising, please help this to continue.

North Kilworth Bowls Club The outdoor bowling season has now finished and North Kilworth Bowls Club can report another highly successful season. Our 'A' team finished top of the Harborough League again and the 'B' team, newly promoted from the second division at the end of last season, finished in a very respectable mid-table position. The club also won the 'County Unbadged Fours' for the second year in succession beating Hinckley in the final. This is the first time that the Unbadged Fours competition has been successfully defended by the previous year's winners. Our own Club competitions have been keenly contested as ever. The prizes for the season were presented at the annual dinner held at Kilworth Springs Golf Club on November 9th. The prizes were well spread with the Club Championship being won by Joe Renshaw, the 3 Wood competition by Tom Renshaw, the 2 Wood competition by Vic Hancock and the Pairs by Jack Duncan and MalcStorer. A special award (the Captain's Trophy) was made to Pete Faulkner who played in every Saturday friendly game during the season. During the year we were fortunate to be awarded some funds by the Leicestershire Legacy Fund, the Eight Parishes Community Interest Company and the Kilworth Challenge and we are extremely grateful for these monies. The Leicestershire Legacy Funding was obtained to enable us to re-decorate the clubhouse and the other sums have enabled us to pay for the very expensive repairs to our mower which had a major breakdown at the start of the season. If you fancy joining us and taking up a new sport next year then come along to one of our social evenings during the winter or join us in April when the new season will commence.

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North Kilworth Women's Institute After a successful Annual Meeting our next meeting is on Thursday, 12th Dec, 7.30pm at the Village Hall & will take the form of a Christmas Party hosted by the retiring committee. Members are invited to bring a friend and a “Secret Santa” present costing no more than £5. New members are always welcome.

North Kilworth Reading Group The N.K.R.G. does not meet in December so the next meeting will be on Thursday, 23rd January, 2014, 8.00pm. Venue T.B.A. Two books to read for this meeting are “Friend of My Youth,” by Alice Munro (this years Nobel Prize winner) and “The Luminaries,” by Eleanor Catton. More details next month but both books should prove an interesting Christmas read. New members always welcome.

St Andrews Church Flower Rota Decorating the church for Christmas will take place on Saturday, 14th Dec. Any extra help will be very much appreciated. The 2014 Flower Rota will be available in January so if you would like to add your name to it please contact Jo Guilfoyle (880574) for further details.



Belgrave Village Hall The Village Hall has entered the digital age! And now has a Facebook page Upcoming events are listed here and it can also be used to make enquiries about bookings. Booking requests are also welcomed via the new e-mail address:

Yoga & Meditation A huge thank you to all who have attended my meditation classes.....our total raised has reached a massive £570 for MacMillan Cancer Support. There are just 2 chances to practice yoga in December! Monday 2nd and 9th December – North Kilworth Sports Club Class starts at 7pm and is for 90 minutes. Cost £5. I plan to be back again in the New Year with more classes. For more information please contact Sue Winstanley 881798 or email or visit my website

The Millennium Green Trust The Millennium Green is the beautiful parkland area behind the Belgrave Village Hall and is regularly used by many residents of the village. We would like to say “thanks” again to all those who take part in the monthly raffle - Winners will be congratulated here in the new year, so watch this space!

Kilworth Tots & Toddlers Pre-school children and their carers are welcome to join us every Thursday (Term -time only) in the Belgrave Village Hall From 9:30am till 11am. We aim to host an activity or craft each week to enthuse the children and also provide refreshments. Costs £1.50

COME AND ENJOY MUSIC MORE! Do you enjoy classical music and would like to know more about it? Enjoy Music More meets at the Adult Education College in Wellington Street, Leicester on Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 12.00 from September to March each year. The well-known local organist, choirmaster and music teacher Robert Foreman talks to us in his very individual style about a variety of music and we then listen to and discuss the music. Are you interested? Ring Martin on 0116 2592868 or Ken on 01455 822285.

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Adverts cost £1 For Sale: Playstation 3 & WII. Both in excellent condition. Games & accessories available (Guitar Hero, Band Hero, etc) Open to reasonable offers. Rose 07858 382 565. For Sale: Boys outdoor snowsuit, hardly used. Size 9-12 months. £4. Vikki 881052

Coffee Morning in aid of Macmillan Nurses raises a whopping £1259. The coffee morning was held at Far Hemploe, South Kilworth at the end of September and was well supported by folks from North and South Kilworth. This year we were treated to a visit from the village cycle boys in lycra who clearly felt they had earned cake by the time they arrived at the end of their ride! We raised £1259 which was marvelous . We were very lucky with the weather and had some super stalls which offered many opportunities for early Christmas shopping. Liz Sanders

Dates for Your Diary... December: Friday 6th - Second Annual Choir Festival at St Andrews Church Saturday 7th - Christmas Quiz, Village Hall Friday 13th - Christmas Disco 6pm til 8pm, Village Hall. Activities 4 Youth - Contact Caelia 880599. Saturday 14th - Christmas Bingo & Raffle, Bowls Club, 7:30pm for 8pm start. Thursday 19th - W.I., Belgrave Village Hall, 7:30pm

2014….. March: Saturday 1st - Safari Supper May: Saturday 24th/Sunday 25th - Kilworth Challenge. June: Saturday 21st - ‘South Pacific’ Group Tickets, Kilworth House Theatre September: Saturday 6th - ‘Sister Act’ Group Tickets, Kilworth House Theatre

If you have any dates to add to our diary, please let us know!

North Kilworth Newsletter December 2013  

North Kilworth Newsletter December 2013 with dates, articles and information about events and groups in North Kilworth.