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Mud & Cabbages (...and that’s just for valentines!) It’s difficult to believe its February already, our shortest month of the year, which you may be pleased about if you are keen for winter to be over. It has always been the shortest month since before the Gregorian calendar was introduced and the month when any calendar alignments were carried out, therefore leaving us the legacy of the leap years. Named after the latin for purification, the old English names of Sol-monath (mud month) or Kalemonath (cabbage month) sound much more fun! And mud month seems most appropriate this year with all the mud creating rain we have been experiencing. Don’t forget Valentine’s day on the 14th February, although it seems that most people don’t need reminding as we already spend over £500 million in Britain each year on gifts and cards for that special loved one. It gives a welcome boost to the economy after the highs and lows of Christmas, with men traditionally spending much more than women (long may this continue say us). The sale and sending of Valentine cards may be on the

decline, but spending on gifts including holidays, dining out, champagne, chocolate and flowers shows little sign of flagging. So, yes it is highly commercialised, but maybe at this point of winter it is rather good to cheer ourselves up with a bit of romance and indulgence. The planning application put forward by the developer for the White Lion site was approved at the HDC Planning meeting in January. The CIC are now waiting to meet with the developer to see what he is prepared to offer for sale, is it just the original pub space or will it include the attached cottage, and at what price! So again, watch this space. In the meantime, enjoy February and remember spring is nearly here. Vikki, Sharon and Belinda

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White Lion Planning Consent was granted for the recent planning application for a development on the White Lion site (it would have been difficult to achieve a refusal). There were however, some important planning considerations minuted: -

Plans are in progress


The preservation of the remainder of the wall


Affirmation that consent was awarded to build as per the plans rather than any subsequent amendments


Tight enforcement of the brick colouration to ensure it blends with the barn


Sustainable Urban Drainage requirements on the land

Many people around the village had raised an objection to the obstruction of the footpath. It was noted that the footpath issue was not relevant to this application because the proposal route ran outside the curtilage.

“The CIC has bid for funding on the local windfarm fund to purchase an

Peter Jones chatted to the developer following the meeting and re affirmed our interest in his explicit proposals for the revised (if relevant) property to be offered plus land for a garden/car park. He agreed to get back to us once he had talked to his advisors. The Barn application had been withdrawn because the Planners requested a bat survey and this cannot be undertaken until April- May. It is still the developer’s intention to build to the Barn’s footprint utilising the existing structure, and he is ambivalent about whether to include or exclude the cottage adjacent to Howkins forecourt in his offer to the community. The extant conditions only allow use as a pub/retail/commercial rather than residential use so it would be easier to include it with the Community Right to Buy. The proposal area is awaited with interest from the developer.

old red

Phone Box

telephone box

The CIC has bid for funding on the local windfarm fund to purchase an old red telephone box to house the 2nd defibrillator that Tom Evans has secured. We await the outcome on whether the bid was successful, but hope to let you know next month.

to house the 2nd defibrillator that Tom Evans has secured. ”

Fruit Press During the last year the CIC has been asked about buying a fruit press to use for excess fruit around the Village. So for this autumn we have agreed to buy one and we will look to have an event to promote it later in the year. Who knows what will come of it, may be a North Kilworth fruit juice!! Energy Matters From last months newsletter you will have seen the CIC is looking into some options on community energy. Peter Jones is investigating and his work is ongoing, but we will let you know of the viability in the coming months.

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Our Parish Council: Meeting of 24th January 2014 1. Welcome new clerk Katherine Clark who replaces Wendy. 2. Neighbourhood Plan: Presentation from Gary Kirk, from 'Your Locale', to discuss needs, the purpose of the Plan and outline its objectives. The Neighbourhood Plan is a recognised document & takes 12-18 months, requires consultation and then a

referdum of locals. 3. White Lion: Planning has been withdrawn on one of the developments due to no bat survey. The development on the pub garden has been approved with access from Green Lane. The footpath has been applied to add to the definitive map so it is a recognised path.

have been completed however the drainage problems on the Green Lane is still ongoing. Grit bin has been installed at entrance to Rosedale. 5. Affordable housing. Work is due to start imminently. The next meeting will be held on Thursday 27th February at 7:45pm in the Village Hall.

The North Kilworth Parish Council welcomes the new Parish Clerk, Katherine Clarke.

4. Various works to the roads

Be Prepared So, February usually guarantees to bring us a cold spell of weather..... Usually. How prepared are you? The Government continues to fight against the potential ‘Fuel Poverty’ crisis that is forecast to coincide with the snow, showering us with advice to insulate the walls and roofs of our homes. But in reality, that is not always a practical option to the average home owner. And even less likely for a tenant! So, what can you do to prepare? Realistically? Try these top ten tips: 1. Close the doors to any rooms that are unlikely to be used and turn down the thermostat in that room. It will save heating that space un-necessarily. 2. Close the curtains! As simple as it sounds, this will

make quite a difference to the heat loss (even with double glazing). 3. If you have a wood burning stove, use it! This will enable you to turn down (or off) your oil/LPG guzzling boiler! If you don’t have a wood burning stove (closed room heater), then this is something well worth investing in, if you can. 4. Sweep your chimney! This is just for safety. We don’t want any chimney fires please. 5. Use properly seasoned wood for your fires, regardless of having an open fire or a closed wood burning stove. Why? Unseasoned wood won’t burn as efficiently (regardless of the type of wood), it will be more likely to spit (dangerous in an open fire) and also increases the build-up of tar up the chimney flue, increasing the risk of a chimney fire! 6. Use an old towel, blanket or cushions at the foot of your front/back door to help keep drafts at bay. 7. Another worth while


investment (which has a great effect for very little cost), is to buy a roll of draft excluder tape. It is easy to apply around the door or window frame and will rid you of that heat leakage! 8. Failing all that, put on a few extra jumpers and make a cup of tea. 9. Snuggle up close to your nearest & dearest (assuming that they are both near & dear). 10. The final straw.....? If you are truly freezing? Abandon ship! Or apply to have a ‘Green Deal’ assessment on your home to help fund any energy saving home improvements.

For a cost effective way to reduce heat loss, stick a roll of draft excluder tape around doors and windows.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) is a not-for-profit organisation with all worth while tips on energy saving and will also guide you towards the ‘Green Deal’ and ‘Eco’ assessments. Both of which are Government incentives for home energy reduction. Take a look:

My name is Robert Stern, and I have recently retired from full time secondary school teaching. I have taught at various levels part time and full time for 35 years. I also practiced law in the USA for 20 years. Besides History, Philosophy, Politics, and Law, my areas of focus include organisation, study habits and study skills, concentration, and good writing and research skills. I enjoy teaching kids how to learn. I can direct my assistance to ages 11-14 (Key Stage 3), ages 15-16 (Key Stage 4 GCSE), certain subjects to ages 16-18 (Key Stage 5 A level), and A.P. and I.B curricula. I live locally, in North Kilworth. I am available to tutor on school sites (with their permission), at a student's home, and even on Skype. I am available on Thursdays and Fridays, day or early evening. My fees are competitive. I can be contacted on, 01858-880486, or 01252-548508.

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Potential Money Saver: Bulk Buying Electricity? For those of us who use oil to heat our houses, the bulk purchasing power of groups such as YOBCO and KOIL seems to pay dividends and it has been suggested that the village, maybe through the CIC, could look into negotiating with large power suppliers of electricity for better deals. The CIC have responded that they are already on the case and have been in contact with a company called HOMAS who bill houses in Germany and the low countries on the basis that they negotiate half hourly spot rates with the suppliers and then collectivise those benefits to their customers. The CIC may apply for a DECC grant to trial the system in the UK. Would this be of interest to you? We would like to hear your thoughts. Please email us at:

Do Something Different for Lent: 2014 Lent 2014 across Avon Swift. You and your friends are invited to share in our varied programme: Join us each Monday at the Rectory: A Hunger Lunch and reflection. For lunch you’ll get a bowl of soup and a piece of bread, and the chance to give whatever you can to support The Bishops’ Lent Appeal. This year’s Lent Appeal is to help build a well in Nablus, a place visited by the recent diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Over £300 has been raised each year that we have been doing these Lent lunches, and they also provide a super time of fellowship.

“This year’s Lent Appeal is to help build a well in Nablus, a place visited by the recent diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land. ”

Reflection based on “Models of the Church” by Fr. Avery Dulles, SJ. Bread and soup served 12.30 to 1.15 pm. Time for reflection 1.15 to 2.15 pm. Monday 10 March… The Church as Institution Monday 17 March… Church as Community and as People of God Monday 24 March… Church as Sacrament Monday 31 March… Church as Herald Monday 7 April… Church as Servant -----------------------------------------------------------------------Join us each Tuesday at Walton Baptist Chapel from 10 to 11 am For The York Course: “Building on the Rock” 4 March: “Believing and doubting” 11 March: “Jesus our Teacher” 18 March: “Jesus our Saviour” 25 March: “Jesus, Conqueror of Death” 8 April (not 1st): “Jesus, our Lord and Brother” --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Join us each Thursday at Gilmorton Rectory from 7.30 to 9 pm to “Ponder the Gospel”…looking with Emma at next Sunday’s Gospel reading Tues (note day!) 11th March; Thursday 20th& 27th March; Thurs 3 & 10 April. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Further details: contact Canon Chris Oxley on 01788 860445 or via

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The Living God Five Wednesday evenings, at Swinford Rectory, each one following one chapter of Alister McGrath’s recent book “The Living God”, exploring together some basic Christian themes. [Each evening begins with a simple celebration of the Eucharist at 7 pm and the session lasts from 7.30 to 9 pm… each week is self-contained, if you have to miss one!] Wednesday 22 January: “Which God are we talking about?” Wednesday 29 January: “A personal God: love and faithfulness” Wednesday 5 February: “An almighty God: power, compassion and suffering” Wednesday 12February: “Creator of heaven and earth” Wednesday 19 February: “Mystery or muddle? The Trinity” [Come for the Eucharist at 7, or just turn up at 7.30… this is an informal group!] For more details, contact Canon Chris Oxley on 01788 860445 or via


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From the Clergy….. Piecing together God’s picture

The ultimate puzzle

“Faith can seem a bit like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle without the picture, and indeed without all the pieces too. ”

I wonder if you enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles? The last one I tackled was a scene of Whitby, satisfying to complete because of its many colours and shapes - the church on the cliff above higgledy-piggledy cottages, with fishing boats in the harbour at the bottom of the picture. Even with such a busy scene it was surprisingly difficult to identify which piece belonged where, and there was of course the ubiquitous section of almost cloud-free blue sky which inevitably got left to the end. I am glad of having a picture to follow – without it I could not easily complete a puzzle. I dare say there are folk out there who deliberately tackle jigsaw puzzles without looking at the picture for a bit of a challenge – if you are one of them do identify yourself! I’ve been musing about the connection between this and faith. It seems to me that often the landscape of faith can seem a bit like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle without the picture, and indeed without all the pieces too. It is

God’s picture, of course, and God is one who has the overall perspective of his artistry. We believe in God the Creator, who is continually creating around us, with us, within us. We get impressions of God’s picture through Scripture, in the natural world, through other people, in prayer and worship. We can gain a sense of God’s care and expertise in creating, of the beauty he brings into existence and of the delight he takes in all he creates. And just occasionally we can be blessed with a sudden view of God’s landscape when just for a second it all makes sense and our faith becomes certain. The picture God is creating is constantly being refined, but each one of us has our own precious little piece of it. If we share it with others we shall be able to see more of what God is doing around us. This is what we have begun to do in the Avon Swift Benefice and we need as many people as possible to join us for a special event on Saturday 1st March near North Kilworth when we

shall meet with Barry Hill from St Martin’s House to piece together what God is doing among us in this part of the world. This insight will then help us to see how we can best move into the future so that more of God’s picture can be revealed around us. Please look out for the information about this event – contact any of the clergy team for more details and to let us know you are coming. We shall provide a light lunch and other refreshments. We really do need your perspective as God has entrusted each one of us with a piece of the ultimate jigsaw puzzle and I, for one, am excited to see what the picture looks like in this part of the world! With every blessing to each one of you. Emma Davies

From the Registers….. Weddings: No Weddings Baptism: No Baptisms Funerals: Brenda Campbell aged 71 years, PeatlingParva (funeral at Monks Kirby), 23 December 2013 Nancy Geens aged 89 years, Kimcote, 10 January 2014

Church Matters….. All enquiries regarding Church matters should be directed to:The Revd Canon Chris Oxley, The Rectory, Kilworth Road, Swinford. Telephone: 01788 860445; email The Revd Emma Davies, The Vicarage, 5 Church Lane, Gilmorton. Telephone: 01455 556573; email The Revd Jane Kennedy, 17 Cromwell Close, Walcote. Telephone: 01455 554065; email For Misterton: The Revd Canon Brian Davis, Telephone: 01858 431843; email


Avon-Swift Group Church Services February 2014

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REMINDER: Sister Act Tickets A reminder that I have a group booking for Sister Act on Saturday 6th September. Tickets are £35 each and are in the centre aisle from row F upwards. Please let me know by March 2nd if you would like to provisionally reserve tickets. I will need firm numbers and payment by the second week of March. (880304)

What are your New Years’ Resolutions? To get fit? To lose weight? To try a new hobby, maybe? Send us your resolutions to

Barry Hill at “The Stable House”…. Saturday 1st March at “The Stable House”…. the home of Neil and Eleanor Logue and Zoe Hyde-Thomson, (next to Kilworth House Hotel, North Kilworth). “The story so far….Where are we now?” You are invited to join people from across the Avon Swift benefice to spend some time with The Rev’d Barry Hill, from the diocesan Mission and Ministry Team and your presence and contribution are needed! Barry will be leading the Day for us, giving us space to reflect together on where we are now in our life and mission … …and looking towards potential future developments. Arrive in time for a cuppa!

The timetable: 9.30 am… arrive for coffee…plenty of parking available. 10 am start. A simple lunch will be provided. 3 pm …we go home! Please let Canon Chris Oxley or The Rev’d Emma Davies know if you are coming: this will help with catering etc. More details about the day also from them, from Chris on 01788 860445 or via or from Emma on 01455 556573 or via

We offer beauty and holistic treatments including Environ Facials, CND Shellac for your nails, specialist intimate waxing and wonderfully relaxing massage from a pretty barn in the village of South Kilworth. Take a look at our website for the most up to date special offers or to book online. You can book via telephone, online, text or email 24 hours a day, seven days a week! We specialise in skincare and facials that make a difference and offer free skin and make up consultations. Don’t hesitate to call us if you would like to make an appointment or would just like more information. Vicki and Liv

Bliss & Beauty Smiths Yard Dog Lane South Kilworth LE17 6DY

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Say hello to… Jeremy Wilkinson This month we are saying ‘hello’ to someone who lived in the village for 30 years; someone who is fond of NK and manages a local business. Why are we focussing on Jeremy Wilkinson, who manages Kilworth Springs Golf Club, when all the previous 30 plus subjects have lived in the village? It’s simple. The new editorial team feels that the NK News should take the opportunity to support local businesses as well as fulfil the News’ more traditional role. Jeremy has a real soft spot for NK, because he grew up here and has only recently moved away. He remembers with affection the school, John Poole (JP) and the youth club, and the community spirit. He grew up in Dairy Cottages with mum Jackie, dad David, and brother Nick – all of whom are still around and known to many of you. Jeremy (Jez to some of you) has recently moved to Kibworth with his partner Rachel and daughters Alice and Olivia. Jeremy worked part time at the golf club as a 16 year old schoolboy, and then during his vacations whilst he was taking an Accounting and Management degree at Cardiff. He has managed the golf club on behalf of the Vicary family for 12 years. Success in his

job is important to him, so it’s a busy life. In his spare time his main priority is to be with his family and secure their future. He would like to get fit again (he was an outstanding schoolboy cross country runner which is why he has been able to complete the Challenge six times), play more golf, and continue to support Harbororough Round Table. As usual, I hope this allows you to get to know more about someone that you could bump into around the village, but Jeremy also hopes that some of you will realise that the golf club is nothing like the average golf club. He wants you to realise that the club is a friendly meeting place where you can feel free to just walk in and look around. You don’t have to be a member! If you want a tea, coffee, or a beer, that’s fine - but it’s not obligatory. You will, of course, be welcome to avail yourself of the wide range of facilities available. There is a practise putting area, driving range, coaching facilities for all ages and abilities, and the course itself. Also, there are meeting facilities and function rooms for parties, anniversaries, wakes and wedding receptions. Have a look on

At the moment the big challenge for Jeremy and his team is to launch a new restaurant facility. You have long been able to enjoy breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner at Kilworth Springs Golf Club, but from March 2014 you will be able to dine upstairs in the extra comfort of ‘The Attic’. To speak to a member of the team, you can ring 01858 575082, but if you would like to say a more personal ‘hello’ you can contact Jeremy by emailing him at David Brown

Jeremy Wilkinson (aka Jez)

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NORTH KILWORTH NEWS Many thanks to Tom Clare for being this months Youth Zone Editor!


Tangled: The magically long-haired Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a tower, but now that a runaway thief has stumbled upon her, she is about to discover the world for the first time, and who she really is.

Forrest Gump, while not intelligent, has accidentally been present at many historic moments, but his true love, Jenny Curran, eludes him.

Book of the month is: The Hobbit.

The Hen Maze!

A younger and more reluctant Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, sets out on an "unexpected journey" to the Lonely Mountain with a spirited group of Dwarves to reclaim their stolen mountain.

Squiggle your way to the finish!

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Green Fingers Well we can dream that Spring is on its way, and the sight of the first snowdrops and aconites pushing up on the banks and round the washpit in the village is always very welcome.

one with its yellow scented flowers. One of the favourites in my garden is the winter flowering honeysuckle – lonicerafragrantissima with its delicate scented blooms. Of course if its scent that you are after then a shrub that is both scented and very hardy is Daphne such as Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline Postill’.

to break down the soil (especially clay soil) to get a better tilth. Exposing weed roots may also help the frost to kill them off. If you are planning to plant potatoes then now is the time to buy tubers and put them in a light, cool place to chit or sprout. Early vegetables seeds can also be sown in seed boxes on windowsills or in the greenhouse. Tomatoes often benefit from an early start as do peppers.

Soon it will be the turn of the crocuses and all the time spent planting bulbs in the Autumn will begin to pay off. Equally wonderful is coming across Even if the weather is not flowering and even fragrant tempting you outside there are trees and shrubs. There are a still plenty of jobs to be done in surprising number of plants the garden. Any winter that fall into these flowering shrubs which have Book of categories the James, Faye andyou the might and that are easy to grow, finished flowering can be Top Tip: If you think month Is adorable Nancy even in ourStig uncertain pruned, as can hedges and grow runner beans later, then I of theclimate. Varieties ofDump winter my flowering wisteria. It is a good time to suggest you start saving your cherries such as get an early start on digging toilet roll tubes as they will favourite book prunussubhirtella 'Rosea give over borders and preparing come in very handy! I’ve ever read. us soft pink flowers all winter. seed beds by turning them It is quite a Witchhazels are tolerant of over and forking in manure or Happy gardening, mystery and it most conditions andwhole give compost. Turning over the soil Belinda Mckee takes the brilliant bright flowers. will enable birds to get to bugs bookyellow to make it The variety Hamamelis x and grubs you don’t want and all clear, but intermedia ‘Pallida’ is a popular they do, and any frost will help still it’s a cliff hanger. The author Clive Month: Easy Cheesy Vegetable Soup Recipe of isthe King. Recipe: Still the weather for soup? Then try this easy cheesy vegetable soup with baked croutons!

Ingredients: 1 onion, finely chopped Large potato, peeled and diced 2 leeks, chopped small 50g butter 1 litre stock Glass white wine (optional) 100g grated strong cheese, blue cheese is best, stilton works well 70g cream cheese 1 tbl plain flour Croutons: 200g French bread 3tbl vegetable oil Serves 4/6

1. Melt the butter in a heavy based saucepan, add the vegetables and sweat slowly for about 10 minutes, or until tender. 2. Add flour and stir, then add wine, cream cheese and slowly add the stock stirring at the same time. 3. Leave to simmer for about 30 minutes. Add grated cheese and either puree for a rich creamy finish, or leave as it is. Add salt and pepper to taste. 4. For the croutons heat oven to 180c.and warm oil in oven tray. cube bread and add to hot oil. Stir well and season with salt. Cook for 10 minutes or until golden brown. What’s your favourite seasonal recipe? If you have a simple, yet delicious recipe that you can share with us for the March Issue, please e-mail it to us (before the 20th of February) at:

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Pallida’

“Turning over the soil will enable birds to get to bugs and grubs you don’t want and they do!”

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Winter Wonder Walks As the stunningly beautiful winter frost and mist graces our countryside at this time of year, I would say that this is the best time to get on your walking boots and enjoy the land that surrounds you. This is one of my favourite walks. I will try to give as detailed directions as possible! Duration: 1 hour 30 (approx) Difficulty: Medium - some gradual hills, all good terrain Obstacles: Two cattle grids (with gate option) and two gates Calories Burned: I’ve no idea, but I’m sure one of you will have a phone app to tell us this! A serene photo of the canal bridge you will cross, by the canal overflow.

Starting from the Church, follow the bridlepath from the end of Dag Lane across the ’Stoney’ field, over the two cattle grids and down to Mill Farm (Marker 1). Take the gate at the right of Mill Farm’s driveway and follow the path to the wooden footbridge over the River Avon. I often see a Heron near here! Continue on the trackway until you reach the bottom of the bank (the disused railway). Here you will go through the gate on the left into the farmers field (Marker 2). This is a ’permissive pathway’ and no longer the bridleway. Follow the right hand fence line of the field to the far end, where you loop into the next field and follow the track up to the right and over the canal bridge (Marker 3).

Do you have a favourite walk? Please send us details to the usual e-mail address or, just mention it to one of us in passing...

Head for the far side of the hedge row in front of you, then follow that hedge row along the bottom of the next 3 fields. You will see Mill Farm (of Husbands Bosworth) across the fields below you. The third field has only one way to go, so take a right and follow the hedge line all the way to the top of that field (Marker 4). This brings you back onto the Welford Bridleway (Marker 5). Turn right and head for the crossed paths. (Marker 6) This is the perfect spot to stand, turn 360 degrees and admire the view! Then follow the track straight on down the hill, back towards the canal (Marker 7). Cross the bridge and head back up the bridleway, past Mill Farm, across the ’Stoney’ field and home for a well earnt cup of tea. Regards, Vikki O’Hara.



4 2



5 Would you like to start up a monthly walking club in North Kilworth? Tell us your thoughts at


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History Corner: A Scuffle at Kilworth House In the week before Christmas of 1842, the Times reports a night-time 'Affray with Poachers' in the grounds of Kilworth House, the home of Mr Richard* Gough. Poaching of rabbits and game was common throughout the 19th century and Mr Gough, who kept game birds, had anticipated trouble and employed several 'lookers-out' to watch over his land. In the very early hours of Sunday morning one of the lookers-out alerted the big house to the approach of a group of men. Mr Gough, armed with his sword, took his youngest son, Arthur and his servants to hide at both ends of a long plantation to await the trespassers. They had not been concealed long when the poachers appeared - a 'desperate gang of six or seven ... all armed with guns' - one of the poachers soon fired and shot down a brace of pheasant. The Gough's servants charged at the poachers and a noisy scuffle ensued, one of the poachers being captured while attempting to fire his weapon at the servants. Richard and Andrew Gough ran to assist their servants but encountered another of the intruders and succeeded in detaining him, though not before Richard Gough had threatened to plunge his sword through him. The two captured men were dragged to Kilworth House where they were restrained until the Monday morning when Reverend T. Belgrave committed them to Leicester for trial. The Georgians viewed poaching as a serious threat to law and order; in 1828 the Night Poaching Act was introduced with the words " the Practice of going out by night for the purpose of destroying Game has . . . very much increased of late years, and has in very many instances led to the commission of Murder, and of other grievous offences." The Kilworth House prisoners were tried under this act and would have received minimum sentences of three months hard labour with a large fine on release providing it was their first offence. A second offence was punishable by six months hard labour in addition to a fine; anyone foolish or unlucky enough to be caught a third time was destined for transportation to the colonies. The Times doesn't speculate on the reasons for the poachers' actions - had the men spent their Saturday night drinking together in one of North Kilworth's public houses and decided to try their luck up at the 'big house'? Were they out to get their families a special Christmas meal? Or were they just hungry? The famous poacher, James Hawker, who was born in Daventry and later lived and died in Oadby, said in his published journal:

'Poverty is the mother of invention... poverty made me poach.'

*The Times actually reports Mr Gough's name as 'Michael' - which just goes to show you couldn't believe everything you read in the papers in the 1840s either! Kate & Toby Martin

“The Gough's servants charged at the poachers and a noisy scuffle ensued!�

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North Kilworth Women’s Institute The next meeting of the N.K.W.I. is on Thursday, 20th February, 2014, 7.30pm in the Belgrave Village Hall. Mike Ball is the speaker and his subject is “The Little Theatre, Past and Present”. Members and guests enjoyed the festive season with a Christmas meal followed by fun and games courtesy of the new committee. In January we enjoyed our Christmas dinner (no turkey allowed), at the Kilworth Springs Golf Club and at our first meeting this year in the B.V.H. a team from Joseph Morris and Son, family butchers, gave a fascinating talk about the history of the business. Our membership has already increased this year but new members and guests are always welcome.

North Kilworth Reading Group The N.K.R.G. meets on Thursday 27th February 2014 8.00pm, at Timhelou. The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern is the book to discuss. The plot concerns a magical circus which only appears at night and the fierce competition between two young magicians. Erin Morgenstern is an American writer and artist who was reading Steven King and J. K. Rowling at an early age. “This spell-casting novel is a feast for the senses and the heart.” writes the publisher. Read it and bring your comments to our February meeting. New members always welcome.

St Andrews Church Flower Rota 2nd February 2014. Mrs J. M. Guilfoyle. Flowers are not put in the church during Lent which starts at the beginning of March. Volunteers are needed to help to decorate the church for Easter Day.(20th April). Please phone 880574.

Yoga & Meditation Classes will start again shortly. To find out the dates and for more information please call Sue Winstanley 881798 or email: Monday 7pm Sports Club and Wednesday 7pm Village Hall. Classes are for 90 minutes and cost £5.

Kilworth Scouts: Can you help us? Scout Leader Support. We are looking for a volunteer to help our Scout Leaders on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 pm to give our young children great opportunities to create memories and have fun. Scouting offers fantastic opportunities to many children and if you would like to play a part in helping as a Leader for scouts, cubs or beavers please do get in touch - Call Stuart Dainton on 01858 881431 or e-mail -

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Belgrave Village Hall Come and collect your crocks! It is inevitable that after large social events involving food a variety of items, usually crockery, are not collected after the event and get left at the hall. During last year the following items have been forgotten:13 Biltons small dishes, cream with a pink patter; 8 various large white plates; 6 decorative mugs; 5 white assorted small dishes; 3 white small plates; a gold rimmed large bowl and plate -Veritable Porcelaine; large Pyrex bowl;1 gold rimmed bone china cup. If you think that you have left anything they will be available for collection during February from Lilac Cottage (880053)after then they will be taken to a charity shop. The hall is being increasingly used by the community and it would be beneficial if the Management Committee could reflect the range of activities that are now taking place. The committee meets about six times annually to manage the hall and organise our two main fundraising events. We would welcome new members. For hall bookings or to hire equipment please contact Leia Toomey on 01858.880491 or Peter Morgan, chairman Belgrave Village Hall Trustees

Kilworth Tots & Toddlers Many thanks to the Waitrose Community Fund for their support of Tots and Toddlers. A generous cheque for £164 has been received from them. Parents/carers with pre-schoolers and babies are very welcome to join Tots and Toddlers as we would welcome new members. We meet every Thursday (Term-time only) in the Belgrave Village Hall from 9:30am till 11am. . We aim to host an activity or craft each week to enthuse the children and also provide refreshments. Costs £1.50

Do you like winning money? The North Kilworth Millennium Green Committee run the ‘100 Club’! Just subscribe £60 per year and you will be in the monthly draw with winnings of £50 or £25, in addition to a Bonus December prize of £500! With congratulations to Barbara & Phil Lawrence for winning the 2013 December bonus £500 prize draw! E-mail



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Good Horse Manure! Well rotted. Super for the garden... Free to good home! Vikki 881052

Large selection of boys baby clothes, up to size 9 - 12 months. Immaculate condition. Open to offers. Vikki 881052

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Baby high chair. Excellent condition. £10. Also Vikki...

Dates for Your Diary... Regular Weekly Events:


Mondays: Yoga, Sports Club, 7pm, £5

2nd Bank holiday weekend 24th & 25th - The Kilworth Challenge, Sports Club, all weekend.

Wednesdays: Yoga, Village Hall, 7pm, £5

February Sunday 2nd - Meditation, Village Hall, 7pm. Donations for MacMillan Cancer Support Friday 7th- Pauper’s Supper, Village Hall, 7pm. Tickets £5 (please bring your own drink). Tickets available from: Liz Jones 880262, Sarah Holmes 880883, Carolyn Sanders 880769

March: Saturday 1st - Safari Supper Sunday 2nd - Meditation, Village Hall, 7pm. Donations for MacMillan Cancer Support

June: Saturday - Summer BBQ, Millennium Green, Details to come! Saturday 21st - ‘South Pacific’ Group Tickets, Kilworth House Theatre September: Saturday 6th - ‘Sister Act’ Group Tickets, Kilworth House Theatre Sunday 7th - Alfresco Lunch. Details to come!

December: Saturday 6th - Christmas Quiz. Details to come!

If you have any dates to add to our diary, please let us know!

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