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林 詠祥


About Me 大同大學工業設計學系 Tatung University industrial Design

11 January, 1997, Pingdong, Taiwan +886 988 782 186




Personal qualities

Skill 2D Adobe Illustrator

Awards “17 GIGABYTE 奇想設計大賽 美化人生組 優選

2D Adobe Photoshop 2D Adobe Experience Design

“17 上海方宇設計新銳挑戰賽 第一階入選

Experience “17 工設系學會 /活動組

“17 大同工設期末展-腦震盪 /總召

3D Rhinoceros “18 SYM/NOVA 第二屆ND 3D keyshot

巨星設計競賽 入圍

“17 智齡聯盟跨領域人才培 / 組長

3D Cinema 4D “18 曜越 第七屆電腦遊戲玩家 Microsoft PowerPoint


“17 大同工設期末展-三原色 / 總召


The fire has usually spread by the time an alarm rings or people inform the firefighters. The flames and smoke may spread, especially when the fire happens in an indoor space where nobody has noticed or at night when everyone is sleeping.

This situation increases not only the difficulties of the firefighter's in their rescue efforts, but also the probability of casualties. If we can find the fire point in the first time and extinguish it. It will minimize the damage and protect the safety of firefighters .


Imagine the stingray


Fire Fighting Drone Use the form of UAV to replace the previous form of fire detector.

Take a broad view of today's fire detectors. It’s difficult for them to find out the exact position of a fire source in the first instance.

Smoke detector

Monitoring System Situation transfer

Emergency Light

Color Material

concept The basic principle of fire extinguishing is to separate oxygen from flammable substances. Because of the use of the drone fans to extract air And use the bending principle of a slap ruler to cover the fire source to isolate it from air.

major issue How to find out the position of a fire source in a short period of time and rapidly extinguish the fire before it has expanded are therefore at the core of our design concept.

Detail Use the form of UAV to replace the previous form of fire detector. This UAV is usually attached to the ceiling, overlooking and providing alerts on all four sides with a high angle of view. The camera equipment which is installed on the UAV can send instant video information from the fire scene to firefighters, so that the commanding officer outside can immediately understand the results of the fire-fighting and the latest fire place dynamics, and further allocate staff to fight the fire.

These are some products which might easily get on fire.

Fan Light Camera Fireproof cloth

Scenario This fire-proof sheath will completely cover the fire source and also isolate it from the air outside. Then its fan will rotate quickly in a counterclockwise direction to pump out the air which is inside the fire-proof sheath and rapidly convert the space inside the sheath into a vacuum. In this way, the fire can be extinguished before it has spread and caused casualties.

slap ruler

It’s the fireproof cloth which is used to cover the fire source and extinguish it.

Detall It is equipped with a thermal imager, which can obtain the fire temperature distribution of the fire scene. At the first sign of fire, the UAV will detect the source and fly above it, and then launch its fire-proof sheath, which is the shape of an umbrella.

Feaback This device can use indicator lights to guide personnel and building staff to the best escape routes. of the fire building. In addition, drones can record the simplest rescue escape route and increase the survival rate of those affected by the disaster.

Key Benefits

Immediately discovered the source of fire

Vacuum combined with fireproof fabric

Delivering immediate status Guided escape routes



With the advancement of scienceand technology children’s use of 3C products is a very common phenomenon, slowly replacing traditional toys in leisure and entertainment.

and t

3C pr




Do you remember when you were young, liked to play with clay and origami? When you complete a work, your face is filled satisfying smile. Your inner heart is full of unlimited sense of accomplishment. And can't wait to be rewarded for sharing joy with your parents.







Three-dimensional Shaped Toy

“Toys� is an important medium for guiding young children into the game. It not only allows the children to naturally exhibit the most authentic, but also allows adults to know what they want to say.




Color Material

concept The idea of the product comes from playing with clay and origami, and hope that children can learn to focus, logical thinking, sense of space, finger touch. In the process of pinching modeling, children's concepts of plane and solid modeling are established to stimulate children's imagination and creativity.

major issue The extent of their learning and development through the process of playing with toys. It is a tool for accumulating children's life experience and expressing themselves.


Parts Introduction The modeling is digitalized and connected to a computer through a wire device via a network. Digital stereoscopic styling can be read on a computer without scanning. In addition, the wire can also assist in shaping during three-dimensional shaping.

Silicone film material

Silicone mold material allows children's finger training feel and shape

PP plastic board The PP plastic plate is set in the edge of the product with a magnet so that it can be combined with other parts

Conductive metal mesh The strain gauge is composed of an insulating substrate and a metal sensitive grid Silicone film material

Detail Scenario Operating Instructions Children can create, shape, fold, splicing, and consolidate shapes they want to complete. Each time they are finished, they can use the strain gage technology to record them, and then put the products back in the alignment box for the next use.




key Benefits

Inspired from origami Training Tactile

Inspired from Pinch clay Cultivate shaping

Improve your concentration logical thinking

Feedback Detail For children

Using metal linear change to know shape and then sends the deformation data via bluetooth to a computer

Have your own toys! DOT-DOT feedback to children , can print out their own toys.

Feedback For parents


Upload cloud

Make memories DOT-DOT feedback to parents can use the app to do interactive games after scanning. You can also upload your child’s ideas to the cloud and make memories that belong to your parents.


Although human lifespans is getting longer;however,it doesn’t necessarily mean people are getting healthier Ageing population projected global population aged 60 years and above. Unit:Billion


Pituitary Lung

Eye Ear



Heart Stomach

Liver Bottom Foot


In western medicine, a sole is considered “the second heart of human body”. Moreover, traditional Chinese medicine also believes that people have over 60 acupuncture points on their foot that are closely related to our organs. It’s also believed that one can benefit from foot massage of improving blood circulation and muscle relaxation.


Massage Floor Mat Although human lifespans is getting longer ; however, it doesn’t necessarily mean people are getting healthier.



blood pressure

Standing on a hard surface puts physical strain on the human body. Older can stand on this floor mat in a natural, active and relaxed manner – just like on soft forest ground.

Color Material

concept We design a bedside mat, which users can use it as a resting mat after they wake up,and stretches on the mat. As the users doing so, the mat will measure their body condition, display the date on the monitor and provide the information to their sons and/or daughters through the Internet.

major issue In our research on the behavior of waking-up specifically, we found that a healthy mode of waking-up should include a good blood circulation, which helps one to have a clear mind.

Detail Parts Introduction As the users step on the mat will measure their body condition, display the date on the monitor and provide the information to their sons and/or daughters through the Internet. In this way, their sons and/or daughters can be involved in their life and be aware of their life condition without disturbing.

Massaging Ball When stepping on the silicone pedal, the massaging ball inside will massage the acupuncture points and improve blood circulation.

Light Display

It uses lights to indicates the completion of each workout.

Silicone Pedal With soft silicone to increase the power of spontaneous pedaling.

Heater The heater outside will provide a soothing warmth during the massage

Information Display Screen One can use the monitor to check out the body functions and conditions.

Detail Scenario Operating Instructions

Lie on the bed when you get up and make the blood flow slowly

Embark on a mat and create a force and reaction force with the mat.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, this is a process of warming up the body

The mat will canculate the health value of user and send the data to user’s children while user is awake.

Get up and step on the mat

Children recieve the data from the mat

key Benefits

Promote blood circulation And Metabolic cycle

Relieve sore bones and reduce falls

Prevent chronic diseases regulate function

UI Information sharing for older

Good morning ! Body in very good condition suitable for stretching the body remember to drink a glass of water !

Physical condition

Blood pressure measurement

Record life informationt



Information sharing for children Don’t affect normal life

Immobilized life 70%

Improve the quality of life

The target of parent-child interaction Simple subtitles for oldwr providing body information.

Spontaneous pedaling generates heat energy and completes the progress through the light gauge Parent-child interaction can also based on mobile data transmission. Also can be provided to the doctor as a chronic disease information for a long time.


The world's sea level will continue to rise in the future, and new modes of transportation will also come. When land transport is no longer sufficient for use, the future will slowly move back to the water to create amphibious waterways and help relieve traffic congestion.

In the future life, not everyone must own their own vehicles. Popular public transport and the provision of transport services are one of the most important trends in today's transportation and the global economy.

Explosive parts


Shared Amphibious Motorcycle The sharing economy era and the environment of the change will be for the future of transport bring a different new change. The amphibious motorcycle becomes a new kind of riding experience and becomes an alternative leisure and entertainment.




Color Material

concept We design an amphibious transport vehicle that can be used on roads, rivers, or islands. There are technologies to sense the distribution of rivers. Amphibious ride experience has become a kind of special entertainment, combined with the nature of car networking technology, planning and navigation safe route area.

major issue Use third-party loan sharing vehicle, those extra help logistics center of goods .Save on labor costs and create a point-to-point rental vehicle and logistics platform that promotes river travel and commercial transportation.


Parts Introduction

Open type smart car cover(Can fixed the goods) Put the goods under the car body and increase buoyancy.

Magnetic clamping wheel system(Two-wing front fork) Attached to the base of the cargo, it will be pressurized and inflated to facilitate floating.

Inflatable buoyancy airbag (Increase water buoyancy and draft surface) Working as a motor under the water. (As a source of power for car body rotation)


Sensing panel (current detection) Battery (savings energy)


Energy bottle (energy transfer)

Motor (water cooling system) Fan page frame (power source) Inflatable tire(when entering water, the tires will move inwards to avoid excessive surface to maintain balance)

Scenario When entering water, it can be deformed to form an amphibious vehicle and adding goods to the shared economy concept.


User Logistics Center Placement of cargo

Tire deformation direction

key Benefits

sharing economy Instant delivery

Amphibious vehicle Water sports

Point-to-point platform Save manpower

background The human body's best relative humidity in the environment is 40%-60%. If the humidity is high or lower than this range, dust mites and otherbacteria will increase their chances of proliferation. The respiratory tract is prone to allergic symptoms.

Studies have found that diffusing essential oils into the air can reduce the amount of chemicals in the air and can be used to remove odors from the air. And more importantly, it can avoid the spread of infectious diseases.

Sketch Imagine the treetop

TREETOP Fragrance Machine

Mist spray

Night light

Essential oil

Good atmosphere begins at home.The fragrance function of TREETOP fills the room with mist, as if to enjoy the forest phytoncid.

Color Material

concept Products bionic tree form, and internal use of double container.The interior contains an anion resonator, and before using Treetop add water and some essential oils. Ultrasonic vibration will create a fine mist, then the bottom fan will blow the aroma and water mist to the environment.

major issue Fragrance in daily life, often can affect the person's mood, good flavor can let person relaxed.The mist of the fragrant machine makes the dry air warm and comfortable.

Detail Ultrasonic tens of thousands of oscillations per second to convert water into particles using physical atomization.

Mist Vent

When the water droplets in the essential oil cup break into smaller droplets, the split droplets themselves will be positively charged, and the surrounding air will be negatively charged to generate ions. Upper Shell

Water Tank (max 70ml)

WB Negative Ion Generator LED Circuit Board


Ventilation Base

PP Water Tank

Fragrance Mist Vent Circuit Board Activate Button

Burmese Teak Shell

Feaback People around the fragrance mist can make users feel comfortable and calm, and have good health effects because of large number of negative ions. We use this principle to atomize water into ultra-fine and small particles, making the molecules neatly arrangement and increasing In density. This helps the body's respiratory system and its parts to be easily absorbed.

Key Benefits

Feel comfortable and calm Fragrance diffusion

Good for respiratory system Moisturize the air

Atmosphere situation Night light

background Modular Assembly, make storage more convenient. Select the color of the rope you like, match your own stool.And make it easier to arrange through magnets.

The starting point of AZURE is a square board,which is adapted in the form of a visualized weaver, creating the possibility of its aesthetic expression. The elasticity of the rope makes the furniture more creative



Wood Furniture




Use ropes to create dynamic visual effects . Create a feeling of calm and peace through blue and warm wood colors

Color Material

concept The furniture is a modular stool that can be arbitrarily spliced into a desired shape using the function of a magnet. The middle of the stool surface is hollowed out so that people sitting on it do not feel stuffy.

major issue The starting point of AZURE is a square board,which is adapted in the form of a visualized weaver, creating the possibility of its aesthetic expression.

background With the advancement of science and technology, e-sports have become the world's most watched industry. Taiwan not only has the advantages of hardware, but also players are showing off in many internationally renowned events.Allsta can be a new culture.

A computer case with a unique personality to help players improve their skills and better integrate into the game situation.Lights and sounds become necessary conditions.


Imagine the butterfly.


The casing is inspired by Taiwan's Broad-tailed swallowtail butterfly. The wings of the butterfly can still quickly heat and radiate under the constant high temperature of the sun, and they can fly freely and show their enthusiasm for pursuing goals.

RGB Light


Cooling Tube

Color Material

concept This product's exterior design uses the structure of butterfly wings as a bionic outer. When turned on, the wings of the shells on both sides will extend outwards, just like the wings take off to achieve a dynamic visual feast, allowing users to enjoy the crazy experience and pursue their own goals while operating the gaming computer.

major issue The tank has an LED light guide to provide a bright visual effect. In addition, the speed of the mouse and the keyboard can be used to automatically control the color change mode, creating a unique cooling system for players.

background The international spread of tea studies is confronted with this problem, with tea cultivation, and manufacturing aspects are fair; but with tea brewing, tea savoring and tea ceremony, concepts and ideology are quite deficient.Â

manufacture procedure

3D printing

Ceramic Trimming

Tooling Process

Plaster Mold

Filling Mud

Pouring Mud


Bisque Firing

Enamel Paint


Glost Firing

Finished Product

TEATOP Scented Tea Set

Tea tasting has not only created a trend, it has evolved into an art as well. Drawing tea is much more than tasting its flavor and smelling its aroma. It is also a media to get people closer together.

brewed tea

smell hot aroma

divide tea

Color Material

concept Sapling tea maintains the temperature and brewing tea leaves the essence.After that release the flavour of the tea Tea cool down.At last pour all the tea into cups .

major issue How to make a pot of good tea,and experience the essence of the tea ceremony and the qualities of tea.

Expect & Me


To be continued

YONG XIANG , LIN - Industrial design portfolio  

I am a student of Department of Industrial Design, Tatung University, Taiwan

YONG XIANG , LIN - Industrial design portfolio  

I am a student of Department of Industrial Design, Tatung University, Taiwan