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Saturday, July 20, 2013

How I met Al-Mustapha

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–D Dr. Frederick Fasehun


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ASUU strike

FG mounts pressure on lecturers

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L-R: Minister of Police Affairs, Navy Captain Caleb Olubolade(Rtd); Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu; President Goodluck Jonathan and Inspector General of Police Mohammed Abubakar, commissioning 200 units of housing apartments for officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force at Idimu, Lagos, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Al-Mustapha: We’ll prosecute him if necessary, Lagos insists

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‘My wife abandoned me for her career’ P.41 ‘My husband kept secret wife and children from me for 10 years’

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Man breaks sibling’s head over inherited land P.40

…As woman stabs friend over shared business

Saturday Mirror

July 20, 2013

Nigeria to defend stand on same sex marriage at UN A

s debate against and for same sex marriage rages on in the country, the Federal Government has said it is preparing a formal report on its stand on same sex marriage that will be submitted to the United Nations, in Geneva in October. This was disclosed by the Information Minister, Labaran Maku, while briefing journalists after the weekly Federal Executive Council, FEC, meeting which was chaired by President Goodluck Jonathan. According to Labaran a committee to be chaired by the Attorney General of the Federation had been raised to work on the report. This follows the approval by FEC for Nigeria to submit its Second Cycle Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Report to the United Nation’s Human Right Council. Maku explained that every country that is a signatory presents a report every four years stating the profile of the human right situation and what government and communities are doing to promote the enforcement of universal human rights across the world. Nigeria’s first report to the United Nations Human Rights Council was submitted in 2009 and the second phase is already due. The country’s lawmakers had in May this year passed the anti-gay bill, calling for a 14-year jail sentence for same sex marriages as well as witnesses to the marriage. The bill is now waiting for Presidential assent. Maku said a committee had earlier been set up to work on a draft report to the United Nations Human Rights Council and the draft report was “presented to the council today and council deliberated


extensively on the report”. According to Maku, from the report submitted to the UN in 2009, 32 issues had been raised and Nigeria had so far dealt with 30 of them. He said Nigeria has been able to succeed in area of press freedom and women representation amongst others. However, the issue of same sex marriage is one of the two areas it was still deferring with other countries. The other is that of death penalty. He said in relation to same sex marriage, there were fundamental differences “within our country and so we are trying to look into it and see what really position Nigeria will take. “But definitely, the problem with same sex marriage as at now is that both sections of Nigerian society, traditional society, Muslim community, Christian community that virtually make up nearly 100 percent of the Nigerian population are

still opposed to the idea of same sex marriage. “And in nations, it is not easy for you to enforce a value that is strange to your own society. We believe that Nigeria should be able to work on its own position particularly that reflects both segments of the Nigerian society. “So we have set up a special council committee to again look into these issues so that we can come up with a final report, which will then be forwarded to the United Nations human rights council”. On the death penalty he noted that substantial progress had been made, but there were issues within “our statutes that we need to resolve and it is not only Nigeria, but even the United States and several other countries have not yet abolished death penalty. “It is something to be pursued and it is also something that we need time, change in attitude, change in perceptions, and change in laws for these to become reality”. He also added that there were still philosophical, fundamental differences of opinion on the matter of the death penalty and it was it something of a national consensus. The FEC also discussed on the issue of constituency projects. Maku said the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, reminded FEC that N50 billion has been set aside in a separate account for that purpose and urged MDAs handling in the implementation and execution of constituency projects to get ready for procurement. This, Maku said is to ensure that there is a proper monitoring of these projects. •Culled from the

Man rapes 9-yr-old primary 2 pupil to death A man identified as Chijioke Nwakor, is cureently cooling his heels in police cell at Cross River State Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Police headquarters Diamond Hill, Calabar, after he was arrested for allegedly raping a nine-year-old girl, Alice Eneji, a primary 2 pupil of Saint Patrick’s School, Okuku to death. The 20-year-old suspect told the Officerin-charge (OC) of the Homicide unit at the state CID, Mr. Joseph Inuyashe that he recently relocated to Okuku-Yala local government, Cross River state to stay with his indigent parents and had abstained from women and his first attempt at having an affair ended in tragedy. Narrating the incident, he said “I used to see the girl everyday in Okuku-Yala where I stay with my parents. I don’t know what pushed me last Monday to approach the girl for sex.” The man said he was returning home that fateful day when he sighted Alice play-

ing with three boys at the Saint Patrick’s Primary School football field and he felt obliged to stop and advise her against playing with boys who may defile her adding that the advise took an amorous dimension as rain started drizzling and they had to take shelter in one of the school’s buildings. “I discussed with her and she accepted. So, I took her to one of the abandoned buildings that has been overtaken by weeds where I told her to remove her pants and she complied. After Alice removed her pants, I told her to bend down because the place is too dirty. The uncompleted building is now used as a toilet, because most people living around there don’t have toilets,” he said. Chijioke said the deceased started crying and complaining of pain during the sexual encounter but I assumed she was only pretending, “like most girls usually pretend even when they are not feeling any pain,” and a few minutes later, she

slumped and became unconscious after which he started calling for help. According to Chijioke who spoke amidst sobs, the late Alice was rushed to hospital while he went round the commu-

nity sourcing for money to foot the hospital bills and it was while he was still at it that he received a phone call that she had died. •Culled from

Five years after, what has become Adedibu’s legacies?


ast month marked the fifth year that the widely acclaimed strongman of Ibadan politics, High Chief Lamidi Ariyibi Akanji Adedibu left the shores of this earth. In this special report, Sunday Mirror digs deep into the businesses left behind by the late politician. The number of his houses and what has become of his businesses. Who manages what? Did he leave behind any will? What is the present condition of his mansion in Molete popularly known as Aafin Molete? What has happened to his political empire and what has been the contribution of those who have benefitted from him while alive to the dibu, Chief (Mrs.) Bose Adedibu. Read detail of all these and more family he left behind? We also had a no holds tomorrow in Sunday Mirror. bared interview with the widow of Chief Ade-

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013

Saturday Starter

Al-Mustapha’s freedom Justice or perversion? K AYODE FALADE

Murder is a crime many people seek justice for. They crave for the day when a tooth will be pulled for a tooth and an eye for an eye. As great their eagerness for justice is, so is their aversion to its miscarriage? When the duo of Major Hamza Al-Mustapha and Alhaji Lateef Shofolahan were convicted for the murder of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola on 20 January, 2012, the judgement was greeted with both knocks and kudos. And so was their discharge and acquittal on 12 July, 2013. What actually is justice?


he crowd at the Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal on Friday 12 July, 2013 were ambivalent about where the pendulum would swing in the appeal of Major Hamza Al-Mustapha and Alhaji Lateef Shofolahan against the death verdict passed on them by a Lagos High Court on 30 January 2012. But the voice of Justice Rita Pemu who read the lead judgment soon made it known that a dichotomy existed in the gathering. The eminent panel of appeal presided over by Justice Amina Augie and which also had Justice Fatima Akinbami and Justice Rita Pemu discharged and acquitted Al-Mustapha, former Chief Security Officer to the late maximum ruler, General Sani Abacha, and Shofolahan, an aide Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, one of the wives of Chief MKO Abiola, the acclaimed winner of the 12 June, 1993 presidential election whose murder they were being tried for. One group in the court erupted in wild jubilation, while the other slunk away looking forlorn and bewildered. Al-Mustapha and Shofolahan had suddenly become free after 13 years of gruelling trial and detention of almost 15 years. Justice Pemu who read the lead judgment held that there was no direct circumstantial evidence that Al-Mustapha and Shofolahan conspired with anyone as claims of prosecution witnesses in that regard were contradictory and that the prosecution in totality failed to establish the charge of conspiracy and murder against the appellants. She further held that based on facts and evidence before the court, it is certainly neither Al-Mustapha nor Shofola-

han who pulled the trigger and murdered Alhaja Abiola. Justice Augie also concurred with the lead judgement, while the third Judge on the panel, Justice Akinbami also toed the line of the lead judgement thereby making the ruling unanimous. “In a criminal trial the burden of proof is to proof beyond reasonable doubt and this is a chain that cannot be broken. “The prosecution listed four witnesses PW 9, 10, 11 and 12 as witnesses which it intended to call in the trial, but never called any of them. “PW 1 (Dr Ore Falomo) testified before the lower court that the bullet extracted from the forehead of the deceased, was white and of a special kind, but the prosecution failed to tender the bullet as exhibit and this is fatal to their case. “The prosecution also called Pw 4 (Investigating Police officer) who investigated the death of the deceased, but this witness was never produced for cross examination by the defence, as he never showed up in court. “This renders the evidence of the police officer inconclusive as it denied the defendants their right to fair hearing, and no reasonable court can safely make a conviction on such inconclusive testimony. “PW 2 (Sgt. Rogers) and PW 3( Mohammedd Abdul) in their confessional statements to the police, said they were enjoined by the first appellant, to murder Kudirat, but these statements were later retracted by them in court. “PW 2 and 3 retracting their earlier statement to the police told the court that they were cajoled by the prosecution to indict the appellants, with a promise to give them monetary compensation. CONTINUED ON PAGE 5


July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter

‘Judgement vindicated Al-mustapha’ Shettima Yerima is the president, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum


hat is your take on the recent Appeal Court judgement on Al-Mustapha and Alhaji Sofoluwe? It has shown that there is still hope for the common man in the judiciary. It has shown that there are still people committed to justice. It has reversed my thinking because I have lost hope in the judiciary. But I am happy the judgement has vindicated the innocence of Major Hamza Al-Mustapha. We thank God Almighty for the judgement and we commend the judges of the Appeal Court for this and we hope we shall see more of this in future. In some circles it is being said that the judgement has some political undertones. What is your response? How can it have political undertone? What is political undertone that has not come for 15 years? Why is it coming now? Why didn’t it come when a Lagos lower court held the accused for 15 years for the interest of some particular people who want to ensure that injustice is meted out to innocent people? If it had been the other way round, would it still have been considered political? People would always have something to say. It was obvious for the 15 years that we have been following the case that there was nothing to hold Mustapha for. He was committed. He was loyal to Nigeria. He is a true patriot who believes in the unity of Nigeria who did his job diligently well like any other person would have done. And all of a sudden the story came from nowhere simply because some people had committed a lot of atrocities and they feel uncomfortable with the freedom of people like Mustapha, they framed him up, set him up and locked him up. Nobody is interested about the amount of money Gen Abubakar Abdulsalami stole in the 11 months he was in power. Nobody is interested in knowing who killed MKO Abiola, nobody cares to ask Abdulsalami why he is so

desperate to eliminate Mustapha working with some selfish politicians in the South West, working to destroy him. How can you hold somebody with nothing as evidence? No eyewitness to the killing of Kudirat Abiola; who knows whether the killing was masterminded by the family? Nothing is impossible. But nobody cares? Some people could have masterminded the killing in the family because they wanted to acquire wealth. In the family of Abiola, kudirat stood in the way of so many of them. I am just assuming that. But nobody cared to find out. Suddenly somebody was somewhere and the man who pulled the trigger and killed had been asked to go free never to commit sin again. Then somebody who was alleged to have directed the murder to be committed was being held even when he did not do anything. Nobody cared to know that Al-Mustapha was taking Abiola from one place to another to ensure he was not killed. Nobody cared about that. Nobody cared to ask about that simply because people were covered by sentiment. So how could the judgement be political? Of what importance would it be? Was he released by government or pardoned? How then was it political? Out of the 12 witnesses the prosecution mentioned, they could only provide three and these three were neither here nor there. So should he be killed for that? Who are the three: Ore Falomo, Sgt Rogers and Mohammed Katako? Some of them came back to say they were lured and induced by the state; so instead of facing the wrath of God when they die they now chose to be born again on their own and they came back to confess the truth. I will ask Nigerians as a whole, especially those who have different feelings about Mustapha, to ask for forgiveness. What would you say of the role of Dr Frederick Faseun? Dr. Faseun has played the role of a prominent person and father to the na-

tion because if Mustapha had died with the perception in the other parts of the country as regards where he was being kept and that Yorubas were totally against him, it would have been bad. Faseun did what he did in favour of the Yoruba. It was a clear indication that the Yoruba people were actually not against Mustapha just that they never got the picture of the true story clearly. Ordinarily, he did not have to do anything. He would just have folded his arms and watch. So what he did was a demonstration of patriotism and unity and to ensure that there is more unity within the North and the South. And so that extent, we should thank Faseun, not castigate him. He has not betrayed anybody. He has made his position very clear before now that look this young man you wanted to kill had actually done nothing. And if he had died the blood of this innocent man would have been a curse onto Nigeria. So people like Faseun should be commended for their actions. And Nigeria, the North in particular, will never forget the statesmanship he demonstrated. So what should we be expecting from the Major now? The Major is a man who believes in the unity of the country, the man who cannot compromise the unity of Nigeria. I think that young man at the end of the day has a lot to offer Nigeria. If we are wise enough we will make use of his wisdom. We need him more now in terms of security, we need him more now because we have seen a new dawn in other parts of the country rather to allow the government to be working with some political liabilities, it is high time they begin to look and see that there is a new hope now. A new hope is what will ensure that some of us of the new generation will give our support. In anything we will ensure there is a new hope because there is a new dawn. All younger generations have begun to see hope in other parts of


the country and that is the collective position of the northern youths. Is your position that of the civil society? I challenge anyone who challenges my position in other parts of the country to come out and say it clearly; you will know that I am not saying what I am saying just for the sake of talking. I am saying it because all of us are saying it. This is our position. We have seen a new hope. So the government must take advantage of that and build a new nation and not to be working with political liabilities who cannot even do anything in their own domain.

It is very shocking – Mohammed Fawehinmi, Lagos lawyer



ow do you see the Appeal Court judgement on Major AlMustapha and Shofolahan? I see it as a very shocking judgement. But I really don’t know what to say because I have not really studied the judgement.

ments coming out of some of the courts today are very disappointing. So if some of us lawyers can have it at the back of our minds that the judiciary still needs to do more. We also need to be proactive. Though the CJN is trying, she needs to do more.

What would be the implication of the judgement on the judiciary and then the common man on the street? The Nigerian judiciary still needs serious reform because the judge who freed Mr James Ibori of the 160-count charge is still a serving judge and I do not think any disciplinary action has been taken against him. For the judiciary, we members still need to try and purify ourselves. The judiciary has not really created much confidence for the man on the street to believe. The judge-

Do you perceive a political undertone? I don’t see why the Appeal Court would give such judgement. But the Supreme Court is still the final court for any appeal. However, I am sure that judgement shocked a lot of people and I have been reading in the papers a lot of headlines about it. The judiciary has a lot of work to do. We need to reaffirm our position and check the most qualified of our justices. Those who fall beneath the appreciable level of being judges should

be summarily disciplined appropriately. Because already there are strips of information that a lot of judges are taking bribes. We hear these things but I don’t have any evidence. So people who hear that and based on natural facts things have gone the other way cannot have confidence in the judiciary. What about the roles of people like Dr Faseun and what will become of the June 12 struggle? The June 12 struggle is still on. And we still have to use that as a yardstick to purify our electioneering process. That has still been the freest and fairest election as far as this country is concerned. But I don’t know what Baba Faseun’s view is. So I can’t speak for him. He is an elderly man who has been around for a long while. He is entitled to his opinion.

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013

‘There are reasons to be suspicious’ – Ayo Opadokun, National Secretary, National Democratic Coalition


hat is your take on the freedom granted Al-Mustapha and Shofolahan? To me, there are some measures of judicial perversion, some elements of misuse of discretion in our criminal procedure system. I have not read totally the reason given because I am sure the true certified copy has not been released to the public. So, one is not really in a position to totally make a legal opinion out of it. But having got to the fact of what we knew about the procedure of the case, there are reasons to be suspicious of whatever the discretion the appeal panel must have adopted by accepting the prayers of Mustapha that set him free. I can equally say this. A lot has gone wrong with the Nigerian judiciary in recent time. The Nigerian judiciary which is expected to be the last hope of the ordinary man had systematically gotten itself appropriated by the elite, military and political, who have appropriated the Nigerian state to themselves. If the report of the late Justice Kayode Esho panel had been implemented, the chances are that a significant number of people who had retired from the Nigerian judiciary at the highest level down the line ought to have been sacked and dismissed as recommended by that panel under General Abacha. But Abacha did not. He just threw the report into his dustbin. Even though, he spent huge Nigerian money for the committee to be able to do the work. It should not surprise you what we have seen today, in the Nigerian judiciary for example less evidences than what were provided in the Nigerian courts up to the Supreme Court under Justice Uwais Mohammed which they claimed were not sufficient to pronounce that James Onanefe Ibori that was convicted of a criminal breach of trust in an Abuja

Chief Upper Area Court was guilty, were brought to London and Ibori is now serving a 13-year-jail term. So that type of situation remained an albatross on the Nigerian judiciary under the leadership of the Justice Mohammed Uwais. These were the types of things that can be totally unreliable that can be happening in that place. You remember that the instrument that was used by the military under Babaginda to destroy the hard earned victory of MKO Abiola was launched at a court. A woman judge gave ruling as recorded at 9:30pm to the electoral commission to stop announcing the result of that election. But that lady who gave the judgement was a former junior counsel in the office of the late Chief Akpangbo who became the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Nigeria then. She was the right candidate to which that type of suit was filed. They were looking for injunction and they secured that injunction by 9:30pm. The following day when the director of legal services of the National Electoral Commission, distinguished Mr Buhari Bello, went to the Appeal Court to get that order lifted, he succeeded. But as he was getting out of the premises of the court, there was an announcement at 4 0’clock that the electoral commission as a body had been disbanded. Akpangbo who was the Attorney General who was supposed to fight on behalf of the electoral commission was the one taking the certified true copy of the judgement to the electoral commission, so to whom should Buhari go? In any case, they disbanded the electoral commission. So we have seen such instances. Hitherto, the Nigerian judiciary had been an institution of credibility, recognised globally. In the commonwealth, the Nigerian judiciary was reckoned with as being among the best in the world. That

–Fredrick Faseun, Founder, Odua People’s Congress



was why our judicial personnel were in high demand in many places including the African continent. You will remember that Justice Akinola Aguda, the late Justice Udo Udoma, even Dr. Olu Onagoruwa, presided over Supreme Courts in Uganda, Kenya, The Gambia and others like that and even writing their constitutions for them. That was then. The military had done too much havoc on the totality of the Nigerian polity. There was nothing they spared. They subverted all the three arms of the government. And the executive equally had judicial powers.

Al-Mustapha’s freedom: Justice or perversion? CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 “This is a contradiction in the testimonies of the witness, it raises doubt in the case of the prosecution, and it is unimaginable that the lower court did not expunge this evidence. “For an offence like murder, I wonder why the Nigeria Police did not do a proper investigation. “Jabila who was initially arrested as a co-defendant, was later called prosecution witness, witnesses who ought to be called were never called, the bullet extracted was never tendered before the court. “Once there is doubt in the case of the prosecution, as in the instant case, it must be resolved in favour of the accused, and this doubt is accordingly resolved in favour of the appellants. “One thing is clear, Kudirat was shot, but the big question is who pulled the trigger?

“I find nothing in this case which sufficiently links the appellants with the commission of the offence. “It is preposterous that in a 326 page judgment, the lower court was only concerned with securing a conviction at all cost. “Just as God is, He is no respecter of person, so also is this court. I hereby order that the appellants be discharged and acquitted while the conviction and sentence of the lower court, is hereby discharged. “For someone who has been incarcerated since 1999 on a baseless indictment, it is so unfortunate” Pemu held. The ruling has since drawn both attacks and commendations from Nigerians nay the international community. While many praised the ruling to high heavens, others have concluded that it smacks of deceit, hence, a demonstration of perversion of justice in its basest form.

Al-Mustapha is innocent

Kudirat Abiola, the heroine of democratic struggle, was killed in Lagos on June 4, 1996. The trial of Al-Mustapha and Shofolahan began in October, 1999 before a Lagos State Chief Magistrate Court sitting in Ikeja, presided over by Magistrate Gbogodo. They were later re-arraigned before former Chief Judge of Lagos State, Justice Christopher Segun in 2000 while the judge later withdrew from the case due to allegation of bias raised against him by the counsel of Al-Mustapha, Joseph Dawodu then. Again, the matter was reassigned to Justice Kudirat Kekere-Ekun now of Supreme Court, after the elevation of Justice Kekere-Ekun to the Court of Appeal, it was re-assigned to another judge before it got to the court of Justice Mojisola Dada who finally found them guilty of the offence, and accordingly convicted and sentenced them to death by hanging on January 30, 2012.

hy do you believe he is innocent when we were told during the trial that he not only instructed those who shot Kudirat Abiola, but also facilitated the weapon that was used in killing her? Is that not what we were told? But they did not tell the public that this same witness who said that Mustapha gave him the gun to kill Kudi came back to court crying like a baby, sobbing and saying that he was induced to testify like that. Induced by whom, the court asked? He said the state induced him. Who was the state? He mentioned three people including the Director General of the State Security Service, SSS, at that time. What were you induced with? He said he was told he would be given a house in Abuja, he would be given foreign posting, his salaries would be paid in foreign exchange and their wives would be given money every month for sustenance. But when the state now failed to sustain its own part of the bargain, they too started singing. If the state failed to sustain its own part of the bargain, why should they? And they gave the full version of their involvement. First, some of them, as a result of complying with the wishes of the state, were set free. They were walking the streets freely and even went back to their jobs. One of them was not even in Lagos in the month of June, 1997. He was not anywhere near Lagos. On the 4th of June, the day Kudirat was murdered in Lagos, Kachako was getting married in Kazaure in Bauchi State. He got married at 10 o’clock while Kudirat was killed between 8am and 9am. He said in that month of June, he was not anywhere near Lagos. And after getting married, he went for his honeymoon. The judge of the local court was told all that and she recorded everything said by those witnesses. She based her judgement of ‘death by hanging until death takes over’ on prosecution witness 2 and 3. But no one told Nigerians that all these happened in court. No one told us that the evidence was retracted. And when the judge was going to give judgement in the lower court, she knew that such a crime might get death sentence. So she itemised the evidence and said, “But there are circumstantial evidences.” Circumstantial evidences in a murder case? Okay, what are the circumstantial evidences? She did not say. And yet she wrote 386 pages of judgement. What was she looking for writing 386 pages? According to the Appeal Court, she was fishing for untruth, falsehood and lies. And I think the Appeal Court wrote about 33 pages or so with various authorities cited. At the end, the Appeal Court didn’t see what circumstances the lower court referred to, so they said that crime and punishment will not be an influence in their judgement. The Appeal Court based its judgement on hard facts, not circumstantial evidences.


July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter

‘Al-Mustapha’s release has nothing to do with 2015 presidency’ Alhaji Shuibu Ado Dansudu, the President of Arewa United Consultative Forum and National Vice Chairman of Arewa Youths Development Association spoke with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE. Excerpts:


ow do you see the Court of Appeal judgement that discharged and acquitted Major Hamzat Al-Mustapha? It is a welcome development because Al-Mustapha has stayed in detention for too long. It is unfortunate that AlMustapha’s issue is an arrangement by some cabals who want to keep him behind the bars. For a major in the army to be interrogated by his junior in the police and State Security Service under duress you will know that the trial is an arrangement. I am categorically sure that Al-Mustapha’s case from the beginning is an arrangement to cover up some people who don’t want their secret in the open. They believe that by hiding Al-Mustapha, their secret or whatever atrocities they committed will be covered. There are speculations that the judgement has the hand of the presidency so as to get the support of the North for 2015. What is your take on this? I don’t know whether among the judges there is somebody called Goodluck Jonathan. What happened to AlMustapha was not a pardon. President Jonathan has the power to pardon AlMustapha before the Court of Appeal’s judgement but he did not pardon him. Al-Mustapha was in court for almost 14 years. So, why should people be calling

Al-Mustapha’s judgement an arrangement considering that the man spent 14 years before he could regain his freedom? Al-Mustapha is a Nigerian and the government can give him any appointment if they decide to do so but I don’t see his release as compensation to Northerners to follow Jonathan. I don’t believe in those rumours. Are you saying that Al-mustapha’s judgement has nothing to do with 2015 presidency? The judgement had nothing to do with the 2015 presidency. The judgement is a real and pure judgement. If you remember there is an allegation that their interrogation was under duress. The evidences were given under duress and they came out voluntarily to deny and tell Nigerians that what they said was under duress and that there was an arrangement that they would be taken abroad; and that houses would be bought for them etc. So, if anybody is not satisfied about Al-Mustapha’s release, the person should go to court. You are one of those that campaigned vigorously for Al-Mustapha’s release, why? I campaigned for his release because of his long detention, which I see as a violation of his human rights. It is a pity that somebody can stay in detention for 14 years. If you remember Al-Mustapha

lost his father and mother while in detention. He is from the North and he is a northern hero so, I must be worried about him as a northern brother. Why do you see Al-mustapha as northern hero? He is a northern hero because he is a Northerner and he works with a northern head of state. Al-Mustapha went through a lot in prison because of the allegation and the interrogation, he was courageous to stand till this time. He is a wonderful man, he lost his father and mother in the prison and that didn’t affect him because he was courageous and he never lost confidence. So, Al-mustapha is a Northerner, soldier and every soldier is a hero. How do you see the various criticisms trailing the public support of the President of Odua People’s Congress (OPC) Dr. Frederick Fasehun, for Al-Mustapha? I believe that every human rights activist in this world is fighting for injustice. So, I cannot blame Fasehun for standing by Al-Mustapha because he sees what Al-Mustapha is passing through as injustice. Whatever Fasehun does shows that he is a good Nigerian and a gentle man; that he is a father and very honest person, which people are supposed to learn from. He shows kindness and we believe that Fasehun is fighting injustice every-


where. He is right for whatever he does because you cannot stop people from saying their mind.

‘Verdict can promote more political assassinations’ Human rights activist and lawyer, Mr. Richard Akinnola, in this interview with SAKIBU OLOKOJOBI, speaks on the implication of the Appeal Court verdict setting Major Hamza Al-Mustapha free. Excerpts: than the facts adduced at the trial court.



hat is your view about the verdict of the Appeal Court setting Al-Mustapha free despite the initial judgement of the High Court in Lagos? I disagree with the Appeal Court verdict because it was more of technicalities

How do you mean technicalities? What is your view about the claim that the allegation against Al-Mustapha was not proved beyond reasonable doubt? Precisely what I am talking about, that it was not proved beyond reasonable doubt. With due respect to the justices, they should have taken into consideration all the circumstances surrounding the case. In criminal trials, evidence may not be direct but circumstantial. The Supreme Court, in confirming the conviction for murder based on circumstantial evidence once said in the case of Adio ?. State (1986) 2 NWLR part 24 where Justice Oputa said: “The local case of Joseph Ogunbayode and others v. The Queen (1954) 14 WACA 458 (otherwise known as Apalara case) is an excellent example of proof beyond reasonable doubt based purely on inferences from circumstantial evidence. It is often said that witness can lie but circumstances do not, so in that sense, circumstantial evidence affords better proof beyond reasonable doubt”.

In another murder case of Fatoyinbo ?. Attorney-General, Western Nigeria (1966) WNLR 4, the Supreme Court confirmed the conviction for murder based on circumstantial evidence as Justice Coker held: “These circumstances put together certainly call for some explanation from the appellant but this was not forthcoming. The combination of the circumstances clearly and forcibly suggested that the appellant was the person who committed the offence and that no one else could have been the offender. Such is the value of circumstantial evidence and although it does not directly observe the accused person committing the offence, yet it fixes him to the crime with sufficient cogency and excludes. In the circumstances, the probability that someone else had committed the crime, it is evidence of surrounding circumstances which by undesigned coincidence is capable of proving a proposition with the accuracy of mathematics. It is not derogating of evidence to say that it is circumstantial”. Many who share your position that there is more to the judgement than meets the eye are talking about some

political undertone as it relates to the effect of the judgement on the political fortunes of some individuals ahead of 2015. What would you say about this? Yes, that is my suspicion too and l say this with due respect to the justices. Now, what would you say is the implication of the verdict? Impunity in the land. More political assassinations because they believe they can always get away with it. How then can it be stopped? It is left for Nigerians to insist on justice irrespective of official or investigative tardiness like Governor Adams Oshiomhole is doing in respect of the murder of his private secretary, Olaitan Oyerinde, which the police are bungling. Do you see Lagos State government winning this case if it goes to the Supreme Court? Well, that is a matter of conjecture. Let them appeal first, then, we look at the grounds of appeal.

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013


INEC’ll register APC despite acronym litigation EMMANUEL ONANI ABUJA


he Independent National Electoral Commission,INEC, has indicated its readiness to register the All Progressives Congress, APC, as a political party,once the conditions precedent to the registration of politi-

cal parties, were fulfilled. This is despite the pending suit at a Federal High Court, Abuja, instituted by another registrationseeking association with similar acronym, the All Peoples Congress, APC. The position of INEC was made known to Saturday Mirror by Mr. Kayode Idowu, the Chief Press

Secretary to the chairman of the commission,Prof. Attahiru Jega. Asked to react to feelers that the commission may stay action on the registration process of APC, which is a marriage of three political parties -Action Congress of Nigeria,Congress for Progressive Change as well

as the All Nigeria Peoples Party - Idowu said “INEC does not work on speculation”. “The Independent National Electoral Commission conducts its operatons based strictly on its existing guidelines and rules. “Every application that meets the prescribed rules

Plateau Commissioner for Health, Dr. Fom Dakwak (left), and Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Dr. Paul Samani, at the PHOTO: NAN official take-off ceremony of the state’s College of Nursing and Midwifery in Vom, yesterday.

Oil theft not perpetrated by amnesty beneficiaries, says Kuku OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


he Presidential Amnesty Office (PAO) has maintained that beneficiaries of the federal government amnesty programme for former agitators in the Niger Delta are not involved in crude oil theft in the region, contrary to claims in some quarters. The Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta, Kingsley Kuku, observed that having been properly disarmed, demobilised and currently undergoing reintegration through various training programmes, the former agitators do not have the capacity to embark on the scale of oil theft in the region where the country currently loses about 400,000 barrels of crude per day. While commending the security agencies in the Niger Delta, particularly the Nigerian Navy, for almost wiping out cases of illegal refineries in the region, the presidential adviser, in a statement issued by the Head of Media and Communications, Mr. Daniel Alabrah, notes that the incidence of

oil theft is actually a setback to the amnesty programme, which had succeeded in ensuring the stabilisation of security in the region. The statement maintains that Kuku did not raise a false alarm nor was his call on the oil companies to look inward in their search for the culprits misplaced, as claimed by some of the oil workers’ union in their reaction to his (Kuku’s) comments. It also notes that the international oil companies (IOCs) in the region have not shown enough transparency in the process of award of their pipeline surveillance contracts, which tended to emasculate the communities and the Niger Delta people from the process of securing such critical infrastructure in the region. “There is need for the communities and the Niger Delta people to be commensurably involved in the process of securing the oil pipelines. The IOCs also have to show more transparency in the process of awarding such contracts. I’m not referring to the NNPC pipeline surveillance contracts, which

have been suspended. We know those behind these contracts before they were suspended. But can we say the same for the contracts awarded by the oil firms to secure their pipelines? Who are the organisations and individuals handling such contracts?” Kuku noted. The presidential adviser reasoned that Shell declared last year that it spent one billion dollars ($1bn) on securing its facilities globally; 40 per cent (about $400million) of which it claimed was spent in the Niger Delta. “Where was such a huge amount spent when the company had greatly divested its investment onshore and offshore? When converted to Naira, $400million is more than the annual budget for the amnesty programme. So, who are the companies or individuals handling their security contracts? These are questions the oil workers should ask their employers rather than disingenuously pointing accusing fingers at the amnesty beneficiaries. “What is happening is a conspiracy between international buyers of the crude and some highly-placed in-

dividuals in tandem with those with the technical know-how in the oil firms to siphon crude through ruptured pipelines and large vessels. When you consider that the theft is also carried out in the deep sea oil locations, you will agree that the ordinary Niger Delta people do not have the sophistication and technical expertise to rupture those pipelines nor the high-grade vessels to cart away the stolen crude.” Kuku said the federal government, working with some of the states in the region, has commenced security, legal and other steps to address this ugly trend. He expressed the hope that very soon the gaping hole through which the Nigerian economy is being bled daily by economic saboteurs will be plugged. Kuku maintained that with the steps taken so far, President Goodluck Jonathan had shown that he had the capacity and will to address the issues affecting the Niger Delta.

and conditions set by the constitution,gets registered, and any that does not meet the prescribed rules, does not get registered,” Idowu said. When our correpondent drew his attention to the pendency of a suit and the need to stay action pending hearing and determination, he said: “There are no exceptions to the rules; once the conditions are met, the applicant gets registered.” On the consequence that may arise,in the event that APC’s prayers are answered in the af fir mative,Idowu said,”when we get to the bridge,we will cross it.” A few days ago, Jega had disclosed that the commission had commenced a scrutiny of relevant documents submitted by the APC, for purposes of registration.

The chief electoral officer further stated that as soon as that was concluded, the electoral body would make its position known to the public. Jega’s position was made known at a workshop jointly organised by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Democratic Governance for Development Project (DGDP) and InterParty Advisory Council (IPAC), on the “revalidation” of code of conduct for political parties in Minna, the Niger State capital. He had said that “the commission is assiduously working on all documents submitted by the APC and as soon as we finished scrutinising all the relevant information and documents submitted, we will let Nigerians know of the outcome.”

2009 agreement: Again, varsity workers may down tools OLUFEMI ADEOSUN ABUJA


niversity workers under the aegis of the National Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT), NonAcademic Staff of Nigeria Universities (NASU) and the Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Universities may resume their strike over the non-implementation of the 2009 agreement by the federal government. Except government urgently calls them to the negotiation table, the university workers, jointly regarded as JAC, may join their counterparts in the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) which has been on strike for almost one month, thereby paralysing various academic activities in the nation’s universities. JAC is fighting for proper funding of the Nigerian universities, earned allowances and non-representation in the membership of the committee which produced

Needs Assessment report for the Nigerian universities. Addressing journalists in Abuja yesterday on the looming strike, NASU president, Comrade Mrs. Ladi IIiya, called on well meaning Nigerians to prevail on government to implement the agreement it freely entered into with the workers to avoid plunging the nation’s universities into another round of needless crisis. She said the unions had exercised restraints in the interest of students, government and in protection of good academic standard the Nigerian universities had come to be noted for in recent time. “As responsible unions who are sensitive to public opinions and have interest of students and the nation at heart, we have been weary of strike action in the past and have done everything humanly possible to sustain industrial peace in our universities even in the face of government insensitivity and pressure from our members.



July 20, 2013

Amosun, Daniel in popularity test …at Abati’s mother’s burial FEMI OYEWESO ABEOKUTA


he political rivalry between Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State and his predecessor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, came to the fore again yesterday at the funeral service for the mother of the Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, Madam Maria Taiwo Abati. At the occasion which held at St. John’s Anglican Church of Egba Diocese,

Igbein, Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital, the duo tested their political popularity. Governor Amosun, at the church service, openly expressed his disgust at the loud ovation that greeted the mentioning of Daniel’s name as part of the dignitaries at the occasion. The rivalry played out just as the presiding minister and Bishop of Egba Diocese, Anglican Communion, Rt. Reverend Emmanuel Adekunle, recommended that government as well as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

must carry out a medical test to ascertain the mental status of every political office seekers before their assumption of office. The rivalry started when Dr. Reuben, the officiating minister, invited Dr. Reuben Abati to give his speech at the funeral service. In the course of his speech, Abati recognised the dignitaries that graced the occasion which included the former Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Chief Emeka Anyaoku; Minister of Information, Labaran Maku; Chief of Staff to President Jonathan, Mike Oghiadomhe; the host

governor, Ibikunle Amosun as well as former governor of the state, Daniel. A deafening applause had greeted the recognition of Daniel by Abati such that he (Abati) had to wait for a while for the applause to subside before he could continue his recognition of dignitaries at the event. But apparently disgusted by the applause that greeted the recognition of Daniel, Amosun, in his remark did not recognise Daniel. Rather, he drew the attention of Abati to what he described as “politics in the church”, in apparent reference to the action of

L-R: Sen. Mohammed Jibrilla; Minister of Works, Mr. Mike Onolememen, and Adamawa State Governor Muritala Nyako, during Nyako’s visit to the PHOTO: NAN ministry in Abuja, yesterday.

Daniel dumps PDP, joins Labour Party •As Uba picks governorship form



former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, on Thursday formally joined the Labour Party where he hopes to rekindle his political strength ahead of 2015. The former governor met with the national chairman of the Labour Party, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu, in Abuja,

to put pen to paper and to clear the air on which party he hopes to achieve his senatorial ambition. The meeting, which was held at the national headquarters of the party located at Garki, was aimed at discussing the modalities that would be used to accommodate Daniel in the party. Daniel, who was accompanied by few aides, was received at the party’s secretariat by the LP chairman.

Our correspondent reports that it is difficult to say which party Daniel currently belongs to now because the former governor was the promoter of the Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN) during the 2011 governorship election in Ogun State. He led the campaign train of the party’s governorship candidate, Alhaji Gboyega Isiaka, during the election, which was won by the candidate of the Action

Congress of Nigeria, Sen. Ibikunle Amosun. Meanwhile, the governorship aspirant under the Labour Party, LP, for the November 16 gubernatorial elections in Anambra State, Chief Ifeanyi Ubah yesterday dismissed agitation that Anambra North Senatorial district should produce the next governor, saying what the state needed was somebody who could rescue it from its present sorry condition.

ASUU strike: FG mounts pressure on lecturers EMMANUEL ONANI


ndications have emerged that the leadership of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), has come under intense pressure from the federal government, to call-off its ongoing strike. Specifically,Saturday Mirror learnt that the Secretary to the Government of the Federation,SGF, Senator Pius Anyim Pius, and the Minister of Education,Prof. Ruqayyatu

Ahmed Rufai, are among other functionaries persuading the union to suspend the strike, and give room for further negotiation on phased implementation of the 2009 FG/ASUU agreement. An impeccable source at the Federal Ministry of Education,who pleaded not to be named,assured that no effort will be spared in ensuring that the lecturers returned to the classroom. He said:”The ongoing strike action by ASUU is giving the federal government

cause for concern, and that informs why the minister has been up and about to ensure that ASUU leadership reasons with government to suspend this strike. “I know that the minister and the SGF have been in communication with the leadership of ASUU, and sooner than later, a more productive and resulted-oriented meeting will be held,” the source stated. The source who said the meetling would likely hold next week said the exact

date had not been arrived at. In spite of government’s efforts, our correspondent gathered that ASUU has not shifted grounds, as its president, Dr. Nasir Isa Fagge, insists there is no going back. It will be recalled that a meeting between ASUU and Senate and House of Representatives Joint Committees on education,was deadlocked, as the executive members of the union insisted on total implementation of the outstanding agreement.

Saturday Mirror

“supporters” of Daniel. Amosun wondered why supporters of political office holders could turn the house of God to a campaign ground for support. The governor however, charged the clergy to always use the advantage of the pulpit to educate politicians to play their political gimmicks outside the church premises, lamenting that such wasn’t the kind of politics which the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, bequeathed on South-West democrats. “I have listened to the sermon of the presiding Bishop, Emmanuel Adekunle; when I was called here, I saw that our people were clapping, but I didn’t know that Reuben has become a politician because I discovered that there are some politics going on here. “This is the first place in Nigeria where we have the first church and the first Bible, so we should do everything to keep that proud legacy. “Churches are not where we turn to campaign ground, this is Ogun State. Popularities are tested not inside the church but on the street, in the market where the masses are. Coming to church where people clap; it is not of Ogun standard; this is Ogun State, we should not do that here. “In the days of the late sage, I know he would not come to the church and ask members of the congregation to start clapping. Again, Late Papa Awolowo would not come here and inscribe his names all over the church properties”. Earlier in his sermon, the presiding Bishop, Adekunle, had passionately appealed to government and others in position of authority to ensure that political office seekers present their certificate of psychiatric fitness before being allowed to vie for any position. Apparently referring to the political crisis rocking Rivers State where mem-

bers of the State House of Assembly reportedly threw caution into the wind and broke the mace, Adekunle urged both INEC as well as already elected politicians to compulsorily make their appointees undergo medical examinations to include psychiatric test before they are allowed to assume office. “They are not representing us well; and I want to beg those in authority, especially in INEC. If any of them wants to contest any political office, let it be included in the requirement that they must submit their medical reports to ascertain if they are mentally alright to hold such offices.” In his speech, President Goodluck Jonathan charged mothers across the country to provide good tutelage for their children to ensure orderly and peaceful society. Jonathan, who was represented at the occasion by his Chief of Staff, Mike Oghiadomhe, lamented that lack of the desired good upbringing on the part of mothers was responsible for all the vices currently being experienced in the country. The president described the mother of his SA on Media and Publicity, Madam Abati as an epitome of the desired motherhood as evident in Reuben. “The bible says by their fruit we shall know them and Reuben is the fruit of mama. He clearly tells us who mama was, not just what I read in the biography because people can make up stories and put in biography. “But I just started by giving you my personal experience of the son of mama. Looking at the biography, I saw that she didn’t just produce an intellectual who later turned a journalist, she produced a geologist; produced a chartered accountant; produced civil servants that showed her dedication to family lives and upbringing of children…”

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013


Death penalty on capital offences stays –FG EMMANUEL ONANI ABUJA


n spite the existing moratorium placed on capital punishment in Nigeria, the federal government yesterday insisted that the death penalty remains and must be implemented on the condemned criminals in various prison formations in the country waiting for the hangman’s noose. The government which agreed that it entered into a moratorium pact on death penalty however declared yesterday that the

punishment would remain in force until the constitution and other relevant state laws were amended. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru, who disclosed the position of the federal government on death penalty yesterday also declared that it did no wrong allowing the embattled Sudanese President, Omar Al-Bashir to participate in the recently concluded African Union summit which held in Abuja. He said “President AlBashir was not in Nigeria at the invitation of the Ni-

gerian Government. He came specifically to attend the summit. As it is the practice and tradition of the AU, member states do not require special invitations to attend summits so convened by the authourity. “This issue of President Al-Bashir attending the conference was therefore not a bilateral matter for Nigeria. It is an issue between the African Union, the International Criminal Court (ICC) and other member states,” he stressed. Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court, ICC, on charges of

human rights abuses and war crimes. Ashiru clarified on the position of the federal government on the twin issue of death penalty and AlBashir during an interactive session with Ambassadors and Diplomats, in Abuja. He specifically reminded representatives of foreign governments that capital punishment was part of the country’s statutes handed over to it by colonial authorities, and unless the laws were repealed, they would apply where necessary.

According to Ashiru, “Nigeria is not the only country where the death sentence is upheld. Although there is a moratorium on death penalty, this will continue to be determined by the appropriate authorities, including state governments who exercise the prerogative under the law. “So long as our laws contain the provisions for death sentence,so long will it be enforced once it is pronounced by competent courts of law and due process fully followed,” he added. He also said yesterday that the federal government would,henceforth, not tolerate comments and actions by the international community,that interfere or have the capacity to so do, with Nigeria’s domestic matters. This was even as the government insisted that foreign relations must be conducted in accordance with existing rules,conventions

and treaties regulating diplomatic relations. Ashiru told the ambassadors and heads of missions in the country that the federal government would want them to confine themselves and the interests of their countries, to their traditional duties of, among others, facilitating trade and other mutually-beneficial relations, rather than “conduct activities that are incompatible to their positions”. Accordingly,the Nigerian government said it “will not hesitate to identify and deal with erring missions,who fail to respect Nigeria’s sensitivities and sovereignty. “Some Ambassadors and their diplomats have continued to make comments on political issues that amount to undue interference on Nigeria’s internal affairs. This is incompatible to the status of diplomatic missions or agent,” Ashiru added

Al-Bashir: Nigeria acted in order -Anyaoku FEMI OYEWESO ABEOKUTA

L-R: Vice President, Nigerian Labour Congress, Comrade Issa Aremu; National Secretary, Union of Textile Garment Workers of Nigeria, Comrade Silvester Chimeze, and Secretary-General, Civil Liberty Organisation, Comrade Nasir Abbas, at the 95th birthday celebration of Nelson Mandela in PHOTO: NAN Kaduna, recently.

JTF restores mobile phone services in Maiduguri INUSA NDAHI MAIDUGURI


obile phone services of MTN has been restored in the restive city of Maiduguri for the first time in more than two months on Friday. It is the latest area of the conflict-torn NorthEast to be reconnected since the declaration of the State of Emergency. The military Joint Task Force (JTF) cut mobile telephone network services of Glo, MTN, Etesalat, Airtel among others in the north eastern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe when it launched an offensive on May 15 seeking to end a four-year insurgency by Islamist extremist group Boko Haram. It also later banned satellite phones (Turaya), effectively cutting off the region since landline connections are extremely rare in the country. Last week, the Task Force restored mobile ser-

vice in Adamawa State and earlier this week began reconnecting Yobe State. Maiduguri, the state capital of Borno, has become the third to be reconnected. A senior military official told newsmen in Maiduguri that phone service would be restricted to the city for the time being, with other parts of the state, particularly areas linking Sambisa Game Reserve Forest which harbours many sect members in their camps still cut off. Although, phone service in the city of Maiduguri and Jere Council areas was erratic on Friday, accessibility is now on. “The phone networks will be confined to Maiduguri metropolis at the moment as a security strategy and will be expanded over time depending on the security situation,” the source said on condition of anonymity. The military has said it cut phone service to prevent Boko Haram from co-

ordinating attacks. However, a growing number of residents and local officials have called for a return of phone service. Yobe State governor, Ibrahim Geidam, said the lack of phone services may have prevented residents from contacting authorities when suspected Boko Haram members raided a

secondary school in Mamudo, Potiskum town on July 6, killing 42 people, nearly all of them students. The military has claimed to have pushed out Boko Haram members and destroyed a number of their bases, but the claims have been difficult to verify with the phones cut and access to remote areas restricted.

Group hails conviction of Boko Haram members


resident of the Association of Industrial Security and Safety Operators of Nigeria (AISSON), Dr. Ona Ekhomu, has applauded the conviction and sentencing of four members of the terrorists group, Boko Haram, for carrying out multiple bombings and killings in parts of the Federal Capital Territory and Suleja Niger State between March and July 2011. Praising the courage

and wisdom of the Abuja Federal High Court judge, Justice Bilikisu Aliyu, who sentenced the terrorists to life behind bars, Ekhomu, in a statement made available to Saturday Mirror said terror trial judgments should show the capacity of the judiciary to contribute in combating terrorism. He called for capital punishment for terrorist crimes that result in fatalities saying terrorists must get their “just deserts.”


he Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, Dr. Emeka Anyaoku yesterday absolved Nigeria of any wrong doing for refusing to arrest the Sudanese President, Omar Al-Bashir, when he attended an AU summit in the country. Anyaoku, who was speaking with newsmen during the funeral services of Madam Maria Taiwo Abati, mother of the Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on media and publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati which held in Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital declared that it was unrealistic for Nigeria to have handed over the Sudanese president to the ICC. It would be recalled that the International Criminal Court (ICC) had issued a warrant of arrest on AlBashir Al-Bashir on what they called charges of genocide in Darfur. Al-Bashir however, recently came to Nigeria to attend the African Union (AU) summit on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. His presence in Nigeria had also generated local and international reactions as Human Rights Watch, an in-

ternational organisatio, had also condemned Nigeria for not handing the Sudanese president over to ICC. The organisation recently said in a statement that “Nigeria has the shameful distinction of being the first West African country to welcome ICC fugitive, Sudanese President, AlBashir”. Anyaoku, however, argued that Nigeria’s action and her refusal to handover Al-Bashir was in line with the already taken position of the African Union. The former Secretary General of Commonwealth also emphasised that AU did not only rejected the warrant, but also accused the ICC of targeting only African offenders. “The idea of Nigeria handing the Sudanese president over to the AC or the ICCT was unrealistic. He was not Nigeria’ guest but the AU’s guest and Nigeria was only a host to the AU”. “There is no room for AU or any international body to sanction Nigeria because there is no procedure preventing member state on an issue like that. Nigeria was hosting AU summit, there is no way that Nigeria should have said a member of the AU should not attend the summit”.



July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Al-Mustapha: We’ll prosecute him if necessasry, Lagos insists •Says it has just got copy of verdict

•Appeal is waste of resources –Fasehun AYO ESAN AND MURITALA AYINLA


he Lagos State government yesterday insisted that it would appeal against the verdict setting Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, former Chief Security Officer to the former Head of State, late General Sani Abacha, free, if it finds it necessary. The decision, the government said, would be based on the outcome of its study of the judgement. But in opposition to the possible appeal of the judgement, the founder of the pan Yoruba sociocultural group, the Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, Dr. Fredrick Fasehun, called on the Lagos State gov-

ernment not to appeal the judgement declaring that it would amount to a waste of resources and time. Speaking yesterday in an exclusive interivew with Saturday Mirror, the State Solicitor-General , Mr. Lawal Pedro (SAN), who spoke on behalf of the government, disclosed that the government had just got the official reports of the Appeal Court yesterday. According to him, the verdict would be critically looked at and appropriate action taken. Stressing that an appeal against the Appeal Court verdict would strictly be based on the conviction that the judgement was wrong, he said the state government is not a persecutor but prosecutor with

integrity. His words: “I personally just got the copy of the judgement today (Friday). What Nigerians should know is that Lagos State government, especially the state Ministry of Justice, is not a persecutor, we are prosecutors and we do it with integrity. “If there is any reason for us to appeal, we will. Not only on this judgement alone but also any judgement that is made against us whether in the High Court or Court of Appeal. The only one we can’t appeal against is the Supreme Court’s final decision. Pedro, who is also the Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Justice, added that the state is not only interested in high pro-

file case but any case against any citizens in the state. He said, “Crime is crime; whether one steals N1 or N1billion, they are all offences. Whether one kills an old man or kills a baby, it is still murder. So, the way I will probe the person who murders a roadside mechanic, is the same way I will prove the case of a billionaire that was murdered. But if we have a good reason, definitely, we are going to appeal the judgement.” Speaking on the allegation that Al-Mustapha was prosecuted for political reasons , Pedro described the allegation as unfounded. Meanwhile, speaking with journalists at a press conference in Lagos yesterday, Fasehun said the

Lagos State government “must stop wasting taxpayers’ money by pursuing the case further”. He said the government must “immediately dismantle the team it assigned to prosecute the case”. “Although it is the government’s right to pursue the case to the Supreme Court, not only will such cause waste of time and money, it will further fan the embers of hatred between the North and the South and prolong the psychological torture inflicted on an innocent man,” he said. He said a fresh hunt must be launched to unmask Kudirat Abiola’s real killers saying, “The real killer of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola is still at large, out there. A fresh hunt must be launched to unmask her real killers, as well as those responsible for killing: Bola

Ige, Harry Marshall, Alfred Rewane, Funsho Williams, Odunayo Olagbaju, Ogbonnaya Uche, Theodore Agwatu, Barnabas and Abigail Igwe, Bisoye Tejuosho, Aminasoari Dikibo, Philip Olorunnipa, Ayo Daramola, Olaitan Oyerinde and M.K.O. Abiola”. Fasehun also called for the sanction of Justice Mojisola Dada of the Lagos High Court who convicted Al- Mustapha to death before the Appeal Court set him free. His words: “For her own part in this Theatre of the Absurd, Justice Mojisola Dada must be probed and sanctioned by the National Judicial Council, NJC”. Fasehun described last week judgement that set Al-Mustapha free as long expected adding that it had resuscitated people’s confidence in the Judiciary.

Appeal Court upholds impeachment of Taraba deputy governor ISE-OLUWA IGE

A L-R: Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Amb. Nuhu Bajoga; Gombe State Governor, Ibrahim Dankwambo, and Vice President Namadi Sambo, at the board meeting of Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) in Abuja, yesterday.

ThisDay Law Editor, 16 others get SAN title ISE-OLUWA IGE


he Legal Practitioners’ Privileges Committee (LPPC) headed by the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Mariam Aloma Muhktar, yesterday admitted the Law Editor of ThisDay newspaper, Ms Olufunke Aboyade, former chairman of the Ikeja Chapter of the Nigerian Bar Association, Alhaji Olalekan Yusuf and 15 other legal practitioners into the prestigious rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) They are to be conferred with the rank on a date to

be announced soon. Other beneficiaries include 14 senior legal practitioners who had made their marks in law practice and one academic, Prof Lawrence Atsegbua, teaching at the Faculty of Law in University of Benin. They were selected from scores of applicants who participated in a rigorous selection exercise for the rank The rank of Senior Advocate of Nigeria is awarded to legal practitioners who have distinguished themselves in moral and legal practice, Addressing a press conference in his office, Sec-

retary/Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court, Mr Sunday Olorundahunsi named the succesful applicants to include Adele Eberechi, Olumide Sofowora, Olufunke Aboyade (Mrs), Uko Udom, Anthony Ani, Godwin Obla, Suraj Sa’eda

and Anthony Anaenugwu. Others are Joe Abrahams, Akinlolu Kehinde, Prof Lawrence Atsegbua, Biriyai Dambo, Chukwuma Machukwu Ume, Olalekan Yusuf, Moyosore Onigbanjo, Aliyu Abdullahi and Victoria Awomolo.

five-member panel of the Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja yesterday affirmed the impeachment of the former deputy governor of Taraba State, Alhaji Sani Abubakar Danladi. Thst was after the intermediate appellate court dismissed the appeal brought before it by the impeached deputy governor for lacking in merit. The decision of the court was unanimous while Justice Musa AbbaAji delivered the majority opinion of the court. Specifically, the court held that the Taraba State House of Assembly complied with section 188 (19) of the constitution in the impeachment of the

state’s deputy governor. “The respondents followed all the procedures for the removal of appellant, in accordance with the law”, Justice Abba-Aji held. The appellant court then upheld the judgment of the Taraba State High Court delivered on March 19, 2013. “Accordingly, this appeal is hereby dismissed for lacking in merit”, Justice Abba-Aji held. It would be recalled that Danladi, who was impeached by the Taraba State House of Assembly in September last year over allegations of gross misconduct and engaging in private businesses, had gone to the court to challenge the processes and constitutionality of his impeachment.

UNILAG appoints new registrar MOJEED ALABI


he management of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka, has approved the appointment of Dr. (Mrs.)

Taiwo Folashade Ipaye as the new Registrar and Secretary to the Governing Council of the Institution. The appointment, which takes effect from Thursday, August 1, will be for a five-year term.

According to a statement by the university’s Deputy Registrar (Information), Mr. Toyin Adebule, Ipaye’s appointment followed the ratification of the report of the Selection Board by the Govern-

ing Council at a meeting held on the campus on Thursday, July 18, 2013. Born on September 25, 1964 in Lagos, Dr. Ipaye (nee Davies) is an indigene of Lagos Island East Local Government, Lagos State.

Saturday Mirror

July 20, 2013




July 20, 2013

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Lagos PDP elders, others flay Bode George, back Filani S

ome of the leaders of the Lagos State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and youth leaders of the party’s South-West zone have condemned former Deputy National Chairman (South) of the party, Chief Olabode George, for allegedly instigating an open letter to the PDP national leadership against the Chairman, South-West PDP Caretaker Committee, Chief Ishola Filani. The two groups condemned what they termed as “Bode George’s attempt to bring down the roof over his inability to pocket the zonal leadership of the party.” Lagos PDP Elders Council in a statement signed by its Chairman, Dr. Oluyomi Finnih, wondered why George would be undermining

a structure put in place by the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party, in spite of the laudable activities and achievements of the Filani-led committee since it came on board in February, 2013. “We have observed with much disgust the incessant aggression being perpetrated by the Chief Bode George group of the PDP against the South West Zonal Committee. It is extremely unthinkable that a caretaker committee put in place by the National Working Committee could be subjected to unguarded abuses and harassment by this group of people. While we endorse the principle of freedom of expression, we also believe that some sense of decorum is very essential,” Finnih said. In the same vein, the Zonal Youth Leader,

Hon. Bolaji Jeje, described as “mischievous” the insinuations by the George-led group

that members of the caretaker committee have been barred from contesting elections at

the forthcoming zonal congress. He said the ban only affected members of the Interim Man-

agement Committee of the PDP at the national level who were appointed in acting capacities.

L-R: Children of the deceased, Special Assistant to the President, Mr. Reuben, Ralph, Isaiah, Robert Abati, and Victoria Adeeko, at the burial their mother, late Maria, in Abeokuta, Ogun State, yesterday. PHOTO: BAYOO R EWUOSO

Osun earmarks N300m to upgrade tourist sites ADEOLU ADEYEMO OSOGBO


he Osun State Government says it has set aside N300

million in its budget this year for the upgrading of its tourist sites. The state’s Commissioner for Home Affairs, Tourism and Culture,

Hon. Sikiru Adetona, disclosed this to journalists in Osogbo, the state’s capital. He said that all tourist sites in the state have

been rehabilitated and upgraded to international standard so that the state will be more attractive to foreigners.

their hands before touching food. She gave the advice yesterday during a visit to some public schools in the state. She advised the vendors and pupils to ensure regular and ad-

equate washing of their hands before cooking and eating food. She said government had organised training and re-training programmes for vendors on food preparation in

hygienic conditions and hand washing techniques to ensure good health for pupils and that washhand basins had been made available in all primary schools for the use of pupils, teachers and

Adding that the government would do its best to see that adequate security is in place to secure the lives and property of

tourists from within and outside the state and to ensure that the culture and tradition of the state is embraced by all and sundry.

...As Osun govt canvasses hand washing in schools


perations Officer for the Osun State Elementary Schools Feeding and Health Programme, Mrs Olubunmi Ayoola, has enjoined food vendors and pupils to always wash

food vendors. She also called on health teachers to ensure that pupils comply with the principles of hand washing before eating their meals and warned food vendors in

Fashola commissions Lagos secretariat staff clinic


agos State Governor, Mr Babatunde Fashola (SAN), has commissioned the ultra modern Lagos State Secretariat Staff Clinic Complex which he renamed Chief Folarin Coker Staff Clinic. Speaking at the commissioning on Thursday, he said that the facility would provide basic

healthcare for members of staff. He, however, expressed the hope that staffers would have no cause to visit the facility by adopting healthy lifestyles. “Like I always tell people, it is better to prevent health problems. Eat healthy, stay healthy, exercise. I am sure from these facilities, many

other health tips would be developed which will be circulated through the Public Service Office for your information. “Come and do your annual screening which is what will help really prevent illness, detect possible illness in advance and refer to regimes of diet or corrective measures to ensure that none of you

ever comes here for an emergency,” he added. Also speaking, the state’s Commissioner

for Health, Dr Jide Idris, said the engine room of any organisation is the people who work there,

OHSOSA summit postponed


he leadership and education summit being put together by the old students’ association of Odo-Obara High School, Epe, Lagos State has been postponed

to September 21, 2013. Saying that the Ramadan season is the reason behind the postponement, the organizers added that they will celebrate the first Execu-

the state to ensure that all the fruits prescribed in the school feeding menu table were served on a daily basis and vowed that erring vendors would be sanctioned. so any responsible government must take care of its work force, and that is what the Babatunde Fashola administration is doing. tive Governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande, and the National Leader, Action Congress of Nigeria, Senator Bola Tinubu, at the summit when it eventually holds.


Nailing the coffin of six-year single term T

he controversy surrounding the proposal for six-year single term for president and governors seem to have been laid to rest permanently on Tuesday as the Senate rejected it. The upper chamber of the National Assembly, while voting on recommendations for further alteration of the 1999 Constitution overwhelmingly voted against the proposal with a vote of 86 to 14 and one abstinence. The decision of the Senate to reject the proposal ensure was part of the decisions taken by the National Assembly in a historical fourth attempt to amend some sections of the 1999 Constitution. To many Nigerians the action of the Senate has finally nailed the coffin of the bill. Since President Goodluck Jonathan made his intention to send a bill proposing a single term of six years for president and governors to the National Assembly in 2011, there has been a lot of controversy on the matter. While some frown at the move and consider it as a

July 20, 2013





Saturday Mirror

deviation from the practice whereby the president and governors spend two terms of four years each as enshrined in the 1999 constitution, others see it as a positive one designed to strengthen Nigerian’s democracy and electoral process. Those in support of the president’s bid are of the view that the decision was taken based on the conviction that political violence in the past was always caused by the resolve of incumbent governors and president to run for a second term in office. Stating the need for the six-year single term then, the presidency through his spokesman, Dr. Reuben Abati, said that: “President Jonathan is concerned about the acrimony which the issue of re-election, every four years, generates, both at the federal and state levels. The proposal is borne out of a patriotic zeal, after a painstaking study and belief that the constitutionally guaranteed two terms for presidents and governors is not helping the focus of governance and the institutionalisation of democracy at this stage of our development.” The argument put forward by supporters of the president’s proposal does not

hold water in anyway. Rather, it was considered as a bid by him to extend his tenure beyond 2015. Besides, he is even suspected to be the possible beneficiary of the proposal if allowed to pass. With the criticisms that trailed the proposal, and based on some of the recommendations submitted by individuals and groups during the various public hearings on the proposed constitution amendment organised by the National Assembly, many had thought that the proposal would not be one of the clauses to be considered at all. Surprisingly, however, the proposal was contained in the final report of the Senate ad-hoc committee on the review of the 1999 Constitution’s brought before the Senate by the committee’s chairman and Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu. Section 135 (2), Clause 11, which is related to the single term states that: “Subject to the provision of subsection 1 of this section, the president shall vacate his office at the expiration of a period of six years, commencing from the date when he took the oath of allegiance and

the oath of office.” Prior to Tuesday decision of the Red Chamber on the six-year single term proposal, there have been debates and discussions in different fora on the sustainability of the bill. Many elder statesmen, politicians, ethnic nationalities, groups and individuals have been divided on the issue. Supporters of the bill reason that the six-year single term will give room for rotation of the presidency and the governors among major ethnic and geopolitical zones, and that it would make access to power very easy without waiting endlessly for a period of eight years to have a taste of the presidency or governorship. Another argument made indicates that with the proposal, there will be reduction in the resources used to conduct general elections in the country since elections will be taking place every six years and not four years as it is presently done. Some also believe that with the single term the president and governors will concentrate in office since they will not be thinking about election. The leader of the Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly, Okpolump Etteh, in a recent interview with National Mirror , for instance, said the six-year single term proposal for prsesident and governors will accelerate development. His words: “The amount spent most times by politicians seeking second term is staggering. In some states, the cost of seeking re-election is as much CONTINUED ON PAGE 15



July 20, 2013

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‘NASS must recommend creation of one more state in South-East’


o you think having an Igbo as president in 2015 general election is achievable? President Goodluck Jonathan will be completing his four years tenure in 2015. As the constitution demands, he has the right to contest for the second term, if he so wishes. But up till now, he has not indicated any interest for re-election in 2015. My opinion is, if the president is going to seek re-election, our Igbo President Project which an average Igbo man is praying for will have to be put on hold so that he will complete his eight years tenure. But if he is not seeking re-election in 2015, we have to drum up support for the Igbo Presidency Project. We have to start early enough negotiating with other zones because only the South East zone cannot work to achieve the emergence of a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction. What is your opinion about the call for the creation of one additional state in the South-East? When the people of the South-East geo-political zone said they are being marginalised, some people will always think they are crying wolves where there is none. All other geo-political zones in this country have six states each and we have five. Why is our own case different? The proper thing the members of the National Assembly ought to do is to increase the states in the South-East zone to six like others. Even if they are not going to recommend the creation of more states in the country, they must recommend the creation of one additional state in the South-East. It very necessary and it is affecting us politically and otherwise. So they should look into that critically. As a businessman and politician from South-East, how do you see the federal government plan on the construction of a new Niger Bridge? The federal government’s plan to construct a new Niger Bridge is a very welcome development to every Igbo man. In fact, we have commended the federal government for the award of that contract. We are waiting to see when it will be completed. We are very grateful to them. He should keep it up. The people of the zone voted for him massively during the 2011 presidential election. So, we deserve to have good things from him. We will still support him again in 2015 if he decides to seek re-election. He is one of us. How prepared is your party for the forthcoming Anambra governorship election? Labour Party is on course and is preparing seriously for the election. By the grace of God there is peace and harmony in the party. The party is so organised to the extent that if they wake Labour Party up in the morning

Chief Sunday Akabueze, a successful businessman and chieftain of the Labour Party believes that the National Assembly should recommend the creation of one additional state in the South-East geo-political zone to increase the states in the South East zone to six. In this interview with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE, Akabueze also speaks on the forthcoming Anambra State governorship election, Igbo presidency and 2015 general elections among other issues. Excerpts:


to say the election is now, the party will go into the election without any fear. One of the people that have shown interest in running for the forthcoming governorship in Anambra State is the chairman of Capital Oil and Gas Limited, Dr. Ifeanyi Uba. How do you see his presence in the race? A lot of Ndi Anambra have benefited from Ubah’s generosity. God has used him and is using him and will still use him to turn around the lives of many Ndigbo and Nigerians positively. He is a detribalised Nigerian. He doesn’t want to know where you are from. He doesn’t want to know whether you are an Igbo man, Hausa man, Yoruba man etc. He believes in equity, justice and fairness and that is why many people from various states and tribes whom God has used this man to turn their

lives around positively are saying he is good to govern Anambra State. If, as a businessman, God can use him to help people from different states and tribes, you would agree with me that as a governor, God can use him to help more people. That is why we are championing his governorship bid in Anambra State. What we are saying is that he has a new face to shape the old face of Anambra politics. Frankly speaking, as an Igbo man we have been following the politics of Anambra State and I can tell you that Ifeanyi Ubah is the only aspirant on that governorship race with a new face. How do you see Ubah’s choice of Labour Party as a political platform to realise his gubernatorial ambition? The credit goes to those who talked him into making the choice of Labour Party as the platform. Labour Party is

a party with a new face, just like Ifeanyi Ubah. They have one spirit and one mind. His supporters are supporting a man whose impact in the coming election is projected to be massive and that stems from the fact that he is not budged by the traditional infirmities that affect professional politicians. Both Ubah and Labour Party have potentials and these are the positive attributes we people looked out for even in our messed up political terrain. His forte has been business and community developments which stand him out in good stead to mobilise those that do not share deep passion for politics and service. His choice of Labour Party which his backers made is a catalyst, a veritable vortex that will bring in the votes to Labour Party’s side. That is why his choice will boost Labour Party’s vicCONTINUED ON PAGE 15

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July 20, 2013

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 as the state budget. One major way of deepening democracy is to allow president and governors a single term of six years. “This enables a president or governor to bear in mind from the day he is sworn in, that he has six years to execute his programmes, because there will be no re-election. He is expected to concentrate and perform. This will enable him to work on those things he had highlighted in his manifestoes. Outside the fact that re-election has to do with heavy expenditure, it will stop blackmail and unnecessary propaganda as people jostling to outwit you after your first term will say or do nothing to get you out of the way. I totally subscribe to single term for president and governors.” On the other hand, the reasons those against the six-year single term are kicking, according to them, include the view that the president and governors may eventually become “demi-gods” since they will not be thinking about being checked by the people with their voting power when they seek re-election as has been the case in the two terms of four years each. They also consider the length of time.


Nailing the coffin of six-year single term In their view, if a period of eight years, broken into two, has left governors and presidents with unfinished projects at the end of their tenure, it is unlikely that a single term of six years may just be too short to accomplish the required goals. As far as some of them are concerned, the proposal is a sure recipe for failure and bad governance. In his presentation, for example, Senator Clever Ikisikpo (Bayelsa East), said the single term proposal is undemocratic. His words: “I do not agree with it because it does not look like a democratic system of government; it is undemocratic. If we allow a government to stay for a single term, anybody in power will want to behave as he likes because he will say it is my turn and since I am not coming back, let me do what I want.” Senator Isah Galaudu (Kebbi North), believes that the proposal will encourage corruption, adding that it will not

give the motivation and punishment for good behaviour. “There will be more polarisation, more tension in elections for a single term because opposition will want to do everything possible to capture power from the ruling government,” Galaudu said. Senator Victor Lar (Plateau North), who noted that his opinion on the matter was the reflection of his constituents’ views, described the proposal as an institutionalisation of corruption, since it will also enthrone dictatorship and impunity on the elected officials. With overwhelming reasons why the president’s proposal should not be approved, the issue was laid to rest with the Senate throwing it away, so to say, through the window. Speaking to Saturday Mirror, a human rights activist and three-time governorship candidate of the National Conscience Party in Ogun State, Ogbeni

Lanre Banjo, commended the Senate for voting against the six-year single term bill. His words: “The rejection of the sixyear single term is the best thing and I commend the Senate for rejecting it. Where democracy works there is always a system where the citizens have the right to vote against any government they are not satisfied with. The present two terms gives people the opportunity to prevent somebody from going for second term if public office holders do not perform to satisfaction. “But with six-year single term it will be difficult for the citizens to correct the president and governors since they will not be seeking for any re-election. With a single term, people in office will do whatever they like in office and there would be a lot of corruption because many of them will steal from the treasury since they know they can only serve for one term.”

‘NASS must recommend creation of one more state in South-East’ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 tory at the polls. He will be a consummate vote catcher and his clean person will be a great advantage to his party, the Labour Party. He is coming in his own individual value. One of is merit is his strong Catholic faith. There is no doubt saying he will be a big asset to the Catholics in Anambra State and other denominational churches as a Christian governor. You are among those drumming support for Ifeanyi Ubah’s candidature. Why are you supporting him to be the next Anambra State governor? I am a successful businessman and a chieftain of our great party, Labour Party. I have known Chief Ifeanyi Ubah for some time now and have been following his transformation agenda right from his oil company, Capital Oil and Gas. The same agenda he has promised to bring down to Anambra State in governance if elected as governor. I have therefore seen, believed and can confirm that Ifeanyi Ubah will be totally committed to the transformation of Anambra State for the better. He promised it in his company, he practicalised it there. He is still doing it and he is hoping to translate it into governance in Anambra State. I believe him because he is a man who truly means what he says. The only things he needs now is get nominated by Labour Party, and his candidature will certainly boost victory for the party at the polls. What makes you think Ubah will ensure victory for Labour Party in the Anambra governorship election? He has made an imprint in the fight against poverty and diseases. His

company Capital Oil and Gas industries has contributed a lot that effect on work against HIV/AIDS. He has done marvelously well in curtailing the epidemic especially in the SouthWest and the South-East. He has been engaged actively in organising and mobilising men/women to embrace healthy etiquettes and for social activities. He is deeply involved in community development and before his aspiration, he has been engrossed in several community development efforts, especially as it relates to women and children’s health. He is a committed Catholic who has contributed a lot to the church in Nnewi, the entire Anambra State and beyond. With the assets of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Ltd., which Ubah has unveiled to Anambra people, the people are of the firm belief that Ifeanyi Ubah is the man God has prepared and positioned to save Anambra State from the ruin and maladministration of yesteryears. On a personal level, Ifeanyi Ubah awards scholarships to indigent students. He tars roads everywhere. His filling stations supply fuel free of charge to motorcyclists in Nnewi every Monday. He intervenes in all cases where poor people are being discriminated against or marginalised. Are you saying that Ifeanyi Ubah’s emergence as next Anambra State will bring a positive change to the state? Ifeanyi Ubah’s life has been that of service, and in accepting to serve the state as a governor, he must have been seeing governance as a vehicle through which he will massively advance the many selfless services he has been involved in and this is a good signal for the people of Anam-

bra and Labour Party which they must exploit. He certainly does not see governance as a treasure cover to feed nor as an avenue for the primitive

acquisition of power which made his candidacy a compelling advantage; a big boost and a precursor to better future starting from November 16, 2013.

In your refreshingly different Post-UTME and its problems

The post-UTME exams being organised by various universities as a quality control measure in the admission of candidates have lately come under knocks by critics who smell a rat in the ways the programmes are sometimes run in the breach. Prior to this time, JAMB was the only body responsible for conducting entrance examinations into the universities. But the system had limitations and was seen to be inefficient. Rather than now solve the problem, the post-UTME device has become a goldmine for most institutions which make prospective students pay through the nose in search of admission. Those that are denied admissions also idle away by roaming the streets…Get a copy of Sunday Mirror for the inside story.

Anambra: Those who would be governor

It’s not true I dated a friend’s hubby –Lepa Shandy Shade Omoniyi is a Yoruba top actress who hit the limelight some years back. She has acted and produced so many movies and soaps. She is fondly known as Lepa Shandy because of the role she played in one of her movies. The screen diva is particularly worried over a recent rumour that she snatched his friend’s lover, an allegation she described as false. This delicately built lady also speaks about her marriage and life in Nollywood, in this interview.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has fixed November 16 for the conduct of governorship election in Anambra State. That announcement has revved up political activities in the state with dominant parties such as APGA, PDP and the emerging APC making moves to get governorship candidates respectively, ahead of October 2 deadline for submission of party nomination forms. But who are the main gladiators in the Anambra poll and what are their chances of succeeding Governor Peter Obi? We tell you tomorrow.

The rosary baby saga Bida community in Niger State was recently abuzz as crowds surged in the home of Kadijat Issa, the 28-year-old mother of a mystery baby said to have been born with rosary in the neck. Apart from the wonder in the circumstances of the child’s birth, there is also now a commercial value to the spectre, as people now pay toll to watch the mystery baby. Our correspondent was in the home and brings you first-hand information about the riveting episode. These and many more available tomorrow in your


Saturday Mirror

July 20, 2013

Dr Frederick Usiotan Faseun needs no introduction. What is new about the founder of the Odua People’s Congress, OPC, is that Major Hamza AlMustapha, who also needs no introduction, has been telling everyone that he has “found a father” in Dr. Faseun. Says Al-Mustapha, “I have found a father—highly dogmatic, a senior citizen of this country, a detribalised elder, an intellectual, a person that is a father indeed with a wide shoulder and a big heart, a man that is very reliable, responsible, and dependable, in Dr. Fredrick Faseun. “He stood by me, having taken time to come to the court to realise what was going on in the court of law. On the other hand, what was being scripted and sponsored on the pages of newspapers, magazines, television and the radio were different, he now decided to stay on the part of justice and insist that justice must be served. In rainy season, dry season, cold season, he was always in the court. “I know of the humiliation he suffered. I must say that I have a father in the South-West and the part of this country that is my own and that is a personality I look up to for vision and guidance. I respect him as a father that can look through issues beyond tribal sentiment, beyond religious issues, he is an asset to the country, and that is why I have anchored upon him as a father with whom we can look into the future together.” Strange words indeed! Faseun told KAYODE FALADE how he met Al-Mustapha and became his champion.


hat is your relationship with Major Hamza Al-Mustapha? My relationship with AlMustapha is that of a man to a fellow man. He is a Nigerian, I am a Nigerian. He is a man falsely accused of an offence he did not commit. I feel I should come out to tell the entire world that there was no justice in the judgement given to him for an offence he did not commit. Why do you say “an offence he did

People Frederick Faseun:

Championing Al-Mustapha’s cause not commit” when we were told during the trial that he not only instructed those who shot Kudirat Abiola, but also facilitated the weapon that was used in killing her? Is that not what we were told? But they did not tell the public that this same witness who said that Mustapha gave him the gun to kill Kudi came back to court crying like a baby, sobbing and saying that he was induced to testify like that. Induced by whom, the court asked? He said the state induced him. Who was the state? He mentioned three people including the Director General of the State Security Service, SSS, at that time. What were you induced with? He

said he was told he would be given a house in Abuja, he would be given foreign posting, his salaries would be paid in foreign exchange and their wives would be given money every month for sustenance. But when the state now failed to sustain its own part of the bargain, they too started singing. If the state failed to sustain its own part of the bargain, why should they? And they gave the full version of their involvement. First, some of them, as a result of complying with the wishes of the state, were set free. They were walking the streets freely and even went back to their jobs. One of them was not even in Lagos in the month of June, 1997. He was not anywhere near Lagos. On the 4th of June, the day Kudirat was murdered in Lagos, Kachako was getting married in Kazaure in Bauchi State. He got married at 10 o’clock while Kudirat was killed between 8am and 9am. He said in that month of June, he was not anywhere near Lagos. And after getting married, he went for his honeymoon.

The judge of the local court was told all that and she recorded everything said by those witnesses. She based her judgement of ‘death by hanging until death takes over’ on prosecution witness 2 and 3. But no one told Nigerians that all

these happened in court. No one told us that the evidence was retracted. And when the judge was going to give judgement in the lower court, she knew that such a crime might get death sentence. So she itemised the evidence and said, “But there are circumstantial evidences.” Circumstantial evidences in a murder case? Okay, what are the circumstantial evidences? She did not say. And yet she wrote 386 pages of judgement. What was she looking for writing 386 pages? According to the Appeal Court, she was fishing for untruth, falsehood and lies. And I think the Appeal Court wrote about 33 pages or so with various authorities cited. At the end, the Appeal Court didn’t see what circumstances the lower court referred to, so they said that crime and punishment will not be an influence in their judgement. The Appeal Court based its judgement on hard facts, not circumstantial evidences; true evidences from credible witnesses, not witnesses that give one evidence and afterwards come back to the same court

to retract such evidence. Can’t we also consider the possibility of the accused being induced to withdraw the statements they earlier made? Who would induce him? The state? That is ridiculous. Al-Mustapha was in prison for 15 years. He was even accused of planning a coup in prison. Generals even said he was attempting to import stinger missiles into Nigeria. But when he was called to face a panel, he disgraced all of them. He asked them how much they thought a missile was being sold. Of course, they could not answer. He told them, “Sir, the smallest of them costs N250 million dollars. I was supposed to be his accomplice in the coup and the SSS invited me. When they started querying me, I told to put their questions in black and white, not orally; and that I would respond in writing. And they departed. Al-Mustapha, who was in prison, was accused of ordering a stinger missile. And he asked those generals, if any of them knew the colour of a stinger missile. None of them knew it. You see, so I am not surprised that you said he induced some of these characters to go against a formidable state. How come they linked you with the coup story? Did the two of you have any kind of relationship then? I don’t know. Now, I have always believed that Al-Mustapha did not commit the offence he was being accused of. Hence, I would occasionally visit him in Kirikiri. They must have thought that everybody that visited a criminal must be a criminal himself. How could anyone believe that I would be involved in a coup in this country? And of course, the plan was not just to damage Al-Mustapha, but to damage also anybody close to him. When and how did you meet Al-Mustapha? I met Al-Mustapha during the sitting of the Oputa Panel. I never knew him from Adam. I did not even know him at the panel until I had given my own evidence. I was going to the toilet and he was sitting very close to the entrance of the toilet. When I wanted to enter the toilet, he stood up and asked me, “Are you Dr. Fasheun?” I said, ‘Call it anyhow, I am Dr. Faseun. CONTINUED ON PAGE 17

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 16 And you, who are you?” He answered, “I am Al-Mustapha.” I pulled back and said, “You Al-Mustapha? My God!” and I didn’t say a word to him after that. I just went to the toilet, came out and went my own way. But when that sitting ended, he came to see me. He said, “Sir, congratulations.” I asked what for and he replied. Mind you I still had that grudge against him. He said, “Because you are one of the few leaders that did not come to the Aso Rock Villa. That is why I think you are a credible person.” And I said thank you very much. It was about three months later that I took interest in his case. I started reading about it and of course I started visiting him. Some of my people knew that I was going there regularly. He started trying to tell me a few things and I said, “Look, you are a military man; such information should not emanate from you because of its security importance. So please, please, we will be friends, provided you don’t set this country ablaze.” One of the conditions I gave him to be his friend was that he must do everything in his power to preserve Nigeria’s unity. Even then, did you have to go to Kano with him when he was released? I once said that Al-Mustapha should be released. If you don’t release him, please take him to Abuja, Jos or Sokoto. Whatever you do, please take him out of Yoruba land. This is because I sensed that even a fifth columnist could be sent to liquidate that young man. If he died in our hands, every Yoruba throat in the north would be slashed. Now that God prevailed on the situation and he did not die on our soil, I took him to Kano to hand him over to the governor and the Galadima as the Emir of Kano was not in town. I handed him over and said, “When he was leaving here in 1998, he was in tatters. His hands were in chains and his legs in shackles. Now, I am returning him on behalf of the Yoruba people, hale, hearty and untouched. Please look after him.” What I did was not for me. It was not done for my own interest. At 78, I am not afraid of death. I did it for my people. When I got to Kano, the crowd was not singing anything else but chanting: “Odua, Odua, Odua.” What is Odua? Definitely not Dr Faseun. It is the Yoruba. When we got to the leaders and I spoke, one of their eminent leaders got up and said, “Dr. Faseun, we kept quiet but we were watching what you were doing.” (I don’t know what he meant by ‘you.’) But after this journey, we have seen you as the biggest bridge builder in this country.” When I was leaving Kano, 45 northern leaders, including those who have been popular lawmakers in this country, saw me to the airport. It dawned on me that what I came to do was not child’s play. I was not acting on my own. I was acting on behalf of the Yoruba. How could you not be free to go to Kaduna just because you are a Yoruba man who had contributed to liquidating their son? Sir, some Afenifere leaders have questioned your visit to Kano. They say you couldn’t possibly be representing the Yoruba. They argue that Al-Mustapha is a representation of the Abacha regime, a regime that so much persecuted the Yoruba I did not go to Kano to represent the Yoruba race. Who am I to say I am rep-


Championing Al-Mustapha’s cause I TOOK HIM TO KANO TO HAND HIM OVER TO THE GOVERNOR AND THE GALADIMA AS THE EMIR OF KANO WAS NOT IN TOWN. I HANDED HIM OVER AND SAID, “WHEN HE WAS LEAVING HERE IN 1998, HE WAS IN TATTERS. HIS HANDS WERE IN CHAINS AND HIS LEGS IN SHACKLES. NOW, I AM RETURNING HIM ON BEHALF OF THE YORUBA PEOPLE, HALE AND HEARTY resenting the Yoruba. The position that Al-Mustapha is a representation of the Abacha regime is the basis of the lingering grudge we all had against him, that he was part of a regime that persecuted the Yoruba race. But should we nurse one grudge for 20 years? Now there are two Yoruba people in the government of Kano. What evidence do you need again that Yoruba people are at peace in Kano? You said you took your action for the Yoruba people. Was there any form of interaction between you and other leaders before you acted? I did not interact with anybody on that issue. Have you been invited by any of these Yoruba groups on your action? No. Nobody has invited me. How can someone associated with probably the most wicked regime in Nigeria’s history be as innocent as you have painted Al-Mustapha? Are there some things you know that we don’t know? And if as you say, he had no hand in Kudirat’s death, then who killed her or ordered her death? I don’t believe the last has been seen (or heard) about the death of Kudirat. I also know that Nigerian authorities sweep serious issues under the carpet. Consider that the Chief Security Officer of the country, Chief Bola Ige, was assassinated and we know nothing till now. Al-Mustapha was a servant of the regime and a military man whose code of conduct was order and obey. Do you want him to disobey Abacha if he said go and kill Dr

Faseun? Do you want him to refuse? Who killed Kudirat Abiola is a million dollar question. And that is why I said we are directing our suspicions at the wrong quarters (Ibi ti a fi oju si, ona ko gba ibe). The assassination of Bola Ige should have provoked the biggest investigation in the land. But it did not. As a matter of fact, his wife even collapsed and died as a result of the ineptitude of security operators. If Abacha had ordered that people should be killed and gave that order to AlMustapha, he could only disobey his boss on one proviso, that he left the military and fled the country. That is judging by what Abacha was. Does it mean that you are agreeing now that Al-Mustapha killed some people on behalf of Abacha? People were killed during the regime of Abacha. Even Abiola himself was to be killed. It was this same Al-Mustapha that changed the abode of Abiola and took him to a safe place. He also organised possibilities of meetings between Abiola and his wives. But two days after Abiola was killed, some Yoruba leaders went to Aso Rock Villa. What were they doing there? There is this allegation that you are being sponsored to destabilise the South West by trying to bring up again the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN). Now, it is being said that this recent visit of yours to Kano is another ploy to destabilise the South West. What is your reaction? With all modesty, I would be counted as one of the Yoruba people that are in


love with the Yoruba race. And there is no way, and I think I have demonstrated it in various ways, that I will work against the interest of the Yoruba people. Those sponsoring damaging comments about me are doing it from their political standpoint, which I have tried to expose. But unfortunately, I don’t have the money to sponsor the exposure. I keep saying that Nigeria as a country does not have any position for me anymore. I am going to be 78 in another month. Nigeria has no position for me. Twenty five years ago, I aspired to be President. Jonathan must have been a school boy then. So Nigeria no longer has any position for me. But if I see any trend as inimical to the interest of the Yoruba people, I should be in a position to say, “don’t go through there, a tiger is lurking behind that door.” That is my interest. What do I need from Nigeria? Is it a bed to sleep on or a car to ride in? Is it food to eat? No. I eat once a day. Is it money to train my children? No. I don’t have children to train anymore? There is nothing I want for Nigeria, other than peace, amity and unity. And I believe all of us should not, because of a past of bitter incidents, think the country should not exist. One of the conditions you said you gave Al-Mustapha to be friends with him is the preservation of Nigeria’s unity. Before meeting him, did you believe in the workability of the entity called Nigeria? No Nigerian ever believed in the workability of Nigeria. Let us not deceive ourselves. Including you? Look, I founded OPC for a reason. The way I founded OPC, people founded Egbesu, people founded MEND, people founded Yindaba, people founded Boko Haram, people founded Arewa Consultative Forum and these are from the various zones constituting Nigeria. So that question has been answered. Do you still believe Nigeria is working? When you do what should be done and you manifest justice, justice is always right. Now that Nigeria has started doing right, I think God will reconsider His position on us. Is Nigeria doing right now? Yes, I think so. I have always said that the key to the insecurity of Nigeria was locked up in Kirikiri. Now, Al-Mustapha is probably the most intelligent security operative this country ever trained. And you locked him up for 15 years. In the mean time, Yindaba came, Boko Haram came and we did not think that the answer was flying in the wind. And now, you have released Al-Mustapha and Boko Haram has gone slightly quiet. Boko Haram has been becoming less malevolent since the declaration of emergency rule? They killed 26 pupils recently. But that was before the release of Al-Mustapha. Now, Boko Haram has gone silent. I was in Kano. I have seen crowds all over the world, but I have never seen up to a quarter of what I saw the day Al-Mustapha returned to Kano. I saw pictures of Mandela’s release. The crowd in those pictures is not up to 10 per cent of the crowd I saw in Kano. The Kano crowd was going for about 35 kilometres, all singing and dancing. That was a feat, especially if you consider that it was Ramadan and a Sunday.


July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Ibok, Best Graduating Student, UNILAG

Taminu, Best Graduating Student, ABU

Awojobi, Best Graduating Student, UI

Saturday Mirror

July 20, 2013


Oluchukwu, Best Graduating Student, UNN

Seven young Nigerians have been recognised for academic excellence; six as best graduating students of their respective leading Nigerian universities in 2012 and one as best WAEC student, 2012. Ossai, Joint Best Graduating Student, OAU



ast Saturday, a group of brighteyed Nigerian youth got the ultimate reward. The 4th Annual Reward Nigeria Award & Gala Nights, hosted by Culbeat New Concepts Limited at the Banquet Hall of Sheraton Hotel in Lagos, was held in honour of seven students who distinguishing themselves as the best graduating students in their respective institutions across Nigeria. Six universities graduates were rewarded with N50, 000 cash and another N50,000 in gift vouchers. The awardees were; Mr. Gazali Taminu, Ahmadu Bello University, (ABU); Miss Favour Asuquo Ibok, University of Lagos (UNILAG), Miss Bisola Awojobi, University of Ibadan (UI); Miss Roseline Ejinde Oluchukwu, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN); Alabi Sakirudeen Bojesome and Calvin Ossai, who were joint best graduating students of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). All the awardees graduated from their institutions with First Class in their respective courses. Awojobi, an Elect-Electronics Engineering graduate emerged as her institution’s best graduate, with a GPA of 6.8 out of a maximum 7.0, while Oluchukwu, who read Electronic Engineering, graduated from UNN with a GPA of 4.77 out of 5.00. Ibok and Taminu made their parents proud by graduating with 4.89 and 4.78 respectively out of a maximum of 5.00. Ibok and Taminu bagged degrees in Accountancy and Chemical Engineering respectively. Bojesome and Ossai, who both graduated from Department of Electronic Engineering in the Faculty of Technology at OAU graduated with GPA of 4.92 out of a maximum of 5.00 Miss Tolulope Falokun, a current 100-level Law Student at the Obafemi

Bojesome, Joint Best Graduating Student, OAU

Honour well deserved

Awolowo University distinguished herself as the best overall West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) candidate in 2012. Folokun, a 16 year-old alumnus of St. Louis Girls Grammar School, Akure in Ondo State scored nine straight A1s. She was also rewarded with N50, 000 cash and N50,000 in gift vouchers. Apart from the seven students, Lumen Christi Intl. High School, Uromi in Edo State also received the ‘Best Secondary School’ award for their brilliant performance as the school with the best WAEC result. Speaking during the event, Convener of the Reward Nigeria Award, Adekunle Akintayo, said the purpose of the award is to celebrate students who distinguishing themselves in their respective institutions. He said, “This awards ceremony was instituted to celebrate role model Nigerians and over the last four years, we have recognised the contributions of Scientists, Artists, Students and Organisations. In the last two years in particular, the Reward Nigeria Awards has changed tact to focus on youth and education. Since the year 2011, these awards have been given to recognise the best graduating students from the first five Nigerian universities; The University of Ibadan, The Ahmadu Bello University, The University of Nigeria, The Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and The Uni-

versity of Lagos. We have also honoured the best WAEC candidates in each year and the best secondary schools in Nigeria based on WAEC results. “One of our proudest achievements in 2011 was that we did not only recognise the achievement of these outstanding Nigerians, but more importantly, we were able to link these candidates with reputable Nigerian employers with whom we are confident that the development of these graduate could continue. “I am proud to say that although the Reward Nigeria Awards has started small, I believe that we can continue to make an impact on the lives of our recipients and on the society at large despite our many challenges.” Akintayo frowned at the rate at which resources are being wasted on things that are not beneficial to the society, while the needs of the society are being neglected by government, individuals and corporate organisations. “For this year 2013, the winner of Nigerian Idol will take home prizes totalling about N25m including the sum of N7.5 million in cash awards, a record deal worth N7.5million and a brand new SUV vehicle, all prizes provided by Corporate Nigeria. In similar vein, there will a total prize value of N19.5 million for the winner of the Gulder Ultimate Search while the winner of the Maltina Dance All will

Falokun, Best Overall WAEC Candidate, 2012

be taking home the sum of N6million. “Pause and ask yourself what reward the best graduating students from OAU or UNILAG got from these corporate organisations in the same time. There is a fundamental issue with rewards, in that rewards reinforce behaviour. A behaviour that is rewarded will be exposed by members of any society. “I like you to think about this for a minute and consider the implication of this on our society, the fact that in the near term, our youth will continue to strive to appear in reality TV rather than in education, in excellence and real societal development. This short term view has significant implications on our society in the long term. “This is why Culbeat does what it does. Our objective is to celebrate achievers amongst our youth as well as encourage others to pursue excellence.” One of the awardees, Calvin Ossai, disclosed the recipe for his success. “My life in school was about going to the class to read, coming back to the hostel to sleep or cook, then going to church. It was church, class and hostel. I also participated a bit in politics and some extra-curricular activities. I never had a girl friend in school until my final year. So, I was not distracted, I was so focused from my Part One to my final level. But in my final year, I had a girl friend.” Favour Ibok, Best Graduating Student, UNILAG, never had boy friend throughout her undergraduate days despite having lots of male friends, said that her passion for greatness in life inspired her to achieve success in her academics. She said, “I attended classes religiously and read for about three to four hours per day. I didn’t read all day. I had friends, went to cinemas. I had a social life. I had a lot of male friends but I don’t have a boy friend throughout my days in school.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 20



July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror

The awardees flanked by organisers of the 4th Annual Reward Nigeria Award displaying their prizes during the event.

‘It was a rough road’ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 19

Speaking on how she was able to make a GPA of 4.89, Ibok said, “It is a rough road because there are lots of distractions. But I usually had this picture of myself being great and that really inspired me. I knew that for me to be great, I needed to put in a lot of hard work.” Favour Ibok had her secondary education at Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo between 2000 and 2006. She proceeded to the School of Preliminary Studies (SPS), Offa and completed her “A” Levels for the Cambridge University as best student. In 2009, she gained admission to the University of Lagos, taking up a degree course in Accounting, which she completed in 2012. Authorities at UNILAG have confirmed her as the best graduating student for the 2012 academic session with a first class degree and a grade point average of 4.89 out of a maximum of 5.00. She has also won many other accolades as a student, including the Ituah Ighodalo Award for the Best Accounting Student in 2012. Mr Alabi Bojesome, a trader, expressed joy that his son, Alabi Sakirudeen Bojesome emerged Best Graduating Student at OAU. He said, “I am very happy and I glorify God for the success of my son. Sakirudeen is a brilliant child and he has been showing brilliance since his primary school days. The first year he should have gained admission to OAU, despite scoring 291 in JAMB, he was not given the admission. I went to OAU myself in annoyance to see the Vice Chancellor to know why they refused to grant my brilliant son admission into the institution. He told me that my child was not picked because of the quota and ballot system the institution used for admission that year.” All is well that ends well, as the saying goes. Alabi Sakirudeen Bojesome eventually secured his admission and he is

today Best Graduating Student Gazali Tanimu, Best Graduating Student, ABU, had his junior secondary education at Isah AbdulKarim Secondary School, Zaria between 2001and 2004 and then went on to Government Secondary School, Zaria between 2004 and 2007 for his SSCE where he distinguished himself. He proceeded to the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), taking up a degree course in Chemical Engineering between 2007 and 2012. Authorities at ABU have confirmed him the best graduating student with a first class degree and a grade point average of 4.78 out of a maximum of 5.00. He has also won many other accolades as a student. Authorities of the University of Ibadan have confirmed Bisola Awojobi as the best graduating student 2012, with a first class degree and a grade point average of 6.8 out of a maximum of 7.0. Awojobi had her secondary education at Christ Ambassadors International College, Oyo State between 2001 and 2006, where she was the Senior Prefect (Girls) and distinguished herself at her SSCE examination. She proceeded to the University of Ibadan (UI), taking up a degree course in Elect-Electronics Engineering between 2007 and 2012. She has also won many other accolades as a student including the Etisalat Merit Awards for 2009 & 2010, Dean Honours Roll between 2008 -2012. Roseline Ejinde Oluchukwu is the Best Graduating Student, UNN for the year 2012. Oluchukwu had her secondary education at St. Cyprian’s Special Science School, Nsukka between 2001 and 2006. She proceeded to University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), taking up a degree course in Electronic Engineering between 2007 and 2012. Whilst at UNN, she won 5 scholarship awards including the MTN, Mobil, PTDF & FGN scholarships. Authorities at the UNN have confirmed her as the best graduating student with a first class degree and a grade point aver-

age of 4.77 out of a maximum of 5.00. She has also has several professional accreditations including Cisco’s CCNA & CCNP accreditations. Alabi Sakirudeen Bojesome, Best Graduating Student, OAU, had his secondary education at Loyola College, Ibadan between 1997 and 2003, where he completed his SSCE with 6 distinctions and 3 credits. He proceeded to the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), for a degree course in Electronic Engineering between 2007 and 2012. Whilst at OAU, he won 4 scholarship awards including the Oodua Investment, Gani Fawehinmi, UNIFEMGA and The Oyo State scholarships. Authorities at the OAU have confirmed him as joint best graduating student with a first class degree and a grade point average of 4.92 out of a maximum of 5.00. Bojesome shares the honour of Best Graduating Student, OAU, with Calvin Ossai, who had his secondary education at Omoniyi International College, Ibadan between 2000 and 2006, where he obtained his SSCE with eight distinctions and one credit. He proceeded to OAU, taking up a degree course in Electronic Engineering between 2006 and 2012. Whilst at OAU, he was awarded the Shell scholarship and won 6 prizes including the NSE and Mic-Con awards for Technology students. Like Bojesome, Ossai graduated with a first class degree and a grade point average of 4.92 out of a maximum of 5.00. Though still an undergraduate, Tolulope Falokun was also awarded and rewarded. She was named the student with best WAEC result in 2012. Of about 1.54 million candidates in 2011, about 472,906 obtained the required five credits (including in Maths and English); resulting in a pass rate of 31%. Falokun, a student of the St. Louis Girl Grammar School, Akure, however, had the distinction of scoring nine straight A1s, to emerge the best overall WAEC candidate in 2012.

Falokun, an indigene of Ondo State, went ahead to rank tops in the 2011 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exams UTME (JAMB) scoring 290 and emerged as the second overall best student in the Post-UTME conducted by the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife with 336 marks. She is currently a Law Student at Obafemi Awolowo University. Other awards won by Falokun are; Commonwealth Essay-Writing Competition, 2011; ANCOPSS Annual National Quiz Competition; Ekimogun Annual Essay-Writing Competition; CWO Debates Competition; Ekimogun Annual Debates Competition, National Reading Competition, Don Bosco Independence Day Quiz Competition and OAU Ife Ekimogun Association Essay-Writing Competition. Lumen Christi Intl. High School, Uromi, which emerged Best Secondary School in 2011/2012, was also awarded at the ceremony. The Best Secondary School Award is based on the students’ result profile in WAEC exams for the 2011/12 Session. WAEC is yet to confirm for 2012/13. A total of 472,906 candidates representing 31% of the total number of candidates,1,540,250, who sat for the examination in the 2011/12 academic session obtained credits in five subjects and above, including English Language and Mathematics. This is a slight improvement compared to the average pass rate of 25% over the last 3 years. (2010 25%, 2009 28%, 2008 23% pass rate). Lumen Christi Intl. High School (LCIHS) has consistently returned outstanding WAEC results in the last few years, with a pass rate of close to 100% and had previously achieved the best WAEC result in 2007, 2010 and 2011. LCIHS is based in Uromi, Edo State and was established in October 1986 by the Catholic Archdiocese of Benin-City. The college is a consistent winner in various quiz, essays and art competitions for secondary schools across Nigeria.




Woman Stable marriage is about commitment

–Sikuola Adewuyi

Relationships IIs s tthe he ‘‘crying cr ying m man’ an’ a weak man?

Fashion •Simply stunning

by Gold’ust •Nine tricks to flatter your slim shape

Sex talk How to talk your way to better sex


...Still an A-lister



July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror

I don’t know about gays and lesbians controlling Nollywood –Oge Okoye Celebrity Oge Okoye is one of Nigeria’s A-list actresses. She candidly shares her views about Nollywood’s burning issues with Oseyiza Oogbodo.


hat’s the latest est about you? A lot is in n the making for me. I can’tt let you know them right now as they are still on the low key but they will all be unveiled gradually before the year ar runs out by God’s grace. At the fullness ess of time, all will definitely be in the open. You seem quiet nowadays wadays unlike before when there was s a lot of noise about you? Really? Well, I didn’t realise that, or rather, I will say I’ve been een very busy with work and the home front.

actress in Nigeria, giving us a form of backup plan which puts us on the right path. This is a good one indeed. It shows show ws that she has our interests at heart. We We are solidly behind her, our able presido. prresido. What can you say about the e Govdonation ernor Akpabio N50m donatio on to causNollywood that is presently ca ausing problems? Concerning that, my notion is that this goes a long way to show how w supportive some of our leaders are to o the things that concern entertainmentt as a whole. Same applies to our noble President, His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan who has been so encouraging and a father fig-

How many movies es s have you done this s year then? Well for this year, I guess I’ve done about 1012 movies already. How many movies s have you done overall? Wow! Honestly, I’ve lost st count of the number of movies I’ve featured eatured in. Why did you become me an actress and not a nurse or engineer? gineer? Oh my God! This is like me asking you why you chose yourr profession as a journalist. But that notwithstanding, twithstanding, acting is my calling and d it’s a part of my life that I reflect so much in. Thinking back to childhood, I’ve always desired to be an actress whereby hereby I will be like a voice to the viewers wers and at the same time they will be entertained. ntertained. Have you achieved d what you wanted to that made you ou become an actress? Well, yes, by becoming ng an actress, but at the same time, I’m not totally fulfilled because there’ss so much still not done yet and I’m yett to attain that greater height of accomplishment. mplishment. In all, I’m thankful to God. Ibinabo is the first female AGN president. How do you ou feel about her presidency? Of course she’s doing a good job, and the most intriguing and nd fascinating one is that our first female ale AGN President is trying to introduce uce the Health Insurance Initiative forr every actor/

ure to our large Nollywood family. Opportunities like this are hard to come by so I’ll say it is an impressive, fascinating and motivational gesture from ourr present government. memorable Tell us your most memora able role. where My most memorable role is whe ere I vampire. took up the character of a vampir re. It time was scary for me but at the same ti ime enjoyable. And the most challenging? For me, all my movies, in theirr different characterisations, are alll challenging. Why is it that entertainers are never able to take care of themselves when they have health challenges? Well, I don’t think that sort of question should be directed to me because I don’t get what you’re driving g at. Thank God, this is exactly what our no-

AGN President is trying to advoble A cate for. most about What do you like mo W Nollywood? Noll lywood? What I like most about our large W family fam mily is that Nollywood is a strong voice showing the difvoice to the world showin ferent and ferrent lives of different people pe different diifferent things happening happenin in the world. w A strong voice It is iindeed. What do you hate most mos about it? Sometimes the negati negative criticism and judgmental a attitude towards us. Is it true that gays and lesbians are now in co control of N Nollywood? wo I don’t know anything about t h a t aspect. Rather, Rathe I’m hearing hearin this for the first time from you. So since I think you’ve got a lot of information inform on this, please plea enlighten me mor more on this piece of news. news What is your a advice to upcoming actresses? actre My candid advic advice, as I always say, is that they should always follow their heart and passion of o being an actress to achieve ac whatever and every everything they want. It’s about being focused, working hard, hard making sure they are worth their salt. Never envy anyo anyone, be yourself and make goo good use of your potentials. Pr Practice makes perfect. For me, I never knew the ups and down of being an actor but I got into it and I developed develope myself professionally. It’s not a bed of roses but always alway have passion and love for it and the Rest will be history. How many of them have you helped to become successful? I’m still putting thin things in place to enable me walk down that lane. It’s all in God’s hands, our Papa in heaven. heav

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013

Sound Sultan, Sean Tizzle, Sho Le mystery deepens


he last has certainly not been heard of the sordid tussle between Jagbajantis singer Sound Sultan and Sho Le singer Sean Tizzle. A couple of weeks ago, Sultan disclosed that he is the one who wrote Sho Le and gave it to Tizzle. When he did so, Tizzle was on his record label, Naija Ninjas, and the song was given to him as part of efforts to develop his career. Right now, Sho Le is one of the hottest songs in the country. Its success is however tainted by Sultan’s revelation that he is the one who wrote it. Since his revelation, there’s been no word denying the claim from Tizzle and D’Tunes, his producer cum proprietor of his new record label, Difference Entertainment. The latest development on the issue however is that since Sultan and his Naija Ninjas partner, his brother Baba Dee, saidearlier in the week that they

will seek legal redress over Sho Le’s ownership, copyright issue, Tizzle and Difference have gone to make peace with Sultan and his camp. Consequently, Sultan, a devout Muslim, is said to have forgiven in the spirit of Ramadan and both camps have agreed on the future of Sho Le. The funny thing however is that when Entervaganza got in touch with Difference Entertainment, they said they were not interested in whatever Sultan plans to do over the contentious song. They also refused to comment on the actual identity of who wrote the song, whether it’s Sultan, Tizzle or even someone else. And when called, Sultan refused to disclose where he stands presently on Sho Le, thereby deepening the matter of if the issue has really been resolved or not.

Ozzy Bosco holds dance competition


id wonder, Ozzy Bosco, who has taken the music industry by storm at just six years of age, has organised a dance competition for his latest hit song, Tinini featuring Olamide. Known as Tinini Dance For Cash Competition, Bosco and his management are offering $1,500 as prize money to a dancing group that will come up with the best choreography for Tinini. Before Tinini, Bosco had already scored hit tracks with Super Star featuring Lamboginny and Sweet Mama featuring Flavour. He is also an ambassador for Tigo milk and is on course to becoming the super star he proclaims himself to be.



Tiwa Savage becomes MTN ambassador of the ight on the heels of her deeventual release Upon A but album, Once tune has come Time, more good for y as telecommuTiwa Savage’s wa TN, has signed nications giant, M ambassadors. her as one of their joins she Consequently, izk vido, W id, Iyanya, Kcee, Da z as those flyChidinma and Prai eir e the g while ag fla TN fl ng the MTN in ou o v av a Fllav r, ess ue u gu ag ea lle oll co quare, Sq P-S Be B z, oice, Vo eV he e Th Chee u Omaw mi, MI, aje,, Waje a, j a Lagb , x x x Lyn y Bo B a n Bu Burrn and Naeto f C are fly at th ing ab ob o of Gllob com.

R Bosco

Davido, Ice Prince headline Kenya festival D

ami Duro singer Davido and Oleku rapper Ice Prince have been confirmed med as headliners of the Boombaataa Festival which will hold next Saturday in Kenya. Both Davido and Ice are just unstoppable and very hot at the moment. After two years ars of two artists jointly winning the BET Best International onal Act (Africa) Award, Ice was the sole winner this year ar and he has since been enjoying the additional rewards that come with winning such a prestigious award. In his own case, Davido won the highly coveted African award, KORA, last year and followed llowed it with the monster hit, Gobe, which is still dominating the airwaves. waves. As well, his One Of A Kind d is a song that promotes Africa to the he world. The two Nigerian international nal stars will be supported by many Kenyan artists including ncluding Victoria Kimani who is signed on to a Nigerian-owned gerian-owned record label, Chocolate City Kenya, a, and has thereby become popular in Nigeria.





July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror

AGN introduces Screen Actors Awards, warns errant members

T Fiberesima

he Actors G Guild of Nigehas introduced ria (AGN) h Actors Awards. the Screen A Addressing the press at the Secretariat, Surulere, AGN Secretari Tuesday, AGN Lagos on Tu Ibinabo FiberesPresident, Ibi SAA is part of ima, said S administration’s her adm to make efforts AGN better for the betterment of its bette members and Nolmem lywood. lywoo “SAA is one of the initiatives we identified that we w can embark on for the th progress of AGN and Nollywood. an Foluke Daramola is the chairman of the cha

organizing committee and she and her committee members are hard at work taking all the necessary steps to execute it perfectly.” Speaking on other projects, she said, “The AGN Inter-State Cultural Competition will kick off in September with the zonal competitions. Its theme is ethnic harmony because we want Nigerians to know that living in harmony is very important.” Presenting a cheque of N500,000 to Victor Osuagwu, Lagos State AGN Chairman, she said, “We are only giving them what is their due from the dues paid by members. We are transparent and will not take what does not belong to us.” It wasn’t all good news however. “AGN will no longer tolerate indiscipline,” she thundered. “That is why we have im-

peached the former National Public Relations Officer, Frank Dallas, for anti-guild activities. “We have also suspended the membership of Don Pedro Aganbi, Chima Doris,Tunde Talabi, Stella Marris Nnaji, Fred Ekata and St. Mathew Emeka for forming a parallel Lagos AGN and parading themselves as Lagos AGN’s exco. “The former chairman, Lagos AGN, Emeka Rising, has also been expelled for anti-guild offences. We have also set up a criminal and fraudulent activities panel as we’ve uncovered a lot of past criminal activities.” Reacting to the observation that probe panel reports are not always implemented in the country, she said, “We will implement ours. And if anyone has to face criminal charges, we will make sure they do.”

Spinlet, Victor Olaiya, 2face make history


wo of Nigeria’s top musicians from decades apart, highlife maestro Dr Victor Olaiya and pop singer 2face Idibia, have made history with their remake of Olaiya’s evergreen song, Mofemuyan, as the remke known as Baby Mi Da is in massive demand on the recently launched Spinlet Etisalat music application. Spinlet, a digital music distribution company that is bringing a lot of innovations to the Nigerian music industry, is the major force behind Baby Mi Da, just as it was for Ice Prince’s Magician remix featuring international dancehall sensation, Gyptian. Aiming to spark a revival of lo-

cal and international interest in highlife music, Mark Redguard, Spinlet’s Chief Marketing Officer, said, “We are creating platforms that will give veteran artists access to and revenue opportunities from new international audiences. In addition, with this type of classic collaboration, younger Nigerians will have an opportunity to experience songs from Nigeria’s musical golden age with a modern twist, so there’s something for everyone in the song.” Baby Mi Da was produced by Spellz while Nollywood’s finest, Kunle Afolayan, director of awardwinning movies, The Figurine and Phone Swap, directed its video.

2face, Olaiya and Tunde Kelani during the video shoot

12-yr-old Emmanuel’s X-Factor video stuns YouTube


significant record has been set in the ongoing Glo X-Factor competition with the audition performance of 12-year-old Emmanuel Mensah becoming the highest watched video of any singing reality TV show contestant on You Tube. The video has so far recorded 109,658 views on You Tube, eclipsing by far the number recorded by videos of other singing reality television show contestants in West Africa. The nearest to it was 20,185 hits on a contestant’s video in another music reality show. His rendition of Whitney Houston’s I Look To You was so powerfully and beau-

tifully done that it left a judge in the show, Onyeka Onwenu, in tears. MI described him as having the “most wonderful voice” he had heard in a long time. The video has also attracted thousands of emotional online comments in praise of the prodigious talent, with many asking for a waiver of the X-Factor age restriction to allow him compete in the show. Though ineligible to compete, being less than 18, Emmanuel, who hails from Ghana, decided to try his luck at the Kumasi audition of the show. “There is an age limit, but he has taken time to come out here, he is a small guy with big ambitions so let us hear him. We are routing for

you, we want you to do well,” Onyeka told him as he came on stage. When he began to sing, the judges and audience could not believe that the sonorous, mature and beautifully controlled voice they were hearing was coming from the little boy on stage. By the time he was through, the audience and judges were on their feet, clapping and crying. Wiping away her tears, Onyeka hugged the boy tightly and planted a long kiss on his forehead. “I don’t know what we are going to do about the age limit. I know they won’t break the rules, but don’t be discouraged, by the time you come of age to take part in this contest, there will be no

contest. Let your parents know that God has blessed you all and us with this young man. You did something to me. You made me cry, and they were tears of thanksgiving to God for making you who you are. You will go places, you are not going to the Boot Camp because of your age, but you will go to even bigger places,” she said in an emotion-laden voice. “He is amazing, but he is just too young to be in the contest now. You are one of the best voices I have ever heard,” MI said. Even the normally hard-to-please Reggie Rockstone was short of words. “My heart is still beating very fast. Onyeka has said it all. All I want to say is that I thank God for people like you. You are truly blessed,” he told Emmanuel.

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013




ngelo fingers Beverly

From kissing and fondling, Nigeria’s Beverly Osu has taken it a step further with South Africa’s Angelo as she allowed him to finger her. They were over each other on the bed, climbing on top of each other, initially doing their thing with the bedsheet covering them, but when they became really aroused, they allowed the bedsheet to slip off. Throughout their passionately intimate engagement, Beverly kept moaning aloud in pleasure, making it obvious that she was enjoying the near-sex she and Angelo were having. Unsurprisingly, many Nigerians have condemned her for her sexual behavior in the House. But some Nigerians, including past BBA winner, Uti Nwachukwu, have also risen in her defence. Everyone is waiting now for when the duo will finally do the real thing. Is it how they will celebrate if Angelo who is nominated for eviction escapes it?

Tough times for Oneza If it’s not one thing it’s always another in the land of Oneza and quite frankly it’s getting harder to keep up with Oneal’s mood swings. He asked for an explanation from his better half about nothing at all and she had to apologize for something she didn’t understand. With this guy, every day produces a new fight or disagreement


and there is no making him happy. While they were in bed, he brought up past issues again and expected an explanation for them from Feza. The poor Tanzanian beauty couldn’t help but do as she was told, even though she didn’t know exactly what the problem was. “I was saying that please don’t get upset when I’m trying to explain the matter to you,” she said while trying to salvage the situation. Oneal is a hard nut to crack in all aspects of his life, that has been evident from Day 1 of The Chase. He constantly feels the need to be in control, domineering and comes across as a bully in this regard. As someone’s partner, you need to suppress the need to control them even if it’s how you usually do things, otherwise they will run away from you. Fortunately for Oneal, he’s got Feza hooked to him like glue and there is no turning back for her because all the men that are left on The Chase are either hooked up or are not interested in a hook-up. Even though Feza tries to stand up for herself at times, it’s easy to see that the relationship is steered by one person and that’s the Botswanaborn Oneal. You need to treat your woman better, Oneal, and quit being so needy.

Sulu explains swapping Angelo Sulu has defended his ’Save and


Replace’ decision by telling Biggie that “I had to do what I had to do.” The new HoH learned very quickly what a great burden power can be when he had to pick one Housemate to save from Eviction and one Housemate to replace that person with. In the end he chose to throw his buddy Angelo under the bus in order to save his other buddy, Elikem. The Zambian said that he knows that his decision may come across as backstabbing because at this point some of the Chasemates are friends with each other. But he clarified that there was no malice behind his choice. “I based my decision on how I relate to each and every person,” he told Biggie. He further explained that he knew that if he didn’t choose anyone, then he too would have been put up for possible Eviction and that is a risk that he is not willing to take.

Angelo, Pokello, 3 others on eviction row With a looming merge and the impending introduction of the fake Emerald housemates, it’s set to be a dazzling week on Big Brother: The Chase! The housemates were unaware of all the drama that would unfold but they did a good job creating their own after a tough day of nominations. With the nominations in and the Heads of House having both influenced proceedings, Angelo, Annabel, Bassey, Dillish and Pokello are the housemates in the eviction firing line this week. In the Ruby house, Pokello and Elikem


picked up the most nominations (4 and 3 respectively). Feza and Pokello nominated each other, despite calling a truce this weekend. Feza also nominated Elikem, as did her beau Oneal, so the truce appears to be a little one-sided! Pokello and Cleo both nominated each other for the same reason: they wanted to see how strong a contender the other is. Ruby HoH Sulu elected to save his friend Elikem and put Angelo up in his place, the second time the South African has found himself on the list after being replaced by his Head of House. The bulk of nominations in the Diamond house went to HoH Bimp and feisty Annabel. Bimp seems to be in danger simply because he can save himself, but as always, there’s a question about who will find themselves up for eviction if he does so. Annabel has proven to be a strong contender after surviving multiple nominations. Will Africa save her again this week? Dillish also picked up two nominations, from Bimp and Nando. Bimp c h o s e Beverly not to test the continent’s resolve as Melvin did last week, opting to remove himself from harm’s way and put fellow Diamond Bassey up for eviction in his place. The Sierra Leonean has only been up for eviction once before. There’s only one way to keep your favourite housemate in the game – by voting! Voting opened immediately after Monday night’s nomination show and closes tomorrow morning.


July 20, 2013

i b o i D Nonso ercy Johnson,

wades into M f f o e c a f e Tonto Dik


He isn’t however the only celebrity to take sides publicly on the issue. Lola Omotayo, baby mama of Peter P-Square, also did, and she was also on Johnson’s side.

Nkiru Sylvanus loses government appointment


op actress, Nkiru Sylvanus, has lost the position she held as a special assistant to the Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. She lost the juicy appointment due to the Gov-

ernor’s dismissal of his entire cabinet. This is another setback for the beautiful actress who was kidnapped recently along with ex-Mr Nigeria, Kenneth Okolie.

Intrigues over Funke Akindele’s marriage


Juliet Ibrahim

makes peace with OJB


n a week that can be said to be quiet for Tonto Dike aka Poko, as there is no social media prank, rant or otherwise from her, her colleague, Nonso Diobi, can be said to have stirred the hornets’ nest on her behalf instead. During the week, Diobi reacted to Poko’s tweets of last week that everyone believes she aimed at Mercy Johnson. In the tweets, Poko didn’t mince words, saying her colleagues marry horribly and that their husbands force them to return to acting two months after giving birth and that she will only marry someone who will take care of her. Reacting through tweeting as well, Diobi said, “Just because she went to work two months after delivery doesn’t make you better than her. Learn to respect people’s decisions.” Probably incensed or trying to grab some headlines himself, he added that “she has a happy home and a happy man so you don’t spoil it with your negative words. Wonder what beef you had with her in the first place.” And even as he tweeted more on the issue, he encouraged Johnson with the following tweet: “Shout out to Mercy Johnson, one of the ladies I respect so much. Be strong.”

Saturday Mirror

o some, it is surprising. To others, it is not. But to almost everyone, the news of Funke Akindele’s crashed marriage has been sad, unwelcome and not what they wished forr her. Last year, her fans rejoiced oiced with her that she finally tied the nuptial knots, even if it wasn’t sn’t as a first wife. Shortly after her wedding, they received with h happiness the news that she he was pregnant and became dashed ashed when there was a laterr report of a miscarriage. It was however followed wed by a disclosure that she he was never pregnant. Unceremoniously, Keehinde Oloyede, her now ex-husband, disclosed the information that it was over between him and the Jenifa star. “It’s with a heavy heart eart that I’m announcing the separation aration of me and my wife, Mrs Olufunke Akindele. We’ve both agreed

to go our separate ways because of irreconcilable differences. We are still best of friends and we forever remain good friends, friends,” he po posted on Facebook. In another post, he wrote doing just that “I’m do ffine, ine getting a l o n g without you, don’t need you anymore in my y life. You’re the greatli est mistake I’ve made in time.” rrecent ec The twist to the tale howT ever ev ver now is that Oloyede has come out to say that his ha as co posted pos sted comments were to catch Funke’s attention while catc ch F Funke Funk ke herself has said that marriage is still intact. her m arr Anything Any ythi is possible in a celebrity marriage! ma

ollowing her salacious disclosure that OJB Jezreel was demanding for more money than he needed for his kidney transplant, Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim has made peace with the African Queen producer over the disclosure which cast a dark cloud over the both of them. When OJB disclosed that he needed N16m to save his life, a lot of people raised eyebrows at the astronomical amount. No one was however willing to bell the cat by questioning the claim until Ibrahim who has a kidney disease foundation shocked everyone by doing so. Reactions followed, and some of them opined that she should have kept her peace. She was however vindicated when OJB agreed that it was double what he actually needed for a transplant but then he can’t come back from the transplant and start soliciting for money again pending when he will be fully back on his feet and up and doing. The bad blood that could have between the two is however a thing of the past now as they have settled their differences.

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013

le StyGlam and

with Yemisi Adeniran



t s u ’ Gold

o far, it‛s fair to say that understated accessories have long given way for real statement jewelries in today‛s fashion industry. From the

runways to the high ways and exquisite events,

bold and uniquely made earrings, necklaces, bangles and rings have stood their grounds for profound statements from fashionistas. Celebrating this in the most exciting ways is Isi Gold, a Nigerian designer, who came up recently with distinctive pieces which she called Simply Stunning. Gold‛ust, her label, boasts of eye catching accessories that are fit for any fashionista. Fit for the runway, these stunning gold patterns like the ‘Paradise Earring‛, ‘Butterfly Effect‛ earring are light in weight and truly exquisite and comfortable to wear. The gold plated piece is designed with gold patterns and features a distinctive shape cut out in the centre. This piece can be elegantly or playful worn with any outfit. “Jewelleries are supposed to create excitement for both the person wearing them and the beholders. So, these tasteful and flawless set are guaranteed to leave even the fussiest fashionista breathless,” she said.




July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Fashion Frenzy

Nine tricks to flatter your slim shape E

veryone loves a girly look yet they don’t want to be termed a thin girl. But if you have a slim body and wish to flatter your folks with it, here are ways to do it: When picking a pant. Pick trousers with a stretchy, supportive fabric to glide over faulty areas; they flatter every figure. Wear pants in a heavier fabric like wool, gabardine or cotton twill. These materials drape in a flattering way. Pants with a button-tab waist draw attention upward, while a straight-cut leg, with one easy width from hip to hem, camouflages your problem area without adding too much volume. Taller, slimmer, leggier. That’s how you’ll appear in smartly pared-down trousers. With no pockets and no pleats, flat-front slacks (left) create a lithe line that subtracts pounds. Pick pants that start slightly above your natural waist and extend all the way to your shoe. Get high waists. High-waisted skirts are diversionary dynamos. They seem to raise the waist, make you look leggier, and hit at the narrowest part of the rib cage to emphasise curves (in a good way). The higher waist, the pocket-free front, and the skinny self-belt all work to create an unbroken line and a sophisticated, slim silhouette. Top off your look with a fitted blazer. Give an old one hanging in your closet a modern update by re-

moving the shoulder pads. Suit yourself A suit can make you sleeker — but only if the jacket is fitted and the pants are straight-legged. Get a tall-order dress For a top half that needs extra length, reach for pieces with eye-fooling effects. A deep V-neck empire dress (the waist hits just under the bust) pulls attention upward, while a banded-hem shirt, worn untucked, elongates the torso. Be a sheath chic An asymmetrical structured dress with lining streamlines your silhouette. Shiny patent pumps and a purse are all you need to go from the corner office to cocktails. Minimise your hips Take curves undercover as much as you can. Distract with details An interesting neckline (like this ruffled one) draws the eye away from your hips and tummy. Emphasise your assets A knee-length, A-line skirt made of a structured fabric minimises thighs and shows off shapely calves. Play up hourglass curves without overemphasising them. Proof that a pencil skirt can be wearable by picking a well- tailored stretch number with a wide self-belt that cinches snugly.

Saturday Mirror

July 20, 2013




Tips for kissable lips

Want to learn how to get smooth and sweet lips? These guidelines will help both men and women make their lips look more attractive and inviting. Exfoliate with sugar and vinegar oil. Exfoliate with sugar and vinegar oil. Mix them together and then scrub off using tooth brush. This will not only soften your lips, but it’ll also clean them and leave a lingering sweetness behind. •Put a pinch of sugar in the palm of your hand. •Soak the fingertips of the opposite hand with water. •Mix a few droplets of water with the sugar until it is pasty. •Apply in a circular motion to your lips in order to exfoliate. Use your index finger and move in gentle small circles, then all the way around the lips.

Polish your lips. Apply a lip balm or petroleum jelly immediately after exfoliating, at bedtime and throughout an SPF to avoid sun damage. •Frequent exposure to sunlight can increase the likelihood of lip cancer, especially when combined with alcohol or tobacco use. If you have a lip sore or lump that won’t go away, get it checked out. Relax your lip muscles. You might have some tension in your lips that is making them look clenched or tight, and this makes your lips look less kiss-worthy. •One way to make sure your lips are relaxed is to open them slightly, so that there’s a tiny sliver between your lips through which air can flow. Not only will this relax your lips, but it’ll also make them look bigger because they’re subtly parted. If you look at pictures of models, you’ll notice that many of them have their lips at least slightly parted. Frame the shape of your lips. What matters more than the fullness of your lips is symmetry, which is the universal beacon of attractiveness. Smooth out any imperfections with lip liner, then fill in with a tinted lip gloss. Wax any hair around your lips (especially if you have dark hair and light skin) so that the contrast between your skin and lips is increased, making your lips “pop.”



July 20, 2013

Fashion Guest

Saturday Mirror

‘Your eyebrow can make you old’

Juliet Ibueachu

“Brows that are drawn as pencil-thin, overly sparse, strongly arched, or too heavy or thick can make you look older than you really are,” says Juliet Ibueachu, a make-up expert.


hat’s your attraction to make-up as a vocation? Ever since I have known the use of a mirror, I have taken a likening to a good face. I could spend nd hours in front of one and not be fed up if not interrupted. As time me went on, I became conscious of how best to make one’s face look good ood and admirable and I guess, I just get better by each passing day ay. My interest thereby grew in it even when I could call it unconsciously onsc on scio ious usly ly. I would not pass by anyone without noticing the particular way by which she has made her face. I found faultt easily on what ladies do to their faces such that I became a critic to some people. It was when I began to apply makeup eup on my friends and siblings and close associates that at I got to the conclusion that I could make a living out of this said hobby. How would you rate Nigerian women in n this area as an expert? I would say, so far, Nigerian women are coming ng up well. But I would insist that there are still many y who need to learn more about the etiquettes of make-up. ke-up. Many still commit the error of not applying their make-up on freshly washed and moisturised facess and many don’t use a foundation that matches their skin tone exactly. This is wrong and often spoils their heir effort. On eyebrows, a lot of fashion faux paux x is daily committed. It is very important to know your face shape so it serves as a guide for eyebrow filing ling and shaping. Many draw their eyebrows with red, wine ine and other colours other than brown and dark brown;; this is horrifying and lousy. Brows that are drawn as pencil-thin, overly sparse, parse, strongly arched, or too heavy or thick can make e you look older than you really are. If you’re at a loss on what to do for your brows, make an appointmentt with a brow specialist, who can guide you to the right brow shape and show you effective grooming techniques. ques. Every woman needs a make-up specialist.

Fashion Trivia

‘High heels can damage feet, legs and spine’


ust as the then presidential hopeful, in the United States of America was once reported to have blamed her migrane problem on her love for heely shoes, Nigerian Orthopaedic surgeons have also said that beyond the physical beauty that high heels stand for in the life of an elegant woman, the risk of sprains and breaks, stress fractures and even spinal cord problems lie in the wait.

Speaking generally on bones and fractures in an interview with Saturday Mirror, Dr Bosede Ajetumobi, a surgeon with Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital(LAUTECH), Osogbo says “Heels can be cute but at the same time hellish if wrongly chosen. Teetering around on them can cause ankle sprains and breaks; bunions, hammertoes, and stress fractures; as well as tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and ligament damage.” Maybe

even as far as our heads: Presidential hopeful Michele While statistics linking injuries to a specific shoe don’t exist, she added that more than 7 out of 10 women have developed a bunion or other painful foot deformity; 9 out of 10 women’s foot deformities can be tied to bad shoes. And the problems don’t end at the ankles. A study, she said recently found that women who regularly wore high heels had shorter calf muscles and stiffer,

thicker Achilles tendons. Another study, she pointed found that prolonged wearing of high heels can contribute to joint degeneration and knee osteoarthritis, which may help explain why osteoarthritis is twice as common in women as in men. She advises women to pick only comfortable shoes to save them future problems that could cost them more than the cost of their shoes.

Saturday Mirror



July 20, 2013

Mama Ajasco



Tiwa Savage



City People Media Group honours entertainers Last Sunday, the City People Media group held the 2013 edition of its annual City People Entertainment Awards at the Haven Event Centre, Ikeja, Lagos. Unsursprisingly, many entertainers turned up for the prestigious occasion hosted by on-air personality, Toke Makinwa.

Capital Femi

Toni Payne

Rita Dominic

Femi Adebayo


Mercy Aigbe


Uti Nwachukwu

Yvonne Nelson

Toke Makinwa


July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Relationships Is the ‘crying man’ No. He’s a sensitive man


rying is a reaction to an external stimulus which we tend to react to in a particular way. It’s the direct opposite of laughing and in some cases the two are done together when the occasion becomes overwhelming for the person involved. It’s actually a misnomer and old school to think that a man shouldn’t or doesn’t cry. It’s a pity that for most of us our parents have made us to believe that crying is a sign of weakness, but the truth is that there is nothing wrong in a man showing his partner that little real human part of him. Anyone who’s emotional can cry and it doesn’t matter the gender of that person. It’s a natural phenomenon and some people are easily prone to tears. It’s actually nothing to be ashamed of. Not crying is not an absence of pain or hurt but the ability to mask it well which we have been taught from childhood when we are told to internalized our pains and not show it to the world. African men are told right from birth that they should never show any sign of weakness and the society believes that crying is one of the major signs of weakness anyone can show while facing adversity. For me on the other hand, a real man is someone who’s in touch and in tune with his emotions. A man who is truly in love will cry if avoidable and even sometimes unavoidable things that can sadden one’s heart happen to his woman, children or any person he truly loves and cares for. And the lovely thing about this is that a lot of women are now seeing that as a sign of believability in the man’s relationship with them. For a lot of mature women, when a man they love cries in their presence, it gives room for the establishment of the fact that the man is absolutely a trustworthy person who is not afraid to be real with his emotions. Some will even go further to say that a man who can express himself emotionally through crying in their presence has nothing more to hide from them. It’s always funny to hear that real men don’t cry. Most of those

who say that especially men themselves see nothing wrong when highly successful men like footballers and coaches cry after losing an important match on the field of play. I’ve seen some men crying when their wives were giving birth or going through labour and other pains in the hospital. We have crying moments when we are bereaved or overwhelmed in a happy moment when we cry tears of joy. Generally speaking, men shouldn’t shed tears anyhow like wimps but some occasions will bring out tears and there’s nothing weak about that. Even the holy books have mentioned incidences where men of valor like David and even Jesus have cried at situations that they felt shouldn’t be so. Not sounding religious here but the truth is that real men cry and there’s nothing shameful about it. Crying in itself is not what makes a person weak. So many people especially men who have bottled up their emotions and never cried are today’s candidates for the early grave because it is not healthy to keep it all in when we need to let it come out. Crying relieves a lot of tension and potential stress that would have been kept in the system. When I’m counseling people, I don’t stop people from crying. They listen better after they are done. It’s easier to tell them about forgiven people after they may have cried and released the tension and anger in them through crying. I don’t know about other men, but I cry when my head and heart are filled with sorrows and I feel much better afterwards and I don’t feel less of a man for doing so. The truth for crying and men that do so is that it’s not the crying that is the problem but what makes a man cry. This can point you in the direction of a weak man. Personally, I believe women dig men that can cry. This is not that they want to see tears all the time but because they believe that a man who is not ashamed to cry is sensitive and for most of them, sensitivity and empathy is very important in a meaningful relationship.


This column is x-rated

How to talk your way to better sex D

espite all the pop songs, TV shows, and movies about sex that would have you believe otherwise, a lot of people are having sex that is average, even boring. For young people, particularly young women, sex can be something of a challenge because they’re still discovering what turns them on. One major sex problem, particularly for men, is that they learn about sex from watching porn. When they get into bed, they mimic the big, dramatic moves they see in porn films, not knowing (or minding) that that’s not necessarily what feels best for their partners. What’s the solution? Talking about what turns you on can go a long way towards better sex. If your partner’s technique leaves you less than thrilled, or if his or her attitude could use some adjusting, perhaps the two of you should be talking more. But there is a caveat here: criticism directed towards a partner who’s naked, insecure, and doing his or her best can result in years of neurosis and sexual low self-esteem. Here’s some advice on how to get your partner clued in without hurting his or her feelings.

Say what you mean Begin by telling your partner exactly what the problem is from your point of view. For example, “It’s hard for me to be turned on unless you spend some time touching my breasts,” or “I feel like I’m doing something wrong when you don’t respond,” are approaches that avoid the twin communication-killers of “you never” or “you always.” Spend some time outside of the bedroom talking about your sex likes and dislikes. Talk about what you’d like to try, what makes you uneasy, and even those kinky fantasies you’ve never shared with anyone. You’ll find out what one another likes and learn about what lines not to cross.

Practice ‘loud’ sex If you’re not the type of person who would ever be comfortable giving your partner a laundry list of sexual requests (“First, stroke the back of my neck, and then...”), you can use your communication skills to drop some hints to your partner in a more subtle fashion. When you make noise in bed, it releases your sexual energy, and also turns

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013

a weak man?


Not necessarily


This column is x-rated your partner on by letting him or her know that he or she is doing a great job.

The following are tips for great loud sex:  Pump up the volume: Start by making your “oohs” and “aahs” louder. Having sex in silence is like watching a movie without sound. But be careful not to irritate the neighbours or have your children running to your bedroom to find out what the problem is!  Stick to the basics: There are a few things that everyone, no matter how inhibited, can say during sex. They are ‘yes, good, nice, great, love it, don’t stop, etc.’ Your partner’s name is another thing you can say during sex to drive your point home. Just be sure you are saying the right name!  Practice makes perfect: To beef up your sexual vocabulary, start by listing common expressions for body parts or sex acts that you like. Practice saying them out loud when you’re by yourself. Once you’re comfortable hearing them aloud, you’ll be less shy about using them when your partner is in the room. Just make sure that you’re really on your own when you’re practicing. Your roommates or co-workers don’t need to know your nicknames for your partner’s private parts!

SEX QUESTION Dear Sexpert, The past few times that my girlfriend and I have had sex, I either ended up lasting about 45 minutes to one hour, or we gave up and she finished me off with oral sex because I was taking so long and it became painful for her. Is this strange, or is it something that is normal? I need to know Long Lasting

This column is x-rated Dear Long lasting, Your situation, while unpleasant is normal. Some men, like women have a difficult time having an orgasm. There are two primary ways to deal with this situation. First, stop using an orgasm as the defining moment of when “sex” stops. This means that sometimes you will stop engaging in oral sex and/or intercourse prior to ejaculation. Try switching from intercourse, to conversations, breast stimulation, snuggling, manual genital stimulation and whatever else you and your partner find pleasurable. The point is, you need to change the order. The final moment is not ejaculation. The final moment is when you reach a combination of the physical stimulation and intimacy that develops between two people sharing their mind and bodies together. The second way of approaching this type of situation is to ask yourself what you are thinking about during intercourse. Many men (and women) who ‘last too long’ or ‘cannot reach orgasm’ have difficulty maintaining focus on the pleasurable aspects of stimulation. Sometimes people become too obsessed on the actual moment of ejaculation, so they try to hurry themselves, thus no longer being able to enjoy the build-up. Others find their mind wandering to sports, work related stresses, dislikes about self or partner and in extreme cases, how ‘dirty’ sex is. If this is the case for you, then each time you find your mind wandering, stop what you are doing. Ask your partner to help you keep focused. Have her whisper sexual thoughts or fantasies in your ear. Get verbal together. Get engrossed in each other and in whatever will keep your mind on the pleasure at hand. Really!

ost (if not all) of us grew up with the notion that crying, for any reason whatsoever, is for women, not for men. A woman can cry anytime and anywhere, and no matter how silly her reason for crying may seem, she can be excused because crying is a woman’s thing. But don’t you wonder why? Clearly, men cannot produce breast milk because they do not have mammary glands, but why is crying an abomination for men when they have tear ducts? The basis for the do-notcry-rule for men is that men are the stronger vessels and crying shows weakness. I disagree! Of course, I agree that men are created to be stronger than women, but I am not too sure how crying should always be interpreted as weakness. So, let us be reasonable here; this is not a case of the general rule is that men should not cry, but there are exceptions like when he loses a loved one, or is at the point of death. Hey!!! We all know that a man will not cry when he is watching a romantic movie, but who says he can’t cry when he is in a romantic situation with his partner? Who says that a man who sheds a tear or two when expressing undying love to his partner or “to-be” is weak? In the same vein, why can’t a man cry on his woman’s shoulder when he is going through a difficult time? The truth is that there are times when it is appropriate for men to cry. There is no need to make a list, but I must admit that if we create separate lists for men and women, the one for women will be much longer than that for men. But to propagate zero tolerance for men who cry would be to tread in the realms of inhumanity.

On the other hand, I do not support men who use tears to manipulate women. Some of us have heard about silly men who tearfully beg for extra-marital sex. Do not be deceived, ladies! Men can do anything to “conquer”; the same way a predator will go to any length to catch its prey. Another set of silly and irresponsible men cry when their partners point out their failure to bring “bread” home. You know the sit-at-home men who are jobless and are not making any effort to find a source of financial income? Some of them are crybabies. In those instances, crying is not necessarily a sign of weakness, but a tool for manipulation. Sadly, some women (whom I call victims) are not so discerning and would “melt” at the sight of the men’s tears. It is always good to analyse general rules and determine their merits and demerits. In this case, I feel it is wrong to simply categorise a man’s tears as a sign of weakness. When next you see a man crying, please do not say “be a man; you need to be strong”. Just comfort him in any other way. According to a Writer, Sherri Rosen in her article titled “Real Men Do Cry”: “What does it mean for a man to be strong? Does it mean he cannot cry, he cannot be vulnerable, he has to be invincible and never show someone he trusts his weak or vulnerable side? Does that make him any less of a man? Or does it make him more human, genuine, and honest?” I think the view that crying makes a man look weak is an extremist view. Simple! So, does crying make a man look weak? Not necessarily!



‘Stable marriage is about commitment’ Mrs. Sikuola Adewuyi, a Chattered Accountant, is the Chief Executive Officer of Cake and Candies in Ikeja, Lagos. A simple and unassuming mother of three, she spoke with YEMIS ADENIRAN on her marriage of 25 years and her exploits so far in a business that was once just a hobby. Excerpts:


here did you grow up and what was the experience like? I was born in the United Kingdom where I lived the first three years of my life. I later came to Nigeria, studied in Lagos in Akoka precisely. I had a relatively happy growing up years. Even though my parents were separated at a point and it was rather turbulent for my mother to raise us up, (we are three), she ensured that she gave us the best of life. She is a strict disciplinarian. Where you would normally say we would have missed the role of a father, she filled the gap very well. Infact, she played the roles of a father and mother. She made sure we lacked nothing despite the fact that she was a career woman. She never poisoned our minds against our father just as other women would have ordinarily done. We grew up with an unbiased mind against dad. I was the only girl. She mandated us to visit him until he died. Although it could have been better if they had been together, I think God was and is still good to us. How would you rate life then as a child with what children of nowadays are having? There is a major difference. The quality of life that we had was a better one. Then, people were more concerned about others than what we have now. No one cares now about others. The attitude of students who roam about the streets, don’t help too. My younger brother took one shilling to buy groundnut, the seller came home with him to find out

July 20, 2013


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FATHER, SHE FILLED THE GAP VERY WELL where he got it from. It showed the high level of responsibility and commitment then. Nowadays gadgets keep them indoors, they lack social activities; we need to do something about this. They have faceless friends on Facebooks, Twitter and so on; they lack fellowships. Each family should relate more and not be distant from them. My lads are all abroad now but I make it a point of duty to speak verbally with them to detect what they are passing through from their voices. You’re into backing. Was this what you had planned to become? As a child, I wanted to be a doctor but by the time I got to Form 4 and I knew I should take a bow. I switched to becoming an accountant. By 21, I was a Chattered Account. I was living my dream, so to say. But soon, I got to feel I needed more backing. After my marriage, I began to lose interest in Accounting. I didn’t start having children early so I didn’t feel spending more time in the office could be a problem to my marriage. When the kids started coming I saw that my family deserved more attention. So, I began giving more consideration to my baking passion. I was earning big money as a manager; I dragged my feet for a long while becauseI thought I would be the worse for it. But luckily, the story is different today. When did you get married and how did you meet your husband? I got married at 26 and interestingly, my husband is my best friend’s brother. But I didn’t know that until after we left school. In 1978, I met a friend of mine from whom I asked of my best friend, Sola. The person told me she was about to get married. I went to the wedding and met his brother. Like they say, one thing led to the other and at the end of the day, we are husband and wife. How would you describe your marriage? For me, it’s been blissful. If I have to choose again, I will choose him. We both resolved not to involve a third party, and this has worked for us for 25 years. He is very tolerant, he calls me Stubborn. What are the challenges of running your baking business? The challenges? Finance, of course. I worked with KPMG, a Chattered Accounting firm. I was there for four and a half years prior to qualification and 11 years after qualifying. With my gratuity and some loan from my mum, I took off. I had a gas cooker and few other things, but they were not enough. I tried to forge ahead,


July 20, 2013 anyway. It was a bit tough such that I couldn’t go to the hair dresser for a while at a point. That was just one of those sacrifices I had to make. How do you combine marriage with your career? I would say that it takes the grace of God and the ability to prioritise. With the grace of God, one is able to identify that which is needful. For example, I give my family priority. All my kids’ open days were very important to me. I made sure I was there. Everything is important, but I must say that at one point or the other, one thing becomes needful and you need to accord that its required importance. When my kids were in South Africa, I made a good impression on their school authorities. This has helped them also to excel. Whenever my husband is around, I try to be around since the kids are no longer around. I combine everything well by the grace of God. What’s your view about broken home becoming rampant these days? I think it is more of a matter of commitment than any other thing. When I was getting married, my mum told me that it was to be for life. She told me I had no room in her house again. She told me I shouldn’t think because of her situation I should jump out of my marriage. A woman has to be careful to ensure that his marriage works. For example, if you are financially more successful than your husband, you need to be careful. Don’t let him feel slighted. Although it may be a bit difficult, with God, all things are possible. When we first got married, I was earning three times my husband’s salary, but things changed later. Here we are today, praising God for his kindness. What advice do you have for parents, especially, regarding the upbring of children? Parents should speak with one voice. If I take a decision over the kids, he won’t change it, even if he doesn’t feel good about it. He would rather come back later to tell me. The kids know that they can’t come between us. Children are smart ; they try to play a fast one on us, so we should be careful. Parents should be in unity and be very disciplined. People are not naturally disciplinarian. My husband is not, but he knows I can fill in that gap. So, he allows me to take charge. We should identify our weaknesses and fight them; identify our strength and use them well. What does it take to learn these? Just a two weeks course for those who want to. I have a forum through which we empower young ladies who would have been helpless. We have a lot of single, careless women. We also go to schools teaching them Home Economics free of charge. We did it for public shools that cannot afford proper Home Economics department, but the bureaucracy is too much.


Keeping ABREAST Ethiopian Olympian, 26, collapses and dies of ‘heart attack’ in restaurant •Meskerem LLegesse, 26, was eight months pregnant pregn when she collapsed at a Connecticut (USA) ( restaurant •The long-dis long-distance runner was rushed to hospital where doctors were able to save her baby


pre pregnant former Olympic runner died after collapsing at a Connectidie cut restaurant on Monday three from her due date. But doctors weeks fr able to save her baby. were ab Ethiopian runner, Meskerem LeEthi gesse, 26, of Westport, Connecticut (USA) was with her two-year-old son at a C Chinese restaurant eating lunch when she collapsed on Monday. The Th eight-months pregnant Legesse gess was given CPR at the restaurant before an ambulance rushed her to Yale-New Haven Hospital. CPR efforts in the restaurant and ambulance allowed doctors to save sav the baby. According to reports, the young mother died of a massive heart atm tack, though no autopsy has been t performed. p Legesse ran the 1,500 meters at the Athens Olympics in 2004. She finished 12th in a first-round heat with a time of 4:18:03 and didn’t advance to the medal race. She moved on to a professional running career in the U.S., competing in events including the Boston Indoor Games, includ Fifth A Avenue Mile in Manhattan and the Millrose Games in New York. She Mill apparently apparent hadn’t raced within the past few years. Her friend, Fatima Sene, said the athlete frie had heart problems which were the cause of p her retirement retireme from sport. Sene said that the marathon runner was so careful during durin her pregnancy that she drank nothing but water and ate extremely healthily. w Legesse had ha not been back to Ethiopia in nine years and an was waiting for the birth of her second child so s she could finally visit. “She was so s excited,” Sene said about Legesse’s pregnancy . “When she found out she pregn was going to have a girl, she called me. h “She wanted wante to see her mother, so I want to get her home,” Sene said. “I want to make sure she goes home. home “It is very sad. She was a very good person. s She would do anything for anybody. And she loved that little boy she left behind.” Sene said that th Legesse’s two-year-old son and the newborn baby are with their father. b The state medical examiner’s office has dem clined to perform an autopsy, citing Legesse’s perfo past health problems. pro Arrangements Arrangemen are being made to transport Legesse’s body to Ethiopia for burial. Culled from www.mailonline.come


July 20, 2013

Male Essentials



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with Oseyiza Oogbodo w


ood is a top that has a covering for the head. Some years ago, it was all the rage in town and every fashionable man aspired to possess one. Nowadays, it is not very common again, so wearing it now will stand you out. It is probably with this in mind that the musician, Komoblastic, is wearing it. He has several in different cohis lours and it has now become h jewidentity, more so than his jew elled teeth. 9ice and vector also wea wear it and more nd it makes them mor appealing ap ppealing to their fans. times And in these e ti time that weather bit th hat the weath ther is a b cold, would come c old, it wou ould also com in very ha protect handy to prote the head. he ead.

The dos and don’ts of sneakers (2) •Continued from last week Do crop and roll Once you have mastered the art of unnoticeable socks (it’s actually harder than it sounds), feel free to go for a pair of cropped trousers or gently roll up a pair of slim denim jeans. Rest assured that this is not an attempt to create a manpanty, clam-digger type pant to keep you dry at high tide. Instead, this is a hem that ends slightly above the edge of the shoe to purposefully reveal a tiny bit of ankle. It creates a tailored silhouette that focuses attention on your shoes, but it typically only works with clean, sophisticated sneakers in a single color. Do dress down to dress up Until just a few years ago, wearing sneakers with anything but the most casual of clothes was considered a fashion crime of the most heinous kind. However, as sneakers shed their athletic coat and become refined and urbane in design, they gain versatility. The right sneaker can transform a buttoned-up look into something more accessible, comfortable and practical. Try a pair as an alternative to a stuffy dress shoe on a casual Friday at the office. It’s the perfect way to start the weekend a little earlier. All that glitters isn’t gold - don’t do it Perhaps the worst culprit of all is the over-designed sneaker. With colour combinations bright and awkward enough to compete with the deadliest of poison dart frogs, the majority of men get the hint and stay away. Still, some who think they’re taking a walk on the wild side dare to sport these eye-assaulting atrocities. This should serve as a lesson that being bold with your style doesn’t translate into a sneaker dipped in glitter. Do separate sports from the streets Men need to invest in at least two pairs of sneakers: one pair should provide serious support and perform under the pressure of an intense workout, the other simply needs to be comfortable enough to handle the harsh asphalt of the city streets. Most men never bother to wear a cool pair of sneakers outside the confines of a gym, or worse, some actually make athletic shoes do double duty as street wear. While there are definitely shoes that can handle every situation in style and comfort, it’s best to make a clear distinction in your shoe collection. •Concluded

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Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression

How sleep affects your child’s growth G

etting enough sleep is important for a young child for many reasons, from restoring energy to building brain connections not to mention giving parents a needed break. But science is showing that sleep also fuels physical growth. Growth is a complex process that requires several hormones to stimulate various biological events in the blood, organs, muscles, and bones. A protein hormone secreted by the pituitary gland called growth hormone (or “human growth hormone”) is a key player in these events. Several factors affect its production, including nutrition, stress, and exercise. In young children, though, the most important factor is sleep. Growth hormone is released throughout the day. But for kids, the most intense period of release is shortly after the beginning of deep sleep. How much sleep do they need? Kindergartners need about 10 to 12 1/2 hours of sleep per night (with naps declining and eventually disappearing around age 5), and older elementary age kids need 9 1/2 to 11 1/2 hours

a night. Sleep needs are somewhat individual, with some kids requiring slightly less or more than their peers. Without adequate sleep, growth problems — mainly slowed or stunted growth — can result. Growth hormone production can also be disrupted in kids with certain physical sleep problems, such as obstructive sleep apnea. More than your child’s height can be affected by a shortage of sleep. Some kids fail to produce enough growth hormone naturally, and a lack of sleep makes the problem worse. It can lead to a condition known as growth hormone deficiency that can affect heart or lung strength or immune system function. (It’s treatable with a supplementary hormone.) Kids who don’t get enough sleep show other changes in the levels of hormones circulating in their body, too. Hormones that regulate hunger and appetite can be affected, causing a child to over eat and have a preference for high-calorie carbs. What’s more, a shortage of sleep can affect the way the body metabolises these foods, triggering insulin resistance,



t least 22 children have died and more than two dozen others fallen ill after eating a free school lunch that was tainted with insecti-

which is linked to type 2 diabetes. A lack of sleep at night can also affect motor skills and concentration during the day, leading to more accidents and behavioral problems, and poor performance at school. Ensuring a good night’s sleep Most kids need more sleep than their parents think. Signs that your child may not be getting enough rest include crankiness or lethargy by day, difficulty concentrating in school or failing grades, and being hard to wake up in the morning. To help your child get plenty of sleep:  Establish a consistent bedtime. School-age children should be in bed by 8 to 9 p.m. (earlier for the youngest grades and kids who need a lot of sleep).  Set up a good bedtime routine, which helps signal to your child’s body that it’s time to wind down. This might include giving him a bath or a snack, reading a bedtime story, and talking or singing to him softly while tucking him in.  Make sure your child’s room is conducive to sleep. It

should be dark and quiet.  Don’t keep a TV and computer in your child’s room.  Avoid stimulating activity before bedtime.  Stick to the same timetable and routines for bedtime

on weekends and vacations that you follow during the week. A variation once in a while won’t cause long-term disruptions, but erratic bedtimes can lead to poor sleep habits and sleep deprivation.

Tiny Feet

NAME: Goodman Tobalase Akande BORN TO: Mr. and Mrs Akande AGE: 12 months BIRTH WEIGHT: 5.3 kg

Have you just had a baby? Send a picture of your bundle of joy to

22 children die after eating Update school lunch

cide, Indian officials said last Wednesday. It was not immediately clear how chemicals ended up in the food in the school but one of the

z 25 others in hospital z Headmaster flees officials in the school said the food may not have been properly washed before it was cooked. The children, between the ages of 5 and 12, fell ill on Tuesday soon after eating lunch in Gandamal village in Masrakh block, 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of the state capital of Patna. School authorities immediately stopped serving the meal of rice, lentils, soybeans and potatoes as the children started vomiting. Savita, a 12-year-old student said she had a stomach ache after eating soybeans and potatoes and started vomiting. “I don’t know what happened after that,” Savita said. The lunch, part of a popular national campaign to give at least one daily hot meal to children from poor families, was cooked in the school kitchen.

In addition to the 22 children who died, another 25 children and the school cook were in hospital undergoing treatment, according to the state education minister. Three children were in serious condition. Authorities suspended an official in charge of the free meal scheme in the school and registered a case of criminal negligence against the school headmaster, who fled as soon as the children fell ill. Angry villagers, joined by members of local opposition parties, closed shops and businesses near the school and overturned and burned four police vehicles. A preliminary investigation suggested the food contained an organophosphate used as an insecticide on rice and wheat crops. It’s believed the grain

was not washed before it was served at the school, he said. Children who had not eaten that dish were fine, although they had eaten the rice and lentils, several villagers said. India’s midday meal scheme is one of the world’s biggest school nutrition programs. State governments have the freedom to decide on menus and timings of the meals, depending on local conditions and availability of food rations. It was first introduced in southern India, where it was seen as an incentive for poor parents to send their children to school. Although there have been occasional complaints about the quality of the food served, or the lack of hygiene, the tragedy in Bihar appeared to be unprecedented for the massive food program •(



July 20, 2013

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damu Omale is presently not a happy man. While most Nigerian parents struggle daily to put food on their family’s table and make them happy, Omale is facing double trouble. He has to provide for his family as well as tend to his fragile health. His kidneys are no longer functioning normally. And he urgently needs a kidney transplant! Omale needs to undergo two to three dialysis sessions every week to survive, while waiting for funds for his transplant. Each session of dialysis gulps about 30,000 Naira. He has done more than 60 session of dialysis so far at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, Lagos, where he is registered. Imagine how much he has spent on dialysis to date! Narrating his ordeal with kidney disease, Omale said, “In July last year, I suffered general weakness of the body, weight loss and loss of appetite. I was advised to go for a comprehensive medical checkup. I heeded the advice but the result of that medical check-up was devastating. It broke my bone. It has become a big burden on me and my family. I have a kidney problem. Since then, I have been on dialysis at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, (LUTH), Idi-Araba, till date. The cost of the dialysis is N30, 000 per session and I am expected to do it two or three times a week. That is what I have been going through while waiting for a kidney transplant. “Life has not been easy for me and my family. I have a wife and six children to fend for. I had good plans for the educational well being of my children, but that has not come to pass as they have been unable to go to school. This kidney problem has denied my family of all parental benefits. Not only my life is in danger but also those of my family as they need their bread winner to stay strong and cater for their well being.” While several man-made factors are contributing to the prevalence of kidney diseases in Nigeria, Omale said that he lived a fairly balanced life void of substance abuse. He is therefore at a loss as to why he ended up with renal failure. The kidneys are vital organs in the body composed of tiny units called nephrons. The nephrons have tiny blood vessels known as glomerulus. The kidneys are responsible for ensuring that the blood is free from harmful organisms, waste products and excess water, through the process of filtration which helps to sieve and eliminate harmful materials from the blood, flush them down to the urinary track for excretion as urine. When kidney damage occurs, it slows down the functions of the kidney and could lead to chronic kidney disease. Chronic Kidney Disease, also known as chronic renal disease or chronic renal failure, is a degenerative, progressive condition marked by the gradual loss of kidney function. The disease could be associated with diabetes, obesity and hypertension. The kidneys serve as a filter and once they are damaged, the body can no longer remove waste and excess liquid from the blood, resulting in swelling of the organs of the body. The number of Nigerians living with kidney disease is staggering. Reeling out statistics during an activity to mark the World Kidney Day in March, President

Asu on a dialysis machine

Are your kidneys for life? of the Nigeria Association of Nephrology (NAP), Doctor Ebun Bamgboye, disclosed that 36.8 million Nigerians are under the yoke of kidney disease at various stages. Bamgboye, who is also the Clinical Director and Head of the Dialysis/Transplant Unit of Saint Nicholas Hospital, Lagos, made it known that an estimated 15,000 new patients are diagnosed yearly in Nigeria, while regretting the low level of access to medical treatment by Nigerians, many of whom are dying in installments from the disease. He said, “Chronic kidney disease prevalence is a problem in our environment. Estimates suggest that one out of every seven Nigerians has one stage of chronic kidney disease. Unfortunately, out of 50,000 patients who should ideally be on dialysis, less than 1,000 are currently on dialysis as at today. “Unfortunately, if you have kidney failure and you don’t do dialysis or transplant within two weeks, you will die. You can imagine the number of people that are dying every day because of kidney disease.” Tijani Yakubu is a generator technician. He has been carrying the burden of kidney disease for the past 15 years. While he is fortunate that his condition has not deteriorated to the level of requiring dialysis and inevitable kidney transplant, he needs drugs worth N30, 000 every month to live. Sadly, his means of livelihood cannot fetch him the money he needs for the drugs. As

at the time Yakubu spoke with Saturday Mirror, his legs were swollen and his stomach had protruded due to his inability to purchase the drugs prescribed for him. He said: “I have been suffering from this disease for the past 15 years. I have two children. I am a generator repairer. The money I manage to make from my work cannot afford my drugs on regular basis as my doctors prescribe. Look at me (showing the reporter his stomach and legs), I have not eaten since morning but my stomach is very big (protruding). This is because the drug I bought last week did not work. Now, my legs are swollen, my stomach is growing bigger and I need a prescription of a different drug to bring it down. I thank God that one of my kidneys is still function. I pray that nothing would happen to that one. However, I need help to stay alive. The drugs I am using to sustain the other kidney cost N30, 000 monthly. And I must take it unfailingly every month. That has not been easy for me at all.” The doctor in charge of his condition, Doctor M. O. Mabayoje, a consultant nephrologist with LUTH, attested that Yakubu did not buy the prescribed drugs, which led to his present predicament of swollen legs and stomach. She added that the next batch of drugs she would prescribe to correct his condition would damage his sperm and probably render him sterile. Hassan, another kidney patient, has been hustling to bear the burden of weekly

dialysis in order to sustain his life. But the cost is too exorbitant for the low cadre salaried worker. He needs a permanent solution rather than being in a weekly life supporting dialysis. “I must confess, it has not been easy at all. I have been living by the grace of God and the sympathy and goodwill of good friends and superiors. I am very grateful to those who have supported me so far. However, I merely exist, as the permanent solution is still far from sight except with the kind gesture of good Nigerians who would be willing to support me for a transplant. I need financial assistance to carry out the transplant. The doctors and consultant in charge of my case estimated the cost of the transplant at seven million Naira. It is to be done in India. “I have been sourcing for financial assistance since January this year after I got a donor for the kidney transplant. The little help I have got so far is not enough to foot the medical bill and in order to live, the money went into dialysis. Without the dialysis, I cannot stay alive! So, since the money was not forth coming, I had to go for dialysis to stay alive. My general manager has been of immense help to me and I am soliciting the assistance of all public spirited Nigerians to help me live. “I have had more than 60 sessions of dialysis so far to stay alive. But dialysis does not solve the problem. It only keeps one CONTINUED ON PAGE 39

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July 20, 2013

‘Drugs, dialysis, too expensive’ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 38 alive. And if there is no money for dialysis for two weeks, I will die. It is only transplant that can solve the problem permanently,” he said. Toyin Asu is 38 years old. Once a budding business man, he has been under the yoke of kidney failure for the past two years. He has become a burden to himself and his family because of the heavy financial implication of his ill health. He is presently on dialysis at the Magmed Specialist Clinic and Dialysis Centre, Magodo, Lagos. Asu pleaded for help, saying his family has sold their properties to finance his treatment. “Since I was diagnosed with this disease two years ago, my family has spent a fortune to keep me alive. I have been on dialysis for the past two years. Without it, I would have been dead. A session of dialysis costs between N30,000 to N40,000. And when you add other expenses to it, it could go as high as 60,000 naira per dialysis. This is done at least two times a week. Sometimes, it is thrice a week. My parents have sold their properties to finance my treatment and they are now stranded. I need help from the public and well meaning corporate organisations to bring me back to life, so that I can start working and fending for myself. I can be reached with the hospital line at 07098749688. I am really in dire need of funds for a transplant,” Asu lamented. Ace artist and producer, OJB Jezreel, has been down with kidney disease. Irrespective of his celebrity status, it has not been easy for him to finance his treatment.



Dr. Bamgboye

Recently, he launched an appeal to help him undergo a transplant. In all cases, the more the patients miss their treatments, the closer they slide towards their graves. They therefore need financial help for treatment so that they can live. Saturday Mirror’s visit to the kidney centre at LUTH reveals that the centre is crowded by patients with kidney diseases in various stages. According to Doctor Toyin Amira, a consultant nephrologist with LUTH, the drugs needed for the management and treatment of kidney diseases in Nigeria are too expensive for the common man on the streets. She therefore called on the government to subsidise the drugs to make them affordable, just as antiretroviral drugs for people living with HIV/AIDs are subsidized. She also called on corporate organizations and well meaning Nigerians to float a kidney foundation where funds could be sourced for treatment before the productive workforce in Nigeria is decimated by the disease. Lamenting his ordeal with kidney disease, OJB Jezreel was recently quoted as

agonising that the cost of treatment is beyond most patients in Nigeria. “Personally, in the last two years, I have spent close to four or five million Naira. That is just being modest. We were using private hospitals and I wanted to keep it to myself. But it got to a point where my doctors realised this was beyond what they could handle, so they had to let go and refer me to LUTH. Renal problem is something a nephrologist has to handle. This is a case of renal failure here. Both kidneys are gone,” OJB was quoted as lamenting. Speaking on the cost implication of his proposed kidney transplant, he said, “The actual operation itself is $55, 000, (about N8.8 million). Whenever I run a dialysis, I spend between N30, 000 and N25, 000. There’s a particular injection I take every week that goes for N40, 000. So, the cost is already running to close to N100, 000 per week for treatment. And if I am to do this for 10 straight weeks, I would be spending a million naira,” he said. Although Omale, a staffer of the National Theatre, Lagos, is registered with the National Health Insurance Scheme

(NHIS), his health seems not insured even when his premium has been up to date. He told Saturday Mirror that his insurers claimed that the health insurance policy does not cover “major” health issues. Hence, he has been left to his fate as he seeks the benevolence of public spirited Nigerians to survive. “I need help from all Nigerians. It has not been easy for me to finance the treatment. I am supposed to have undergone a transplant but I have not had enough money to do so. I am barely surviving with dialysis. And if I don’t dialyse for a week, I will be moving towards my grave. I don’t want my children to be orphaned at such a young age. I had good plans for their education but this disease is not allowing me to achieve that plan for them. I need help to survive this disease. I can be reached at 08051215744. Unfortunately now, my Danfo bus (commercial bus) which has been helping me in my weekly dialysis has broken down. I am now in a serious crisis. I would not even mind if somebody can volunteer to fix the bus for me,” a visibly traumatised Omale cried for help.

‘The quickest way to poverty is to have chronic kidney disease’ Doctor Toyin Amira is a consultant nephrologist with the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Idi-Araba, Lagos. In this interview with THOMAS USHIE on chronic kidney disease, she reemphasised the age old maxim that “prevention is always better than cure.” EXCERPT:


hat are the causes of kidney disease? Causes of chronic kidney disease are hypertension; chronic glomerular diseases which comes with infections like sore throat, malaria, hepatitis B; diabetes mellitus, Human Imuno Deficiency Virus (HIV); Obstructive uropathy caused by prostrate disease in men and pelvic tumours in women, such as very big fibroids, cancer of the womb or cancer of the cervix. The disease, Glomerulonephritis, damages the glomeruli structures of the kidney, causing inflammation within the kidney. The glomeruli are responsible for filtration and when it is damaged, the kidneys find it difficult to carry out its filtration function, resulting in the accumulation of wastes in the body. Other less common causes of chronic kidney disease include polycystic kidney disease, sickle cell disease, and systemic lupus erythematosus. Others are analgesic nephropathy which is caused by the abuse of painkillers. Some herbal drugs contain toxins that are injurious to the kidney, leading to kidney failure. The use of bleaching

creams and soaps containing heavy metal (mercury) could also exert too much pressure on the kidneys and with time, cause damage to them. Is kidney disease age and gender sensitive? Kidney disease cuts across all ages but is prevalent among patients aged between 20 and 50-years-old. Accordingly, most people affected by the disease fall within the productive age – the working population. By implication, if the disease continues unabated, it would inevitably affect the production capacity of the country. Kidney disease is a silent killer and for the growth and development of any nation, its working population must be properly taken care of. It is therefore important for government, corporate organisations and other well meaning Nigerians to rise up and save the workforce from perishing by making treatment for the disease affordable. For a common man on the street who cannot afford regular medical checkup, what are the symptoms of kidney disease that he or she can look out for? The best way to ensure that one does

Dr. Amira

not fall victim of chronic kidney disease is to carry out regular medical checkups, at least, once a year. It is not expensive to undergo medical checks in government hospitals. So, I encourage all Nigerians to take their health very seriously because before the symptoms start manifesting, the disease would have been in advanced stage. At this stage, symptoms include a combination of symptoms such as facial and leg swelling, weakness, tiredness and poor appetite; foamy urine; unusual amount and color of urine; frequent night time urination due to loss of ability to concentrate urine. Most kidney disease patients requiring transplant and other management often source for overseas treatment. Are there no medical facilities in Nigerian hospitals to cater for chronic kidney disease?

There are. I do wonder why people with the disease seek overseas treatment when the disease can be treated and managed, with transplant, here in Nigeria. There are several centres within the country that offer dialysis treatment and kidney transplant. In my centre, LUTH, we do kidney transplant. There are other teaching hospitals that can do same with great success rate. So, there is no need to go out of the country for treatment. The expertise is available locally. Those who even go out, they do come back with a lot of complications. They don’t fare better than those who transplant locally. Transplantation in Nigeria has been on for the past ten years. What is the cost implication of treating chronic kidney disease? All over the world, the treatment for chronic kidney disease is very expensive. And in Nigeria, most people cannot afford it. So, this is an appeal to the government, corporate organizations and wealthy individuals to assist patients with the disease. Infact, we have one popular saying that the quickest way to poverty is to have chronic kidney disease. This is so because the treatment is very expensive. There are eight centres in Nigeria where the disease can be treated with transplant. The cost of transplant in Nigeria ranges between 2.5 to 5 million naira depending on whether it is a public or private hospital.



July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Season of acrimony SEGUN ADIO


olapo Beyioku, a 2001 graduate of Mechanical Engineering has been declared wanted by police and members of the Asa community in Ewekoro Local Government Area of Ogun State for allegedly inflicting serious injuries on his brother over their father’s landed property. While Dolapo, 31, has been unemployed since he graduated, his younger brother, Wole, who left school in 2007, works with one of the oil service companies on Lagos Island. Their father, Pa. Festus Beyioku, 74, is said to have summoned his two sons to his village late 2012 where he showed them his portion of the family land. On that occasion, Pa Beyioku reportedly shared the three plots of land between his two surviving sons and encouraged them to develop them as soon as possible. Dolapo soon commenced construction of a poultry farm on his portion of the land. By this time, his brother, Wole, was away in Ghana. Four months after the foundation of the poultry farm was laid, work was completed on the project and Dolapo immediately put all necessary machinery in motion for the dedication of the project, which was scheduled for Saturday, June 29, 2013. The ceremony, however, turned awry when Wole broke a bottle of beer on his brother’s head. When the family got to the farm site and Wole discovered that his brother had encroached onto his own portion of the land for the construction of his project, his mood changed. Wole told their father that he would not

Man breaks sibling’s head over inherited land

allow the building to stand. Pa. Beyioku persuaded Wole to allow peace to reign but the latter remained adamant. About half an hour later, Dolapo drove into the area with his family, but met a visibly angry Wole, who promptly accused him

(Dolapo) of encroaching on his land. A heated argument ensued between the two brothers. Pa. Beyioku and other members of the family did their best to stop the feuding siblings but Wole particularly refused to be placated. It was re-

ported that when the argument got to a stage, Wole picked a digger used by the bricklayer on the site and started pulling down a part of the building. At that stage, Dolapo could not stand by and watch his brother ruin his business, so he engaged Wole in a fight. The elder brother reportedly picked up a bottle of beer and used it to break his brother’s head. Chief Fatai Beyioku, an uncle of the feuding siblings reports that, “It was the devil at work that day, because when Wole raised the alarm that his brother had encroached on his land, we told him that he should not worry so much. We even promised him another piece of land. We told him that the matter would be resolved at a later date, but the boy refused to listen. “While we were still talking with Dolapo on the matter, Wole rushed down to where we were and slapped his brother, who also responded with a slap. That was how trouble started. Their father and I were helpless as we did not have the physical strength to restrain them. Suddenly Wole broke loose from Dolapo and dashed towards the cooler where bottles of beer were stored. He picked one of them and smashed it on his brother’s head.” Immediately Wole smashed the bottle of beer on his brother’s head, Dolapo immediately slumped. He was rushed into his own car and driven to an unknown hospital in Ifo before he was referred to a Lagos hospital. Wole, upon realising the crime he committed hired a motorcycle from the village and left the scene of the incident. He has not been seen since then.

…As woman stabs friend over shared business



woman, identified simply as Dunni, is currently on the run after she allegedly stabbed her business partner in the neck. Dunni, 32, is a single mother and lives at Ilaro area of Ogun State. A native of Igbesa, in Ogun State, Dunni reportedly smuggles goods from Lome and Cotonou into Idi Iroko area of the state where she has a shop. Dunni parted ways with her husband in 2009, while she took custody of their seven year-old son. Before her divorce, Dunni lived with her husband at Alakuko area of Lagos State. It was her separation from her husband that made her relocate to Ilaro. Upon arriving Ilaro in 2010, Dunni was introduced to Ajoke Akinnusi, also a trader in smuggled goods from neighbouring countries. When Dunni was introduced to Ajoke back in 2010, the two reportedly agreed to combine their resources for a joint business. They both shared proceeds from their trade. That had been going on without problems until this crisis which started sometime in

May, 2013. According to reports, towards the end of May 2013, Ajoke travelled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Ajoke was reportedly introduced to the Dubai trip by her cousin, who is said to be based in the far eastern country. Ajoke stayed 26 days in Dubai while her partner, Dunni ran the business in Nigeria. Ajoke returned to Nigeria on Thursday, May 30, 2013, from her Dubai trip. The following Monday, Ajoke was back in the Idi-Iroko shop she shared with Dunni. She was in for the shock of her life. Her business partner had moved all the goods in the shop to another shop. All attempts by Ajoke to locate Dunni were futile as her two telephone numbers were reportedly off. The search for Ajoke took about two weeks before she was located somewhere in Sango area of Ado Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State. When Ajoke confronted her on why she moved the goods out of their shop at Idi Iroko, Dunni reportedly told her that the shop owner gave her quit notice to leave the shop. But Ajoke was not convinced about her friend’s defence, insist-

ing that Dunni deliberately changed her phone lines. Ajoke decided that it was time for their joint business to be split. When it was time to discuss the sharing of the goods Ajoke left in the shop before she travelled to Dubai, Dunni told her that she only had 50 bags of rice and 5 bags of beans left before she travelled. This drew the ire of Ajoke who protested that the total cost of her goods in the shop before she trav-

elled amounted to N500, 000. But Dunni insisted that that was not the worth of the goods she left in the shop. The two women soon got into a fight. Dunni reportedly grabbed a knife from a neighbourng shop and stabbed her business associate in the neck leaving a deep cut on Ajoke’s neck. Ajoke slumped and was rushed to a hospital at Ifo, Ogun State. An eyewitness, indeed the woman from whose shop the assault knife was picked, said, “It was like a joke when the two women started the argument. Initially no one looked their way until they started beating each other. That was when we all rushed there to separate them. Before we could separate them, Aunty Dunni ran into my shop, came out with my knife and stabbed her friend. I don’t know exactly what caused their fight.” Moments after Ajoke was rushed to the hospital, Dunni locked her shop, claiming she was going to the hospital to see how Ajoke was doing. She was not seen at the hospital and has not ben seen in the area since then. Her shop has remained under lock and key.

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013

‘My wife abandoned me for her career’ •I caught him with my niece in a compromising situation in our matrimonial home -Wife



38-year-old engineer, Abimbola Adebayo, on Tuesday told an Ikeja Customary Court in Lagos that his wife packed out of their home two months after they had a quarrel. Abimbola was responding to a divorce suit filed by his 35-year-old wife, Omoniyi. He said that his family was living in peace until last year when he lost his job. “My wife is too stubborn and just too materialistic. I was the one who got her the job she is doing presently. But after we got married, I told her it will be better she becomes self employed so that she will have enough time for herself and the children. She refused to listen to me. I even promised I was going to open a big supermarket for her to manage but she insisted

on continuing with the job. This was the cause of our quarrel. I returned from work one day only to find out that she had packed her things and left with our seven-year-old boy without my consent. “When I called her, she told me she was no longer interested in the marriage and that she could not continue to cope with me and my unnecessary demands. All attempts to reach her again proved abortive as she had changed her telephone number.” Omoniyi told the court that he was taking good care of his family until he lost the job. He submitted that he gave her all the comfort he could afford, yet she was unyielding. Abimbola also accused Omoniyi of infidelity, saying that she was secretly dating another man. He consented to the dissolution of the 10-year marriage, saying that he was no longer

interested in being married to Omoniyi. Omoniyi, a telecom engineer, had filed a divorce suit, claiming that Abimbola was irresponsible and a womanizer. “My husband is a womanizer and goes after anything in skirt. I even caught him with my niece in a compromising situation in our matrimonial

home” she said. She added that Abimbola’s allegations were just a tissue of lies, saying, “He is lying against me just because he is jealous of me and wants to render me useless, which was why he is insisting on my resigning from my place of work.” The case was adjourned to July 30th for judgment.

‘My husband kept secret wife and children from me for 10 years’

•Because, I am a handsome man, ladies fall for me -Husband


y husband is a pathological liar. It was ten years after our marriage that I knew the woman he called his cousin and her children were his wife and children. My husband lied that he was going to Abuja for a training programme. I was surprised when I was told that he now lives in Mushin in a police woman’s house,” embattled housewife, Rashidat Adeniyi, told an Agege-Orile, Lagos customary court. The husband, Toyin Adeniyi,

50, denied the allegations. Toyin, an engineer, said, “Because, I am a handsome man, ladies fall for me. So it can be one of the strategies to cause quarrels between us that she heard those lies. ”I left the house because I owed a year’s rent and told my wife that I would come for her and the children when I am back on my feet,” he said. Rashidat pleaded with the court to dissolve her 19-year marriage on account of two years desertion by her hus-

band. The 33-year-old computer analyst, who lives at 33, Alaramimo Street, Orile-Agege, told the court that her husband left the house two years ago for a police woman’s house. She told the court that it was after ten years of marriage that she knew that her husband had a wife and children before she married him. The mother of three asked the court to dissolve the marriage and grant her custody of the children. Meanwhile, the husband said

he still loved his wife, and was not in support of the dissolution. He said, “Since, I am the busy type, anytime I left the house, my wife always suspected me. I haven’t told anyone that I am a widower. The police woman my wife was referring to was just a friend. The court President, Mr. Joseph Adewusi, told the couple to maintain the peace and adjourned the case to July 22 for judgement. (

‘My wife is cheating on me’

•His beating caused me three miscarriages -Wife


uyiwa and Bolatito Oseni have urged an Ikeja Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve their marriage, accusing each other of infidelity. Muyiwa, 32, a business man who resides at 2, Adekunle Street in Ikeja area, had earlier told the court that his wife is fond of receiving strange calls from different men in the night. He said, “My wife receives calls from her boyfriends and her mother even knows about it. She installed a security code on her phone, so that I would not have access to it. She would chat in the middle of the night with her boyfriends on her phone. She would pretend to be on night duty and anytime I call her office, she will not be on duty. She will return the following morning claiming that she is coming from work. I have had several reports of her numerous escapades both online and physically. I am tired of having a wayward woman for a wife. Bolatito, a 28-year-old nurse, denied all the allegations levelled against her, claiming that Muyiwa beats her regularly and is unfaithful to her. She said: “My husband beats me for every slight mistake. He battered me to the extent that I had three miscarriages. He would beat me and tear my clothes to shreds. He also receives calls from different women even when we are in bed. He brings his girlfriends into our matrimonial home when I am away at work. I am no more interested in the marriage.” The case was adjourned to August 19, 2013.

‘He is a womaniser and wife beater’ •I womanise because she denies me sex -Husband


enneth Ozurumba, a business man who resides at 22, Oyeleke Street, Oregun (Lagos) admitted before an Ikeja Customary court last Tuesday that he abandoned his matrimonial home and committed adultery with other women, as alleged by his estranged wife, Mrs. Nwamaka Ozurumba of 10, Tonade Street in Ikeja. Although Kenneth agreed that he has been sleeping around with other women, he denied

other allegations levelled against him by his wife. He also pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage. He said, “It is true I sleep around but it is not because I want to. But my wife denies me sex and always harasses me. I still love her and will not like the court to dissolve the union. I did not at any point in time beat or harass her as she has claimed. We may have hot arguments but I have never laid a finger on her.

Instead, she is the one who is always harassing me and denying me sex. I still love her and will make amends. But she should try and make the change easy for me too. I don’t want to have a broken home.” Mrs. Nwamaka Ozurumba, a petty trader who initiated the divorce case against her husband said she is no longer interested in the marriage. She told the court how her husband of eight years has made

life unbearable for her. “He beats me at will, harasses me in the public and threatens my life all the time. He doesn’t even care for the children, let alone me. He sleeps with anything in skirt. He even impregnated a girl outside. I am tired of being married to this devil incarnate. I have taken enough from him. Look at my body; he gave me all these marks you see on me. How do you expect me to continue with a man so devilish? I want this honourable

court to grant me the divorce.” Despite her husband’s pleas, Nwamaka insisted on the divorce, praying the court to give her custody of the two children of the union who are aged 4 and 7 years old. She also wants the court to order Kenneth to stop assaulting and harassing her. The President of the court, Mr. Babajide Aluko, ordered that both parties should maintain peace while adjourning the case to Monday, September 28, 2013.



ok village is located in Kaduna State. It is about 160 kilometres northeast of Baro. The Nok civilisation was discovered in 1943 due to tin mining that was happening in the area and earned its name due to the Nok civilisation that used to inhabit the area from around 500 BC. Mysteriously the people of the village vanished in about 200 AD. These people were known for their extremely advanced social system and were the earliest producers of life-sized Terracotta in the Sub-Sahara. Hugely historical, archaeologists have found human skeletons, stone tools and rock paintings around this area, not to mention the main act. The inhabitants of what is now called Nok Village, were known to make some of the oldest and culturally intriguing sculptures found in Africa. This led to discoveries that the ancient culture of Nok has been around for some 2500 years. When strolling through the village your senses will be delighted to rediscover an amazing group of people culturally and socially. Not much is known about the purposes of these popular sculptures but some theories have suggested they were used as charms to prevent crop failure, illness and infertility. You’ll really feel as if you’ve had the best history lesson of your life. Weapons of war, terracotta heads of man and animals are abundant as you realise your dream is actually a reality. The Nok culture which dates back over 2,500 years old is no doubt one of the greatest and best known cultures in the world. Although it was Benard Fagg an archeologist who originally began the collection of the Nok Terracotta heads discovered by tin miners in 1943 at the Nok site, when carbon-dated, these masterpieces made of clay were discovered to have been created around 500 BC. Many new findings however indicate that some of the works can be dated much earlier than this. What makes Nok terracotta enigmatic is because of the fact that the three hollows represent eyes and mouth without ears which continue to dumbfound curators all over the world. At the

July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Nok’s 500BC terracotta heads

entrance of the village are artworks depicting the creativity of a culture beyond human imagination. Site of the famous Nok terracotta Within the Nok village is an excavation site originally gored by tin miners in 1943. It is in the process of mining tin in this historic site that the miners discovered the ancient terracotta works. Being a highly superstitious people, they believed that these excavated clay heads were harbingers of bad luck and evil and went on to destroy them. This trend continues until information got to Benard Fagg a colonial archaeologist working in Northern Nigeria at the time, who quickly arranged for the transfer and preservation of the remaining excavated works. His later carbon-dating of the finds, revealed that the works were created around the year 500BC. Because of the significance of this find and the Project, Benard Fagg decided to make his home in the area and ended up with a large collection of the Nok terracotta, some of which he deposited at the newly created Department of Antiquity in Jos. The Nok people History of the Nok culture is history of a people who left a village called Ham in Egypt many millennia ago. On arriving at this virgin land, according to legend, they discovered that the land is bordered by impenetrable mountains and forests infested with deadly reptiles and loose sand dunes that would easily swallow the unwary and to keep invaders at bay. On finding this land, the people took shelter in the caves and the natural rock shelters abound in the new settlement. This provided them shelter from warring tribes around the area until the European adventure and subsequent pacification that followed their coming, which brought the period of inter-communal warfare to an end. Though secluded from others by

the mountains, the Nok people over time developed a system of administration that ensured the maintenance of law and order in their place of abode. They built what became known as the city of Nok at the foot of the hills. The basic understanding of the Nok culture can be glanced through their judicial system or mode of inheritance. It is a known fact that the Nok’s judicial system pre-dates the western judicial system. The Nok people created classes of courts used in adjudicating on cases from minor to criminal ones. There are the traditional open courts, area courts, high courts and the appeal courts. According to Mang Gang Chai, the curator of Nok antiquity, these courts were used in investigating and to uncover the truth in both minor and major crimes. The people strongly believe that every crime attracts a curse which was capable of destroying whole family and must be uncovered to avoid the consequences. Adjudicating cases among the Noks There are two major cases handled by the courts, one bothering on minor family disputes, stealing, false allegation among others and the other on major crimes like murder, adultery and others considered grievous. When crimes are committed, suspects are brought to the open court for traditional oath taking. The court is presided over by the Chief Priest who sits on a high rock chair. Beside him is another rock table surrounded by the various clan heads who sits in semi-circular arrangement as the trial go on. At the centre of the court are two stone monoliths representing the gods of the land (Male and Female), the larger one being the female and the smaller one the male. In taking the oath the suspect stands between the two monoliths directly facing the sun, the most supreme god called Nom. The suspect then swears to tell the truth.

Cases that cannot be resolved in the open court are taken to the high court which sits within an enclosed shrine. Traditionally, women do not take the oath but a male relative can take the oath on her behalf in cases referred to the high court which is located inside the shrine, and such a relative must have attained the statutory age of 18 and above and duly initiated into the shrine cult. The same high priest presides over proceedings at the high court and any one found guilty is fined goats and chicken for sacrifice to the gods and local wine for the chief priest. After a case of crime is successfully resolved, the town declares a day of celebration on which the people thank the gods for their graces in successfully resolving the issue and averting doom for the people. Rite of inheritance This is another sacred tradition of the Nok people. According to legend, the initiated members of the communal cult are believed to resurrect after death in form of masquerade on an appointed day at the cave located at the outskirt of the town, to give directives to the last wish to family members and relatives in relation to his estate. On the appointed day, virgin girls are made to grind millet and along with members of the deceased family members carry same to the cave (also known as the Supreme Court), singing and dancing as they prepare to meet their dead. Upon their approach, the dead man is believed to spring up in the form of a masquerade and together they dance to the village square. Here, he issues out instruction to his family members on how to carry on in his absence. If he had a wife, he tells her on that occasion who among his male family member will inherit her provided she wishes to not to remarry outside the family.

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013

Students of Messiah Praise International Model College

‘School business is not for those eyeing quick money’ FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON


astor Adewunmi Okupe is the proprietor of Messiah Praise International Model College, which is located in Akute, a suburb of Lagos. He says when he ventured into the school business in 1998, it was more of a divine call than for gains. He says, “Starting a school is not an easy task because it involves a lot. When I started out fifteen years ago, it was with ten students. I am into the secondary school business and that requires more capital than primary and nursery schools. It was actually divine inspiration that led me to start a secondary school. At that time, secondary schools were not many. In the whole of Akute, there were not more than four secondary schools.” Okupe says of the early days of his school, “It was not easy. I was lucky to have a building of my own before embarking on the business. That went a

long way, because that was not part of my expenses when I started. In terms of the cash I started off with fifteen years ago, I had about N200, 000 which went into registration with the Ogun State Ministry of Education, staff salaries for at least six months and other miscellaneous expenses. To the glory of God, the business is worth millions today.” For would be investors, Okupe says that erecting buildings that would house the necessary offices such as classrooms, staff rooms, proprietor’s office, bursary, etc, would require at least N10 million to N20 million. “This figure includes the cost of buying a big plot of land, staff salaries for at least six months, registration of the school and erection of the school building. “Although some investors rent buildings for schools, government has started insisting on custom built buildings owned by the school as against rented apartments. That is why the business is so capital intensive.” Despite the huge amount required





WHY THE BUSINESS IS SO CAPITAL INTENSIVE to start the business, Okupe describes it as lucrative. “Apart from the huge capital needed for the business, it is a very lucrative one because education is one of the top priorities in the society. Even if you don’t have money, you will still ensure that your children go to school to secure a brighter future. It is a priority any day. “It takes time to start getting back returns on investment. You have to work hard for sometime before the money starts rolling in. You have to be patient.” Okupe submits that the business has numerous challenges, which are mainly finance-based. “Because of the capital intensiveness of the business, raising funds to start it is not an easy task at all. Again, the issue of debtor parents is another big challenge. A lot of parents will owe and will not pay. They will continue to beg and plead with school owners that they would pay up before the end of the term. At the end of the term, you will find them


withdrawing their children to other schools to go and start that process all over again. It has been a very big challenge for us. “Another challenge is the issue of multiple taxation from government. Most of these taxes are fixed arbitrarily by government agents. They simply believe that school business is lucrative and as such, they come up with all kinds of taxes and levies. “Special centres are another issue. A number of parents will prefer to go and register their children for WAEC at these special centres instead of registering them for WAEC at the school that has been teaching them all along. “Here at Messiah Praise, we try to make our students realise that they don’t have to cheat or engage in exam malpractices before they can be successful in their examinations and this had always yielded results.”



July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror

July 20, 2013


CHAN qualifier

Home-based Super Eagles players training ahead of the second leg cracker. Inset Chukwu.

Chukwu warns against complacency IFEANYI EDUZOR


ormer Super Eagles’ coach, Christian Chukwu, has charged the home-based Eagles to take their second leg African Nations Championship (CHAN) qualifier against Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire serious to enable them book their first CHAN tournament ticket. Chukwu warned the team not to expect a warm reception in Abidjan. The Coach Stephen Keshi led Super Eagles on July 6 defeated their Ivorian counterparts 4-1 in the first leg decided at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna and will be hosted by the West African neighbours in Abidjan on July, 27 to decide who amongst them will qualify for the competition for national teams made up of home-based players billed for next year in South Africa. Nigeria has never qualified for the competition; Eagles lost out to Ghana in the race to the inaugural edition in Cote

d’Ivoire in 2009 and then faltered against Niger Republic in the qualifying series for the second edition in Sudan in 2011. But the team stands a good chance of qualifying for next year’s championship if they can maintain their four goal lead against Cote d’Ivoire in the second leg. In a telephone interview with Saturday Mirror, Chukwu noted that although the Eagles won the first leg convincingly, the return leg in Abidjan would be very difficult considering that the Ivoirians will put in everything to ensure they cancel the goals and deny Nigeria a chance of qualifying for the championship. “I want the Super Eagles to take the second leg of the qualifiers serious because they are going to face a serious opposition in Abidjan considering the soccer rivalry between the two West African countries. “It is true that the Super Eagles scored many goals in the first leg but the Elephants are capable of cancelling the goals. The team must maintain their four

Orbih: We’ll reposition badminton P. 46

goal lead and avoid any type of complacency at the second leg,” he said. The former Green Eagles’ captain added, “They should also understand that their opponents having collected two red cards in the first leg will employ a lot of antics to make them commit serious fouls; warning that they should guide against such. While commending Coach Keshi for assembling good home- based players to prosecute the CHAN qualifier, the former Harambee Stars of Kenya gaffer advised Eagles to avoid missing scoring chances as was witnessed at the last FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil which prevented them from progressing beyond the group stage of the competition. “Keshi must be applauded for assembling the best players in our local league to prosecute the CHAN qualifiers, but he must work on his strikers to enable them avoid the mistakes they made in Brazil, where they missed a lot of glaring scoring chances.

Delayed salaries: Akpoborie commends minister P. 47

“There is also the need for him to work on the midfield because when the midfield is not strong, it will affect the entire game plan of a team.” According to Chukwu, as Nigeria seeks their first CHAN tournament ticket, the players must improve on their game and take the match as if they did not win the first leg. “I want the Eagles to go into the match believing they did not score any goal in the first leg, since that is the only way they can play to their full potential. “In doing this, they should also remember that the Ivoirians are still looking for revenge after their shocking 1-2 quarterfinal defeat to the Super Eagles at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations and as such any type of complacency on the part of the team could be dangerous,” he warned. He, however, expressed optimism over the ability of the Eagles to triumph in Abidjan despite all odds, saying they must play their normal game and avoid pressure.

I’m fulfilled P. 48 coaching wheel chair tennis players –Tarmena



July 20, 2013

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The travails of FCT Queens’ players


or more than 18 months players of the Nigeria Women Professional Football League side, FCT Queens of Abuja, have been competing without any assurance when their accrued salaries will be paid. This sad development has not only exposed the travails of the team, but also problems militating against female football development in the country, which many analysts believe is at its lowest ebb. However, HT got information from a reliable source who prefers to remain anonymous that some players of the aforementioned team have allegedly turned to prostitution and begging in order to survive the hard condition of carrying on with their chosen career. This situation brings to the fore the need for the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to do something urgently to address the problems of FCT Queens and female football development in the country. Also HT discovered that, aside FCT Queens; many female football clubs in the country are equally facing the same crisis because of poor economic downturn or failure of their sponsors and proprietors to do the right thing. The most annoying scenario in the FCT Queens saga is that the management of the club and the FCT Administration who are the sole sponsors of the team are not doing enough to ameliorate the situation. As a kicker, since the Abuja club was formed about 15 years ago, never in the history of the


Andrew Ekejiuba


FCT Queens haunted by backlog of salaries

team has the players witnessed such an unfortunate development whereby the administrators of the club do not have a way out of the woods. And it is the pitiable situation that compelled two players who want to remain anonymous to voice out their frustrations. “The last time they paid anybody was in March last year. Even then they paid a backlog of about three years to some players. For 18 months now, we have not been paid a dime by the club,” the first player said with

a tinge of regret. The second player, who confirmed what her colleague said, revealed that they have been forced to contribute N50 each on daily basis in order to buy few edible things to stay alive. “We have not been given food for almost two years now and we fend for ourselves. Sometimes, we contribute N50 each to buy few things to eat in order to survive the travails of the time. “We eat once a day; yet, they expect us to put in our best on an empty stomach in training

and competitions,” the second player queried. The pathetic situation of the players forced HT to place a telephone call to the chairperson of the club, who also doubles as chairperson of the Nigerian Women’s League, Dilichukwu Onyedinma. In her response she confirmed that money for payment of the players had been approved long time ago, but could not explain further what was holding the FCT Administration from releasing the money. “I really sympathise with the players over the situation which is not palatable to the ears. But one thing we have done was to compile the necessary documents relating to the outstanding salaries of the players and I can confidently reveal to you that approval has been given for the payment of the salaries of these players by the FCT Administration. “I am not the one to release the money, it is the FCT Administration that should do that and we are really waiting for them to do this so that the players can focus on their football career. I believe the money will be released very soon, but I cannot say which day this will be done,” Onyedinma said. However, the FCT Queens situation took a dramatic twist during the week when the Director of Sports in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mohammed Alim Musa, exonerated himself from any blame with regards to the non-payment of the players’ money, saying the FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed,

should be held responsible. Speaking on two Abuja local radio stations, Hot FM and Cool FM recently, Musa revealed that his department had done all the necessary paper work with regards to the payment of the FCT Queens, but lamented that he had not received funds from the higher authority in this regard. Musa asserted further that all efforts to get the minister to appropriate funds for the payment had repeatedly proved abortive, arguing that it is only when funds are released to him that he will pay the FCT Queens. In a swift reaction, FCT chapter of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) insisted that they were aware that the Minister had been releasing funds to the club, but wondered why Musa was blaming Mohammed. According to a press release on Monday, SWAN’s Secretary General, Martins Odiete, maintained that funds had hitherto been released by the FCT Minister, so Musa should stop the buck-passing or crying wolf and own up to his responsibilities. From the foregoing, it is clear that between Minister Bala Mohammed and Director Alim Musa, one of them is feeding soccer fans across the country lies regarding the non-payment of the FCT Queens’ salaries for the past 18 months and this must stop. HT, however, knows that sports fall on the purview of the FCT Minister of State, Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide, and uses this medium to call on the relevant authorities to wade into this matter and ascertain what the true position of things is, so as to save the FCT Queens’ players from dying of hunger.


Ikpeme defends NFF’s decision on Orbih: We’ll reposition badminton I E Eagles’ bonuses FEANYI



echnical Director of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Emmanuel Ikpeme, has come out strongly to defend the decision of the NFF to cut the bonuses of Super Eagles players, insisting that the football house does not have enough money to pay $10,000 as match bonuses as demanded by the players. According to him, NFF board resolved to be paying $5,000 to the players and $10,000 to the Chief Coach, but during qualification for 2010 FIFA World Cup In South Africa, the Presidential Task Force set up by the Federal

Government decided to increase the money as an incentive to enable the Super Eagles qualify for the 2010 World Cup. He noted that the Federation was having a very serious financial problem which prompted it to decide that the entire total package of all the national teams be reviewed. “The truth of the matter is that most people do not know what it takes to organize a single match for the Super Eagles, talk less of the heavy cost that goes into featuring the team in various competitions across the world. People should understand that NFF has a very loaded programme this year and which is of course

capital intensive. “We also have a short fall in the Federal allocation and right now we are getting only 50% of what we use to have in a month, which makes it very difficult to prosecute all the FIFA and CAF competitions that we are involved in. “It was because of this that the NFF decided to review allowances of all the national teams after which it was decided that players should be paid $5,000 while the Chief Coach gets $10,000 and we are ready to defend this decision with all the relevant documents before the committee set up by the Federal Government on the issue,” he said.



ice President of the Badminton Federation of Nigeria (BFN), Barrister Francis Orbih, has revealed that the Federation is putting modalities on ground to ensure the sport regains its leadership position in the country. Speaking exclusively to our correspondent, he noted that the board after its first business meeting in Asaba, Delta State, deliberated on the road map for the development of the game in the country which would soon be implemented. “I will like to tell you that we had our first business meeting in Asaba recently and there we deliberated on the road map for the development of the game in Nigeria.

“After the meeting, we set up different committees and appointed six zonal coordinators and development officers for the six zones. They are going to swing into action and we are also going to embark on very massive equipment and accessories procurement and supply to these states. “We are not only going to give materials and equipment to these states but we are going to follow it up and monitor them to ensure the materials are judiciously used,” he said. He stated that as part of the efforts to develop the game, the BFN will be embarking on massive grassroots development of badminton and also plan to send coaches and umpires on refresher courses to keep them abreast of modern


techniques of the game. Orbih also explained that the Federation is already commencing preparations for some international competitions such as the Junior Olympics, just as he announced that Delta State Government has accepted to host a national championship in October before the Federation hosts ECOWAS Badminton Tournament later in the year.

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July 20, 2013

Delayed salaries: Akpoborie commends minister


ormer Super Eagles striker, Jonathan Akpoborie has commended the Minister of Sports/Chairman National Sports Commission, Malam Bolaji Abudullahi, for taking a decisive step to ensure prompt payment of players’ salaries in the league. The former VFB Stuttgart FC of Germany striker told News Agency of Nigeria that the move was long overdue; urging the minister to ensure the directive is carried out. ``That’s a very good thing that should have been done for a very long time; well, it takes guts for the minster to say this. ``I hope they are going to carry out their threat, because if they can’t do that then, I don’t know

where the league will be going to. ``We read every time that they actually collect money from sponsors, but at the end players are neglected. In the developed world where football is played properly, especially in Europe, players come first, every money that the club or anybody collects from sponsors or from anybody; anywhere their source is, the first thing is the players before any other thing else. ``Its only in Nigeria we turn everything upside down and the players are the last to benefit from what they are supposed to get because they are the entertainers. ``They are the actors; if they are not there, the

league cannot continue; I just hope that they will be able to carry it out. It would be recalled that the minister had on July 16, directed the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to crack down on clubs

that unduly delay the salaries of their players. Clubs that are found to be guilty of this infraction will be banned from the league. The directive will take effect from the 2013/2014 league season.

WDU splashes N.2m Eguma rues Federation Cup exit on athletes IFEANYI EDUZOR




eneral Manager of Dolphins Football Club of Port Harcourt, Stanley Eguma has described the crashing out of the club from this year’s Federation cup in the round of 32 as unfortunate even as he noted that the club did not deserve an upset in the competition. The four-time Nigerian Cup champions, Dolphins became the biggest casualty of this year’s competition when they went down 4-2 on penalties to Akwa Starlet at the Umuahia Township stadium after extra time scores stood at 0-0. The Starlets now progress to the round of 16 of the championship. Speaking on the match, Eguma noted that the poor condition of the pitch affected his team even as he accused Starlets’ of not


playing but only waited for lottery of penalty. “The poor condition of the pitch affected my players. The pitch was terrible and did not allow for any good football to be played. “Akwa Starlets were poor and did not deserve to win. They merely sat back and waited for the lottery of penalties”, he lamented.

Stanley Okoro joins Bulgarian club


ormer Nigeria U17 star Stanley Okoro has joined Bulgarian top-flight club Chemo More after a difficult time in Spain. Okoro, who was a star performer for Nigeria at the 2009 FIFA U17 World

Cup hosted by the country, has left newly promoted Spanish club Almeria for the Bulgarian club. The former Heartland FC star known as “Little Messi” has been assigned jersey number 30.

Cricket boss assures on ICC-WCL tourney IFEANYI EDUZOR



s part of efforts to encourage its students to participate in sporting activities, the management of Western Delta University (WDU), Oghara, Delta State has rewarded four of its athletes that won medals in various sporting events. Presenting a cash prize of N50, 000 and a certificate of excellence to each of the students, the institution’s Vice- Chancellor, Prof. Peter Ugbo who was represented by the Deputy Registrar, Moses Osamede, promised that the University will continue to reward outstanding students even as he admonished other students to exhibit their God given talents and skills to the fullest. Earlier, in his speech at the occasion, the institution’s Director of Sports,

Anthony Apochi noted that the students namely; Jerry Awotu, Ochuko Aghogho, Francis Chika Ebenezer and Oghene Tejiri Mukoro were being rewarded for winning medals in swimming, table tennis and chess at the Nigeria Private University Games (NPUGA) held at American University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa State. “Awotu was the first athlete to win the school its first gold medal in the swimming event at the Nigerian Private University Games (NPUGA) held at American University of Nigeria (AUN), Yola in 2009. “ Aghogho who joined the school team barely a week to the Yola Games won silver in table tennis while Ebenezer won two gold, two silver and a bronze just as Mukoro won one gold in chess at the 2011 Games which we hosted.


resident of the Nigeria Cricket Federation, Emeka Onyeama says there is no cause for alarm as Nigeria prepares ahead of the ICC –World Division 6 cricket league in Jersey, London. Onyeama said the team’s tour of England was a warning for other countries who see Nigeria as underdogs noting that they played five friendlies, won three and lost two which has taught the team never to relent when they are having upper hand in a game. He further hinted that everything they learnt at the tour would be taken into cognizance at the ICC World Division 6 proper pointing out that success come with a lot of perseverance and concentration and not with carelessness. “There is no cause for alarm, out of five friendly matches organized, we won three and lost two, the loss we had was a lesson

to us that nothing comes easy and success come with much perseverance and concentration but not with carelessness. “The team will be crossing over to Jersey from England after a pleasant tour. The tour has made us to acclimatize and know our week points. The training in England is also a warning to other countries who believe that Nigeria will be a walk over at the tournament”. The one time chairman of Abuja Cricket Association and former cricketer explained that Nigeria’s first match against Vanuatu would be a tough one but the edge Nigeria had against them during the division 7 qualifier to gain promotion to division 6 in Botswana will be at play on Sunday. “Meeting Vanuatu is going to be tough, we met twice in Botswana early this year and qualified ahead of them after emerging as overall winners. Our aim is to qualify for division 5”. He concluded.

Nigeria cricket players celebrate after winning an international match

Lawson wants golf included in U-17 games


ecretary General of Lagos State Golf Association, Sola Lawson, said the exclusion of golf from the forthcoming U-17 National Youths Games will stall the development of the sport at the grassroots. Lawson, who made the remark in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos, noted

that the sport was excluded from among disciplines to feature at the Games scheduled to run from Sept.19 to Sept. 29 in Abuja. “The exclusion of golf, an Olympic sport is unheard of; it portends grave consequences for the development of the sport. “I personally feel the case made for golf at the

national level is weak. “It means that there is some form of systemic discrimination against golf, which should not be the case; we appeal to the authorities to look into this. “Any sport that fails to have a hold on its grassroots has failed. The Games will be an avenue to attract young talents from the

grassroots,” Lawson said. The 2011 NSF, tagged “Garden City Games,” was the last time the sport was featured at the National Sports Festival. The Nigeria Golf Federation (NGF) is currently being re-structured for better performance. Not less than 19 sports are to feature at the Games.



July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror

I’m fulfilled coaching wheel chair tennis players –Tarmena

ity athletes to invite to camp to represent Nigeria. Those are the reasons why we are taking the game to the North Central.

Frank Tarmena is the national coach of Nigeria Wheel Chair Tennis. In this interview with IFEANYI EDUZOR, he speaks on his involvement in the game and plans to make Nigerian athletes compete favourably with other players in the world.


ow would you describe the state of wheel chair tennis since its introduction in Nigeria? I want to tell you that wheel chair tennis is flourishing. I say this because few months ago, in May to be specific we returned from Turkey where Nigeria placed eleventh in the World Team Cup which is the wheel chair version of Davis Cup. But then, it is different in the sense that players and coaches from many nations of the world converged on one venue unlike in the able-bodied tennis where countries travel to meet countries in their home ground. So, like I said earlier, it is flourishing because considering the poor economic situation of the country, we are still moving from one country to the other playing wheel chair tennis. Currently, one of my top players, Alex Adewale is in USA playing a couple of tournaments. And also in a few days time, we will be having coaches and players clinic in Abuja supported by Golden Penny Noodles. They have been supporting us since the inception of wheel chair tennis in the country and what they have been doing is trying to see that the game grows at the grassroots. I have had so many discussions with the chairman of the company and his marketing department and they assured me that they want to use this clinic to test run the game towards staging a big tournament sometime in November. Are you satisfied with your team placing 11th at the world level? I am satisfied with that position because when you consider the circumstances surrounding our travelling to Turkey, you will give kudos to the team. We had few hitches as regards finance and sponsorship, but with the good effort of Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) President, Alhaji Sani Ndanusa, he was able to bankroll the trip for us to go to Turkey. But then we arrived late and there was a kind of fatigue on our players. We arrived just a day after the tournament began and we were walked over by Spain. We however proceeded to play other countries. We lost to Belgium which is one of the top leading wheel chair tennis playing nations in the world. We played Croatia in a very tough game which we also lost, but we were able to beat the host coun-


try, Turkey to place eleven. My own joy at that tournament was that we were not made a laughing stock and most importantly, we beat the host country. It is not easy in any competition for you to go to a host nation and beat them. So, to finish 11th in the world is a great achievement and better than coming last in such a big competition. You were formerly coaching the ablebodied tennis players; what motivated you to introduce disabled athletes to the game? Really, I was involved in training ablebodied tennis players and I have groomed a lot of tested players in Nigeria. Currently, the Nigerian number 1, Henry Asanye, who few months ago won the Central Bank Open was discovered and groomed by me. So, having been involved in able-bodied tennis for ages something made me to make a switch. I was on a trip to Europe for a coaching course, then wheel chair tennis had not grown so much, but in the ITF syllabus, at one point they would play video clips of wheel chair tennis to coaches that had not known the game. As soon as the video was played over and over, a conviction came into me that I have done a lot and paid your dues in coaching ablebodied tennis players and is high time I give that same knowledge to the physically challenged brothers back home. So, as soon as that conviction came, I began to think about it and later concluded that it is right for physically challenged people who sometimes hang on the streets begging should be encouraged to take to the sport, since it is not ideal for one to leave his home begging. With the sport, many of them have become worthy citizens in the society as is obtainable in developed countries of the world. And today, I can proudly sit down and feel fulfilled about what I started because I

now have players playing at the top level. What efforts are you making to ensure that wheel chair tennis is introduced in other states of the Federation apart from Lagos and Abuja? The clinic in Abuja which will kick off from July 21-28, iand is not only restricted to the Federal Capital Territory, but the North Central. You know the North Central is a big region itself. I have done this for a couple of times, I have been in the South South, South East and the far North which is North East and now I am going to the North Central. The states that are invited to participate in this clinic are Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa, Niger, Taraba, Kogi and the host Abuja. So, we have seven states to gain a lot of knowledge about the game. We are using the clinic as a talent hunt and a developmental programme. I often go out on my own to impact the knowledge to athletes and make the physically challenged persons to embrace the sport. So, if we have spirit-minded individuals and corporate bodies coming to support such a programme, I think by the year 2020, we won’t have physically challenged persons in our society begging because every one of them will have something meaningful to do and a career base to live on. Having said this, I want to tell you that one of the major objectives of the clinic is to introduce the sport to players and some states that normally may not have access to get down to Lagos before they get involved in wheel chair tennis. Also, with the information I have as a coach, by next year the sport will be introduced in the National Sports Festival and also will soon get into the All Africa Games. Therefore, we want to give every Nigerian that is physically challenged an opportunity to be involved in the game so that by the time we want to invite players to the national camp, we will have a lot of qual-

Most times your athletes complain that part of the reasons why they do not perform well is because of the type of wheel chair they use. How are you going to liaise with the Federation to ensure they provide them with the most modern wheel chairs? What the players said is true because over the years, we have been having problem of equipment and the most important one is wheel chairs. When you don’t have a proper wheel chair, by the time the ball bounces you might not be able to wheel fast compared with the modern wheel chairs which require only a touch and the chair flies to the position of the ball. I have written to many spirit-minded individuals, companies and the Federation alike for assistance, but of course where you have a situation where Federations are solely run by the government, it becomes tough to break even, considering that there are a lot of bureaucracies on the way to pose as a stumbling block. But recently, we have received four modern wheel chairs donated to us by the International Tennis Federation (ITF), which I think from now it is going to do a lot of good to us and that was why we test-run them at the Turkey tournament. Also, the new board of NTF has met and deliberated particularly on wheel chair tennis and they have resolved that they are going to procure about 20 wheel chairs which the President, Alhaji Sani Ndanusa, told me personally that he had already filled some forms to some companies abroad in request for wheel chairs. So in the nearest future we will not have only one or two players at the top, but we will be having about 20 players scattered all over Europe playing wheel chair tennis at the highest level. Why do you sound so confident? I’m confident because it is going to enhance more technical and tactical play. Like I said earlier, the old wheel chairs are very heavy to push, but the modern ones are lighter and even if you are a new player, once you get on the modern wheel chair, you will not find it difficult to adjust to the game. That again is a motivational factor for companies to come in. Just like I said Golden Penny Noodles, a division of Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC, is supporting us to run a clinic in Abuja by giving us promotional items. Recently, one of our former sponsors, New Era Foundation, which has been sponsoring our tournaments, also sent a representative to have a meeting with us in this regard. Talking about New Era Foundation, they have been sponsoring wheel chair tennis for some time now; what are you expecting from them this year? They have the experience of sponsoring wheel chair tennis already and I think they are going to do more compared to what we use to receive from them in the past. The sole founder is now in a better position to give us more than what we use to have. And for her to have sent somebody to support us shows that she has the interest of the physically challenged at heart.

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July 20, 2013


targets titles Moyes: Rooney is not for sale Jovec with Man City


anchester United manager David Moyes has again insisted Wayne Rooney is not for sale after Chelsea said the England striker is their sole transfer target. Speaking at a news conference in Sydney, the united boss said: “The club’s position has not changed.” Moyes is also keen to discover how the bid to lure Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas to United is progressing. He said: “I’m in contact with our chief executive who is dealing with the issue and hope to know more in a day or so.” New Chelsea boss Jose

Mourinho has already had one bid for Rooney rejected. The 26-year-old has been left “angered and confused” by suggestions he is viewed as back-up to Robin Van Persie at United and on Thursday Mourinho issued a World Cup warning to “second-choice players”, a statement widely viewed as being a message aimed at Rooney. The striker was at United’s training complex on Thursday for ongoing treatment on his hamstring injury after flying home from the club’s pre-season tour. Manchester United is currently in Australia preparing for a match against the A-League All Stars in



Sydney today. The Premier League champions have yet to make any summer signings, having missed out on Barcelona’s Thiago Alcantara, although they continue to be linked with Ever-

ton duo Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines. United have had a formal offer for Fabregas rejected by Barcelona, but executive vicechairman Ed Woodward has left United’s pre-season tour to continue negotiations.

Essien plays down Liverpool not eager to sell Suarez injury worries




helsea midfielder Michael Essien insists his powerful style remains and dismissed concerns about his troublesome knees. The 30-year-old spent last season on loan at Real Madrid under Jose Mourinho, as his time at Chelsea appeared to be coming to an end. But with Mourinho back at Chelsea as manager, Essien’s future in London looks bright as the 30-yearold Ghanaian is the type of defence-minded midfielder who could play a huge part for the English Premier League club during the up-

coming season. Despite his injury worries, Essien said his style remains unchanged and insists he never considered retirement. “When you have these injuries and I’ve had eight or nine operations on my knees, it’s hard,” Essien said. “I know injuries are part of the game but once you have them you have to relax your mind and work hard to come back. “I never thought I should stop playing. It never crossed my mind. I just wanted to get back on the pitch.

iverpool Manager, Brendan Rodgers says that no amount of money from Arsenal or Real Madrid will force Liverpool to sell Luis Suarez. Having scored 23 goals last season, Suarez has been linked with a move away from Anfield in the transfer window after Liverpool failed to qualify for European competition. Real and Arsenal reportedly lead the race for his signature, with the London side having already had one bid rejected. Rodgers puts the striker in the same bracket as his Uruguay team-mate Edinson Cavani, who recently

moved to Paris SaintGermain for £55million. But the Liverpool boss admits that even an offer of that magnitude would not force him to sell. “When you consider that Cavani has gone for £55million you know... Luis is up there in that bracket of top talent,” Rodgers told the Liverpool Echo. “Obviously it was an offer (from Arsenal) we didn’t deem worthy of the talent and even if they came back with that kind of amount (£55million) there’s no guarantee he would be sold even for that because we are trying to build something here.”


jecture over Wayne Rooney’s future at Old Trafford. Miller knows all about dealing with the demands and expectation at the club, having spent two years at United in 2005 and ‘06. He believes Moyes should not try and make too many changes in his first season in charge but admits it will be difficult to deal with the severe spotlight that will be on

Williams flattered by Arsenal link

the papers and that type of thing. You don’t really know, as that’s the future, and I can’t really say. Different circumstances determine different things. “I’m working hard trying to talk things through with the squad and the manager on the field, and trying to iron out a few things for the season.”


strongly linked with a move to Arsenal following an injury to Gunners defender Thomas Vermaelen. However, the Wales international is not reading too much into the speculation and is helping to prepare Swansea for the

he could not ignore the opportunity to play for Manchester City alongside former Partizan Belgrade team-mate Matija Nastasic. “I’m still young and want a change of scenery,” Jovetic said. “City is a very important team in the Premier League.”I want to win things and I’ll see my great friend Matija Nastasic.” Jovetic scored 40 goals in 134 appearances in all competitions for Fiorentina during which time the Florence-based club never finished higher than fourth and after his five seasons in Serie A the young Montenegrin does not believe he can do anymore in the famous purple shirt.


Miller: Handling pressure key to Moyes success

avid Moyes’ ability to handle the pressure of being Manchester United manager will determine if he is successful, according to Liam Miller. Moyes has the huge task of following on from the remarkable achievements of Sir Alex Ferguson, with the first challenge of his maiden pre-season at the club already overshadowed by con-

wansea City’s new club captain Ashley Williams is taking reports of interest from other clubs as a ‘compliment’, but is focusing on the new season. Williams has replaced Garry Monk as Swansea skipper, but has been

tevan Jovetic has accepted Fiorentina fans may be disappointed he has left Florence but believes he will win titles with Manchester City. Fiorentina announced the sale of Jovetic to Manchester City on Thursday for a reported figure of £22million with the 2011/12 English Premier League champions snaring the Montenegrin forward and Spain international Alvaro Negredo on the same day. Jovetic was keen to stress he thoroughly enjoyed his five seasons with Fiorentina and conceded the club’s fans might be disappointed he has left the Serie A outfit. But the 23-year-old said

upcoming campaign. “It means you’re doing something right and people are talking about you at least,” Williams told Sky Sports News in response to the rumours. “I take it as a compliment. I don’t really read

the former Everton boss. “It opened my eyes in many ways,” Miller told Sportal of the pressure at the club. “If you’re not winning silverware it’s considered a failure. They are winning trophies year in year out and that’s the mandate from the club.


“I don’t expect too many changes. He’ll put his stamp on one or two things he feels he might do differently but the history of the club and everything else;it will sort of run itself. “With the players they have there, it should be a good time under the new manager.”


Saturday Mirror

July 20, 2013


Police arraign pregnant woman for allegedly beating up neighbour


he police on Friday arraigned a pregnant woman, Abigail Emmanuel, 27, in a Grade 1 Area Court in Mararaba, Nasarawa State for allegedly beating up her neighbour, George Abga, over a misunderstanding. The accused who lives in Custom’s Quarters, Mararaba, was arraigned on a four-count charge of criminal intimidation, criminal force, causing hurt and mischief. The Police Prosecutor, Cpl. Inuwa Maigida, told the court that Abga, reported the incident at the Mararaba Divisional Police Station on July 16. Maigida alleged that the accused attacked the complainant in his room without provocation and inflicted serious injury on his right leg. The prosecutor, further alleged that the accused used words to intimidate the complainant and thereafter, destroyed his electronics in the process. He said that the offence were punishable under the provisions of sections 397, 265, 244 and 327 of the Penal Code. If convicted, the punishment can get imprisoned for one year or pay fine or both. The accused, who did not have legal representation, pleaded not guilty. The Presiding Judge, Mr Albert Maga, admitted the accused to bail in the sum of N50,000 and a surety in like sum who must reside within the jurisdiction of the court.

Court remands man, 25, for attempted robbery


Chief Magistrates’ Court in Gusau on Friday remanded one Suffiyanu Sanusi, 25, of Birnin Ruwa Area in Gusau for alleged attempted armed robbery. The Prosecutor, Insp. Yakubu Abuba, told the court that the accused armed himself with a machete and invaded the house of one Tukur Abdullahi on July 6. Abuba said that the accused threatened to attack Abdullahi with the machete in an attempt to rob him of his property. The prosecutor said that Abdullahi struggled and collected the machete from the accused but the accused quickly pulled out a pen knife from his pocket and tried to stab Abdullahi. He said that as the two struggled, Abdullahi’s neighbour heard his voice and alerted other neighbours who came and rescued him and arrested the accused. The offence contravened Section 2 of the Armed Robbery Act, the prosecutor added. However, the accused person pleaded not guilty but the Chief Magistrate, Alhaji Abdullahi Umar, ordered that he should be remanded in prison and adjourned the case to August, 5 2013.

Crime Watch Man beaten to pulp for stealing N.43m, tins of milk Fatai Akorede never bargained for what he met in th hands of some women traders and their sympathisers last week. He was beaten only a shade to death for stealing. How? SEGUN ADIO


man, Fatai Akorede was recently given the beating of his life after he allegedly stole a large amount of money and six tins of milk from a shop in Ogbomosho town, Oyo State. The day was the third day of the Holy month of Ramadan and Akorede, an ardent Muslim, was also observing the fasting and he was desperate to see it through. Among the numerous retail shops along the stretch at Bode Eni Afe area of the town is one owned by one Mrs. Basirat Abass, who sells provisions and staple food items. On 11 July, 2013, Abass reportedly left her shop to attend a get-together of a friend at the other side of the road. Before leaving for the party, she reportedly asked that a salesgirl of one of her co-traders look after her shop for her. It was reported that while she was eating and making merry at the party, she had one eye glued to her shop across the road. It was further reported that on a couple of occasions when customers came to purchase items, the salesgirl would dash to the other side of the road where Abass sat with her friends to converse with her on the actual price of the items. Barely an hour after Abass left her shop, Akorede arrived there in a flowing Agbada, asking to see the owner of the shop. When he was told that the owner of the shop was in the festivities on the other side of the road, the man reportedly offered to wait until she returned. But when the salesgirl reportedly volunteered to go and call the woman, Akorede advised otherwise but insisted that he would allow the woman enjoy herself at the party. He offered to sit down and wait for her to return, telling the salesgirl that he had an appointment with the shop owner. Feeling no longer any need to run across the road again to call Abass to her shop, the salesgirl reportedly went into her mistress’ shop to attend to some cus-


tomers already waiting there too. While the salesgirl and Akorede engaged in the conversation, Abass was reportedly observing the scene going on in her shop. Apparently when she saw the ‘customer’ at her shop sitting down after the long conversation with the salesgirl, Abass felt she needed to attend to the man herself and so she got up and dashed across the road. By this time, Akorede reportedly got up from his seat and briefly entered the inner chamber of the shop. He reportedly came out dipping both hands inside the two pockets in his trousers. He also reportedly picked up six tins of milk from the displayed items outside the shop and set to depart. While Abass battled to cross the road amidst the racing vehicles, she glimpsed the stranger in her shop went in and came out of the shop and picked the tins of milk from the shelf outside the shop. It was reported that just as Akorede wanted to leave the shop, Abass accosted him and demanded for the payment for the tins of milk in his hand. The ensuing argument immediately

drew the attention of other shop owners in the area and also the salesgirl that reportedly attended to Akorede when he first arrived in the shop. Abass continued: “When I asked to whom he gave the money for the ix tins of milk in his hand, no convincing answer was forthcoming. I then started talking at the top of my voice. That brought two of my colleagues in the area to the scene. While the two women were talking with him, I ran inside the shop to check the money I left in my handbag because I saw him entering my shop. I was shocked to see the handbag wide open and the N430, 000 meant to pay some of my suppliers vanished.” It was then that she ran out of the shop cursing and yelling at the top of her voice on Akorede. She also held to his cloth. While that went on, Akorede reportedly made to show her where he bought the items from by pointing at a particular direction. As soon as Abass shifted her attention to the pointed area, Akorede made the dash for it. Abass and other women around then gave Akorede a hot chase yelling thief ! thief !!. Some men in the area reportedly joined in the chase and eventually apprehended Akorede. He was given the beating of his life and then taken to Owode Police Station in the area. When asked the rationale behind his action,, Akorede initially denied stealing. Rather, he insisted that he bought the items from a nearby shop. But when asked to take them to the shop where he purchased the tins of milk, Akorede reportedly owned up to his crime. “I am well known to the owner of the shop, and all that happened was not intended to cause her any havoc. In any case it was the work of the devil,” Akorede said. After his alleged confession, Akorede was reportedly given the beating of his life before he was taken to police custody. A police source at the station confirmed the incident but declined to give details, claiming the head of the division was in a better position to do so. However, the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, of the station was not around for clarifications but the Station Officer claimed investigation was ongoing.

Carpenter sentenced to 10 days imprisonment


Magistrates’ Court Minna in Niger State, on Friday, sentenced a carpenter, Danlami Yusuf, 45, to 10 days imprisonment for possession of Indian hemp. The Magistrate, Alhaji Hassan Mohammed, however, gave the convict of an option of N10,000 fine. Mohammed convicted Yusuf following his guilty plea to a charge of possession of illicit narcotics.

The magistrate said the sentence was lenient because he was the bread winner of his family and his long incarceration would adversely affect them. He warned him to desist from the practice. The prosecutor, Cpl. Emmanuel Bassa, had told the court that the convict, a resident of David Mark Road, Minna, committed the offence on July 4. According to him, one Saidu Garba,

a member of the Maitunbi Vigilance group arrested Yusuf with the hemp on July 4 and took him to the Maitunbi Police Station. The prosecutor said that when he was interrogated by the police, Yusuf admitted to owning the hemp. He said that the offence contravened Section 319 (A) of the Criminal Procedure Code.

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July 20, 2013


Kidnappers, police fight over abductees in Enugu Musa Adamu and Ogbonna Ikechukwu are as different as North and South. One thing brought them though, the zeal to learn the art of kidnapping. Their joint interest has also led them into police net. SEGUN ADIO


usa Adamu, a native of Isa Local Government Area of Sokoto State, realised early in life that he would not make a headway going to school. Immediately he left the primary school, he told his parents of his desire to seek pastures new down of the Niger. The step into the unknown took Adamu to the south eastern part of the country and he soon found a home in Enugu, the capital of Enugu State. That was way back in 2011. When Adamu, together with three of his peers, arrived in Enugu, he soon cut a tooth for himself in the kidnapping world. While his other peers turned to cart pushing, Adamu, 22, teamed up with a gang of kidnappers based in the town. He, however, needed to learn the ropes before becoming expert enough to export kidnapping to his native Sokoto State as he later confessed before security operatives. Adamu seems to share similar fate with one Ogbonna Ikechukwu, whose his lifelong dream of travelling out of the country for greener pasture reportedly made him team up with the gang hoping his share of the ransom due him in the deal. Ikechukwu, 29, is a native of Ebonyi State, but lives in Port Harcourt, the Rives State capital. While he was in Port Harcourt, Ikechukwu reportedly received a call from a friend to join in executing a ‘project’. He raced to Enugu and was made to pair up with Adamu. As neophytes in the kidnap syndicate, Adamu and Ikechukwu’s roles were to look after kidnapped victims while the kingpins continue negotiations for their (victims’) release. Adamu and his new partner, Ikechukwu were carrying out that role some days back after their gang allegedly kidnapped one Ozor John Chukwu on Wednesday, July 7, 2013. The kidnap reportedly took place at Amankpuma Oduma Aninri at the man’s compound in the state. Chukwu was reportedly whisked to Akpugo where they hid him. Whist the man was held captive and



Weapons seized from the kidnappers

the gang leaders were shuttling the town and the forest negotiating the man’s release, Adamu reportedly gave his gang away. It was reported that while Adamu and Ikechukwu stayed with the kidnapped man, Adamu was always sent to a nearby village to get items for the two of them and the victim. Since the victim was from the same stock as Ikechukwu, he was assigned to always be with him in case there was need for discussions between them. It was while on such a trip that Adamu inadvertently gave his gang away. It was reported that on his way to a nearby village in one evening, Adamu was accosted by a group of vigilance group keeping watch of the community. The group reportedly accosted him, having told them that he was not a resident of the area, what his mission was in the area. Since he does not speak Igbo, Adamu soon began to fidget and the suspicion of the group grew. After much pressure on him, Adamu claimed that he was in a nearby forest to farm with his colleagues, but his explanations were found not to hold water. The vigilance group then prevailed

on him to take them to the acclaimed farm settlement. After about two hours of wandering in the forest, the vigilance group began to vent their anger on Adamu who eventually took them to his gang’s hideout. It was reported that once the vigilance group discovered the two men’s mission, they alerted the antikidnapping policemen who raced to the community. While on their way, the law enforcement agents reportedly met other members of the gang coming into the hideout, and a fierce gun duel ensued. In the end, Victor Godwin, Titus Ani ,Adamu Musa, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, Titus Eze, and Onyebuchi Offor were arrested. From them were recovered one locally-made short gun; two live cartridges; one axe and one Toyota Hiace Bus with registration NO RBC 674 XC belonging to a Local Government mass transit company and charms. Speaking to Saturday Mirror in Enugu, Ikechukwu claimed that Adamu’s conversation with the vigilance group gave them away. “I was doing my work in Port Harcourt when my brother’s friend called me to come to Enugu for a business.


They called me to come and help to repair a bus, but I never knew that they were kidnappers. “I had no choice but to fall in line as they promised that I would be well rewarded should I help to safeguard the victim. So, when Adamu was going to town to buy us something, he was challenged by the vigilance group and he started talking with them. That was how they got to know where we were and what we were doing there,” Ikechukwu said. In his own confession, Adamu claimed that he was not told how much he would get after the ransom was paid. “I was drafted into the gang by an Igbo friend who assured me that I would not be involved in shooting or anything like that. When I met the gang, they truly gave me and Ikechukwu the job of securing the man. That was what we did for about a week before I was sent to the village to get some items for our use. “While I was going in the night, I met the vigilance group who asked where I lived there. It was when I told them that I did not live there that they became curious what I was doing there at the time. When I could not give a convincing explanation, they threatened to kill me if I did not take them to where I was coming from. That was what made me take them to where we kept the man,” Adamu said. Speaking on the arrest of the suspects in his office, Enugu State Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Adamu Mohammed, lauded the zeal of the leadership of the anti-kidnapping unit for the safe rescue of the victim. Adamu however promised to conclude investigations into the matter and have the kidnappers prosecuted. He also assured residents of the state of their safety as he called on them to always offer useful information to law enforcement agents which he said would aid the war against crime.



July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Stop persecuting Jonathan –Dickson EMMA GBEMUDU YENAGOA


ayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson, has said that the opposition’s intentions against President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration will not be

realised. He said this yesterday during the 14th edition of his monthly briefing in Yenagoa. Insisting that President Jonathan will not be deterred by the array of attacks against him and will remain focused in de-

veloping the nation, and lamenting the barrage of attacks against him even from his home base, he said, “He (Jonathan) will not be deterred by the antics of the opposition. This is not time for politics. The only politics is to pray and support him.”

He also disclosed that since assuming office 18 months ago, his administration has not borrowed any money for its projects. He added that his administration spent N4.33bn as salaries of civil servants and expressed worry over the increase.

“Everybody wants to be on government’s payroll, even at 70 years old. You don’t have to put all your friends’ relations on the payroll. I don’t see why local government councils pay as much as N100 million as monthly salary,” he said.

He concluded that the N255m spent on political appointees monthly would be reviewed in due course and that a Judicial Commission of Enquiry would be set up to investigate why pensioners were not paid their gratuity from 2005 to 2012.

N’Delta clerics task politicians on peace


Bayelsa State Governor Seriake Dickson (right), congratulating the newly sworn-in Commissioner of Science, Technology and Manpower Development, Mr. Parkinson Macmanuel, shortly after the administration of the Oath of Office in Yenagoa, recently.

PIB: Group seeks inclusion of 10% for host communities TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


n environmental advocacy group, Hope for Niger Delta Campaign (HNDC), has expressed its support for the inclusion of the 10 per cent Hosting Community Fund in the Petro-

leum Industry Bill (PIB) by international oil companies (IOCs) operating in Nigeria. In a memorandum submitted to the National Assembly Joint Committee on Petroleum Resources Public Hearing on PIB, HNDC said that PIB’s es-

tablishment is a great feat and a commendable step taken by the Nigerian government towards the realization of the nation’s development. Executive Director, HNDC, Comrade Sunny Ofehe, said that the 10 per cent Petroleum Host Community (PHC) Fund would have far reaching

effects not only on the host communities, but the entire country. He added that the passage of the PIB would also help to stop illegal activities and unrests in the Niger Delta region as the host communities would finally benefit from their natural resources.

FG loses $1.23bn to oil theft in four months, says Don EMMA GBEMUDU YENAGOA


university don, Prof. Kingsley Omoyibo, has disclosed that the federal government lost about $1.23 billion to illegal oil refining and crude oil theft in the Niger Delta in the first quarter of 2013. Speaking yesterday in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State at a public lecture, Vandalisation and Illegal Refineries and their consequences, which was organized

by the state’s Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Omoyibo warned that if the trend was not checked, it would have adverse socioeconomic effects on the nation. He added that it is worrisome that in the last three years, the nation lost about 180,000 barrels of oil per day valued at about 6 billion US dollars, decried the increasing rate of pipeline vandalism and crude oil theft in the Niger Delta,

and stressed that the federal government should brace up to the challenges. In another paper presented at the event, Special Adviser to Governor Seriake Dickson on Security Matters, Lt. Col. Bernard Kenibai (rtd), who was represented by Boma Spero-Jack, said the ugly trend had severe implications for governance, especially in as it affects security matters in the affected communities, the state and the na-

tion at large. “When we begin to believe that you can steal, use violence as a tool, kill and make your millions of naira, that is when people will respect you, what then are we saying about our society?” he asked. Also speaking, Bayelsa State NSCDC Commandant, Mr. Desmond Agu, said the seminar was organized to sensitize people on the need to protect the public infrastructure in their domains.

ome clerics in the Niger Delta region have tasked politicians in the country to toe the path of peace for a sustainable democracy. The clerics, also members of the Niger Delta Archbishops Forum, told journalists in Port Harcourt that their mission is to ensure peace in the country. Archbishop Eddy Ogbonda, a member of the forum and General Overseer, Sacred Flame Ministries, said the group embarked on a courtesy visit to the presidency to sue for peace. He explained that 16 members of the forum visited the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, due to the political crisis

in Rivers. “We were at the villa to solicit with the first lady to agree with the bishops that peace should be restored in Rivers,” he said. He said the group was happy with the first lady’s response as she pledged her support to ensure peace in the area. “The first lady is indeed a mother of peace and had assured us of her readiness to embrace any step by the Rivers State Governor to restore peace in the state,” he added. Bishop Julius Eduwe, the group’s coordinator, urged Rivers residents not to be distracted by media publications targeted at inciting them.

2015: A’Ibom South stakeholders back zoning OLAJIDE OMOJOLOMOJU


resent and past political office holders from Akwa Ibom South Senatorial District have thrown their weight behind the aspiration of an indigene of the area to become the state’s next governor. Governor Godswill Akpabio’s tenure ends in 2015 and the strategising for who takes over from him has begun. The resolve to have a governor from the state’s southern zone was after an interactive/consultative meeting between the zone’s people and its serving as well as former political office holders. The meeting, held at the Eket Civic Centre, was at the instance of Akwa Ibom South Senatorial District Assembly, and representatives from the zone’s 12 local government areas

attended. In his address, Chairman, Akwa Ibom South Senatorial District Assembly, Chief Nduese Essien, explained that the meeting was necessitated by the need to create an interaction between past and present political office holders, elected or appointed, with a view to reaching a consensus on issues affecting the senatorial district. He insisted one of their indigenes becoming the Governor in 2015 could only become a reality if all stakeholders in the area unite as a team in pursuing the cause. Among those who attended the meeting were the state’s Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Pastor Ita Umo Udo, and the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Barr Martin Udo Inyang, who was represented by a director in his ministry.

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July 20, 2013



ALGON president sues Catholic priest, lawyer for N502m DENNIS AGBO ENUGU


he National President of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON), and also the chairman of Enugu South Local Government Area, Mr. Nwabueze Okafor, has slammed a N502 million law suit against a Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Tony Amarube, and a legal practitioner, John Chukwudi Nwankwo, for defamation. In his Statement of Claim, Okafor claimed that the defendants had averred that they refused to support Okafor’s candidature for the council’s chairman because he (Okafor) was rusticated from the University of Port Harcourt for cultism-related offences following the killing of some of the institution’s students in 1990.

Okafor is therefore claiming against the defendants the sum of N200 million as damages for

the libel in pages 2 and 3 of the press statement written, printed and published by the defendants

or caused to be written, printed and published by the defendants. He is also seeking to

be paid another N100 million as damages for slander uttered by the Rev. Fr. Amarube at a

Deputy Governor of Enugu State, Sunday Onyebuchi (left) in a handshake with the Consul General of France in Lagos, Francois Sastourne, at Government House, Enugu, recently.

press conference he conveyed on or about 11th November, 2011 at the Centre for Victims of Extra-Judicial Killings and Torture (CVEKT AFRICA) at 2, Edinburgh Road, Enugu. Even as he has other claims, he added in his SoC that prior to his election as the LG chairman, he was the Administrator, Enugu West Development Area, and he served in the position with a high sense of integrity and responsibility. The case has been adjourned to October 30, 2013 for further mention following Justice A R Ozoemena’s striking out of an earlier order made to enter judgement against the defendants for not responding within the period in law following an application made by the defence counsels.

NDDC commissions 264-room hostel in IMSU


he Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has commissioned an ultra-modern 264-room hostel it built for students of Imo State University (IMSU), Owerri. Speaking about it, the Chairman, NDDC Governing Board, Dr Tarilah Tebepah, said the commission embarked on the project as part of its efforts at development and promised that they would construct a link road from the new hostel to the university campus. He also assured that they would provide an electricity transformer, standby generator and a cafeteria for the students in the hostel. He commended the university authorities for the warm reception accorded to his team and the contractor for completing the project on time. In his remarks, NDDC’s managing director, Dr Christian Oboh, said the construction of the hostel was the commission’s way of adding value to the university commu-

nity. The acting Vice-Chancellor of IMSU, Prof. Ukachukwu Awuzie, expressed gratitude to

NDDC for commencing and completing the hostel project. He then appealed that the NDDC should keep

its promise to provide a link road from the hostel to the university’s main campus and also provide the cafeteria, two stand-

by generators and the electricity transformer. “They are for the efficient running of the hostel. It is obvious that

without power, there will be no water to service the toilets and other amenities in the complex,” he explained

Fear grips Onitsha residents over MASSOB, AIYO clashes NWABUEZE OKONKWO ONITSHA


esidents of the commercial city of Onitsha, Anambra State are now living in palpable fear due to the constant

bloody clashes between the members of the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and the Association of Igbo Youths Organization (AIYO). Notable human rights

groups and prominent individuals in the East have expressed concern over the constant violence which arose as a result of MASSOB and AIYO trying to pursue the other from Onitsha. The President, Ndig-

bo International Prayer Organization (NIPO), Bishop Chinedu James Okeke, said that the frequent bloody clashes between the two Igbo groups were a disgrace to the Igbo race. In its own reaction

Enugu, France seek more ties DENNIS AGBO ENUGU


overnor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State has reaffirmed the determination of his administration to sustain the cordial relationship between the state and France. Chime made this known through his deputy, Mr. Sunday Onyebuchi, when the Consul General of France in Lagos, Mr. Francois Sastourn’e, paid a courtesy call at the Government House, Enugu.

He added that since the establishment of Alliance Françoise in Enugu, the state had developed interest in the French language. He said also that there

was a lot of cooperation between the state and France in the areas of arts and culture and that they had also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a

French company to develop a cement industry in the state. He also indicated the readiness of his administration to continue to partner with France in

yesterday, the Campaign for Democracy (CD), South East zone, called on both the government and security agencies to disarm the youths and investigate the circumstances surrounding the frequent clashes. the areas of commerce, industry and education for their mutual benefit. In his address, Sastourn’e informed the governor that he was in the state to explore more areas of cooperation between Enugu and France.

NAFDAC seals bakery in Enugu for using bromate DENNIS AGBO ENUGU


he National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has sealed a bakery at Iva Valley in the Enugu metropolis for using bromate to produce bread.

The agency’s regulatory officer for the South East, Mr Ikechukwu Okoye, said that the proprietor of the bakery, which he identified as Di Ocha bread, took to his heels before NAFDAC officials arrived there, but that efforts are being made to get his name and

locate his whereabouts. He added that the bakery was operating illegally and was sealed basicallybecause of bromate’s effect to human health. “Bromate is a banned substance. It is dangerous to health. Also, the label on the bread is misleading. The label bears a Coal

Camp address instead of Iva Valley where it is baked,” Okoye said. 250 bromate tablets were said to be found in the bakery, and Okoye concluded that they would collaborate with police to track both the baker and the supplier of the bromate.



July 20, 2013

Saturday Mirror


2015: Northern youths slam ACF, NEF over comments A ZA MSUE KADUNA


he umbrella organisation of youths in the north, the Northern Youth Forum (NYF), yesterday warned the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) and Northern Elders’ Forum (NEF), to stop using the region’s name to advance their personal interests ahead

of the 2015 elections. The ACF and NEF had, on Tuesday, during a press conference, boasted that the region would rule for ever if they wrestle power from President Goodluck Jonathan come 2015. Secretary, Northern Elders Forum, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, who was flanked by ACF officials, said the numeri-

cal strength of the north would defeat a southern candidate in 2015 and emphasised that power will no longer go back to the south once they claim it back. But, in a statement issued by NYF, through its Director of Media and Publicity, Engineer Bello Gambo Bichi, it described the ACF and NEF press briefing as another trick

to use the north to gain individual political relevance. According to an NYF statement: “It has now become fashionable for some individuals among the Northern elites to resort to ridiculous gimmicks. Once they discover that they are losing political relevance at the national level, they use a familiar and boring po-

litical trick by using the name of the North to get cheap publicity and score cheap political goals. The most classical example of this ridiculous gimmick is the July 16, 2013 press conference by a combination of relatively unknown interest groups working hand in hand with hand-picked members of the Arewa Consultative Forum and the

Northern Elders Forum. “We challenge the duo of Professor Ango Abdullahi, who was presidential adviser on food security and Alhaji Sani Zangon Daura, who was minister of agriculture, to say what they did for the north they pretend to be fighting for. The north’s future will not and cannot be compromised to serve individual interests.”

Shema scores self high, vows to educate girl-child, empower youths FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON

medicare for yourself and family in government

hospitals,” he said. On why he rates educa-

tion high in his development agenda, he said, “We

believe that education is the key to social mobility


he Katsina State Government has said that it has spent a total of N5.9 billion to execute projects under the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) across the state. Governor Ibrahim Shema stated this at a forum recently in Katsina while disclosing his achievements in office thus far. He also assured that the girl-child would benefit from his administration’s education scheme irrespective of their parents’ political affiliation. “You don’t have to be a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for your child to enjoy free education in Katsina State. You don’t have to lobby anybody for your child to be sent abroad to read medicine, pharmacy, nursing, environmental engineering, or to get free

Governor Ibrahim Gaidam of Yobe State (right) with the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Nigeria H.E. Fouad Rajeh, when the governor visited the envoy in Abuja, yesterday

Dangote Foundation distributes N220m to Kogi women WALE IBRAHIM LOKOJA


s part of efforts to ameliorate the sufferings of the less privileged in Kogi State, the Dangote Foundation has disbursed the sum of N220 million as micro grants to 22,000 women across the 21 local government areas of the state, following its promise to come to the aid of the state’s victims of last year’s flood. President and Chief Executive of Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, who presented cheques worth N10,000 each to each of the beneficiaries at Government House in Lokoja, yesterday, said that DF recog-

nises and is ready to stand by women in the state through its micro grant programme. He mentioned that in response to the wide range of poverty in the country, DF, in 2011, instituted a cash grant intervention scheme to pro-

vide succour for poor and vulnerable Nigerians. “Our programme is aimed to enable women who are vulnerable to build an enterprise to improve the lives of their family and enhance their economic well being,” he said.

He also pledged to partner with the Kogi State Government in the area of women empowerment and added that DF would help establish a micro-finance bank where women would borrow money at not more than than five percent interest rate to do

business. He also disclosed that Kogi is the third state benefitting from DF after Kano and Jigawa. In his remarks, Kogi State Governor, Idris Wada, lauded the gesture of the foundation and said that the step would

and general transformation of the lives of people in any society. That is why the poor, women, children, rural dwellers, all strata of our society are being educated.” Reiterating the resolve of his administration to empower the state’s youths, he said that several schools have been built across the state’s 34 local government areas and that many child beggars (Almajiris) had been sent off the streets and allowances are given to them to encourage them to stay away from the streets. He added that his administration has committed over N1 billion to the new federal university in Dutsin Ma to ensure it takes off soonest, and that they also saw to the completion of the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University project started by his predecessor, the late President Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua. go a long way in aiding the transformation agenda of his administration. He urged the beneficiaries to make judicious use of the grants and promised that his administration would not rest on its oars to establish more skill acquisition centres to rescue the state’s women from the shackles of poverty.

Kano converts Sani Abacha Centre to technical college AUGUSTINE MADU-WEST KANO


n a bid to improve technical education in Kano State, the state’s government has converted the Sani Abacha Youth Centre to a technical college. This development was made known by Governor

Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso during a tour of the centre. He however promised that since it was named after a former Head of State, and one who played a significant role in its establishment, its name wouldn’t be changed. While he was being conducted round the centre by some members of its

staff, he lamented its dilapidation in spite of the huge resources committed to it and the facilities provided there for skills acquisition for youths. “The current condition of the centre0 is irritating. It was left to decay despite the huge investment in it. In fact, since it was established, it has not

been properly managed to the extent that part of its land was sold out by yet to be identified people,” he lamented. Assuring that the government would renovate it, and provide all necessary facilities and personnel to make it a functional technical college, he directed the state’s Minis-

try of Education to enroll students for the take-off of the school for the next academic session. He concluded that his administration is keen to develop technical education in the state as it would provide solution to the lingering unemployment rate in the state and the country at large.

Saturday Mirror


July 20, 2013

Detroit is broke!

Cook accused of poisoning 22 to death


Detroit’s Emergency Financial Manager, Kevyn Orr, explaining his decision to make the city file for bankruptcy. Detroit is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Michigan and has become the largest city in U.S. history to file for bankruptcy.

Deadly school lunch: More Indian children treated for poison


n less than a week’s time at two separate India schools, police said yesterday, they believe that children have been poisoned by their school lunches. At least 23 students in the southwestern coastal state of Goa were treated at a hospital after they got sick at lunch, authorities said. The students, in the third to fifth grades at St. Joseph School, have been released from treatment, Vishram Borkar, a police superintendent in Goa, told CNN. St. Joseph School is a government-aided private institution, he said. “We have registered a

case of food poisoning,” he told CNN, “and our investigation is on.” Earlier this week, 23 students died and 25 people were hospitalized from food poisoning after a school lunch in northern India’s Bihar state. There were two cooks at the Bihar school, an official told CNN. Two children of one of them -- Panna Devi -- ate the toxic food and have died, medical superintendent Amarkant Jha Amar told CNN. Panna Devi is not receiving treatment because she didn’t eat the toxic food, Amar said. She has a third child who ate the food and is improving at a hospital, the

medical chief said. The other cook, Manju Devi, is also hospitalized, along with her three children, Amar added. Earlier, CNN-IBN had reported that two of Manju Devi’s children had died. Bihar state is one of India’s poorest. Experts have said the deaths shine a light on food safety in the country and have prompted discussion on how to improve national school food programs amid news that authorities warned of safety problems with Bihar’s school meal program months ago. Yesterday, authorities in Bihar announced that a new committee would

be formed to strengthen food preparation in rural schools. The state’s mid-day meal director, R. Lakshmanan, said village communities will also help monitor standards of meals for schoolchildren. The Bihar students, who authorities said were between the ages of 5 and 12, started vomiting soon after their first bite of lunch. Some fainted. The parents of at least three children have buried their lost ones near the school -- one right in front of the building, according to CNN journalists who saw the burial mounds. An official told CNN that the parents did so out of protest.

Black Americans feel pain in Martin verdict –Obama


resident Barack Obama said black Americans feel pain after the Trayvon Martin verdict because of a “history that doesn’t go away.” Obama spoke in a surprise appearance yesterday at the White House, his first time appearing for a statement on the verdict since it was issued last Sat-

urday. Obama said African Americans view the case through “a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away.” He says black men in particular are used to being feared and blacks see a disparity in the way they are treated under the law. The President added

that “Trayvon Martin could have been me, 35 years ago”. The unarmed black 17-year-old was shot and killed in Florida in February 2012. George Zimmerman, 29, said he opened fire on the teenager in self-defence and was acquitted of murder by a Florida court last


week. In an unexpected press call, Obama said very few black men in the US had not experienced racial profiling. He said he also has heard drivers lock their doors and has seen women clutch their purses tighter when he walked by, before he was elected to public office.

olice have arrested a cook in central Pakistan who is accused of poisoning to death 22 people as part of a political feud between two branches of the same family, a local police chief said. The incident in the town of Mailsi in Punjab province followed recent provincial elections in which Arsal Khan Khichi lost to his cousin Jehanzaeb Khan Khichi, police chief Sadiq Dogar said late Thursday. Arsal Khan Khichi is accused of paying a cook, Mohammad Rafiq, 50,000 rupees ($500) to poison food at his rival’s home on June 9, Dogar said. Nearly 50 people became sick and

were taken to the hospital, and 22 died. Jehanzeb Khan Khichi was not at home when the incident occurred, Dogar said. Rafiq has confessed to poisoning the food, Dogar said. Police waited to arrest him until they received medical reports that confirmed the dead had been poisoned. Arsal Khan Khichi is still on the run, and a murder case has been registered against him as well, Dogar said. Politics are often a family affair in Pakistan, where it is not uncommon to have members of the same clan running against each other as members of rival political parties.

Iraq violence: 20 feared killed in mosque bomb attack


suicide bomb blast inside a Sunni mosque in central Iraq has killed at least 20 people and injured dozens more, officials say. The explosion hit the Abu Bakr al-Sadiq Mosque in the town of Wajihiya in Diyala province, police said, wounding around 40 people. A surge of violence in recent weeks has seen a number of mosques targeted. More than 2,500 Iraqis have died in violent attacks since April, according to UN figures released this

month. Witnesses said the bomber in the latest attack had detonated his explosives as the imam was giving his sermon. “I was sitting near the imam and the mosque was full of dozens of people when a big explosion happened, and the place went completely dark,” said Omar Mundhir, who was injured in the leg. “I found myself on the ground at the hospital later, with many other wounded,” he told Agence France-Press.

China’s economic slowdown hurts U.S. companies


hina’s slowdown is starting to hurt corporate America. As the world’s secondlargest economy - and still growing - China is seen as a primary source of revenue growth by the largest U.S. companies. But a country that once boasted double-digit growth is now growing at a more modest 7.5 percent rate, its credit markets are overheated and fears of a

housing bubble remain. The slowing has occurred as major U.S. names garner more revenue from Asia. Among 18 S&P companies with large exposure to China, 12 of them were underperforming the broader S&P 500 .INX index yearto-date, including Yum Brands Inc (YUM.N) and Intel (INTC.O), which noted the slower growth in China as a headwind.

Army officer arrested for desecrating corpses in DR Congo


lieutenant in the Democratic Republic of Congo army has been arrested for desecrating corpses of rebel fighters, officials have said. His detention on Thursday evening in eastern DR Congo came a day after the UN chief said he was “deep-

ly concerned” about allegations of such mistreatment. Ban Ki-moon’s spokesman said the UN mission was reviewing its support of those units suspected of involvement. The army and M23 rebels began fighting near the key city of Goma on Sunday.

The BBC’s Maud Jullien in Goma says the frontline was just 7km (about four miles) away on the hills north of the city. There have not been any clashes in the last two days and the army says they have pushed the rebels back by about 6km, she reports.

In November, the M23 rebels briefly captured Goma, withdrawing in exchange for a series of demands, including negotiations with the government. The UN mission in DR Congo had heard allegations of “serious mistreatment” by national army sol-

diers, which it had raised at the highest level within the military, a statement from Ban’s office said on Wednesday. “The secretary-general is deeply concerned about reports of alleged mistreatment of M23 detainees and desecration of corpses of

M23 combatants by the Congolese armed forces,” it said. DR Congo’s Information Minister Lambert Mende confirmed that there had been an arrest and named the officer as Lt Solomo Bangala, who had been fighting on the frontline in the 391st Battalion.





What I do not want is when people begin to threaten that if you do not do this, we’ll pack out of Nigeria. That is not the correct thing. Senate President David Mark warning international oil companies that their threats over the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) would not intimidate the federal government.

Saturday, July 20, 2013.

Africa’s natural resources and sustainable development (II)


ccording to the Africa Progress Panel Report, 2013, four groups must join hands to ensure good governance and equity in extractives towards maximising Africa’s natural resources for the benefit of all and to avoid the looming danger of explosion from frustrated and angry youth. (i) African governments should put transparency and accountability at the heart of natural resource policies, secure a fair share of natural resource revenue for their citizens and spread the benefits of the revenue via transparent, equitable and fair public spending for infrastructure, agriculture and solid wellbeing of the people. (ii) The international community should promote a global transparency standard, develop a credible and effective multi-lateral response to tax evasion and avoidance, and tackle money laundering and anonymous shell companies. Illicit mining and logging must be tackled. OECD is already mandated to do something in this regard. We must all support OECD efforts in that sense. Nigeria and Canada have recently gone into strategic partnership to increase the quantum of trade from the present $2.7 billion per annum to $ 6 billion per annum by the year 2015. (iii) International business should follow best practices on transparency, help build national capacity, procure more products and services locally and raise standards in all areas of corporate responsibility, especially full disclosure of their operations in terms of expen-

with President Olusegun Obasanjo


diture, earnings and profits. How do you explain Western Copper Mining Company, which has been in operation in Zambia for more than twelve years, declaring loss every year and yet remaining in operation or a Chinese company in Sierra Leone that claimed that all it has carted away from its mining areas for three years were monthly ship loads of sand for analysis in China. No adequate attention is given by mining and oil companies to the environment, either for the well-being

of the population or to prevent adverse effects such as climate change. (iv) Civil society should build capacity and continue to hold both governments and companies to account. Exposure of bad governance and bad corporate practice will always be needed to put African governments and corporations operating in Africa in check. According to one estimate, Africa hosts 30 percent of the world’s mineral reserves and even a higher proportion of deposits of gold,


Kallon to contest Sierra Leone FA election


ormer Inter Milan and Monaco marksman Mohamed Kallon says he wants to change the face of Sierra Leone football. He is hoping to get that chance by standing in elections to become the next president of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA). “I’m contesting because I want to change the face of our football.” The 33-year-old says he wants to focus on the league and the development of the sport. “I’ll bring stability in the running of the game; I’ll get proper Premier League and grass root football running as well as putting together the structures.”

Kallon, who is still playing in the local premier league for the team he owns that bears his name, surprisingly submitted his nomination for the hot seat on Thursday. The SLFA elections are scheduled to take place in Freetown on 3 August after several postponements due to disagreements on who is eligible to stand for president. The elections will bring to an end the tenure of an interim body set up by world’s football governing body, FIFA, last December to run the SLFA and conduct elections. Kallon believes he’s competent to head the SLFA even though he has never been football administrator at the highest level.

platinum, diamond and manganese. Africa’s natural resource wealth can and must dramatically improve the lives of millions of Africa. Internal corruption is a monster that must be fought by almost all Africa governments. Corruption and sustainable development are strange bed-fellows. EITI is not enough. There must also be glaring transparency in the expenditure of revenues and takings from all natural resources. With improved technology and the known and yet-to-be ascertained reserves of mineral deposits in Africa, the partnerships of the four actorgroups should provide the best guarantee of sustainable natural resource development for the mutual benefit of the investors and the African people, and to ensure peace, security, equity and allround progress in Africa. Unless the increased revenues from natural resources are wisely harnessed and invested for sustainable development and growth with progress for all, the doors of opportunities will close. Let me end on a note of encouragement to Western investors in Africa. The attitude in some quarters is to run away from Africa mainly because of the presence of the Chinese. That will be a wrong approach. The West is our old friend. We cherish old friends but we are not averse to making new friends. There is room for all; from the East and the West. Let trade expand in the interest of global economy.


CAF Champions League Fixtures Today’s Match Orlando Pirates Vs Ac Leopards

Sunday, July, 21, 2013 Recreativo do Libolo Vs Esperance

CAF Confederation Cup Fixturess Sunday, July, 21, 2013 Kallon

“Obviously I have what it takes to be head of the SLFA, I know there are lots of problems, lot of divisions in the game but I’m capable of fixing the problems,” he insisted.

St George Vs St Malien FUS (Rabat) Vs CA Bizertin CS Sfaxien Vs Etoile Sahel

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