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UTHAKASHANTHI For the purification of the mind and body and the protection of the child all the deities are invoked in water through the chanting of the manthras and this water is poured over the child, during the Uthakashanthi.

Sri Rasthu

II Sri Bhoo Neela Sametha Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Parabrahmane Namaha II II Srimathe Ramanujaya Namaha II "Lakshmi chaaru kucha dwandva kumkumankitha vakshase, Namo Nrusimha naathaaya sarva mangala moorthaye"

Smt. Padmashree Narasimhan & Sri. H.R. Narasimhan # 74/ 30/ 1, "MAALOL,A;', 2nd Cross, Gavipuram Extension, Masti Venkatesha Iyengar Road, BENGALURU-560 019

Request the pleasure of your company with family and friends to grace the auspicious occasion of the UPANAYANA BRAHMOPADESHAM of my elder son

Chi. THEJAS NARASIMHAN (Grandson of Smt. Rukminamma Ramakrishna Iyengar, Honganur)

On Friday 22nd April 2011 Muhurtham: 12.00 to 12.30 PM (Karkaataka Lagnam)

At "PARIMALA KALYANA MANTAPA'' 4th 'T' Block, Next to Raghavendra Seva Samithi, Jayanagar Bengaluru-560 041 With Best Wishes from: Near & Dear

NANTHIMUKHA CEREMONY A ceremony performed to obtain the blessings of the ancestors of the family before the festive occasion of the Upanayanam.

YAGNOPAVEETHADHAARANAM The father places the sacred thread across the child's left shoulder under the advice of Guru. The sacred thread consists of three strands symbolising. Three debts Pithru runa (Ankstar) Deva runa (God) and Rishi runa(Teachers). Next Moonji a girdle made out of Munja grass is tied around the waist of the child. This is to protect his purity and to keep evils away.

AAJYABHAAGAANTHAOMAM By praying to the God of Fire, Agni, the child is blessed with long life, intellect, courage etc.,

BRAHMOPADESAM The Gayathri Manthra is the Supreme Manthra that protects those who recite it. The boy's father becomes his guru and whispers into his ears this powerful "Gayathri Manthra" BHIKSHA KARANAM


The boy symbolically asks for alms of rice from his mother & other women. Bhikshakaranam was done to make one humbl e & control the ego. It enables the you ng va ttu to control the senses which is absolutely essential for receiving vedic 路 knowledge.

After Upanayanam the boy seeks the blessings of all the e lders present by sa luting them on their feet with Sashtaanga Namaskaram. After Namaskaram, the child introduction himself by rishi, parampara , go thram , suthram & name step by step. The first person choosen for abivathanam is ones own mothert One who has introduced into the world.

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