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Fan - Chun - Hua

農曆12/29或12/30為台灣俗稱的「二九暝」或「三十暝」,統稱「除夕夜」,亦即 過年的起始。在當日,遠赴他鄉的遊子,都會回到自己的家鄉與家人共度新年。    「春飯」亦稱「隔年飯」,也就是在盛有飯的小碗中插上春字的剪紙或紙花,通常 要在神佛前各供三碗,在灶神前僅供一碗,這種插在春飯上的剪紙、紙花,就稱之 為「飯春花」,取「春」的台語諧音「剩」,意即「歲歲有餘糧、年年食不盡」, 希望一年之中能有吃不完的餘糧。

Lunar 12 / 29 or 12 / 30 for the Taiwan - called " twenty - nine - Dusk " or " 30 th Dusk " , collectively referred to as the Chinese New Year ' s Eve , that is the Chinese New Year starting 29. Thirty of the other end, as the lunar month size in the day , wandering far from his home unless a last resort, will return to their hometown to spend New Year with his family. “ The spring rice ” , also known as “ every festive dinner ” , that is , in a small bowl filled with rice plug “ Chun ” spring word paper - cut paper flowers, usually to the deities before each for three bowls.


The Fortunate Tea

以台灣傳統飯春花文化之意象,結合中國民間祈求祝福之總和的 「五福」,描繪出以福、祿、壽、喜、財作為分類的 25 種吉祥 春花圖案,巧妙繪製人物、走獸、花鳥為題材的圖案,創造出圖 形與寓意完美結合的春花茶系列,傳達五福臨門的熱鬧及春節所 帶有的氛圍。    將台灣的茶與米相搭配,並將茶包與攪拌棒作結合,讓立於杯中 的春花茶包,猶如飯春花立在飯碗之中,祈求吉祥、平安。讓使 用者在享受春花茶時,可感受到被祝福的美好滋味。

The Fortunate Tea, used elements of the traditional Taiwanese culture –– Fan Chun Hua, combined with “ Wu Fu ” ( Five Blessing ), a combination of the blessing sum of the Chinese folk culture . By each of “ Fu ” , ” Lu ” , ” Shou ” , ” Hee ” , ” Choi ” ( Longevity , Wealth , Health , Love of virtue , Natural death ), depicted as a classificat - ion for 25 propitious “ Chun - Hua ” patterns. The 5 topics including 25 graphics of gods, animals, flowers, and birds. Creating a happy and buzzing atmosphere of five blessing and Chinese New Year. Matching Taiwanese tea with rice, and associated the tea bags with wooden stirring rods, “ Chun Hua ” tea bag will stand in the cup, like “ Fan Chun Hua ” standing in the rice bowl, pray for good luck and peace. When users enjoy The Fortunate Tea, they can feel the well blessed taste.

The Fortunate Tea -1-

茶包單一包裝 Single package - tea bags

外盒設計五款象徵圖案作為分類,內盒以五種顏色做為系列區別,每小 盒皆內含五款茶包。小包裝展開後,可看見春花茶包猶如傳統飯春花插 於碗中的吉祥意象,並附贈 DM 介紹茶包設計及圖案說明。 Carton designed five symbolic patterns


a classification inside the box as

a series in five color , are in a locket containing five tea bags .

After the

commencement of a small package,you can see the tea bags with their own images as if the the traditional Fan- Chun- Hua plug in a bowl,with a DM introduction of tea bag design and pictorial instructions.

The Fortunate Tea -2-

茶包禮盒包裝 Collective package - tea bags

內含 2 5 款春花茶包,以孔雀開屏的意象呈現年節的熱鬧氣 氛;並附贈精緻小冊,介紹飯春花的文化內涵和春花茶的飲 用方式,以系列分類,呈現春花圖案之詳細說明。 Containing 25 fortunate tea bags,with peacock imagery showing the festive atmosphere of the New Year. With the elaborate brouchure , the cultural connotation and a drinking

practice of the fortunate

tea . Five series classification ,presented a detailed description of Chun - Hua patterns.

The Fortunate Tea -3-

茶杯包裝 Tea cups package

以福、祿、壽、喜、財做為分類,設計五款吉祥圖案,與春花茶包的品牌形象做為呼應。開盒後可見到與包裝一體成形的 dm 介紹及特色瓷杯。 Classifiled with“Fu","Lu","Shou","Hee"," Choi "( Longevity , Wealth , Health , Love of virtue , Natural death ). Design the five blessing patterns, with the brand image of the fortunate tea. The integrally molded introduction packaging ,and a elegant porcelain cup can be seen after user open the box.

The Fortunate Tea -4-

整體呈現 Expression

The Fortunate Tea -5-