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300-year-old Iroko tree kills 21 in Imo

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My Pikin: Two employees z jailed 28 years z z z

‘‘II rape old ld women because young girls are difficult’


•Convict collapses


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Saturday, May 18, 2013

State of Emergency

Hundreds of terrorists killed in air raids P. 6

•Sect attacks fighter jet •FG summons diplomats •3 soldiers, 4 terrorists killed in Daura clash •Northern governors’ wives warn against rights violation •Boko Haram may face war crimes charges –UN

Lagos employs 70 female truck drivers

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Acting National President, Police Officers’ Wives Association (POWA), Hajiya Bilkisu Fakai, carrying the baby of a slain policeman during the presentation of cash and food items to the widows of slain policemen in Lafia, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Rivers crisis: Opposition parties back Amaechi

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•Police to quiz Speaker, Chief of Staff

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‘I rape old women because young girls are difficult’

300-year-old Iroko tree kills 21 in Imo



Saturday Mirror

May 18, 2013

•Mad woman warned community about calamity few hours earlier

Is being old and retired a death sentence? P.38 – 95-yrold senior citizen asks President Jonathan

A different kind of prophet P.33 CHRIS NJOKU OWERRI

T Kidnap kingpins meet waterloo


Dead man ‘resurrects’ at own funeral P.34 Seven-year-old recommends chocolate bullets to Americans P.26

Pastor kidnaps, defiles General Overseer’s 13-yr-old daughter P.51 Women are better off without bras –Study P.25

here was weeping and wailing yesterday in Umudagwu Mberi in Mbatoili Local Government Area of Imo State when a strong wind, which was accompanied by thunder and lightning, uprooted an ancient Iroko tree. The 300-year-old tree then fell on and crushed more than 21 people who were buying and selling under it. Many people are believed to have been buried under the tree as more bodies are being excavated from the site of the tragedy, which is a stone thrown from the home of the former Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in Imo State, Chief Marcellus Nlemigbo. Bodies recovered from the rubble of the fallen tree include elderly women, men and children, some of whom were at the evening market, known as Ukwu Uku Market, to either transact business or assist their relations to pack their goods, mainly food stuff, as it was about to rain.

The bodies of an Okada rider known as Agada Ogwu and his wife, whom he came to assist to take her goods home, were recovered from beneath the ground. The tragedy occurred about 7.50pm on Thursday. Eye-witnesses told Saturday Mirror that the heavy wind followed by rain and thunder forcefully brought down the old tree. It was also gathered that only on Wednesday, a mad woman warned people to stop doing business under the tree as something bad was about to happen there. “When it happened, there was a deafening bang that sent people running helter skelter for their lives. Within a second, the tree had fallen on the traders who were trying to escape,” Ugochukwu Longinus, a resident of the community said. According to Longinus, “There was no caterpillar or crane to pull the tree up to rescue some of the people who at the time were still alive. Some dead bodies were brought out this morning and more people are still buried under the tree. The youths of the community made frantic efforts to

rescue some people but such efforts were limited as they could not pull any of the branches of the tree. Another witness told our correspondent that it was much later that a man who owns a chain saw machine was called in to cut some of the branches that fell on top of some people. Another resident, Amarachi Obunaonye, said “I saw the tree falling and shouted Chineke e. The people were confused and started running in different directions, but many ran towards the direction where the tree fell.” Speaking on the tragedy, former PDP Chairman Marcellus Nlemigbo, who fought back tears, said “I was just returning when I heard the bang and immediately people started crying. We were helpless because there were no tools to rescue the trapped victims. “All efforts made in the past to cut down the tree were resisted by the elders who saw it as a symbol of the community. The community is known by the tree which has lived for more than 300 years.” A reliable source, however, told our correspondent that earlier attempts to cut down the tree claimed the lives of those who were hired to do so. “The tree had decayed but the indigenes were afraid to cut it down because it was believed to be an evil tree. In 1992, the two people who were hired to cut down the tree died. Since then, people started being afraid of the tree.” Meanwhile the recovered bodies have been deposited at the Federal Medical Centre, Owerri and Aladima Hospital, also in Owerri. A woman, while being rescued from the rubble of the fallen tree, had one of her legs chopped off by the chain saw which was being used to pull her out.

Explosions, gunshots rock Buhari’s hometown JAMES DANJUMA


ntermittent explosions and gunshots rocked the ancient city of Daura Thursday night as attackers, suspected to be Boko Haram insurgents, unleashed mayhem on people and infra-

structure. The armed men numbering about 30 were said to have divided themselves into three groups and attacked private homes, four commercial banks- Keystone, Access, Unity and First Bank, the Daura Motel, and two police stations.

Daura, which has an ancient and famous history, is the hometown of former military head of state and Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, presidential aspirant, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.). According to residents of the ancient town, the attackers operated without fear, using Improvised Explosive Devices, IEDs, on the commercial banks. They broke into the banks and carted away undisclosed amounts of money. One of the police stations was completely destroyed while the other was partially burnt down. About three people were said to have lost their lives during the operation. Witnesses said the attackers freed detainees at the two police stations and prison facility at the council area before throwing the IEDs that wrecked havoc on the stations. CONTINUED ON PAGE 54

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013

Saturday Starter

The drums of war are thundering. The gladiators have shut their senses tight, as they gyrate to the beats. MEND, Boko Haram, Ombatse, ex-militants etc. Exactly what do they want? K AYODE FALADE


or political watchers, the current unease which permeates practically all parts of the country did not just begin yesterday. Just on Tuesday, President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in Adamawa, Yobe and Borno states – a culmination of months, if not years, of terror unleashed on those places by the Boko-Haram sect and its splinter groups. Prior to the declaration, the Federal Government had extended an olive branch to the sect, offering its members amnesty if they would lay down their arms. Though the Federal Government’s move drew a lot of knocks, it persisted and even raised a panel to oversee the implementation of the amnesty: the Presidential Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in the North, headed by Mr. Kabiru Turaki (SAN). When the sect finally reacted officially, it rejected the gesture of the government. Days after this, there began serious, long and bloody engagements with the Joint Task Force, a combined military team overseeing the security of the areas in which the sect’s activities are more pronounced. An engagement with security forces at Baga, Bornu State left no fewer than 185 people dead and 55 in Bama a few days after. These were exclusive of other killings in other confrontations with security agents and massacre of innocent civilians, abduction of women and children and bombing of religious places especially churches. According to a group, no fewer than 4,000 lives have been lost to the Boko Haram crisis since it began.

Coming down south, sometime in April, no fewer than 12 policemen were killed in Bayelsa State, the home state of President Jonathan. They were attacked at Lobia 11 narrow waterway. A group, which called itself ex-militants, claimed responsibility. That was well after the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta, MEND, had initially claimed responsibility. Weeks after, MEND through its spokesman, Gbomo Jomo, threatened to take up arms again. This time around, the group which had accepted Federal government’s amnesty said it would take up arms to protect Christians who have always been the target of the BokoHaram group. MEND said that starting from 31 May, 2013; it would commence the bombings of mosques, Islamic clerics and monuments in retaliation of Boko Haram’s killings of Christians. While the main MEND dissociated itself from the statement, others condemned it. Some praised it, while yet some others warned that the threat should not be totally ignored. As if these were not enough, in a startling remark to U.S. officials in Washington late last month, the Special Adviser to the president on Niger Delta, and Chairman, Presidential Amnesty Programme, Presidential aide, Kingsley Kuku warned of “dire consequences” in the oil rich Niger Delta should President Jonathan fail to secure a fresh term in 2015. Kuku, who was speaking at a session with officials of the U.S. State Department led by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (Bureau of African Affairs), Donald Teitelbaum, told the gathering that only Jonathan could guarantee peace in the restive region and hence, the compelling need to persuade him to seek re-election in

2015. “It is true that the presidential amnesty programme has engendered peace, safety and security in the sensitive and strategic Niger Delta. Permit me to add that the peace that currently prevails in the zone is largely because Dr Goodluck Jonathan, who is from that same place, is the President of Nigeria. That is the truth. “However, if we allow anything to hurt the peace in the Niger Delta, Nigeria’s economy will be endangered and energy security in Nigeria and even America will not be guaranteed. The attention and interest of the U.S. in Nigeria must remain the stability of the Niger Delta and the easiest way to ensure this is to encourage President Jonathan to complete an eight-year term,” he was quoted. This was followed later by leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, NDPVF, Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo Asari, who also said that: “There will be no peace, not only in the Niger Delta, but everywhere if Jonathan is not president by 2015, except God takes his life, which we don’t pray for. ... We must have our uninterrupted eight years of two terms. I am not in support of any amendment of the constitution that will reduce the eight years of two tenures that Goodluck Jonathan is expected to be President of Nigeria.” As the debate on the eligibility of President Goodluck Jonathan to contest the 2015 presidential election continues to heat up the polity, two northern leaders have warned that the crisis the re-election bid will cause is capable of breaking up the country. As a result, they want President Jonathan to apply caution and remain committed to his publicly declared campaign promise not to contest the next election in his interest and that CONTINUED ON PAGE 4


May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter ‘We must not allow Nigeria to disintegrate’ – Babatope Chief Ebenezer Babatope, former Minister of Transportation in this interview with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE urged Nigerians to stop making explosive statements and commit themselves to solving the various problems facing the country to prevent disintegration. Excerpts:


ow do you see to the exchange of words between the Northerners and Southerners based on the statement of Niger-Delta militant, Alhaji Asari Dokubo and others? I want to appeal to them to stop their unguarded statements. As regards Asari Dokubo, we should not over heat the system by whatever he has said. There was a time in the history of this country in this civilian administration when Dokubo started attacking Papa Obefemi Awolowo for no reason. Papa Awolowo had died years ago, Dokubo started harassing and attacking Papa Awolowo’s image but of course I must say we had to give it to him and Gani Adams and Dr. Fredericks Fasehun of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) gave it back to him. So he stopped and quickly corrected himself. Dokubo is a young man, so we can still correct him. And for those who are reacting in the Northern states, I want to appeal to them about the kind of reactions they are giving? So many explo-

sives statements have been made that should not have been made. Let us stop all these explosive statements and focus on the fact that we have crises and problems and we must commit ourselves to solving the problems. Do you have any fear for 2015 considering the current state of insecurity in the country vis-à-vis the various explosive statements? There would be no war by the grace of God. Honestly, I am so much taking by the fact that in Nigeria today there are so many Christians and Muslims. If you come to the Southern states you have so many Pentecostal and Orthodox churches and when you go to the North you have many serious minded Muslim organisations. So, we must commit our religious belief into the fact that we must have a belief in God, in Allah the Merciful and we have a belief in the fact that Nigeria must not break and Nigeria will never break. We know that we have problems and we are saying we must stop these problems. Everybody must join govern-

ment in solving these problems. We must not add to the problems and therefore all these questions of statement making for war in 2015 are kind of statements that can be pushed aside by Nigerians and those who are making them. Let us all know that Nigeria is greater than all of us. Let us know that it took pains of our fathers to create Nigeria; to get Nigeria out of the gambling house of the British colonialism and therefore we must not allow that nation called Nigeria to disintegrate. Prior to the 2011 general elections, some Northern leaders threatened to make the country ungovernable for President Goodluck Jonathan if he won and since, there have been several crises in the land, especially in the north… I have never attached any importance to that statement. They are mere political statements. But there have been serious crises

in North since then… It is just by coincidence that those things happened. I want to appeal to my Northern colleagues, the politicians, that they should help us do more to help us reach out to the Boko Haram people and solve the problem. No matter what you say, we now do rotational system in Nigeria and there is no time the North will not come back to power. But let them appeal to Boko Haram and other militant organisations in the North that it is better for all of us to invest in the unity of Nigeria. The statements made by some Northern leaders prior to the 2011 elections were purely political.

‘It does not augur well for unity of Nigeria’ – Ikedife Dr. Dozie Ikedife, the former President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and chairman of Anambra State Council of Elders spoke with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE. Excerpts:


hat is your take on the exchange of words and threats between some Northerners and Southerners if a particular geo-political zone is not allowed to produce the President in 2015? All I will say is that the threats do

not augur well for the unity of this country. People must know that nobody is above God. The country belongs to all of us. However, I regard all these as wrangling in the deserts by almost irresponsible people because these kinds of statements are inflammatory. There are two divergent opposing views. People who are saying it should have their heads examined. If on the other hand they are all praying that the country be disintegrated then let us not do it on the battle field. Let us do it around the table and discuss like civilized men. We from this side (South-East) saw war and we know that war is not good to the fighters. Let us not beat the drums of war again because it is an ill wind that blows nobody any good. Let us rather talk about

Drums of war CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 of the nation. The north never took this lying low; it came out firing from the hips. In its reaction, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary Anthony Sani, said it was not correct for the media to ask the forum to react to Dokubo’s vituperations against the north on issues of national importance, given his pedigree as a person. “Alhaji Dokubo’s views on politics of 2015 and 2019 reek of ethnic nationalism devoid of democracy as a healthy contest of ideas and reasons. It is too early to forget that it was the leaders of Ijaws in the run up to 2011 who said if President Jonathan was not returned as president in

how to reconcile and come together to discuss as brothers or associates if not even friends. We have to discuss because this marriage called Nigeria is not marriage made in heaven. Divorce is so common now and if we want to divorce, we don’t have to kill ourselves before we divorce. We want to continue living after we go our separate ways and we should do it without bitterness and rancour. So those people whether they want Nigeria to unite as one country or they want it divided into four independent countries, let us do it in a civilized manner; round a table rather than on a battle field. With the threatening statements from divergent opposition views, do you have any fear for 2015 and for the

2011, there would be no more Nigeria. “Such statements smack of politics of threat and intimidation. Kingsley Kuku has said that much recently about politics of 2015 that there would be no peace if Nigeria did not return President Jonathan in 2015, as if there is peace in any part of Nigeria now. Surely, that amounts to redefining democracy.” Former governor of defunct North-Western State Alhaji Usman Faurk said the militant leader is deceiving himself with the threat. “There is no danger in Dokubo’s threat, he is only deceiving himself. History will repeat itself should anybody try to put the country on fire. Tell him to go and read about Biafra or civil war and see how the war was fought. He has made the greatest mistake by uttering that word,” he said.

future of the country? If people mean what they are saying and they are not ready to shift then it is a sign of goodbye to the country. And then we would be falling to the predictions of those people who said that there would be no Nigeria after 2015. I think we are playing into their hands or maybe those people are like Nostradamus, the man who saw tomorrow. Maybe it is going to happen, I don’t know. There are pundits who can read the barometer better than myself and who can better tell are we seeing the sign of final demise of the place called Nigeria or are we seeing the beginning of stronger unity that will give Nigeria a proper democracy that is free of corruption; where lives and properties are save and everybody is a happy a Nigerian.

Controversial National Vice Chairman of the proNorth socio-political organization, Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, Senator Joseph Kennedy Waku, said, “President Jonathan should not even contemplate making any move to contest the 2015 election because such will be dishonourable, immoral, satanic and catastrophic.” Seventy nine years old former governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Lawal Kaita warned the president not to venture into the 2015 race. “All I want to say is: I will advise him (Jonathan) not to contest,” he declared. The threats and counter threats have continued with only a few voices sounding low decibel warning against unnecessarily heating up the polity. Whichever way it is seen, the drum beats of war are being sounded no matter how faintly they seem to sound.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013

Saturday Starter ‘We should go beyond sectionalism’ – Sagay Professor Itse Sagay is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and a renowned constitutional lawyer. He spoke with THOMAS USHIE. Excerpts:


hat is your take on AsariDokubo’s stand on 2015 presidential election and the reactions generated so far? I think Asari Dokubo’s statement is inflammatory but he is not the initiator of the statement. He merely repeated

Bamidle Aturu is a Lagos lawyer and human rights activist. He spoke with THOMAS USHIE.


hat is the socio-political and legal implication of the statements credited to Asari-Dokubo and others concerning 2015 presidential election, among others, that if Jonathan is not voted in as president, Nigeria would become history? I think that it is just a reckless statement made by some people who have made themselves war lords to intimidate Nigerians. When you talk about democracy, it is not by threat. Democracy does not thrive in threat. If that is democracy, then election is meaningless because you cannot say that you want to conduct election and the same time pursue a particular agenda that must be achieved with regards to the election, without respect

some familiar lines produced by Arewa in 2009. So, Asari replied them in the language that they are conversant with. I am therefore surprised that they are reacting angrily. They only got a dose of what they have been giving. However, we ought to be matured by now into a polity and society in which we choose leaders by their performance, records, the principles and ideologies they espouse, the programmes that they have, their achievements, integrity in private and public life and their commitment to service delivery, regardless of where they come from. We should now put parochial sentiments behind us in order to develop the country. We should go beyond sectionalism and base our political agitations on performance and capacity to build, guarantee and ensure good

governance. When the polity thrives on ethnic sentiments, it is a sign of underdevelopment. Are there limitations to the freedom of speech and expression as guaranteed by the Constitution in the light of seemingly provocative statements being issued by different politicians and ethnic jingoists? Freedom of expression is obviously qualified. It can get to a stage when expression or speech becomes inciting and could lead to the breach of the peace because of the choice of words. It can get to a stage that one has to be restrained in the sense that security agencies can question one’s choice of words and could be charged to court. Nevertheless, that particular aspect of our law

has been rendered inoperative since independence. It was the British colonialists who were using it to curb our political aspirations but the court in modern time has said that that particular type of qualifications of restraint on people from expressing themselves politically is a colonial hangover and should no longer continue. So, yes, it is there technically but it is no longer in vogue and the judiciary themselves, and to a great extent, the public generally, have seen that it is colonial and that we should be able to carry on in modern times without resorting to suppressing public views. So, that raises a major issue but we should restrain ourselves since the state is hardly going to suppress us. We should restrain ourselves as a sign of our own maturity.

‘Democracy is not by threat’ – Aturu for the people’s choice in the election. That is not democracy. That statement is autocratic. It shows that our democracy is yet to mature. Ordinarily, I expect the President to caution whoever made such statements. An elected President is the number one person in the country and should be the champion of democracy. Do you think that a citizen can be prosecuted for making statements considered to be provocative and inflammatory? I think that it is just a comment they have made. And since they have not carried out any act of criminality in line with the comment, I don’t think that they should be arrested, for now, unless security agencies can trace any untoward plans to them. This is democracy. People can make any comment, even if I don’t

agree with it. And certainly, I don’t, because I see it as reckless and not healthy for our democracy. However, they have not committed any crime in the sense that they have not carried out any action to truncate the system. But what do you think is the implication of such statements and effects on the country in general? In a democracy, we should exercise our freedom of expression but we must try to be wise about it. We must not unnecessarily overheat the system. So, those who are reacting to Asari-Dokubo and others’ statements should also be guided. They should not overreact. They must also know that he has the right to say whatever he wants to say even if they do not agree with it. We should allow people to express their opinions. That is part of

the burdens of democracy. What is important is that nobody should commit any crime against the state or the people.

‘Drums of war are unnecessary’ – Okei-Odumakin Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin is the President of Campaign for Democracy (CD) and Women Arise for Change Initiative. She spoke with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE. Excerpts.


hat is your take on the drums of war being beaten by some people ahead of

2015? It is really power play and political power. All these exchange of words and drums of war honestly are not necessary because as I speak today there is no one that cannot contest constitutionally as the President of the Federal Repub-

lic of Nigeria. It is the constitutional right of people to contest for the Presidency but they should be there through peoples’ votes. So, all the altercations and exchange of words are unnecessary. Let us continue to put the interest of this country at heart. I think that politics should be politics of ideas and people who come to power should be elected or re-elected based on what they can deliver. So, I have one vote; there is no human being on this earth that has two votes. The most important votes that should be expected during elections are the ones the masses would cast and that is what we should be looking up to. I want to tell those exchanging words that they should sheath their swords. They should allow peace to reign. Although we cannot continue to ask for

peace where there is no justice, they should realise that we don’t have any other country except Nigeria. It is the constitutional role for anybody to aspire to occupy any political offices. So let us leave the battle for the position till when time comes for election so that at the end we will not heat up the polity and endanger the lives of the people. Do you have any fear for Nigeria in 2015 or thereafter? My fear for Nigeria is that the way everything is going on; the escalation of violence, deprivation, unemployment, struggle for political power, corruption that has become a fertile ground and selfish interest, portend danger to the country. But honestly I am optimistic that Nigeria will flourish but we need

to still build the institution called INEC so that people would have confidence in Nigerian elections. We need to fight corruption frontally. We need to give better hope to the upcoming generations. A lot of people go into kidnapping and they make their money and many people are robbing on the roads. There are a lot of fears for this country and I think that if we do the needful; if we have a change of mindset; if we have convocation of a sovereign national conference, if we believe that no one can be greater than the country call Nigeria, I think we would be able to surmount all the problem that is starring us at face. 2015 is approaching and there are drums of war. I am an incurable optimistic and that is why I am so optimistic that Nigeria will rise and never to fall again.



May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Air raids: Hundreds of suspected terrorists killed …as military attack Boko Haram camps



undreds of people suspected to be terrorists in some camps in Sambisa Game Reserve, the stronghold of Boko Haram, have been killed in the ongoing onslaught against the sect by the Nigerian security forces in Borno. The raid was carried out by the Nigerian forces with the use of jets and attack he-

licopters on Friday, said a security source who spoke with our correspondent on Friday. He added that the camps attacked is believed to be harbouring terrorists and are used for most of their trainings and enrolment exercises. “I cannot tell you the actual number of terrorists killed, but I am optimistic we are making headway, and at the end of the operation, we will be commend-

ed, “ the source stated. The killing of some of the suspected terrorists was confirmed by the spokesman of the Nigerian military, Brig Gen Chris Olukolade, in a report by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Reuters. The Army spokesman, who said only 30 suspected terrorists were killed, gave an indication that the casualty figure could be more. According to him, “We

•Sect attacks fighter jet

have not done the mopping up operations on the ground to determine the numbers killed.” Olukolade added that it was not just Sambisa alone that was under attack but every other camp. He pointed out too that the air strike had been on since Wednesday. A top security source also disclosed that one of the jets used by the Nigerian forces was shot by the

terrorists’ sect during the raid in Sambisa, but it was manoeuvred and landed safely in the base. Olukolade who also confirmed the report said the “terrorist base” was subsequently “completely destroyed”. In the town of Gamboru Ngala and Marte on the border with Cameroon in northern Borno, residents said that heavily armed troops and tanks arrived on Wednesday, sealing off previously unmanned border posts. Although, some sources said, many innocent lives, particularly those who reside in the remote areas along the Sambisa area will equally fall victims, as they are not aware of the operation. Our correspondent reports that Borno and Yobe and its environs have now entered its second day of total GSM network blackout to enable the task force discharge their mission without hitches.

In Borno, the spokesman of the JTF, Leuitenant Colonel Sagir Musa, could however not be reached for confirmation, as a result of disruption in mobile phone services. The present onlsaught follows the declaration of a state of emergency in three North-Eastern states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. Thousands of military personnel have been deployed to the area to carry end the activities of Boko Haram which had led to gross loss of lives and properties. Following the depolyment of troops to the states, attacks had been carried out in some areas along border lines, believed to be camps of the terrorists group. Mobile telephone services had be disrupted in the states while curfew has been declared in Adamawa State. Mlore troops are reported to be moving into Borno on Friday.

Members of Boko Haram may face war 3 soldiers, four terrorists killed in Daura clash crimes charges –UN L-R: Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Power, Dr. Chris Ngige; Chairman, Philip Aduda; Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, and Minister of PHOTO: NAN State for Power, Hajiya Zainab Kuchi, during the oversight visit of the committee to the ministry in Abuja, yesterday.

•Boko Haram members operate with fake uniforms -Army •Police begin investigation ISE-OLUWA IGE, AUGUSTINE MADUWEST, AZA MSUE AND OMEIZA AJAYI KADUNA


uthorities of the 3 Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Kano, has confirmed the death of three of its soldiers in yesterday’s confrontation with terrorist in Daura, the second largest town in Katsina State. Two other soldiers sustained gunshot injuries and are currently on admission in the Military Hospital for treatment, according to a statement released by the Brigade and signed by its spokesman, Captain Ikedichi Iweha. The terrorists had in their attacks destroyed banks, police stations and prisons in Daura, near the border with Niger. The statement disclosed that four of the suspected terrorists were shot dead in the encounter while four others are now in military custody for questioning. Iweha Said after the

gun battle 11 AK 47 Riffles, 73 magazines, 275 rounds of 7.62 ammunitions, 118 rounds of FNW ammunition and 141 rounds of 9MM ammunition were recovered from the militants. Other dangerous weapons intercepted by the military men included one Smoke gun, various improvised explosive devices and two vehicles. It also confirmed the attack on four banks where unspecified sums of money were carted away by the attackers who, it was gathered, numbered over 100. The brigade assured residents that it was ready to respond to threats within its area of authority and pleaded for support by way of information from members of the public, adding that it was likely that the areas would experience influx of persons with criminal tendency fleeing the North-east zone where military operations are ongoing to dislodge terrorist operating within the zone. “The Brigade will also

like to advise financial institutions without stations outside the capital cities to always leave minimal cash in the vaults at the end of any business day as these terrorist are in need of cash,” the statement reads in part. Meanwhile, the Military High Command yesterday raised the alarm that members of the dreaded Islamic fundamentalist sect, Boko Haram, had acquired fake army uniforms to commit crimes especially in Borno, Yobe and other areas where they are concentrated. This is as the Nigeria Police Force declared that it had begun investigation into the Daura incident. The declaration is contained in a statement by Deputy Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba. The military which raised the alarm consequently advised members of the public to be at alert and report people in military uniforms who might be committing any action considered as unbecoming of members of the

armed forces. In a statement yesterday, the military alleged that the recent invasion of a military barracks in Bama was conducted by Boko Haram members wearing fake full military regalia. The statement stressed that even the looting and burning of buildings in the border town of Baga was carried out by Boko Haram members wearing fake military uniforms acquired in the black market and used as disguise for easy penetration of targets. The statement reads in part: “A recent exchange of gun fire with the insurgents in the north eastern part of the country which resulted in heavy number of casualty on their side showed that the insurgents have acquired large quantities of fake uniforms and were dressed in camouflage. “For the unsuspecting populace, these insurgents would have been misconstrued as soldiers of the Nigerian Army."


embers of Boko Haram and other extremist groups in Nigeria, could face war crimes charges for deliberate acts leading to ethnic and religious cleansing, the UN has said. According to a report by the News Agency of Nigeria, Rupert Colvile, the spokesperson for the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), said this in a statement made available at the UN Head quarters in New York on Friday. He reiterated calls on Boko Haram and other extremist groups in Nigeria to cease their ``cowardly attacks” against civilians, members of government institutions, security forces and foreign nationals. ``The High Commissioner noted that members of Boko Haram, if judged to have committed systematic attacks against a civilian population on grounds such as religion or ethnicity could be found guilty of crimes against humanity. ``Deliberate acts leading to population `cleans-

ing’ on grounds of religion or ethnicity could also amount to a crime against humanity,” Colville stressed. In recent weeks, more than 220 people have been killed in violent clashes between military forces and the Islamist group, Boko Haram. OHCHR has urged the Nigerian government to abide by human rights principles during security patrols. The rights body also said it was concerned about the large number of casualties, reportedly including many civilians, and massive destruction of houses and property. Colville urged the government to ensure that international human rights law was respected during its emergency operations. Similarly the SecretaryGeneral, Ban Ki-moon had said he remained very concerned about the ongoing instability in the country. He underscored the need for all concerned to fully respect human rights and to safeguard the lives of all Nigerians.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013


Nigeria, Kenya to collaborate against terrorism ROTIMI FADEYI ABUJA


resident Goodluck Jonathan yesterday said that Nigeria would collaborate with Kenya in checking the activities of terrorists. Speaking when he received Kenyan Deputy Prime Minister and Special Envoy of President Uhuru Kenyatta, Mr. William Ruto, at the State House in Abuja, Jonathan said Nigeria was concerned about the activities of terrorists in Somalia and other places in

Africa and the attendant negative effects on peace and development in the continent. Jonathan further stated, “I have just declared a state of emergency in three states of our country, to check the havoc of terrorists. So, I can appreciate the issues confronting Somalia and Kenya”. The president said Africa needed to find a collective solution to the problems of Somalia, and suggested a meeting of leaders on the sidelines of the African Union 50th Anniversary Summit,

scheduled to hold next week. On bilateral level, Jonathan told the Kenyan Deputy Prime Minister that Nigeria and Kenya had a lot to gain from stronger mutual relations, and assured him of necessary cooperation in this regard. Ruto told Jonathan that Kenyatta had requested Nigeria’s intervention to help find an African solution to the Somalia problem which had spilled into Kenya. He said Nigeria played a leadership role in Africa, adding that Jonathan

should personally intervene by joining forces with other leaders in helping to resolve the Somalian crisis. Ruto also spoke about improving relations through extending Kenya Airways flights to Abuja, as well as Kenya’s commitment to enhancing intraAfrican trade. Meanwhile, the Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro, yesterday said Nigeria and Republic of Benin would renew their Bilateral Agreement to address security challenges and other issues of com-

mon interest. Addressing State House Correspondents at the end of a meeting with relevant stakeholders on Nigeria International Boundaries with the Republic of Benin, he said the two countries would also fast-

track border demarcation to ensure effective border patrol along their international boundaries and address the problems arising from some recent skirmishes between some Nigerians and some Beninese.

Okei-Odumakin receives Women4Africa Award in UK TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


he President of Campaign for Democracy (CD) and Women Arise for Change Initiative, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin, will today receive Women4Africa Award for outstanding achievements. Okei-Odumakin and other outstanding African amazing women will receive the Women4Africa Award today in a colourful ceremony that will take place at the very prestigious Great Hall, Hornton Street, W8 7NX Kensington. According to a statement by the facilitator of the award, Sam Onigbanjo, the CD president is among outstanding women drawn from over 15 African countries such as Ethiopia, Malawi, Swaziland, Senegal,

South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and more that will be recognised for their contributions and achievements. Apart from the Okei-Odumakin, some of the women to be awarded are Soneni Gwizi of Zimbabwe, the first female disabled radio broadcaster in Zimbabwe; Tonia Dabwe founder of the Mineke Foundation in Liberia which is changing the lives of those in the community; Esther Madudu of Uganda, a midwife and spokesperson for AMREF’s Stand Up For African Mother’s campaign and estimated to have saved over 1,000 lives in the course of her career.

Chief Executive Officer, Etisalat Nigeria, Mr. Steven Evans (left), in a handshake with Vice Chancellor, Ahmadu Bello University, Prof. Abdullahi Mustapha, after signing the Academic Collaboration Agreement at the launch of the Etisalat Telecommunications Engineering Programme (ETEP), at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, recently.

Unions, NAMA reach truce over proposed strike OLUSEGUN KOIKI


he Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, NAMA, yesterday evening said that it had reached a truce with the industry unions over their plan to commence a nationwide strike on Monday. NAMA explained that it held a close door meeting with the leadership of the National Union Air Transport Employees, NUATE, Air Transport Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria, ATSSSAN, and Amalgamated Union of Public Corporations, Civil Service Technical and Reacreational Services Employees, AUPCTRE, in its office in Lagos where the issues were fully discussed. An online statement signed by the General Man-

ager, Public Affairs, NAMA, Mr. Supo Atobatele, said that the planes strike, which was aimed to press for additional welfare package for their members has been put on hold following a meeting. He however stated that the meeting is expected to continue on Monday to further delibrate on issues at stake after the parties agreed that dialogue remains the best way of resolving industrial crisis. Atobatele said that the Ag. Secretary-General, NUATE, Comrade Abdulkareem Motajo,who led the union’s team remarked during the two- hour delibration that the union leaders were not interested in creating problem for the management, but that the ultimatum earlier issued was to send a ‘friendly’ warning that there were issues yet to be resolved.

PUBLIC NOTICE CHANGE OF TRUSTEES OF GOODNEWS BELIEVERS OUTREACH MISSION This is to inform the general public that the above named-Church has applied to the Corporate Affairs Commission for the removal / addition of trustees. THE REMOVED TRUSTEES ARE:

1. Deacon Vincent Ikuomola 2. Deaconess Justina Pibowei 3. Deacon Richman Idisi THE RETAINED TRUSTEES ARE:

1. Rev Dr. John Olugbenga Akintoye - General Overseer 2. Pastor Afolabi Akintoye THE NEWLY APPOINTED TRUSTEES ARE:

1. Rev (Mrs) Iyabo Akintoye 2. Rev. Sunday Akinniyi 3. Mr. Fineface Imoh

- Secretary

Any objection to the removal / addition of the trustees should be forwarded to the registrar-general, Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, within 28days of this publication.

Signed: REV. SUNDAY AKINNIYI - Secretary



May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror

State of emergency: Diplomats, journalists free to cover war zones –FG EMMANUEL ONANI ABUJA


iplomats and journalists wishing to cover ongoing military operations in some

parts of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states, with festering terrorists activities, will not be restricted from doing so. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Olugbenga

Ashiru, made the disclosure yesterdayin Abuja, during a meeting with members of the diplomatic corps. According to the minister, all that is required

is for the interested diplomats to cause a request letter to the ministry,which would in turn forward same to the Ministry of Defence, for purposes of accreditation. This is even as media organisations that wish

L-R: Permanent Secretary, Ministry Women Affairs and Social Development, Dr. Habiba Lawal; Minister, Dr. Zainab Maina and Chairman, Senate Committee on Women and Youth Affairs, Sen. Helen Esuene, at the celebration of the International Day of Families in Abuja, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Kano-Maiduguri Road: Foreign contractors lose over 20 workers to Boko Haram –FG •Says it has completed 32 road projects in two years •Expatriates flee troubled zones ISE-OLUWA IGE


he Federal Government yesterday disclosed that foreign contractors handling the Kano-Maiduguri road dualisation project had lost not fewer than 20 of its workers to insurgency in the North. Minister of Works, Arch Mike Onolememen, who made the disclosure in Abuja yesterday also said that the expatriate contractors had fled the troubled zones for safety even as he added that his ministry had been creative by hiring indigenous professionals to carry on with the work in the area. Onolememen however said yesterday that notwithstanding the challenge, the federal government had succeeded in completing 32 road projects in just two years with many more nearing completion. He also said yesterday that the Federal Ministry of Works under his watch had been able to make momentous improvements on the

rehabilitation, reconstruction and dualisation of the federal roads networks in the last two years covering a total 2,000 kilometers. His words: “By May 29, 2011, Nigerian roads were described as death traps. Many road projects were abandoned and lots of interim certificates on road contracts remained unpaid. “Worse still, the morale of the engineers in the ministry was very low. Our country came to that sorry state of affairs in the governance of the road sector because the leadership of our country in the past four decades failed to develop the right attitude to road development. “About two years on, Nigerian roads can no longer be described as “death traps” due to the marked improvement in the onion of the roads as a result of the unprecedented and massive rehabilitation, reconstruction and expansion of major arterial highways under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Today, travel times between origins and destinations on most of these arterial routes have been drastically reduced. Also, maintenance costs of vehicles have been reduced as a result of improved driving surfaces, devoid of potholes that hitherto put holes in the pockets of vehicle owners due to frequent reports occasioned by bad roads. “The Operation Safe Passage” embarked upon by the ministry in th 4th Quarter of 2012 led to the recovery of failed portions of federal highways across the country from Ilorin to Jebba, Lafia to Markurdi, Aliarde to Oturkpo, Oturkpo to 9th Mile, Enugu to Port-Harcourt, Kano to Katsina, Lagos to Ibadan and Odukpani to Itu. “Many other federal roads criss-crossing the length and breadth of our country have been maintained these pas two years. Nigerian roads have again fully become veritable tool for economic growth and national integration. Yet, it is still a work in progress as

we move closer to our destination,” he added. Onolemenmen however said yesterday that the Federl Ministry of Work has a total 195 on-going projects amounting to a portfolio of N1.397 trillion covering 6,628 kilometers. The breakdown of the ongoing projects as given by the minister showed that 31 are located in the North Central; 30 in the North East; 23 in the North West; 40 in South East; 34 in South-South; and 37 in South West. A total N850.3 billion was spent on the road projects in the North while a total N549.9 billion was earmarked for the projects in the South. Onolememen however explained yesterday the disparity in the amount earmarked for the projects in both the Northern and Southern part of the country. He said the northern part of the country had a bigger land mass and that what mainly drove road projects was their economic importance.

to have their reporters on the field of operation, are advised to write directly to the ministry, for attention. Ashiru, however, noted that since the operations in the affected areas were strictly “military”,the “visits must be a protected visit”. “For diplomats who want to go see what is happening (in the affected areas),there are no restrictions,but a formal request must be channeled through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to the Ministry of Defence,” Ashiru clarified. He charged the diplomats to ensure accurate reportage of activities in Nigeria to their home countries, while demonstrating “a greater understanding of the complexity of the challenge that we face and the imperative need for government to live up to its responsibility under the Nigerian Constitution”. To achieve this, the minister solicited the “cooperation, support and assistance of the international community, including Nigeria’s neighbours, such that this global menace could be effectively tackled.” He stressed that “is-

sues of terrorism know no boundaries.” Nonetheless, he assured of federal government’s determination to “follow international rules of engagement” in prosecuting the ongoing military operations in the three North-East states. Also, the government pledged that the determined efforts to rid the affected areas of “Boko Haram elements will not undermine the cherished principle of human rights.” The minister further stated that the military authorities will make public the rules of engagement. On the proprietary of a state of emergency, in the face of ongoing dialogue, the minister assured that though federal government’s dialogue efforts continue,it (government) would not fold its arms while lives and property are being wantonly destroyed. His words: “The ongoing security challenge facing our country has imposed on us a responsibility to respond in a robust manner, anchored on a multi-track strategy of negotiation,empowe rment,engagement, reorientation,and military containment.”

…Northern governors wives warn on human rights violations OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


ives of Governors of the 19 Northern states on Friday urged the Nigerian Army to ensure that troops deployed to the three states affected by the emergency rule respect the fundamental human rights of citizens. The governors wives who met under the auspices of the Northern Governors Wives Forum at the Niger State Government Lodge in Abuja, said while they were in support of measures being taken to address the unbearable insecurity in the north, the authorities must ensure that the security forces play to the rules. “The Forum called on Federal Government to ensure that soldiers obey

the rules of engagement by respecting fundamental human rights of citizens under the emergency rule,” it said. In the communique issued at the end of the meeting chaired by the wife of the Benue State Governor, Architect Dooshima Yemisi Suswan, the First Ladies lamented the rising state of insecurity which had devastated the economy of the region, called on the soldiers to obey the rules of their engagement as they take over the security of the affected states. Dooshima Yemisi Suswam who read the communique also urged northern state governors to systematically implement the reconciliation recommendations of the states committee on reconciliation, healing and security.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013


My Pikin: Two employees jailed 28 years •Court shuts company •Convict collapses



ustice Okechukwu Okeke of a Federal High Court, Lagos, yesterday sentenced two employees of Barewa Pharmaceutical Ltd., the manufacturer of My Pikin Baby Teething Mixture, which allegedly killed about 80 babies in 2008 to a total of 28 years imprisonment. The convicted persons are the Production Manager, Mr. Adeyemo Abiodun, and the Quality Assurance Manager, Egbele Eromosele,

The court also wound up the company (Barewa Pharmaceutical Ltd) stating that all the assets of the company should be forfeited to the federal government. Barewa Pharmaceutical Company, its Production Manager, Mr. Adeyemo Abiodun; and the Quality Assurance Manager, Egbele Eromosele, were convicted for conspiracy and selling of dangerous drugs. While the judge sentenced each of Abiodun and Eromosele to seven years for conspiracy to sell dangerous drug and to another seven

years for selling dangerous drug, he however ordered that the sentences should run concurrently. Justice Okeke, however, discharged and acquitted the convicts, including the company of the rest of the four counts relating to adulterating, manufacturing and distributing the said drug. Immediately the court rendered its judgment one of the convicts (Adeyemo Abiodun) suddenly went down in court but was quickly held from falling to the ground. Justice Okeke hurriedly directed that Abiodun

should be given a seat in the dock and also called for a doctor to attend to him when he began gasping for breath soon after the judgment was delivered. The doctor attending to him later informed the court that the man was hypertensive and that his blood pressure was high at that moment. Justice Okeke then ordered that the accused be offered a seat, and he preceded with the delivering of the sentence. He said, “In as much as I appreciate the passionate plea of learned silk, espe-

cially considering the state of the first accused, I am however, bound by the provisions of the law. “Having found the accused guilty on two counts, the convicts are hereby sentenced to seven years imprisonment each on the charge. “The company is also ordered to be wound up compulsorily, in line with the provisions of the law, and its assets forfeited to the federal government,” Okeke ruled’’. In his judgment, Justice Okeke discharged and acquitted them of four out of the six counts preferred against all the three accused. The court held that the prosecution, the National Agency for Food, Drug Law Administration and Control (NAFDAC), failed prove the allegation of drug adulteration against the accused. “My understanding f the word, adulterated is that somebody has tampered with the original product and changed the quality and efficacy of the drug. There must be evidence that the manufacturer of the adulterated drug changed or tampered with the ingredient reducing the standard of the original drug”, the court held. Besides, Justice Okeke noted that throughout the

period of the trial which lasted about five months, the prosecution failed to provide any evidence proving the allegations. But, the trial judge found them guilty on two counts, namely that the convicts “on or about October 2008 sold dangerous to wit: My Pikin Baby Teething Mixture to Roca Pharmacy of 34 Balogun Road, Agege, Lagos which did not represent the quality you represented it to be”. The offence was said to be contrary to Section 1(18) (a)(ii) of the Miscellaneous Offences Act M17 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and punishable under Sections 1(8)(a)(ii); 1(18)(b) (ii) and 3 of the same Act. The second count upon which the accused were convicted was the conspiracy for the selling of the drug to the same Roca Pharmacy contrary to and punishable under the same law. The prosecution had on January 6, 2013 re-arraigned the three on an ammended charge of six counts following the death of the company’s Managing Director, Mr. Kola Okunola, in October 2012. Meanwhile, one of the defence counsel, Mr. Osaro Eghobamien (SAN), has vowed to challenge the judgment at the Court of Appeal.

…We are excited by the –NAFDAC Newswatch: My aim is to do justice –Judge verdict M F R-L: National President, Defence and Police Officers’ Wives Association (DEPOWA), Hajia Aminat Dupe Ibrahim, Commandant, Armed Forces Resettlement Centre (NAFRC), Oshodi, AVM Moses Akisanmi and the President, Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre Officers’ Wives Association, Mrs. Juliet Akisanmi , during DEPOWA’s courtesy visit to the centre, yesterday.

•Former directors head to Appeal Court WALE IGBINTADE


ustice Okon Abang of the Federal High Court, Lagos, has vowed to carry out justice in the suit instituted by Newswatch, Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim and Global Media Mirror Limited asking the court to declare that the four former directors of Newswatch magazine have since ceased to be directors and, therefore, could not legally do anything on behalf of the company. Justice Abang made this vow yesterday following an application filed by four former directors of Newswatch Publication Ltd. (NCL) namely, Ray Ekpu, Dan Agbese, Yakubu Mohammed and Soji Akinrinade, asking the court to stay proceedings in the suit pending hearing and determination

of their appeal against the ruling of the court. The trial judge had, in a ruling, refused an application made by the former directors’ lawyer, Mr. Adekunle Oyesanya (SAN), which urged the court not to hear the substantive suit brought against his clients immediately after hearing a motion filed by the defendants. Dissatisfied, the former directors appealed against the ruling of the Court of Appeal, Lagos division. In their Notice of Appeal, the former directors want to set aside the entire proceedings of the lower court of April 13. However, Justice Abang said he would, on June 4 hear the application for stay of proceedings and deliver a ruling on it. Apparently, wondering why the formal directors appealed against his rul-

ing, Justice Abang said ‘’I have no vested interest in this matter but that justice should be done. I want the matter decided speedily so that all the parties in the suit will decide what next to do’’. Justice Abang had on March 6, 2013 struck out the preliminary objection of the defendants praying the court to dismiss the suit on the grounds that the plaintiffs had no locus standi; that there is no reasonable cause of action and that the suit was commenced through faulty procedure. The judge had, in his ruling, held that the plaintiffs had locus standi, that there was reasonable cause of action and the procedure the plaintiffs adopted in instituting the suit was legally valid. The court on that day also awarded the sum of N15, 000 in favour of the plaintiffs against the defendants.


Newswatch, Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim and Global Media Mirror Limited have brought the suit, praying the court to declare that the four former directors of Newswatch Communications Limited (NCL), Ray Ekpu, Dan Agbese, Yakubu Mohammed and Soji Akinrinade, have since ceased to be directors and, therefore, could not legally do anything on behalf of the company. The plaintiffs are also asking the court to declare that the former directors have no competence to declare a trade dispute under the Share Purchase Agreement, SPA, between them and the NCL. The plaintiffs are therefore, praying the court to restrain Ray Ekpu and the others from taking measures that may be inimical to the interests of the NCL.



he National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) yesterday said it was ‘very excited’ with the ruling on ‘My Pikin’ mixture, which allegedly killed dozens of Nigerian children in 2008. Director General of the agency, Dr Paul Orhii, gave the reaction when he hosted Senior Regional Advisor for Sub-Saharan Africa, US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), Dr Beverly Corey, who was in Nigeria to strengthen collaboration on war against foods and drugs counterfeiting and adulteration. This is even as he said packaged water currently ‘constitutes N8 billion business a day’, in Nigeria. Orhii said on the judgement: “In 2008, before I came in, there was an incident of a chemical that was not sup-

posed to be used in the manufacturing a teething mixture for the children; which was used. As a result, 84 Nigerian children died. We had been prosecuting that case and I heard a judgement came less than an hour ago. I have not received the full briefing. The verdict is that, I think 14-year jail term and confiscation of asset of that company. “The 14-year jail term will run concurrently. That is like seven-year jail term. But, this is the first time we have ever secured that kind of conviction and we are very excited because due to advocacy, the judicial system has really appreciated the dangers inherent in some of these adulterated products. I think that is a good verdict for us… “I believe this kind of incidence has happened around the world, but I don’t think anybody has received appropriate punishment that will serve as an effective deterrent,” Orhii stated.


Saturday Mirror

May 18, 2013




t the inception of the present administration of Senator Abiola Ajimobi on 29 May, 2011, watchers of events in the pace setter state could not but be hopeful that the Ibadan-born businessman turned politician would turn things around in the state. Conscious of the enormity of the task ahead of him and his preparedness to surmount them such that the state would rank among the best in the country, Ajimobi in his inauguration address at the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium (formerly Liberty Stadium), assured the residents of making the necessary change that would take the state to the next level. “We are going to address the challenges of our state capital, with utmost urgency, by initiating necessary processes to earn the ancient city the status of a mega city. We are going to partner with the private sector, international development partners and donor agencies, as well as other major cities around the world to transform the state capital to the city of our dream. We will return to the long abandoned initiative of citytwining for exchange of ideas on urban development and renewal and exploitation of opportunities in education, business, health service delivery, youth empowerment, with other major cities of the world. “Even the most generous commentator on Nigeria’s affairs will not deny that Oyo State is no longer the pace-setter that it used to be. The labour of our heroes past has been lost in the vortex of vanity. Our public infrastructure is dilapidated. Our public institutions have been compromised. The psyche of our people has been bruised. Our state has ceased to be the reference point for laudable programmes for which it earned her nobility. We have, on the reverse, become a staple on reports on violence and brigandage, corruption, street fight and lingering political crises. The duty of government as guarantor of public peace has been performed in the breach. My good people of Oyo State, I am happy to inform you that our journey to restoration has begun. Today, we begin the journey to restore efficient infrastructure in place of the year-long decay. Today, we begin the journey to restore integrity in our public institutions that have been perennially abused and compromised. Today, we begin to restore the faith of our people in government, as against the regime of widespread scepticism and fright in the institution of government.” Despite these words of hope, many doubting Thomases were sceptical. But many agree today that Ajimobi has kept his promises to Oyo State.

Abiola Ajimobi:

Honour for son-of-the-soil Visitors to Ibadan, a city that was ranked the dirtiest in the country, cannot but be amazed by the wonders that the current administration in the state under the leadership of Ajimobi has brought. With virtually all the main entrances to the city dualized, the government has also constructed an overhead bridge, the first by any civilian administration in the state. Midway into his tenure, the numerous achievements have not gone unnoticed with many accolades and honours coming the way of the governor. Among those that have lauded Ajimobi are Ibadan Elders who apart from saying that they were proud of him commended him for the restoration of peace in the state and his administration’s urban renewal programme. The elders, under the aegis of Ibadan Elders’ Forum, in a letter dated 30 April, 2013, addressed to the governor and signed by Ambassador Olusola Sanu and Chief Ona Ajibola, the Chairman and Secretary of the Forum respectively, said the commendation was sequel to the decision taken at a meeting of the forum held in Ibadan on 18 April, 2013. According to them, the commendation became necessary in view of the outstanding performance of the governor and the monumental achievements he had recorded since his assumption of

office two years ago. “Before your assumption of office, Oyo State faced serious security problems unleashed by armed robbers, political thugs as well as NURTW factions struggling for ascendancy. You have now changed the violent situation to a peaceful one. You have restored peace and made good use of law enforcement agencies to ensure same. The notoriety of the NURTW factions has been checked and by so doing, you have ensured that miscreants are now allowed in any guise to make Oyo State a haven for their nefarious activities. ``Women generally and in particular, widows, able-bodied and disabled persons were not neglected. Provision of free transport for workers, regular payment of salaries and the 13th month salary, training and retraining of personnel also featured. Retirees were not neglected,’’ they said. The elders stated further that Senator Ajimobi’s efforts had given Ibadan, and indeed, the entire state a facelift, saying, ``there is general cleanliness which all can attest to. You have taken a bold step politically and you have executed your vision with courage. Similarly, today’s conferment of the title of Aare Atunluse of Ibadan (the beautifier and restorer of the dignity of Ibadan) on Ajimobi and Yeye Aare Atun-

luse o n h i s wife, Florence by the Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Samuel Odulana, Odugade I, at his palace in Monatan, has further confirmed that the governor has performed to etch his name in the minds of not only the teeming masses of the state but the royal institution as well. The honour coming at this time could not but be in recognition of the achievements recorded by the governor in his two-year reign and Oba Odulana’s appreciation of his developmental strides as an Ibadan man. And it could also be seen as a further appreciation of the Olubadan, the Olubadan-in-Council and the entire sons and daughters of Ibadan to Governor Ajimobi for the unprecedented infrastructural transformation that is taking place in Ibadan, the state capital. Speaking on the title, an Ibadan-based socio-cultural group, Oyo Development Initiative (ODI), while commending Oba Samuel Odugade I, for recognising the urban renewal initiatives of the governor, said it was a clarion call for former governor of the state, Senator Rasheed Ladoja, to cease his ceaseless attacks on the administration. The group in a statement signed by its coordinator, Dr. Adesola Okanlawon, maintained that the monarch’s bestowal of the traditional title of Atunluse of Ibadan was a diplomatic show of his disapproval of the ceaseless attacks from Ladoja, one of his chiefs, who has been a sole critic of the transformation of the state by the Ajimobi administration. With two years to the end of his tenure and the city of Ibadan celebrating him today as a worthy son, time will tell whether the people in the pace setter state come 2015 will beat their chests that truly, Ajimobi has not disappointed them and that they made the right choice when they voted for him in 2011.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013



Fire: Lagos saves N139b, loses N39b properties in 2012 MURITA AYINLA


agos State Commissi The Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs and Culture, Oyinlomo Danmole, has disclosed that property and goods valued at N39.61b were destroyed by fire incidents across Lagos in 2012. He disclosed also that about N139 billion in property and goods were saved through quick response by men of the state’s fire service within the same period. Speaking at a ministerial briefing yesterday to herald the sixth year anniversary of Governor Babatunde Fashola’s administration, Danmole explained that most of

the 2,342 fire cases occurred in residential buildings. While explaining that some of the fire incidences during the period could have been prevented if the right precautions were taken, he

stressed the need for residents to be careful with inflammable materials around their homes as most fires emanated from these as well as faulty equipment. “We are strengthening enlightenment using

the various avenues and media on the need for residents to always take precautions against fire outbreaks and what they can do in emergency situations,” he said. He warned residents against making false

calls on the emergency number, saying the practice undermined the efforts of the fire service to respond to fire incidents. He said also that the government was upgrading fire formations and establishing new ones

across the state to ensure quicker response to emergencies and added that 32 fire trucks and other fire fighting equipment had just been acquired for the fire service to boost their capacity to respond to fire incidents.

Ado Poly postpones convocation over ASUP, SNANIP strike ABIODUN NEJO ADO EKITI


he Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti has postponed its 16th convocation ceremony earlier slated for May 25, 2013. The postponement follows the protracted nationwide strike embarked upon by members of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) and

members of the Senior Staff Association Nigerian Polytechnic (SSANIP). Rector of the institution, Mrs Theresa Akande said the governing council, management and leadership of the two unions agreed at a meeting on Thursday that it was necessary to reschedule the convocation in the interest of peace and security.

She told journalists in Ado Ekiti yesterday that appropriate quarters, including the Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayat Rufai, have been notified of the development. She added that the new date would be communicated when fixed. “Members of the governing council met on Thursday for hours with the leadership of the two

unions in the school and all efforts to convince them to cooperate and allow the event to hold proved futile. Members of the unions are vital to the event holding as they have roles to play and there is no way the event can hold without their support. “Moreover, it was discovered that if we go ahead with the event, the security of people may not be guaranteed. There is no point putting the lives of people in danger. We have subsequently informed the Minister of Education

on the development and the event will hold at a later date,” she said. On the reported nonremittance of over N1 billion in taxes to the Ekiti State Government, she said it was surprising that shortly after the tax board wrote the management of the institution commending it for prompt remittance of taxes, it wrote again to accuse it of owing the said amount. “We are compiling documents and will sort out the issue,” she concluded.

Osun to reconstitute state electoral commission


Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola SAN (middle), the author, Professor Itse Sagay, SAN (2nd right), his wife, Mrs. Shiela, Chairman of the occasion, Hon. Justice Pius Aderemi, CON (2ndleft) and Professor Ben Nwabueze (left) during the Public Presentation of Professor Itse Sagay’s latest book titled, ”The Enforcement of Electoral Laws and Case Law of 2007 Election Judgments” at the Protea Hotel, GRA Ikeja, Lagos, recently.

Lagos employs 70 women truck drivers


he Lagos State Government on Friday said it has just employed 70 women as truck drivers as part of efforts to empower women in the state. The Deputy Governor, Mrs Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, announced this at a news conference in Ikeja organised to mark Gov. Babatunde Fashola`s sixth year in office. She said that the women had been trained on driving large vehicles before they were deployed to

the Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) as waste truck drivers. ``We are also considering training and empowering women as taxi drivers. We are currently examining some security risks that these women might face driving taxis. But we hope to partner with some hotels in the state on how we can attach some of these female taxi drivers to them so that we can track who they are dropping off in case there is a problem,`` she said.

Orelope-Adefulire, who oversees the Ministry of Women Empowerment, stressed that gender equality and women empowerment were top on the agenda of the Fashola administration. She said the government had established a number of skills acquisition centres across the state. , saying that thousands of women had acquired trade skills at such centres, to set up their businesses. She added that women entrepreneurs who were in need of tools and equipment for their

trades had also been assisted by the government with such needs.

he Osun State Government has said it would re-constitute the state Independent Electoral Commission to democratise the local government administration in the state. The state’s AttorneyGeneral and Commissioner for Justice, Mr Wale Afolabi, said this yesterday in Osogbo. Afolabi maintained that the list of nominees would soon be sent to the House of Assembly for approval. According to him, ``The governor is already working on it. It is

a long process, but soon, the commission will be constituted in preparation for local government election,” he said. On the legal tussle hindering the setting up of the commission, Afolabi explained that ``we are now at a stage where the court is not restraining us’’. Afolabi said that former members of the commission, under Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola’s administration, had challenged the dissolution of the organisation by Governor Rauf Aregbesola.

You are a pride to our generation, Odegbami tells Ajimobi


ootball legend and former Green Eagles Captain, Segun Odegbami, has commended Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State for the achievements he has recorded within the spate of two years in the state. Odegbami commended Ajimobi yesterday in his office in Ibadan during a courtesy call on him. Using the occasion to present a book written

by him titled Me, Football and More to Ajimobi, he said, “I am happy that we have a governor who is making waves, a governor who is a beacon of our generation.” He also expressed appreciation for the support the people of Ibadan and the entire Oyo State gave to him during his 16-year sojourn in the city. In his remarks, Governor Ajimobi thanked the

former football star for his noble act and for his contributions to football in particular and sports in general in Nigeria and across the world. “You gave us hope and you encouraged many of us in sports. You are from the family of sportsmen. There is nowhere they will mention soccer in Nigeria and even in the world that your name will not surface,” Ajimobi said.



May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Boko Haram not meant to derail Jonathan’s govt, says Yakassai EMMA GBEMUDU YENAGOA


lder statesman and politician, Alhaji Tanko Yakassai, has debunked the insinuation making the rounds in some quarters that the Boko Haram insurgency is aimed at destabilising the President Goodluck Jonathan administration. Speaking at the anniversary in honor of the late revolutionist, Maj. Isaac Boro, yesterday in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Yakassai added that the insurgency started 12 years ago, but only became really active in the last four years. Buttressing his argument, he said that the sect’s attacks did not start with the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and that they even intensified during late President Umaru Yar’Adua’s administration. Guest lecturer at the event and former United States presidential candidate and civil rights leader, Rev. Jesse Jackson, agitated for equal rights and justice to ensure equity and fair play in the distribution of oil wealth in Nigeria. Chairman of the oc-

casion, Dr. Edwin Clarke, solicited support for President Jonathan’s second term ambition come 2015 to enable him continue with his good work.

“We are in a democracy. Everybody has the right to contest election. We are appealing to President Jonathan to contest in 2015 to continue his good

work,” Clarke said. In his remarks, Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson, insisted that the state was safe and prepared to accommodate in-

vestors. He also lauded the virtues of the late Boro, decried the environmental degradation going on in oil producing states in the

State of Emergency: Action is mischievous, says C’River ACN RICHARD NDOMA CALABAR


he Cross River State branch of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has ac-

cused the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of politicising the Boko Haram insurgency. Speaking with Saturday Mirror, Secretary of

ACN Elders Forum, Barr. Eyo Nsa Ekpo, said, “Everything about the ruling PDP is about politics and winning power at all costs and not about earnestly tackling the challenges

facing the county.” Declaring that the State of Emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamwa States was ill-advised and ill-conceived, he questioned why the declara-

Rivers State Governor, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi (middle) with Chairmen of opposition political parties in Rivers State when they paid a solidarity visit to the governor in Port Harcourt, yesterday

Rivers crisis: Police to quiz Speaker, Chief of Staff GODWIN OKONKWO PORT HARCOURT


he Rivers State Police Command has said that it will interrogate the Speaker of the state’s House of Assembly, Oteleba Dan Amachree and Chief of Staff (COS) to the Rivers State Government, Tony Okocha, for utterances by both men that have security implications. Mbu J. Mbu, the state’s commissioner of police, made known the possibility of interrogating the two men while briefing journalists yesterday on the security development in the state. According to him, both the Speaker and Chief of Staff would be invited to the state police headquarters by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to shed more light

country by multinational oil and gas firms and called for a review in the constitutional framework to enable the people of the Niger Delta feel a sense of belonging.

on their various claims of events in the state that are capable of posing serious political challenges. Mbu said that the Speaker would have to tell the police more about his claim that there were plans to assassinate Governor Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and some other officials of the state, while the Chief of Staff would answer questions on his pronouncement that there

are plans to start burning places and houses across the state. “The Speaker has raised very serious issues of security threats and about attempts to assassinate the governor, the chief security officer of the state. That is a serious issue. The Speaker of the State House of Assembly will be invited and will be interrogated to give us more facts and throw light

into this information. The Chief of Staff too has also made pronouncements to the effect that there are plans to start burning places and houses. This has to be investigated also,” Mbu said. On the alleged withdrawal of the security details of the governor, he denied any such action, and wondered which commissioner of police or director of the State Secu-

rity Service would withdraw a governor’s security personnel. He explained that what the police did with the security details of the Speaker was to withdraw nine mobile policemen attached to the Speaker while leaving him with 15 others from the Special Protection Unit of the police whose function it is to protect government officials and political appoin-

tion did not affect PDPcontrolled states which are also flashpoints of the insurgency. “The problem with Nigeria is the poverty and illiteracy that have been imposed on the people by the conservative ruling elite that have been holding Nigeria by the jugular. It has been so for more than fifty years. We have civilian rule of dictatorship and not democracy. “These conservative ruling elites ruling Nigeria since independence imposed poverty and illiteracy as a deliberate tool of governance. Boko Haram problem is the demonstration of the lower class fighting those who have oppressed them for more than fifty years. The kidnapping in the east, west and south are different versions of the fight against oppression and they are all signs of the failure of the government,” he said.

tees. He stated that the use of police in Rivers State was abused by government officials and explained that 24 security personnel to only one man as was the case of the Speaker was by far too much and putting pressure on the force for men who would conduct regular patrols. “If you withdraw nine men and leave 15 men with the Speaker, what else does he want you to do?” he queried.

… As opposition parties back Amaechi


hairmen of opposition political parties in Rivers State under the umbrella of the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) have thrown their weight behind embattled Governor Rotimi Amaechi in the face of the challenges confronting his administration. The opposition party

leaders spoke through their chairman, Rev. (Dr.) Minaebi Dagogo Jack, during a solidarity visit to Amaechi yesterday at the Government House, Port Harcourt. Expressing their support and loyalty to him, Jack said, “Our main purpose for this visit is particularly on the crisis that is

facing the state. We hear of crisis in the State House of Assembly. We saw women protesting here and there. We saw youths carrying placards here and there in the state; the electronic and print media carrying stories of threat of all kinds and most recently ‘bomb blast’ within the premises of Obio Akpor Local Gov-

ernment Area.” He added that the opposition parties in the state are worried by the turn of events which are contrary to what obtained before. Responding, Amaechi thanked the opposition party leaders for their visit and support and pledged not to disappoint the people of the state.

“You pointed out what is going in the PDP and the rascality that is happening in the state. We believe that power belongs to God first and then to you the people. We believe that whatever is going on now can be handled by government and the people. I assure you that I will not disappoint our people,” he said.




Saturday Mirror

May 18, 2013




ing dimension on February 10 when the Enugu State High Court presided over by Justice Innocent Umezurike in a suit brought to the court by former APGA chairman in Udi Local Government Area of Anambra State, Mr. Jude Okolie, sacked Umeh as APGA national chairman. The judgement literally strangulated the party by not only sacking Umeh, as demanded by those loyal to Obi, but also throwing the entire members of the party’s National Working Committee (NWC) out office. The judge held that the process that brought them to office in 2011 was fraught with illegalities.The court ruled that Umeh should stop parading himself as the national chairman of APGA because “his tenure actively ended on December 2, 2010.” In addition, the judge said members of the party should take immediate steps to convene a national convention for the purposes of electing members into its executive committee in line with the APGA constitution. Dissatisfied with the Enugu High Court ruling, Umeh proceeded to the Court of Appeal, sitting in Enugu, and sought to set aside the said judgement. He prayed the appellate court to stay the lower court’s order, which had sacked him as APGA national chairman, pending the determination of his appeal. While Governor Obi and Umeh were engaging each other in a battle of supremacy, Governor Okorocha who was elected as governor on the platform of APGA during the 2011 governorship election spearheaded APGA merger arrangement with three other major political parties to form the APC without the consent of any of the two factions. Showing his seriousness about join-

ing APC Okorocha, last Tuesday, formally pledged his allegiance to the APC and urged the people of the state to join him. Meanwhile, while Umeh was battling to regain his national chairmanship seat through the appellate court, Governor Obi-led faction held the party’s national convention on April 8 and the convention produced Okwu as the national chairman of the party. During the convention supervised by INEC, other party’s executives were also elected alongside Okwu. But few hours after Okwu emergence as national chairman, Umeh was restored as APGA national chairman along with members of his NWC by an appellate court ruling. The Court of Appeal on April 8, 2013, granted Umeh’s application for stay of execution pending the determination of his main appeal challenging the judgement of the trial court. He was accordingly restored to his position as APGA national chairman along with members of his NWC. In a unanimous ruling on Umeh’s application by the three-man panel of justices – Justice Paul Galinje (chairman), Justice F. A. Kwasami, and Justice Tom Yakubu – the appellate court ruled that since the appellant (Umeh) duly appealed against the decision of the lower court challenging its jurisdiction and accusing it of bias, the status quo as at the time the said order was made should be maintained pending the determination of the appeal. The appellate court ruling immediately threw up again the leadership tussle in the party as both Umeh and Okwu have continued to lay claim to the na-

APGA, party of endless crises



lthough every political party has its share of crises, the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) arguably appears to be indeed synonymous with crises. As it has been the case in a number of other times, everything seems not to be well with the party, following the leadership tussles presently tearing it apart. APGA is presently divided into three major factions. One is led by Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State, another by his Imo State counterpart, Rochas Okorocha and the third by Chief Victor Umeh. At present Chief Victor Umeh and Chief Maxi Okwu are claiming to be the national chairman of the party while Governor Okorocha is spearheading the merger of APGA with other major three political parties - Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN); Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and the All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) - to form the All Progressives Congress (APC). APGA is one of the political parties registered by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) prior to the 2003 general elections. It was registered on June 25, 2002 with Chief Chekwas Okorie as the founding chairman. Though Okorie was the party’s national chairman, the late Ikemba of Nnewi and Biafran warlord, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, was widely recognised as the leader of the party. Ojukwu was also the chairman of the party’s Board of Trustees (BoT). Since its registration, APGA has experienced several moments of crises

that had resulted numerous court cases among its leaders. The first major crisis in the party was that of leadership between Okorie and Umeh. They both claimed to be the rightful chairman of the party. The legal tussle between the duo lasted several years before the matter was settled in favour of Umeh by the Supreme Court. Okorie was later expelled from the party. Ojukwu was able to manage the party effectively during his life time. His death created a big vacuum on the party and it is telling on it. The present crisis between Obi and Umeh started while Ojukwu was receiving treatment outside the country and his demise escalated it. The party was later divided into two broad factions, with one pledging allegiance to Governor Obi while Umeh led other faction. While the leadership tussle between Obi and Umeh was going on, Obi’s faction, on February 8, 2013, during a national caucus meeting of the party held at Chelsea Hotel, Abuja, appointed Chief Maxi Okwu and Alhaji Sanni Shinkafi as APGA’s acting national chairman and acting national secretary respectively pending the conduct of a national convention. The communiqué of the meeting signed by 43 chieftains of the party also mandated the interim National Working Committee of the party to conduct all congresses and national convention of the party on or before April 30. The appointment of Okwu, generated a lot of controversies based on allegations that he was not a card-carrying member of the party at the period he was appointed the acting national chairman. The disagreement between Obi and Umeh’s factions assumed a frighten-




May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Insecurity: ‘National Assembly should declare State of Emergency in Nigeria’ Hon. Mudasiru Oguntola Toogun, former member of the House of Representatives for Ayedire/Iwo/Ola-Oluwa Federal Constituency is the Assistant Chief of Staff of State of Osun. In this interview with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) chieftain called for the removal of President Goodluck Jonathan from office for the inability of the presidency to solve the insecurity problems in the country. He also speaks on the Governor Rauf Aregbesola-led administration and 2014 State Exce erpts: of Osun governorship election, among other issues. Excerpts:


hat is your view about the threats by the North on the one hand and the South on the other over the geo-political zone of the country that should produce the president in 2015. The exchange of words as far as Nigerian politics is concerned is within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The history of Boko Haram is as a result of the crises within the PDP and they have now turned it into a national problem. So, the only solution to Nigeria’s problem is to vote PDP out of power in 2015. And that is by voting for the All Progressives Congress (APC). But some people still doubt about the workability of the APC? It has worked; the merger has worked already. APC has come to stay. But some people are of the view that the process that will lead to the emergence of the party’s candidates may scuttle the arrangement. Normally, it is natural in any political setting that whenever you are picking party candidates so many people will come up. After the primary someone will emerge and other will agree. It is natural and that is politics. Do you think APC has enough structures to challenge PDP and the power of incumbency? There are so many incumbent presidents that had been dethroned in this continent. So, there is nothing like power of incumbency. Even in Nigeria the power of incumbency does not work again, it is achievements that people consider. We deposed Olagunsoye Oyinlola in Osun State despite his power of incumbency. He was a soldier, he dealt with us militarily but we defeated him. Ditto Oyo State, Adebayo Alao-Akala was deposed despite power of incumbency. People know that if you don’t perform they will not vote you. Are you insinuating that PDP has not performed in the last 14 years? What performance? Can you sleep with your two eyes closed in Nigeria now? The first achievement any government can record is security of its people. Is there any security in this country? Security is a federal government assignment. How do you see the call for granting of amnesty to Boko Haram members? Amnesty or no amnesty, Boko Haram problem is not the same with NigerDelta problem. At the beginning of the Niger-Delta problem they stated the reasons why they were fighting and they identified themselves. We know them and we knew that they were fighting be-

cause of the natural resources in their areas and they felt cheated. Despite the illness of President Musa Yar’Adua, he solved the problems of Niger-Delta permanently before he died. What effort has President Goodluck Jonathan made since Boko Haram has been killing people in Nigeria? What kind of amnesty are we talking about and who are they

that should be blamed. It is the presidency that has the security apparatus and he is the head of the security. Meaning that the National Assembly should declare the president’s seat vacant? Why not, if that is what will solve our problem? When a similar thing happened in America President Obama abandoned everything he was doing to attend to the problem. But while people are being killed in Nigeria the president was travelling around the world. So, what kind of governance is that? Jonathan is not competent to be


approaching? They should look inward into the PDP leadership first. If they solve the PDP problem within themselves, there would be no Boko Haram problem in Nigeria. How do you see the recent declaration of state of emergency in three states in the North? The National Assembly should declare a state of emergency in Nigeria too and on the presidency because it is not the fault of the state governments. Mr. President is the Chief Security Officer of this country and if security is lacking, a state of emergency should be declared on the presidency. Even the president should be removed first. The reason for this is that he is not competent to secure us. As Chief Security Officer, why is Mr. President descending on the governors? Is there any state that has state police? If I am a governor of a state and I called Commissioner of Police today to go to anywhere he will tell me that he needs to get order from the InspectorGeneral of Police. If before he gets order from the IG and anything gets destroyed, can you blame me? It is the presidency

President of Nigeria. He is not competent. Ahead of 2014 governorship election in State of Osun, PDP is strategically warming up to send Governor Rauf Aregbesola-led ACN government packing. Do you see PDP stopping Aregbesola in 2014? Everybody feels important. Omisore who cannot win his polling booth in the last general elections is now boasting that he wants to take over Osun. How can he achieve that? When ACN government was young, Omisore could not win his polling unit compared to now that there are projects and developments everywhere in the state. There is a statistics that was just released by the federal government agency, which states that Osun is the second best in reduction of unemployment rate in Nigeria. Twenty thousand unemployed youths were recruited and after two years about 90 per cent of them have been engaged either through the civil service or self empowerment project. Apart from that there are many programmes that are leading to the reduction of unemployment rate

in the State of Osun. There is no way you can reduce unemployment rate in any society that you are not indirectly reducing the crime rate. Apart from PDP, there is also a plan by some people to resuscitate the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN). Considering the influence of late Obafemi Awolowo in Yoruba politics, are you not seeing the move to bring UPN to limelight as a threat to ACN? What is important is, have people seen the dividends of democracy in the State of Osun? If yes, will they do away with good government? We are talking of Aregbesola’s administration in the State of Osun and his numerous achievements. Considering several achievements of Governor Aregbesola-led administration in the State of Osun, will people vote such government out? Will those people who had never witnessed tarring of roads in their community and are now getting the best of roads, want to do away with the man who brought good tidings to them? Will somebody that has been employed without knowing any godfather say he doesn’t want the government that gave him employment again? Will the parents who are not spending except giving stipends to their children to go to school do away with that government? We provide school uniform for students free in the state. But performance may not be the only yardstick to guarantee Governor Aregbesola’s return to office considering how the Alliance for Democracy (AD) was sent packing by PDP in South-West during 2003 general election. AD was not chased out in South-West during 2003 general elections. It was the trick of Obasanjo that the AD leaders fell to. It was only Asiwaju Bola Tinubu that knew ahead. Then the AD campaigned for Obasanjo, saying that Obasanjo is a Yoruba man, let us vote for him. And PDP used that opportunity to rig the election. There is no way anybody could think of rigging election in the State of Osun because they know they would be risking their lives if they do so. The masses will rise. Because they are enjoying Aregbesola they will protect their votes. Even while we were contesting against the PDP who was in power then, Aregbesola told the people; just go to the polling booth, cast your vote and stay behind. People did so and the election was rigged and the figures were manipulated. Aregbesola told them don’t worry yourself; I am taking my government back and he did. There is no more PDP in Osun. I can say so with authority and confidence.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013


APGA and its endless crises tional chairmanship of the party. While both groups were still laying claim to the party’s structure, INEC, based on the Court of Appeal ruling, recognised Umeh as APGA’s national chairman. INEC, in a letter with reference number, INEC/DPPM&L/APGA/003/ T/358, dated May 8, said it would continue to relate with Umeh as the national chairman of APGA, adding that its action is in compliance with the ruling of the Court of Appeal, which stayed the execution of the Enugu High Court order restraining him from parading himself as the party chairman. The commission’s letter, signed by its Secretary, Abdullahi A. Kaugama, reads: “The commission notes the ruling of the Court of Appeal, which stayed the execution of the order of the Enugu High Court that restrained Chief Victor Umeh from parading himself as the national chairman of APGA. Consequently, the commission will continue to relate with Victor Umeh as the national chairman of APGA.” Speaking to newsmen on the state of his party, Umeh blamed Obi for fuelling the crisis in the party. He also chided Okorocha for dragging the party’s name into the merger of opposition parties in utter disregard to APGA’s position on the matter. He said the factionalisation of the party and the uncertainties over its leadership had been laid to rest, even if temporarily. His words: “It will be recalled that in recent times, our party has been reported as a party that has been factionalised. We patiently waited for INEC’s response to the ruling of the appeal court over the party’s leadership. “INEC has written a letter to me recognising me as the chairman of APGA. This development has also straightened things in APGA and those who want to do business with APGA, now know who to deal with. We want to use the opportunity to thank the INEC for obeying the decisions of the court and upholding the rule of law. For this action, we applaud INEC.” In his swift reaction, Okwu said his faction would work assiduously to see that INEC’s position is reversed as soon as possible. He also said that 21 out of the 26 NWC members Umeh headed belong to his own NWC. “We do not accept the Commission’s posture for so many reasons. We will therefore work assiduously to see that this position is reversed as soon as possible. “It may be useful to mention that in this NWC, 21 of them served in Victor Umeh’s 26 member NWC,” he said. Okwu’s faction, in a communiqué made available to Saturday Mirror by the National Publicity Secretary, Bernard Akoma, after the NWC meeting on Tuesday also dissociated the party from INEC’s recognition of Umeh as APGA national chairman. The communiqué reads in part: “The NWC notes that since the final judgment of the Enugu High Court of 8th Febru-


ary 2013, and before the Court of Appeal in the afternoon of 8th April 2013, ruled on the application sought by Umeh in which only him was heard, there was an execution of the Enugu High Court judgment by 8am on the morning of 8th April 2013 through a popular National Convention of APGA monitored by INEC. “NWC notes further that there are multiplicity of suits pending before the various High Courts filed by Victor Umeh or his surrogates. Victor Umeh in other instance has applied to be joined as a party or as the authentic representative of APGA. We note particularly Suit No. FHC/AWK/CS/88/2013 by Charles Nwazojie for himself and others and INEC and five others before the Federal High Court Awka in which INEC is the 1st defendant. We view the current INEC statement as preemptive and prejudicial to the Federal High Court case at Awka in which INEC is a 1st Defendant. “Meanwhile, we 18 members of the NWC out of 27 who served with Chief Sir Victor Umeh have dissociated ourselves from INEC’s recognition of Umeh and have since March 23, 2013, passed a vote of no confidence on his leadership and re-iterate our rejection of his draconian rule. “We the former members of the previous NWC hereby re-affirm our participation and stand on the popular April 8, 2013 National Convention held at Awka. We call on INEC to continue to remain firm and defend its decision to monitor APGA Convention on April 8, 2013 at Awka.” Considering the state of APGA after Ojukwu’s demise many Igbo chieftain are presently not happy about the state of the party. They are disappointed that the party which ordinarily was considered a forum for Igbo is rocked by crises. A chieftain of Ohaneze Ndigbo in Imo State, Mr. Samuel Osuigwe, believed that the crisis in APGA is disgraceful and negates the vision of late OdumegwuOjukwu. Osuigwe, who described APGA as a pet political party in Igbo land which must be guarded jealously for future political ventures, in a recent interview, said that the power tussle among some of the leaders in the party did not speak well of Ndigbo. He advised APGA to seek ami-

cable ways of settling its disputes, saying that politics and clash of interest were inseparable. He noted that it was time to erase the stigma of Igbo politicians being over ambitious, a situation which had earned some of them, disrepute. He also urged APGA members and supporters not to be discouraged or distracted by the on-going problem in the party. He assured them that the problem would be over soon. He therefore called on the two factions to close ranks and unite against all odds. He added that the foundation for political prosperity of any nation was dependent upon its indivisibility. He said that it was imperative for Ndigbo to explore the areas that sought to unite them more than the aspects that pull them apart. In his view, Chief Emeka Ojukwu, the son of the late Ikemba of Nnewi, accused some people of creating the crises in the party for selfish ends. His words: “What my father had in mind for APGA is not what is happening now. Ezeigbo had a vision of a party like APGA which is poised towards accommodating all and sundry and giving Ndigbo a voice in the comity of states. Today, we have a crisis that is man-made and it all boils down to who will succeed him. But he failed to carry the members along and that is why we are in this situation. “It is a manufactured crisis. Yes, there is a clash of personality issues, clash of ideals. However, the issues are being

camouflaged and we are being presented this manufactured crisis of leadership as the bone of contention. If there was an agreement on the real issues at hand, nobody would be talking about an APGA leadership crisis. “Set aside the personalities involved and ask yourselves: ‘where are they planning to lead us to? What direction, that is, do they want to take us to? In truth, who represents the ideals upon which the party was founded? Whose agenda is he running?’ If you answer these questions honestly, your choice will have been made. “INEC has also been quite clear on where it stands on the issue. Given those facts, everything being equal, one would have expected a different result. Be that as it may, the matter is now on appeal. Let’s see whether justice will prevail. To many Nigerians the crisis within the party is not healthy for the party considering its preparation for the forthcoming Anambra State governorship election, which is expected to hold later this year. Though APGA is the ruling party, analysts are of the view that failure to put its house in order may affect it in the governorship election in view of the strength of the opposition parties - Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) - in the state. Therefore, many people are watching with keen interest what would become of APGA in the near future.

In your refreshingly different

Insurgency: When security operatives become targets

Two episodes, which occurred within hours in succession, in two states recently, resulted in the highest casualties ever recorded by Nigerian security agents in an attack. The incidents highlighted the reckless massacre of Nigeria’s security men, particularly the police since the upsurge of insurgency in parts of the country. What would have been the reason for this hatred against security forces and how would it be tamed? These and more are the focus of this report

Borno, Yobe, Adamawa:

Life under emergency rule As the federal troops deployed in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa under a state of emergency order of the Federal Government arrive, so is a dusk till dawn curfew imposed on the benighted states. Already, the soldiers have hit the streets, trying to smoke out the Boko Haram insurgents. But how have the civilians been able to cope in the militarised states. Then the state governors of the concerned states who escaped being suspended from office by a whisker, how are they adjusting as the state’s security now lies with the federal authorities. We bring all these tomorrow?



‘How to escape heartbreak’ Queen Onakala is an afro soul music diva. In this interview, the Jebele crooner whose stage name is spelt Kween gives a recipe on how a lady in love can escape heartbreak in case the love affair collapses. She also unveils her style, music career, life as a mother and wife and her efforts to make heaven at the end of her earthly sojourn. These and many more available tomorrow in your


May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Darlene ...Living music

Relationships Should you snoop on your partner?


Sex talk

•Ethnic glam •Metallic glitz

Make the most of your mornings


May 18, 2013

y t i r b e l e C

Saturday Mirror

‘Music is my life’ else. The role will have to be worth it though.

Darlene Benson Cobham is one of the successful Nollywood actresses. She’s also a singer, MC and a scriptwriter. In this interview, she tells OSEYIZA OOGBODO about her marriage and multifaceted entertainment career among others. Excerpts:

What can you say is your greatest achievement since you’ve been in Nollywood? Having a name and a voice is an achievement, and I have both, thanks to Nollywood. How far have you gone with your plans to break into Hollywood? Hollywood? We’ll get there someday! Nothing is impossible before God and we only have to keep working towards a goal and God will do the rest. What do you hate about Nollywood? Hate? Hate is a strong word! I don’t love hating!


hat’s the latest about you? I’m promoting my latest single, Idara, and I’m planning the video shoot too. But for now, I’m still doing the necessary radio tour to promote it, and I can tell you that it’s not easy but it’s nevertheless exciting and I’ll just say don’t be surprised when Idara becomes a national anthem as I’m doing all in my power to ensure it becomes successful.

What do you like then about Nollywood? The constant strive to get better, the Nigerian spirit of working hard, and the drama in our movies. How many movies have you done in all? I have done well over 60.

You were working on your album last year. How far with it? I’m still on it and it will come out sooner than later. I still have two more singles to drop before I release it though.

Which movie shot you to limelight and which year was that? That is Opa Williams’ Maama in 1998. Zeb Ejiro’s soap, Candlelight, where I played Emem opposite Do Good played by Basorge also gave me the necessary visibility to go on and become more accepted in Nollywood till date.

Are you still with Basorge Tariah’s Solid Star Records? I’m no longer with Solid Star. I’m searching for a label right now. In the meantime, I’m doing my thing on my own.

Do you do anything else apart from music and acting? Apart from them, I also write movie scripts, I MC events, and at other times, I just love being a wife and a mother.

How are you doing on your own? I’m doing well. It’s a little challenging not operating from Lagos, but that is not an excuse, and I’m not really complaining. It’s just a matter of time and everything will click the way I want them to.

Which would you say is harder: singing or acting? I can’t say. I try to put in my best in both of them so that whatever I do in them doesn’t appear mediocre. Are you a better singer or actress? If you were asking which I love most, it would be an easier question. The answer is, I am more passionate about my music. It’s personal to me, it’s all I believe, it’s the message I bear. It’s my life!

You found fame as an actress. How many movies have you done this year? I’ve done just one movie this year. I’m busier with my music these days, but I welcome movie jobs any day, and I miss being on set regularly.

Which has been your most challenging role? To date, it is still my role in Maama which of course I won an award for. Reel Awards 1999 and best new actress.

You don’t seem to act as often as before. Why? I’m out of Lagos most of the time so I don’t seem to be visible enough for the producers, but it only takes a phone call and I’m in Lagos if I was out of town. Still, I do two or three movies a year.

ports me 100 per cent and loves it when I am shooting or in the studios.

Is marriage encumbering your career? No it’s not. My darling husband sup-

Do you think marriage aids a successful showbiz career? From my experience, yes it does.

Your colleagues are currently shaving off their hair for movie roles. Can you do so also? Yes. I can shave my hair for a movie role. Why not? That’s what an actor is, looking different and being someone

What is your advice to upcoming actresses? Be focused. If you know for sure that this is what you want to do and you have the talent for it, give every role you play your best, constantly try to outdo your last performance and pray always.

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May 18, 2013




Mafumay, joins England returnee train M afumay is one woman who is not ready to let her talent go to waste. A singer, dancer and model born in the United Kingdom but of Nigerian lineage, she has joined the league of Nigerian singers based abroad who returned to the country to forge successful music careers.

Astutely, she is also taking the other steps her returnee colleagues like Seyi Shay and Zaina took to become musically successful. She recorded two songs, L.O.V.E and Roll With You, with top Nigerian producer, Fliptyce, and has released them and they are doing well.


2face, Ice Prince nominated for BET T

he African nominees for this year’s American BET Awards have been released and it is unsurprising that Nigeria is well represented by African Queen singer, 2face Idibia and Oleku rapper, Ice Prince. The other nominees for the awards’ African category known as Best International Act (Africa) are Donald and Toya Delazy, both of South Africa, Uganda’s Radio and Weasel and Ghana’s R2Bees. 2face is a previous winner of the award. He won it jointly with D’Banj in 2011. Last year’s BET was a good one for Nigeria again as Wizkid won the category jointly with Ghana’s Sarkodie. Will it be a third consecutive triumph for Nigeria? That question will definitely be answered when the awards, to be hosted by popular Black comedian-actor Chris Tucker, hold in Los Angeles, California on June 30.


Splash returns with LION Mafumay

Seriki comes of age A


fter a long time in the wilderness of music, indigenous rapper Seriki is finally getting to his promised land. Most people got to know him way back when FBI featured him on his hit song, Baby Girl. Seriki stood out in the song as his rap was on point and his delivery was totally different from that of every other rapper. But as usual, his arrival on the scene immediately brought a weight of expectation to bear on him. He was expected to be the next big rapper. But then, things didn’t fly for him as expected. He was featured by several of

his colleagues on songs and at shows but didn’t hit the limelight properly. The turning point for him however was when 9ice signed him to his Alapomeji Records. Associating with a high profile artiste like 9ice finally began to do wonders for his brand and it is now paying off for him. His recently released song, Agbalumo, is gradually making headway, and his latest, Sweet Love, featuring May D and Vector, is also rising. And since success in the music industry is turn by turn, it is just possible that Seriki’s turn to shine has finally come.


ast rising female rapper, Splash, has returned with L.I.O.N (Like It Or Not) featuring YQ. L.I.O.N comes on the heels of her last release, Church Agbasa, which is still making waves. L.I.O.N serves further notice that she and her record label, H-Man’s August Pee Entertainment, really mean business. Since she signed on with the label, her profile has risen sharply and L.I.O.N is set to aid her inevitable rise to the top. Meanwhile, her label mate, iMike, is also doing well with the video of his song, Adaure. The video is one of the best around presently and is finally making people reckon with iMike, the winner of Project Fame West Africa Season 2 who is only now living up to what has been expected of him all along as a Project Fame winner.



May 18, 2013

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Davido, Kcee duel for hottest song T

here’s no that doubt Gobe, by Davido, and Limpopo, by Kcee, are the current hottest songs on the airwaves. Both Davido and Kcee have several smash hits to their names and Gobe and Limpopo are only their latest. The two of them are also friends and have collaborated together on a song, the remix of Kcee’s Okpekete. As things stand right now though, the friends are indirectly involved in a duel for whose song will be regarded as the hottest in the country presently. Both songs are receiving so much airplay that it is one preventing the other from being the standout song. Even as Gobe has a slight upper edge over Limpoopo, since Gobe was released before Limpopo, Limpopo has come up so fast that it is not allowing Gobe any breathing space. Pundits are however tipping Limpopo to eventually outshine Gobe. Their Davido D id argument is that it will be Kcee’s first monster hit as a solo artiste and that he deserves it at this point in time having spent millions on establishing his solo career which has been on a steady, steady rise with Okpekete, Okpekete Remix and Give It To Me featuring Flavour before Limpopo arrived to make him taste the that 9ice has done with Gongo Aso, Olu Maintain with Yasu type of music success with Kukere and Wizkid with Pakurumo. Iyanya Iy hoozee,


Chioma Toplis visits Tony Anenih Geriatric Centre NGOZI EMEDOLIBE



ollywood star, Chioma Toplis, demonstrated her philanthropic side by marking her si 40th birthd birthday celebration with the less-pr less-privileged. The ac actress, who believes that the welfare of the aged in our ssociety is dear to her heart, ttook a trip to Ibadan to pay a visit to the inhabitants of Chief Tony Anenih Geriatri Centre, located at Geriatric Univ the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Ibad Oyo State. Despite being a rainy day in Lagos, tthe star actress was not deterre deterred, as she said it was a burden in her heart to begin to identify and a support worthy

causes, like improving the welfare of the aged in our society. According to her, she is impressed with the affairs at the Chief Tony Anenih Home for the Aged, praising the warmth and dedication to duty of the members of staff at the facility. While donating some items like food stuffs, beverages and toiletries, she pledged to do more and be a part of the vision of caring for the aged. She equally praised Anenih for being part of the dream to improve to the welfare of the aged, some of whom would have had no better alternative. The star actress enjoined Nigerians to borrow a leaf from Anenih and do more for the less-privileged in our society. On why she has not been so regular in movies, the actress blamed it on family and business, as she is mostly in London, where her family lives. “The few times I am in Nigeria, I am tied up with my business.” For now, she says she is more interested in giving back to the society that has made her who she is today in the entertainment industry.

TY Bello

Greenland Artiste: TY Bello Verse 1 Stand in the rain as the clouds go grey The thunder roars and the earth sings The season’s just beginning The sunlight it hides as the clouds make way For the pouring of my blessings I will not be afraid Hook I see it now, I understand, I know So I embrace it Dance in the rain it’s for my seeds to grow For every prayer and every seed I’ve sown The Lord of the harvest knows I’m reaping back a hundred fold Chorus The land is green, it’s green, ooooh The land is green, it’s green Can’t you see? The harvest is ready Cos the Lord of the harvest told me so It’s green, it’s green for me (2x) Verse 2 Standing alone can be a heavy load But my vows I won’t be breaking Though my heart is aching I got a word and I won’t let go It’s Your will I’m seeking So I keep on believing Repeat hook Repeat chorus Bridge I thought it was over Thought You were done with me But we’re just beginning oh my life is a journey I will walk with you I will go where you want me to Yes I will go Repeat chorus (3x) The harvest is ready cos He told me so It’s green and it’s all mine

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May 18, 2013



V Igho

Peter Igho …

in Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the returning cast of all-stars as the Fast And Furious global blockbuster franchise built on speed races to its next continent in Fast And Furious 6. Since Dom (Diesel) and Brian’s (Walker) Rio heist toppled a kingpin’s empire and left their crew with $100 million, our heroes have scattered across the globe. But their inability to return home has left their lives incomplete. Meanwhile, Hobbs (Johnson) has been tracking an organization of

lethally skilled mercenary drivers across 12 countries, whose mastermind (Evans) is aided by a ruthless second-in-command revealed to be the love Dom thought was dead, Letty (Rodriguez). The only way to stop the criminal outfit is to outmatch them at street level, so Hobbs asks Dom to assemble his elite team in London. Payment? Full pardons for all of them so they can return home and make their families whole again.

colossal writer-producer-broadcaster


eter Igho’s name will forever be in the annals of Nigeria’s film production sector. His achievements in the sector might never be matched. Even as he is no longer primarily in production, what he has done continues to be a reference point for the current industry practitioners. Exalted as a brain behind the scenes, and rightly so, his exploits behind actually began in front. While in secondary school, the creativity in him began to manifest. He was one of the best English students and won an essay competition organized by the American embassy. It didn’t stop there. Music was also in him and he formed a band, The Heart Renders, of which he was the lead vocalist and also played the piano and accordion. And it went on like that up to the University of Ibadan where he was also part of a band, The Q Mark. His journey behind the scenes began in earnest after his university education. He was posted to a Teachers Training College at Bida and it was there that he wrote and produced a theatre tale that was scheduled to run for six

days but was so successful that the town’s people wanted to see it too so it ran for a longer period and then it had to tour the state due to demand before the governor too eventually requested a command performance. Because of the play, he was sought out to be one of the pioneer staff of NTV Sokoto and he was in charge of the drama department. And in 1978, when a drama competition was organised among NTA stations, of which NTV Sokoto had become one, Igho’s Moment Of Truth was the winner. His reward was to be commissioned to produce a TV series in line with the popular Operation Feed the Nation policy that would help Nigerians take to farming. The TV series he came up with was Cockcrow At Dawn which was a nationwide sensation while it aired. Cockcrow led to more success for him. He became general manager in charge of NTA’s network programmes and he saw to the nationwide broadcasting of Mirror In The Sun, Samanja, The Village Headmaster, Behind The Cloud, among other programmes.


he Hangover movies have always torn up the box office because of the crazy scenes in them. The latest, and supposed last of them, The Hangover Part 3, is no different in the crazy scenes regard. From every indication, it even has more crazy scenes than the previous two. A son appears shirtless at his father’s funeral and insults his mother. A giraffe gets decapitated. A guy hangs off the side of a building. And in the midst of all the craziness, a kidnap occurs and the

crazy characters have to come together to rescue their kidnapped friend.



May 18, 2013

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Relationships Should you snoop It is wrong


hat if your partner goes out of the room or your immediate environs while leaving his or her phone, laptop, wallet or bag open and beside you, would you quickly take a sneak peek into that person’s private world without waiting or seeking for permission to do so? This is a scenario we have at one time or the other found ourselves. It’s a common thing among a lot of people to try to have control over their immediate and remote environment especially when it comes to their relationship and they do not mind invading anybody’s privacy to keep their home intact. A lot of men unsuspecting have had their privacies invaded through their women searching their pockets, wallets and phones all in the name of keeping abreast of whatever is happening in the life of their partner. Some women even go as far as keeping tabs on their partners through the aid of third parties who they have asked to help monitor their men. The truth must be told, most women and some men have been there even when a lot of them when asked, will deny ever having done so. The issue goes beyond that of trust towards invasion of privacy and the funny thing is that everyone won’t like it been done to them, yet we feel comfortable when doing it. A lot of people involved in this unholy act lay claim on the fact that they don’t want surprises, especially when it comes to something that may hurt them if they did not have a fore knowledge of it. We claim to love each other yet we do not trust our partners. We get paranoid over non issues all in the name of protecting ourselves from getting hurt but the honest truth is that we get more hurt when we sneak behind each other’s back looking for clues to whatever end that we may never find. Most women check their partner’s phones and pockets for text messages and scraps of paper or receipts of hotels or bills of purchases done for or used by their partners with other women thinking the men will foul up and these can be used as evidence that their spouse is cheating. The truth is that in this clime,

there is practically little one can do even if you discover these evidences than to get hurt and call it quits with the partner. But we should not forget that it’s not the evidences discovered that broke the relationship but our individual acts while still in the relationship. If a partner is cheating, it’s a character flaw in that person and not the evidences discovered that will ultimately break the relationship. Some people will even go as far as following their partner’s cyber trail as well. Being paranoid and stalking your partner is not a good trait to have in a relationship. The funny thing is that for some other people, this stalking may not even be as a result of their paranoia as per infidelity as much as a deep rooted case of insecurity and lack of self esteem or very low self esteem if they do have any. It is a known fact that people will search their partner’s pockets, phones and e-mails to check the financial status of the said partner because they are not too sure of their own financial standing. A person of high self worth has no need to depend on a partner for financial favours or succour to survive. Call me what you will, but I personally believe that whatever is going to happen cannot be changed and no amount of stalking or otherwise will change anything. We should never forget that we can never find a perfect partner to love the way we would have loved them to be. For me personally, invading your partner’s privacy without permission is wrong and that you suspect the person of something or generally being unnecessarily suspicious doesn’t make it right to do so. Two wrongs never make a right. Instead of snooping and getting hurt in the process, why don’t you have a talk with your partner? Effective communication does a lot of good things in a relationship. Talking about your observations and emotions go a long way in alleviating repressed hurts that may be latent and a little bit below the surface. So for whatever reasons, it is very wrong to invade other people’s privacy.


This column is x-rated

Make the most of your mornings

Sure, most guys will take sex whenever they can get it. But there’s one time of day that guys really, truly crave it. Most men wake up with a giant sausage between their legs because blood circulation to their member increases overnight. Besides, that’s when testosterone levels peak. But a guy doesn’t look down and think, ‘Oh, that’s just my thing doing its thing.’ He sees an erection and wants to put it to use instead of letting it deflate. More than that, however, studies, (yes, scientific studies!) prove that people who start their days by having sex are all-round healthier and happier than those who don’t. What do you say to that? Stay connected all day When you orgasm (or even spend time touching) your bodies release oxytocin, a substance that scientists have dubbed the ‘cuddle hormone.’ It helps you bond and feel close to each other. So by getting your ‘hit’ of oxytocin first thing, you’ll both be feeling mushy about each other for the rest of the day... aww Climb his sexual peak Testosterone levels peak in the morning. That means he’s more easily aroused. And you’re both full of energy too. At night-time, you’ve used up a lot of energy working, eating and whatever else. So going for it in the morning gives you an opportunity (and enough energy) to try a different style of sex.” Go for the morning glory Men often wake up to the sight of tainted sheets. Although it’s not necessarily a sign that he’s sexually aroused, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t put it to good use. Gently apply pressure to his member. Start slow and gentle

so he’s got a chance to wake up and realise that this isn’t just a great dream... then when he’s fully alert, you can get him really excited and ready for sex. This is one occasion when reality is actually better than the dream! Revel in your own beauty There’s a reason most fashion shoots with models take place early in the morning. After an average day – sitting for hours at work, munching, lunching and maybe even enjoying a glass or two of wine – your body no longer looks its best. Chances are your stomach looks a little more paunchy than it did in the morning and your skin a little duller. But before the alarm goes off in the morning, your skin still looks smooth as alabaster and your stomach taut and tiny. Seize the moment and give him some fantastic visuals of yourself to carry with him for the rest of the day Have a good sniff A man’s body odour can do wonders for a woman’s sexual health. One study from the

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013


on your partner?


Depends on you


This column is x-rated University of Pennsylvania found that when women with irregular menstrual cycles were given strong man scent to smell, their cycles became more regular. It’s also a great way to get aroused too. When you’re strongly attracted to someone, their fresh scent can be a huge turn on. So feel free to bury your nose in his armpit before he gets rid of the good stuff in the shower! To brush or not to brush? Rushing to the bathroom for a quick spruce-up might seem like a good idea, but if you do brush your teeth, at least take a glass of water back to the bedroom too. Why? Because otherwise your man might feel too self-conscious to share his morning breath kisses with you. A few glugs of water or one of those quick-melting menthol sweets will help him feel fresh. A bonus: a fresh minty tongue will feel fantastic on your …em, wherever he chooses to go…, especially if he gently blows on them after too Use your position to show off Missionary is not the best position for morning sex. Unlike so many other positions, it guarantees you’re breathing on each other’s faces. So unless you’ve both managed to rush to the bathroom to freshen up, it can be a bit off-putting. Instead, take full advantage of the soft flattering morning light to show-case your body. Maybe it’s because you’re both in a semi dream state or maybe it’s because you’re well rested, but somehow bodies just look sexier in morning light. And because morning sex usually starts out in a slower, more gentle style, both his and your skin will feel soft and smooth, not sticky or sweaty as it can at the end of the day. Spoon-feed him Even though you might both be well rested, morning sex needn’t be a full acrobatic performance. In fact, it’s a great time to savour a slower style of sex. “Spoon-position sex is a great way to go because you can ease yourselves into it slowly. Some gentle gyrating and touching, until you get fully

This column is x-rated aroused can feel incredibly romantic and sexy at the same time. Many people sleep in this position, so he can just reach around to stimulate all relevant body parts. Now, that’s what we call a good morning! Do it for your health Great sex in the morning means you start the day with a big grin on your face, but there are health reasons to enjoy it too. Research from Wilkes University in the United States has found that sex boosts immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels in your saliva. IgA binds to pathogens – sick-causing bacteria or viruses – helping to destroy them before they make you ill. Talk about a great way to prevent a cold! When a man has higher testosterone and is well-rested, he has more energy during sex. That energy will help him last longer. The key is to figure out ways to banish those unsexy’ I-justwoke-up’ feelings so that you can enjoy it. Freshening up a bit will make you more alert and ready to get in the mood. Before the action starts, tell him you’re going to give him 30 seconds to get ready for some mind-blowing sex, then slip into the bathroom to take care of whatever it is that’s making you feel unsexy. Icing on the cake A study found that having sex three times a week could actually halve the risk of heart attack or stroke. A 2009 study found that having sex every day improves sperm quality and could boost the chances of getting pregnant. In tests of men with fertility problems, daily ejaculation for a week cut the amount of DNA damage seen in sperm samples. Research also found that men who kept up a regular sex life in their 50s were also at lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Now that you know the benefits of sex, especially the early morning variety, you’ll probably be more than willing to skip thirty minutes, or even an hour of sleep to get into some beneficial morning action.

hether you are dating, courting or already married, one issue that you and your partner may have to deal with has to do with “personal effects” and whether searching them will amount to invasion of privacy. Phones, pockets, handbags, travel boxes/bags, drawers, computers, tablets, and the like are items which are hardly shared, so they are clearly “personal”. The question is this: what level of privacy should one accord to such items when in a relationship and what restrictions should your partner be subjected to in this regard? Let us say it as it is; most times, the underlying issue that prompts someone to “search” his or her partner’s personal effects borders on lack of TRUST. Otherwise, why would I look through my partner’s stuff and what exactly would I be looking for? Funny text messages, bbms, emails, pictures, etc? To what end? I believe that even if your partner gives you cause to doubt his fidelity or commitment, searching his personal effects will not yield any positive result. Guess what, if your partner wants to hide something, he/she will continuously find more ‘creative’ ways to hide it, each time you make any discovery. The other side of the argument is that there should be transparency in every relationship and that someone should not have qualms with his/her partner who searches personal effects. This means that phones, laptops, etc should not be locked or pass-worded. That is a topic for another day! My immediate answer to this point is that your partner may not have any-

thing to hide, but will still have qualms with you for searching his/her stuff because such search insinuates that you do not trust him/her, hundred percent. And in cases where your suspicions are not unfounded, and your search did not reveal anything, he/she will simply resort to emotional blackmail and reverse psychology. In other words, you may end up being the guilty party. It seems to me that the ideal way to avoid issues regarding invasion of privacy or searching personal effects is to conduct yourself in a way that your partner does not have cause to suspect foul play. More importantly, learn to just see your partner as an angel that will not cheat on you. It is very difficult, but possible; and it is very necessary for your complete health and sanity. Life is too short. I can hear someone say: what if I just want to search for the fun of it, not because I suspect anything? What if I just need to be double sure? Will it not be stupid of me to assume my partner is not hiding something from me? I need to know what is happening so that I can protect my relationship or walk out on a cheating partner that I am not married to. I hear you! Well, I prefer direct confrontation when there is suspicion. You don’t need to privately search out evidence to prove your suspicion; simply confront him/her directly and ask him/her to prove innocence by allowing you to do the search IMMEDIATELY. Definitely, incriminating text messages, etc cannot be deleted magically! So is it okay to go through your partner’s “personal effects”? You decide!


May 18, 2013

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Women are better leaders

–Hajia Binta Muazu Hajia Binta Muazu is one of the top five female politicians in Kaduna. A businesswoma businesswoman and grandmother, she has been deca married for over three decades. In this interview with FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON, she speaks spe SALOME on her political experience, particularly, d urring tthe he last ele particularly, during election, the challenges of combining with motherhood motherhood plus p politics with the secret of her successful marriage. Excerpts:


ow long have you y been married? I have been married for over thirty years and to the glory of God m I am a mother and a a grandmother. What would you attribute your successful marriage to? att Patience. Patience Patienc is the main factor. I thank God for giving me this attribute because without it I can assure you this talk over this particular issue may ma not have been possible. You cannot afford not to have patience iif you mean to stay married. Every successful marrequires a lot of patience and perseverance from both playriage require last forever. I say the issue of patience involves ers if they must m and the woman but I must stress here that the both the man m who is believed to own the home needs to be more woman w patient. Men, from time to time, come up with all kinds of behaviours; in-laws do the same and so many other situabehavi tions that warrant one to be calm and patient to overcome them come up. If one fails to be patient, there will always one problem or the other that are capable of disruptbe o ing iin ng the marriage. Another thing is that if you are also lucky to have a very understanding man like I do, then llu u you have a rare gift in your hand and you should learn yo to keep it well. That is what has been helping me all along. That explains why I am able to go into and stay a iin politics. He has been extremely understanding and very supportive. a How would you describe your political career so far? I would describe it as very impressive and I am happy with myself so far because where I contested for a political position, I did very well. I said this because I poli what is called grass root politicking. I did not stay did w within the city to contest. I went down to the villages to with sell my manifesto in my political career. sel What are some of the remarkable experiences you had during your visits to these villages? It was very interesting to go to those places because it afforded me an idea of what it takes to live in a village. Not many people know what it means for somebody to be poor or be in the village and the challenges therein. You will be shocked at the level of poverty existing there if you are ever chanced to be there to see things yourself. It brought the reality of the state of abject poverty in the country face-to- face to me and that gave me a bigger push to be determined to do all I can to help the poor and the needy. It again opened my heart and eyes to appreciate God the more for his mercies on me. Again, as a politician, if you really mean business,

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013

it is very vital to go down to the grass root where the need is much, it opens up one’s eyes to the realisation of the fact that Nigeria is indeed in trouble. Government of nowadays is not doing enough to tackle the problem of the people, especially in the aspect of poverty, in the aspect of empowering our youths and women to feel the impact of democracy. Up till now, our leaders are yet to record outstanding impact that will make the common man break into dancing for a particular change in his life and the community he lives. We still have a long way to go in areas like farming, education and infrastructure. The health sector is still in a bad state and the facilities are not good enough; people still face challenges over electricity. Going to those places has especially opened my eyes to the terrible state in which our nation is. Unfortunately, these situations are all over the place because it affects everyone both the poor and the rich. Going into politics helped me see the true life of a common man. In the course of my campaign, I went to a very remote place and when I was coming, my slippers cut off. It took one of my members that were with me who gave me one of her own slippers to wear. It was one experience I had for the first time. What has that experience helped you to do to better the lot of these people so far? My main achievement in that campaign was the fact that I got the heart of the people there. I was accepted. The whole of Kaduna North gave me their vote because I believe they believe in me. If you ask anybody in Kaduna of the election and the person that won the seat of the House of Representatives for Kaduna North, they will tell you that I won the election on merit. They all gave me their support. I was the only woman among the six that contested but as God would have it, it wasn’t my time and that position was given to another contestant. It was given to a male, but my party won that election. Don’t you sometimes feel marginalised, especially as a woman in a male-dominated world of Nigerian politics? I feel very marginalised. I will not tell you I am intimidated because if a lady is well prepared, well brought up and knows what she wants, where she is going and why she is going where, she will prepare for the task ahead of her believing that nobody can intimidate her. The truth, however, is that we have challenges of gender inequality and gender discrimination. A lot of people believe that woman cannot represent men. They believe that the place of a woman is at home. We want our men and people to know that it is not so. Most of the women that are in the position they are now who were given appointments are doing fantastically well than the men. I am not saying that women are saints or that all women are the same but if you look at it, we do much better than the men. Most times, except in few cases, once the men have the opportunity,

they will carry their jobs without caution, but you have more women who do otherwise than men. Women are usually more sensitive and more caring because God has blessed us to be caring mothers. A woman is a cook in the house, a house keeper; she will take care of the home, the husband, the children and even the relations. We are just created to be like that and this is an advantage for us to do better when we are given the opportunity to serve. Apart from politics what other things are you into? Apart from being a politician, I am also a business woman. I am into interior decoration and furnishing amongst other interests. As a woman, a wife and mother, how do you different roles, considering the nature of your career as a politician and businesswoman? It is not an easy task at all. Going from one political meeting to another is a challenge on its own let alone adding the roles of a wife and mother. But with the grace of God and the big understanding I get from my husband, I have been able to manage all without much ado. I just try as much as I can to strike a balance. As a stylish woman, do you have any beauty routine? I don’t have any beauty routine but I make sure that I have the contentment of God within me. I love the way I am and that is helping me a lot. A good way to keep a youthful look is to learn to be grateful to God for everything he has given you both within and without. If you will learn to appreciate what you have been given, how you have been made, you will be surprised at how beautiful you can be. Having a good rest when the body needs it is also a very essential way to youthful looks. Do the best you can and leave the rest to God. You don’t have to get unnecessarily worried about anything when you know that you have a God who is able and capable of handling situations for you. When you worry less, you look younger because stress kills one gradually. Eating well and eating right is also another secret of looking good and it is also good to engage in exercises no matter how small. If one will be careful to observe all of the above as a matter of duty, one will not only look younger but naturally beautiful too. What is your advice for the young ones that are coming up? What I can tell them is to be patient and also to be seekers of light. They should learn to believe in God. What will be, will surely be. They should also believe and be confident in themselves. Whatever career they want to do or carry on with should be done with sincerity and seriousness as well as dedication and commitment. They should live a life that fears and reverences God in all that they do. Once they have all of these and learn to rest on God, success will surely come their way.



Women are better off without bras –Study


ccording to a new French study, published earlier this week, wearing a bra does nothing to reduce back pain, and the chest supports actually cause increased breast sagging. According to the lead author of the research, the lesson to be learned from the preliminary results of his marathon experiment is that “bras are a false necessity”. “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra,” he said. Using a slide rule and caliper, the author spent years carefully measuring changes in the orientation of breasts belonging to hundreds of women, at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (University Hospital) in Besançon. All the women involved in the study were aged between 18 and 35, although the professor was keen to stress that the group were not a representative of the global population of females. After regularly measuring women who were not wearing bras the scientists concluded that “on average their nipples lifted on average seven millimetres in one year in relation to the shoulders.”. A 28-year-old woman who participated

in the professor’s in-depth study, hasn’t worn a bra for two years, and swears by the results. “There are multiple benefits: I breathe more easily, I carry myself better, and I have less back pain,” she affirmed. Despite the groundbreaking results of his study the researcher advised certain women not to immediately throw away all their bras in the bin. “It would be of no benefit to a 45-yearold mother to stop wearing a bra,” he warned. “These are preliminary results,” he added. “The small sample of 320 young women is not representative of the entire population – that would require something like 300,000 subjects.” However, Dr. Rouillon did confirm that the initial data indicated that when young women stopped wearing a bra, there was no disimprovement in the orientation of their breasts, and in fact, there was widespread improvement. “Of course, this is not the only factor to consider when deciding whether or not wear a bra – for example, many women simply find them very comfortable, especially in cold seasons,” he acknowledged. Culled from

‘Women’s handbags contain more bacteria than the average TOILET’


omen’s handbags are contaminated with more bacteria than the average toilet, a new study has revealed. Tests showed that one in five handbag handles is home to sufficient bacteria to pose a risk to human health. The research also revealed that the dirtiest item in the average handbag is hand cream – bottles of hand cream were found to carry more bacteria than the average toilet seat. The tests also revealed that leather handbags are the most bacteria-riddled as the spongy texture provides the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow and spread. The researchers suggest that women

should regularly clean their hands and bags with antibacterial wipes or gel to prevent cross-contamination. “Handbags come into regular contact with our hands and a variety of surfaces, so the risk of transferring different germs onto them is very high, especially as bags are rarely cleaned. “Once these germs are on the bags, they can easily be transferred via hands onto other surfaces. “Regular hand sanitisation is essential to prevent the presence of bacteria in the first place and thorough cleaning of bags is recommended to prevent the build-up of contamination.” Culled from


May 18, 2013


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Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression

Tiny Feet

How to curb your child’s aggressive behaviour M

ost people feel anger and aggression sometimes -- including children. Adults tend to have better control over their behaviour when these feelings arise. Children, however, may turn their energy toward violent behaviour such as kicking, biting, or hitting. If your child has a tendency toward this kind of aggressive behaviour, it’s up to you to help him develop judgment, self-discipline, and the ability to express his feelings in appropriate ways. Here are ways to do that: . Set firm and consistent limits. Children need to know what behaviour is, and is not, permitted. Make sure that everyone who cares for your child is aware of the rules you set, as well as the response to use if he does exhibit this behaviour. A child who kicks, hits, or bites should be reprimanded immediately so he understands exactly what he’s done wrong. . Help your child find new ways to deal with anger. Encourage her to use words to express her feelings rather than fighting with her body, and praise her for exhibiting nonvio-



lent behaviour. Let her witness other conflicts that arise in your home being resolved in a peaceful manner. . Instil self-control in your child. Children don’t possess an innate ability to control themselves. They need to be taught not to kick, hit, or bite whenever they feel like it. A child needs a parent’s guidance to develop the ability to keep his feelings under control and to think about his actions before acting on impulse. .Avoid encouraging “toughness.” In some families, aggressiveness is encouraged -- especially in boys. Parents often use the word “tough” to compliment a child. This can cause a child to feel that she has to kick and bite in order to win parental approval. . Don’t spank as a form of discipline. Some parents spank or hit their child as punishment. A child who is physically punished can begin to believe this is the correct way to handle people when you don’t like their behaviour. Physical punishment can reinforce a child’s aggressiveness toward others. . Control your own temper. Children tend to mirror






the behaviour of their parents. If you express your anger in reasonable ways, he probably will follow your example. . Be Consistent: For younger kids, the key is to be consistent. You can’t ignore behaviours one day and respond by screaming at your child the next. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, try to be consistent. . Remove your child from the situation: Sometimes you need to take your child out of a situation to help him regain control of his emotions. If you’re at the grocery store and your toddler is having a tantrum and kicking at the shopping cart because you’re not buying the cereal he likes, you can say, “You’re making too much noise. We’re not going to buy this cereal, and if you don’t stop we’ll have to leave.” If your child doesn’t stop, follow through and take him out of the store. . Offer a pep talk ahead of time. If you know there are situations that are difficult for your child, give him a little pep talk ahead of time. If your child always has trouble when he goes to your relative’s house—let’s say he gets stirred up and starts hit-




NAME: Fiyinfoluwa Tobalase BORN TO: Mr. and Mrs Oladejo AGE: 8 days old BIRTH WEIGHT: 2.5 kg Have you just had a baby? Send a picture of your bundle of joy to ting his cousins—it’s worth having a very brief discussion with him telling him what you expect before you enter the house. “You need to play nicely. If you start hitting him or hurt your cousins, we will leave immediately. Do you understand?” . Give time outs: Give younger children a timeout or a time away in a quiet place with some time alone. You can say, “I want you to be quiet and calm down. You cannot hit your brother when you’re angry. When you’re quiet for two minutes, you can come back and play with your brother.” Do very little


talking and be very clear with your directions. . Coordinate with other caregivers: It’s important to remember that misbehaviours, like fighting and physical aggression, occur in daycares and pre-school as well. It’s part of the way kids learn to get along with each other, but you need to deal with it immediately if your child is aggressive. You also need to coordinate your intervention with the caregiver so that you’re both consistent. Check in with the caregiver regularly to make sure that the behaviour is improving.


Seven-year-old recommends Update chocolate bullets to Americans •If we have chocolate bullets, nobody would be hurt – Myles Nelson’s sweet solution to America’s gun problem


schoolboy’s heartwarming solution to the gun control debate dividing America has captured the attention of the White House. Seven-year-old Myles Nelson wrote to America’sVice President, Joe Biden, to suggest that guns should only fire bullets made out of chocolate. The Vice President penned a hand-written response to the little boy praising his idea, which he said would make the country happier as well as safer - because “people love chocolate.” The Vice President, who told Myles “I really like your idea,” signed off with the words: “You are a good boy.” Myles came up with his idea in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy in Connecticut on De-

cember 14, 2012 when 20-yearold Adam Lanza fatally shot twenty children and six adult staff members in a mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the village of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut, USA. Lanza thereafter committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. The shootings prompted renewed debate about gun control in the United States and the chocolate solution is Myles sweet contribution to the debate. He said, in a letter to the Vice President that “if we have chocolate bullets, nobody would be hurt and nobody would be sad.” His teacher had encouraged Myles to share his idea with “people who could do some-

thing about the problem.” The hand-written note from Joe Biden created quite a stir at Myles’ school and the sevenyear-old was ‘ecstatic’ to have had his idea acknowledged by the Vice President of his country. His teacher says, “being called a ‘good boy’ by the Vice President ‘meant the world’ to Myles.” Gun control advocates are calling for measures to curb gun violence including universal background checks on owners and a ban on certain militarystyle weapons. The gun rights lobby insists people are safer when they are allowed to own and carry guns. •Culled from

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May 18, 2013

e l y t S Glam and

an isi Adenir with Yem


frican braids hairstyles have been around for many centuries, with its roots beginning in Africa. Africans are known to wear braided styles because it preserved the health of their hair. They come in different types and will look their best for more than a week if extra care is given to them. These are some ways to keep them beautiful and healthy: -Braid with a good quality synthetic fibre or human hair. -Visit your stylist at regular intervals to maintain your braids. - Your braids should be kept clean – use dry shampoo to cleanse or depending on the type of extensions you use, shampoo at least every week or about two weeks intervals. -Avoid tight braids especially around the hairline. -Do not leave hair for more than three months as it locks itself. -Let your stylist take out your braids as it minimises breakage and damage. -Always brush out the tight knots and dirt in your hair after taking out your braids before the shampoo service. -When shampooing /washing braids, do not apply shampoo straight to your hair. Dilute the shampoo with


01158) yd


¾ water and ¼ shampoo before application. -Where possible, use shower to wash your braids -Do not use creme conditioners after washing braids, use liquid, leave in conditioners. -To dry, allow braids to dry naturally or sit under low heat dryer – for weaves, sit under hooded dryer and allow weave to dry completely or it creates mould and odours. -Cover hair at night to avoid frizziness. -To cover, use silk or satin scarf. They do not soak moisture. -Apply braid sheen on your braid strands and scalp as often as required depending on your hair type and scalp condition. It helps to moisturise your hair and take away dryness. - Do not put creams on your hair as they block your hair follicles and stop your hair from growing.




May 18, 2013

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Fashion Frenzy


etallic hues are an attention-grabbing fashion favourite at the moment. They’re perfect for a night-out as well as for the day when worn correctly. These handy tips will help you carry off this glamorous trend without looking over-the-top. *Never pair a metallic top with a metallic bottom, to avoid looking like a masquerade Pair metallic clothing with solid, neutral colours to never go wrong.



•When wearing metallic fab minimal for a cool look. •For a casual day, you can a a bag or shoes for a glamorou •Metallic nails are the easie to any look. •If you’re wearing a metall your accessories are matt and •The best way to wear this t

Your candid response to all fashion questions Best shoes for pregnant women (II) Wearing the correct shoes while pregnant is important because uncomfortable shoes may also cause blisters which can become infected or the woman could fall or even just be very uncomfortable. A pregnant woman should be sure to try on the shoes she already owns before wearing

them to be sure that they fit correctly when she is pregnant. A pair of shoes that may be her favourite when she is not pregnant, may become her worst, most hate pair when she is pregnant. Flip flops are not a good option for pregnant women, because they offer no support. Also, when a woman is pregnant, her feet may become sore from not having the needed support in the arch of her foot that pregnant woman need even more because of the added weight and

the chan Sandles t they offe Other comforta shoe. The because

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May 18, 2013


brics, keep the accessories

dd a dash of metallic with s finish. est way to add a cool touch

lic top or dress, make sure d never shiny. trend in the day is to stick



Why wear false lashes? False lashes are lush and glamorous, but majority of women out there are afraid of them. Everyone wants their eyes to be the center of attention and what better way to do it than with false eyelashes. By using these false eyelashes you will draw more attention to your eyes and face. You want to make yourself beautiful and using false eyelashes can help!! If you would like to wear false eyelashes, you should invest in it and buy those that can give you the natural false eyelashes that you have always wanted.

Tips on applying glue and false to metallic pieces in the colour grey. It’s not too loud and looks great. •When wearing a metallic skirt, it should be figurehugging and paired with a looser top. •Metallic skirts, dresses, tops and pants always look better if they fit you snugly. Looser fits can lose the elegance of the look. •Metallics tend to have a futuristic charm so keep your hair and make-up modern to look right.

nge in where the woman carries her weight when pregnant. that have an arch in them are good, but must be sure that er the support needed to keep the feet from getting sore. flats such as ballet style shoes are good because they are able and flat, and usually are stretchy on the upper of the ese also allow for swelling. These shoes are also usually good they offer arch support. In addition they are comfortable.

Wearing uncomfortable shoes is not fun and can make for a very bad day. These are just a few examples of shoes that may make good choices for shoes when a woman is pregnant. There are many many more options of shoes for women who are pregnant. Using good judgement in shoes while pregnant will help to keep the woman comfortable and safe.

eyelashes 1. False eyelashes may be trimmed in width or length to suit your eye size or personal preference. Try original length before cutting. 2. Apply false eyelash glue sparingly to lash band. Wait 10 seconds for adhesive to become sticky. 3. Position false eyelashes slightly above your natural lash and press ends into place. Gently press across entire lash until set. 4. To remove, gently peel false eyelashes band off lid, starting at outer corner. Remove adhesive from band and place your false eyelashes back to the tray for re-use.


May 18, 2013

Male Essentials

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with Oseyiza Oogbodo w

Dapper Joe A

ctor-model-singer-MC Joseph Benjamin is not your average Joe when it co comes fashion. omes m to fashion n. A hunk of a man, he doe doesn’t comprohu d oe esn’t compro omise on the quality off hiss jackets. He He wears wear only the best and an nd will ill il ll not concon nsider anything ng less than tha an the best. be b est. He goes for fitted jackets and and alallways looks good in them th hem because becau use he he matches colours matc ours well a and also complecom omple ements ment them with the appropriate appropriatte acac ccessories. cesso ories.

The importance of expensive shoes B

uying expensive men’s shoes is not necessarily an expense. It’s more like an investment. Someone can have a fashionable wardrobe without paying a fortune for it, but when it’s time to buy fashionable shoes, one should expect to spend more time and money to select them. Why is it worth paying more for quality shoes? Let’s put it this way: $80 shoes will last half as long as $160 shoes, but $360 shoes will last your whole lifetime. Watch out though, $360 shoes without a shine can easily look like $80 shoes. When someone is buying expensive shoes, he is usually paying for the brand name, as well as for quality craftsmanship. Luxurious shoes are usually handmade, which means people will take care

of sewing quality seams and guarantee a quality finish. The shoes should therefore have less manufacturing mistakes, have a better overall finish and should last longer. The little details added in the finish create an extra element of style. They will also increase the durability of the shoe. Apart from the quality and durability of the shoe, why should men buy expensive shoes? Another good reason is to impress the ladies. Yes, women will evaluate and make a judgment on a man simply by looking at his shoes, and we all know that making a good first impression is important when meeting an attractive woman. Wearing exclusive shoes will definitely help polish a man’s image. This image can make a big difference between a normal man and a man with expensive shoes in the first stages of dating. In ad-

dition, note that poor quality shoes are especially noticeable when a man is well dressed because of the contrast it creates. Women will notice details such as cheap shoes, and it is therefore worth spending the extra dollars to buy higher quality shoes. Not only will women look down, notice the shoes and be impressed with them, but they might even see potential in a man with good taste for footwear. Let me explain: low-priced shoes are usually associated with cheap mannerisms and women usually don’t like cheap men. So when a woman looks at a man’s shoes, she will analyze them. If he is wearing cheap shoes, then she may come to the conclusion that he is a cheap person; not frugal, but cheap. This may seem pretty farfetched, but in fact, it isn’t. Ask a female friend and you will be surprised about her opinion on the matter. Simply

take this advice and don’t lose out on a hot member of the opposite sex because you didn’t want to spend a few extra dollars on quality shoes. Aside from the monetary factor, women enjoy dating distinguished and stylish men. Women’s attraction to stylish men is partly due to the fact that for many years, most of us didn’t really take care of our wardrobe. With the whole liberation of women movement, women will now date men they like, and they will choose those who actually take care of themselves ... and who wear nice shoes. Although style is not a substitute for a great personality, wearing stylish shoes can definitely give someone an edge when it comes to attracting women on a first date, but it is not the perfect solution. Get out and go shopping for classy shoes!

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May 18, 2013

Dear Igho

TTel: e 08023924679 (SMS only)

Having difficulties with relationships, family, work or any other aspectt off your life? lif Help is at hand with TOBORE IGHO OVUORIE

My boyfriend is a failure Dear Aunty Igho, My parents watch my kid on a full time basis. I am 19 years old, and he will be two in August. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost four years now. Our relationship has been anything but easy. We are two completely different people. I have had a job since I was 13, he hasn’t. I am heading for university to study Medicine, while he dropped out of high school in SS2. These are the things that make it difficult for us, because we are so different. My life has always been full of responsibilities and his has been full of partying and having to rely on other people to pay for his things. Every time I try to have a civil, adult conversation with him about everything that is going on, he says I’m bitching, or being a drama queen or something along those lines. I can’t even tell him my problems, or why I am upset because it turns into a fight. I really, really love this boy and I want to be with him, forever, but I can’t handle the way our relationship is and how I feel I’m responsible for taking care of everyone else but me. I just want to be happy. My parents are moving on the 26th of next month, and because our kid lives with them, so is he. I know that my boyfriend does not want to move and, in all honesty,

neither do I. But being several hours away from my kid is a big deal. I don t know what to do. I just want to be happy and stop feeling like I’m a burden, and a disappointment to everyone. I need help deciding if I should stay here, leave with my parents, or stay and break up with him. Please help. Doris Ejechi, Port Harcourt.

Dear Doris, In terms of responsibility, you both dropped the ball. You’re not taking care of everyone but you. It’s your parents who take care of your son. If your pregnancy was unplanned, and I assume it was, your parents, although not involved in that choice, are now responsible for his day to day care. Kudos to them for accepting this huge task.

Should I date him? Dear Igho,

I’ve known this guy for 5 years. We met through a friend and instantly hit it off. He liked me as more than a friend a few weeks after we started talking. I still only liked him as a friend. The next four years were spent talking off and on, barely seeing each other, and often forgetting about each other. A little less than a year ago, we started talking a lot more than we were before. Suddenly, Dear Igho, My boyfriend does not like Facebook. He doesn’t have a page but I do. I like connecting with friends and family. He asked me not to post pics of him on my page. He said he doesn’t like the world knowing his personal life. I do not understand, if you love someone, wouldn’t you want the world to know it. I know I do. He made an agreement with me that I could post pics as long as I filtered my albums to where only

we were texting and calling each other every day, telling each other everything, and becoming best friends. We live a little far from each other and only see each other every few months but we continue talking every day. He’s told me that ever since the day he met me, he’s liked me. I, on the other hand, am confused. He’s one of the sweetest, funniest, chivalrous guys I’ve ever known. He respects me and everyone he knows. My friends think he’s a great guy, and I should give him a chance. He’s

been telling me how much he likes me, and that he’s willing to wait for me for when I’m ready to date him. But my problem is that I can’t seem to make up my mind about him. One moment I’m ready to take the plunge and date him, but another minute I get scared and totally back out. How can I make up my mind about him and what would be some good things to do to help me make up my mind? Sola Akingbade, Lagos Island.

Yes, your boyfriend is irresponsible, and it seems you both have little in common other than you share a son. In the most formative part of your teen years, you have, for all intents and purposes, grown up together. At his age, it’s hard to know if he’ll ever step up to the plate, but all you can do is go by who he is now, and not what you hope he will become. Change is hard, and although a person, hopefully, matures, one’s basic nature is fairly entrenched. From the looks of things, you don’t have a great deal of respect for him. He lacks ambition, he’s a high school dropout, and it’s finally dawned on you that, although you love him in your way, he doesn’t have the chops to be a lifetime partner -- unless you were to, happily, fill in all the gaps he won’t do on his own. I have no intention of laying a guilt trip on you if you don’t move with your parents -- but weekend visits would be appropriate if you’re only few hours away. Your, ultimate, goal should be working toward full time motherhood. Your son’s well being is your biggest responsibility, in my opinion, and one that should not be considered ‘obligatory’ in any way. Make every effort to be an active part of your son’s life, now, and in the future. What your boyfriend chooses to do is up to him. Creating a family with him under the same roof, however, seems awfully remote Dear Sola,

Something is telling you no, and you have to get to the bottom of why that’s the case. It is possible you risk romance, in general (it can end up heartbreaking), or you really aren’t that attracted to the man -- cannot see yourself in a sexual relationship with him, for one, despite all the other “bells and whistles” he exhibits? Of course, my recommendation to you is to “go for it” if you only fear an unknown outcome. Matters of the heart come with no guarantees. Again, be honest about this man. Not wanting a romantic relationship is your right, no matter how much your friends like him and push for it. “To thine own self be true.”

My boyfriend hates Facebook my family could see. I thought that was nice of him to do, but my friends are always asking why I have no photos of my boyfriend on my page. What should I do? Enny baby, University of Ibadan.

Dear Enny baby, There are people, believe it or not, who

don’t like facebook like your boyfriend, my partner also doesn’t have a page, although people have asked him to make one. He likes the idea of privacy, and facebook doesn’t guarantee it. You see, once you put something out on your page, it’s “open season” on who sees it despite the “friends only” connection. As well, employers are asking for facebook accounts to see if a future employee is a flake, or a person who has the good sense to be dis-

creet, and respectable in their private lives. Some people don’t want cell phone generated pictures of their children on facebook out of fear they can be traced. Your boyfriend has a right to not want to be on facebook, and I think you should honour that. Respecting his opinion and his right to have one is the way to keep the relationship on track. He compromised by asking you to keep them among family, only. I think that’s a perfectly reasonable request.


May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Hernia A

hernia occurs when an organ or fatty tissue squeezes through a weak spot in a surrounding muscle or connective tissue called fascia. The most common types are inguinal (inner groin), incisional (resulting from an incision), femoral (outer groin), umbilical (belly button), and hiatal (upper stomach). In an inguinal hernia, the intestine or the bladder protrudes through the abdominal wall or into the inguinal canal in the groin. About 80 per cent of all hernias are inguinal, and most occur in men because of a natural weakness in this area. In an incisional hernia, the intestine pushes through the abdominal wall at the site of previous abdominal surgery. This type is most common in elderly or overweight people who are inactive after abdominal surgery. A femoral hernia occurs when the intestine enters the canal carrying the femoral artery into the upper thigh. Femoral hernias are most common in women, especially those who are pregnant or obese. In an umbilical hernia, part of the small intestine passes through the abdominal wall near the navel. Common in newborns, it also commonly afflicts obese women or those who have had many children. A hiatal hernia happens when the upper stomach squeezes through the hiatus, an opening in the diaphragm through which the esophagus passes.

What causes hernias? Ultimately, all hernias are caused by a combination of pressure and an opening or weakness of muscle or fascia; the pressure pushes an organ or tissue through the opening or weak spot. Sometimes the muscle weakness is present at birth; more often, it occurs later in life. Poor nutrition, smoking, and overexertion all can weaken muscles and make hernias more likely.

Any condition that increases the pressure of the abdominal cavity may contribute to the formation or worsening of a hernia. Examples include  obesity,  heavy lifting,  coughing,  straining during a bowel movement or urination,(diarrhea or constipation)  chronic lung disease  fluid in the abdominal cavity. A family history of hernias can make you more likely to develop a hernia. Hernia symptoms and signs: The signs and symptoms of a hernia can range from noticing a painless lump to the severely painful, tender, swollen protrusion of tissue that you are unable to push back into the abdomen.

Reducible hernia

 It may appear as a new lump in the groin or other abdominal area.  It may ache but is not tender when touched.  Sometimes pain precedes the discovery of the lump.  The lump increases in size when standing or when abdominal pressure is increased (such as coughing).  It may be reduced (pushed back into the abdomen) unless very large.

Irreducible hernia It may be an occasionally painful enlargement of a previously reducible hernia that cannot be returned into the abdominal cavity on its own or when you push it.  Some may be chronic (occur over a long term) without pain.  An irreducible hernia is also known as an incarcerated hernia.

 It can lead to strangulation (blood supply being cut off to tissue in the hernia).  Signs and symptoms of bowel obstruction may occur, such as nausea and vomiting.

Strangulated hernia  This is an irreducible hernia in which the entrapped intestine has its blood supply cut off.  Pain is always present, followed quickly by tenderness and sometimes symptoms of bowel obstruction (nausea and vomiting).  The affected person may appear ill with or without fever.  This condition is a surgical emergency. TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK


How do I cure daily white discharge? Dear Mirror Doctor, For some months now, I have been seeing white substance coming out of my vagina daily. I am worried. What drug should I take? +2347063--------91

Mirror Doctor replies

Although you have not given me enough information from your mail, you don’t need to be worried. The odour, amount, whether itchy, apart from the colour of the discharge, are important in the treatment of vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge, itching and burning are common symptoms of the various vaginitis. Some vaginal discharges are normal

in child bearing age. If the discharge is abnormal in colour such as green, has a foul smell, changes consistency or is significantly increased or decreased in amount, you may be developing a form of vaginitis. A non-sticky clear or white discharge is usually a physiologic discharge. That means it is not caused by any particular disease or infection but it is an exaggeration of the

normal slight discharge that all women have naturally. I, advise you pay more attention to your personal hygiene. You have to go to your doctor for examination and possible laboratory investigations if you have noticed any changes. The specimen result will determine the medication you will be given. It is a simple condition to treat.


Saturday Mirror

May 18, 2013


Prophet who heals with herbs Prophets and pastors are known to heal with the name of Jesus and the Holy Bible. Not High Chief Augustine Adegunloye Bolade who also says he is a prophet. He does his healing with herbs and other things generally associated with traditional medicine.



The jaws of any visitor, researcher or observer who visits the Ejigbo, Lagos home of High Chief Augustine Adegunloye Bolade, at any time, will drop. Reason: the peculiarities of his healing technique. Unlike many healing practitioners both in hospitals and spiritual homes where areas of expertise are clearly defined and exhibited, Bolade, the proprietor of St Augustine Healing Home, cures his own patients with herbs, candles, anointing oil and other praying materials peculiar to the white garment churches of the Christian faith. For a first timer, the environment gives a perplexing picture. On one side, when Saturday Mirror visited, sat a group of men and women, youths and children dressed in different designs of long white robes commonly identified with white garment churches and on the other side were some others dressed in wears of different colours. A closer look at the group in white revealed that none of them wore any footwear. To add to the curiosity of this reporter was a table on one side where all kinds of leaves, powder, drinks and others alike were displayed. On an elevated part of the room was an altar that had a table covered with a blue cloth with a big cross sewn firmly on it. Closely put by its side again were a giant prayer bell, a Bible, a giant bottle of olive oil and candles of different colours and sizes. “Exactly what could be happening here?” remained the question. The arrival of the proprietor of the place, High Chief Adegunloye Bolade, at about 9.30 am unravelled the reporter’s puzzle. As soon as he was sighted, those who had been waiting eagerly paid him obeisance as they prostrated and knelt down according to the dictate of their gender. Bolade soon solved the riddle of his choice of healing. His words: “God Almighty has in His infinite power endorsed me with the power to perform healing the traditional and the biblical way. That is why you see some people who are Christians and of the Celestial faith dressed in white and are with no shoes for their healing

and others who believe in herbal medicine are here in their normal outfits. All power belongs to God, if you will acknowledge and honour Him in all that you will do, He will show Himself to you in an uncommon way. He can do anything, He works in ways no one can predict and if you will not box Him to one corner, He will do wonders for you and through you. That is what is happening here.” His journey into the books of history began 64 years ago when his mother, Ibiyemi Bolade, was delivered of him after seven tortuous years in Ondo. The woman, according to him, had waited for the pregnancy for about 11 years and so, couldn’t but be overwhelmed with joy when she finally discovered her pregnant state. However, her joy turned sour after nine months when the baby refused to be born. Days turned into weeks, months into years and the count continued for seven years before the baby came. Every effort embarked upon to rid her of the odd pregnancy failed. On the seventh year, when the baby finally came, his sight was one far from being the desired bundle of joy. He was a scare to even his mother. “I was born very close to a river called Fulusaluiwa in Ondo town at a time when a tribal war was on between Idanre and Ondo town. I came with a complete set of teeth, long nails and my cry as I later on gathered, was not like that of a newly born,” he recalled. Disappointed and bewildered, his parents promptly left him by that river and went their way. Sadly, the wish of his parents to get rid of him was not granted. Shortly after they left, a hunter called Ojuona, according to him, traced his voice and took him home. “They left me there by the river and a hunter picked me. The hunter is called Ojuono. I did not stay long with this hunter before I was re-united with my parents who couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw me,” he said. Speaking about his travails as a child, his 66 year-old uncle, Pa Herbert Adisa said, “He was an unusual child. He had all his teeth complete when he was born and his parents abandoned him. But somehow, one spirit who called himself a hunter brought him home miraculously and warned his parents never to abandon him again. At home, he would be found outside even when all doors were shut and he was never afraid of


anyone or anything. He would go and eat sacrifices placed at junctions and nothing would be wrong with him. In short, we all tried to avoid him but we could not as we were all warned against such action. He could tell you what would happen the next minute, whether good or bad.” Having seen this scary trait in their child, his parents decided to send him to one of their relatives who was an herbalist at Fagbo area of Ondo State. The man, according to him had many

wives but none of his wives bore him any child. Few days after he got to the man’s house, he prescribed some herbal mixture for the wives. “At first, they did not believe me. They were laughing and making jest of me. Only one of them eventually did what I instructed and only her got pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy that year. After that incident, they all began to respect my words and all CONTINUED ON PAGE 34



May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Dead man ‘resurrects’ at own funeral EMILY MILLER


ourners at a funeral in Zimbabwe were stunned when the dead man woke up as they filed by his coffin, state media reported today. Brighton Dama Zanthe, 34, was being laid to rest inside a coffin last Monday after he apparently died at his home following a long illness. The transport worker’s grieving family covered his body with blankets and made arrangements to transfer him to a local mortuary, according to a report in the Herald newspaper. But the next day Mr Zanthe’s friends and relatives scattered in disbelief when he started moving as they filed past to say their emotional goodbyes. The dead man’s boss Lot Gaka told the Herald of the moment he realised his employee was still alive. He said: ‘I was the first to notice Zanthe’s moving legs as I was in the queue to view his body. This shocked me. ‘At first I could not believe my eyes but later realised that there was indeed some movements on the body as other mourners retreated in disbelief.’ Mr Gaka, who runs a bus company in the midlands city of Gweru, told the newspaper Mr Zanthe had been persistently unwell before his ‘death’ last week. He told how he visited the family’s home to offer support when his employee’s wife called to say he had passed away. He said: ‘Zanthe had been on sick leave for some time and everyone at work was aware that he was critical. ‘We would visit him at his home. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 33

eventually had children,” he said. Strangely, Bolade’s ambition was to become a priest. “My greatest desire all along was to become a reverend father and I told my parents. They however kicked against it because I was an only child and they believed my becoming a catholic priest would not allow me get married. They said no because they needed to have grandchildren. So, I gave up the idea of going to the seminary,” he told Saturday Mirror. But fate was not through with him. At Ede, Osun State, he attended a branch of the Celestial Church of Christ. During the service one day, he fell into a trance and began to prophesy, in spite of himself. “I was in the church one day when one of the elders at the church sprinkled water on me and I started rolling on the ground. I heard some of the church members saying I had witchcraft and that I should not have been allowed to stay in the church. But I started prophesying even for the leaders and those that were not even present in the church. It was strange to

On the mend: The man from Gweru, Zimbabwe, pictured, was rushed to Gweru Provincial Hospital where he was kept on life support for two days before being allowed to go home

‘I was not surprised when I received a call from Zanthe’s wife on Monday night last week saying that her husband had died.’ He added: ‘I visited two local funeral parlours for quotations before I drove to Zanthe’s house so that we could take the body to the mortuary. ‘Zanthe’s body had already been put in a coffin and people were preparing to conduct a body viewing procession so that his body could be taken to a mortuary. ‘It was during the body viewing procession that he “resurrected”.’ Another witness told the state-controlled newspaper how the family des-

perately pulled blankets off Mr Zanthe’s body to try to revive him after realising he was still alive. He said: ‘Gaka later removed some blankets from Zanthe’s body after we noticed some movements and this was when we all realised that there was still life. ‘We then called an ambulance which came within seven minutes. ‘It’s really a miracle and most people are still in disbelief.’ The Herald, which is owned by Zimbabwe’s government, reported that Mr Zanthe spent two days on life support after being rushed to the Gweru Provincial Hospital following the incident.

He was discharged last week and has since returned home. The shaken family man told the newspaper he had only a hazy recollection of the event. He said: ‘This issue can be best told by people who came to my house to attend my funeral. ‘I don’t know what happened and I only remember being on a life support system in hospital.’ He added: ‘Everything is history to me. ‘What I can only confirm is that people gathered at my house to mourn but I was given another chance and I am alive. I feel okay now.’ •Culled from

‘I am a prophet’ everyone, not to me because I did not know what I said and the particulars of those I spoke about. That was how my contenders were kept silent and my prophesying gift came to bear even without going to the seminary,” he said. Olu Bamidele, a baker from Agbara area of Lagos State who had benefitted from Bolade’s diverse gifts cared less about people’s reservation on the issue. He said: “In 2009 when I was introduced to Baba, I had a chronic cough that had defied all treatment from several spiritualists. I was coughing blood, I have been rejected by several hospitals, friends and some relatives had deserted me. I did not also believe any good thing could come out of my contact with him. But I tell you, within a month of my coming here, I became well. He treated me with both herbal drinks and prayer. He would fall into trance, say some things I should do, fast and keep vigil. At the end of the day, I regained my good health. I thank God for him.”

Also corroborating him was a woman who simply wanted to be identified as Mama Assurance. She told her story thus: “I am with the fifth man in the space of 25 years. I have had to change them not by my wish but because of my inability to have children like their other wives. I was chased out four times from four men. When I got married to this fifth man, I decided not to live with him so that the pressure won’t be much. I heard of Baba and I started coming to pray here. Within the six months of my constant presence here, I became pregnant to my own surprise. I have since had another one making two. What I will like everyone to believe is that God works in ways we do not know. We should just believe in Him as much as we can and He will help us. I am yet to believe that I am a mother of two after 25 years of untold intimidation.” Debunking people’s negative disposition to his style of healing, Bolade said, “The power to heal just comes eas-

ily, I don’t sweat before knowing what to do, you don’t have to speak to anything before I know your problem and what to do. If you will believe God and the vessel He chooses to use, you won’t have a problem. I have prophesied about big people before but no one listened to me but I don’t have a problem with that. I will continue to do what I am sent to do till God says I should stop. What is important to know is that all power belongs to God Almighty, even the witchs that everybody is condemning are agents of the Lord. It was written in the Bible that God gave us power to take care of His people and not to use it to take them as our prey. That is why God is annoyed with the witches and any prophet who will be using his gift to enslave the people.” Whichever way anyone looks at him, Bolade remains a phenomenon, particularly because of the nature of his birth and the strange combination of herbs and the bible for healing.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013


‘I want to hear again’ For Anthony Offor, perpetual silence crept in unannounced. Deafness struck when he was writing his final paper to graduate from the University of Lagos. While he managed to surmount the hurdles of exams and passed with flying colours, he is still battling with deafness, a situation which has crippled his dream. THOMAS USHIE


e was not born deaf. It came suddenly! Anthony Offor had waded through the academic rigours of passing the school certificate and matriculation examinations, gained admission into the University of Lagos, studied until the last paper of his final semester in his final year before he was struck by hearing impairment described by medics as, sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). And every day that passes, Offor’s heart throbs with just one resolve: “I want to hear again”, with the firm belief that if he could regain his hearing, he would be saved from the pain of job discrimination and stigmatization. A visit by Saturday Mirror to him, revealed that his hearing problem had adversely affected his speech, hence, the resort to written communication. “My problem started in 2007 while I was already in my final year in the University of Lagos. I was on the campus one day when I suddenly started feeling feverish. I took it as one of those illnesses which would come and go but when the condition grew worse, I contacted one of my course mates and we headed to UNILAG medical centre. At the centre, the medical personnel, after the normal examination, advised us to go to a private hospital for more effective attention, saying that there were not enough drugs to treat a sickness of my nature. We heeded her advice and immediately headed to Egbuna-Adazia Hospital at Kugbuyi Street, Surulere. “While on our way to the hospital, I noticed that any time my friend spoke to me, his voice always sounded distant as if speaking from behind a wall. And when we got to the hospital, the voices of the doctors and nurses there sounded unusually guttural, an indication that I was having difficulty in hearing. I was subsequently put on drips after some injections and moments later, I slept off. By the time I woke up the following day, my hearing problem had developed into a complete hearing loss. This time, you could only communicate with me either by gesticulation or by writing,” Offor narrated the genesis of his hearing ordeal. His father thought his medical condition would go after the initial treatment but he was mistaken. And efforts to hear again took him to a specialist hospital, ORL Surulere. “My dad thought I would hear again thinking that my problem was an aftereffect of my illness. However, I got fully

recovered but my deafness refused to go. The hospital referred me to another hospital, ORL, Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital, at Oduduwa Close, Ikate, Surulere. Here, the doctor, one Dr. Kunle Okupe, after examining my ears with modern scanning machines, told my dad that there was really nothing too unusual about my situation, that some high fever could indeed cause deafness, depending on the condition of one’s eardrums.” The specialist doctor’s diagnosis inched Offor closer to the solutions to his hearing loss when he recommended the implantation of an electronic device, also known as bionic ears, that provides a sense of sound to a “person who is profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing”. “The doctor said that I needed a hearing device called Cochlear Implant which would cost me a little above one million Naira,” Offor told Saturday Mirror. The finance needed for his treatment would have been sourced by his distributor father. Unfortunately, while he was on the verge of doing that, disaster struck: Offor’s father died in an auto crash. For Offor, life became lifeless, yet, he has not given up. “My dad, a beer distributor, promised to source the money on time and we left. About three weeks later, he lost his life in an auto crash. This tragedy put paid to my hearing remedy. My elder brothers and relations in a bid to give my father a befitting burial, swooped on all his life savings, squandered everything at sight,” an obviously shattered Offor lamented. Nevertheless, Offor refused to give up his hunger and thirst for good education. He was not intellectually deficient. In his final year, his Cumulative Gross Point Average (CGPA) had comfortably settled him in a Second Class Upper Division. But his dream of graduating with good grades to fetch him a good job has yet to come. And he is determined to bring it to fruity if only public spirited Nigerians are willing to help him regain his audio vascular balance by donating to his treatment. “Although I was terribly devastated by the tragedy of my father’s death and the squandering of his fortunes by his relatives, I still mustered enough courage and returned to UNILAG. It was not easy though, because I could no longer fit into the system due to my hearing problem. Since I was already familiar with the academic requirements, I was able to read and sit for my last exam. I was already in my final year with just one paper left when I had the attack. I did well and graduated along with my set with a Second Class Upper Division, Political


Science,” he said. But being a graduate has not put food on Offor’s table as he is still unemployed due to his hearing loss. Worse still, he is sickened by the stigma of “deafness” mated on him. “I have been made to go through the excruciating and heart-breaking discrimination and social stigmatization persons with hearing handicap are made to go through in our society. The situation is such that an average Nigerian seems to have this feeling that when one loses his or her hearing ability, he or she has also lost intelligence, wisdom and even understanding. It is almost impossible to see any government establishment, ministries or parastatals that is willing to absorb someone with hearing impairment. When I wanted to join the Nigerian Customs Service as a graduate recruit in 2010, I was disqualified, for just one thing: my hearing loss,” an agonising Offor rued. Continuing, he said that efforts have been made by his former class mates to assuage his pain but he needs the help of more Nigerians to foot his medical bills. “Early this year, some of my former course mates learnt of my situation and decided to intervene; they got me registered at the Military Hospital, Ikoyi, Lagos. Here, after the necessary examinations, the doctors again said the same thing: I need Cochlea Implant. They said I need to undergo surgery but this time the price has gone up to N2.2 million. The military hospital in January transferred me to B.S.A. Hearing and Speech Centre, Owodunni Street, Ikeja. I have undergone

the necessary tests preparatory to the surgery but I have not got the money for the needed surgery. I need help. Please, Nigerians, help me. I need the help of everybody concerned so that I can hear again and live a better life. It will be a tragedy if I am allowed to die with all my dreams because of this hearing problem. I don’t want to die this way. Please, help me,” Offor appealed. Dr Simeon Afolabi, a Clinical Audiologist at B.S.A. Hearing and Speech Centre, said Offor has been their patient. He added that he would have undergone the surgery save for the lack of finance. “Preliminary examination on him showed in the audiogram that he had a blockage of left eardrum caused by a thick blood clot. The right ear, though normal, also need chemical washing and cleansing. Further medical examination also confirmed the recommendation of the Military Hospital that he required a Cochlea Implant, in his case, the left ear. “We succeeded in softening the bloodclotted left eardrum but no frequency could be derived and so under such situation, the implant is inevitable to restore his hearing. Normally, an implant into both ears cost N4.4 million, but since the surgery is for only the left ear, we put the figure at N2.2 million in which an initial deposit of N200,000 has so far been made,” Afolabi revealed. “Sensorineural hearing loss is majorly caused by abnormalities in the ear cells of the organ of Corti in the cochlea. That is why Cochlea implant becomes necessary to restore hearing.”



May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror

How ‘unknown’ soldiers battered park attendant SEGUN ADIO


octors are currently battling hard to save the life of a motor park attendant, and an assistant to officials of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Onipanu Bus Stop branch, who was allegedly beaten to pulp, on two separate occasions same day, by some ‘unknown’ soldiers. On Monday, 13 May, 2013, Abiodun Olawale, a resident of No 2, Oshogun Street, Ketu, Lagos State had a bloody deal in the hands of some soldiers who gave him the beating of his life. Olawale, 25, works with NURTW officials at Onipanu Bus Stop where he collects park tolls from commercial drivers upon handling them a receipt of the union. Early that fateful morning, Olawale was already at work at the park when a Varagon bus pulled up to pick passengers at the bus stop around 11am and he rushed towards the driver to collect the toll as usual. As the practice of some drivers, the said driver of the commercial bus declined to pay the park attendant, claiming that he has a ‘staff ’ (a soldier) in his bus. It was reported that when the driver of the Varagon told Olawale that he had a ’staff ’ in his us, the park attendant would not hear of it, but insisted that the driver pay the required dues. It was at that point that the soldier reportedly shouted at the park attendant to back off the vehicle. The park attendant was still not ready to listen to the soldier but insisted that the driver pay him the money. At that stage, the soldier reportedly got off the vehicle and gave Olawale several slaps on the face. While the soldier beat the park attendant, his superiors in the NURTW reportedly came out to prevail on the soldier to let the young man be. It was reported that the soldier attempted to drag Olawale into the bus but the union members did not allow him. After about 10 minutes, the solder went away in the Varagon bus and Olawale was treated and he later continued with his work. It was reported that about half an hour later, the soldier reappeared at the bus stop, but this time, he was not alone. The soldier reportedly came with four others in a red Toyota saloon car. The driver of the saloon car, suspected to be a soldier too, was however in mufti. The four uniformed soldiers reportedly carried arms. In a commando-like scenario, the soldiers on sighting Olawale, allegedly pounced on him and gave him a thorough beating, injuring him all over his


His bandaged head

While many Lagos commuters would love to hate officials of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), who collect tolls from commercial bus drivers, Abiodun Olawale’s travails, elicited their pity on Monday. Reason: Four uniformed men had descended on the hapless young man, giving him a beating that landed him hospital.

The car in which the soldiers rode

body in the process. It was said that the soldiers used their jack-knives on Olawale’s head and kicked him around the bus stop. Officials of the NURTW around, led by its unit chairman, Alhaji Ibrahim Adeyeye, tried hard to free the boy from the soldiers but they could not. Apparently when it became clear that the soldiers might kill the young man, some hoodlums around and some members of the union rushed to Onipanu Police Station to report the situation. It was reported that when the soldiers realised that crowd are already gathering and had started throwing pebbles at them, the Divisional Police Officer and the Divisional Crime Officer of the police station came to douse the tension. The law enforcement officers report-

edly placed the soldiers under detention while a call was reportedly made to their barracks at Ikeja. In the interim, Olawale was rushed to Ogunsolu General Hospital where he was placed under intensive care. The driver who brought the soldiers in the red car reportedly fled to the other side of the road with the arrival of the police team and he was given a hot chase by hoodlums. The unit head where the soldiers work reportedly asked that the four men be released to him for appropriate disciplinary action, to which the law enforcement agents complied. But when the military police team that came to whisk the soldiers to their barracks came, they also demanded the

release of the injured Olawale, and machinery was put in place to release him from the hospital where he was receiving treatment. Speaking on the development, Adeyeye, who also accompanied Olawale to the army barracks claimed that but for the timely intervention of the policemen, the soldiers would have killed him. “I have never seen such brazen display of force before in my life. I don’t know how a soldier would mediate in a matter between drivers and union members. We did everything to prevail on this soldier to allow the sleeping dog to lie, but he refused. And we were ready to follow the matter up to anywhere before their boss intervened,” he said. Olawale managed to utter some words on his hospital bed. According to him, “I did not understand why the soldier behaved like that. I did not offend him but was asking the bus driver to pay his dues. But he just came down and started beating me. When he wanted to carry me inside the vehicle, people around came to rescue me. “But he came back later with his colleagues to beat me mercilessly. I did not even know how I got to the hospital,” Olawale said. The DPO Onipanu was not available to comment on the matter, but a policeman at the station who demanded for anonymity confirmed the incident and arrest of the soldiers, but said the matter had been transferred to the army for further action. Col. Kinsgley Umoh, spokesman of 81 Division Nigerian Army could not be immediately reached on his mobile telephone for comment on the incident.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013


It is difficult to believe that a man kept the corpse of his mother for more than 10 years in a cupboard without informing the woman’s relations that she was dead. This is the puzzle residents of Ejemekwuru in Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State are still battling to unravel. As they search for answers, everyone agrees that the land has been desecrated.



jemekwuru, a town in Imo State is surrounded by Akabor and Agwa to the west and has boundaries with Ogbaku in the North and Izombe in the South. The history of this community dates back to over 400 years ago. Ejemekwuru is a decent Christian community with a population of about 12,000 inhabitants who are predominantly Catholics and Anglicans. There are a good number of Pentecostal Christians and an insignificant number of adherents of the African traditional religion. Home to famous politicians and technocrats like late Nze Eugene Amadi, late Nze D.A Umelor, Dr Cajethan Duruji, former Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Nigeria, Nsukka and also a Commissioner between 1979 to 1983, Prof. Paschal Osigwe, Dr Mrs. Rose Achunine, former Minister of State for Education, Dr Basil Achunine, Chief Uba Osigwe, Secretary to Imo State Government between 1996 to 1999, Nze A.U Chibeneme, Sir Obinna H. Duru, Nze D.C.C Edozien, Sir. P.C Amako, Sir. I.E Ihemedu, Ejimekwuru has remained one of the most peaceful communities in Imo State despite some challenges of producing a generally accepted traditional ruler (Eze). But that peace was shattered on Monday, May 13, 2013 when a 22-year-old boy ventured into his father’s secret room in search of his credentials, opened a large wardrobe, which was securely locked and got the shock of his life when he found the mummified body of his grandmother, who was generally believed to have gone missing since 2003. The owner of the house, a 68-year-old retired vice principal, Chief Chimezie Osigweh, was thereafter alleged to have murdered his 78-year-old mother, Mrs. Lucy Osigweh in circumstances depicting ritual purpose. Mrs. Lucy Osigweh was declared missing in 2003. While members of her family and residents of her community were busy searching for her, her corpse was right inside her son’s room. Instead of announcing the passage of his mother, Chimezie Osigweh decided to embalm the body, placing it in the cupboard in a room which also serves as his shrine. Though the traumatised residents of Ejemekwuru attest that Chimezie Osigweh belongs to a secret cult, they insist that there was nothing on earth to indicate that he was actually responsible for

Osigweh with the mummified body of his mother

How ex-school head kept his mother’s corpse in his room for 10 years

Osigweh speaking with the press

the disappearance of his mother. A resident, Mr. Chukwukere Amadi, said, “We did not suspect him because he is a native of this community. But nobody comes to his compound and when you ask him of his mother’s whereabouts, he would say she travelled abroad. We are aware that he is a member of a secret cult, which is why he did not want to get close to the people.” Amadi expressed disappointment at the turn of events, as he disclosed that Chief Osigweh’s late father, who introduced the Catholic Church to the village, was a principal and a brilliant man. A source in the village, who declined to be named, however, said though brilliant, Chief Osigweh displayed some mental instability. Apart from Osigweh’s queer behaviour, when Saturday Mirror visited his compound, it was discovered to be filthy with the rooms filled with junk. Right inside the building, there are about four rooms tightly packed with all manner of things, which are roughly arranged in a disorganised manner. There are large sized pictures of Sat Guru Maharaji and also an Almanac that has pic-

tures of Guru Maharaji and American President, Barrack Obama. In the inner room, which serves as his temple, there is a table covered with a red piece of cloth, which Osigweh describes as the golden table where anything about anyone’s life can be revealed. “Anyone who sits on that table, the secrets of life will be revealed to him,” he insists. This was where Chief Osigweh claimed he was mediating in 2003 when his mother fell and died while answering nature’s call at about 1am. Narrating how his mother died, the frail looking Osigwe said, “That early hour, sometime in 2003, I was meditating in my temple when my mother came in to ease herself. Suddenly I heard a big noise. I went in and found her groaning, I took her to her room and laid her on the bed before she passed on. “But you see, she is still here but I can’t tell you why she is here ten years after because the enemies of Guru Maharaji are all over here. I will talk to you people in camera”. He, however, confessed that the body of his late mother was embalmed by a staff

of one of the General Hospitals in the state, who died thereafter. The suspect, who fielded questions in impeccable English, said he has been a member of the sect for the past 24 years and has attained high spiritual level, and that he can travel to see God at will. Mr Ike Osigwe, a younger brother to Chief Osigwe, who claims he has not been living in the family house since his return from Delta State in 2009 because his brother has turned the place to a temple for his members, said that he never knew that their mother’s corpse was hidden in the house and only got to know about it after the search by police men. He urged the police to torture his brother for the atrocity he committed against their mother. “I want him to suffer in the police custody because of what he has done to the family and to the memory of our father because no normal person would do what he did. He is mentally derailed to keep his mother’s corpse in a wardrobe for whatever purpose,” he said. Marcellinus Onyima, another resident who disclosed that the late Mrs. Osigwe was the elder sister of his father, described Chief Osigweh as ungodly. “He did not inform his maternal relations that his mother was dead. Each time they asked about her, his usual answer was that she was in the United States with her children. “This man (Chimezie) never told anybody that his mother was dead. All he kept telling people whenever they asked about the mother is that she has gone to America to live with her other children and most people believed him because his brothers are in the US. “So when we heard what happened, we were shocked. We know that he practices an occult religion, because that explains why he could do what he did”. Another resident told Saturday Mirror that, “We have information about the large number of devotees that patronise the shrine, which will help to identify those behind the heinous act.”



May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Is being old and retired a death sentence?

– 95-yr-old senior citizen asks President Jonathan



ooking frail and deeply aged, Pa Isaac Chiaka Ugwuadu was on his knees for almost an hour in a desperate bid to express his anguish over the non-payment of his pension since 2010. The 90-year-old turned down every attempt to be persuaded to make himself comfortable by taking a seat. The blind old pensioner who retired from public service in 1976 said the country has not been fair to him and his colleagues who committed their life to the service of their father land. The old man pleaded with this reporter to help convey his plight to Mr President, “I will be glad if you could let our listening President, my son, Goodluck Jonathan know my plight and that of other old pensioners in my position. I am 95years now and blind. I was recruited into in service as an orderly to one colonial master. When the British colonial masters left, I was moved to the Civil Aviation and trained as an aviation fireman. I rose to the rank of Chief Fire Officer and retired in 1976 on Grade Level 5. Pa Isaac recalled how he almost lost his life saving lives as a fire officer: “My job while in service was to rescue and save lives and properties, at times, sustaining abrasions and injuries, like the Kano air disaster, involving pilgrims, I worked in almost all the airports, aerodromes and airstrips in my country Nigeria and Tiko, now in Cameroun. I served meritoriously with all my strength. According to him, “upon retirement, my pension and gratuity were worked out and paid to me regularly through the sub-treasury in Owerri, Imo State. It was later paid into my appointed bank account after a verification exercise in 2000. Pa Isaac disclosed to Saturday Mirror that his travails started at the July 2010 Pension Verification Exercise in Owerri. “My problem started in Owerri during the 2010 Pension Verification Exercise. I was taken there but I could not be captured because the officials could not conclude the exercise which was abandoned midway due to said complications arising from network failure. Imo with the highest number of retired civil servants suffered tremendously. What we passed through in that place cannot be described, as there was commotion at the prison headquarters in Owerri, venue of the exercise. The prison officials had to forcefully chase away the pension officials and pensioners in order to safe guard their premises and property. In

the process many retirees were injured. I was physically lifted and carried out of the scene by hired guards. Since I am blind and could not run to safety on my own, it was a terrible experience.” Frustrated, the old man said he wrote series of complaints by email to the office of Head of civil service of the Federation, Civil Service Pension, another to the Permanent Secretary, Establishment and Records office of Head of Service and Pension Task Force, Office of the Head of Service through the coordinator of the Federation Civil Service Pensions, Abuja. “Based on this, I got an email reply on November 6, 2010 inviting me and some other pensioners to Abuja for another capturing exercise between November 23 and 27, 2010. It was an excruciating adventure to travel by road for a blind old man, relying and depending on hired guides to travel from Owerri to Abuja and back to Owerri. That trip caused a psychological trauma to my life and since then my health has not been the same,” he lamented. Pa Isaac however said in December he was eventually biometrically captured and given an electronic pension number, [EPEN] 024245. “I met other pensioners who narrated ugly stories of their plights like mine in Abuja, they were all stories of sorrow. For an old man that gets a pension of less than N10,000 a month to go through untold hardship, is a sign that our labour of old to serve our country is not appreciated. My pension is less than N10,000 and since retirement there has been no review; worse being that I have not received any pension since July 2010. With this situation, how do I go on with life?” he queried. The nonagenarian continued his passionate plea to President Jonathan: “Please help me out of this situation. I believe that retirement and being old in Nigeria, after serving the country, does not mean a death sentence. May God bless you, my son.”



School pupils feared drowned in Lagos flood


ome pupils of Ogba Primary school in Lagos were, on Thursday, feared drowned while others were wounded in the flooded school premises, following heavy rainfall witnessed in some parts of Lagos. The pupils, as gathered, were released to go home during the downpour. But most of them reportedly played in the flood water, during which some of them reportedly got drowned. Spokesperson for the Lagos State National Emergency Management Agency, Ibrahim Farinloye, who confirmed the

incident, said: “Lagos State Ambulance Service was at hand with officials of Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, LASEMA and NEMA. “The Ambulance Service gave first aid services before discharging the pupils. Nobody was drowned in the incident.” He disclosed that the officials were still tackling flooding in areas like Sowonuola, Olarenwaju, Adeyemi Ijaye street and Abiola market, all in Agege, at 3pm. Our investigation revealed that the flood also affected areas like Ajeromi-Ifelodun, Ikorodu, Orile-Iganmu, Coker-Aguda,

where residents were thrown into lamentation as the rain entered into their apartments, destroying property worth millions of naira. Farinloye appealed to school authorities to take precautionary measures at saving the lives of school children by keeping them late in school during downpour, until it is safe for them to go home. He also admonished motorists to avoid sitting in their vehicles during torrential rainfall as flood could carry the vehicle away. •Culled from

Saturday Mirror

May 18, 2013




May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror

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May 18, 2013


Fallout of Federation Election

Nigeria’s Chamberlain Oguchi (right) tries to outwit an opponent from France during the London 2012 Olympics. INSET: NBBF President, Alhaji Tijjani Umar

NBBF: Mohammed hails Umar’s emergence, as Oyebode tasks Oshodi SAYO OGUNDEJI


oach of Markmentors Basketball Club of Abuja, Abdulrahaman Mohammed, has described the re-emergence of Alhaji Tijjani Umar as President of the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) as a welcome development, which will also aid the development of basketball in the country. Umar whose four-year tenure ended earlier this year was re-elected unopposed after Colonel Sam Ahmedu (rtd), who was the only candidate contesting against Umar, strongly protested the decision of the National Sports Commission (NSC) to omit his name from the candidates’ list for election into the NBBF board. Umar, who many believed has raised the standard of the Nigerian basketball, emerged victorious after returning unopposed to secure another four-year term, and Mohammed who has followed the progress made by the president since he

assumed office believes bringing back Umar will help the country build on the successes recorded last year where Nigeria qualified for her first ever male basketball event at the London 2012 Olympics. “His re-emergence as president should be seen as a positive move for the good of the basketball game, and every stakeholder must do his or her best to ensure Nigeria builds on the success of last year. “We have proved to everybody that we have the potential to be world beaters with the London 2012 qualification and giving Umar another term means he must work harder than he did in his first tenure, by helping Nigeria reach her highest potential without neglecting the grassroots development of the game in the country. “Early preparation for the senior men’s national team must begin in earnest in order to enable the team put finishing touches to their plans, as they hope to win the coveted trophy for the country for the first time,” the former international who until

Ebewele wants AFN to close ranks P. 42

his recent appointment was the technical director of Bauch Nets Basketball club said. Meanwhile, former Nigeria international and table tennis coach, Micheal Oyebode, has lamented over the dwindling fortune of table tennis in the country, describing the ugly trend as worrisome and charged the newly elected president of the Nigeria Table Tennis Federation (NTTF), Waheed Enitan Oshodi, to arrest the situation. Oyebode who tutored the Nigerian table tennis contingent to the last All Africa Games held in Maputo, Mozambique, described the current rating of the country by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) as disgraceful compared to when Nigeria was ranked 16th and 20th in the world both in the male and female categories respectively. According to him, the current generation of players must emulate the likes of Bose Kafo, Funke Oshonaike , Kehinde Okenla, Biola Odumosu, Segun Toriola,Yinka Majekodunmi and Sunday Odukoya who all won trophies and

NFF hails Super Eagles duo P. 43

brought honour to the country. The diminutive coach believes the current administrators have a lot to do if Nigeria must return to the top in table tennis. “It is quite sad that nobody reckons with us as a nation anymore as far as table tennis is concerned, but all hope is not lost as we still have few individuals who still have the love of the game at heart and they must do their best to make sure the game rises again in Nigeria. “Gone are the days when Nigeria used to win virtually every tournament we took part in, we were ranked number 16 in the world in men’s team while the women’s team was ranked number 20, but I believe we can return to that stage if we put our house in order. “The newly elected president is known for his positive approach to things and I think he must hit the ground running, while the upcoming athletes must emulate the former internationals who against all odds, put the country ahead of their individual desires,” Oyebode said.

I’ll defend my WBO title as a centenary gift to Nigerians –Emenogu P. 44



May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Benitez: Applause for the ‘The Interim One’


ne of the main reasons why some soccer analysts have developed a sudden soft spot for Chelsea is as a result of the coming in of ‘The Interim One’, Rafael Benitez, following his exploits in Liverpool. A peep into his records showed that he was the gaffer who took the Anfield-based club to the zenith of European football during his reign, before things went awry. However, subsequent managers at Liverpool are yet to surpass his impeccable record. As a kicker, Liverpool is not the subject of today’s piece, but Chelsea and the great feat ‘The Interim One’ achieved with the club last Wednesday as they claimed the Europa League title following their 2-1 win over Benfica at the Amsterdam Arena. How did Benitez achieve this? What were his pains and gains? Will the Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich, shelve his ambition of throwing Benitez to the unemployment market in search for the ‘Special One’? It is only time that will tell. HT believes that under normal circumstances, Benitez should be commanding the respect of millions of Chelsea fans across the world after winning the Europa League, yet we still hear the chants of many fans routing for the return of Jose Mourinho. Frankly, Chelsea is a club that has never ceased to amuse many people because of the impatient manner which the club owner and their fans behave when the going


Andrew Ekejiuba gets tough. And it was because of this scenario that Chelsea midfielder, John Mikel Obi, voiced out his frustration at playing under eight different managers since he joined the club in 2006. This depicts a picture that Chelsea is a club that lacks tradition and does not believe in continuity, thus, it does not matter to Abramovich if he licks his spit over and over, following the purported return of ‘The Special One’. After replaying the video of that explosive encounter between Chelsea and Benfica, I saw how Benitez did a flawless job at covering up the cracks of a shaky Blues defence after the barren first half. And he further extended his magical touch to the attack as goals were delivered from unexpected quarters. Fernando Torres opened scoring for Chelsea on the 60th minute before Benfica’s Oscar Cardozo levelled from the penalty spot just eight minutes after. When the encounter appeared to be heading for extra-time, depend-


Benitez with the Europa League trophy

able defender, Branislav Ivanovic won the game for Chelsea as he rose brilliantly to nod home a Juan Mata corner to give the club yet another European silverware just 12 months after claiming the UEFA Champions League title. Really, it was a night of disappointment for Benfica as they

played their part in a thrilling contest in Holland. The Portuguese outfit was by far the better team in the opening half, and they enjoyed good possession throughout - but they failed to really test Chelsea’s goalkeeper Petr Cech. As early as the second minute of the encounter, Benfica’s Cardozo failed to score the opener as he headed over, while Nico Gaitan twice fired wide and the duo of Enzo Perez and Eduardo Salvio were constantly probing and driving forward from midfield. Yet, all their efforts met a brick wall in Blues’ resilience and determination to seal victory that glorious night. Kudos to Benitez and the members of his coaching crew! Expectedly, Benitez was delighted with the way his players bounced back in the second half after admitting they had been outplayed in the opening 45 minutes. He further revealed that his players did not have the legs in the first half to match Benfica as they had to adjust their play in the second half to push them to the wall. At the end, victory came and it was well deserved because they had worked so hard in the whole season to see that dream come to fruition. Benitez was an unpopular appointment halfway through the season and has had a tough job as he always knew he would only be in charge until the end of the campaign. But following the victory on Wednesday, ‘The Interim One’ is thrilled to have

delivered some silverware to the club, aside shaming his critics who never gave him a chance to succeed at Stamford Bridge. It is also on record that Benitez succeeded in getting the best out of misfiring Torres in the club, whose opener against Benfica was his 22nd goal of the season and his 15th since the gaffer was appointed interim boss in November. Therefore, from the foregoing, it would be a great disservice to Chelsea and its fans across the world if the club’s hierarchy decides to dispense with the services of ‘The Interim One’ and go for ‘The Special One’ who has been told he will have to accept working under Technical Director Michael Emenalo if he wants to return to Stamford Bridge. Earlier, Mourinho has raised the hopes and expectations of Blues fans that he was on his way “home” as he spoke warmly of the enduring “love” from the Chelsea faithful. However, if the deal fails to go through, Mourihno may end up going to Paris St Germain, who have also held talks with his agent Jorge Mendes and are likely to bend over backwards to offer the 50-year-old a deal he wants. Whether Mourinho’s return succeeds or not, Benitez must be given credit for his good work in salvaging another turbulent, chaotic season in the west London club. Therefore, it is the stand of HT that since ‘The Interim One’ has delivered he deserves another opportunity to tinker Chelsea to greater heights.


Ebewele wants AFN to close ranks NNL: Plateau United, Jets, JUTH I E train at new Jos Stadium FEANYI



ormer Edo State Commissioner for Sports, Brown Ebewele, says there is need for board members of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), to work closely with each other in order to move track and field forward, even as he appealed to all those who felt cheated in the election to sheath their swords. The President of AFN, Solomon Ogba, was on Tuesday re-elected in the forth ballot by 7 votes to 3 for another four-yearterm after the first three ballots ended in a tie. He told our correspondent that since the election has been won and lost; all board members must close ranks and ensure that athletics regain its rightful position in the country.




“In any election, there must be winners and losers, but the most important thing is for everybody to embrace peace at the end of the day. “ I was one of those whose names were miss-

ing in the final list of contestants, but since the election has been won and lost, I appeal to all those who felt cheated to bury the hatchet and work for the development of the game,” Ebewele said.

hree football clubs, Plateau United, Mighty Jets and JUTH FC have begun their training at the multi-billion naira stadium in Jos. Our correspondent gathered on Thursday in Jos, that Plateau United took the first shot as they began training on the stadium which was yet to be completed. The Commissioner for Sports, Mr. James Yakubu, said that the use of the stadium became necessary because of the need for the three top clubs from the state to have a feel of the turf. “Since the stadium was half completed, with the pitch ready over a year now, there is need for it to be put to test. “Government ap-

proached the contractor, who did not object to our request, so we had to throw the gate open to our three reputable clubs to train on its fantastic artificial turf. “`It is just for them to have a feel of the turf; this is just a pre-trial to see what stuff the pitch is made of,” he said. Also speaking, the General Manager, Plateau United, Mr. Bitrus Bewarang described the decision of the state Government as a welcome development. “It is a welcome development because this will afford our players the opportunity to have a feel of what an artificial turf is, more so that our next league match will be on a similar turf. “We are taking on Zamfara United tomorrow at Tafawa Balewa Stadium, whose pitch is also artifi-


cial,” he said. Meanwhile, Bewarang has commended the state government for taking the bold step to complete the stadium that was abandoned over 30 years ago by past administrations.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013

NFF hails Super Eagles duo ANDREW EKEJIUBA


Chelsea midfielder Mikel Obi (left) and striker, Victor Moses pose with the Europe League Cup their club won against Benfica last Wednesday

nificant contributions to Chelsea’s success in the Champions League and the Europa Cup, the NFF remarked that Moses’ talent and ability had been proven even while at Wigan Athletic FC. “For us as a Football Federation, this accomplishment and assurance has become more significant when viewed against the fact that the Super Eagles have two important 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifying matches as well

as the FIFA Confederations Cup tournament next month. “The NFF applauds you, and at the same time, encourages you to consistently give your best for club and country. Your brilliant display brings the name of the country to the fore positively on the global stage, while a great performance for country enhances our mission of lifting Nigerian football to higher heights internationally,” the statement reads.

Pillars settle Sonde tasks Onyedinma on cricket development players’ I E outstanding allowances N FEANYI


he management of Kano Pillars FC has settled the club’s players’ and technical crew’s outstanding allowances, amounting to N35 million, Alhaji Abba Yola, the Chairman, Management Board, has said. Yola disclosed this to newsmen yesterday in Kano after the club’s board meeting. “We have paid both players and officials their outstanding match bonuses and other debts for the season. The sum of N35 million was used to settle the allowances,” Yola said. He said the state government would release the sign-on fees for the season very soon. Yola expressed gratitude to Gov. Rabi’u Kwankwaso, the fans and people of the state for their continued support to the club. “I am sure the money will help us to get the best so that we can keep doing well,” Yola said. He however charged the players to reciprocate the government’s gesture by fulfilling their obligations to the club.

Odegbami, Adepoju laud MTN’s Football Scholar ANDREW EKEJIUBA


he Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has hailed the pair of John Mikel Obi and Victor Moses for their English club, Chelsea FC’s triumph in this year’s UEFA Europa Cup. Following up their UEFA Champions League success a year ago and with Champions League football already guaranteed next season, the Blues overpowered Benfica of Portugal 2-1 in the Europa Cup final in Amsterdam on Wednesday night. In the process, Chelsea FC became the first English club to win the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa Cup successfully. In the letter signed by NFF General Secretary, Barrister Musa Amadu, the NFF applauded the players for their successes with club and country, recalling how both players also contributed immensely to the Super Eagles’ triumph at the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa earlier in the year – Nigeria’s first victory at the competition in 19 years. While noting Mikel’s sig-


ational U-19 male cricket coach, Seyi Sonde , has advised the newly elected President of the Nigeria Cricket Federation, Emeka Onyedinma, to continue with the good work of the former President in order to move the game forward in the country. Onyedinma, the chairman of Abuja Cricket Club on Tuesday defeated the former President, Kwesi Sagoe in the Federations election held in Abuja. According to Sonde, there is need for the new President to cooperate with the former helmsman because of his wealth of ex-

perience in order to fully develop the game in the country. “I want the new President to realize that there is the need for him to continue with Sagoe’s programmes because it has helped a lot in the development of cricket in the country. “There is also the need for him to realize that he should run an open door policy and always seek advice from the former President to enable him succeed,” Sonde said. According to him, the fact that the new President has not held any national position prior to his election will not in any way affect his performance because he performed creditably well at the Abuja Cricket Club and hopes he would transfer it to the national level.


x- internationals, Segun Odegbami and Mutiu Adepoju have commended MTN for its youth development initiative, through the mobile company’s sponsored football and academic scholarship, the MTN Football Scholar. At a press conference organised to announce the third season of the initiative, the ex-internationals were full of praise for Africa’s largest telecommunications company for making the dreams of aspiring soccer stars come true. Odegbami explained how extending education alongside soccer to young talents has been his vision. According to him, this is the best way to ensure that the future crop of Nigerian players and those who couldn’t make a living through the game have some other careers to fall back on. He further mentioned that, “the MTN Football Scholar is the only initiative in Africa that combines education with soccer among all youth development initiatives, across the continent.” Another, ex-international,

Mutiu Adepoju, cited examples of his team-mates, in his playing days in Spain, who are now medical doctors and lawyers. He admonished the selected soccer stars, Sampson Isaac, Ekeh-Shadrach Chizoma, Oyeniyi Adebare and Sefia Tega Joel, who have already secured admissions into colleges in the United States and Canada, to represent the nation well and keep their focus. Kola Oyeyemi, the General Manager, Consumer Marketing, MTN Nigeria, however reiterated that, since MTN believes in positively affecting its environment, the need to help young Nigerians to fulfill their dreams is paramount. He added that, “the MTN Football Scholar is designed to give young soccer talents the opportunity to combine education with soccer, in such a way that they can have a life after retiring from the game.” The third edition of the academic and sporting initiative is expected to kicks-off, this weekend across the nation, whereas the four selected candidates from Season2 are expected to leave the country to begin their overseas education in colleges in America.

From L-R: Ghandi Olaoye, Chief Executive Officer PPM, Kolawole Oyeyemi, General Manager, Consumer Marketing, MTN, Funmi Olaogun, Manager, Master Brand, MTN and Mutiu Adepoju, an ex-International, at the press conference to kick-off MTN Football Scholar, Season 3 in Lagos.

Afrobasket 2013: Oyedeji predicts tough tourney SAYO OGUNDEJI



aptain of the Nigeria’s senior men’s basketball team, Olumide Oyedeji, has said that this year’s Afrobasket championship slated for Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, later in August will be much tougher as most of the teams have improved technically. Nigeria is drawn in Group D alongside Cameroon, Congo and Mali for the 27th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations tagged, Afrobasket, holding from Au-

gust 20 to 31. And Oyedeji who captained Nigeria to the London 2012 Olympics is of the opinion that the game is on the rise in the continent, adding that Nigeria’s impressive runs at the Olympic qualifiers will make things a bit difficult for the country. He however believes his team has the experience to summon any opposition that they may come up against, adding that the desire to win laurel for the country will motivate the players into giving the tournament their best shot.

“We are all excited to represent Nigeria at the highest stage one more time, but I believe the competition will be a bit tougher this time around because teams have improved technically on the continent, but that is good for the development of the sport. “Nigeria has never won the tournament in the men’s event, but I believe the current crop of players are very hungry for success and will be ready to ensure Nigeria emerges victorious at the championship irrespective of the opposition we might come up against,” Oyedeji said.



May 18, 2013

I’ll defend my WBO title as a centenary gift to Nigerians –Emenogu King Davidson Emenogu popularly known as ‘Hand of God’ in boxing circles is the current World Boxing Organisation (WBO) International Junior Middleweight champion. The Australia-based Nigerian boxer will be making his first title defence in Abuja on May 31. In this interview with IFEANYI EDUZOR, he speaks about his preparations for the fight and the state of professional boxing in Nigeria.


an you tell us how you embraced the pugilist trade? My involvement in boxing was not by accident, but rather the sport runs in the family. My father, Christopher Emenogu, was a former Nigerian bantam weight champion and that accounted for the support I got from the entire family in 1996 when I decided to take after my father. When I took that decision, I had in mind to surpass my father’s record and I am happy that today apart from being WBO world champion, I also hold WBO African light middleweight title, IBF Pan-pacific youth light middleweight title, Pan Asian Boxing Association light middleweight and Australian light middleweight titles. It might also interest you to know that I was a gold medallist at the National Sports Festival in 1996 in Makurdi, Benue State and a silver medallist at Imo State in 1998. I also won another gold medal in Bauchi 2000 National Sports Festival, as well as winning a bronze medal at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games same year before settling down in Australia in 2006 where I was voted the best boxer in 2009 when I joined the paid ranks. I have also won 12 of my professional fights on knockouts, four by unanimous decision and just lost once to an opponent. Having said this I want to tell you that I have always seen my father as my mentor because of the regimented training he introduced me to when I was coming up as a boxer. You will soon defend your WBO International Junior middleweight title on May 31 in Abuja, how prepared are you for the title defence? I am really prepared for the title defence because anybody who has been following my fights will understand that I fear no foe as far as the light middleweight is concerned.

You know that my decision to stage the fight in Nigeria after winning it in June 2012 was to encourage our young ones desiring to make a career in boxing, as well as restore the lost glory of boxing in the country. I was supposed to defend the title in England, but I rejected the offer because I want Nigerians to have the opportunity of watching me live. I am fully prepared and concentrating on my training to make sure I retain my title. What is your take on the recent statement by your Egyptian opponent Abdumonem Said that he is going to end your reign in front of your home fans? My opponent is a very good boxer considering that he has an intimidating record of 10 wins out of 10 fights, but I am not intimidated by his record at the light middleweight category. All I am concerned about is to be in the right shape for the fight, and then everybody will see who the better boxer is. Having said this, I want you to understand that any boxer challenging for a title will always dream of beating the champion, but all I can tell him is that he is going to meet his waterloo on that day because I will use the fight as a centenary gift to Nigerians. I am particularly happy that this fight will be staged in front of my countrymen to enable them see their son doing what he loves to do best. How would you describe your relationship with Prophet T. B. Joshua whom you always refer to as your spiritual father? I have a very big respect for Prophet T. B Joshua who has always guided me spiritually and morally on and off the ring. My relationship with the Man of God is like father and son relationship. He always prays for me whenever I am fighting and he once prophesised that I

Saturday Mirror


BOXING FANS IN THE COUNTRY SHOULD EXPECT NOTHING LESS THAN VICTORY ON MAY 31, I PROMISE MY FANS THAT I AM GOING TO RECORD A KNOCKOUT ON THAT DAY. was going to be a world champion which has come to pass. God is really using him to touch and change many lives and I owe him a lot for making me what I am today. Prophet T. B Joshua has really impacted positively in my life and I want you to understand that my successes in the ring could not have been possible without his prayers and spiritual guidance. Almighty God is using him to bring smiles to the faces of many people. Prior to my meeting the Man of God, I had experienced series of setbacks each time I had a major fight, especially whenever I was scheduled to fight. Is either I sustain an injury that will lead to the postponement of the fight or force me to withdraw, but after having an encounter with the Prophet at Synagogue Church of all Nations, my story changed and since then, I have maintained a cordial relationship with him. How would you describe your experiences since relocating to Australia in pursuit of your professional career? The decision to move to Australia in pursuit of my professional career has really helped me a lot in achieving my dream of becoming a world champion. When I got there, I discovered that boxers back home are many year backwards because they still train with obsolete equipment with little or no promoters to organise professional fights. To be sincere with you my movement to Australia turned me into a better fighter and that is why I want to stage my next fight in the country. I want to show upcoming boxers that they can make it in the paid ranks and probably see how I can help some good ones among them achieve their dreams of travelling to Europe and America to pursue their professional careers. What do you think contributes to Nigerian boxers not making it in Europe? It is wrong for anybody to say that Nigerian boxers based in Europe and America are not doing well. We have great boxers such as former WBC heavy-

weight champion, Samuel Peter, Segun Ajose, Ola Afolabi, and Wale “Lucky Boy” Omotosho are all Nigerian boxers doing well abroad. Having said this I believe that any boxer who works hard will definitely make it and attract the best promoters in the world to handle their fights. Nigeria is blessed with lots of talented boxers and even in other areas of human endeavor. I believe that with more exposure, many Nigerian boxers will have a crack at the world title. Looking at professional boxing in Nigeria, do you think our boxers have what it takes to rule the world? Yes they do, but they are operating under a very difficult terrain. Most of our boxers do not have money to afford two meals per day and yet they train under very difficult conditions. The equipment they use are obsolete and the poor economic situation in the country does not encourage promoters to invest in the sport, which ought to have enabled them get rankings from relevant boxing bodies. With this type of situation, it becomes difficult to produce future champions in the mold of Hogan Bassey and Dick Tiger of blessed memories. But I will advise them not to lose hope because the sport in Nigeria will soon get its leadership position, not only in the continent but in the world. What should Nigerians expect from you on the day of your title defence? Boxing fans in the country should expect nothing less than victory on May 31. I am not going to predict the outcome of the fight, but all I can promise my fans is that I am going to record a knockout on that day. They should remember that this is a great opportunity for them to watch a world title fight and if Australians have been supporting me, I also expect my fellow countrymen to troop out in large numbers and give me the necessary support to retain my title. They should come and see a combination of Sugar Ray Leonard, Mohammed Ali and Evander Holyfield molded into one.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013

Hodgson hopes Beckham stays in game E ngland manager Roy Hodgson has paid tribute to David Beckham after he announced his retirement from football on Thursday, and expressed his hope that the former captain of the national team remained involved in the game. Beckham will hang up his boots at the end of the season, bringing an end to a 21-year career as a professional which saw him claim 115 international caps, a record for an English outfield player. The 38-year-old was out of the international picture since Hodgson took over in early 2012, but the England boss is hopeful that the former national team captain

will continue to devote his energy to football rather than other opportunities his global fame might enable. “I wish him well in the future in whatever he chooses to do and I personally hope that will be in football,” Hodgson said. “David is a man of many talents and a lot of people now will want him for different jobs and roles, some of which could take him away from us in football. “But I’m rather hoping we’ll be able to keep him in football because we can really benefit from his experience, we can really benefit from his charisma and we will certainly benefit from the magnificent past he has had as a football player.”

Mourinho’s return would lift Chelsea –Lampard



helsea midfielder Frank Lampard believes the return of Jose Mourinho would help the Blues challenge for the Premier League title again. Real Madrid boss Mourinho is the red-hot favourite to fill the Stamford Bridge vacancy this summer with interim boss Rafa Benitez stepping aside after tomorrow’s Premier League finale with Everton. The Portuguese coach enjoyed huge success during his first four-year spell in West London, winning backto-back Premier League titles on top of securing FA Cup and League Cup glory. Chelsea’s last title triumph came in 2010 under Carlo Ancelotti and Lampard, who signed a new one-year deal with the club on Thursday, believes that

Mourinho’s anticipated comeback could help them challenge Manchester United and Manchester City. “Our league consistency hasn’t been good enough these last two years. That’s something we must address this summer,” he said. “City and United have raised the bar and we need to get back to that battering ram mentality we had before, winning games 1-0 even when we’re not at our best. “We need to be able to close ranks and grind out results again as too many times in recent years we’ve had a bad month when everything has dropped away. “When we won the title under Jose we were criticised for the fact we were so dogged but we certainly need to get some of that mentality back in our game.



Kenwright, Moyes assure Everton fans B ill Kenwright and David Moyes have both assured Everton’s fans that the club’s future is in good hands. The duo were speaking at the club’s end of the season awards, with Moyes set to call time on his Goodison Park career before moving to Manchester United this summer.


Hodgson delighted with Carroll


ngland manager Roy Hodgson says that Andy Carroll gives the national side “another dimension” in attack after his call-up for the summer friendlies. Carroll returns to the international fold for the first time since last October for friendlies against Republic of Ireland and Brazil.


English FA approves 5-match ban for racism


acist and homophobic abuse by players will carry a minimum five-match ban from next season, the English Football Association has announced. The sanction however is only half the 10-match minimum ban being introduced by UEFA into European competitions from next season, and campaigners have labeled the FA’s decision “a missed opportunity.” The FA’s sanction will be the “entry level” punishment for the “least serious” discriminatory offenses with longer bans for higher level offenses. Players found guilty of offenses will have to attend educational programs, and for a second offense there will be a minimum 10-game ban. Clubs who have two or

more players found guilty of discrimination offenses within a 12-month period will also face charges and could even have points deducted. Although there are no openly gay players in English professional football, the rules will apply to any player who uses homophobic abuse to any other player. The new rules come after a review of sanctions following the high-profile cases which saw John Terry banned for four matches and Luis Suarez for eight games for racist abuse on the pitch. It is understood that under the new rules both of those cases would carry longer bans than just five games. FA chairman David Bernstein said: “Importantly, today’s agreement encompasses all elements of discrimination, not just racial abuse.”


Nasri ‘sad’ after Mancini axe


amir Nasri is feeling ‘sad’ following Roberto Mancini’s sacking by Manchester City, but understands changing managers is all part of football. Mancini was dismissed by City on Monday and Malaga coach Manuel Pellegrini is widely expected to take charge at the Etihad Stadium.

Varela enjoys United stint



Clarke firm on Odemwingie


est Brom boss Steve Clarke has insisted that unsettled striker Peter Odemwingie will not be sold cheaply in the summer. Odemwingie, who famously turned up to sign for QPR on transfer deadline day in January only for a deal to fall through, looks certain to leave the Hawthorns this summer. The Nigerian has repeatedly hit out at Albion over his treatment during the second half of the season, but Clarke is not willing to budge on a likely £4m price tag. “He has signed a contract,” said Clarke. “I think his goal record for West Brom is something like one in three. “Whoever wants him has to pay the market value. Is that the same as it was in January? Yes. We are not a charity.” Meanwhile, Clarke is hoping to spoil Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement party when Albion takes on Manchester United in tomorrow’s season finale. A win could see West Brom finish in

the top eight, and Clarke added: “We’re not there for a party on Sunday. “Our party will be with our supporters at the end of the game when the players get the chance to thank the fans and the fans get the chance to thank the supporters for the season. “That’s the only party we’re interested in and we’ll do what we can to finish on a high. We started the season on a high by beating Liverpool and we want to finish on a high against the champions.”



ruguay youth international Guillermo Varela has admitted he has enjoyed his trial spell with Manchester United. The 20-year-old Penarol full-back joined the Red Devils earlier this month to spend a few weeks training with the Premier League champions.





1. Man Utd




2. Man City




3. Chelsea




4. Arsenal




5. Tottenham




6. Everton




7. Liverpool




8. West Brom




9. Swansea




10. West Ham




11. Stoke




12. Norwich




13. Newcastle




14. Southampton




15. Fulham




16. Aston Villa




17. Sunderland




18. Wigan




19. Reading




20. QPR





May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror

‘Nigeria needs N20trn to develop infrastructure’

Ola Oyinloye is the Managing Director of Pearl and Apricot Nigeria, an infrastructure finance and development company. He spoke with STANLEY IHEDIGBO on financing infrastructure activities in the country, importance of Public Private Partnerships and other matters. Excerpts:

for the funding that is used in developing it. So, it is not an aberration per se, it is just that it must be properly done. It is something that is practised everywhere and we must do it. Would inconsistencies in government policies be a challenge for the building of toll gates in the highways by investors? The inconsistent policies have always been major challenges for us in this country. Federal, state, local governments and private sector are finding it extremely difficult to work together because of inconsistent policies coming from various governments. We need policies that are devoid of consistencies. If government is saying this is the way to go, we should leave the policy to run for numbers of years to enable people who have put in money to do one thing or the other see the outcome of their investment. I believe something will be done because there are a lot of agitations here and there about setting up proper policies to drive the economy, to drive the growth of Nigeria and as soon as we have that, everything is going to work perfectly.


hat is your assessment of infrastructure development in the country now? The level of infrastructure development in the country is presently very low. Although a lot of efforts have been made, what we have on ground is nothing to write home about. The government, private sector and stakeholders are to work towards improving infrastructure in Nigeria. For example, the Ibadan and Lagos expressway was built over 30 years ago, when the population was less than 80 million but now it is over 160 million. You can imagine the number of people plying that road on a daily basis and it is not adequate any more. Other roads are there too, with similar problem of inadequacy. Also, consider power generation. We are still talking of 4,000 mega watts with the population of over 160 million. This too is no longer adequate. Generally, infrastructure in Nigeria today is not adequate. What is the reason behind the recent campaign of your organisation on the promotion of infrastructure financing in the country? Our position is that government alone cannot shoulder the financial responsibility that is required to develop infrastructure in the country; the private sector must come in. We understand that banks in the country don’t have the capacity of doing long term financing and we don’t have other development financial institutions in the country that can do it. It is the more reason why the private sector has to come in and support various governments, federal, states and local, to develop infrastructure in the country. This is why the Public Private Partnership (PPP) should be encouraged to finance and develop infrastructure in Nigeria.


What is your view on some of the PPP activities that have failed in the country? We cannot take position without looking at the terms and agreement that underlined the projects. And for me, I am not aware of any Public Private Partnership that has failed. For example, we have the domestic airport in Lagos called Terminal Two functioning effectively, Lagos Lekki concession which is under PPP. What is the way forward for PPP scheme and infrastructure in the country? It has to do with our legal system and the policies of the Federal Government. PPP is supposed to be a catalyst to the development of infrastructure in the country and we cannot have a sound PPP programme if we don’t have a legal system and policies that are going to drive it. So, if there is any problem with the PPP arrangement, it is because of the legal frame work and the policies which we must continue to fine tune regularly. Although, we have started, we need to bring the legal experts together to cre-

ate a legal frame work that will work in Nigeria, look in at the country’s peculiar situation and then drive it in the policies’ point of view. That is how PPP can drive in Nigeria. Federal Government has proposed building toll gates on its highways. What is your view on this? It is not a new thing. All over the world when you have high ways, you want to build toll gates so that you can recover part of your funds. Like I said earlier, the Federal Government alone cannot shoulder the financial responsibility required to finance and develop the country’s state of infrastructure. If you look at the PPP programme, we need over N2 trillion every year for the next 10 years. Where will the government get that kind of money from? We must join hands together to work with the Federal Government on infrastructure. If the Federal Government wants to raise funds, get people to develop the highways, then they need to find a way to pay back the investors or the funding partners or the provider of funds for the project. And this is one way to make the project pay itself over a period of time

I found out that railway, transport, power energy and water are part of your infrastructure finance development. How will you carry on the entire programme and achieve result? Our business focus is just on three parts, power energy, transport and water. The main one is the power energy because it is very critically to the development of any nation. We are going to work with companies that are in power generation and power distribution, because we are developing experts in these areas. Also, we have foreign partners that are focusing on power energy only and we are working with them, because we understand the importance. The second one is transportation, like I said that whatever affects the power energy affects the majority of our people, and it is only in Africa that there is no interregional trade. In transportation, we will concentrate on land, water and air, which include financing airport terminals, road construction. We will be involved in water distribution and waste water treatment, in the sense that it is a very critical segment of our economy.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013

Producing serviettes for export


hen you are looking for a project to invest into, one of the fundamental issues to look into is the market for the envisaged products. Another thing is the legal considerations surrounding the proposed project. Yet another is the technology and the experienced manpower to manage the project. Having put all these important issues into consideration during a comprehensive feasibility studies carried out by the writer and his team of consultants, this project are here under discussed.

small. A spacious three (3) bed room flat can comfortably accommodate the production machines, the administration/ sales unit and the packing of the finished goods. It is always better to get a more spacious place to put the raw materials.

Raw materials

The envisaged project is the production of quality well packaged and neatly prepared serviettes & Napkins (both table, face napkins etc) that can be used by consumers in any part of the world.

The major raw materials are Jumbo Reels, Nylon/Polyethylene sheet or well designed boxes for packaging. It should be noted that no core paper is required like in the production of Toilet roll. A good designing and quality products can be produced to create a difference from what is in the market for now. This will be a market niche to the envisaged products. The raw materials are all available within the country. You do not need any importation.

Those to invest


Those people that have been working for so long but have not thought of retirement date (which will eventually come), politicians, retired workers, state & local governments, bankers and oil workers, who may want to have additional income and as di-investment. This project can be established by anybody. Those that are already into Toilet roll production can comfortably integrate these products into their existing plant.

The major machines required, like that of toilet rolls are rewinder, band saw machine, the cutter and packing machines. The packer has an in built nylon sealing device that does the clean finish-up.These machines can be procured locally. Prospective importers can as well import the machines from oversea countries. Details will be given to prospective investors on contacting the writer.The writer can procure and install these machines on turkey basis if it is acceptable to the prospective promoters.

The envisaged project

Location/project location This project can be located in any part of the country (both rural and urban settings). However, it is advisable to set it up where there is electric power supply. The space requirement is very

The market The market for the envisaged products are both locally and foreign. Locally, the target market will be all

and sundry, rich and poor, urban and semi-urban areas, Food centers, offices, Homes, Hospitals, Super Markets, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers. In the foreign market there are good market for Nigeria toilet rolls, serviette, diapers, napkins within the ECOWAS Sub-region and Africa as whole. Prospective investors will be given details.

Legal and legislative advantages The present Government felt that products like Serviette, Napkins, Diapers, Toilet Roll and Facial tissues can be comfortably produced within the country. This is because all the raw materials, technology and manpower can easily be sourced within the country. As a result, the government imposed a total ban on the importation of these types of products from overseas producers. This is therefore an advantage to the project. Moreover, though there is need to operate in a very clean environment, the control and regulations by NAFDAC is not as intense as if you are into Foods & Beverages. Therefore promoters can curtail the pressure of the NAFDAC regulations.

Financial requirement The project can be comfortably established with the sum of N11.4 million (the breakdown is as follows). From financial analysis, the promoters are sure of making profit after tax of N46.6 million in the first year of operation. The Profit after Tax will increase to N155.3 million within the first 5 years of operation. The return on investment is about 52 per cent. Other projects to be

integrated into this project Toilet roll, Facial tissue, Mouth wiper, Table napkin production etc can be integrated into this project as product ranges.

Production process The Jumbo reels are cut carefully to required dimension. The packing machine does the packing and carefully sealed them into 50 cuts per pack. Details of the production techniques and packaging will be taught in the process of the test running and training session of the proposed plant.

Implementation Prospective investors will contact the writer for detailed and bankable feasibility reports, procurement and installation of quality & durable machines, Training of manpower and setting up of very good accounting and marketing structure for the proposed project.

Financial Estimates (N’000) Preliminary Expenses


Plants & Machinery


Accommodation ied)



Working capital (varied)







11, 350

Courtesy: Uba Godwin,




igeria can be described as one of the countries that party the most. Despite the economic situation of the country, people still find time and money to party. For this reason, wine and drinks business will always thrive. Speaking with Mojisola Salihu-Abdul, the managing Director of City Liquos PLC located in the heart of Ogba, she disclosed to Saturday Mirror that the business of wine and drink sales is one good business worth investing in and spending on. According to this Mass Communication and English graduate of Lagos State University, she delved into the business because of her decision to start something for herself that she could do and pass onto her children and her children’s children. “I was once an employee of NACHO where I worked for about five years. I also worked at MITV as an energy reporter for about five years at a time before going into this business. At a point, when my children started growing up. I felt the need to start something worth while that could be passed on to the children. I believe that charity begins at home and as such, I saw the need to inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit into my children. That was what prompted me to go into the wine business.” This mother of two further disclosed that her interest in the business became strong when she went to a friend’s party and witnessed the manner in which people drank all sorts of exotic drinks with ease and keen delight. “I decided on to do the wine business because of the way I saw people drinking at a friend’s party I attended years back. All manner of exotic drinks were served at that party and that got me thinking that I could actually make a lot of money from the business. That was how I decided I

May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror



would do the business. As if that was not enough, not too long after that thought, a colleague of my husband brought in some wines from abroad. It was about 1,000 cartons and he did not know where to sell the drinks. My husband suggested to him that he should give them to me to help him sell and that was how I embarked on the business. After selling them, my interest in the business grew and that was how I started the business. That was about five years ago. As time went by I started buying from importers but today I import my own drinks” explained Salihu- Abdul. She further explained that potential clients include everyone who is having all kinds of parties, night clubs, hotels and individuals who are buying to resell. “The business is quite a lucrative one

in the sense that everyone who drinks at one point in time or the other is a potential customer. The important thing is to understand the business and your market audience. For instance, if you want to sell drinks to people in the garage where you know they have low income, you will supply them drinks that will be affordable to them,” she added. She further stressed that ability to satisfy the customers is very vital to this nature of business. “You must do all in your power to satisfy the needs of your customers without disappointing them. It is a very important aspect of this business. It is not enough to supply the drinks to your customers but it is only acceptable when it is done at the agreed time. That way, your customers will find you dependable and ready for business and they would not hesitate to do other businesses with you” Despite the lucrative nature of the business, Salihu-Abdul noted that the major challenge of the business is in bringing in the goods. “We can only hope that government

will make the business easier for us because the experience we get in the course of clearing the goods at the port is not a palatable one at all. We experience troubles of unexpected and unplanned levy at the ports. It is so bad that if an importer is not well grounded financially, he or she may get stuck in between and run out of business. That is a very big challenge the business is faced with,” she added. Salihu- Abdul added that the business is the type that runs through the year but with more sales during the Yuletide, Easter and Ileya and other festivals. While the business is good for investment, Salihu- Abdul warned that it is not meant for the lazy ones and people who lack discipline in the area of spending. “Although the business is a good one that everyone who is interested can go into, it is not for lazy people who are not up and doing. Someone who is not disciplined with his or her spending should not do the business because when you make a supply and you get paid, the tendency to start spending recklessly may be there and if care is not taken, the person will not be able to go back to the market again due to lack of fund. Accountability is very vital in this business” She explained that one could start on a small scale with about N500, 000 while on a large scale, one would need up to N5 million and above.

Crime Watch Crime Watch

P. 51

‘I rape old women because young girls are difficult’


Police arraign 2 men for alleged shop-breaking


he police on Friday in Abuja arraigned two men, Promise Alisi and Suleiman Buba, in a Senior Magistrates’ Court for allegedly attempting to steal from one John Ozoka. Alisi, who lives in Gwarimpa and Buba of GSM Village, all in Abuja, are charged with alleged trespass, shop-breaking and attempt to commit an offence of theft. The police prosecutor, Mr Abdullahi Adamu, told the court that Ozoka, also of GSM Village, lodged a report about the duo at the Wuse Police Station on May 13, 2013. Adamu said Alisi and Buba broke the glass door of Ozoka’s shop, valued at N7,000, and entered the shop located at the GSM Village. ``Alisi and Buba were about stealing some GSM phone materials from the shop when they were arrested,’’ he said. The prosecutor added that the offence contravened the provisions of sections 348, 358 and 95 of the Penal Code. Section 348 of the code stipulates that whoever commits criminal trespass shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or a fine, or with both. Similarly, Section 358 states that whoever dishonestly breaks open any receptacle which contains property shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or a fine, or both’’.

Police dock Okada riders for assaulting traffic warder


ive commercial motorcyclists were on Friday docked at a Senor Magistrates’ Court, Karu, Abuja, for allegedly assaulting a traffic warder. The accused, Tijani Mohammed, Nasiru Sani, Mohammed Dahiru, Yahoo Abdulkareem and Ismaila Isa, were arraigned on a three-count charge of joint act, criminal force and assault. The accused, who represented themselves in the court, denied the charges. The prosecutor, Sgt. Stephen Eimoga, said the accused attacked the warder, Cpl. Umar Yahaya, attached to Karu Police Division while on duty. He said the accused committed the offence on May 15, 2013, at the Nigerian Army Intelligence School Junction, Karu, where the victim was on duty. According to him, Yahaya incured the wrath of the accused, when he apprehended one of them for carrying two passengers on his motorcycle against traffic regulations. He told the court that the offences violated sections 263 and 264 of the Penal Code, which provided maximum term of three years imprisonment, option of fine or both, if found guilty.

Saturday Mirror

May 18, 2013


How cult attack left painter, 3 others maimed

z Cars vandalised, shops looted, residents robbed Residents of Albert/Shipeolu streets, Palm Grove area of Lagos State were, last week, visited with the wrath of hoodlums suspected to be cult members. They were subjected to a deluge of harassment and humiliation.




uesday, 7 May, 2013 was an unusual day at Albert/Shipeolu streets around Palm Grove area of Lagos

State. It was the day the narrow and quiet streets suddenly witnessed unusual traffic chaos which soon heightened suspicion among residents. At the intersection of the adjoining streets about eight suspected cult members said to be of the Eiye Confraternity sect brandishing varying dangerous weapons stood. The suspected cult members, reportedly led by one Adewale Awesu, stopped every vehicle that passed the vicinity and demanded for a certain amount of money. While about four of the suspected cult members were busy extorting money from motorists at gun point, others were at another corner robbing passersby of their valuables. A Chisco truck driver, however, defied the threats from the suspected cult members leading to heavy gridlock in

the area. Many of the passengers and passersby came to the spot of the confusion to actually see what was amiss. But many of those curious ones all had various gory tales to tell as the hoodlums engaged them in fierce confrontation. One passerby, Ezekiel Gbadega, a painter, would not forget in a hurry the agony and bodily harm he suffered in the hands of the hoodlums. Gbadega, 36, is a resident of the area at 74, Shipeolu Street, Palm Grove area. He had reportedly left his shop earlier than normal that day and was around Mushin with a customer who had given himcN40, 000 to paint his car. But when he got to the scene of the disturbance, he could not help but join his peers in attempting to repel the suspected cult members, but he got more than what he bargained for. While still arguing with the said hoodlums on their rationale to cause such a gridlock in his vicinity, one of them allegedly ran towards him and allegedly stabbed him with a broken bottle. It was on his shoulder. While Gbadega groaned in pain, his

Nokia mobile telephone handset was snatched from him and the N40, 000 meant to be used to paint his customer’s car taken away. Another victim of the cultists attack was Kazeem Rafiu, who was reportedly beaten to pulp and severely injured by the rampaging cultists. Kazeem, 27, who also accosted the cultists hoping to help douse their threats eventually landed in a hospital when three of the men allegedly hit him with machetes and broken bottles. “I have not been so treated in all my life like the way they beat me that day. When I saw the commotion they caused, I rushed there like any other person that wanted sanity in the area. But while I was trying to intervene in the whole matter, three of them swooped on me and held my clothes. They started searching my pockets demanding that I bring all the money I had on me out,” Kazeem lamented. All his day’s earnings were reportedly snatched from him. Gbadega too narrated his ordeal: “It was really a bad day for everyone within that area. The bad boys had been coming regularly to the area before that day to cause mayhem. They would stop vehicles and people passing and demand some funny amount of money from the motorists as if they are law enforcement agents,” Gbadega said. The ‘operation’ of the suspected cultists did not last more than half an hour, but the damage done by them would take a while to heal. By the time they hurried out of the area when some residents had alerted policemen of the Pedro Police Station, no fewer than five cars had been vandalised by the cult members, a couple of shops broken to with money and valuables carted away while their owners were helpless to act. A man identified as Mr Okey, whose Volvo car was reportedly vandalised by the hoodlums, explained that the area had come under the attack of bad elements in recent times adding that the situation calls for government and law enforcement agents to act fast before residents flee the area. Lagos State Police Command spokesperson, Ngozi Braide, could not be reached on telephone to comment on the matter as her lines were unavailable. But a police source at Onipanu Police Station, who wanted anonymity, claimed that the entire area had lately been invaded by notorious elements lately and that his unit has just been briefed on their activities.

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May 18, 2013

Kidnap kingpins meet waterloo

z Nsukka residents in wild jubilation

For Onyekachi Ugwuanyi widely known as Garuba and Ozoemena Iroabuchi popularly known as Okpotokpo, both suspected kidnap kingpins, the end of the road came on Monday. How was the arrest of these two effected? SEGUN ADIO


ot many people in Nsukka, Enugu State, knew that the man they all hailed and addressed as Garuba is actually a son of the soil. To many of them, Garuba is a native of one of the northern states of Nigeria, who was brought up in Nsukka. But they were wrong. The man they all referred to as Garuba was born Michael Onyekachi Ugwuanyi, and hails from Ehalumona in Nsukka Local Government Area of the state. Unknown to anyone in the town, Ugwuanyi, is the head of a group of kidnappers based in Enugu, the state capital but had its tentacles extended to Nsukka and other surrounding communities. It is reported that Ugwuanyi and his gang did not only stop at abducting innocent people and demanding huge sums of ransom from their family, but are also into armed robbery and all kinds of criminal activities. Investigations revealed that Ugwuanyi is in the same gang with another reported notorious kidnapper, Ozoemena Iroabuchi popularly known as Okpotokpo Nwa from Ukehe in Igboetiti Local Government Area of the state. Both suspected criminals had been on police’s wanted list for a couple of years now. Way back on 9 February, 2012, a kidnap incident that reportedly shook Enugu to its foundation was allegedly carried out by the group to which the two young men belong. In the same vein, on 20 November, 2012, the same group allegedly carried out another kidnap with similar magnitude. In both cases, large sums of money reportedly changed hands. Since then, law enforcement agents in Enugu State had launched a manhunt for the gang members. Their search for the criminals paid off recently when a good spirited citizen of the state alerted law enforcement agents when Ugwuanyi and Iroabuchi were sighted at Nsukka. It was reported that both suspects were cruising round the town on Monday, 13 May, 2013 inside a Toyota Avalon saloon car with registration number ABUJA GWA 775 AP. Upon sighting them within the town, the informant alerted the police. As if presenting the new helmsman in the state police command, Commissioner of Police Abubakar Adamu


Mohammed with a welcome gift, law enforcement agents in the state, in an operation coordinated from the state’s headquarters, swung into action and both were arrested and brought to Enugu. The news of the arrest of the two kidnappers almost brought commercial activities to a standstill, as many residents of Nsukka went into frenzied jubilation once the news was confirmed by police authorities. During preliminary investigations, Ugwuanyi reportedly confessed to the crimes the gang had committed in the past. He is said to be assisting investigators in their efforts to get to the root of the case. Ugwuanyi, who reportedly claimed that he was lured into the heinous crime of kidnapping by yet to be found man, however, maintained that his desire to take his family out of poverty led him into the crime. A resident of Nsukka who does not want his name in prints expressed happiness over the arrest of the two kidnap kingpins. According to the commercial bus driver, “There is no doubt that with the arrest of Garuba and all his group,

sanity would return to this community. This people (kidnappers) had terrorized us for so long and this is the appointed time that they would be exposed and that is what we have started seeing with the arrest of the leaders.” In his reaction to the latest achievement to the arrest of the two notorious kidnappers, Adamu was quoted as saying his mission in Enugu State was to rid the state of criminals, especially armed robbers and kidnappers. The police boss thus assured residents of the state and indigenes living outside of it of a serene and peaceful state thenceforth. Spokesman for the state’s police command, Ebere Amaraizu, speaking on the latest arrest of the two suspected criminals, maintained that criminals still operating in the state no longer have a hiding place. Amaraiszu, used the opportunity to solicit for continued collaboration from people of the state with the police especially in terms of volunteering information which could lead to arrest of criminals in the state. His words, “The police cannot fight crime alone. The police need the support and collaboration of all and sundry to combine efforts with police to rid the state of criminals,” Amaraizu said.

Saturday Mirror

Drug Trafficking: Sunny Ade’s guitarist jailed 3 years


he Federal High Court in Lagos, yesterday, sentenced Sunny Ade’s former guitarist, Fatoke Abiodun, who was arrested by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, to three years imprisonment for drug trafficking. Abiodun, who was brought before Justice S. Seidu of the Federal High Court pleaded guilty to one count charge of unlawful exportation of 1.575kg of cocaine. The defence counsel, Mr Bayo Onifade, had pleaded with the court to temper justice with mercy since the convict is 62 years old, a husband of three wives with 12 children. In his ruling, Justice Seidu sentenced the convict to three years imprisonment with effect from the date of arrest. He noted that the appeal of the defence counsel and the fact that the convict pleaded guilty without wasting the time of the court were carefully considered. It will be recalled that Fatoke Abiodun was apprehended by operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on January 1, 2013 at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos. The convict who played guitar for music star, King Sunny Ade for over three decades was caught while attempting to board an Air France flight to Italy. During search, two parcels of cocaine weighing 1.575kg were found industrially hidden in the false bottom of his luggage. Fatoke reportedly blamed his involvement on financial hardship. According to Fatoke, “after my primary education, I only did one year in the secondary school before I went into music. I can play any kind of guitar but my music career is a sad story. “I played for King Sunny Ade for 30 years before I was unceremoniously retired in 2007. I was unprepared and without severance money I saw the bitter side of life. This is my first time of involving myself in drug trafficking. I did it out of frustration because at my age I could not provide for my family. I am ashamed of myself,” he added. Speaking on how he got involved in drug trafficking, Fatoke explained that he got a call from a friend. “I live in Ibadan with my family. I was invited to Lagos where I was given N50,000 and they promised that every arrangement would be ready for me to travel soon. “They promised to pay me one million naira. If not for my condition, I would have turned down the offer but it was my last hope to be free from financial difficulty. I was given the bag and my ticket but at the airport NDLEA detected the drug. Since then, I have been in deep pain. I feel bad because I have no one to help me” Fatoke regretted. •Culled from www.thegazellnews. com

Crime Extra

Saturday Mirror

May 18, 2013


‘I rape old women because young girls are difficult’ Nnanna Osondu is a young man with all the appetites of his age mates. But he would rather satisfy his sexual appetite, which he described as “large” with elderly women whom he raped. Why? “None of these young girls around is ready to befriend me,” he claimed. SEGUN ADIO


nanna Osondu of Opi community in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State recently stunned security operatives and other inhabitants of the agrarian community when he revealed his delight in raping elderly women. Rape, though an abominable act, is commonly practised among people of sexually active age, but for Osondu, his delight and taste is for women far past menopause. Osondu, said to be in his early 30s, does no serious work for a living. It was reported that he had approached several young women in the community for friendship, but none reciprocated. So, he neither has a wife nor is he courting any one at the moment. He could not even afford the ‘luxury’ of an hour with a call girl. Still, he wanted to satisfy his sexual urge. In meeting his desire for sex, Osondu resorted to raping elderly women whom he later claimed were better than many young girls around. But having carnal knowledge of these elderly women, many old enough to be his grandmother, did not come cheap. Osondu reportedly scouts round the community in the day time, for his prey, and once he gets them, he goes after them at night. Since the alleged rapist could not lure these elderly women with any material item, he reportedly threatened them with a knife he usually concealed in his trousers. Apart from threatening to kill the elderly women should they refuse him sex, Osondu also carefully selected those women who live alone in their homes. For months now, Osondu had suc-

cessfully raped about a dozen elderly women whose age averaged 60 years old. Luck, however, ran out on Osondu Tuesday, last week, when a victim rebuffed his threat to kill her and managed to raise the alarm which drew the attention of passersby. That was around 4:30p.m on a bush path in the community. It was reported that a day before Osondu planned to carry out his crime against the fair-skinned elderly woman, he had visited the woman pretending to want to buy an item from her. The woman was reportedly alone at the time Osondu visited her. With the knowledge of the woman going to the market the following day to get some items into her shop, the rapist traced her to the market. But on her way from the market, he reportedly waylaid the woman at a nearby bush brandishing his knife at the woman, and then asking her for sex. The woman, identity concealed, rebuffed his death threats and started shouting at the top of her voice hoping to attract attention. The woman soon got help from other villagers returning from the market, who surrounded Osondu and gave him some beating before he was handed over to law enforcement agents. Osondu was later transferred to the Enugu State Criminal Investigations Department where he is reportedly cooperating with the police. When confronted with the allegation that he was using the women for rituals, Osondu denied the allegation, but claimed that he only ‘used’ the women to satisfy his sexual urge. “It is not true that I use the women for ritual. The truth is that I have a big appetite for sex and none of these


young girls around is ready to befriend me. So I resolve to going for the elderly women,” he said. Narrating his modus operandi, Osondu continued, “I always get the women in the night or in the bush mostly when they were returning from the market. If anyone wanted to resist me, I only use the knife to threaten them so that they can let me

have my way. I never harm them with the knife. The truth is that young ladies in this town make life difficult for you once you do not have money to spend on them,” he said. Ebere Amaraizu, Enugu State Police Command spokesman, who confirmed the incident, thanked members of the community for apprehending the suspect.

Pastor kidnaps, defiles General Overseer’s 13-yr-old daughter


N Oredo Magistrates’ Court sitting in Benin, Monday, remanded a cleric, Pastor Fidelis Ejoke, 23, for abducting and indecently assaulting his General Overseer’s 13-year-old daughter. The accused person pleaded not guilty to the two-count charge of unlaw-

ful and indecent assault and abduction, an offence which contravenes Sections 360 and 362 of the Criminal Code. Police Prosecutor, Mr. Samuel Ogaht, told the court presided over by the Chief Magistrate, Mr. Peter Edo-Asemota, that the the minor was the daughter of the Pastor Ejoke’s General Overseer.

Testifying, the 13-year-old junior secondary school student told the court how the accused started making love to her in November 2012. She also explained how the said pastor asked her to go to her mother’s safe to bring money, adding that she gave the money to him without counting it

and later the pastor confirmed it was N145,000. The court, however, said the accused should be remanded in prison while the case was adjourned to June 23, 2013. •Culled from www.thegazellnews. com



May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror


NANS reaffirms stand against re-appointment of sacked Oko poly council NWABUEZE OKONKWO ONITSHA


he National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has re-affirmed its position against the speculated plans to re-appoint the former Governing Council of Federal Polytechnic, Oko Anambra State, led by Dr. Anene Uzuak-

punwa. The student’s apex body also threatened to sue individuals who have been going round the media to ridicule their position on the matter, saying, “At no time did NANS reverse its agitation against the return of Dr. Uzuakpunwa and his group or issue any statement to that effect because our stand is clearly

justified.” A fortnight ago, NANS threatened to make Federal Polytechnic, Oko ungovernable should the former council led by Dr Uzuakpunwa return to the institution. And speaking yesterday, Zone B NANS Coordinator, Comrade Chinonso Obasi told journalists in Awka, Anambra State

that the body has no reason to reverse its decision on the issue. “We pleaded with the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan who has a listening ear to resist the re-appointment of former council to Federal Polytechnic, Oko because they did not do well in their last tenure, especial-

ly their leader, Dr. Uzuakpunwa, who is about 75 years of age. “Uzuakpunwa has served in the same institution as rector for a period of four years and served at different levels of government, both state and federal. Now that he is having diminishing return, why not consider the younger generation?

We are not against appointment of any other credible team from any part of the country. This is a council that never attracted even one kobo for the development of the institution. Rather, they engaged the management in regular war and frivolous demands, making the environment unconducive for learning.”

Abia Central Senatorial tussle: S’Court affirms Nwaogu’s election


L-R: President, Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Prof. Ngozi Nnam; Managing Director, Cadbury Bournvita, Mr. Emil Moskotian and representative of Enugu State Governor, Mrs. Nneka Onyebuchi, at the presentation of certificate of endorsement to Cadbury Bournvita in Enugu, recently.

Ezu River corpses: Igbo youths dismiss MASSOB’s claims NWABUEZE OKONKWO ONITSHA


he Association of Igbo Youths (AIYO) has described as false, the recent claims by the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) that nine of the corpses found floating on Ezu River in Anambra

State used to be MASSOB members. MASSOB is reported to have claimed that its members were killed extra-judicially by men of the Anambra State Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) at Awkuzu and dumped into the river. But in a press statement issued in Onitsha yesterday and signed

by its National President, Comrade Chimezie Ikunne, AIYO said that they are being driven by the need to set records straight on the issue and unearth the perpetrators of the dastardly act. AIYO also condemned the alleged smearing of the image of the police in the state, who, they say, should be commended for

bringing sanity back into the state. In the statement entitled ‘Ezu River: deconstructing MASSOB’s tissues of lies,’ AIYO said that based on the fact that their membership is drawn from former MASSOB members, they are in a better position to know what actually transpired on the matter.

2013 Anambra guber: NNPP strategises, appoints caretaker committee


ttempting to capture the Anambra State governorship later this year, the New Nigeria Peoples’ Party (NNPP) has set up a caretaker committee to run its affairs in the state for effective mobilisation of the electorates. The committee is to be headed by an astute poli-

tician, Lady Chukwuogo Ego Virgy. Speaking at the inauguration of the committee, a member of the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the party, Barr. Fred Akokhia, charged the committee to take advantage of the good will which the party now enjoys in the state in par-

ticular, to win the gubernatorial election coming up later this year. He advised Lady Ego Virgy to draw from her wealth of experience as a seasoned politician to sell the programme and manifesto of the party which aims at bringing about a New Nigeria. In her response, the new chairperson of NNPP in Anambra State,

Lady Ego Virgy thanked the party for the confidence reposed in her and her team and promised that she would not fail in her tasks. She promised to exploit her experience to put the party on the right course, especially as the November 2013 gubernatorial election in Anambra State is approaching fast.

he Supreme Court on Friday upheld the election of Nkechi Nwaogu of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as senator representing Abia Central Senatorial District in the 2011 National Assembly election. Delivering the judgment, Justice Afolabi Fabiyi led other justices to hold that Osisioma Ngwa Local Government Area is in Abia Central Senatorial District. “Consideration of declaratory relief will always call for a sober exercise of discretion which must be carried out not only judicially but judiciously as well. Discretion is the art of being discrete in the extreme

and where there appears to be a tie, the court is obliged to apply the sixth sense. At the onset, I stated the relevant facts as much as practicable. The crux of the matter relates to which Senatorial District of Abia Osisioma Ngwa Local Government Area belongs to,” the judgment said. He said that the first respondent, as plaintiff (Emeka Atuma) before the trial court, maintained that Osisioma Ngwa Local Government Area falls into Abia South Senatorial District. He noted that the appellant (Nwaogu) maintained that the exhibits relied on as evidence were not correct.

Floods: Anambra farm seeks N270m compensation for damaged produce NWABUEZE OKONKWO ONITSHA


he management of St. Patrick Farms Limited, Osomala, Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State has cried out over non-compensation from all tiers of government after the farm lost about N270 million worth of goods and livestock during the last flood disaster which hit the state. The farm’s general manager, Dr. Emeka Uzoukwu, said this when a delegation of Ogbaru Stakeholders Forum visited him in his office. The delegation was led by chair-

man and secretary of the forum, Sir Peter Okala and Evangelist Jeremiah Elezua. Uzoukwu complained that the enormous losses incurred during the flood disaster could lead to an outright closure of the farm if urgent measures are not taken by the appropriate government authorities. “Over 110 of our staff could return to the unemployment market,” he said. Responding, Sir Okala commended the farms management for employing the people of the area and appealed to government to come to the rescue of the farm through adequate compensation and support.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013



Killings: ‘Resign from ACF,’ group tells elders A ZA MSUE KADUNA


youth organization of minority tribes in the northern part of the country, the Middle Belt Youth Forum (MBYF), has called on the elders of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) to resign their ACF membership over their noninterest in the ongoing killings in Benue, Plateau and Kaduna States. Passing a vote of no confidence on ACF’s leadership, MBYF frowned at the latest communiqué issued by the northern sociopolitical body, which it claims condemned the killings in Agatu Local Government Area of Benue State and recent attacks in southern Kaduna. MBYF claimed that the communique proves

that ACF is only concerned with the interest of the far north. MBYF’s National Youth Leader, Hon. Jonathan Asake, told Saturday Mirror on telephone that they were shocked by ACF’s communiqué which condemns the State of Emergency declared by President Goodluck Jonathan in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa where their interest is most affected. Asake, a former House of Representatives member, also called for the cancellation of the planned amnesty for members of

the Boko Haram and berated ACF’s opposition to the emergency declaration by President Jonathan.

“ACF’s stand against President Jonathan’s state of emergency in some states is an unpopular position. Even gover-

nors of the affected states supported the federal government because they spent so much money on security votes instead of

developing their states. ACF is not speaking for the masses but for their selfish interest,” he concluded.

Group underscores call for Igbomina State


socio-cultural group, Egbe Omo Ibile Igbomina, Lagos branch, has reiterated its call for the creation of Igbomina State out of the existing Kwara State. New chairman of the group, Alhaji AbdulRasheed Olajide Afolayan, made this call after he was elected recently in Lagos.

Addressing indigenes of Igbomina who witnessed his election, he said the call for Igbomina State would be louder than before even up to the National Assembly under his leadership of EOII. “The call for a separate state for the people of Igbomina cannot be overemphasised, and because of that, my administra-

tion shall not relent in this drive until our aim is achieved,” he said. He also promised to further collaborate with the Lagos State Government in the building of Igbomina House in the state and reassured Igbomina indigenes that EOII would continue to collaborate with the Kwara State Government so that they have

equal opportunity in the north central state. Some other officers elected include: 1st Vice Chairman, Sanni Jimoh Owoyale; 2nd Vice Chairman, Kareem Gbadamosi; General Secretary, Oriade Saliu Ayanda; Treasurer, Hajia Nimotalahi Lawal and Financial Secretary, Prince Oyeyiola Joel Oladimeji.

Kwankwaso woos Qatari institutes to develop sport, education AUGUSTINE MADU WEST KANO


he Kano State Governor, Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, has visited Aspire Sports Academy in Doha, Qatar

in furtherance of his government’s determination to establish an international sports institute in the state. Aspire is a sports complex devoted to building human capacities at

all levels by providing a range of developmental programmes, training courses and learn-by-doing modules. Speaking during the visit yesterday, Kwankwaso pointed out that he was

attracted by the facilities and the expertise of the tutors at the institute. He added that his administration is desirous of collaborating with Aspire in the areas of facilities, staff development and student exchange through the Kano Sports Institute currently under construction. “Our aim is to partner with you, to learn from your experience, so that together we can train and nurture our youths to become physically and intellectually sound,” he said. Receiving the governor at the facility, Director-General of the Academy, Ivan Bravo, said that they are ready to col-

laborate with any state or national government in developing their youth. Also in Doha, Kwankwaso visited the headquarters of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development where he discussed ways of possible partnership towards the advancement of education in Kano. The governor and his entourage were received by Sheikh Sa’ad Faraj A. Suwaid who briefed them on the Qatar Education City model, a vast complex that houses educational facilities from school age to research level and branch campuses of some of the world’s leading universities.

New Nasarawa CP assures of peace IGBAWASE UKUMBA LAFIA

L-R: Bauchi State Integrated Vector Management Officer, Alhaji Rilwanu Kobi; Director, Planning, Research and Statistics, Alhaji Haruna Tiffi; District Head of Katagum, Alhaji Waziri Mustapha and Deputy Director, Primary Health Carenan-Photo Development Agency, Alhaji Mohammed Saidu, at the commencement of environmental management campaign round two of outdoor spray in Azare, Katagum Local Government Area of Bauchi State, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Al-Makura suspends state varsity management IGBAWASE UKUMBA LAFIA


overnor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa State has directed the management of the stateowned Nasarawa State University, Keffi, to proceed on a six-month compulsory leave with imme-

diate effect. The directive was contained in a press statement signed by the Secretary to the Nasarawa State Government, Mrs. Zainab Abdulmumin, which was made available to Saturday Mirror in Lafia, the state capital. Former Kaduna State University Vice-Chancel-

lor, Professor Aminu Mikailu, has been appointed to act as the institution’s VC for the six-month period. It would be recalled that on February 24, 2013, a crisis in the school led to its closure and to the deaths of four students. In the meantime, in separate reactions, some

of the students who spoke to Saturday Mirror and preferred not to be mentioned, lamented the government’s action. They said they would miss the suspended VC. They however expressed optimism he would resume after the expiration of the compulsory leave.


ew Nasarawa State Commissioner of Police, Umar Shehu, has assured residents of the state of restoration of peace. He however solicited the cooperation given to his predecessor, Abayomi Akeremale, to enable him carry out his assignment. “The police cannot do it alone. We need the support and blessings of traditional rulers, religious leaders, youths and other stakeholders to realize this objective,” he said.

Declaring that the police remain undeterred in the face of attacks against its officers and personnel, he said, “While we are still mourning the lives of our men lost recently at Alakyo village, it has become imperative to assure members of the public that the police will not be deterred by the ugly incident that resulted in the deaths of many of our men. “We are poised to carry out our constitutional responsibility and perform other statutory duties as spelt out in the 1999 constitution and other laws of the federation.”



May 18, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Delayed bills: Nasarawa Assembly moves to counter executive excesses IGBAWASE UKUMBA LAFIA


he Nasarawa State House of Assembly has resolved to ensure that Governor Umaru AlMakura gives speedy assent to bills passed by it or such delayed bills are given legislative passage. To this end, the House has constituted a committee on Bills, Resolutions and Appraisals to work out the modalities for the move. Briefing journalists in Lafia, the state’s capital, on the development, Hon. Godiya Akwashiki, Majority Leader of the House said that gone are the days when bills meant for the development of the people and the state are allowed to delay unnecessarily by the executive arm of government. “The Assembly has decided to constitute the committee in order to ensure that all the passed bills are assented into law by the

governor or risk legislative passage for the development of the state,” he said. He added that most of the passed bills have not been assented to by Al-

Makura, even as some of the resolutions of the House have not been respected by the executive and other government officials in the state. “It is uncalled-for that

after the Assembly has worked tirelessly and passed bills that have direct bearing on the lives of the people, the passed bills have not been assented to by the gover-

nor for the development of the state,” he said. He also disclosed that the state Assembly has the power, based on section 100, subsection 5 of the Constitution to recall

Plateau State Commissioner for Lands, Survey and Town Planning, Mr. Mathew Gomwalk (left) and Secretary to the State Government, Prof. Shedrick Best, during the Two Day Stakeholders Workshop on One Stop Shop and Investment Promotion in Jos, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

a bill that was not assented to by the governor back to the House and pass same to law by two-third majority members of the House. “The governor has dumped some of our passed bills for more than six months without assenting to them and refuse to give reasons for his action. That is the rationale behind constituting the bills, resolution and appraisal committee to ensure that bills passed must be signed or risk legislative passage without delay,” he warned. He threatened that the unsigned bills would be recall back to the chamber and would be passed by 2/3 majority during plenary, adding that once it is passed, everybody, including the governor, must obey the law. He however added the new step was not to witch-hunt the governor or anybody in the state, but to ensure that the people benefit from the good laws as well as to respect the constitution of the land.

Explosions, gunshots rock Buhari’s hometown CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2



he attackers, who came in several vehicles, including three Hilux vans, were said to have begun their operation at about 10pm with the onslaught lasting up to four hours. A resident of the town identified as Kabir Nasiru said the attackers bought bottled water and soft drinks at a shop be-

longing to a relation of his, before commencing their operation. Nasiru said many residents of the town could not sleep throughout Thursday and the early hours of Friday as the sound of explosions and gunshot rocked their surroundings. “We could hardly sleep even hours after they had completed their operation. It was a traumatic experience listening to the explosions and gunshots,” he said.

Saturday Mirror learnt that the policemen at the affected stations and commercial banks fled the scene when the superior firepower of the attackers overwhelmed them. Sources said police and military men were dispatched from the state capital and other council areas, but this did little to keep the attackers from carrying out their operation. An eyewitness who de-

clined to be named said the attackers first invaded a military base in the area and killed three people there. They then attacked the two police stations; the Sabon Gari and Central police stations, where they killed four policemen and destroyed two police vehicles with IEDs. According to the eyewitness, two of the policemen that were killed were posted to Daura from Sokoto State about two weeks ago, while several

Agatu-Fulani Clash: Mark sues for peace


enate President David Mark has appealed to the warring communities of Agatu and the Fulani herdsmen in Benue State to sheath their swords and embrace peace for the progress of the area. The Senate president, who made the appeal when he visited the Apa Camp, where some of the displaced Agatu in-

digenes were currently taking refuge, said that there was no alternative to peaceful co-existence. In a statement released by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Paul Mumeh, on Friday in Abuja, Mark condemned the clashes and said that government would no longer condone further destruction of lives and property. The Senate President

lamented that the conflict had claimed hundreds of lives in the area and charged security operatives to rise up to the occasion and bring normalcy back to the communities. Said Senator Mark, ``We have been living as brothers and sisters for so long and it is pathetic to now turn against one another, killing innocent souls in the name of expressing

our grievances. There is a purpose for us to live together. God created us for a purpose and it is against God’s plan for a person to take a fellow human’s life unjustly,’ he said. While giving the assurance that the culprits will be brought to justice, the Senate president said that government would ensure that those displaced were returned to their homes.

policemen fled as soon as the attacks began. The eyewitness affirmed that as at yesterday morning, he saw the bodies of the policemen being moved in a vehicle to be deposited at the Katsina General Hospital while those of the dead military men were moved out of the town to another location. Katsina State Commissioner of Police, Abdullahi Magaji confirmed the attack but said he was unaware of the deaths of military and police men. Magaji said police got intelligence reports that the attackers had moved away from Daura town and were trying to pass through neighbouring Dutsi council area. “We mobilised our men and pursued them while other security men readied to intercept them when they approached Dutsi,” he said. He said the police was able to overtake the attackers, and that an

exchange of gunfire ensued, during which four of the attackers were killed. The police commissioner said two of the armed men had been killed earlier in Daura town during exchange of fire, and that 10 guns, including seven AK47 rifles and a lot of ammunition were recovered in the process. An undisclosed amount of money and other valuables were also recovered. Magaji said the attack was carried out by armed robbers and not Boko Haram members and that the surrounding shrubs in the area were being combed for some of the attackers that had managed to escape. The police chief called on people in the area and Katsina State in general to always report strange movements or suspicious people in their surrounding as doing so would assist to nip such crimes in the bud.

Saturday Mirror


May 18, 2013

Syria crisis: Russia ‘sends sophisticated weapons’


ussia has sent sophisticated antiship missiles to Syria, US media report. The New York Times quotes unnamed US officials as saying the missiles could be used to counter any potential future foreign military intervention in Syria. Without confirming details, Russia’s foreign minister said Russian supplies did not break any international rules. It comes amid growing alarm that chemical weapons may be being used in Syria, something US President Barack Obama has

said would be “a red line”. Meanwhile efforts continue to arrange an international conference on Syria. The United Nations Secretary General Ban Kimoon met Mr Lavrov in Sochi yesterday to discuss the plans for the conference, which would aim to bring together the Syrian opposition and members of President Bashar al-Assad’s government. At a news briefing, Mr Ban said it was important to “not lose momentum” on the drive towards holding a peace conference and dates for it were being “actively discussed”.

Saudi man dies after setting himself on fire in protest


Saudi man has died after setting himself on fire in protest at his treatment by authorities, the BBC has learned. Sources told BBC Arabic that more than 100 hundred people gathered outside the police department in capital Riyadh in anger at Ali Jabiri Alhouraysi’s death. He is said to have killed himself after being searched by police. The incident echoes the death of a Tunisian who set fire to himself as a protest in 2011, triggering revolution. The death of Tunisian

vegetable seller Muhammad Bouazizi helped spark protests that led to the toppling of Tunisian President Zine al-Abdine Ben Ali a week later, and is considered as one of the catalysts for the regional Arab Spring. Like Mr Bouazizi, Mr Alhouraysi was a vegetable seller. The BBC understands Mr Alhouraysi killed himself on Wednesday after being unable to present his identification papers when he was searched by police. He is said to have been previously stripped of his Saudi citizenship.

Toronto Mayor faces drug video allegations


Canadian paper says it has seen video footage that appears to show Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine, but cannot verify its authenticity. The Toronto Star said two of its reporters were shown the clip by a tipster who tried to sell the video to the paper. The story emerged after a US online news site ran the same allegation. The mayor’s lawyer, Dennis Morris, has threatened legal action,

calling the claim “false and defamatory”. Mr Morris told the Toronto Star that in any video, it was impossible to tell what a person was doing. “How can you indicate what the person is actually doing or smoking?” Mr Morris told the paper. ‘Well-lit room’ The Toronto Star said two of its reporters were shown the video - reportedly filmed on a smartphone - on 3 May, after meeting an anonymous tipster in a car park.

Broken Regulations

US Marines hold umbrellas during light rain for US President Barack Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a joint news conference in the White House Rose Garden. Even though he is the commander in chief, there are some orders that even President Obama cannot give. According to Marine Corps regulations, not even the President of the United States can request a serving Marine to carry an umbrella without the express permission of the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Deadly blasts at Iraqi mosque kill 43 z As 13 die in Pakistan blast


wo bombs exploded outside a Sunni Muslim mosque in the Iraqi city of Baquba as worshippers left after yesterday’s prayers, killing at least 43 people in one of the deadliest attacks in a month-long surge in sectarian violence. Attacks on Sunni and Shi’ite mosques, security forces and Sunni tribal leaders have spread since troops raided a Sunni protest camp near Kirkuk a month ago, and fears are intensifying of a return to all-out Shi’iteSunni conflict.

Increasingly sectarian civil war in neighboring Syria is emboldening Iraqi Sunni insurgents and straining relations between the two Muslim groups in Iraq, where tensions are at their worst since U.S. troops pulled out at the end of 2011. Yesterday, one blast exploded outside the mosque in Baquba, about 50 km (30 miles) northeast of the capital of Baghdad, and a second explosion tore into crowds of people rushing to help victims of the first attack, police said. Local television showed

images of bodies on the ground outside the mosque, pools of blood and scattered shoes of the victims. Police vehicles rushed wounded away from the scene. “I was about 30 meters (yards) from the first explosion. When the first exploded, I ran to help them, and the second one went off. I saw bodies flying and I had shrapnel in my neck,” said Hashim Munjiz, a college student, at the site. No group claimed responsibility for the attack, but Sunni Islamist insurgents and al Qaeda’s local


sentences in prison for crimes against humanity. Federal Prison Service Director Victor Hortel said he died of natural causes in the Marcos Paz prison. Videla ran one of the bloodiest military govern-

wing, Islamic State of Iraq, have stepped up attacks since the start of the year to try to provoke a widescale sectarian confrontation like the slaughter that killed tens of thousands of Iraqis in 2006-2007. Shi’ite Islamist militias, which fought U.S. troops for years after the 2003 invasion, have said they are prepared in case they need to return to war. But Sunni insurgents sometimes hit Sunni targets to provoke conflict, including tribal leaders and politicians who oppose their extremist agenda.

23 die in initiation rites in South Africa


wenty-three youths have died in the past nine days at initiation ceremonies that include circumcisions and survival tests, South African police said yesterday. Police have opened 22 murder cases in the deaths in the northeastern province of Mpumalanga, according to spokesman Lt. Col. Leonard Hlathi. He said an inquest is being held into the 23rd death, of a youth who complained of stomach pains and vom-

ited. Initiation ceremonies are common in South Africa, where youths partake in various activities as a rite of passage into adulthood, usually over the course of three weeks. Some 30,000 youths signed up for initiation this year. In addition to being circumcised, the boys and young men are put through a series of survival tests which sometimes include exposure to South Africa’s chilly winter conditions

with skimpy clothing. Their faces are painted with red clay and they also are given herbal concoctions to drink. Nelson Mandela, the first democratically elected president of South Africa, described the experience in his autobiography as “a kind of spiritual preparation for the trials of manhood.” Hlathi said that all the deaths occurred at government-registered initiation sites where medical practitioners usually are present.

Argentine ex-dictator Videla dies in prison

ormer dictator Jorge Rafael Videla, who took power in a 1976 coup and led a military junta that killed thousands of his fellow Argentines in a war to eliminate “subversives,” died yesterday while serving life


ments in an era of South American dictatorships, and sought to take full responsibility for kidnappings, tortures, deaths and disappearances when he was tried again and again for those crimes in recent years. He said he knew

about everything that happened under his rule because “I was on top of everyone.” Videla had a low profile before the March 24, 1976, coup, but quickly became the architect of a repressive system that

killed about 9,000 people according to an official accounting after democracy returned to Argentina in 1983. Human rights activists believe the real number was as high as 30,000. This “dirty war” introduced two frightening

The government became involved to prevent such unnecessary deaths. Mathibela Mokoena, chairman of the House of Traditional Leaders in Mpumalanga, says the Department of Health was alerted before the initiation ceremonies began, but only showed up after the first few deaths were reported. He said the department has now agreed to have officials present for the remainder of the ceremony.

terms to the global lexicon of terror: “disappeareds” — people kidnapped and never seen or heard from again — and “death flights,” in which political prisoners were thrown, drugged but alive, from navy planes into the sea.





There are people, cabals, who do not want Nigerians to have power. But cabal or no cabal, our vision is irreprehensible and we will effectively achieve the desired results. Minister of Power, Professor Chinedu Nebo, while calling the bluff of the much-touted cabal fighting against the power sector reform.

Saturday, May 18, 2013.

Africa and the dynamics of growth (II) A

frican governments must be committed to the provision of infrastructure, especially, electricity and transport. It is heartbreaking that the entire electricity produced in sub-Saharan Africa equals only that of Spain, a tiny country in Europe, with a population that is just about five per cent of the sub-Saharan African population. Worse still is the fact that half of this is produced by only one country, South Africa. This limitation does not only make nonsense of growth and development efforts, it also kills creativity and opens up the people, especially the youth, to frustration and uncivilized modes of thinking. On the other hand, the availability of reliable infrastructures reduces the cost of business, which is the main issue for prospective investors. The uneven infrastructural development that is characteristic of many African nations is the primary cause of rural-urban migration, which in turn breeds congestion and the proliferation of slums in the urban centres, as the available infrastructures get rapidly overstretched. The result is a vicious circle of poverty and underdevelopment. The African leaders, who led their people to independence from the colonial masters, were fiery in their speech and they succeeded in rallying their people behind them to chorus the demand for political independence, which they eventually got. However, since then, events have proved that it takes more than fiery rhetoric to achieve econom-

with President Olusegun Obasanjo

IN THE CASE OF NIGERIA, THERE SEEMS TO BE AN OBNOXIOUS SOLIDARITY AMONG THE MIDDLE CLASS THAT ALLOWS THE MANIPULATION OF AVAILABLE DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS AGAINST THE ENFORCEMENT OF ANTI-CORRUPTION LAWS ic growth and the kind of society they promised to give. Some of them soon became notorious for their indiscipline and graft. Their poor handling of the affairs of the state provided plausible reasons for equally undisciplined soldiers to seize power by the barrel of the gun. The worst examples were Mobutu of Congo, Bokassa of Central African Republic, Idi Amin of Uganda and Abacha of Nigeria. This set African countries back in terms of political development and ultimately, in terms of economic growth because of the fiscal indiscipline associated with the military rule, which

supplanted the immediate post independence era of liberation leaders. African countries put up with this political oddity for upwards of a quarter of the last century. The upsurge of democratic politics in many African countries during the last two decades of the last century kindled hope of a new Africa, anxious to provide employment for her youths, in particular, eradicate poverty and take advantage of the prevailing favourable global economic climate, to burst into an era of sustainable economic growth. To the chagrin of many observers and


Fergie, Bale bag English Premier League Awards


ir Alex Ferguson has been named as Barclays Manager of the Year and Gareth Bale is Player of the

Year. News of the prestigious award came just hours after Ferguson gave the final pre-match news conference of his extraordinary career yesterday. The Manchester United boss has been named Manager of the Season on a record 11 occasions, first taking the honour when the Premier League was created back in season 1992/93. Ferguson, who has lifted 38 trophies

during his 26-year reign at Old Trafford, has won the Premier League title on 13 occasions and will take charge of his 1,500th game for United tomorrow. Bale, who has scored 19 goals in 29 Premier League appearances this season, becomes the first Tottenham player and the first Welshman to be named Player of the Year. It is the Wales international’s fourth individual award of a stellar season, adding it to the PFA Player and Young Player of the Year gongs and the Football Writ- Ferguson (right) celebrates the Premier League title ers’ Association Footballer of the Year.

friends of Africa, what some African leaders governments have succeeded in giving to their people are scarcity, hunger, insecurity, absolute poverty and a corrupt parasitic middle class. There is the hope that this is only part of the teething problems associated with our stage of democracy and that it would soon fizzle out. Manipulating political process to feather political and economic nests will not endure. This makes it difficult for them to take the hard decisions necessary for reform policies that would promote economic growth. Bangladesh has succeeded, in spite of her weaknesses, largely because of the adoption of the low wage strategy to grow the private sector. This sharply contrasts with some African countries, where wages and political perquisites are so high that the economy is hurt. In many African countries, the unions may not be too powerful but the political and bureaucratic class are so corrupt that the government is unable to muster the necessary moral courage to push through any policy that may cause any inconvenience to the middle class, no matter how temporary or beneficial the policy may be in the long run. In the case of Nigeria, there seems to be an obnoxious solidarity among the middle class that allows the manipulation of available democratic institutions against the enforcement of anti-corruption laws. The poor enforcement of anti-corruption laws in turn makes the citizenry less enthusiastic to act positively on any call by the government to sacrifice.


PREMIERSHIP FIXTURES Sunday, May 19, 2013 Chelsea v Everton 16:00 Liverpool v QPR 16:00 Man City v Norwich 16:00 Newcastle v Arsenal 16:00 Southampton v Stoke 16:00 Swansea v Fulham 16:00 Tottenham v Sunderland 16:00 West Brom v Man Utd. 16:00 West Ham v Reading 16:00 Wigan v Aston Villa 16:00

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