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Pants Builds a Business

A Girl Named Pants, Inc. All rights reserved. This book, or any of its parts, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author, Thomas J. Colson, or the publisher, A Girl Named Pants, Inc. © 2004 Thomas J. Colson Created in the U.S.A. Printed in Hong Kong Illustrations by April Matula ISBN: 0-9755959-4-6 The “A Girl Named Pants” series is about an eight-year-old girl named Pants who can do anything. In every book, Pants is faced with a problem or a challenging situation which she overcomes. Hopefully, these books will help your children believe they can do anything, too! To read/order more books about a girl named Pants, or to download free coloring pages, please go to our website: 1

To all parents who want their children to believe they can do anything!


This is Pants. She is eight-years-old. She loves wearing all kinds of colorful pants. And, most important of all, Pants can do anything! 3

This is Growlie. He is a monster who lives in a forest. He used to scare little boys and girls. Now he is Pants’ best friend.


This is Pants’ mom. She likes to spend time outside on sunny days. She loves Pants with all her heart. And, she makes all of the colorful pants that Pants wears.


This is Pants’ dad. He is the family lifeguard when the kids are swimming. He supports Pants in everything she does. And, every day he tells Pants that she can do anything! 6

This is Pants’ four-year-old sister, Matilda, and her two-year-old brother, Sneakers. They are both learning that they can do anything, too!


One day, Pants and Growlie were sitting in Pants’ family room working on puzzles together.


Pants’ mom and dad were sitting nearby in the kitchen helping Matilda and Sneakers practice their ABCs.


Pants had been thinking about a hungry man she and her dad had seen recently as they walked down the street. Pants and her friends were helping the hungry man by giving him food to eat each day for a year. She wondered, though, what he would do after the year was over. 10

“Mom?” she asked. “Yes, Pants,” answered her mom. Pants walked over to her mom and said, “I was just thinking about ways to make more money so that we can help feed that hungry man for more than one year.” “Great, Pants. What do you have in mind?” her mom asked. 11

“Well, I was thinking about these great pants you always make me with the nice colors and shapes. All the kids are always telling me how much they like them. A few girls have even asked me where they could go with their parents to buy some.� 12

“If you show me how to make them, Growlie and I could sell them to all the kids at school.” Sneakers jumped up. “Me want to help too, Pants.” “Me too, Pants. I’ll bet I can sell pants to everyone in my class,” said Matilda. 13

“Pants, you’ve come up with a great idea!” said her dad.


“You’ll need fabric for the pants, and that costs money. Where will you get the money?” asked her mom.


Pants thought about that for a moment. Then she had an idea. “What about the bank? I could get a loan from the bank.�


“The bank might not give a loan to an eight-year-old girl. Can you think of any other ideas?� asked her dad.


“I can do anything, Dad!” she said boldly.


Pants thought about that problem for a few more minutes. Then she came up with another idea.


“Growlie and I can bring all of the pants mom has already made for me to school to show the other kids. They can pick out which ones they want to buy and pay me in advance. Then we can use the money from the orders to buy the fabric to make new pants.� 20

Pants’ mom and dad thought that was such a great idea they began to clap. “Bravo, Pants!” they shouted. 21

Pants was so excited she could barely get to sleep that night. She and Growlie dreamed of pants all night long.


The next morning, Pants woke up early to write down her plan. Pants and Growlie would carry all of her most colorful pants to school to show the kids, take the orders, and collect the money. Then, Pants would go to the store with her dad to buy the fabric. Finally, she would go home to make the new pants with her mom.


Pants and her team took 50 orders for pants on the very first day.


By the end of the first month, almost every kid in school was wearing striped, checked, and multi-colored pants made by Pants and her mom.


Before long, Pants, Growlie, Sneakers, and Matilda were selling colorful pants all over town.


By the end of the year, Pants had dozens of kids working for her to make and sell their colorful, fun pants.


Pants made enough money to feed many, many hungry people. She even made enough money to buy some of them homes of their very own.


Pants can do anything! What can you do?


To read more books about a girl named Pants, or to download free coloring pages, please go to our website: 30

Pants Builds A Business  

The “A Girl Named Pants” series is about an eight-year-old girl named Pants who can do anything. In every book, Pants is faced with a probl...

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