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Inspiration is the biggest myth among artists. Waiting for it seems like waiting for the Godo*. If the usual methods of getting happiness don’t work anymore, you need to take a break and smoke weed in KOPI`s yard sitting in the grocery basket, which was stolen in the nearby market.

* Waiting for Godo is a play by Samuel Beckett, in which two characters wait for the arrival of someone named Godo, but he never arrives.

Squat KOPI – a mix of ideas, cultures, and visions. KOPI is a constant demonstration of freedom. Here you can hear voices of a hundred individuals, so be ready to understand or just to accept them. Forget about prejudices!

The system is a nightmare for artists. However, you can still be a part of the system: every Sunday you can go to a church, deny the existence of homosexuals or doubt the value of postmodernism. If you are not comfortable with living in this routine, there’s also the option to start a revolution, quit university, job, heterosexual relationship or anything else and try to find the alternative way of living. Nevertheless, there will be no plateau to feel safe. There will be no schemes or instructions on how to live your life.

Our desires give birth to suffering. If there ain’t no desires, the pain gonna disappear. Does it make sense for someone who’s not a Buddhist? And what if suffering is the meaning of life and your desire at the same time? Finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with someone, is romantic af. But how can you understand that this is exactly what you need to fulfill your personality?

Spending from one night to two weeks in a cave or in a teepee is a good example of an adventurous vacation. But how about staying like that for years?

Water I am, Fire I am, Wind I am and Earth I am. You should spend lots of time finding the balance between thoughts and actions. This can even take your entire lifetime.

Viktoriia IZOTOVA

Everything in the world has its beginning and the end. Remark wrote: «Dependence on the case makes us indifferent». What if nothing depends on our wordsdecisions-actions? Just don’t give a damn about the dirty hair, about vomited and tattered sweater, about hepatitis, gonorrhea and tuberculosis. Don’t give a shit about everything. Simply enjoy your life, get turnt! It seems as though people are living in Teepee Land. Who knows, maybe this is just a bunch of BS. But Teepee Land is a kennel of capitalism. In any case, just don’t care about everything! Berlin was built to live the way you want to. YOLO.

Just 3 words – KOPI & Teepee Land  
Just 3 words – KOPI & Teepee Land