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Roll on Spring! We hope that Spring will be in the air by the time you read this. It does seem another long and excessively wet winter, though one of our crew has missed the last two months of the UK weather by decamping to rural Andalucia and sending in her contributions by email and phone. Sharon and Vikki have not been amused by tales of sunbathing on the terrace or horse riding in shirtsleeves. Still North Kilworth has been very fortunate not to suffer from the floods that have affected so many homes and lives and whatever the weather it is wonderful to hear the loud birdsong choruses and see the days getting longer.

household regularly eat pancakes. See also on page 13the invitations to support the Bishop’s Lent Appeal and join the clergy at the Rectory for ‘Hunger Lunches’ and time for reflection.

This month sees the start of Lent with our traditions of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and then self-denial from Ash Wednesday until Easter (though some of us may not agree with the idea of abstinence at all!). Pancakes are so great it seems we should eat them more during the rest of the year, but they tend to be forgotten until Shrove Tuesday comes round again. Please let us know if this is not the case and your

Latest on the local news is that contracts are now being exchanged on the Gandy Roses site and work is expected to commence within a matter of weeks so that the grant from the Homes and Community Agency can be safeguarded. Work has also commenced on the Marina development in line with the Planning Conditions, though whether this is the start of the building programme or just

You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th March, though it would probably help, but so many of us do have a little bit of Irish in us that we can all join in with enjoying the day, whether its watching the racing at Cheltenham or seeing a parade. The large parade in Birmingham is probably the nearest to visit and this year takes place on Sunday 16th March.

Keep Calm..... Spring is Coming! preliminary steps to safeguard the Planning Permission, is not clear. Many thanks to the kind individual(s) who took action over the mess of our verges that some lorries had made recently. Your hard work has certainly made a difference! We are really pleased that we have had a 100% success rate (so far) for the classifieds and freecycle.…and a good response to the idea of a monthly walking club. We really appreciate your contributions and letters, keep them coming! Sharon, Vikki and Belinda

Inside this issue: Letters to the Editors


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This story can fit 75-125 words. Your headline is an important part of the newsletter and should be considered carefully. In a few words, it should accurately represent the contents of the story and draw readers into the story. Develop the headline

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Letters to the Editors... Dear Sirs, I was most interested in the article mentioning James Hawker, poacher. My maternal grandmother was adopted by him at the age of nine and spent her childhood in his care. See the accompanying account which explains it more thoroughly. Many thanks for reviving the Kilworth News, we do so enjoy the publication Regards, Audrey Havercroft Extract from booklet on local Oadby History concerning Thomas Taylor and James Hawker ‘Another poacher in Oadby in the 1880s at the same time as James Hawker was Thomas Taylor, who unlike Hawker met with an inglorious end and a controversial one too. Poachers prize

Audrey, thank you for sending & sharing this superb piece of close family history! Fascinating! If you have any more interesting stories from the past, please send them in!

The local police knowing that Thomas Taylor was poaching but unable to catch him, contrived to get him by going into his house and putting some fowl feathers into his coat pocket. Although he was innocent of poaching this time, and his mother saw the police plant the feathers, he was taken to court, found guilty and imprisoned. This broke Thomas Taylor and he died shortly after at the age of 38. His wife Jane soon followed him to the grave. They left 3 children, two of whom were subsequently brought up by James Hawker. The children were Beatrice, and Sarah Ellen Taylor. Sarah Ellen was a cripple, who even in those days overcame her handicap of only one arm, the other having withered after a childhood accident. Born in 1880, orphaned at the age of nine, she grew up to be well known in Oadby. In later years, better known as Nellie Clarke, she brought up 10 children.’ Dear Kilworth News,

Belinda, Sharon & Vikki Under the article heading “Potential Money Saver” (page 4) in your February issue, you make a brief reference to KOIL (Kilworth’s Oil). KOIL has long passed the ‘potential’ money saver stage and has become very definitely a money saver. For the benefit of those who have not used or know of their service, it is run by two ladies Sarah Langeveld and assisted by Amamda, who are both volunteers and live in South Kilworth. They publish a monthly timetable to members and send an email reminder setting out the order deadline and proposed delivery dates. You can also receive a phone call from the supplier telling you the day of delivery. Having collated all the orders, they negotiate the best bulk oil price from potential suppliers. To the best of my knowledge, their price has never been beaten and although the differences are very small, “many a mickle makes a muckle”. However, the real saving is that you can order the minimum delivery amount of 500 litres but receive it at the bulk price which for people with a small tank is a big plus. For larger tank users you can spread your costs by ordering smaller amounts over several months. Total Butler 56.57 From my experience this is a reliable service and to Chandlers 53.70 increase the membership and consequently generate larger bulk orders can only give more power to the buyers Bartons 51.98 to keep the prices at a minimum. All of which comes back to, and I quote from your article “Potential Money Saver: Prince 52.95 Bulk Buying” I wonder if all the CIC members have signed Boiler Juice 52.90 up to KOIL? For more information, KOIL email





As for tips on money saving. Part of the problem at present is that people have not come to terms with the fact that we are coming through a very big recession brought on by high spending, in many cases, with money they have borrowed. The result is, that with wage freezes etc. they are finding things difficult. The answer is a budget. Can’t remember who said it but obviously it was a long time ago and it still holds good today. Income: £1, spend: 19s 6d (97.5p)= solvency, income: £1, spend: £1 1s (£1.5p)= bankruptcy. Incidentally, my first job paid £1 10s (£1.50p) a week. I don’t know if this helps? Regards, John Havercroft John, Thank you for highlighting this ‘proven’ moneysaver! Lets hope this can help others in the village. Keep them coming in!

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The Kilworth Challenge 2014: We Stand Erected This month we are featuring the local team called "We Stand Erected" who are: Ed Ward, Simon Jones, Tom Renshaw & Pete Leatherland. It's a special year for Ed as it will be his 10th Challenge and a landmark for him, it will be Tom's 6th, Simon’s 5th & Pete's first ever Challenge. Over the coming months the team will be running a number of events to raise money including the now infamous quiz at the sports club and a number of other events that will be advertised in the North Kilworth News. Events confirmed are:

Sunday 13th April, Pub Triathlon 12 till 3pm at NK Sports club. Try your hand at darts, skittles & pool, the quickest to complete all 3 challenges will win a prize. Only £1 to enter. Saturday 10th May, Quiz Night at NK Sports Club. Teams of up to 8 people at £5 per person and includes a hot supper. Doors open at 7pm with the quiz starting at 7:30. Friday 16th May, a golf day at Kilworth Springs. Teams of 4 at £40 per head including a Bacon Cob on arrival & Ham, Egg & Chips when you finish.

There will be an auction & raffle on the day, if you wish to enter or support the event by sponsoring a hole or prize then please contact Simon Jones on 07561 103386 or via email on They also have a just giving page, westanderected Any other teams who would like to publicise the team and their fundraising efforts, please email us at

North Kilworth Tots & Toddlers After three successful years our village baby and toddler playgroup is starting to struggle for numbers. The group is run by mums in the village and is a friendly place for local families to come on a Thursday morning. Everybody is very welcome to attend the session that runs from 9.30am to 11.00am and can pop in at any time, for however long suits them. The morning includes a craft activity, a

snack for the children and story time, it costs £1.50. TOYS NEEDED. If any families have old toys they no longer need we always welcome any contributions that can be given to the group. If you do have any toys that would be appropriate for children from 0 - 4 years olds please contact us and we will arrange to collect them. GET IN TOUCH. We hope that

Thinking of having a spring clean or are you moving house? Would you like to turn your unwanted items into cash? Quality belongings in good or excellent condition, nearly new or unused items, vintage/antiques worth £10-£15 or more that you no longer need, can be resold to make you money! Don’t have the time, the know-how or inclination for E-bay? I can help! By acting as your very own Ebay trading assistant, advertising your items to millions of potential customers! Working on a commission basis, I will photograph, research and list your items, endeavouring to get you the best price possible. Item size is no restriction, so please contact to discuss your needs. As an Ebay business seller and currently having "Top rated seller" status I offer a proven track record of great customer service which increases your sales potential, reliability and experience. Always offering a friendly family style service, so please do not hesitate to contact me for further details. Based in Gilmorton. Mobile number is: 07772 868059 Email address: Kelly

the group will grow again and continue to be a place where young families can meet but we are looking at different options, such as different days, times, fortnightly meetings and changing venues. So if you do have any ideas or feedback please get in touch! If you would like to contact the group please email Yvette or Susan

For a cost effective way to reduce heat loss, stick a roll of draft excluder tape around doors and windows.

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Locally... We have two farmers markets near North Kilworth, so if you haven’t tried them before why not give them a go! Market Harborough holds a monthly Farmers' Market on 'The Square' in the centre of the town on the first Thursday in every month. A recent reviewer of the market had this to say: ‘the Farmers Market is a wonderful assault on the senses. From the hot venison burgers, to the plant stalls, the handmade soaps and toiletries, the butchers, bakers, cheesemongers, grocers, and not forgetting the homemade fudges, jams and preserves, there is a wonderful array of produce on offer. Whilst not all from the direct surrounds, these are all independent producers/traders in the surrounding counties’. The Lutterworth Farmers' Market takes place in Market Square, Lutterworth, on the second Saturday of the month from 9am to 1.30pm. Many of the stalls will have FREE tasters to try, and the producers are also the sellers at this LFL accredited Farmers Market, so you can ask the news from the farms and all about production methods... Parking, toilets and cash point are situated nearby. Your regular Lutterworth Producers are: Picks Organics - Organic meats and cooked burgers Wobbly Bottom Farm - Goats cheese Sue Reeves Cakes - Selection of homemade cakes Brambletree Preserves - Selection of homemade jams and preserves Brocklebys - Award winning pies Derwent Horticulture - Variety of plants, pots, baskets and wreaths Long Lane Brewery - Quality, flavoursome Vintage Coffee Van - Selection of fine coffee Janes Sweet Treats - Slightly different, tastey cup cakes Something Nice - Burgers from unusual meats Piper and Sons - Fish monger Sealwood Wines - Award winning wines Pauls Bakery - selection of breads and organic vegetables

CIC Village Power Update Phone Box: The CIC bid to the local "windfarm" fund for finance to buy a phone box to house the second defibrillator, and create a village feature. Unfortunately the application was not supported, which was a great shame. We have recommended an alternative approach to Tom, who has sourced the defibrillator, in order to get a suitable location for his second device. We will support where ever we can and wish him well in his search - if you have any ideas or can help do let the news team know! HOMA: Homa are a dutch company that manages the sourcing of electricity using an energy management system to manage sourcing and distribution of electricity at a local and network level. Peter Jones has met the company with a view to seeing if we could get a project together to bid for a government grant for a project in North Kilworth. We will keep you posted as to whether there are any opportunities we can take forward.

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13th March 27th March 10th April

Do Something Different for Lent: 2014 Lent 2014 across Avon Swift. You and your friends are invited to share in our varied programme: Join us each Monday at the Rectory: A Hunger Lunch and reflection. For lunch you’ll get a bowl of soup and a piece of bread, and the chance to give whatever you can to support The Bishops’ Lent Appeal. This year’s Lent Appeal is to help build a well in Nablus, a place visited by the recent diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Over £300 has been raised each year that we have been doing these Lent lunches, and they also provide a super time of fellowship. Reflection based on “Models of the Church” by Fr. Avery Dulles, SJ. Bread and soup served 12.30 to 1.15 pm. Time for reflection 1.15 to 2.15 pm. Monday 10 March… The Church as Institution Monday 17 March… Church as Community and as People of God Monday 24 March… Church as Sacrament Monday 31 March… Church as Herald Monday 7 April… Church as Servant -----------------------------------------------------------------------Join us each Tuesday at Walton Baptist Chapel from 10 to 11 am For The York Course: “Building on the Rock” 4 March: “Believing and doubting” 11 March: “Jesus our Teacher” 18 March: “Jesus our Saviour” 25 March: “Jesus, Conqueror of Death” 8 April (not 1st): “Jesus, our Lord and Brother” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Join us each Thursday at Gilmorton Rectory from 7.30 to 9 pm to “Ponder the Gospel”…looking with Emma at next Sunday’s Gospel reading Tues (note day!) 11th March; Thursday 20th& 27th March; Thurs 3 & 10 April. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Further details: contact Canon Chris Oxley on 01788 860445 or via

“This year’s Lent Appeal is to help build a well in Nablus, a place visited by the recent diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land. ”

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From the Clergy….. Yes or No? 40 years spent by ancient Israel in the wilderness after being set free from slavery in Egypt by God, in His mercy and love and declared as a people to be ‘God’s Son’... 40 years to decide whether to say “Yes or No” to God. Would they say “Yes” and embrace the Law of Moses as a way of showing what it is like to live in the freedom which God had provided for them? Or would they choose “rebellion in the wilderness” and say “No” to God: choosing instead to focus their worship elsewhere? Sadly, as the story unfolds, they chose to say “No”. 40 days spent by Jesus in the desert, after being declared to be God’s Son at his baptism.

40 days to decide whether to say “Yes or No” to God. Would he say “Yes” and embrace the Father’s will and walk the Way of the Cross, so that we too can enjoy God’s gift of freedom? Or would he, like Israel before him, say “No” and use his status for his own ends? Wonderfully, in the desert and later in the garden, Jesus chose to say “Yes”. 40 days of Lent, to be spent by us, in these villages, being declared to be God’s children through faith and baptism. 40 days for you and me to decide whether to say “Yes or No” to God?

God’s Kingdom of Justice and of Peace and to each other as brothers and sisters in Christ? Or will we, like Israel before us and unlike Jesus now with us, say “No” and serve our own agendas and be content with lives centred on doing our own will? The season of Lent begins on Ash Wednesday (5th of March) and for 40 days (right up to Palm Sunday on 13th April) we have the opportunity, and the duty, as Christian disciples to ask ourselves individually and as a fellowship of Christians whether we are saying “Yes or No”. Canon Chris Oxley

Will we say “Yes” and renew our baptismal commitment to

Join us for Quiet Prayer Starting Wednesday 12 March and then every Wednesday at 9 am at St. Nicholas Church, South Kilworth. A quiet half-hour celebration of Holy Communion with a brief Thought for the Day and time for quiet prayer…. Ideal particularly if you have to miss Sunday worship, but also space midweek for quiet worship together.

From the Registers….. Weddings: No Weddings Baptism: 9 February – Great Glen (connections to Gilmorton) - Nathan Terence Johnson Durnin 16 February – North Kilworth – Ethan Joshua Smith Funerals: No Funerals

Church Matters….. All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:The Revd Canon Chris Oxley, The Rectory, Kilworth Road, Swinford. Telephone: 01788 860445; email The Revd Emma Davies, The Vicarage, 5 Church Lane, Gilmorton. Telephone: 01455 556573; email The Revd Jane Kennedy, 17 Cromwell Close, Walcote. Telephone: 01455 554065; email For Misterton: The Revd Canon Brian Davis, Telephone: 01858 431843; email


Avon-Swift Group Church Services March 2014

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Pete feels that a village loses it’s heart without a pub. Give your local a try...

Try the White Hart Pub! The White Hart is one of our regular advertisers, and we thought you might like to be reminded of what is available just down the road. It has generous and easy car parking, and is walking distance away if you are looking for some exercise. Several NK residents now use the White Hart in South Kilworth on a regular basis. The pub has a new offering that you might like to be aware of, which includes: # A traditional village pub welcome. # A wide choice of home cooked meals from the new evening and Sunday lunch menu. # A Lunch-time menu including Ciabattas, Paninis and Jacket Potatoes with a choice of fillings. # Vegetarian options if you don’t relish the quality meat from Joseph Morris. # A choice of Real Ales in a setting endorsed by CAMRA and The Real Ale Guide 2013. # Free Wi-Fi plus Sky Sports to watch those big sporting occasions in a crowd. Social opportunities. Quite apart from the people that you might normally bump into, with a 5pm opening time Monday to Friday there is an early evening opportunity to socialise, a range of ladies and gents league and social skittles, and pool. Anyone interested in getting involved can ring landlord Pete Naylor on 575416, or call in. For many years Pete worked in the footwear industry in Africa. 20 years ago he took over at the White Hart, where he brought up three daughters. He feels that a village loses it’s heart without a pub. Pete is determined to work at developing the business, and hopes very much that you will call in to say ‘hello’ and sample his hospitality.

EXEC-CLEAN CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING SERVICES Exec-Clean is a well established Carpet, Rug and Upholstery Cleaning Service, based in PeatlingParva, serving both domestic and business customers in Leicestershire. At the heart of the enterprise lies the belief that a customer is entitled to only the highest levels of service and quality of work, at all times, carried out promptly by a friendly, committed and dependable business. After all, the customer is spending his hard earned money. Now there’s a surprise! Is this a fresh approach to an age old problem? All work is performed by the proprietor, Dave Billington, ensuring that the very highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction are consistently achieved. Only the most up to date machines and deep cleaning techniques are employed, guaranteeing rapid drying times. Neither harsh nor harmful are used in the process and all chemical residues are removed leaving your carpets and upholstery cleaner and fresher for so much longer. A stain removal service is also offered, in addition to stain protection systems which take away the worry of those little accidents! And what ever you do, don’t write off your carpet or suite without first talking to Exec-Clean. You may well receive a pleasant surprise. For the price of a clean, you could probably save yourself a lot of money. Dave Billington is justifiably proud of his reputation and would like to have the opportunity to talk to you about your requirements. So why not call Dave at Exec-Clean today. See our advert for a special discount for the months of February and March.

We offer beauty and holistic treatments including Environ Facials, CND Shellac for your nails, specialist intimate waxing and wonderfully relaxing massage from a pretty barn in the village of South Kilworth. Take a look at our website for the most up to date special offers or to book online. You can book via telephone, online, text or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week! We specialise in skincare and facials that make a difference and offer free skin and make up consultations. Don’t hesitate to call us if you would like to make an appointment or would just like more information. Vicki and Liv

Bliss & Beauty Smiths Yard Dog Lane South Kilworth LE17 6DY

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Say hello to… Joe Renshaw There are many opportunities to say “Hello” to 23 year old Joe Renshaw, village born and bred and pride of his family, parents Maria and Arthur, grandparents Elaine and Nogger Ball and brothers Edward and Tommy. Joe attended St Andrews School before progressing to Lutterworth High and then Lutterworth Grammar schools. He is well known for his prowess on the football pitch at a very early age and at the age of just 14 he took up bowling, as the youngest player for North Kilworth Bowls Club, where he has enjoyed much success, culminating in him becoming the North Kilworth Bowls Club Champion 2013! He has also played for Leicester Under 25’s and is looking to further his bowling career by joining Blaby Bowls Club this year. Joe’s generous spirit and love of sport saw him complete the

Kilworth Challenge 2013 with his team mates Ed Ward, Simon Jones and Tommy Renshaw, in a creditable 21st place, raising over £3,000 for charity. On leaving school, which it seems he didn’t like much, he got a job in 2006 as “Yard Hand” at Howkins Garage, sweeping up, cleaning the pumps and stocking up. Fast forward to today when he now controls fuel ordering and deliveries, web-based stock ordering, general troubleshooting of computer-related issues and is a fully qualified cashier who can always be relied upon to cover for other members of staff when necessary. He controls their new tyre replacement facility and is a priceless pair of extra hands to the workshop team on a daily basis. His ability to not flap under pressure and to apply common sense are amongst his star qualities, we are told!

many of you will see Joe walking his beloved rescue Labrador Archie, well dragged along is probably a more apt description! It is highly likely that you will spot him in the “bookies” too, where he is what can only be described as a lucky punter! Which is good news really, given the amount of household items his Lab destroys on a daily basis! Joe is very family orientated and proud Uncle to the latest addition to his family, Harry. So you will have ample opportunities to say “hello” to Joe, whether it be at the Sports Club, the Bowls club, out walking or needing a tyre fitted or a cylinder of gas delivering. He’s a friendly, laid back young man, a mine of village information and a true village character!

Away from work and sport


The lovely Joe & Archie!

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YOUTH ZONE!!! Iron Man 3: The best movie I’ve seen would be one for you older ones, Iron Man 3, bits of it could scare younger ones so I suggest you ask your parents first. The film has a big finale but I won’t wreck it for you.

Many thanks to:

Colour in the Butterfly

Finlay Dainton for being this months Youth Zone Editor! If you fancy a go at being a Youth Zone editor, drop us an e-mail to:

What is your favourite local attraction? Place to eat? Entertainment? Send us your views! Have your say! The Croods: The Croods is a great film for the whole family its funny and all based on cavemen. The whole film is at the time when the world is changing and how they have to adapt. For being so funny I give it: Book of the month is: The Demon Dentist. This month’s best buy is The Demon Dentist by David Walliams. It is very new so you may not have read it. It is very spooky and mysterious yet quite funny. It is all about a new dentist that has killed the old one. She goes to the local school and gives a pupil some toothpaste that burns through rock and a tooth brush that has spikes for brushes. But you will have to read it to find out more.


My name is Robert Stern, and I have recently retired from full time secondary school teaching. I have taught at various levels part time and full time for 35 years. I also practiced law in the USA for 20 years. Besides History, Philosophy, Politics, and Law, my areas of focus include organisation, study habits and study skills, concentration, and good writing and research skills. I enjoy teaching kids how to learn. I can direct my assistance to ages 11-14 (Key Stage 3), ages 15-16 (Key Stage 4 GCSE), certain subjects to ages 16-18 (Key Stage 5 A level), and A.P. and I.B curricula. I live locally, in North Kilworth. I am available to tutor on school sites (with their permission), at a student's home, and even on Skype. I am available on Thursdays and Fridays, day or early evening. My fees are competitive. I can be contacted on, 01858-880486, or 01252-548508.

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Green Fingers Waterlogged we may be, but life goes on in the garden so get those beds ready! The massive amount of rainfall over the winter may well have taken its toll on your shrubs and trees, although a short-term period of soggy soil probably won't cause much damage. It is prolonged periods of flooded soil that causes problems. Waterlogged and flooded soil has insufficient amounts of oxygen in it, plants may look like they are wilting,Book but itofisthe because they can no longer month Is access oxygen and theyofliterally Stig the drown, theDump roots go myblack and spongy and eventually die off. favourite book It may wellI’ve be ever someread. time before plants show signs of It is quite a stress, but these are some of mystery and it the symptoms look out for:takestothe whole • Wilting book to make it • Yellowing leaves all clear, but still it’sleaves a cliff • Twisting hanger.leaves The • Dropping author is Clive • Soft, spongy areas at King. the base of the leaf • Roots turning dark, • Lack of flowers or fruits • Shoot dieback There are very limited ways in which we can help these plants

or trees to recover, though it is important not to compact the soil any further by walking on it when waterlogged. Pruning of apparently dead branches needs to be done very carefully as they may well revive later. A small amount of fertiliser can help, but most significant if waterlogged soil is a regular problem is to choose plants which tolerate long periods of wet soil such as willows, flag iris and other bog plants, or create raised beds with a well-draining topsoil. On a lighter note, with luck the weather will improve enough in March for gardening to become a pleasure once more and there is plenty to get stuck into at this time of year. The combination of longer daylight and warmer weather soon gets dormant plants (and weeds) on the grow and now is a good time to try to get on top of weeds before they get out of hand. It's also time to get busy preparing seed beds, planting summer-flowering bulbs, pruning any fruit trees and bushes you have not already done earlier and top dressing containers with fresh compost.

There are lots of summer flowering bulbs you can plant at this time such as the many different types of allium, with their wonderful purple spheres; try Allium Christophii for a variety that is excellent as a dried flower as well as spectacular in the garden. Allium Christophii

In the vegetable garden many vegetable crops can be sown this month - wait until the weather turns warmer, check the instructions on the seed packets and plant away! Broad beans, early peas, carrots, James, Faye and the parsnips, lettuces, spinach, adorable Nancy salad leaves, leeks and chard are just a few ideas to get your healthy, cheap and home grown food underway! Shallot and onion sets and early potatoes can also all be planted in March. Prepare the ground for French and Runner beans (which can be planted once the risk of frost has passed) - it is really worth the effort! Dig a trench a minimum of a spade's depth and put in a generous layer of well-rotted manure or compost (as for sweet peas). Do the same for courgette plants. Happy gardening!

Recipe of the Month: Banana Pancakes Happy Pancake Day! Try this simple and fun recipe with the kids (however old they are... 2 - 92!) Ingredients: 1 cup of plain flour 1 cup of milk 1 egg 1 large banana, fork mashed 1 knob of butter Plus any optional toppings Recipe: 1. Add the flour, milk, egg and mashed banana in a large bowl & whisk. 2. Melt the butter in a frying pan. Then add the melted butter to your batter mix and stir.

3. Add one ladle of mix to the pan, turn (or flip if you dare...) half way through. Approx 2 - 3 mins each side on a medium heat. 4. Serve with ANYTHING you like! Our family favourite is sliced bananas & golden syrup! Yum! Or try blueberries and greek yogurt for a healthier option? 5. Enjoy whilst warm.

“Waterlogged and flooded soil has insufficient amounts of oxygen in it, plants may look like they are wilting, but it is because they can no longer access oxygen and they literally drown!”

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The Millennium Green We are well into February, so is it the end of winter or the beginning of spring? Looking round the Millennium Green there are signs of both seasons. In spite of the recent strong winds, there are still some ash keys and sycamore wings hanging from the trees. A few of last year’s rose hips, battered by frost and wind, are clinging on, of little interest to the birds now. Wood pigeons are happy to feed on the ripe ivy berries. Oak apple galls have hardened into little brown marble-sized balls. Elsewhere though, new growth is visible. The first new leaves of the season are appearing on the elder bushes – small and dark green they seem able to withstand the cold and wet. Tight buds of beech are starting to push off last year’s old leaves which always seem reluctant to give up their hold. Small fircones have appeared on the branches of the conifers. Long dangling male hazel catkins are covered with yellow pollen, waiting for the wind to carry that pollen on to the bright red tufts of the female styles, partially hidden in buds. You can just see the silver catkins of the pussy willow starting to open out. Primroses are flowering along the bank near the badger sett and snowdrops have appeared under the sycamores. Down in the grass are the new leaves of herb robert, cow parsley, cleavers or goosegrass, creeping buttercup and even a few daffodils. In the Bogs the butterbur has resurfaced, with bright green leaves and brownish pink flower spikes.

The snowdrops are in full glory!

Last year we put up several bird boxes. As we were a bit late doing this, only one box was used - a pair of bluetits made their home in the box near the field. Traditionally, boxes are supposed to be ready for the new year by 14 February, so all the boxes have been checked out and the one old nest removed, so that there is a good chance more will be used this year. Sparrows are much less common than they used to be, so the RSPB is encouraging people to put up sparrow “terraces”, as the birds like to nest in a little community. We have one of these terraces high on a sycamore, and smaller, individual boxes for bluetits, great tits, robins and wrens spread around the Green. When you walk around the Green on a calm day and stop to listen, you can hear a great deal of birdsong. You are likely to see a robin, chaffinch, bluetit, great tit, blackbird, wren, magpie, wood pigeon, collared dove or long tailed tit (a bit like a little grey, pink and black lollipop on a stick). Slightly more unusually you may glimpse a green woodpecker which will fly away from you when disturbed, with a bouncing, dipping flight. You may hear a noise like a laugh – that too is the green woodpecker. There are great spotted woodpeckers which love to jump up the treetrunks, tapping the wood, looking very fine at the moment with their bright red plumage. I am told lucky people have sighted a kingfisher around the pond. They fly really fast when disturbed and all that you glimpse is a flash of bright turquoise blue. The top hedge next to the field was getting too tall and has now been cut, leaving any sapling trees, in order to get the hedge to thicken up more from the base, providing better shelter and nesting sites for birds. Just one word of warning - if we do get a really cold spell and ice forms over the Bogs or the pond, please don’t go out onto it – the ice will not be strong enough. Enjoy your walks around the Green and please tell me about any interesting or unusual wildlife you see there. Sue Dunford, Millennium Green Trustee.


Youth Activities in North Kilworth Last summer, the Trustees of Belgrave Village Hall agreed to sponsor a pilot scheme for providing activities for young people in the village. In coming to this decision, it was recognised that the users of the village hall at that time did not include this important age group and that there is very little in the village for our youth once they leave the village school, particularly the girls who may not be interested in football. During the summer 4 taster sessions were organised – cookery, dance, survival and T shirt dying with Si Sports providing supplementary sports activities. These sessions were well supported but by a lower age range than the original target group, but everyone had a lot of fun and instructors commented that the group were a pleasure to work with. With our initial success, we were able to obtain further funding from the Windfarm Community Fund and Harborough District Council totalling £1,900. Our initial undertaking was to provide 20 sessions between September 2013 and Easter 2014. So far we have had taster sessions of sewing, drama, parcour, printing, fabric dying and various sports. The young people have been enthusiastic and instructors have usually commented on what a great group they are to work with. During the first half of the school term, four electronic music sessions (provided by The Music Room from Market Harborough and free due to a grant procured by the Music Room) were very popular, these sessions were preceded by a general sports session provided by Si Sports. During the second half of this term, the programme is as follows: Saturday 1st March 10.00 – 12.00 noon at St Andrews School - Parcour (free running) Friday 7th March 6.00 – 8.00pm at Belgrave Village Hall – Street Dance(to be confirmed) Saturday 15th March 10.00 – 12.00 noon at St Andrews School – Parcour Saturday 22nd March 10.00 – 12.00 noon at St Andrews School – Parcour Saturday 29th March 10.00 – 12.00 noon at St Andrews School – Parcour We apologise for the changes in time and venue but it is due to coach and equipment availability. At the same time, we would like to extend our thanks to the school for the help and cooperation so freely given. During the last 7 months, over 30 young people have registered with us to attend sessions and the popularity they have enjoyed has not been limited to North Kilworth, we are getting attendances from Walcote, South Kilworth and Husbands Bosworth. Helping this to happen has been a very rewarding experience, however the original intention was to initiate activities which would broaden the range of people the village hall would serve. Due to anticipated changes in circumstances, I will not be able to guarantee any time once the current funding runs out, although it is anticipated that this will carry us through to the end of the school year (watch this space!). Jayne and Stephen Bettles are both making major contributions both in planning and supervising, and Andie Byrd was key in helping the sessions to get off the ground in the first instance, but they do need help if the work is to continue. If enough people lend a hand, then one evening every 6 or 8 weeks would not tie anyone down too much. Please have a word with Jayne or myself if you think you could help. Caelia Pinkney (in consultation with Jayne Bettles) 01858 880599

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North Kilworth Women’s Institute The next meeting of the NKWI is on Thursday, 20th March, 2014 at 7.30pm in the Belgrave Village Hall when Margaret Burgon will speak about,“It Could Only Happen at a Wedding” – sounds fascinating. At February’s meeting we were entertained by Mike Ball from the Little Theatre in Leicester. His talk was both interesting and amusing and covering past and present history. Guest and new members are always welcome.

North Kilworth Reading Group The next meeting of the N.K.R.G. is on Thursday, 27th March, 2014 at 8.00pm. Venue Lilac Cottage, High Street. The book to read is “Now all roads lead to France” by Matthew Hollis. Hollis won the Costa prize for his account of the last years of the life of the poet Edward Thomas who died in action in the first World War. This book is something of a change for the N.K.R.G. since is concerns poetry instead of our usual prose and is topical because of the 100th anniversary of the start of World War 1 this year. New members always welcome.

St Andrews Church Flower Rota Flowers are not put in the church during Lent, which starts on Ash Wednesday. Volunteers are welcome to help to decorate the church for Easter which can be done on Saturday 19th April. Many thanks, Jo Guilfoyle, 880574

Yoga & Meditation My classes are mixed ability so suitable for beginners to yoga and the more regular practitioners – some postures are easy, some more challenging! There is no need to book a place....simply turn up and have a go (just give me a call first to check the dates for this term). Yoga class starts at 7pm and is for 90 minutes. Cost £5. Mondays in the sports club and Wednesdays in the village hall. The next meditation session is on Sunday 2nd March at 7pm in the village hall. All donations for this class go to Macmillan Cancer Support. For more information please contact Sue Winstanley 881798 or email or visit website

SASSA SASSA (St Andrew's School Support Association) is the parent teacher association of St Andrew's School. SASSA works alongside the school to raise funds that provide additional resources for pupils to learn and play. Many thanks to the newsletter team who distributed 'EcoKids' bags on behalf of SASSA with the Feb newsletter. The collection was on the 25 February and we'll let you know how much money was raised. There are a several fundraising events coming up over the next few months. If anyone would like to support these events you'd be made very welcome : Fri 7 March from 6.30pm - Family quiz night & fish & chip supper Sun 23 March from 9.30am - Bag pack at Morrisons, Lutterworth. Sun 6 April from 2pm - Easter egg hunt around village. Easter bonnet and egg rolling competitions. Tea and cakes. Sat 7 June - Summer Ball at Kilworth Springs Golf Club. Dinner and live band. Please contact the school office (880430 or for information on events and how to get tickets.

Friends of St Andrews: FOSTA The Paupers Supper is the fourth annual event to be hosted by FOSTA (Friends of St. Andrews) alongside "Lunch on the Lawn", the Harvest Supper, and the Choir Festival. Like the others, it is held to enable us to raise funds for the maintenance and upkeep of the church and to ensure its continuing presence in the village. However as important as fund-raising is for the future of St. Andrews, these events are also organised for social and community reasons, to give an identity to the many people in the village for whom the continued presence and operation of the Church in the village is important. The Pauper’s Supper was enjoyed by 45 people, who sat down to a meal of Shepherd's Pie and a variety of baked puddings. It was a great success and enjoyed by everyone.


Belgrave Village Hall Will all hirers of the hall please note that Leia Toomey is now Treasurer of the Belgrave Village Hall as well as the Booking Clerk. She is also moving home so for those of you who post the hiring fees through her letterbox her new address from February 22nd is 4 Knighton Yard, North Kilworth, LE17 6 BZ. Recent 49'ers winners have been: 4-Chris Morris, Caelia Pinkney, 11-Rachel Smith, 18-Rona Purdham, 25-Mike Allman, Trisha Weston, 8-Jean Lee, 15-Gerry Lee, Mick Howkins. Will anyone who does not wish to renew their 49'ers please let Gaie Duncombe know so that we can offer their number to new subscribers, many thanks. We are still looking for a cleaner for the hall if anyone has a spare hour per week please contact Leia or Gaie. It is paid! Peter Morgan, Chairman Belgrave Village Hall Trustees.

North Kilworth Bowls Club Now that all the Christmas festivities are a distant memory our thoughts start to turn towards the start of the 2014 season. In preparation for that there are various activities taking place at the Club. The first of these is replacement of the roof panels over the veranda with clear, heavy duty acrylic panels which will take place shortly. Besides resolving a problem with the roof over the veranda, these new panels will allow considerably more light into the clubhouse. Combined with redecoration of the clubhouse both inside and outside this will make the clubhouse more attractive both to members and any individuals or organisations who wish to hire the clubhouse for events. The second activity will be a Coffee Morning and Bring & Buy Sale on 1st March from 10am to 12pm. Do come along and support us.

North Kilworth Sports Club New facilities available at the Sports Club! The Sports Club is pleased to announce that they now have free WIFI and free computer access is also available at the Club.

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