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November 30, 2012 Volume 94, Issue 4

Distrupting the learning environment

Freshman William Petterson is not allowed to enter Mr. Clark’s classroom with an iPad because they have been banned from his French I class after becoming too mush of a distraction during class. Photo illustration by Chloe McGuire

By Alyssa Bump, Staff Writer The 1:1 initiative was put in place to provide technology to students to in and out of class in order to increase learning. However, many of the iPads that have been given to freshman are being used to check Facebook, play games and take pictures instead of working on assignments while in class French teacher, Christopher Clark, has completely banned the iPads from his French I classes stating that, “They were constantly on their iPads playing games,

getting on facebook, etc. So, instead of paying attention and learning, they were focused on their games and social sites. And when it came to the student’s response to his ban it was quite varied, “For the most part (not everyone and not always), since they no longer have their toys to play with, they pay attention and are starting to learn. For some of them, it was like taking whiskey away from an alcoholic—they got the shakes.” Clark said.

In response, freshman, Kate Austin said, “In most of the classes you have to have your iPad put up unless you’re told to take it out.” “Students often use the iPads for games or for social purposes rather than for assignments. Many of the freshmen teachers are limiting the students availability to the iPads when they are not directly being used for an assignment,” said Rhonda Collins, Freshman English teacher.

Altering ‘grad’ tradition Growing comfortable with tardies By Lindsay Wilson, Staff Writer

By Lindsay Wilson, Staff Writer

On May 18, 2013 seniors are going to be walking across the stage to accept their diplomas, although this graduation may be a little different due to the new arrangements. Graduation will occur on a Saturday instead of Sunday, and will be in the morning instead of the afternoon. Dr.Zumwalt, principal, of ACHS explained, “At the past two graduations, we have had two emergency

When Robert Onelio became assistant principal, he cracked the whip on the tardy policy. A majority of the students at ACHS have felt the sting of welts on their backs from being late to classes. When Onelio was asked how he based his tardy policy, his response was, “I base my tardy policy on what is in the school handbook set forth by USD#470.” Some students claim that

situations caused by excessive heat.” The senior class received a sheet of paper asking them to share their opinions on changing the date of graduation. “Two-thirds of them voted to move graduation to Saturday morning. The school board then approved the change,” Zumwalt stated. Whatever your opinion is, the changes to graduation must be accepted.

last year Onelio was a bit more strict on the students and maybe a little less so this year. “I haven’t changed the way I do tardies. I would say that this year students are used to me now, and it’s not as big of a shock when you go to ISS for tardy number six,” He said. Although it may not seem to others that he is as persistent as he was last year, Onelio explained, “Things happen everyday that dis-

rupt my rounds, but I try very hard to be consistent.” To the people saying that he isn’t as strict, remember Onelio still knows the rules of his game and isn’t backing down.



November 30, 2012 Volume 94, Issue 4

By Grant Urban, Editor-in-chief

trination has played a role in this fervor. Many Christians use the Bible (namely the book of Leviticus) not only to justify this prejudice, but to encourage it. What seems to slip the minds of these people is that Leviticus also preaches that shaving your face, wearing polyester (cloth woven of two materials) and eating shellfish are all sins. Yet no one is crusading to put Red Lobster out of business on account of their “family values.” What some apparently bearded, shellfish-shunning, strictly cottonwearing Americans seem to forget is that this country is a democracy, not a theocracy. Lawmakers like Pompeo, whose stock answer for the gay marriage question is “the Bible defines marriage as being between a man and a woman,” are ignoring the first amendment to the Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” If a lawmaker’s religion prevents him or her from performing his or her duty fairly, then he or she should think

about a different profession (or maybe a religion that doesn’t interfere with his or her ability to uphold the Constitution). Statistically, one in ten people is gay. There were gay people in the auditorium — myself included — when inequality was applauded. The fact that people were so enthusiastic about our oppression was really disheartening to me, and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who felt that way. So why, seniors who applauded Pompeo’s answer, do you so strongly believe that gays should not enjoy the same rights that you do? Do you feel that you are better than us? If we are going to pledge “liberty and justice for all” every morning, then there truly needs to be liberty and justice for all. When it comes to equality, America has historically taken its time to correct injustice. However, within the past hundred years we’ve seen advances in equal rights. We look back on issues like slavery, denial of

By Hunter Wickersham, Opinions Editor

During election cycles, our student body claims to be completely informed on political issues. They support some ideas while disagreeing with others. All of the support for their so-called favorite political candidate is great, but ACHS seems to have forgotten about the bigger picture. During the American Revolution, we rebelled against a monarchy to earn our freedom and we were proud when that liberty was won. Over the past decades however, patriotism to the United States has started to fade away. Our soldiers fight and protect every day to make sure that America can live without the fear of attack. They

risk their lives and them away to something for the common good because they choose to. Everyone knows this, but they fail to respect it, other than two days of the year, Veteran’s Day and the one day where Americans sit in their front yards and blow up firecrackers and wave flags to show support for their country. Students stand up during the Pledge of Allegiance, yet either out of pure laziness or just disrespect, choose not to open up their mouths and say the words we have been taught to recite since we were in Kindergarten. When we, the citizens of the United States of America say the Pledge, it should be to our own country as a

whole. We are all living in a society full of heroes, not just our military, but also the people who work hard in the community to make us proud and safe. The fact that we are all able to live freely and with hard work, able to get an education and a job of our choosing, unlike a lot of countries, should be enough to make everyone happy. Present and past generations worked hard just to get to where we are today and we could keep progressing if everyone would stand together and put ignorant, prejudiced opinions aside and realize that we are in an amazing country who deserves to be recognized.

women’s suffrage, and rampant racism (all of which were also justified by religion) with disgust. Now it is time to correct this civil injustice, and it is your decision: Will you be on the right or wrong side of history?



Last month, Republican representative Mike Pompeo visited ACHS to answer questions prepared by Mr. Truelove’s Government students. One student asked a question regarding gay marriage. Pompeo — unsurprisingly — expressed his belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. This statement was met with applause from a few of the seniors in the audience. As I said, I was not shocked by Pompeo’s answer; his is the opinion of the majority of Republicans who hold office today. He is also a privileged, straight, white male who has likely never encountered the discrimination that many minorities in this country have to face daily. What did shock me was the applause. I had no idea that the students of ACHS were so concerned with the gay rights movement. I’m a little curious, however, as to what could make someone feel so strongly that gay people don’t deserve the same rights as the rest of the country. It is likely that religious indoc-

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November 30, 2012 Volume 94, Issue 4


By Linsday Wilson, Staff Writer


By Chloe McGuire, Editor-in-Chief country, rock. These things we know will not change. Although a lot of other things have changed between these two decades, some of the famous singers in the 90s are around and still making hits. For example, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Britney Spears, and also Eminem. Things around us seem to evolve around us everyday. It is good to know we have music around us, even though the people are changing, it doesn’t mean the music is.

The ACHS fall musical Annie was an uplifting show with its catchy tunes and amusing dance routines. The stage was under new direction this year with English teacher Andrea Bethot and choir director Chance Gates, who proved to be effective leaders with the incredible finished product they delivered to hundreds of community members November 15–17. The most successful aspect of the show was the students’ abilities to

be the characters they musical. played, most notably Although, the entire junior Heidi Klaassen’s cast did a remarkable role of Miss Hannigan. job, the dynamic duo Her humorous reacdefinitely stole the tion to the orphans’ show as they presented mischief did not fail to their characters in a fun, go unnoticed by audirealistic way audience ence members laughing members could enjoy. hysterically. Let us not forget the role of Annie; a feisty redhead played by freshman Hannah Klaassen, sister to Heidi Klaassen. Her smile and happy-go-lucky attitude helped bring back the Hannah Klaassen plays memories of the 1982 Annie in the ACHS mumovie version of the sical Thursday night. Photo by Megan Haynes

Nirvana, Backstreet Boys, Madonna, MC Hammer and George Strait. Do these names ring a bell? Well, if you were around in the 90s, then these names filled your radios along with their songs. These are some of the most spoken names of the 90s in the music business. In the twenty-first century, all these names have changed, now they speak of Lady Gaga, Green Day, Maroon 5, Adele and Taylor Swift. Although the names have changed, they still have the same types of music, like rap,



4 Illustration courtesy of Grand Forks Herald/MCT



November 30, 2012 Volume 94, Issue 4

By Lindsay Wilson, Staff Writer On November 22, we are sending three dancers from Arkansas City to the Macy’s Day Parade in New York City, including senior Lauren Welch and juniors Kristen Boxman and Maddy Buckbee. “We will be leaving on Saturday, November 17 and arrive in New York City that afternoon” said Boxman. While they are in the Big Apple Lauren Welch explained, “We are going to be doing a lot of dancing with professional choreographers. We also have a chance to stay in Times Square, take a trip to the Statue of Liberty and see some Broadway shows.” Welch, Buckbee Boxman will dance for the televised Macy’s All of the girls said they are very excited Thanksgiving Day Parade. Photo by Kimberly Espino to go and they are lucky to have this experi

ence. “To be eligible for this experience you have to be 16 years or older,” said Welch. “Some other ways you can qualify for this is by belonging to the studio that gets asked every four years, and if you make the AllAmerican team at UDA dance camps.” The Macy’s Day Parade will be televised on Thanksgiving Day. When asked if they would be on an actual float, Buckbee said, “We are planning on walking through the parade and dancing in front of Macy’s.” The parade will start at 9 a.m. and end at noon. The girls will return the following day, on Friday, Nov 23, after visiting New York City for seven days.

By Alyssa Bump, Staff Writer

Aside from Thanksgiving and Black Fricause by dad had prostate cancer,” said Matt day, November has also become known as Kmiec, a teacher at ACHS. “He’s now fully the month everyone skips shaving. However, recovered from it.” a lot of people don’t know how this came to Others participate in No-Shave-November pass. for the fun of it. Seniors Austin Pond and No-Shave-November was originally called Jacob McAfee have participated since sopho“Movember” in reference to men growing more year. Pond thinks it’s cool to wear a their mustaches out. Beginning as cleanbeard, while McAfee explains, “I’m too lazy shaven, participants to shave.” He jokingly grow and groom their The reason I started adds, “It’s a great way to mustaches in fashstay in shape!” participating is beionable ways to raise awareSenior Kacy Ternes ness for men’s health issues, cause my dad had pros- enjoys the benefits of particularly prostate and saving time in the tate cancer. testicular cancer. All money morning and not goes towards the Prostate dulling his razors -Matt Kmiec Cancer Foundation or the as quickly. LIVESTRONG Foundation. Men aren’t the only participants, though. This sparked No-Shave-November, an Several girls also participate in the anti-shavalternative way to raise cancer awareness. ing frenzy by letting their leg hair grow out, One of the many effects of cancer is hair loss, though few are willing to admit it. which is acknowledged by participants growThe popularity of this charity event has ing their hair out. That person then donates spread worldwide and continues to grow with the money they save on hair removal to the more participants each year. According to the American Cancer Society. Movember website, they’re “changing the “The reason I started participating is beface of men’s health.”

Is he really Mr. Henderson, or Mr. Pink? That is the question. Since 1979, Mr. Henderson has been wearing pink every day. It all started when he got his first pair of pink pants from his mother after his brother only wore them once. After wearing pink everyday for 33 years you might guess that Henderson would be asked some pretty out there questions, which he most certainly has. He has been asked everything from “When will you get tired of wearing pink?” to “Are you gay?” to even “Do you sell Mary Kay?” Despite all bizzare questions that he has been asked, Henderson continues to wear pink every day simply because he loves the color pink and he leaves the house each day telling himself, “I look good in pink!” While in the Air Force, Henderson travelled to Canada, England, Belguim, Germany, and China; while in these countries Henderson found that they have many more pink clothing options for men than Kansas does. Other places that Henderson has found that have a men’s pink clothing include: Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri.

Photo by Kimberly Espino

By Chloe McGuire, Editor-in-Chief

November 30, 2012 Volume 93, Issue 4 By Ally Burr, Sports Editor How long have you been a pharmacist? 23 years. I started in 1989. What made you want to go into the pharmaceutical field? Originally, I majored in meteorology, but I was good at chemistry and my brother was already a pharmacist, so that influenced my change. What kind of schooling is involved with your profession? Two years of pre-pharmacy school, which is just covering the general topic, and four years of pharmacy school and gaining a doctorate in pharmacy. What’s your favorite part of your job? Interacting with the patients and getting to know the people I’m taking care of.



What all does your job entail? Communication with patients, drug therapy, drug interactions, dealing with insurance and for me since I have my own store, the business aspects and taking care of employees. What tips do you have for high schoolers wanting to become pharmacists? Prepare for the job by taking upper level science classes like chemistry 1 & 2. It’s very important to develop good study habits and time utilization because those are critical skills for the future when they go to college. They need to make sure they love it. Having patience and good communication as a pharmacist is extremely important. Daren Reese runs the local K & D Pharmacy with his wife Kechia.

Photo by Ally Burr

By Megan Haynes, Staff Writer Mr. Gates and Mr. Stinemetze have brought new technology to classrooms. These teachers videotape their classes then either put them online or “on a file that they can share with students” Mr. Gates finds this more conservative. Mr. Gates does not have them open for just anyone to see, where as Mr. Stinemetze has his “videos up on the school Gmail” to where anyone with a usd470 Gmail account can access the videos, his students simply type in the year, month, day-class-dstine to look up his specific videos.

Both teachers agree that the videos are helping their students from what they can tell, and hope it will also help them in the future. Mr. Gates even “provides [his] students with a missing assignments and reflective writing over the video” which helps them to understand what they missed even more. Some students opinions are that “they help if your gone, but its only a just in case thing. Sometimes they are hard to understand because you aren’t really there, it isn’t the same,” says Nicole

Cummings, junior. “They help sometimes with the lectures, though it’s hard to see the notes. The uploading times are also quite long. Another thing is that you can’t ask questions right there,” says Star LoNero, sophomore. Missing days can be very crucial in High School. Everyday you learn something new in most classes, that you can’t fully understand the lessons by looking at a classmate’s notes from that day. That’s where the videos help the students.

Chance Gates, choir director, and David where only someone with a usd#470 Google Stinemetze, chemistry teacher, have brought account can access the videos. new technology to classBoth teachers agree rooms. These teachers that the videos are helping videotape their classes their students and hope it then either put them online will also help them in the or on “a file that they can future. Gates even “proshare with students” Mr. vides [his] students with a Gates says he finds this missing assignments and more confidential. Mr. reflective writing over the Gates does not have them video,” which helps them open for just anyone to to understand what they see, whereas Mr. Stinememissed even more. tze has his “videos up “They help if you’re Photo by Megan Haynes on the school Gmail” to gone, but it’s only a just-in-

case thing. Sometimes they are hard to understand because you aren’t really there, it isn’t the same,” said Nicole Cummings, junior. “They help sometimes with the lectures, though it’s hard to see the notes. The uploading times are also quite long. Another thing is that you can’t ask questions right there,” says Star LoNero, sophomore. Missing days can be very conflicting in High School. Everyday you learn something new in most classes. The videos can help the absent students stay up to speed with the class. This will not cause any damage to the student’s grades.

By Megan Haynes, Staff Writer



By Holli Gill, Photojournalist Doing the 5 Health Related Parts of Fitness such as: - Cardio - Flexibility - Muscular Strength - Muscular Endurance - B.M.I. (Body Mass Index) Lifting weights 3 – 4 times a week Eating a healthy diet and cutting out sugars such as candy, cake or any other type of dessert. A fun option could be trying Zumba. It’s always good to find a family member or friend to go work out with or join a class that way you will enjoy it and be consistent with your work outs.

Ms. Hager has taught P.E. at ACHS for 30 years. Photo by Holli Gill

November 30, 2012 Volume 94, Issue 4

By Heather Utt, Entertainment Editor Cheerleading has evolved over the past twenty years from being an activity in which members were selected based on their popularity, to one that now claims talent as athletes and athleticism as a school sport in the school. Every cheerleader gets fired up when someone tries to argue with them that cheerleading is not a sport. Whether it’s a football player in one of your classes, or a friend who doesn’t understand why you’re not involved in something else, Atalissa “more athletic.” Roberts There are cheers on several definitions the freshfor sport. One of man squad. the main ones is a Photo by physical activity Megan which involves Haynes.

propelling a mass through space or overcoming the resistance of a mass and contesting or competing against or with an opponent. Some people believe cheerleading has zero athleticism. Today, cheerleading involves skills Freshmen Atalwhich require issa Roberts the strength of and Stephanie football, the Schulte form a grace of dance thigh-stand. Photo by and the agility Megan Haynes of gymnastics. It includes jumps, partner stunts, pyramids and tumbling. Cheer is officially a contact sport.

By Ally Burr, Sports Editor Becoming a freshman in high school is a rite of passage and a start of the final school years in a person’s life. With this in mind, the ACHS cheer coach is having freshmen athletes wait a year before being varsity. This is head coach Blythe Colquhoun’s first year coaching cheer here at ACHS. Her decision to not allow freshmen on the varsity squad included multiple reasons. According to Colquhoun, a varsity cheerleader cheers at three to four events a week along with practice. “Cheer requires a huge time commitment. It is important for freshmen to experience a year to cheer at home events only to learn how to manage homework, cheer and other activities they are involved

in,” said Colquhoun. Others are opposed to Colquhoun’s decision to give freshmen cheerleaders a year to adjust. “It doesn’t matter grade level. It depends on skill level,” said senior cheerleader Emily Hollister. Coach Colquhoun also mentioned that maturity level and the ability to drive also play into the reasons behind freshmen not being on varsity. Athletic Director Aaron Bucher said, “It’s a coach’s preference.” “We certainly appreciate all girls wanting to be a member of our varsity squad and hope this is a reality for all those who will put in the time and effort needed to earn a spot on that squad,” Colquhoun concluded.


November 30, 2012 Volume 94, Issue 4 By Wes Bradford, Photojournalist

Eighth time is the charm, which is guard Joe Johnson acquired from a the case for the relocated New Jersey trade deal with Atlanta, there’s also Nets, now in Brooklyn, N.Y. 7”0 center Brook Lopez and rookie The Nets have been hopeful Tyshawn Taylor from in the NBA Kansas. since 1967 The Brooklyn Nets and have had will rest at the new eight different Barclay Center on homes. the corner of Atlantic Originally, they Ave and Flatbush were the New Ave in Brooklyn, York Nets and which seats roughly were dubbed the 18,000 spectators. New Jersey Nets, Brooklyn so far is after being moved having a good start to to the Prudential their first season after Center in Newark, New relocation with an overall Jersey. record of 8-4 on a five game The team will have similar winning streak. faces among them, with Derrick Williams re-signing with a $100 million deal also with all-star Clipart courtesy of

By Heather Utt, Entertainment Editor For years, Lance Armstrong carried a growing burden of doping accusations through his career of cycling. Then his reputation crashed. In one day, the renowned cyclist and cancer survivor lost a major endorsement deal with Nike, once worth millions of dollars, and the chairmanship of the cancer charity he founded 15 years ago. There were many rumors of the drug abuse so the anti-doping association tested Armstrong. While stepping down as chairman of Livestrong was Armstrong’s idea, losing Nike’s support

wasn’t. Nike, which initially stood by Armstrong, dropped him with a stern statement citing what it called “seemingly overlooked evidence” that he participated in doping. The American Cancer Society, which has had a long relationship with Armstrong, said they would only continue to collaborate with Livestrong. The seven-time Tour de France winner has consistently denied the claims, and tons of fans and corporate supporters have backed him up until now. Armstrong experienced a huge downfall in his cycling career.

By Holli Gill, Photojournalist


ACHS Athletes

After students graduate, people often wonder where they go and what they’ve moved on to. Pole-vaulter Josh Phillips graduated from ACHS in 2010. After graduating Phillips went to Cowley County Community College for two years pole-vaulting for his father Mark Phillips, the head Josh Phillips currently pole-vaults at Pittsburgh coach of the track State University. Photo courtesy of Matt Kmiec. and field team. During his and abs and in the afternoon, freshmen year, she has another practice for Phillips placed eighth at the about 2-3 hours Monday through indoor nationals, also during Thursday. his sophomore year he won the Turner said, “It’s a lot of regional/conference. Phillips practice but it’s going to be also broke the indoor Cowley worth it in January when the record at 16’2 and 3/4”. season actually starts.” He later then broke the outdoor record with a 16’6” and placed 6th at outdoor nationals. After Phillips graduated from Cowley, he went to Pittsburgh State University where he still pole-vaulting and preparing for the upcoming season. Ericka Turner graduated from ACHS last year the summer of 2012. Since Turner left ACHS she has been attending Cowley on a High Ericka Turner participates in the high jump competition. Photo courtesy of Mike Jump Scholarship. Lately Ericka has Beauchamp. had 6 a.m. weights



November 30, 2012 Volume 94, Issue 4

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