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Pants Feeds the Poor

A Girl Named Pants, Inc. All rights reserved. This book, or any of its parts, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author, Thomas J. Colson, or the publisher, A Girl Named Pants, Inc. © 2004 Thomas J. Colson Created in the U.S.A. Printed in Hong Kong Illustrations by April Matula ISBN: 0-9755959-3-8 The “A Girl Named Pants” series is about an eight-year-old girl named Pants who can do anything. In every book, Pants is faced with a problem or a challenging situation which she overcomes. Hopefully, these books will help your children believe they can do anything, too! To read/order more books about a girl named Pants, or to download free coloring pages, please go to our website: 1

To all parents who want their children to believe they can do anything!


This is Pants. She is eight-years-old. She loves wearing all different kinds of colorful pants. And, most important of all, Pants can do anything! 3

This is Growlie. He is a monster who lives in a forest. He used to scare little boys and girls. Now he is Pants’ best friend.


This is Pants’ mom. She is the fastest bike rider in the neighborhood. She loves Pants with all of her heart. And, she makes all of the colorful pants that Pants wears.


This is Pants’ dad. He plays baseball with her after work. Everyday he tells Pants that she can do anything!


This is Pants’ four-year-old sister, Matilda, and her two-year-old brother, Sneakers. They are both learning that they can do anything, too! 7

One day, Pants and her dad were walking down the street when they saw a man in dirty clothes sitting on the corner holding a cup.


The man on the street corner looked sad and hungry. Pants’ dad wanted to help so he walked over to the man and handed him a few dollars. The man smiled and said, “Thank you.”


“Why did you give that man money, Dad?” asked Pants. “Because I don’t think he has any money and he looks hungry,” said her dad. “Well, why doesn’t he have any money?” she asked. Her dad frowned and said, “I don’t know, Pants. Maybe he lost his job, or maybe he’s sick and is unable to work.” 10

“Well, why doesn’t his family give him food?” Pants asked. “He probably doesn’t have a family, Pants. He probably doesn’t even have a home. And there are people like him all over the city - all over the world, actually.” 11

“How much money did you give him, Dad?” asked Pants. “A few dollars,” he said. “How much food can he buy for a few dollars?” she asked. “Not very much, I’m afraid,” said her dad with a frown. “Well, shouldn’t we give him more then?” “Yes, Pants, we probably should. But, we don’t have enough money to feed him everyday.” 12

Pants sat up in bed that night. She was sad. Pants had a home with a family and food whenever she was hungry. She had toys, a bike, and just about everything she wanted. The hungry man had nothing. She thought about that hungry man all night long.


Pants woke up the next morning, still thinking about that hungry man.


Pants sat down for breakfast with her family and her friend, Growlie. Her dad asked her the same question he asked her every day. “What can you do, Pants?” Usually she would shout, “Anything!” with a big smile. But this time Pants said, “I can feed that hungry man we saw yesterday for a whole year.” 15

“What man, Pants?” asked her mom. “Dad and I saw a hungry man on the street yesterday. Dad said we didn’t have enough money to feed him everyday. But I figured out a way to get him food for a whole year.” 16

“Well, Pants, how are you going to do that?� asked her mom. Pants knew she could do anything. She had been thinking about it all night long and she had a plan.


“Well, there are 365 days in a year, and there are more than 365 kids at my school. So, if I can get everyone to bring in food for one day, he’ll have enough food for the whole year,” she said with a smile.


“Where will he keep all the food if he doesn’t have a home?” asked her dad. Pants thought about that for a minute. Her dad was right. The man probably didn’t have a home so he wouldn’t have anyplace to keep the food. Without a refrigerator, the food would spoil. 19

Pants thought about the big pile of food for a few minutes then she came up with an idea. “What if I get a calendar, and have each kid sign up for a day? Then, we can bring the man one meal per day and he won’t have to keep the food anywhere.” “Great idea, Pants,” said her dad. “I’ll give you a calendar. You can take it to school today.” 20

That day Pants went to school and spoke to each class. She even spoke to the big kids in the eighth grade. She was nervous speaking in front of all those kids, but she did it because she really wanted to help that hungry man.


By the end of the day, all of the days on her calendar were filled. She was so excited that she ran all the way home.


“I did it! I did it!” she shouted as she ran into the house to show her mom the calendar. “Wow!” said her mom. “You filled every day! Good work!” 23

“Mom, I signed us up for the first day. Can we make something great?” Pants asked. “Of course we can, Pants,” said her mom. “We’ll make that hungry man a great dinner! Tomorrow, he’ll eat like a king!” 24

Pants cooked with her mom and dad that night. Even her friend, Growlie, came over to help. They made turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and corn. Her dad baked an apple pie for dessert.


The next day, that hungry man wasn’t hungry anymore. He ate like a king. And, thanks to Pants and her friends, he ate like a king each day for a whole year.


Pants can do anything! What can you do?


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Pants Feeds The Poor  

The “A Girl Named Pants” series is about an eight-year-old girl named Pants who can do anything. In every book, Pants is faced with a probl...