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Flaming June What a fab month is June, eagerly awaited in anticipation of long sunny days, warm, balmy evenings and all the opportunities that the lighter, brighter weather brings. Fingers crossed the hideously wet end of May will not continue. Of course it is also the month of the summer solstice, that point in the year when the earth’s axis tilts closest to the sun (for us in the northern hemisphere) and we celebrate with all sorts of festivals and rituals. Last year saw over 20,000 people flocking to Stonehenge to experience the summer solstice at that ancient site and watch the sun rise over the Wiltshire plain. All details of the thrills and spills of the Kilworth Challenge (of which there were many, it was so wet) can be found on page 12..... It looks like the footpath through the White Lion grounds will soon be confirmed and see inside for the update on the sale of the White Lion and how you can get involved.

Don’t forget to buy your tickets to the Millennium Green BBQ being held on the 14th June. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for some of that warm, balmy weather, but it is always a fun occasion with great food, entertainment and an opportunity to catch up with lots of people and if the weather is not kind, the red hot braziers are brilliant at keeping the chills at bay. What’s missing? Well for the editors its your feedback. We do appreciate that it takes time and effort to write an email, but we would really like to have your comments and know if there are items of information, or articles that you would like to see in the NK News. Email us on One suggestion that we have received is to run a photographic competition. Is this something that might interest you? Would you like to be involved? Perhaps be able to give some ideas for how we might run it and judge it? Belinda, Sharon and Vikki

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Letters to the Editors... Dear Editors I am told that the Parish Council have decided that the Parish can no longer afford to have the Village Green professionally cut and cared for. What, I wonder, is the Parish fund for when it is currently standing at around £20,000? Last year the War Memorial and fencing was restored at a cost of several hundred pounds but now it appears we can’t find money to maintain its surroundings. This is at the centre of our village and the most attractive feature - one which other villages would envy. We are asked in surveys how we would like to see the village develop, when a quick walk around our streets will show that we are not looking after what we already have. We see verges that have broken down, kerb stones that are loose, the pathways and gutters are full of untreated weeds and along The Bottoms one could easily turn an ankle in the pot holes and lose little ones in waist high grass. The road gutters have not been cleaned for months so is it any wonder that the drains are silting up e.g. drains are still blocked in Green Lane. Judging by the returns from the latest survey, the villagers are not interested in filling in the questionnaires on how the village should move forward. Perhaps they feel as I do that our money would be better employed maintaining the features and fabric of what we already have. Regards John Havercroft John, Thank you for this heartfelt letter. We are sure that some members of the Parish Council will take note. However, we do understand that ‘Garden Wall’ are continuing to maintain The Green, although a few of the villagers living on The Green have recently shown interest in a little additional maintenance. A little additional mowing, planting and weeding. All in good spirit!

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Bliss & Beauty Smiths Yard Dog Lane

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Providing For Our Young Prople ISSUES WITH REGARD TO YOUNG PEOPLE IN THE VILLAGE Ideas and information, mainly concerning the need for leisure opportunities for young people in North Kilworth, which have been provided to the Parish Council for consideration by Caelia Pinkney. PLAY AREAS While the Parish Councils of Welford, Husbands Bosworth and South Kilworth provide and maintain play areas. North Kilworth relies on a voluntary organisation to improve and maintain a very small play space which is really only suitable for children under 8. All the surrounding villages, have play areas which provide for older children alongside equipment for the under 8’s, and Husband’s Bosworth Play area goes even further with the addition of skate/BMX equipment. Basic equipment for older children might include a basketball net, rebound goal and hard standing and a youth shelter. A possible place to site this might be the Sports Field. If this is not an option, then perhaps an appropriate site could be identified and at least included in the Neighbourhood Plan so that we might work towards obtaining funding for the purchase of such land, through Section 106 agreements or possibly Kilworth Challenge.

Youth Shelters are designed to provide a safe, dry environment for young people to meet and socialize where they feel independent. Cost of a basic shelter can be anything from £3,000 - £8,000. Ideally, the shelter would be lit (one supplier can offer solar panel lighting) and modern technology could also provide a Bluetooth speaker system (add around £2000). Multi Use Games Areas – the ideal would be a 5 a side court with rebound football goals and basketball goals at each end, but this would require a budget of around £80,000, depending on how large the pitch was. Basketball net and rebound goal - A basic standalone recessed rebound goal with basketball hoop might be in the region of £3000, but the need for a hard pad under the basketball hoop and protection in front of the goal could double that figure. Dirt Jumps – given a suitable area of land and some encouragement, young people will happily build their own track for BMX biking and will constantly be remodelling the area for hours of entertainment.

YOUTH ACTIVITIES IN THE VILLAGE Due to the generous support of the Vattenfall Community Fund and Harborough District Council, a wide variety of taster sessions aimed at older children have been provided in the past year. The take up has been mainly from the older primary aged children, suggesting that perhaps the older children are less interested in supervised sessions. Over 30 different children have attended over the year, with some activities being more popular than others. If funding were available to continue these sessions, perhaps with a couple of youth workers, young people of the village would have an opportunity to develop a wider social network outside their immediate school friends and learn a greater independence in a safe environment. The basic costs of this provision would be in the region of £85 a week, or £2550 a year for 30 sessions (avoiding school holidays and conflict with other village activities). Part 2 of this article concerning transport and travel issues will be featured in the July edition of the News.

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Parish Council Meeting Minutes: 24 April 2014 1.

ITEMS HELD OVER: 27th MARCH 2014 a) Works at the White Lion Pub – The development issues are still ongoing and further planning permission has been applied for, the Parish Council will object to the application for further planning permission. b) Caravan at Gandy’s Nursery Site – The family has now been re-housed and the caravan is vacant, therefore the planning breach has ceased. As the caravan has been sited on the land for more than ten years it remains lawful but can only be used for horticultural / agricultural use and not as a person’s primary residence. c) Footpath North to South Kilworth – LCC have confirmed to the Clerk that the issue has been logged and marked for the attention of the local highways inspector. d) Various Road Conditions – LCC have been notified of the problems on Green Lane. 2. QUESTIONS FOR PARISHIONERS: Peter Jones updated the meeting about the anaerobic digester proposed by the CIC and the progress of the scoping feasibility being undertaken. Full details will be given in the next issue of the Welford Bugle. 5. BROADBAND ENHANCEMENT: Councillor Green advised that the rollout will take place during Summer 2014. 3. PLANNING MATTERS 14/00294/TCA Proposal: Works to tree

Location: Ivy House, Back Street Application: Permitted. 4. VILLAGE STRUCTURE/ LOCAL ISSUES: Councillor Green suggested a litter bin should be placed at the corner of Dag Lane and a dog waste bin at the entrance to Stoney. The Clerk will arrange the delivery and installation of these items. The Chair announced that the 2014 Village Maintenance Tender has been awarded to Garden Wall. Permission has been requested to remove a dead tree from strip of grass outside the Washpit Lane wall of North Kilworth Hall. There were no objections. Tom Evans provided the meeting with a copy of a report he has prepared for the North Kilworth News regarding Community Resilience. The reports follows a Community Resilience Workshop held at the Harborough District Council offices on 10th April 2014. 5. AFFORDABLE HOUSING PROVISION: A meeting is to be held on site on 12th May 2014 to discuss the way forward. The Chair will attend and report back at the next meeting. 6. SPEED INDICATING DEVICE: Ian Duncombe attended the meeting and brought with him some of the data collected from the speed indication device. The Clerk is going to contact the various agencies to try and find an avenue to progress the situation.

7. NORTH KILWORTH NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN The leaflets and questionnaires have now been distributed to each house in the Village with a closing date at the end of May. The Plan will be developed at the next Steering Group meeting on 30thApril 2014. The immediate tasks over the coming period are to inform all stakeholders with a letter and to give some thought to the public consultation exercises that could take place mid to late June. 8. FLOODLIT SPORTS AREA SUB COMMITTEE: The FSA have requested a cheque for £4,101.67 to pay the deposit for the new piece of play equipment they have ordered. This will be paid using the money successfully granted from their Section 106 application. 9. CORRESPONDENCE RECEIVED: HDC Planning Alterations and two-storey extension to outbuildings and conversion to form one dwelling (revised scheme of 13/01504/FUL) – The White Lion, Lutterworth Road - 14/00433/FUL 08/04/2014 HDC Planning Erection of a single storey rear extension to existing garage – 7 Dag Lane - 14/00404/FUL 08/04/2014 HDC Planning Erection of building to provide corn store – Sparrow Lodge, Pincet Lane - 14/00469/AGR HDC Felling of conifer to side of property – Guthlaxton House, Back Street 14/00539/TCA 24/04/2014


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Village Power CIC: Will You Make a Change? Many Villagers’ will remember Village Power worked with Elmhurst Energy to undertake Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) around the village. This was to help householders gain an understanding of the energy efficiency measures they could consider on their homes. This month the government announced further opportunities with funding for households carrying out energy efficiency improvements on their home to now get more money back to offset the cost of having the work done. So why not get your Energy Performance Certificates up to date and read on for details of what is available. Details below are from the government press release. From June, people in England and Wales will be able to get up to £7600 back through a new Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDIF) to help manage energy bills and have warmer, greener homes. The government scheme helps people to install energy efficiency measures such as solid wall insulation and new heating systems by providing them with money back on the contributions they make towards improvements. The average annual bill saving from installing major measures such as solid wall insulation in a three-bed semi-detached house is £270, while savings from other measures such as upgrading a boiler can knock around £100 off a customer’s bill. Under the new incentive scheme, which is available from June, domestic energy customers can get:

Insulation being pumped in to the wall of a house.

“The average annual bill saving from

up to £1000 for installing two measures from an approved list; and/or

up to £6000 for installing solid wall insulation; and


up to £100 refunded for their Green Deal Assessment.


The scheme also entitles those who have bought a property in the 12 months prior to application to qualify for up to an additional £500 if they carry out energy efficiency improvements. To be eligible, a customer must have the improvements recommended on an eligible Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), less than 24 months old, or a Green Deal Advice Report. Householders will be able to receive GDHIF funding for solid wall insulation and/or any two of the following energy savings improvements: Condensing gas boiler (on mains gas) Double glazing (replacing single glazing) Secondary glazing Replacement doors Cavity wall insulation Floor insulation Flat roof insulation Room-in-roof insulation Replacement warm air unit Replacement storage heaters Flue gas heat recovery units Waste water heat recovery systems

For solid wall insulation 75% of the costs of installation up to a maximum of £6,000 can be claimed back by the customer. For the ‘two measures’ option 100% of the costs of installation to a maximum of £1,000 may be claimed back; for homemovers this maximum is £1500. Households cannot combine GDHIF with funding from the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), the Green Deal Communities Scheme or the existing Cashback scheme for the same installation. However, households having previously benefited from ECO or Green Deal Cashback may apply for GDHIF for further improvements provided an EPC or Green Deal Advice Report recommends them.

Householders must take the following steps to apply for and claim their GDHIF payment:

have a valid Green Deal Assessment Report or EPC which must have been carried out in the two years prior to application;

apply for measures as recommended on their assessment report or EPC;

register for their GDHIF voucher when the application website and telephone hotline number go live in early June;

once they have received their voucher, customers must have the improvements installed by a registered Green Deal Installer or Provider within six months;

once the work has been completed, submit their voucher – countersigned by the Green Deal Installer or Provider – with copies of the invoice, PAS2030 Claim(s) of Conformity, and their Green Deal Assessment Report invoice.

Once the GDHIF administrator has validated the voucher, customers will receive payment in ten working days if all documentation is submitted correctly.


such as solid wall insulation in a three-bed semi-detached house is £270”

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From the Clergy….. Promises, Promises…..

“It has become commonplace for us to take out insurance or to check the small print carefully before we trust what is offered”

It occurs to me that all around us in today’s age people are promising us things: election promises from political parties, price promises from energy firms and other companies, even promises of good or bad weather from the Met Office! I also sense that many of us treat the promises others make with skepticism. Unfortunately, experience and news stories tell us that sometimes people or organisations don’t always keep their promises. In this modern age we’re told that people are much less likely to put their trust in institutions such as government or the church than in earlier times. We look for ways of protecting ourselves in case a promise to us is broken. It has become commonplace for us to take out insurance or to check the small print carefully before we trust what is offered. I am heartened, then, by many of the conversations I have while helping couples prepare for marriage. At a wedding,

couples make promises to each other which are quite unlike the contracts they may enter into in any other walk of life. The promises made in marriage come with no money-back guarantees, no insurance policies, no cooling-off period. At a marriage, a couple vows to be committed to each other no matter what life throws at them, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. These are promises made simply and profoundly in love. It is an immense privilege for me to witness at weddings this mutual declaration of love and commitment, not simply because of the human aspect of helping people start their married lives but also because promising things in love mirrors the way God works. God promises each of us life in all its abundance because he loves each of us as a loving parent loves their children. God’s love led Jesus to offer

himself blamelessly on the cross and to be raised from the dead on the third day. God’s love opens up the way for each of us to know him personally now, throughout our lives and beyond the gate of death. The risen Jesus made a wonderful promise to his disciples and through them, down the ages, to us: he said ‘remember, I am with you always to the end of the age’ (Matthew 28.20). 50 days after Easter at Pentecost - this year on the 8th June - we celebrate the fulfillment of that promise, with the giving of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God with us now. All we need to do to know the truth of that promise is to dare to believe God is with us now, to ask him to reveal himself to us. It costs nothing. There is no small print, no need for insurance. God is available, free of charge, to each one of us. That’s a promise we can trust! Every blessing to you all. Rev’d Emma Davies

Confirmation We are pleased to say that on Sunday 28th September, Bishop Christopher will be confirming candidates at our Group Service at Ashby Magna. This is a great opportunity to take this step on the journey of faith with others from our group, and receive confirmation in one of our own churches. We will be starting a preparation course in July, exploring our faith and what commitment to it means. If you are interested in hearing more, please contact one of the Clergy team: The Rev’d Emma Davies: 01455 556573 The Rev’d Canon Chris Oxley: 01788 860 445 The Rev’d Canon Brian Davis: 01858 0431 843 The Rev’d Jane Kennedy: 01455 554065

From the Registers….. Baptisms: Louis Alexander Bailey and Beatrice Charlotte Grace Bailey at Gilmorton on 6 April 2014 Weddings: Sam Phillips and Gemma Cheney at Gilmorton on 3 May 2014 Funerals: Frank Rigby aged 77 years at Kimcote on 6 May 2014 Elea Simmons aged 74 years of North Kilworth (crematorium service) on 20 May 2014 Christopher Chester aged 71 years at Gilmorton on 23 May 2014

Church Matters….. All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:The Revd Canon Chris Oxley, The Rectory, Kilworth Road, Swinford. Telephone: 01788 860445; email The Revd Emma Davies, The Vicarage, 5 Church Lane, Gilmorton. Telephone: 01455 556573; email The Revd Jane Kennedy, 17 Cromwell Close, Walcote. Telephone: 01455 554065; email For Misterton: The Revd Canon Brian Davis, Telephone: 01858 431843; email


Avon-Swift Group Church Services June 2014

Buggy Service at All Saints Church Gilmorton Come and enjoy a short service, play and chat with a cuppa for all pre-school children, parents and carers. Every 2nd Thursday in term time at 9.15am (finished in time to go to Toddler Group at the Pavilion) ALL WELCOME! 5 June 19 June 3 July More details from Rev’d Emma: 01455 556573

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A Couple of Books You Can Borrow… Just Ask! “Open for You” by Paul Bond has just over 100 pages and is full of ideas for churches which stay open during the day…as many of ours do. It explores ways in which we can use our open buildings as part of our mission…simple, inexpensive and just right for us. I hope each PCC will find time to look at this during this year. “How Healthy is the CofE? …The Church times Health Check”. Again, just over 100 pages and an easy read. Just published and I’m reading it at the moment. It’s worth looking at just for Dave Walker’s brilliant cartoons! Again, highly relevant to our situation and clobbers myths about decline and underlines how healthy churches are growing…again, spot on for us locally. Encouraging and realistic…a good mix! Ask me if you would like to borrow either (both?) of these, and I’ll put you on the list. Canon Chris Oxley

REMINDER NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN QUESTIONAIRE REMINDER So far we have had quite a disappointing response to this. So we have extended the deadline to 30th June. It is in the best interests of all residents that we get sufficient responses to make the analysis statistically robust. We need at least 50 returns to make this possible. Neighbourhood Plans can give real power to our community but the more responses we can get the stronger the Plan will be. So, if you have not yet returned your questionnaire please do so. It can be completed online at or on your hard copy which can be left at Howkins Petrol Station, or it can be collected if you wish – please ring 07500 702 909. All members of a household can submit their individual view and we especially would like to hear from younger people. Although we have extended the deadline it would still be helpful to get replies in as soon as possible.


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Say hello to… Brev & Alison Chapman This month we say “Hello” to Alison and Brev Chapman who met on a blind date in October 2007 arranged by Mick, the former Landlord of the Swan Pub, where Brev was lodging. They hit it off immediately and tied the knot in March 2010 at St. Andrews Church, North Kilworth. After a brief spell in Anstey, they moved back to North Kilworth, the village Brev loved for its warmth and friendliness and, until recently, lived at one of the dwellings on the site of the former Swan Pub. Now, in their lovely new abode on the corner of Rose Dale/Station Road, there is the warmest of welcomes (including one from their super friendly dog Kenny!) You will have often seen Kenny, a Labrador/ Ridgeback cross, taking Alison for a route march to his favourite place – The Bogs – no wonder she’s so fit! Brev is a local lad and has had a long association with North Kilworth. Born in Naseby, a farmer’s son, on leaving school he followed agricultural studies at Moulton College. During the late 80’s he qualified and worked as a Cricket Coach at Northants County Cricket Club. In 1991 he took time out to travel to Australia for 2 years, during which time he worked hard at various jobs, including farming, Entertainments Officer in Backpackers Hostels and as a Tour Guide at the Castlemaine 4X Factory. On returning to the UK his first job was with the former G.M. Contractors, a metal fabrication company who were based in the old Station Yard. He also worked at North Kilworth Marina refurbishing canal boats. In his spare time he enjoyed working as a Tank Driving Instructor at Armourgeddon. Additionally, Brev spent a lot of time working at both of the old village pubs, The Swan and The White Lion where he ran many village quizzes. For the past 5 years he has worked at Butchers Pet Foods. Brev clearly has a great affinity with North Kilworth and despite

currently suffering a very painful leg condition, he remains positive, energetic and great fun to talk to. Alison, an upbeat, friendly and fun person to be with is a modest soul – although she won’t tell you, it is obvious that she works hard and gives up much of her very little spare time to good causes; and as you get to know her you realise how much she has achieved. Alison was born and brought up in Anstey. She has worked as a fully qualified Nursery Nurse for 25 years. She is a qualified First Aid Instructor and runs a variety of external courses, both for employers and the general public. Last year she undertook training and was successful in becoming a Community First Responder –a voluntary role whereby, when she is on call, she will attend accidents and emergencies in North Kilworth and surrounding villages and use her skills and qualifications to attend to casualties until Paramedics arrive – an invaluable service to those of us “out in the sticks”. In 2012 when North Kilworth acquired its first cardiac defibrillator, Alison trained 30 village residents in basic CPR and defibrillation. She runs annual refresher courses, either at the Bowls Club or the Village Hall and understandably feels strongly that we should all know how to perform CPR and use the life saving equipment situated on the Esso Service Station’s forecourt. Do try and find time to participate, the courses are both fun and extremely worthwhile. Alison’s great work ethic has also resulted in her setting up her own business “The Sunbeam Club” which is a Breakfast and After-School Club at Parkland Primary. Amongst her many achievements which she tries to dismiss in her modest style, she has been nominated for the award “Dedication to Education” sponsored by the Leicester Mercury. Additionally in March she won, for Parkland

School, the ”Top of the Class Award for Educational Establishments Ensuring an Exemplary Level of First Aid Knowledge and Practice” and received her award at a lavish ceremony at the Lancaster Hotel in London. Say Hello to Alison and Brev – you’ll be glad you did! Gill Howkins The lovely Alison & Brev who hold a true love history to the village!

If you would like to be featured in our ‘Say Hello to…’ article, just let us know at:


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Thank you to Millie & Edie Lenehan for being this months ‘Youth Zone’ Editors!

Dragonskin Slippers By Jessica Day George This brilliant book is about when a girl called Creel is abandoned outside a dragon's cave by her cruel aunt, no one expects her to survive. In fact, that's the idea! But impossibly Creel makes a strong bond with the dragon and he gives her a pair of very special shoes. Here Creel's magic adventures really begin as she faces an evil adversary, in the form of a spoilt princess, and the dragon’s life depends on her. Join Creel in her adventures to see whether she makes the right choices or not. Also watch out for Dragon flight and Dragon spear as Creel's adventures continue. Book recommended to children 8+.

Annie The Musical By Charles Strouse Annie is a brilliant musical with lots and when I say lots I mean lots, of dramatic scenes to thrill your eyes and you will never get bored when there’s Mrs. Hanagan, Rooster and Lily on the loose trying to capture Annie!

Youth Group Activities By the one and only North Kilworth Village!!! If you are 9 or over why not come along to the Youth Group at the Village Hall from 6-8 on a Friday night and join in lots of fun activities? The best thing we have done so far is making a shelter and fire in the bogs. We have also done parcour, sewing, roller disco, music and much more. This term we are doing: 6th June

Circuit training

13th June

Self defence and something else

20th June

Self defence and something else

27th June

Tang Su Do (martial art)

4th July

We will all decide what we want to do!

It only costs £1.50 so come along and join in.

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Open Gardens in June (NGS) The National Gardens Scheme (NGS) is a charitable organisation which co-ordinates the opening of private gardens across England and Wales. In the last 10 years it has donated over £22 million to a number of charities. NGS gardens are identified by their yellow road signs and posters. They are selected as gardens of quality, character and interest. There are a number of gardens close to North Kilworth are open Bookthat of the during the month month Is of June. Listed below areofthe nearest Stig the you may like to visit. Dump my We would lovefavourite to hear your book commentsI’ve if you goread. and visit ever any of them. Please email us It is quite a at: mystery and it takes the whole book to make it 8th June 11am - 5pm all clear, but The Old Stables, still it’s a cliff Bruntingthorpe, LE17 hanger. The5QL Plant-lovers’ delightful 1-acre author is Clive country garden. A range of King. individual but interconnecting areas give a feeling of spaciousness and tranquillity. Wide grass walks set off the large herbaceous borders packed with a collection of interesting perennials, shrubs and climbers. Many mature

trees, wild-life area with pond; striking views to Leicester. Rockery and raised alpine beds, tender plants in containers. Home-made teas available. £3 adult admission, children free. 19th June 2pm - 5:30pm Sulby Gardens, Sulby, Northampton, NN6 6EZ Unusual property covering 12 acres comprising working Victorian kitchen garden, orchard, and C19 Ice House, plus nature reserve incl woodland, ponds, stream and wild flower meadows. NB: Children welcome but under strict supervision because of deep water. Home-made teas available. £4 adult admission, children free 22nd,25th June 11am - 5pm Walton Gardens, Walton, LE17 5RP Gardens in this group: Mulberry House Open all dates Orchards Open all dates Rylands Farmhouse Open all dates The Meadows Open all dates Toad Hall Open all dates. The five gardens at Walton are in such contrasting sizes and styles that, together, they make the perfect garden visit. There is a plantsman's garden filled with gorgeous rare plants; a

Modernist garden where all the leaves are green (no variegated, gold or purple foliage) featuring the extensive use of grasses and a lovely view across the surrounding landscape; a traditional garden featuring serpentine hedging and another which is walled and has a unique water feature; last but not least, a really delightful enclosed cottage garden. Cream teas available at The Dog & Gun with all proceeds to NGS. £4 adult admission, children free th Faye and the 22nd, 25James, June 11am - 5pm adorable Nancy The Grange, Kimcote, LE17 5RU Recently designed and renovated English country garden hidden behind original brick walls of beautiful Grade II listed Queen Anne house. ¾-acre garden, immaculate expanses of lawn, parterre, pond, croquet lawn and stone terraces. Herbaceous borders with collection of Old English roses. Green oak structures and hand-forged gazebo and rose arches. Walkways with mature trees, pleached hornbeams and naturalised bulbs. Teas available at All Saints Church on Sunday only. £2 adult admission, children free. Belinda McKee

For more information on the NGS Open days, please have a look at:

Recipe of the Month: Asparagus & Prosciutto Salad with Poached Egg Making use of delicious asparagus whilst it is in season..... Ingredients: 1 large bunch asparagus 4 eggs 100g prosciutto Knob of butter Splash of vinegar Salt and pepper Recipe: 1. Wash the asparagus and bend it at the bottom so that it naturally snaps as this removes the inedible part. 2. Boil 2 pans of water for the asparagus and the eggs. Add the asparagus and boil for about 2 minutes until it is bright green and a sharp knife slips in

easily. Drain and coat with butter and leave in the pan. 3. Add a splash of vinegar to the remaining pan of boiling water and create a vortex with a spoon before cracking each egg into a cup and then adding to the water. Cook your egg for approximately 2-3 minutes until the white is cooked (the yolk will still be runny at this point), so cook for longer if you like the yolk harder. 4. . Assemble the asparagus and egg, add the prosciutto and season with freshly cracked black pepper and a pinch of salt. 5. Serve immediately. Delicious!

Thank you Alice Chandler for this yummy salad!

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Yet Another Fantastic Weekend! Even the rain and poor weather could not dampen the spirits of the 34 teams that took part in the 24th Kilworth Challenge over the Bank Holiday weekend of 24-25th May. Their efforts also raised over fifty thousand pounds for disabled and disadvantaged children. The amount declared on the day was £53,073.00 and when the generous donation from Kilworth House Hotel and Theatre has been included and further enhanced by `gift aid` contributions, it will undoubtedly rise above the £60,000.00 mark. This was some 10% higher than last year and is a really amazing total to come from such an event, taking the cumulative total over the 24 years of the Challenge to in excess of £1.1 million. This year the teams came from different parts of the country but the local ones took most of the prizes. The Kilworth Challenge 2014 winning team was `Keeping up with Jones` comprising Steve Barker, Alex Jones, Peter Jones and Chris O`Neill. Steve lives in Market Harborough and the others have strong family ties with North Kilworth. For each of the Jones brothers this is their second time of winning and very much following in the footsteps of their father, also a former winner. Second was `Don`t Look Back` with Tony Brown, Keith Richmond, Simon Johnson and Alex Heathcote, all from Leicestershire. Third was `The Go Go Squad`, another local team comprising Nick Coles, Edward Chilton, Brodie Faint and Nick White. They also took the Thinkers Prize awarded to the team that was best at the challenges that demanded a high level of intellectual effort. The over 40s category was won again by a long standing team in the competition, `The Kilworth Lions`, comprising Adam Herring, John Linnell, Stefan Green and Neil Foster. The All Female Team Winners was `Hackney Honeys` made up of Charlotte Brennan, Eve Bunting, Niamh McGuiness and Georgy Dean. The mixed category was won by last year`s overall winners `Koggys Kaos`, a Lutterworth based team of Lorna Richmond, Vicky Hipkins, Sam Taylor and Charlie Turner. The trophy for raising the most sponsorship at an amazing £4,168.00 went to `Victorious Secret`, an all girls team comprising Bethan Kench, Megan Ribton, Kate-May Driver and Catherine Marsh. They also would have won the All Female category except they had to make a substitution due at an injury on the first day. Second in the sponsorship with £4,035.00 were the Kilworth team `We Stand Erected` with Simon Jones, Ed Ward, Tommy Renshaw and Pete Leatherhead; `Keeping up with the Jones` were third with £3,722.00, all three were tremendous results. The fastest female yomper was Jessica Edge from South Kilworth and Jacob Kench from Lutterworth again taking the male prize. The 34 teams tackled 39 challenges over the two days and had to be in a specific place at a specific time to do a specific task. This meant walking and running well over 30 miles through south Leicestershire in about a 12 mile radius of North Kilworth. The weather was especially bad on Saturday with torrential rain which soaked everyone, marshals and competitors. Sunday was a bit kinder and the sun actually managed to shine. As ever the challenges covered the usual range of those requiring physical strength, mental agility and all important team work – some were tough while others were just plain fun. They featured a longer obstacle course swinging, racing in the very muddy fields, canoeing (even more water and mud), dunking stools, a variety of word and number puzzles, and racing in engineless go-karts and chariots. The biggest challenge of course was to see how much funding they could raise. Many of the competitors thought that this was the hardest Challenge for some time with some really tough physical challenges exacerbated by the very poor weather and conditions. Some great team names appeared this year, always a major source of amusement to all……..they included `Whale oil beef hooked’, ‘Big Ben strikes 10` (it`s all in how it is pronounced), `Wigleigh Old Fs`, `The Fabulushes`, `Multiple Scorgasms!`, `One Dad and 3 Lads` and `Goodbye Accrual World`. This bulk of this year`s sponsorship will go to Dukes Barn in Derbyshire, Leicestershire Youth, and Over the Wall, three Midland based charities that help disadvantaged and handicapped children. The remainder will go to local charities and good causes in the Kilworth and Market Harborough area. The organizers (Colin Clarke, Paul Whitehead, Mike Lawrence, Bruce Phillips, Nick Otter, Duncan Moss, Mick Faulkner and Manfred Morris) would like to express their appreciation for everyone that had helped, especially the marshals sticking to their tasks with tremendous determination, all the landowners and the Kilworth House Hotel and Theatre but special thanks goes to the competitors themselves who kept smiling despite the often horrendous conditions. Next year will be the 25th Challenge and we are looking forward to a very special `silver` event. Nick Otter


Locally… Hope Counselling & Psychotherapy My name is Kimberley Howard; I am a practicing Humanistic and Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist, and the head of Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy. I decided to train as a therapist based on my own life experiences and desire to make a difference to the lives of others in times of difficulty. I understand there may be apprehensions about seeking help, especially if counselling is a new experience for you, thus I would endeavour to understand your concerns and make your counselling experience a positive one. I can offer you a friendly, warm and supportive service in our relaxing counselling suite, which is located in the heart of Lutterworth’s pleasant country town. Therapy can help you to deal with specific problems, cope with a crisis, improve your relationships, or develop better ways of living. Whether you are an individual seeking help, part of a couple or a young person, I will always be respectful and non-judgemental of your individual circumstances and reasons for entering therapy. Together we can explore your pains, hopes and concerns, allowing you to call on and develop your own inner resources to cope with life’s troubles, promoting healing and change for the future, so you can experience life to its full potential. You can find more information on the service online through the following links; Alternatively you can contact me on 07517868610.

Only you can decide whether you wish to try therapy. Just talking to someone confidentially who is not a friend or family member can make all the difference, especially if it is these very people who are at the source of your worries. It can be a great relief to share your concerns and fears with someone who acknowledges your feelings and is able to help you discover alternatives, different perspectives and find positive solutions. As a service, I will endeavour to help you develop deeper personal insight, better coping strategies, and improved relationships, allowing you to live the life you deserve.

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North Kilworth Women’s Institute The next meeting of the N.K.W.I. is on Thursday, 19th June, 2014, 7.30pm at the Belgrave Village Hall. Paul Johnston will speak about Prison Life. Visitors always welcome. Our May meeting was a success with a plant and book swap and a discussion about the Annual Conference Resolution "Organ Donation." REMINDER our meeting on 17th July 2014 is open to any and everyone. Matthew Morris will talk about "The King in the car park", which/whom he helped to excavate. There will be a small charge of £3 for non - members.

North Kilworth Reading Group The next meeting of the North Kilworth Reading Group is on Thursday, 26th June, 8.00pm at Timhelou. The book under discussion is Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier. Recently serialised on television, the novel charts the story of a young Cornish woman when she goes to live with her aunt at the isolated inn on the moors and becomes increasingly caught up in the lawless lives of its inhabitants. The novel is dark and gothic, a timeless classic! New members always welcome.

St Andrews Church Flower Rota 01.06.14

Mrs B. Herring

North Kilworth Walking Club The first meeting at the end of April was a great success with all attendees safely returned home, all with a smile on their face! A lovely walk & great company. Our next stroll will meet on Sunday 29th June, starting at 9am, meeting outside the Church kissing gate on Dag Lane. All walkers plus any (sociable) dogs are welcome. Any queries, ring Vikki 881052.

Belgrave Village Hall The Annual General Meeting of the Belgrave Village Hall will now be held on the 23rd June in the hall at 7.30pm not on the original date of the 2nd June as put in the May issue of the North Kilworth News.

Millennium Green Committee All funding for the Green is raised from two main activities the 100 Club which is a monthly raffle with prizes of £50 or £25 with a bonus prize of £500 at Christmas, cost per month is £5 if you would like to join please contact Rachel Peacock on 07786 277 101. The other activity is the Millennium Green BBQ, this year it is on the 14th June from 6pm, with live music, licensed bar and BBQ. The meat is provided and cooked on the communal BBQs Great fun and a great way to get together with neighbours and friends! Please see main advert for further details. The BBQ does take a lot of organising and setup, so if you would like to give a hand on the day perhaps helping putting up the marquees or helping with the food please contact Stephen O’Hara on 881052. We are all very excited to hear that an Adder Snake has been spotted on the outskirts of the Millennium Green, which is great news as far as conservation/wildlife habitat development is concerned, however it is to be advised to take great care when lifting logs/large stones or meandering through long grass, just in case a snake is disturbed. Although this particular snake was removed (sadly), there may be others.

Friends of St Andrews: FOSTA This summers "Lunch On The Lawn", will be taking place at Honey Cottage, on Sunday 13th July 2014. Tickets will be available in May from: Carolyn Sanders (880769); Liz Jones(880262); and Sarah Holmes(880883).



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North Kilworth Bowls Club The season has now commenced but rainy nights and other problems have resulted in one or two of the early season matches being cancelled. However some games have been played but the early season 'rust' has led to narrow defeats to our teams. However we are now getting into our stride in time for the start of the Harborough League fixtures. Check our website for results to date and details of forthcoming home fixtures (mid-week and Saturdays) and come along to support us and, hopefully, sit in the sunshine. The final stage of our clubhouse re-vamping will take place on 14th June when a working party of 'volunteers' will tackle the task of re-treating all the exterior woodwork of the clubhouse. We are hoping for a fine day to enable us to get this work completed.

The White Lion: Join the Initiative!!! Some villagers may remember a call to arms initiated by Mr Graham Fish for written, signed statements to affirm that the "ginnel" path between Hawthorne Road and the Bus Stop was regularly used for at least 20 years. There was an immensely positive response to the point that some respondents affirmed that this had been the case for up to 40 years. The case was accelerated when the site developer erected closed gates from the Bus Stop and the elbow in the path to gardens on the north side of Hawthorne Road. The case was advanced that Marstons had never challenged such access and a gate on the Bus Stop side was only recently erected within the last 4 years or so. This has been submitted to Leics.CC Footpaths Officer and our case has been accepted. In order to tidy up the line and permit space for a double garage for the Barn conversion to the east (Harborough) side of the path the footpath has been slightly re-aligned. The White Lion working group have inspected the site and an accommodation is likely to be achieved with the developer such that a right of way equivalent will be maintained in perpetuity. This is important given the risks to schoolchildren and other pedestrians using Green Lane. The Agreement will also have benefits if the White Lion is reinstated as a pub, either under Village ownership as a Community Pub or under an independent third party. The White Lion core building (minus the old eating area extension) is being refurbished to a smart standard and will be offered with the toilets, back pool room, kitchen and larder, plus the 2 floors above and a car park to the western side for ÂŁ350,000. A small rescue group has been convened to raise the funding from government, charitable, venture capital and cloud funding sources with a view to the Freehold (if successfully acquired) passing to the Parish Council. Anyone interested in working on this initiative is asked to contact The group has also opened discussions with a possible landlord/tenant who currently runs 2 other Bistro style Community owned pubs near Daventry-Banbury. Peter Jones



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